The Infrastructure of HAMAS + Will Hezbollah Join the Fray? + ISIL!

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L. A. Marzulli

Gaza’s underground: A vast tunnel network that empowers Hamas

One tunnel discovered by Israel last year was 66 feet deep and 1.5 miles long. The project is estimated to have cost $10 million and used 800 tons of concrete. The dangerous digging was apparently done with mechanical pedal-powered devices, rather than with noisy electrical equipment.

Fears grow other groups may join Hamas fight vs. Israel after Kerry peace effort fails 

“True, we are fighting in Syria, but our heart yearns to arrive and fight the sons and brothers of the apes and pigs [the Jews],”

HAMAS has created a very sophisticated network of tunnels.  This is the focus of the terrorists group, creating tunnels that go into Israel.  These tunnels cost millions of dollars.  The money could be spent on schools, roads or creating a better infrastructure for the people of Gaza.  Instead tunnels are built and there’s only one reason for it and that is the destruction of the Jews and Israel.

Gaza was given over to the so-called Palestinian people in what was supposed to be a land for peace deal with Israel.  Instead, the Palestinian got the land but the Israeli’s got no peace, as the mortar and rocket fire began as the last Israeli’s were leaving their homes and farms in Gaza.  (We covered this in Watchers 4)

HAMAS will never, ever rest until they have destroyed Israel.  This is why the Israeli’s must cut the head off the snake.  They must demolish HAMAS.  If they stop short of this, rocket barrages, kidnappings and terrorist cells will continue to attack the country.

The twin brother of HAMAS, Hezbollah longs to: arrive and fight the sons and brothers of the apes and pigs [the Jews],”

psalm-83-final-coverThere’s the quote in their own words.  How do you sit down with people and discuss anything at all, when they regard you as sons of apes and pigs.  This is taught to muslims children in the Madrassas, all over the Middle East.

I talked with Bill Salus last night and both us believe that we may be looking at the PSALM 83 war forming right before our eyes!

In the meantime in Iraq, ISISL—Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant—is threatening the death of any Christian who will not convert to Islam.  They have also killed thousands of people in the most barbaric and brutal ways.  The double standard of the United nations focuses on Israel’s so-called “war-crimes” but we dot hear from the UN about the Christians killed, in Iraq, Somalia or Indonesia.  Not a peep. 

In closing this short  post:  The Middle East is more tenuous than ever.  Iran’s Khameni has called for the destruction of the Zionist regime, but not the destruction of the Jewish people.  However, in my opinion, this is nothing more than double speak, as if asked, Khameni will state that the Jews do not have a right to their ancestral land, so there goes the only democratic country in the region, Israel, if Iran has her way.  The goal of Iran is to annihilate the “regime” and with that, get rid of the pesky Jews living in the Levant.  I’m at the Prophecy in the News Conference in Colorado Springs and will be posting as time permits.  L.A.




Hope to see some you there! L.A.


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87 thoughts on “The Infrastructure of HAMAS + Will Hezbollah Join the Fray? + ISIL!

  1. I was watching the Steve Malzberg show on Newsmax TV. He was talking about the media’s one-sided indictment of “war crimes” by Israel for some of the unfortunate civilian casualties killed. Meanwhile Palestinians and HAMAS thugs in Gaza are given a pass even though they use children as human shields.

    Folks, we have a unique opportunity in history to support the Jews and Israel as they fight for their right to survival. If I could, I’d leave my job and dedicate myself to helping Israel.

    The Father is watching, folks, and He knows who is on the side of Israel and who is not!

    When you are called to answer what you did to help the Father’s sheep, what will your answer be?

  2. The US facing a nightmarish combination of crippling drought, devastating wildfires, disastrous viruses, dying crops and superbugs.

    Michael Snyder, American Dream

    Why are so many plagues hitting the United States all of a sudden? Yes, one can always point out bad stuff that is happening somewhere in the country, but right now we are facing a nightmarish combination of crippling drought, devastating wildfires, disastrous viruses, dying crops and superbugs that scientists don’t know how to kill. cont….

