Watchers TV – Interviews Bill Salus!

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This is our first show where we interviewed author Bill Salus.

Bills new book, about the ancient prophecies concerning ELAM, is a cutting edge read that will leave you with a new understanding of what the prophet Jeremiah penned thousands of years ago.

Bill brings all of his Biblical erudition to this interview!

You won’t want to miss it!

L.A. & Richard

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56 thoughts on “Watchers TV – Interviews Bill Salus!

  1. codesearcher has far more information in the codes because he searches old and new testament. LA Marzulli & Richard Shaw check it out for more extensive bible code revealings.

  2. Merriam‑Webster; Mystery; something that is difficult or impossible to understand or explain;a religious truth that one can know only by revelation and cannot fully understand;anything that is kept secret or remains unexplained or unknown:baffling efforts to comprehend or identify

    Hope this helps “enlightened one”

  3. “”
    UN launches inquiry into possible Israeli human rights violations in Gaza

    Of course. Big, bad Israel squashing poor li’l Hamas.

  4. Great show! My only critique… a bit more lighting. You guys were a bit in the dark. Of course, I mean that literally not spiritually! Otherwise, it is destined to be hit. Another production with the intrepid host! Not a show I predict Christ White will watch with pleasure.

    • Unfortunately the cameraman is letting the camera adjust exposure “automatically.” Thus when the shot is “wide,” it looks better. The “tight” shots were picking up the bright light in the room behind the speaker and stopped down, producing a “dark” face.
      Lighting can solve the problem but many production companies today don’t even have lights, let alone know how to use them!

  5. A few weeks ago I posted comments that I believed the current illegal immigration crises were the beginnings of the formulation of the North American Unionization (merging Mexico, U.S. & Canada) as part of the New World Order’s Agenda 21 program.

    More evidence is emerging supporting my comments. UN support staff has been reported as “running” the illegal border activities. Border Patrol Agents are now whistleblowing.

    Border Patrol Agents Expose UN Control of U.S.Border

    So now I wonder how the borders to Canada will be broken. My guess would be a mass pandemic of a biological germ warfare causing “weapons of mass destruction” and pushing an exodus into Canada. Hope I’m wrong, though…

    Pray people pray.

  6. Thank you! Your efforts & faithfulness to your calling are greatly appreciated.
    Praying for your research & protection.
    So blessed by the insight you bring forth & linking these findings to scripture.
    Being born again with spiritual discernment it is so self evident when a copulation of events & physical evidence is daily being brought to light.
    Do you believe it could be possible for viewers to come to saving knowledge
    From viewing these episodes?
    May I make a suggestion? At the end of program the gosple presented with an invitation to know Jesus as their Lord & Savior.
    Love you
    Sue K
    Looking to the sky for our redemption draws near.

    • re: “Being born again with spiritual discernment
      – it is so self evident
      – when a copulation of events & physical evidence
      – is daily being brought to light.”

      Gotta say…
      – I’m taken with the phrase
      – “an orgy of evidence”
      – platonically, of course

      The Windhover
      by Gerard Manley Hopkins

      To Christ our Lord

      I caught this morning morning’s minion, king-
      dom of daylight’s dauphin, dapple-dawn-drawn Falcon, in his riding
      Of the rolling level underneath him steady air, and striding
      High there, how he rung upon the rein of a wimpling wing
      In his ecstasy! then off, off forth on swing,
      As a skate’s heel sweeps smooth on a bow-bend: the hurl and gliding
      Rebuffed the big wind. My heart in hiding
      Stirred for a bird,—the achieve of, the mastery of the thing!

      Brute beauty and valour and act, oh, air, pride, plume, here
      Buckle! AND the fire that breaks from thee then, a billion
      Times told lovelier, more dangerous, O my chevalier!

      No wonder of it: sheer plod makes plough down sillion
      Shine, and blue-bleak embers, ah my dear,
      Fall, gall themselves, and gash gold-vermillion.

    • Things you never wanted to know but someone told you anyway..
      Copulation is found 3 times in the bible:
      Leviticus 15:16,17,18

  7. Good show. Bill Salus is an informative subject. Bringing up the Lord’s wrath towards Iran, possibly at the Bushehr nuclear plant, makes me wonder what wrath might this country endure for sending 47 million in aid to Gaza and closing off Israel to air travel. Just wondering.

