Israel is Losing the Media War…. Goebbels Would be Proud.

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L. A. Marzulli

NOTE: Sometimes I go with an article or a post without vetting it the way I should.  This is what happened on last Thursday’s Acceleration Radio, when I read a speech that I thought was actually given by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  I was misled as it was a speech by Allen West posting what Bibi should say!  I’m sorry for the confusion and will be more careful in the future.  However, West nailed it and like him I wish Netanyahu had given it!  

The link to the West story is below.  L.A.

This video I posted below happened in the USA.  WARNING: VERY Bad Language.  However, the reason I’m posting this is so we can hear the voice of hate for ourselves and not the filtered, sanitized version that the 6 o’clock news runs with.  We’ve all heard these words before but the hatred and implied violence behind it jolted me and I think it will jolt you too.

HAMAS is winning the PR war and that is actually what it wants.  It fires rockets into Israel and then when Israel reacts, HAMAS cries genocide.  I received a piece of antisemitic hate mail yesterday in which the writer told me about the Jews who control hollywood and our media.  It’s always the Jews.  They are the world scapegoats.  I didn’t bother writing the guy back as people like him are the reason Hitler was able to conduct a Holocaust in the first place.  

Over the weekend there were demonstrations in Paris and London.  HAMAS knows how to stir its international sympathizers and create the press it seeks.

HAMAS is a terrorist organization,  but they know how to play the media game.  The demonstrations in Paris and France are the tip of the iceberg.  According to the article more Jews have left France than any other time since 1948.

In the first three months of 2014 more Jews left France for Israel than at any other time since the Jewish state was created in 1948, with many citing rising anti-Semitism as a factor.

Now, in Iraq, Christians are fleeing for their lives.

In a region where Christians predate Muslims by centuries, over one million Christians have been killed or have had to flee because of jihadi persecution, while America is basically standing by and watching. This is the sad news that Breitbart’s National Security Editor and one of the world’s leading experts on asymmetric warfare, Dr. Sebastian Gorka, brought to Breitbart News Saturday, hosted by Editor in Chief Alex Marlow on Sirius XM Patriot Radio.

The troubling part for me is the guy in the video below.  He is acting like he owns the place, like what he says is law.  He is beyond arrogant, and in my opinion is little more than a thug.  It’s not coming here folks, it’s already here and the question is this, how long before we see the intolerance that is shown in Iraq towards Christians here?  Are you aware of the honor killings in this country that are al ready taking place?  Here’s a link:

In closing todays post.  What we are seeing is the rise of antisemitism that is beginning to look more and more like Hitlers Germany of 1938.  A case can be made that the hatred of the Jews migrated to the Middle East at the war’s end, with followers of Nazi idealism, like the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, who in my opinion, is the after of modern-day terrorism.  The people who march and yell do so because they have been taught from a very early age that the Jews are the descendants of pigs and apes.  They have been taught to hate.  This hatred is now become a pandemic and as I have stated in the past, there is a supernatural component to it.  Pray for the peace of Jerusalem



Israeli Update


Dan Gordon

Dan Gordon PatrolThe international red cross asked for a cease fire so the dead and wounded could be tended to, bodies removed, injured taken to hospital.
Israel said yes to the cease fire, and Hamas immediately violated it.

Israel had hit the Saja’iyah neighborhood of Gaza and and hit it hard. Scores dead. Women and children amongst them. Survivors, justifiably crying out, “ What did we do to deserve this?!” And the horrible answer is , “ Nothing. You did nothing to deserve it. Hamas used you as human shields. It fired a hundred and sixty rockets from your neighborhood at Israel’s heartland. It riddled your neighborhood with tunnels, some of them, by all reports,  terrorist tunnels, leading under Israel’s border , built to murder and kidnap Israeli civilians; people just like you who only want to live in peace. You did nothing to deserve this. You’ve been betrayed and used by your own leaders in the most cynical way imaginable. And you didn’t even ask for these leaders. They seized power in a bloody coup by lining up your fellow Palestinians against walls and machine gunning them to death, by blindfolding and binding and pushing them off three story buildings.. If you dare to dissent they begin the interrogation by shooting your knee caps off. You didn’t deserve this. And neither did we.

