Gary Stearman Leaves PITN

Prophecy in the News - LA!I call Gary Stearman Elder Brother.  He is one of the most erudite men I have ever met and I consider him a mentor in all things prophetic.  I just read the news on the PITN site.  WOW!

However, after thinking about his resignation I realized that Gary is still around and I believe he has a lot more to say.  Will he focus on his writing?  Will he go on a speaking tour?

At the Nephilim Mounds II, conference in Ohio, several months ago, Gary blew the lid off the scriptural basis for the Nephilim, with his presentations which focused on Genesis 6.  His presentation was incredible.

It will be interesting to see what his next move is now that he has stepped down from PITN.  We’ll miss Gary, but I’m going to focus on what comes next for him, believing that the best is yet to come.


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  1. Agree LA, was quite surprised but am with you.. Hoping for good things to come out of this for both Gary and Pitn!

  2. Wow. He is PITN. His scholarship and intelligence along with his balanced personality and approach has been a real asset on the world of prophecy.

  3. I started watching Gary Stearman & J.R. Church in the early 1990’s. They are among the handful of prophecy-related TV personalities that really got me interested in the end times. I hope PITN continues with a new host. We cannot be without this vital resource. The face of prophetic programming is not what it used to be. We cannot even get Joe VanKoevering in this area anymore. Most of the others only broadcast on the higher cable channels. Our local Christian station doesn’t even carry them.

  4. ” At this stage of his life Gary felt it was in his family’s best interest to pursue other opportunities as they arise. He made it a point to let us know he is not sick and still plans to remain a full time pastor.”

    Hmmmm…. 🙂

  5. I always learned something when watching PITN. Wishing him a successful transition to the next chapter of his life and ministry. I do hope the show continues with the great interviews. Btw, the Bill Salus interview on Watchers Tv was excellent.

    • And to Pete, wasn’t that Eurovision video freaky? We went into a “Toys R Us” a couple years ago, and there was a transgender man in full makeup working at the store. Not to be critical, but Milton Berle or Bugs Bunny in drag came to mind. We tried to ignore him/her as not to get our little boy’s attention. But a toy store? Strange days indeed. It sounds like your fighting the good fight about trying to enlighten people. Stay strong.

      And to Matt, i’m with you on the animal theory. It is heartbreaking to lose one. The Lord knows our pain.

    • @ Gary Stearman … When Abba prunes expect more abundance in due season.

      @ Pete re: pool … Keep on fishin’ … I’m thinking of Derek & Sharon G. re: barbershop quartets as I ask you, “Where do musicians meet to play folk music in your area?” You may want to fish on the other side of the boat.

      @ Race B (aka J.T.) … CGI to do claymation is an interesting method. Looks like they’re sticking close to the original story line.

      @ Matt re: running with the pack … Animals in their kinds and tribes and loyalties are marvels of our Lord’s Creation. Clearly given free will too, even if somewhat instinctive. And where there’s free will, there’s also the possibility of sin. Just as we know of heavenly creatures, no doubt some end up in hell. Not in the least that old worm / dragon. I’m with you though on Abba bringing back our pets if we ask. Right along the lines of saving a person and their family (Acts). I’ve already petitioned Him to resurrect a certain African Gray Parrot named Rebel (not a name I’d pick). I used to kid the parrot about being glorified. Had to forgive him many times for gnawing on kitchen cabinets. He was a repeat offender. Even after shredding branches we’d supply. I love to think of them all free ranging…..

      @ No Worries (cp “Be not afraid”) … We are but part of our Lord’s armies. I have no angst for those that reject Him and His Word. And in fact, I’m glad that the tares will not be trouble in our coming eternities. Give the Gospel. When they won’t hear, just shake of the dust and move on. They’ll have plenty more to accept or reject Christ, I reckon, time and chance considered. That said, I also believe the Good Lord is well able to include us (*) in helping Him call on the lost. (* nor in the least by divine appointment … recognizing that He’s perfectly happy to work with whatever crew shows up.)