  8. Ted Cruz: Barack Obama using FAA in ‘economic boycott of Israel’

    The State Department and Sen. Ted Cruz sparred Wednesday over the Texas Republican’s accusation that the Obama administration was trying to sabotage Israel’s economy by barring flights into Tel Aviv.
    Earlier on Wednesday, the FAA announced it had extended a ban on U.S.-based airlines flying into or out of Ben Gurion International Airport for another 24 hours.

    The facts suggest that President Obama has just used a federal regulatory agency to launch an economic boycott on Israel, in order to try to force our ally to comply with his foreign-policy demands,” Cruz said in a statement Wednesday, pointing to earlier comments from Secretary of State John Kerry implying Israel’s economy would suffer it the country’s occupation of Palestine continued.
    Cruz’s statement suggested the Obama administration was trying to sabotage Israel’s $11 billion-a-year tourism industry. Given that some 2,000 rockets have been fired into Israel over the last six weeks, many of them at Tel Aviv, it seems curious to choose yesterday at noon to announce a flight ban, especially as the Obama Administration had to be aware of the punitive nature of this action,” the senator continued.

    “This FAA flight ban may well represent a crippling blow to a key economic sector through both security concerns and worries that additional bans will down more flights and strand more passengers,” he said. “It hardly matters if or when the ban is lifted. At this point, the damage may already be done.”

    Israel’s government asked the White House to overrule the FAA on yesterday’s decision, a step the administration declined to take.

    Other Israeli and American politicians have suggested the FAA’s actions were unwise or a capitulation to Hamas, but none have gone as far as Cruz in suggesting the Obama administration was blackmailing an ally. The Israeli Transportation Minister said the move would “hand terror a prize.”

    Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who flew into Tel Aviv on an El Al flight on Tuesday night, released a statement criticizing the aviation authority.

    “Ben Gurion [International Airport] is the best protected airport in the world. It is safe and secure and flights from all over the world are landing here,” the statement said. “It was an overreaction for the FAA to halt U.S. flights here — and a mistake they should correct.”

    In a statement late Wednesday, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee asked for an immediate review of the policy, which it feared was “isolating” Israel.

    “We understand the need and the responsibility to protect the safety of airline travelers, but we are concerned by the FAA decision to ban all commercial flights by US airliners to Ben Gurion Airport in Israel,” the group said.

    “For the past two weeks, Israel has endured hundreds of rockets launched by Hamas terrorists from Gaza. Yet, air travel to Israel has been safe and unhindered. Safety is an important consideration, but this decision appears overly harsh and excessive. Moreover, we are concerned that it could have the unintended effect of encouraging terrorists to become even more committed to make civil aviation a target.”

    I wonder if the Hamas leaders understand what they have done to themselves??
    By forcing the first ever closure of the Tel Aviv airport, they have proved that they are far more dangerous than previously thought. Israel will not tolerate living under the threat of losing access to the world at the will of Hamas….This action means that Israel will not withdraw until Hamas agrees to demilitarize and accept an international occupation force to enforce the peace. One way or another, the missiles from Gaza will stop.

    US giving 15 million to Palestine is troubling, it doesn’t beat the $121 billion Israel receives but playing both side is a very dangerous game….good job Barry.

    • Matt, I got the 47 million figure from Rush’s radio show. He also made a good point that Gaza is becoming nothing more than a staging area for attacks on Israel.

    • By the way, it’s now being reported FAA lifts ban on US flights to Tel Aviv airport

      I feel sorry for the flying public when The FAA is used for political purposes. They’ve lost a lot of their credibility.

  9. “”

    He painted what he called an “apocalyptic” scenario where Hamas and its backers in Qatar and Iran might be capable of coordinated attacks with Hezbollah, the Lebanese Shia militia, which he said has also stockpiled rockets on Israel’s northern border. He said he did not believe Hezbollah has a comparable tunnel network.

    However, he added that “the West cannot tolerate” the threat posed by a Hamas with advanced weaponry and powerful allies — becoming less like a terrorist group and more like a terrorist state.

    Tunnels: ‘a big achievement’

    The Israeli defence official said the Hamas tunnel network was particularly surprising — both in its extent and in its sophistication.

    “It’s an industry that built, beneath Gaza, another terror city….”