  3. No matter what we think we should do or not do regarding the mid-east…
    -The Will of God overrides, which we’ve been told about in Bible prophecy
    – Yeshua said that not one stone would stand — which is not quite complete
    – the Wailing Wall still stands as part of the Temple built by Herod
    – that wall is coming down

    Yeshua also told us by the prophets that the mountain would be split…
    – I believe that’s the Mount of Olives — very close to the muslim shrine (dome of the rock)
    – And a waterway will extend west and east as I recall

    And again in The Revelation…
    – the holy place will be defiled by the antichrist
    – and the jews driven out of Jerusalem

    I think these are accurate summaries…
    – how can any prevent “The Time of Jacob’s Trouble”
    – or the martyring of “The Two Witnesses” 😕

    Long story short…
    – Israel as an earthly nation is caught in the middle of the war in heaven
    – those without Messiah (Yeshua / Jesus) … likely have no protection
    – other than perhaps Michael .. the defender of Israel
    – of course we know that angels can be delayed re: Daniel

    The best way to help the Lost Sheep in earthly Israel…
    – or the jewish people across the earth
    – is by witnessing about Yeshua of Nazareth
    – as the only True Messiah of Israel (and for Israel)

    If the tares could be identified without maturing and showing themselves…
    – there’d likely be no need for all the trauma

    Without the option to reject Messiah (or choose the ways of the enemy)
    – how can the wheat and tares be separated ?
    – what’s happening is The Will of God
    – in due season all will see the difference

  4. The EU United Nations was calling for a speedy investigation in the shelling of a Gaza school. However, note that the U.N. has 4 facilities in Gaza, Including the U.N. school.

    Does the U.N. want the probe to be speedy in the hopes that evidence is overlooked revealing that they are complicit in arming Hamas?

    • So true Mary. Anyone with common sense knows which side the UN is on. Did you see where Israel’s US Ambassador let a CNN anchor have it? She was casting blame on the IDF for not checking to see if children were in the school before they bombed it. I wish I could post the video. Someone needs to lead me by the hand to do that. Even Joan Rivers set a reporter straight about who started the war to begin with. I never cared for Mayor Bloomberg’s politics, but good for him for flying over there to show it was safe even though US airlines were banned at the time. Some people still have guts. God Bless Israel!

    • BruceW….

      If you see a video on youtube that you desire to post, look under the video screen and you’ll see “share”…and click on it.
      THEN you will see a window open below which has a bunch of letters and numbers, high light that with your mouse and
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      it may take a few times to get it smoothly, but that should help you do it like a pro. 😉

    • @ Bruce…I did see your comments but my response went into moderation. I forgot to use quotation marks on an article I was using Re ISIS.

      Thank you Lindafromtoronto1 for finding the CNN interview. What an insane question to ask the Ambassador why no one went in to check if bldg was empty before firing!!!

      Israel is saying bldg is housing militants shooting at Israel! Is Israel required to ck first, and upon confirming militant presence, say “oh excuse me, we’re about to shoot at bldg.”

      Does anyone really think the militants will stand by and confirm their presence and give the civilians time to leave with the Israelis and then resume fighting!???

      How insane is this picture! But then sanity has a way of parking outside common sense where war is concerned.

    • re: Israeli Ambassador Blasts CNN

      The prerequisites for getting a job with CNN is to look at 2 photos, one photo of Uranus and a war photo from Syria and identify Nibiru`s location and massacred Palestinian children successfully.

      Start spreading the news
      I am leaving today
      I want to be a part of it
      New York, New York
      -The AntiKirt

    • @ Bruce:

      Kirk responded Re your request for embedding videos into your comments section. In case you need further help, here’s a visual to embedding links:

      Hope your question is properly answered.


    • Linda! That be Mr. Sinatra. Ack! the BF word, you done gone an made me have ta rebaptize my eyeballs!


    • Azureceu, I’ll have to re-baptize my eyeballs too, after seeing that jpg! 😮 LOL ….didn’t even think of Sinatra and NY, NY…I guess my brain wasn’t computing too well on that with other things I was doing!

      btw, am also watching the Pastor Mike sermon from yesterday….really good one.

    • Linda, I know how you feel, so many distractions things to do here and there I’ve been trying to watch a PMO all day and something interrupts me then I forget what I listened to and have to start the video all over from the beginning..I am curious to what this star ritual will be all about…PM sure can talk and talk…..

      The Star Ritual – Pastor Mike Online 7-24-14

      I hope you are enjoying nice weather up north, chilly and rainy here, wife went to stay and visit with the mother-in-law for a few days, so I have to cuddle the Sloth to keep warm, the little feller tried to give me a Dutch Oven last night, if he does that again he is going to make a pretty mini comforter if you know what I’m sayin..

    • re “That lady erin on CNN is a master of spin.”