      1st Peter 4:12-14 (The real Peter … not some bogus papal version)

      Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened unto you: But rejoice, inasmuch as ye are partakers of Christ’s sufferings; that, when His glory shall be revealed, ye may be glad also with exceeding joy. If ye be reproached for the name of Christ, happy are ye; for the spirit of glory and of God rests upon you: on their part He is evil spoken of, but on your part He is glorified.

    • Another blessing for those saved by Christ…
      – not worrying about extinctions
      – resurrecting a pet is awesome
      – consider getting to know extinct kinds of animals


      And in Matt’s case…
      – possibly even bigfeet
      – “”

    • Nome, we have a friend, whose family, many years ago, had a pet crow. They split the tongue so as the crow could talk. Together his grandpa and the crow drank beer and smoked cigarettes. No, i’m not making this up. Eventually, the crow became mean-spirited. It would chase people and even picked-on a neighborhood dog. My friend, as a boy, was once terrorized by the crow. It would not let him out of his house. He would go to the front door, and the crow was there. He would go to the back door and the crow would already be waiting for him. LOL He probably just wanted a beer. Crows are supposed to be very intelligent.

      Love the 1st Peter quote. I have noticed that more and more people deny that Paul is a follower of Christ. Especially in youtube commentary. Does anyone know the origin of this belief? Salvation through faith, not works, is sorta basic, just wondered if this was a challenge to that belief. I haven’t investigated this, but Nomes’s mention of the real Peter and LA’s comments about the movement to discredit the Bible, got me to thinking.

    • based on the following: Biltz, hebrew roots, gay tolerant, etc….


      Hating the Apostle Paul yet teaching the bible…really?

      There is a group out of Newport Beach, California, called Last Trumpet Org [Ministries], and they are one of the leading groups attempting to delegitimize the Apostle Paul, and while they may be the most overt, they are not alone in this thinking. Other groups, like El Shaddai started by Mark Blitz, also slam the Christian church. One thing you need very much to keep in mind is that the Hebrew Roots movement – while the claim the name of Jesus – are not Christian and in fact are anti-christian. This is the danger of following these cults. Their aim is not to teach you the bible, it is to drag you back to before the cross and place the yoke of the Law, the Torah, around your neck after Christ has freed you from it.

    • Thank you Nome, i knew that you would have insight into this. Apparently I am somewhat naïve on these issues. I should have changed my name to Archie Andrews instead of Race Bannon.

      I was channel-surfing and I stopped at EWTN, the catholic channel, a priest said, in his ministry, he is to become another Jesus. I assume that he wasn’t trying to be irreverent, but wow, it came off as so presumptuous. There is just so much that I do not get.

      I’ll check out the website, thanks.

  6. Hope for the best for him…he’s one of the best but why didn’t he say his own goodbye? Just sounds a little on the strange side…but then again who knows!

    • Usually people leaving a position because they want to do other things explain it to you themselves. Especially after 28 years of service. Many of us have met him in person and would like to say a personal goodbye.

  7. There is something deeper going on here. He must have started seeing some disturbing things. Wishing he could have been honest enough to say what it was as a person doesn’t just “suddenly” leave.

    • Yes, people do just suddenly leave. Its disrespectfully presumptuous to imply he isn’t being honest enough when he chooses not to expose all his own business to us. Poor man executes a decision, and bam, a billion arm chair judges come out of the woodwork to grade his dismount.

  8. I just read about this on Facebook a little while ago. I’m glad to see at least that his health is good and that is not the reason for him stepping down, but will miss seeing him on the show. L.A. perhaps you could have him as a guest on Acceleration Radio from time to time?

  9. So going to miss him, I have been watching prophecy in the news since big dish days. I have loved prophecy for a very long time and J.R. and Gary contributed much to my knowledge and desire to study it. I wish him well in whatever he is going to do. But have to say I am a little sad. Love your new show Mr. Marzulli . I wish your show was daily, can’t get enough to watch to satisfy my desire to learn more. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to what is next.

  10. After hearing his presentation at Nephy 2, I told him he should team up with a christian biologist and together write a book on nephilim and DNA. ha ha Maybe he took my advice?

