UPDATE! Dan Gordon Reporting…

Dan Gordon is a Captain in the IDF Reserves.  He has appeared several times in our Watchers films.  He is in Israel and is serving as our eyes and ears there.  This is his report.  L.A.

Dan Gordon PatrolIf there was ever any doubt before, there is none now.
This is Hamas’ s war.
They wanted .
They got it.
They own it.
And they own all the consequences which will befall their own people whose lives and well-being, whose property and livelihoods, they have so callously exploited  for two reasons:

The first and foremost reason they wanted this was, and is,, to maintain their own power, to maintain the literal stranglehold they have on the hapless people of Gaza. As mentioned in an earlier article, Hamas was feeling pressed from two sides. When they seized power from their own Palestinian brothers in an absolutely bloodthirsty coup, during which they lined people up against walls and machine-gunned them, pushed them, bound and blind folded off of buildings and terrorized them  into submission, they faced what seems to have been an unexpected problem. Now that they had indeed “ occupied” Gaza, they had to rule it. That means mundane things like providing electricity and water, processing raw sewage and collecting garbage and providing the conditions which would create , if not economic growth, at least prevent Gaza from falling into abject misery and poverty.

At all of these things, they have utterly and completely failed.

There is over forty percent unemployment in a place that literally should, could ,and still can, be the Singapore of the Middle East. Indeed they have failed so miserably that within the last few months they were not able even to pay the salaries of their own soldiers and bureaucrats.

Thus for the first time they were actually beginning to face demonstrations against their completely corrupt and incompetent regime, which they feared could become the first cracks in the dikes holding back a flood of discontent that could sweep them from power.

At the same time they were being pressured from newer breeds of terrorists like ISIS and Al Qaida and Islamic Jihad, who perceived them as too tame toward Israel. Thus their calculus was that a limited war against Israel, even one they knew they would lose, would be to their advantage. It would rally the populace around the flag, focus it’s anger at Israel instead of the Gazans’ own rulers and prove their terrorist street creed to their competitors..

In order to hype a conflict for which their own population showed absolutely no appetite, they promised” surprises” for the Zionist enemy, if not actual military victory. They dug a tunnel under Israel’s border and intended to use it to infiltrate their most elite commandos, who would then kill and kidnap as many Israeli CIVILIANS as possible.

Instead Israel discovered the tunnel, and used it against them, used it to allow our own commandos to attack and wipe out  the entire force which Hamas had hoped and promised would provide their own version of “ Shock and Awe”

They infiltrated a terrorist cell onto Zikim beach near Ashkelon. Israeli forces discovered and destroyed them.

They have to date launched over 1300 short, medium and long-range missiles against Israel, promising to devastate the Israeli civilian population against whom their rockets were aimed. They promised to “ Open The Gates of Hell” on the Zionist enemy.

Instead, thanks to it’s Iron Dome missile defense system, a civil defense operation second to none in the world, and a civilian population which has displayed the grace and courage under fire reminiscent of London under the Blitz, yesterday Israel suffered it’s first and only fatality; a civilian, father of three who had gone out to deliver food to the soldiers. Just a nice man, doing a good deed. That is, thus far, Hamas’ Divine Victory.

The only misery they have managed to inflict has been that which they have visited against their own people.

There is one other reason Hamas decided to go to war against Israel. Their Iranian puppet masters told them to. In that way, Iran, engaged in supposed nuclear negotiations with the West could now say, “ How can we make concessions of any kind when the Zionist enemy is committing genocide in Gaza”. That, after all is the tune, to which Iran has taught to it’s Hezbollah and Hamas puppets to dance, ; a terrorist two-step if you will; commit acts of terror against Israel’s civilian population while hiding behind your own civilian population. Launch your rockets from school yards, mosques, hospital courtyards and crowded neighborhoods and then when Israel, having no other choice but to strike those rocket launchers, attacks them, accuse Israel of genocide. That way you can both be a terrorist and claim the mantle of victim-hood.

One can’t blame them for doing it, because to a degree it works. There are only too many apologists and enablers in the West for whom this perversion of morality and logic, has almost taken on the aura of religion. Israelis are white European colonialists oppressing the brown-skinned indigenous people.

Never mind that the majority of Israel’s population comes from the Middle East and have lived here for thousands of years and were turned into homeless refugees when they were driven from their homes in Iraq, Iran, Syria,Egypt,Sudan, Yemen, Morocco, Algeria Tunisia, Lebanon,  and other Middle Eastern states for the crime of being Jews. Facts don’t matter. Only the mantra does.

That Hamas started this war is beyond doubt. They began by launching rockets into southern Israel unclear violation of the 2012 cease fire agreement, which was the result of the last war they started with Israel.