      Didn’t she used to be a fox reporter?
      -Erin go Bleh

    • Azureceu, I had to google “dutch oven” …that sloth you have is a real “gas”! 😀

      The weather has been good here this summer, a few very hot humid days, but no long heat waves yet(usually there are a few.) Lately mid-to-high 70’s, mostly sunny, but rain/drizzle for the weekend.

      You’re right, though, PM can really can talk..and talk..though still interesting how he shows themes, symbols, numbers repeating throughout the bible.

    • “ht=”315″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>”

    • one more time and then I give up. Gotta go to the grocery store.

      “<iframe width="420" height="315" src="//"

    • Bruce, don’t panic!

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      Try it it now and see how it works..

    • Azureceu ….p.s……. hope you are coping while alone for a few days and don’t work too hard! .. but…maybe try to have things looking neat for your wife’s return, too! 🙂

    • BruceW….

      generally if you COPY/paste a video from the “share” option….no “quotes” are needed…..yet it will STILL play fine.

      The only difference is: when you have a link in “quotes”….simply HIGHLIGHT IT and then RIGHT CLICK and menu pops up
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      But your very first post of the LEVIN segment opened perfectly. If you would have just put the LINK there in the post
      and then hit POST COMMENT…..more than likely it would have loaded the actual YOUTUBE VIDEO SCREEN like I have below.

      The only thing I did different than your first post of it, is that I did not put “quotes” around it, so that when I hit POST COMMENT…..
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      On ocassion a LINK could be “bad for some reason”….. and in such cases… simply won’t work. (that’s tech -NO -ology for ya! )

      Soon it will be smooth as BUTTER………(maybe)

    • Linda, luckily I’m well occupied with work, spamming etc. Funny that you mention it, tomorrow is clean things up day for the Sunday night reunion and lastly hang the Sloth in the closet.

      Ask your hubby if he knows what a Dutch Oven is? :mrgreen: or show him.. 💡

    • LOL…Azureceu, I think he’s asleep right now, but no doubt he knows what a Dutch Oven is….. Maybe this will be my last spam for now (11:15 here) and need to start early on some things tomorrow. G’night to both you and the sloth! 🐱 🐻

  5. Today I decided to walk away from a 9 year friendship. I couldn’t take all the anti-Semitic rants and the F bombs coming from my friend. It was hurting my heart deeply. He’s liberal, gay, and hates Christians and Jews. He said something highly vulgar about Israel and it’s supporters and at that moment I was done. His views are pure evil. He steams with hate. I’m not sure if he’ll ever come to know the Lord. Ill surely keep praying for him. I just didn’t know what to do anymore.

    • Good for you! May we all have that same courage.

      (Don’t forget to pray for that person though. He might very well come to repentance in time).

    • Well, you made a stand for TRUTH and RIGHTEOUSNESS….nothing wrong with that…and oftentimes NOT easy.
      Tough in any case, but hopefully your stand will be used by YAHWEH to open up his eyes…for ultimately that is for his best.
      He obviously has yet to see that.

      I think we all see those days coming more and more in the very near future. Dealing with Blinded people is never easy.
      Only The TRUTH sets a person free…..and oftentimes that comes with a stance for things that go contrary to our society.

      keep your chin up! JESUS can bring you the right friend(s) ….. with all the good things included.

      Plus, JESUS is the friend that sticks closer than a brother. 🙂

    • God is our friend. Israel is our friend, Jerusalem is our friend. Their enemies are my enemies.
      Good for you to walk away…his loss, not yours.

    • G’Day, Kristen. I can relate to your decision and it’s cause, having also decided to cease associating with many longtime friends for similar reasons as well as other factors. For some time, it left me all alone but it had to be done. I am much better off for it, thanks to the LORD. I should say, I thought I was all alone but He has always been there and rescued me many times, whether I knew it or not. I’ve since made friends with a handful of people who are believers in Christ, and some others who are not but are at least civil in sharing points of view (not that I necessarily agree with their beliefs or opinions but it’s better than having put up with what I had been for so long because I relied on them for the sake of companionship and with the false props). I’m also doing better things with my time by not associating with the former friends.

      As can be seen with world events and society as they are, time is very short.

      Kristen, The LORD warned that there would be these types of people, and the demonic spirits that would make efforts to attack Him and those who believe in Him.

      Don’t cast your pearls before swine – and remember to put on the whole armour of God – every day.

      God Bless you, Kristen.

