17 thoughts on “Announcing Watchers TV! Coming Soon!

  1. Anxious for the first Watchers TV segment!

    In other news…Alert 6.9 Earthquake hit Figi Islands east of Australia:

    Pray for these precious peoples of the islands.

  2. note to LA and Richard Shaw…


    OneNote is a free microsoft download for MAC and Windows.

    basically a free form knowledge base…
    – notebooks, with section tabs, and pages
    – drag and drop graphics or files or text
    – which all sit on a database that indexes everything
    – can insert audio and video

  3. Israeli News Live – Obama Stops Jews From Sending Money To Israel

    Shocking news Jews trying to return home to Israel are unable to wire money to Israeli banks apparently a measure that Obama has signed.

    • That is WRONG……….sooooooooooooo WRONG !!!

      America is about to get nailed with another HUGE disaster….very very soon!!

  4. US sending $47 Million to Hamas



    quote: “Kerry headed almost immediately into a meeting with U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, where he announced the U.S. will send $47 million in humanitarian aid for tens of thousands of Palestinians who have fled their homes in Gaza to escape the violence.”

    The US power elites are false friends of Israel.

    • Why doesn’t Saudi Arabia….Turkey…..Iran…..and ISIS all foot the bill…they each like terrorism….they should pay for what they get!!!

      Anb believe me………one day soon…..they are gonna get it !!!

      But they won’t like it ………

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