This is a war. It is not a war of Israel’s choosing. In the days leading up to the aerial campaign which Israel initiated in response to constant and escalating rocket attacks from Gaza on it’s civilian centers of population,Israel has said repeatedly that it did not want an escalation let alone a war and that “ calm would be answered with calm”. In other words, “ don’t shoot at us and we won’t shoot at you”. That seems like a pretty straight forward enough request, and an easy one to implement if one’s interest is in saving lives instead of taking them.

Hamas’s answer was more rockets.

And still Israel’s answer was “ calm will be met with calm”.

But there wasn’t any calm. Instead there were more rockets, and more rockets still.

And so Israel answered with aerial attacks….ON DESERTED TRAINING CAMPS!!!

Let me say that one again. The government of Israel responded to Hamas rocket attacks that had millions of Israelis racing for bomb shelters, with aerial strikes on empty tents!

That was not because of faulty intelligence or near sighted pilots. It was to demonstrate to Hamas what Israel COULD do unless Hamas ceased it’s rocket attacks.

Hamas’s response? More rocket attacks, in greater numbers and over wider areas until it was no longer just the Southern border towns under attack but Israel’s equivalent of New York City and L.A. rolled into one. The rockets began falling in the greater Tel Aviv area.

Unlike past campaigns, in the face of similar provocations in 2009 and 2012, Israel did not immediately respond with a massive aerial attack on Gaza. There was no shock and awe. Instead there was a very, very slowly ratcheted up, less than proportional, response, in the hopes that by offering Hamas a way out of the escalating situation, it would take it.

It didn’t.

Israel responded now with aerial strikes that were far less than all out war.

Egypt proposed a cease fire.

The Arab League endorsed it.

Israel accepted it

Hamas gave their answer in the form of a new massive rocket assault and by sending in thirteen terrorists via an underground tunnel that went beneath the border with Israel and came up within a few hundred meters of an Israeli civilian farming community.

This was to be their shock and awe; to kill, maim and kidnap dozens of Israeli civilians.

Finally with no other recourse Israel launched a ground campaign.

Now we are at war.

And Hamas, like the boy who murders his parents and then throws himself on the mercy of the court on the grounds that he is an orphan, is crying fowl.

Hamas had long since turned the Saja’iyah neighborhood into a fortified center of terrorist attacks, armament workshops  and now we know, terrorist tunnels.

Prior to its attack, for days running, and referenced fully in earlier articles I have written, the IDF warned the residents of this neighborhood  of its intent to attack and urged them, for the safety of themselves and their families, to evacuate. It dropped leaflets to that effect. It followed up the leaflets with SMS and text messages, by actually calling the residents’ cell phones and through Arabic media, up until the very last moment urging people to flee for their lives

And Hamas’s response to those warnings? In the street and from the mosques, through every means of mass communication at their disposal, they told their people not to evacuate, to stay put.

Hamas’ has committed one of the vilest of all war crimes against it’s own people. It has used them as unwilling human shields.

So here was Israel’s choice. Attack a neighborhood used for attacking it’s own civilians, or permit it’s own civilians to be attacked.

An army, any army’s first responsibility is to protect it’s own people. Israel has fulfilled, albeit reluctantly, that first commandment.

Hamas has done the opposite. They have sacrificed their own people on the alter of their own greed for political power.

An Egyptian newspaper today, not an Israeli one, accused Hamas leaders of being liars, who live pampered lives, staying  in five star hotels and driving expensive luxury cars while they sacrifice their own peoples’ lives

And what did the Hamas spokesman say today? “ We will fight to the last drop of the blood of Gaza.”

Of course he meant to say “  To the last drop of the blood of others.”



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73 thoughts on “Israel is Losing the Media War…. Goebbels Would be Proud.

