L. A. Marzulli – TONIGHT! Acceleration Radio and Caravan to Midnight with John B. Wells!

CTM-Show-Icon-1Caravan to Midnight with John B. Wells!

112 – Come aboard the Ark as we welcome filmmaker and author L.A. Marzulli onto the Bridge for a fascinating look at E.T.s, UFOs, and supernatural happenings.


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Tonights Topics:

1. War in the Middle East!

2. The Coming False Flag in the USA.

3. Border Chaos.

4.  Race wars in America

5. UFO Soft Disclosure?

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27 thoughts on “L. A. Marzulli – TONIGHT! Acceleration Radio and Caravan to Midnight with John B. Wells!

  1. Request for tonight’s show:
    Please sing “Back in the saddle again”.

    To help you get in tune:


  2. see 1:38+ for JBW’s recognition of a “higher power” comments…

    JBW also remarks about the earth…
    – not being the center of the universe
    – ask if that applies to other earths
    – like the earth(s) in the heaven(s) dimension(s)
    – or the earth in the hell dimension
    – all more or less co-located if not exact
    – for instance “going up to Zion”
    – or the bottomless pit … abyss … etc.
    – not to mention hollow earth, bermuda triangles, or atlantis
    – though possibly earth as a tesseract … gate of God
    – noting Corey & Kirk’s (and nazi, stichin, etc) black sun / brown dwarf

    Suffice it to say…
    – where The Almighty make’s His home
    – is most definitely the center of the Creation(s)

  3. THIS IS AN ARTICLE FROM …… cfijerusalem.org ( Christian Friends of Israel – Jerusalem )

    >>> AWESOME TESTIMONY about halfway through Article.

    IND Weekly masthead NEW.jpg

    August 4-8, 2014

    Israel’s War Not Against Palestinians

    In the last few days I have been hearing people talk about Israel’s “war against the Palestinians.” First of all, Israel is not interested in going to war against anyone. Secondly Israel’s current actions are NOT against the Palestinians. There are many Palestinians in Israel with whom the Jewish people live in peace. In the third place, Israel did not start this war. It was started in response to (1) Hamas’ relentless rocket fire on southern Israeli towns and cities, and (2) the abduction and murder of three Jewish boys who were doing nothing but going about their lives. There is another amazing story about this incident and the connection to the IDF going into Gaza, which we will cover in another IND Weekly.

    Unless the name “Palestinian” is coterminous with the name “Hamas,” then Israel’s war is not against the Palestinians.

    Hamas is a terrorist group whose stated aim is to “wipe Israel off the map.” Not only had Hamas stockpiled rockets in Gaza with the intent of making a surface hell for Israel, but in their intense hatred of the Jews they had created a labyrinth of tunnels underground beneath Israel with the purpose of carrying out what they hoped would be the “end game” when their murderous minions would emerge on Rosh Hashana (New Years) and initiate simultaneous mayhem all over the breadth and length of Israel.

    In some ways this almost appears to be a contest between Allah and Yahweh. Hamas doesn’t seem to be aware that they are giving their deity a terrible reputation. It is a well-known psychological fact that sometimes people create a god in their own image, based on their own personalities. I would tentatively suggest that Hamas, and other radicals like them, have created their own unloving deity who, they hope, will help them wipe out the one race of people they love to hate. It is also the one race of people that God has singled out—and set apart, which puts Hamas in the untenable position of fighting against the true God.

    In their utter cowardice and lack of all decency and humanity, they put their women and children in harm’s way. Hamas leaders claim that they “love death.” No, as pointed out in the August IND, they only love death for other people—not themselves. This is proved by the fact that the leaders themselves are hiding out in Qatar, Kuwait (or other “safe” Arab countries).

    While I’m at it, I might point out that when the bleeding-heart western media join in and scold Israel for responding forcefully, what they really want the Jews to do is to lie down and play dead. The world has been asking Jews to do this for centuries—they didn’t like meek Jews whom they tried to kill all through the Middle Ages. Now we have fighting Jews who are tired of dying for their detractors, and people don’t like these Jews either. But I would advise anti-Semites to get over it. All they are doing is displaying to the world their own twisted mentality that cannot muster love for anyone except those who are exactly like them in their own narrow racist views.

