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Tonights Topics:

1. War in the Middle East! – Will the King of Jordan Act? –

2.  Super Volcanoes! Bardarbunga!

3.  Ebola – 1350+ Deaths and Counting….

4.  Race wars in America – Ferguson Reduct….

5. ISIL – Barbarians at our gates!

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giants-2nd-annualsGIANTS: Revealing the Agenda of the Fallen Cherub


GIANTS: Revealing the Agenda of the Fallen Cherub Recorded LIVE at the 2ND Annual NEPHILIM MOUNDS Conference – June 2014  

Russ Dizdar

  1. Back-Breeding the Nephilim: “Supercharging DNA to Create the Ultra-Race”
  2. From Rocket Scientists to Ufologists: Manufacturing a Hybrid Creation
  3. The Quest For Immortality: The Guiding Hand Cloaking Transhumanism

L.A. Marzulli

  1. Giant Bones-Giant Coverups
  2. Ancient Megalithic Structures- Nephilim Architecture
  3. The UFO Breeding Program- Are the Nephilim Here Today?

Gary Stearman

  1. What is a Giant?- The Old Testament Footprints of the Nephilim
  2. It’s All About the Seed- The Human Genome and the Seed of the Woman

The Nephilim Mounds Conference that took place in Newark, Ohio last year was such a popular event, Russ Dizdar and L.A. Marzulli decided to do it again—with a familiar expert guest—Gary Stearman! These 3 experts on the biblical Nephilim expose the real agenda of the fallen cherub, Lucifer, and take this bizarre subject to a whole new level of understanding. Stearman’s unique perspective on the biblical background of the various types of giants that once roamed the Promised Land lays the groundwork for a complete understanding of Satan’s plans for the last days. 8 unique messages stand alone in their advanced biblical understanding!

5 DVDs – With Q&A
More Than 10 Hours!


$59.95 + s&h go to:


L. A. Marzulli’s Speaking Schedule 2014

L. A. 2013 PHOTO 23New Years Eve! December 31 – Calvary Chapel Oceanside – Southern Cal.

Watcher’s 7! Screening in Southern California – Saturday – Feb. 1st. 7:30 pm – Just Cause Motion Capture Stage – 4130 Del Rey Ave. Marina Del Rey!

February 21-22: Decoding the End Times Bible Conference!

March 28-30: Prophecy In the News! Orlando 

April 5 & 6 – Dominion Christian Center

April 25 -27: Behold the Days are Coming Conference   

May 5-15: Peru tour with L. A. Marzulli & Brein Foerster!

June 13-14: Nephilim Mounds II – June 28-29: The War of Art! Southern California!

July 25-27 – Prophecy in the News Colorado!

September 13:  Just ADDED! Living Word Alive – Dumont New Jersey!  Just ADDED!

October 24-25: Strategic Trends with Chuck Missler –

November 7- 9: Tri State Prophecy Conference – W/ Gary Stearman & Russ Dizdar

2015 Speaking Schedule

January 17 – CERO UFO Lecture – Los Angeles

March 12-15: Lion Heart Ministries in Knoxville Tennessee.  

April 3-5: Memphis Tennessee.  Details soon.

To book L. A. Marzulli please email him at L. A. Marzulli shares the platform with a variety of speakers with many different world views. Marzulli does not endorse anyones world view unless specifically noted.


36 thoughts on “Acceleration Radio!

  1. Looking forward to tonight’s show. I hope it works.

    Last week when you went on live a number of us never heard the show. It didn’t matter which link we used we would hear your intro and then we’d either hear some other person’s show or dead silence.

    I honestly don’t know how many people may have heard you live last week or not. May want to let Rick know about it. I tried last week that night to let him know. I don’t know what the problem was.

  2. Re: live radio feed.

    It’s very possible your feed isn’t technical but rather you are being interfered with deliberately. Will locate article(s) supporting my statement asap.

    • Re: My statement Re: live feed interference

      Here’s the article Iink from The Hagmann & Hagmann Nightly Radio Broadcast dated July 5, 2014.

      Isn’t July 2014, timeframe that you also experienced transmission problems?