    • I can relate to that Kristen. I was invited to a pool party at a neighbor’s house a week ago and the discussion got heated to the point I just decided to dismiss myself from the shenanigans. As a Christian I just couldn’t in good faith sit there and be a party to the Israel bashing. I don’t mind good debates and discussions but when it gets to the point of mere bashing, it goes beyond good dialogue. The best part about it was because I decided to leave I put a bit of a damper on the party, it was my, BBQ Grill so I guess you could say I took my ball and went home..;)

  6. Re: L.A.’s commentary: “Iran’s Khameni has called for the destruction of the Zionist regime, but not the destruction of the Jewish people. However, in my opinion, this is nothing more than double speak, as if asked, Khameni will state that the Jews do not have a right to their ancestral land, so there goes the only democratic country in the region, Israel, if Iran has her way. The goal of Iran is to annihilate the “regime” and with that, get rid of the pesky Jews living in the Levant.”

    Here’s some support for your opinion, L.A. ……..

    ** Khamenei: KEEP ARMING PALESTINIANS until Israel is destroyed ** (speech was Wednesday night)…


    …and today, Friday, over 700 towns in Iran had rallies supporting the Palestinians against Israel.


    • Well, at least it wasn’t like 731 towns…….cause then we’d have reason for concern.

      Ohhh….the muslims keep calling for “A DAY of RAGE”. So I guess that means they’re closer to a peace settlement any day now.

      John kerry…..lead the way! ( brillo head )

    • Re: “Ohhh….the muslims keep calling for “A DAY of RAGE”. So I guess that means they’re closer to a peace settlement any day now.”

      Kirk, oddly enough, if you said that to the media, they’d probably believe it!

  7. “In the meantime in Iraq, ISISL—Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant—is threatening the death of any Christian who will not convert to Islam. They have also killed thousands of people in the most barbaric and brutal ways. The double standard of the United nations focuses on Israel’s so-called “war-crimes” but we dot hear from the UN about the Christians killed, in Iraq, Somalia or Indonesia. Not a peep.” -L.A.

    How people around the globe don’t understand this very thing L.A. stated is baffling! It seems as if there’s blinders on the eyes of most.

  8. Hagmann & Hagmann show from Wed. with Paul McGuire, explains why the Jews, The seed of Abraham have the right to the land from the covenant made with God. starts at the 2nd hour, first hour is a rant by Doug Hagmann and some news. Also talks about mark of the beast tech, and many other hot topics.
    Excellent show.


  9. ‘We Will Not Tolerate Your Religion!’ School Fires Scientist for Questioning Evolution

    However, CSUN suddenly terminated Armitage’s employment two years ago after he discovered soft tissue on a Triceratops fossil. Evolutionists at the university were evidently displeased by Armitage’s discovery, since they were convinced that the fossil was tens of millions of years old.


    • “”

      Question their “time scales” instead
      – there’s no defense
      – there’s no going back
      – there’s no testable proof

      The little straw gods of the evolutionary theists
      – are impotent to create a fully functioning universe
      – nor qualified to make a simple video game

    • I was just thinking back 5 years ago when folks on this blog saw 1 maybe 2 prophetic news stories a day at most and 6.0 quake was like ooooh wow, we have come a long way baby in a short period of time. Resistance is futile you are going to have too unequivocally choose a side in this battle or someone will choose it for you.

    • G’Day, Azureceu and Nomemoleste!

      It’s funny how these people claim life forms, be they biological or botanical, evolve, when you can observe within a short time span or a lifetime how things that are able to grow to their full potential, and once having reached that full potential, begin to degrade. Sort of like my hair… it still growing but it’s going grey, though some may say it makes one look more distinguished (well, one bald-headed galah said that to me!) 🙂


      Speaking of highly evolved, you might have seen the bizarro news, a couple of days ago, re ISIS in Mosul, Iraq… demanding that the faces of [female] mannequins displayed in shopfront windows be covered with derka sherpa burkas.
      Have these people no self-control? [sorry, rhetorical question].

      Other bizarro news … a festival-goer at Element 11 (Utah’s version of Burning Man festival) died after jumping/running into a 30ft flaming “art project” effigy (Saturday July 12). [Sorry to mention again, just wondering your thoughts].

      More bizarro news… The Commonwealth Games. The Commonwealth Games.

      Megadeth star drummer films UFOs (above Studio City, California – 25 July):



    • @ “no self control”

      Reminds me of pedophile priests…
      – and abusive nuns (that rap your knuckles)
      – and the doctrine that self stimulation is sin
      – which is a way to guilt the cult drones
      – into diverting their emotional needs
      – to fuel bizarro behaviors such as
      – suicide bombing, random rocket launching,
      – and bloody self-flagellation
      – if not more criminal things like
      – necrophilia, bestiality, and child abuse

      reminds me of rasputin and mesmer

  10. I was reviewing outbreaks of various viruses in the U.S. and noticed a marked increase in the virus called Chikungunya running rampant in the U.S., Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, etc.