  1. Some day in the near future the sentiments in that fantasy speech will be real. Even now I suspect there are those in Israeli leadership that would sign off on that if they could. Obviously they all have to be very smart and very careful for exactly the reasons this spot on blog post goes to today.

    An interesting quote from Don Koenig and this is typical of some of the analysis I see out there:

    “The main event in world news this month has been the rocket attacks on Israel and Israel’s military response on the terrorists that are firing the rockets from Gaza. Unless there is some new major unforeseen offense by the terrorists, I think the response by Israel will be limited. Israel’s main mission probably is to find and destroy the rockets and the tunnels. I do not think Israel will launch the type of military campaign that would be necessary to take down Hamas.

    Iran supplies the terrorists in Gaza with weapons and it is Iran that told the terrorists to reject the Egyptian brokered cease-fire and to continue to fire rockets at Israel. Iran probably wants them to divert attention from the nuclear talks that were supposed to be worked out by July 20th. After Iran quietly gets another six month extension to continue to keep working on their nuclear weapons program they will probably tell the Gaza terrorists to accept the Egyptian brokered cease-fire.”

    ^^ Unfortunately I think this is right. I won’t be surprised to see Hamas suddenly have this epiphany and agree to the cease fire and we kind of roll things back to where they were a couple of months ago. I could be pleasantly surprised but I just don’t see Israel finishing off Hamas outright unless their bluff gets called. We’ll see.

    • “”

      ^^ That’s a great site in general. A great “cut through the lies and BS” site that again goes right to what today’s blog is talking about.

      I’m glad the story about the kidnapped Israeli solder was NOT true but do you think you’re going to see everyone’s favorite “moderate” Abbas and his crew get coverage like this in the West? No way .

    • Eric, tend to agree that Hamas won’t be finished off for a while yet. If anything, it may morph into something else first, at least.

      (having computer problems today… will try to see if this will post.)

  2. God bless you, LA! Keep up the good work and for God’s glory – at least you’re willing to declare an error, many others wouldn’t.

    God Bless!


  3. Re: Israel losing the media war

    The mainstream media is losing more than Israel. It has lost credibility as more and more people become aware that they are biased to the truth.

    They have weak news sources, they are failing to think critically, they have been sold out to the NWO mentality where they cannot function effectively.

    In the meantime, Israel continues to be shelled, red code sirens are sharply heard, Hamas continues in its attempt to create terror and kill innocent Palestinians in its wake to kill Israelis.

    Israel maintains its strong stance to guard her people, expose hidden tunnels, and destroy them.

    This war has lasted over 3 years, and as long as anti semitism exists, there will be no end until Yeshua comes in full force with His Heavenly hosts, declares an end.


    • Hamas is hiding and shooting from inside homes. What’s Israel to do? Israel is committed to protecting her people. It’s a kill or be killed and to protect the innocent whenever possible.

    • Eight monthsos ago the Philippines government requested aid from Israel when faced from destruction from Typhoon. Israel responded by sending a delegation of IDF troops inclusive of medical equipment and doctors to restore order and save lives by establishing a medical field hospital.

      Israel believes in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. They have gone over and above the call of duty.

      Would or could Hamas do the same? The answer is clearly No!

    • Seashoremary, on the evening TV news up here this past weekend, only the 1 conservative station, Sun News Network, mentioned the field hospital built by the Israeli’s on the Gaza border.

    • The Israeli field hospital on the Gaza border to deal with wounded (and also includes a delivery room did the one they built in Philippines), apparently opened Sunday evening.


  4. Actor James Garner was a favorite of mine. His Maverick character came at a time when TV westerns were all the rage. Maverick would rather use his brains than his brawn in a situation. In the 70’s, when cop and detective shows were popular, he came on with the Rockford Files, again with this same type of character. A reluctance to fight but would fight if pressed into it.

    This seems unrelated to today’s topic, until you see how Israel tried to warn the civilians in Gaza and even called them to evacuate. The attempt at a peaceful solution could not be reached. But what we see is anti-Israeli protests in Paris and London and the narrative being hijacked by the media.