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  12. We need him!!! No one could bring the depths of Bible Prophecy like J.R. Church and Gary Stearman. Some of my best radio interviews were with PITN. I pray he keep producing his insights as long as he lives.So many Bible Prophecy teachers today bring fluff or kindergarten material, not so with Gary or the late J.R.

  13. I just started watching PITN a little over a year ago. I have streamed the last 2 conferences which were excellent. It’s hard to imagine PITN without him and I hope that it will continue. Maybe he is being called to do more presenting in other venues? I do wish him all the best.

    L.A., I like RayH’s idea. It would be great to hear him on your radio program!

    Blessings 🙂

  14. Does this seem strange to anyone else? In the PITN article, it sounded like even they didn’t see this coming. And why wouldn’t Gary speak directly about his decision?

    This is a real blow to the prophecy movement. I do hope all is well in the Stearman home and I’ll be praying for him and PITN as they attempt to regroup..

  15. Oh my! Gary Stearman IS Pitn. How can anyone be found to replace him? Gary may be a tad small in physical stature but he is a mighty man of God, credible, caring, knowledgeable, etc. Not enough words to adequately describe him.

    I love his patient demeanor and his teaching credentials are beyond question.

    The website states “effective immediately” making it sound so abrupt but they have a month’s worth of his work ready to continue airing his hosting?

    It’s a mystery or perhaps he has an immediate family situation that requires his full attention. If so, God bless him for understanding and acting on his priorities.

    I agree with the suggestion to bring him on board occasionally as a guest on your Watchers TV program or Acceleration Radio program. Gary is too valuable to be “shelved.”


  16. Sorry to post off today’s topic but Ferguson is heating up as I type this. Some very idiotic parents have their children out there tonight and just now, the sirens sounded again for tear gas. So far none have been fired but some “Protesters” have thrown a Molotov cocktail of some sorts.

    Prayer warriors are greatly needed. Sounds of bottles breaking and lots of instigators trying to cause this to erupt into something really, really ugly.

    Here is a good feed that I watch as I can “”

    Prayerfully in Christ,


    • So the story now is that a police officer who’s record indicates he’s followed procedure for six years tried to pull a 6’4″ 280lb man in through his window into the patrol car on top of him and then when the guy escaped he jumped out of his car, ran him down and shot him while he was trying to surrender in broad daylight with witnesses everywhere. Seriously? That’s the story?…and Eric Holder is going to send half the FBI down to prove it? You couldn’t make this stuff up, it wouldn’t even be plausible in a B rated movie…The spin on this one will have to be EPIC.

    • I just looked at the link you posted and I can’t help but think about how many lives they are ruining right now with all this violence which is causing a lot of local businesses there to lose thousands of dollars every day. Think about all the people that have jobs in the area that can’t go to work right now because of their uncivilized actions. This kind of thing has a ripple effect that they don’t realize. They aren’t improving anything right now by protesting the way they are. They are making matters much worse for their community and that of the communities around them….. There is a right way and a wrong way to protest. These criminals are protesting to steal and loot….has nothing to do with Brown.
      I do wonder if there would be rioting if the teen had been shot by a black officer??
      The sad thing is, if this cop is proven to have been justified in his actions, it will not matter to the black community. They are patently incapable of accepting the fact that not everyone is as racist as they are. They cannot comprehend that this kid might actually have gotten his justice on that street. The only thing they can see is color. A white man killed a black man. That is all they see. They do not see facts. They do not want justice. They want a witch hunt. Pure and simple. There is absolutely nothing you can tell them that will prove to them that this officer did not “execute” the Brown. You could show them video and audio of the incident from 10 different angles, and it would not change their minds one bit. Until they look in the mirror and realize where the racism is actually coming from, nothing is going to change.

    • Schools closed all week…
      – #feedferguson for donations to hopefully feed kids that only get a good meal once a day — at school
      – what do they do during the summer?

      But no criminal mobs elsewhere…
      – like in DC, NYC, Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, etc.