    There are over 700 reported cases and climbing. The virus is spread by mosquitoes and can be fatal to new born babies.

    In prayer this morning the Lord gave me an analogy:

    Israel is being heavily criticized by the media and public for appearing like this huge heavily armed bully picking on the so called defensive innocent Palestians.

    If you take the heavily armed Chikungunya virus in a mosquito, and the mosquito bit onto your body and you did nothing to protect yourself, you will absorb the virus, and be, perhaps mortally wounded.

    By design people are quick to slap that rebel mosquito to kill it before it strikes if you can see it before it bites you. It’s called protecting yourself.

    If you spray anti repellent first and while you sleep and the mosquito tries to harm you, the anti repellent should stop and hopefully kill the mosquito before it strikes.

    Are you then the big bully and protect the heavily armed itty biddy deadly mosquito?

    I laughed and said “Thank you, Lord!”

    Outbreaks link:



    • Hello, Seashoremary!

      That’s timely of you to bring up this subject.. was reading a National Geographic article just moments ago and then found your comment.

      ‘Nazi Scientists May Have Plotted Malaria Mosquito Warfare’


      Regards, Pete.

      God Bless!


    • Just awakened from a dream…
      – odd one definitely 😮
      – “the kids” had gone out to play
      – in what looked like milky rain
      – stepping out to check after it stopped
      – the grounds were littered with small “foam” blocks
      – looked like sugar cubes, but
      – there were larger ones that looked like long geodes
      – about the size of a small melon
      – but reminded me of cactus
      – with the inside full of cubes
      – and everything was oily feeling
      – the dream scene didn’t last long
      – so I couldn’t gage any impact

      cryptoid panspermia perhaps?

    • That was EXCELLENT !!!

      And it proves why so many people in America and around the world live in a fantasy world of their own choosing.


  11. Wild day today in my city, we had a huge dividing line today as the Palestinian-Israel conflict played out in feuding protests. There were about 5000 people on both sides of the street. In the pro-Palestinian rally, thousands lining the street had the largest and loudest presence with chant leaders on bullhorns proclaiming: “Free, free Palestine, occupation is a crime.”
    On the other side of the street they waved blue and white Israel flags, with the largest banner saying: “We fight Islamic terror.”
    Dozens of police, on foot, motorcycles and horseback, provided security and traffic direction. And closed off streets.

    It was quite a hectic scene to say the least. I saw one guy standing in the middle of the street, between both sides holding a sign that read “Keep YOUR war off my homeland soil, morons”…police asked him to leave as they felt he was promoting hostilities.
    One of the liberal protesters for Palestinian walked up to me as I was standing on the sidelines watching the chaos, and asked if I would like to join their cause…I very politely declined and since I didn’t want to miss such a grand opportunity I told him “he could take his rag____<–(edited for PC police) politics and go back to the hole in the Mideast country he left. I told him if you feel this strongly about Gaza and Hamas then get on the first plane you can and go help the thugs there. Israel needs more targets. All he did was delay my commute to work by closing off the streets. I strongly feel those who are protesting should return to their home country to protest there. I don’t see any value in protesting in my city, I don't think it is a matter of who supports whom, I think Americans are sick of foreigners trying to lure America into the problems in their home countries. They should go home and protest as much as their laws will allow. It seems every few months some foreigners are protesting conditions in their home country here. They came to America for a better life, yet they want to bring their garbage here with them.

    • “They should go home and protest as much as their laws will allow. It seems every few months some foreigners are protesting conditions in their home country here. They came to America for a better life, yet they want to bring their garbage here with them.”

      Exactly so! What do they hope to accomplish at the end of the day with all of this, anyway?

      Matt, thanks also for your comment last night about John Baird, Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs. He really does tell it like it is about Hamas and other subjects, too. Definitely not too many politicians like him.

    • I heard so many good things about John Baird and Prime Minister Stephen Harper quite frankly I’m jealous. John Baird was on the Mark Levin radio program, he called in from Mongolia where he is doing some work. He spoke quite awhile and even Mr. Levin made a point at how Canada’s politicians do not bow to the media pressure. John Baird said he couldn’t care less what the media says he is going to do what what’s right and that is to stand by Israel against a terrorist group that Hamas is. The guy pulled no punches, it was great to hear for a change from what we have here.