    Yesterday, Matt asked what the MH-17 flight had to do with the holy land? One could also ask, about the other headlines. The Christian persecution in Iraq, a current holocaust. Isis is painting an “N” for Nazarene on the homes of Christians. Other news include the drought, the southern border, west nile, equine encephalitis, and chikungunya virus being spread by mosquitos.

    Everything seems to be related in that darker forces are gaining influence. RIP Korean War vet James Garner.

    • James Garner dead at 86?

      Of course he is relevant to the topic of oppression. James Garner was a picture of the bad vs the good and he was the good. He is relevant because he influences our moral character to stand up against evil forces.

      James Garner was representative of the average guy who was strong enough to stand up and say “enough is enough” and actually did something about it. He always saved the damsel in distress and he generally had the last laugh happily vindicated for the way he did it.

      Of course James Garner is relevant. RIP Mr. Garner and thank you for your legacy.

    • Despite it all, all eyes should be focused on Israel, so that some might be opened to the ultimate truth that leads to salvation.
      -Jerusalem God’s timepiece

      Time is running out…

      And sware by him that liveth for ever and ever, who created heaven, and the things that therein are, and the earth, and the things that therein are, and the sea, and the things which are therein, that there should be time no longer:
      Revelation 10:6

    • Seashore, you said it much better than I could in your kind words about James Garner.

      Azure, of course you are right, Israel is most important, but I think all things are related, even the death of a celebrity. Good quote from revelation.

  5. That video of those idiot protesters with MLK and pro-Palestinian banners got my blood boilin this morning. The audacity and blatant ignorance in such a despicable attempt to piggy back Palestinian terror on MLK’s message of hope and equality is enraging and mind boggling. Just pi**es me right off.

  6. “”
    Houston taken by surprise at pro-Palestinian rally

    Jewish community readies itself for Friday’s Al Quds Day counter demonstration in support of Israel

    ^^ It isn’t just in London, Paris, or parts of Europe, folks.

    • Hi Linda
      We don’t have Jewish people here. I have never met a Jewish person., in Canada,,,guess I would have to go to the big city,,,Toronto. Haha
      No demonstrations down here. If there were I would be there.
      We have the Dutch down here and the Amish.
      The Northern tribes of Judah was ten right? Then they were scattered.
      Any one of us could have jewish roots and not even know it!
      Regardless since we have been grafted into the vine they are like our brothers and sisters.
      In Canada you are either a decendant of an immigrant or an immigrant,,well I guess native Indian would be the other.
      When I go to our town of 350,000. I think I am back in Asia,,or down in South America.
      Everyone needs to learn to love one another on this continent. Jesus says it and its hard,,,,sometimes 7×70 a day tops me out,,,haha

  7. Evil hatred., wicked , idolitors, those who stir up strife and cause others to murder,steal and destroy. Their father is Satan all those who act so wickedly.
    God will repay., for every word uttered and every unkind deed.
    How merciful you are , is exactly how merciful God will be with you.
    Israel needs to do what the world does not expect. When you stand up to a bully and clean their clock they don,t come back at you.
    Can you imagine King David putting up with that for a minute!
    They need a pounding to set them back or perhaps drive them back to their land.,,,,where ever the heck that is? Saudi? Why don,t the Arabs give them a chunck of land,,,like some of that nice desert?
    Israel should have got rid of this problem in 1948 and they would not be dealing with it so close now.
    I hope they take it,,I hope they unite and herd them like sheep to a border and say
    ” adios” and be done with it.
    However it plays out Almighty God sits on His throne,,,He knows exactly whats happening,,,,He is still in Control.

  8. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused Israel of “barbarism that surpasses Hitler” during its ground invasion of Gaza.

    Erdogan made the comment during a campaign speech Saturday in the Black Sea port city of Ordu. He is running for the presidency in elections next month.