      Who Pulled the Plug on This Broadcast?


    • Could be although Blog Talk Radio is very unreliable. BTR having technical glitches is a common given. It’s practically the stuff of legends.

      No offense but Fringe Radio having technical issues isn’t exactly an uncommon occurrence, either. 😉

      I’m not ruling anything out, either, but just figured I’d mention it.

  3. @ Eric Holder / Obama Admin … “deeper problems”
    – quote: “Ferguson is emblematic … of USA … corrosive issues”
    – as long as the USA is killing 3000 babies daily
    – the USA is doomed to increasing devastation

    Without repentance — to turn again to the will of Almighty God
    … the USA is a horrid psycho monster killing others while committing slow suicide
    … a bit more everyday, like a slow motion train wreck

    • Hey non, do you have the stats on how many babies are murdered in other nations daily? I’m betting China and Russia swamp us in that arena. Judgement may partially come on us for that but i think it’s mostly coming from our deliberate push away from God. And from our refusal as Christians clean up our own act. And refusal to love one another as ourselves.
      I’m so thankful God blessed me with you guys! “Real” Christians are hard to come by nowadays

    • According to my ‘Collins Cobuild English Dictionary – Helping learners with real English’ [‘real’ underscored] book
      [for the young ones, a ‘book’ is something you can read]…

      1 If something, such as an object in a picture, is emblematic of a particular quality or an idea, it symbolically represents the quality or idea. …. .

      2 If you say something is emblematic of a state of affairs, you mean that it is characteristic of it and represents its most typical features.

      Was going to say a fair bit here, Nomemoleste.. with particular reference to the “emblematic” word but I had my rant earlier…

    • Here’s some stats, Ally…

      For killing the unborn worldwide = 50 million per year. That’s 137,000 per day.

      Russia is turning around.

      According to wiki…fwiw.

      Between 1990 and 2000 the number of annual abortions in Russia declined by half, but the ratio of abortions to live births (2.04 in 1990 to 1.92 in 1996) declined similarly. This means not only that fewer abortions were performed, but that fewer women became pregnant overall. This overall declining rate of fertility was a partial cause of one of the two main structural factors in Russia that promote abortion over preventative birth control. Other factors lowering the rate of abortion include measures taken by President Vladimir Putin to increase family size in Russia. In the early 2000s he called for federal financial support for children in the first 18 months of life as a way to encourage women to have a second or third child.[25] When he first proposed this the Russian population was declining by 700,000 people every year. In the first ten years of the Russian Federation, the population of Russia declined by 3 million. Concerns about population decline in Russia are widespread and very important to the dialogue on abortion. Attempts to mitigate population decline started with increased financial support for young children in Russia and eventually lead to restricted access to abortion.

      Other factors in the decline of abortion in Russia include the legalization of sterilization. Regulations of contraceptive sterilization had been in place since the 1930s but were lifted in 1993. In the first seven years that the practice was legal, almost 100,000 women sought and obtained sterilizations.[26] This is a factor in the declining rates of unintended pregnancy in Russia. 2003 was the first time in fifty years that laws regarding access to abortion were made stricter; every other piece of legislation on the topic in both the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation was to grant women easier access.[27] In 1991, the year of the fall of the Soviet Union a record of about 3,608000 abortions were performed in Russia. This number declined steadily over the years and by 2002 Russian doctors were performing 1,802,000 abortions annually. This is a significant decline, but leaves Russia with still the second-highest rate of abortions per capita.[27] While abortions in Russia overall were declining, in the Asian part of the country the rate was actually increasing.[27]) While abortion rates in these Asian republics were not as high as those in Western Russia at the time of the collapse of the Soviet Union, and are still not the highest in the country, they did rise. The decrease in overall rates of abortion is mostly due to the very steep drop in abortions per year in the two biggest cities in Russia, Moscow and St. Petersburg.


      India and China are dismal.

    • Nom, Thank you for doing the research!!! It’s something i thought about but hasn’t had time to look at recently. Russia oddly enough has a pretty active and strong Christian community currently. I’m not to happy about the anti semitism there tho.
      Eric, agreed!
      Linda, so sorry for your loss. It won’t be long now till we are all home. (I always imagine loved ones helping Jesus prepare our houses for us) Will keep you in prayer!