      – links to activists social media?
      – “”
      – “”

  17. I got invited to the sneak preview of the new movie “Left Behind” starring Nicolas Cage. This of course is a reboot from the Christian based film released in 2000 starring Kirk Cameron of the same title.
    The movie was not that well done as far as remakes go; and actually I have no idea why Nicolas Cage’s character is in it. Feels like he phoned someone and said, ‘I need fifty bucks and I’m free on Sunday. Anything going down”? But I admit, Cage with his helmet or hair or whatever that thing is on his head is brilliant in some of the movie though. Injecting heartfelt emotion into scenes that don’t need it, screaming in new and obscure ways, playing it cool after the world is plunged into chaos and destruction……. I think he just injects a well-needed shake-up on traditional acting. Let’s be completely inappropriate and flip between ham and wood – hello Oscar! 😉
    Actor Chad Murray from CSI fame is also in it.. while he is generally good fun in bad made for TV movies (Lifetime Channel); he is so utterly miscast as the bad guy in this it’s borderline genius…. What’s that accent? I can’t tell if he meant to sound like a Canadian with palsy, or he was battling some gastro/intestinal thing.,, All in all, it seemed to me as though they took a lot of the Christian message out of the film…this was more about millions of people that suddenly vanish and the world is plunged into chaos and destruction minus the Christian angle of the rapture that was the basis of the first film. Like in the movie Noah, seems they took great effort to diminish any ties to the bible or Christianity
    I kept hoping it would get better and perhaps a Christian perspective would appear, but though hope may spring eternal, this film dashed all hope. At the end, I presume this was some sort of money laundering exercise for a criminal gang. You know, take a dog’s breakfast of a script, use a major star, pay cash everywhere and sell the rights for clean money …to producers that green lighted this train wreck of a remake, I say, okay wash the money, but find a better film. It may be a crime to laundry money, but the real crime is making such a bad film. I feel Kirk Cameron’s Left Behind series of movies on the subject is much more superior as far as entertainment goes, it’s just with such a low budget the special effects were a bit poor.

  18. My guess (conspiracy theory) is that Gary discovered something “dark” within the PITN organization. Financial mismanagement? That would explain an abrupt departure. Maybe it’s time to put PITN to bed.

    • While conspiracies are diverting-

      I’ll pray there’s absolutely nothing untoward. When a man is in high demand and has a load of responsibilities, they start multiplying and making it ever harder to disengage. If he spotted a lull, a window, to make his escape? Probably that’s all this is. If you make an announcement, or say ‘by this date’ or “I need to start slowing down and handing things off” then the avalanche of last-minute demands because Only You Can Take Care Of This Uber Important Thing will come wailing down the mountain and burry you. All the favors, all the importuning for one more appearance…. I get tired just imagining it. There is only one way to leave, and that’s to chop it off clean with no warning. Even then, if that’s what this is- he’s going to have to be rigidly militant in guarding his decision to leave and refusing to not be drawn in. Seriously- look at all the speculation and whinging along with the well-wishes that is already flying. How’s he to ever close his front door, take his phone off the hook, and HAVE A LIFE?

    • Please forgive me for splitting an infinitive.

      I just pray that its not a ‘bad’ reason, health of someone or other speculative possibility. And seriously- its not our business or he’d have said why. All the gabbling about it only makes his right to do as he sees fit or needs to do that much more burdensome for him. He shouldn’t have to defend or justify or explain himself to anyone.

  19. Thank you LA. We are a bit surprised……but it will be amazing to see what God does next!! God bless you. Brother

  20. If I was to take a guess I would say management thought he was too fringe and they wanted him to be more church friendly. God’s ordering his steps, it will be exciting to see where he lands as he will most likely not have dogmatic reins over him.

  21. Seems hard to believe that after all these years of coming into our living rooms that he’d leave without an on air thanks for the memories type of farewell. I’ve been a fan of PITN since the eighties, I miss JR his insights and the rapport that he and Gary shared. So now they will be looking for a new host, Bob Ulrich maybe? Gary Stearman is PITN and if he decides to start his own show he’d have control of topics and guests without interference.

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