    He has been speaking out strongly against Israel during its offensive against Hamas in Gaza, which has killed more than 300 Palestinians. Hamas has fired some 1,500 rockets at Israel and carried out a series of terrorist infiltrations via tunnels and from the sea in recent days.

  9. WOW….LA…………i am amazed that guy in the crazy glasses showed “restraint” ……that was “proportional”. Sheeeesh !!!

  10. ” It’s not coming here folks, it’s already here…”

    “…What we are seeing is the rise of antisemitism that is beginning to look more and more like Hitlers Germany of 1938. A case can be made that the hatred of the Jews migrated to the Middle East at the war’s end, with followers of Nazi idealism, like the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, who in my opinion, is the after of modern-day terrorism. The people who march and yell do so because they have been taught from a very early age that the Jews are the descendants of pigs and apes. They have been taught to hate. This hatred is now become a pandemic and as I have stated in the past, there is a supernatural component to it”.

    If all of this is true (and I agree that it is), then what do we do when we stop and realize that it all didn’t start in Hitler’s Germany in the 30’s either? Who were Hitler’s benefactors in his rise to power? Weren’t they the same Luciferian tycoons who were busy building up so much of the NWO infrastructure on this side of the pond too… (the same folks who thought it would be a great idea to usher in all those Nazi scientists and occultists and child torturers over here thru operation Paper Clip..?)

    If the Western “Illuminati-controlled” media and governments were really trying to paint Israel as the bad guy and the aggressor in all of this, why don’t we see them taking the same sorts of ridiculous stances as we do in regards to Russia at the moment, or Syria, or Iran, or etc., etc.? It’s like the fact that such a disproportionate amount of casualties between Israeli’s and Palestinians is even being reported at ALL is seen by many of you guys be an example of “anti-Semitism”…(?)

    I just don’t get it. I don’t hear the U.S. or Western countries and their media lapdogs attacking or accusing Netanyahu, the way they are Putin right now, do you?

    You can trace the fact that the hatred we see being spread across the Middle East back to a Satanic, Nazi idea… We can also see that the same people who funded and built up the Nazis in Europe, ALSO built up the Western military-industrial complex, and then attacked their OWN “investments” in Nationalist/Socialist Germany….

    These are the SAME pawns of Satan who championed “capitalism” for generations in the West, who then turned around and funded/built up Communism in Russia/Asia, and then blew the trumpets for decades of a “Cold War”, which even now the propaganda of which is being put into play right this very minute up in the Ukraine…

    So why do we ignore the same puppet strings that are very easily identified as connecting to all these “Islamic terror groups” such as Al Qaeda, and Hamas, and the Muslim Brotherhood, or Boko Haram or whatever else?

    We have seen plenty of “media wars” against countries, groups, and individuals. If there was really one going on against Israel in the West, do you really think we’d see Wolf Blitzer sitting down and interviewing PM Netanyahu? If there was a real campaign going on against Israel, then we would never see Hamas characterized as a “terrorist” organization in the media at all, they’d be called “freedom fighters”, like they are in every other scenario where the U.S. puppet-masters had chosen regime-change over the currently presiding government….

    • Wow.. What a well thought out and reasoned response. Thank you for taking the time to expose the inconsistency of the information I shared there…

    • This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.

  11. This woman I work with I know is a Christian. I told her the Christians in Iraq are being exterminated. All she could say was, “that’s so sad. All that bombing over there is just so sad.” So I ask if she means in Gaza she said, “Yes. It’s just so sad all the children and everything.” I told her what’s sad is Hamas using women and children as human shields and that Israel is just protecting itself. “Well” she says. Oh my gosh! I got no where. So frustrating. I live in the mid south and there were Muslim demonstrations against Israel here too. Put the full armor of protection on. We need it.