  4. Further to my post last week right before that day’s comment section closed, I just wanted to thank anyone who may have said a prayer of support following my Mom’s passing. So very, very much appreciated … God bless!

    Azureceu, I deeply appreciated your reply, with kind words of comfort, cheer, and support, and your prayers. When I checked back on the blog just over an hour or so later, it had closed so it was too late to reply to your wonderful note. Between your prayers and some seed-planting from the pastor and myself at the funeral, I am staying hopeful. God bless you always! Still lots to do in the coming days and weeks, settling Mom’s estate, etc., but hope to “spam” fairly soon, more regularly again! Take care and hope all is well.

    • Hey Linda,

      I saw your post about your mom….that she knew The Lord and will be in Glory. AWESOME for that Good News of ETERNAL LIFE !!!!
      But I do pray for comfort and peace in this time for you and your family and all who knew your mom.

      I believe you’ll appreciate the song below. 🙂 { And have a few smiles and laughs !! ………. ENJOY !!! }

    • Pete, Kirk, and Bruce, thank you so much for your very kind words and blessings. Pete, I hope your mother is doing better, and Kirk, I hope your dialysis is going OK. Kirk, thanks also for that song — great words, and brings some smiles too! Much appreciate it! 🙂 God keep and bless you all too!

    • Linda, I missed your post Re: your mom. My sincerest condolences for your loss. I’m glad to hear your mom was a believer in Christ.

      Likely your mom is busy preparing for future family arrival! Journeys don’t end when the Lord is involved.

      My blessings and prayers I extend to you and your family for healing.

    • Linda, thanks for the kind words. Hang in there, there is much yet to do and when it is all said and done we can escape this vanity for afar off but nearer than we imagine our prize awaits us to a happy reunion.
      I`ll race ya to the finish line lass!

    • Mary (Seashoremary) and Matt, many, many thanks, and God bless you!

      Azureceu, yes, we will all escape this vanity, probably before too long, seeing all that is happening in the world! Many thanks again for your kindness and prayers. Blessings and hugs.

  5. Wow! Just saw a clip of a wonderful testimony by the American doctor who has recovered from Ebola. He gave all the glory to Jesus Christ. Hopefully you will all see it on the news somewhere today. If I find it online sometime, and if I have a chance, I will post it.

  6. “Hamas is ISIS; ISIS is Hamas.” =Benjamin Netanyahu

    by way of ATN…

  7. What in the world is this? It is described as a possible wormhole into another dimension, I have no guess.

    • My question is, if it was possible to go through a wormhole into another dimension, would you walk through it to see what is on the other side, or would you play it safe and walk away?

    • Remember that Twilight Zone where the girl fell into another dimension under her bed. With that in mind, I would walk away. Lol It already costs too much to cool our house, hopefully no vortex opens and sucks out all our cooled air. I would imagine that the video is some man-made event, maybe experiment gone wrong.

      I almost posted a video of the 5th Dimension in those nutty outfits that they used to wear. But the Leonard Nimoy video still lingers in the air. I know, let it go…

    • I remember watching an old horror movie as a kid and in one scene the actor was grabbed by a creature that was in his closet and pulled into another dimension from which the creature had come from….I watched my closet a little more closely for a few weeks after that.

      A few nights ago I was watching a paranormal show on TV and they had these two guys that claim they saw a 9 foot wing creature standing on two legs, with a bat type face and head in the road as they were driving to work early in the morning. They got out of their car as it was blocking the road; they said they could actually feel the evil from this thing. Both men took a polygraph and passed. Both are firefighters in the local community with a spotless record. I have heard many of these stories and I feel there is some truth to some of these. If these creatures are indeed visiting from other dimensions, they must be coming form some porthole, perhaps opened by occult activity. Some how, some way they are crossing over from another dimension.