    “Food, accommodations, storage, resupply — it’s all happening underground.… It’s a big achievement.”

    He added that the network had not been detected by aerial surveillance, because Hamas has solved the most obvious problem: how to hide the piles of sand removed from the tunnels. This, he said, was painstakingly taken away, a few bags at a time, and stored out of sight in buildings and underneath greenhouses.

    Meanwhile, donkey carts are used in place of garbage trucks, above ground.

  10. Fortunately, Israeli soccer/football club, Maccabi Haifa, only lost game in friendly against French club, Lille, played in Austria. However, the game became unfriendly, in last minutes of match, when group of ‘spectators’ – pro-Palestinian protestors (supposedly of Turkish origin – the Turkish flag and ‘Palestinian’ flag displayed by this group suggested origin) – invaded the pitch and attacked the Israeli club’s players.

    Final score: A few good defensive kicks by Haifa players, and no injuries to any Israelis. No weapons were used but the ‘crossed swords’ were displayed on the pitch invaders clothes. Oh, and 2-0 was actual match score.

    (Report: Daily Mail 24/7/14 or 7/24/14 or 24 July 2014)

    Good to view your Watchers TV program, too, LA. Congratulations! 🙂

    • G’day, brother!

      No worries, Cobber! 🙂

      I apologize for my comment to yours other day re MH17 and Russians/Soviet past actions with passenger planes and to refute by mentioning actions of others. I guess I cannot understand or see what Putin and the Russkies would have to gain by shooting down a civillian passenger plane – except, combined with all the other chaos in region and down to Israel and Middle East that it’s part of the powers that be’s desires to instigate World War IV – I think WWIII has already been going on for several years with all the jihadist activity since before 911. Not to mention the MSMs BS.

      Anyway, not much one can do about it except to keep faith and trust in Him – the only truth.

      PS… If i win raffle tonight, I’ll shout us a trip to Israel!

  11. Here is the maximum range of Hamas rockets for anyone that might be interested

    Qassam 17km

    Grad 20km

    Upgraded Grad/WS-1E 40km

    Farj-5/M-75 75km

    Khaibar-1 160km

  12. Algier Air AH 5017 contact lost … Bukina Faso to Algiers


  13. Thank you LA! Haven’t posted in awhile but had a weird experience yesterday I would like to share. Went to Washington DC with my daughter. She is the leftest most bleeding heart liberal and pretty darn adamant about it. Is not a believer. Very intellectual.
    Driving in she starts talking about how much she hates DC. How she can “feel” the evilness and corruption abounding. How the illuminati symbology is so obvious and rampant. She drags me all over in the 100 degree weather, all outside, taking photos of everything. Trip cummulates with her taking a picture of the White House from the south lawn where she (the biggest democrat I know) slides her hand through the bars and raises her middle finger in salute to the current occupants and to all those who have resided there playing nasty games with the inhabitants of this earth and country.
    I was in northern California several months ago. The hotbed of so much. The anti obama graffiti was everywhere! Huge huge graffiti.
    Why would I tell you this? People are waking up. People are seeing. More people everyday are seeing and understanding. People who aren’t believers are seeing the war between good and evil! En masse.
    Is it becoming that obvious now? Are prayers being answered? Is this the Holy Spirit softening up the targets? I don’t know. But I know something is definitely happening. Is this that paradigm shift?
    Frankly, I’ve been to busy praying for Israel to pay that much attention to anything else lately.
    Thanks for letting me share. I realize I’m kind of the oddball here. Much of my world focuses on observations and that how I interpret stuff. Faith is how I get thru it without losing my mind. But I do know a lot of what is manifesting right now is the spiritual becoming physical.
    So keep on praying! I’m beginning to see some great things manifesting in the midst of the encroaching darkness. The story of my trip to DC, doesn’t seem very “christiany” but he was definitely moving some things around in a BIG way.
    Be blessed! Be encouraged and be of strong faith! The finish line is fast approaching

  14. Greetings, This is fantastic! I am so pleased that Watchers TV is up and running. The interview with Mr. Salus is very inspiring…I went to Jeremiah 49. which I had read before, but it had never opened up like this. Now, I want his books. May God protect and inspire Mr. Marzulli in his investigations. I pray in the name of the Lord Jesus.

    I am so looking forward to more of these programs. Thank you, Paula Killebrew

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