    • What a fantastic idea to let them in our country,,,
      You know when you go to live in someone elses country you should follow the ways of their land,,learn their language ect.
      I met a woman who has lived here for 12 years and could barely speak english,,I mean ridiculous! If you become a citizen learn the language,wear what we wear basically become a citizen of that country.
      If they want to bring that crap here,,,we should throw them on a boat and tell them to go back where they belong!
      Can you imagine if the shoe were on the other foot! Try sounding off over there and see how long you live!
      What is scary is God is a creature of habit,,,and in the past he let things play out a very long time. I hope all this does not play out a very long time. It could get quite miserable.
      Like I don’t mind dying,,,but living through it might be a whole lot worse.
      The rapture might not happen pretrib,,,it might be during the bad part.

    • Bruce, In that video I posted yesterday Dr. David Reagan told a story about talking to someone on a airplane about Israel and the guy said ya Israel should give the West Bank back, Dr. Reagan then asks him do you know were the West Bank is? The guy said of course! So Dr. Reagan asked him, ok then where exactly is it? And the guy answered: the west bank of the Nile. o_O

    • Bruce (and anyone reading this),

      It’s worth mentioning again today, the program from “Lamb & Lion” ministry recommended yesterday by Azureceu is a very good one. It’s called “The Importance of Israel” … very relevant with all that is unfolding. Here’s the link:


  12. ATLANTA HAMAS LEADER: ( >>> i left this part off, but it is on video ) >>>>> This a good video POSITIVE towards ISRAEL.

    >>>> Includes video that LA MARZULLI placed on blog today … and discussion with the guy who filmed it.

  13. This is from casting crowns! Did you know it said this?

    We will reignite the passion
    That we buried deep inside
    May the watchers become warriors
    Let the men of God arise

    We were made to be courageous


    >>>>> i keep wondering……..WHEN will all “palestinians” be required to leave ISRAEL…. and WHAT will make that happen ??

  15. Were I Israel…
    – having gone this far
    – I wouldn’t stop till most
    – of Gaza’s underground
    – is completely destroyed


    And that means not only tunnels…
    – but everything in them

    And world opinion…
    – with hands drenched
    – in the blood of the unborn
    – can go straight to hell

  16. We can see the culmination of Ezekiel 38, Isaiah 17, Psalm 83, Zephaniah, Joel 3 about to be played out before our eyes, and is evident that you do not want to be on the wrong side of G-d in these times, Joel 3 states that G-d will go into judgement with ALL those against Israel sadly also many sincere Christians who support the Palestine agenda and anti-Semitic doctrine named “Replacement Theology”. The bible also states that once G-d starts bringing his people back in to the land, then he declares that Israel will never be scattered again nor divided. My opinion which is based on the bible is that Israel needs to retake Gaza, because Land for Peace does not work when the other side does not want peace to begin with. Like Dan Gordon said in the Watchers series when Israel gave up land to the Palestinians the nation/s involved got heavily hit with disasters. G-d does not want his land divided ever again, sadly the coming world leader will usher in a false peace deal and for a time win the hearts of many who seek peace, but will then half way during the Tribulation show his true colours and desecrate the Temple and the Jews will finally see the False Messiah for what he is. I can’t wait for the day the Lion of Judah returns and clears things up and the time when G-d will defend Israel supernaturally himself showing the world he still is G-d over all the earth and Israel. Shalom and may G-d bless you all

  17. Right on the Button, ….Aaron !!!

    Regarding ISLAM…..[some may know this already, …but for those that do not.]

    There is a term used by muslims called “HUDNA” …… [ i think i spelled that correct ]…..
    ……………….which means: “When WEAK…Make Treaties….UNTIL YOU ARE STRONG….When you can then BREAK THEM !!!”

    This idea within the muslim belief system plays right into The 7 year Peace Agreement …. and WHY it is broken IN THE MIDDLE at 3 1/2 years!!!
    [ This 7 Year period is known as Daniel’s 70th Week ….The Time of Jacob’s Trouble …. The Tribulation period. etc,…and is nearly upon us !!! ]

    Currently, WAR is going to bring about a period where once again the muslims take another beating…. in progress now.
    There is a muslim term for that too ….which i think is “nabka”…..which is like a HUGE EMBARRASSMENT to all muslims.