      Speaking of other dimension, Coast had on Dave Paulides , he talked about the bizarre stories of missing persons in national parks and forests throughout the United States, as well as other countries. I cant help but wonder if other dimensions have something to do with this mystery as many of the people that are found are often found semi-conscious or unconscious, running a low grade fever, and in an area where search teams had previously thoroughly searched One bizarre trend amongst the cases is that the victims appear to travel a vast distance or into a location which should be physically impossible to reach. Most of those who vanish are under the age of 12, and about 50% are found alive, but semi-conscious with little memory of what happened.
      Paulides detailed the story of a two-year-old boy named Keith Parkins, who vanished near Umatilla National Forest. The child would eventually be found an astounding 20 miles away after being gone for only 15 hours. The journey, Paulides said, would require the toddler to venture over two mountain ranges, as well as fences, creeks, and rivers. The case, he revealed, is just one of many where children disappear and are later found “several hundred percent” outside of the grid system carefully designed by search and rescue teams.
      Paulides was reticent to offer a specific theory as to what is behind this rash of disappearances; he did observe that the DNA of children is more pure than adults, which may suggest some kind of alien abduction scenario. He also cited a common theme of these cases where it will snow or rain following the disappearance, but the victim will later be found wearing dry, clean clothes and “there’s no way they had been outdoors.” Beyond that, children who have gone missing, and then returned alive, recall encounters with wolf-like creatures or a bear that “cuddled with them all night.” The cases often involve children, who sometimes disappear along with a dog– many times if they are found alive, they can’t speak or recall what happened to them.

      He recounted the case of “John Doe” which involved a child who disappeared near a creek river in 2010 near Mount Shasta. He was found after five hours, and described being taken into an underground cave by a woman he thought was his grandmother who had passed many years ago. . In the cave were people who like looked robots, and eventually he concluded his ‘grandmother’ was also one of the robots.

      Paulides also shared a story involving a hunter in Oregon, who said when he was out in the wilds, he suddenly walked (or was pushed) into what seemed like a glass pane that felt like another dimension, before he pulled back.

      Compounding the mystery, Paulides said that, in several instances, people have disappeared at locations with “devil” in the name, which may indicate that these places have a long history of sinister events attached to them.

  8. Wow! Amazing sight!

    Likely it’s interdimensional. Too bad there isn’t an infrared spectrum camera recording it; otherwise, we could see how many or how big a UFO breeches into the interior.

    I wouldn’t step into it unless I knew for certain what it actually was or is that got created. For all I know the spiraling was caused by massive radio active waves that was thrown together by some nut case experimenting on how to bend light.

    I wouldn’t think that God created it just to scare us because it’s unlike Him to want to frighten us.

    Interesting though.

    • Oh no seashoremary, this is like let’s make a deal with Monty Hall…you HAVE to walk through to see what’s on the other side. There are no mulligan’s, no do over’s, you get what’s behind that curtain, good or bad. I admit it takes a lot of nerve but just think of the payoff IF it was good…on the other hand if its bad, you might want to tie a rope around you so you can pull yourself back through just in case. I would imagine that catching a glimpse of another dimension would be a life altering experience…if you really want to see giants instead of dried up old bones, well, this would be the place.

  9. @ other dimensions…
    – many refs to heavens, paradise, Eden, Mt. Zion, heavenly Jerusalem, New Jerusalem, etc.
    – likewise many refs to Kingdom of Heaven, heaven within, not of this world, led of the Spirit…
    – spiritual refs include discernment, unveiling such as showing encamped angels, etc.
    – plenty of refs to “other dimensions” like hell, abyss, bottomless pit, Lake of Fire, etc.
    – heavenly creature/s that are clearly multidimensional with 4 faces: ox, lion, eagle, & like a man
    – Throne room of Heaven likely also multidimensional existing outside this creation’s space-time
    – where a day is 1000 years (2 Pt. 3:8) … which can be used to match “scientific” age estimates
    – ex. 40,000 years in one dimension = 40 days in another (likely heaven)
    – Christ reveals Himself as multidimensional in the form of The Lamb, in the Revelation
    …with 7 Horns & 7 Eyes which are the 7 Spirits of God

    And we already have multi-dimensional capabilities — body, soul, and spirit.

    And all that’s without even referring to aliens, abductions, ufo’s travelling in seemingly impossible ways….

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