    • Maybe we should all move to Canada…….i hear Tim Horton’s is hiring. 🙂

      [ Tim Horton’s: some say this is THE BEST PLACE for COFFEE in Canada. But i don’t drink coffee…yet the donuts are tasty! ]

  12. River In China Mysteriously Turns Bloody Red Overnight


    • Seen this teaching multiple times and always seem to gain another nugget! i remember watching Prophecy in the News
      back when J.R. Church was still here and Mark Biltz did a teaching that I saw back in 2008 about the Blood Moons…AWESOME. 😉

      Thanks BruceW… got it now!


    • I have not had the chance yet to listen to this one specifically, yet he has spoken about this line of teaching throughout many years.
      I like how he keeps the TRUTH so FRESH and ALIVE…….Perry is definitely one of the GREAT TEACHERS of our GENERATION.

      Thanks BruceW !!!

    • Thank you Kirk for all your help and also for all of your wonderful teaching. That great sense of humor of yours helps get me through the week.

      Perry Stone goes at a rapid fire pace but he always seems to find detail in scripture that everyone else misses.

    • YEPPER…….listening to Perry Stone preach or teach is like trying to drink water from a fire hose!!! 😉

      Ohhhhhh, ……..but I LOVE it……….Thirst Quenching Revelation !!

  13. This is one of the things i often pray regarding ISRAEL…..that God would destroy the plans of the enemy…….and that…

    “NO weapon that is formed against “ISRAEL” shall prosper.”

    We are in a SPIRITUAL battle ……. that also runs over into the NATURAL realm. And God will cause us to TRIUMPH over our enemies!

    • Kirk… Just finished watching those videos about Planet X you posted on the last blog… all were quite full of some stunning evidence. I especially found the last one “Conspiracy Query” most fascinating. Some pretty damning evidence for the skeptics. That scientist knew his stuff. So it looks like, according to the timing as displayed on the charts, that 2016 will kick off seal judgments 5, 6 and 7! The science behind what he is saying and the staggering evidence for planet x approaching is massive in pointing to 2016. When you take all of Tom Horn’s work concerning the peculiarities of 2016 together with this, it boggles the mind. This would also fit in very nicely with the fact that we are in the middle of the blood moon tetrad! Further still, this fits in nicely with what is going on in the middle east right now and the various contentions by prophetic teachers such as L.A. Marzulli, Bill Salus and a whole host of others that this is the setup for the middle east wars leading into the Tribulation period! We have all these things converging all at once! Very mind blowing. Very stunning video… thanks for making us aware of this gem. In fact, I can’t help but post it again. A must see!

    • Who would have ever thought that the layout in Washington D.C. depicts the rapture of the church going into Heaven depicted in the location and symbol of the White House!! This video is a must watch… especially towards the end.

  14. Great show on Coast to Coast tonight, cryptozoologist JC Johnson is discussing his latest research, investigations, and encounters, with hairy humanoids stalking young ranch-dwelling women, to wolfmen, dogmen, large predators, ultraterrestrials, and Black-Eyed Kids, all very active in two mysterious areas of the Southwest.

  15. @ overlapping dimensions of hell, this world, and heaven (or heavens)
    – and some who can see beyond
    – like Russ D, LA, and myself (from 3rd eye snares)
    – or Faithfulelect seeing demons everywhere
    – or Elisha showing Gehazi the holy angels encamped
    – or Moses on the mountain with “The I AM”
    – or Yeshua with Moses and Elijah seen by Peter & John
    – or Yeshua teaching about the Kingdom of Heaven (not of this world)
    – or Kirk and Corey seeing brown dwarf nibiru’s
    – or nazis seeing black hole suns
    – or Finis Dake teaching on the planet of Heaven
    – or those that witness or experience the supernatural
    – whether ufo’s, cryptoids, the paranormal, or alternate “reality”
    – such as aspies that have social blindness or liberals with moral blindness

    Not so surprising for multi-dimensional beings, such as we
    – who are made in the image of God
    – or have received Christ and the Holy Ghost
    – or conversely “those that have known the depths of s____”

    • Is there trans-dimensional tech ???
      – like chariots with fiery horses
      – or nukes & supercolliders

      Or crop circle “printers”
      – like 3D bio-printers
      – but working in x-dimensions….

      angel tech or beast tech

      And did the dragons (aka dinos)
      – dwell in multiple dimensions
      – but leave fossil imprints like
      – the shells of sea creatures discarded

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