    Israel’s God Comes to the Rescue

    A number of incidents have taken place during this war that have been called miracles. For the sake of clarification, a miracle is a temporary suspension, or change, in the laws of nature. Not everything that appears to be a miracle is really one, although some recent stories come close
    to what most people call miracles.

    Here is a story by an Iron Dome technician, who in some ways is a scientist. Before this incident, this man wasn’t sure there even was a God.

    “I observed the hand of G-d today with my own eyes. Now I know FOR SURE that there is a G-d!! No one told me…I didn’t hear it from someone else…
    I saw this happen with my own eyes. I am an integral part of the Iron Dome operation. What we do here is an exact science and I cannot give many details of what we do. The other day we knew that a missile was headed directly for Tel Aviv…aimed at one of the three big towers, a shopping center
    in the middle of the city. We sent up one missile to intercept it, and we missed. We sent a second one, and we missed. We sent a third one to intercept…and we missed. Something even remotely like this has only happened one other time that I am aware of. We are very exact and very good
    at what we do. We do not miss. So to miss three times is not possible. By this time, disaster was imminent.

    We alerted all of the emergency crews within and around Tel Aviv to evacuate, but by this time there was little that could be done. Their [Hamas] missile was only minutes from detonation. We began the procedure of sending off one final missile to try to intercept it just before it came down, but we knew that casualties would still be inevitable. Now, you must understand, our calculations based on physics and aerodynamics and weather (wind, atmosphere, humidity) are complete…there is NOTHING we don’t take into account. This is how it is able to work so precisely.

    But all of a sudden, as we were scrambling to do anything and everything we could to save Tel Aviv, all of a sudden OUT OF NOWHERE came up a huge [strong] wind…one that was not on the radar…one that DID NOT EXIST before…and blew the missile from over Tel Aviv all the way into the Sea [Mediterranean] and dropped it off exactly safely into the water where no one was injured!!! You must understand…there was NO WIND…and then there was A HUGE WIND. This is not a couple of inches of a “move” that any gentle breeze could influence…this is MILES. It was nothing other than the hand of G-d!! I saw it with my very own eyes!!! The wind was not there before and it was not there after—it came from NOWHERE. And after it moved the missile to the sea, it disappeared! So, after seeing this, I can no longer deny the existence of G-d. I put t’fillin (phylacteries) on right after this, and I took upon myself to keep Shabbat. Yesterday was my first Shabbat to keep and it was the best Shabbat of my life” (www. yahadisrael.com).

    Some Scriptures that all—especially Israel’s detractors—need to heed and be forewarned:

    “On that day, when all the nations of the earth are gathered against her, I will make Jerusalem an immovable rock for all the nations…
    All who try to move it will injure themselves. On that day I will set out to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem” Zechariah 12:3, 9

    Reporting for CFI Jerusalem,

    Lonnie C. Mings

    • Due to the highly spiritual nature of this conflict in Gaza, I have a specific prayer idea that I want to run past you all.

      We’ve heard of stories about HAMAS recognising that ‘their God changes the paths of their rickets in mid-air’, and now this awesome one about the Iron Dome operator from Kirk,

      (also found here) —> “http://www.israeltoday.co.il/Default.aspx?tabid=178&nid=2481”

      so…. as part of many of our prayer strategies for Israel, how about we send our own ‘prayer missiles’ (so to speak) towards Gaza as the Holy Spirit directs. Whenever you feel the Lord bring to your mind a specific time where a missile attack may be about to be launched against Israel, pray against it’s accuracy and for angelic intervention to continue to send them off course. Prayerfully intercede for Israel against the demonic source of the attack, and that the perpetrators start to have their foolishly blinded eyes opened to the blatant TRUTH about Israel, and who the REAL God who is protecting them is.

      ALSO, …and this is a really important prayer point.