    We all know the Scriptures as Aaron did mention above … as MARZULLI often does … which definitely suggest another historic pounding
    at the hands of the ISRAEL DEFENSE FORCE. That will happen again, and yes, ISRAEL will take some loses too, yet no where like muslims.
    But ISRAEL will gain more land back!!! That is a CERTAINTY.

    NOTE: Recall that during the 1st half of the Tribulation period …. ISRAEL is in the LAND and getting The Temple up and running.
    NOTE: Recall that during the 2nd half ( from the Abom of Desolation – matt 24:15-22 ) …. Those in JUDEA are to FLEE to the mountains!
    That is when SEVERE PERSECUTION occurs to the JEWS during the LAST HALF of the Tribulation and The Muslim CALIPH will rule
    from Jerusalem from the actual Temple and stating that “he is God” <<<<< although he be just a bit confused !!!

    Once we see ISRAEL living "peacefully" again …. after this next serious beating seen in Psalm 83. The muslims will muster their forces again…
    as seen in Ezekiel 38 ( even though these will be different nations!! ) to try to come and take a plunder………and when that occurs………
    ……….GOD ALMIGHTY WILL STEP IN AND DEFEND ISRAEL HIMSELF ….just as we are told in…..

    Ezekiel 38:23…..and several other places too….[ ohhh, …and notice…..this is a ONE DAY BATTLE …. decided by GOD ALONE !!! ]

    ……. AND THEY WILL KNOW THAT I AM THE LORD." <<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> These SAME BASIC VERSES are seen in Jeremiah 30:23-24 !!!

    Then notice what The Word says in Deuteronomy 4:25-31….( another passage of Scripture that tells us GOD is NOT done with ISRAEL !!!! )

    25“When you become the father of children and children’s children and have remained long in the land,
    and act corruptly, and make an idol in the form of anything, …..
    ……and do that which is evil in the sight of the LORD your God so as to provoke Him to anger, ….
    26I call heaven and earth to witness against you today, …..
    that you will surely perish quickly from the land where you are going over the Jordan to possess it.
    You shall not live long on it, but will be utterly destroyed.

    27“The LORD will scatter you among the peoples, ……
    ……..and you will be left few in number among the nations where the LORD drives you.

    28“There you will serve gods, the work of man’s hands, wood and stone, which neither see nor hear nor eat nor smell.

    29“But from there …………[ This is COMING SOON !!! ]

    …… you will seek the LORD your God, …… and you will find Him if you search for Him with all your heart and all your soul.

    30“When you are IN DISTRESS….. and all these things have come upon you, …..IN THE LATTER DAYS…..
    ……… you will return to the LORD your God ….. and listen to His voice.

    31“For the LORD your God is a compassionate God;
    …………………..He will NOT fail you …. NOR destroy you …. NOR forget THE COVENANT with your fathers which He swore to them.”

    So…..we see VERY CLEARLY…..that GOD is NOT through with ISRAEL…..but is about ready to JUDGE both ISRAEL … and the nations!

    BELOW is a VERY GOOD TEACHING …. that MUCH of The Church needs to BETTER UNDERSTAND in these LAST DAYS !!!

    Replacement Theology-Mark Biltz

    • Bummer….about 1/2 my notes above ( a part right in the middle) simply disappeared. AHHHHH !!! ZONKERS !!!!

    • Kirk,
      When God intervenes I hope He plays really loud from Heaven the song,,,,
      You know that song where in battle they are going slow motion,,,,,,
      O Fortuna!! Everyone knows this song but not its name,,,,,this is a good song for that vert dramatic! As they are running out of Gaza and the Israelites are chasing the out,,,,haha
      You will have to utube O Fortuna as I can not put a video up,,as I am computer retarded,,,( opposed to computer illiterate)

  18. Strongholds – Greatest Attacks for the Believer Come From Within <<< Great message that ties into Sunday's Bun by MARZULLI … Enjoy!!!

  19. IDF names soldier missing in Gaza as Oron Shaul, unknown if dead or alive


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