      Pray for the safety and covering of the Palestinian people in Gaza who are caught in ‘hot zones’ due to HAMAS threats and intimidation.
      Pray that any innocent civilians near target areas who have been, or are being, prevented from escaping the targeted areas find effective shelter and covering from the dangers that Israel unfortunately has had to inflict on Gaza to eliminate the HAMAS terror attacks against them. The innocents of the Palestinian civilian population need to specifically see and feel, now more than ever, God’s covering within this atrocious mess in spite of what is being promoted to them about how ‘evil’ Israel supposedly is from their terrorist brain washers.

      Many of you may already be doing this, but for those who haven’t considered these prayer strategies yet, I put these ideas forward for your consideration.

      Matthew 18:19-20
      “Again I say to you, if two of you agree on earth about anything they ask, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven.  For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.”

    • Good stuff Bruce!

      One can put a 1000 to flight………TWO can put 10,000 to Flight !!!

      Yeeeeee haaaaaaaa !!!

      ZING them demons by SPEAKING THE WORD and RELEASING THE HEAVENLY HOSTS against the fallen ones!!!

      Binding and Loosing ……… We do our part …. and GOD DOES HIS PART !!!!

      i love hearing about these testimonies because it proves our prayers are being effective from believers all around the world.

      I will continue in the same flow….as it is also effective to help “palestinians” to see the truth too.

      i often pray that missiles land in unpopulated areas or that the rockets are duds. I also pray confusion upon hamas terrorists
      and that blindness come upon them and that their weapons simply won’t work or that bullets never reach Israeli soldiers.

      There was another story about a “Glory Cloud-type mist” that showed up one morning and covered the Israeli’s movements. SWEET.



  5. Great interview on CTM with John B.! Two of my favorite warriors for Christ!
    LA, I’ve noticed that Ancient Aliens is copying a lot of your ideas for their shows, only of course, not giving credit to the Most High God, nor fallen angels, or mentioning your work. I guess imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Of course, it could be a rush from the evil one and his minions to confuse the issue after you have brought out the truth.
    May God bless you and strengthen you, especially in the face of opposition.

  6. Man on the moon-UFO-Face on comet-Dragons-Fish -n- Chips etc.


  7. “http://www.forbiddenknowledgetv.com/video/space/8112014-leaked-raw-rosetta-imagesof-alien-buildings-on-comet-67p.html”

    This article gives even more credence to the idea that the incoming Planet X really does contain these so-called “Annunaki” a.k.a. demons that inhabit it. When a leaked, untouched photograph has a picture of a comet with alien buildings on it, but quickly and hurredly gets edited to conceal it, you know you’re hitting at the right wall such as those who believe with good reason that Planet X has these “Annunaki” inhabiting it.

  8. “http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2723584/She-extremely-sad-Sign-language-gorilla-close-to-tears-following-news-Robin-Williams-death-13-years-video-captured-two-fast-friends.html”

    A really cool video to see.

  9. 2 Videos from the LAST TWO WEEKS from a church in Jerusalem <<<< Stuff NOT heard in most Churches today!

    Trusting God in the Midst of Terror by Wayne Hilsden


    Passing the Torch of Truth About Israel in Perilous Times by Wayne Hilsden

  10. Hello Dear Friends,

    Hope you are all doing OK. Haven’t had a chance to visit the blog the past few days as my mother passed away suddenly the night before last. The big comfort is knowing she died in the Lord. Lots to still do on all this, thankfully with my husband’s help, but am still a bit shaken, so may miss joining in some “spamming” for a little while (to use Azureceu’s term!). One prayer request, if anyone feels led, is for my sister and her family, who say they are atheists, to come to the Lord. I would appreciate it with all my heart. As far as I can tell, though, my brother is saved, though he still won’t really speak about it to me.

    Take care and God bless you all with multiplied blessings.


    • Linda, my condolences for your loss, I pray the Lord comfort you and your husband with his love and grace. I will keep your sister and her family in my continual prayers. I smile in faith knowing the beauty of joy brightens your horizon.

      -As Gede would say, may true happiness rays warm the hearts of all your family and may you not forsake the spamming of the assembly of your brothers and sisters in cyberspace for too long.

      Blessings & hugs..

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