But Israel didn’t respond, saying instead that “ calm would be met with calm”.

Then Khaled Mashal, Chairman of the Hamas political bureau, not it’s military wing mind you, but the supposedly more moderate, political wing, issued a public call for Hamas cells in the West Bank to kidnap Israelis. And one of those cells answered the call, and kidnapped three Israeli school boys, on their way home from school and then murdered them in cold blood, laughing and singing as they did so, “ We got three! We got three”.

And still Israel did not attack Gaza. Instead it carried out a police action in the West Bank trying to put Hamas out of operation there before they could turn the West Bank into another Hamasstan only a few miles from Tel Aviv.

Of course there were those who then pointed to the horrific torture and murder of a Palestinian teenager by a demented group of Israeli , murderous thugs as a sure sign that there was a moral equivalence in this struggle. “ The Palestinians killed three Jews, The Jews killed a Palestinian teen.” What’s more, a handful of Israeli police brutally beat the Palestinian /American teen-aged cousin of the murdered boy.” If that isn’t evidence of moral equivalence between Hamas and Israel what is?”

But every society has cold-blooded murderous thugs. To confuse the Charly Manson’s or Ted Bundys of the world as being one and the same with Usama Bin Laden is either intentionally disingenuous, or betrays a flawed moral or intellectual compass, or both.

Moreover I was a specialist  reserve officer with LAPD at the time of the Rodney King beating. It was an awful thing, a horrible thing, and betrayed the fact that LAPD had real problems, especially with regard to its attitudes and practices towards LA’s minority communities. But that did not make the United States of America the moral equivalent of Al Qaida or Hamas.

But let’s say you just don’t buy that. Let’s say you simply believe the Zionist racist society was indeed committing genocide in Gaza.  Yesterday Egypt, a Moslem Arab state, offered up a cease-fire proposal which Israel accepted unconditionally.  It was to have gone into effect at 9:00 a.m. this morning. There was a chance to end the blood shed, end the suffering, not just of the Israeli people,  but especially that of the Palestinian people in Gaza ,about whom so many in the world have rightly expressed so much concern. There was a chance to put an end to the supposed cycle of violence. Hamas gave its answer within an hour. They launched a barrage of rockets at Israel’s most populous city, Tel Aviv. Had it not been for Iron Dome intercepting all of them there would have been thousands, not hundreds of casualties. Since then another hundred rockets have rained down on Israel. I had the dubious honor of having had Iron Dome keep me above ground once again.

This morning there was a chance for a cycle of peace.

Hamas has answered that with war. Now there can be no doubt as to the legitimacy of what Israel must do. And what, all in all are Israel’s goals in this conflict?

Not peace. We know that won’t happen as long as Hamas’ charter says,  “We look forward to the fulfillment of the promise that the time will come when the Muslims will rise up and kill the Jews until the rocks and the trees cry out , O Muslim, there is a Jew hiding behind me. Come and kill him.”  That’s their charter. That’s their “ We the People..” No we’re not so naive to believe that this will be the war to end all wars and the peace will descend upon our beleaguered nation. Our goal, our hope, our prayer…is just for a few more years of quiet in which to raise our children and grandchildren, until the next time we have to fight simply for the right to live in the Jewish State.

But make no mistake. From now on, this is Hamas’s war.
Only those who prefer to see the sheep’s clothing , rather than acknowledge the wolf within will see it for anything else.

Dan Gordon
Capt. IDF ( Res)

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102 thoughts on “UPDATE! Dan Gordon Reporting…

  1. What caught my eye was ‘hamas wants to open the gates of hell.’ Well, Suri said it will be July 27. If that happens I can only hope people’s paradigms will be open to the fact this is all orchestrated by tptb and satan is their ruler.

    I also read a wonderful article about Pentecost: it’s July 27. Here’s a portion:

    The count to Pentecost revisited

    An alternative count to Pentecost to consider, and I believe the correct one!

    Lev 23:15 And you shall number to you from the next day after the sabbath, from the day you bring in the sheaf of the wave offering; they shall be seven complete sabbaths;
    Lev 23:16 the next day after the seventh sabbath, you shall number fifty days; and you shall bring near a new food offering to Jehovah; (Literal Translation of the Holy Bible)

    Pentecost which means 50 seems to fall exactly 50 days from Resurrection Sunday, or the day of the sheaf of wave offering, above. But with different phrasing to the verse, it seems that you start the 50 day count from the day after there are 7 complete sabbaths (weeks) after the wave offering. That would total 99 days: 7 weeks and 50 days!

    It’s an important yet overlooked feast day! The day the Law was given to Moses, the day the Holy Spirit fell on the disciples and the second feast day of the sacred year that will be celebrated in the Millennium. Something special about it! It’s a moveable feast day too; possibly why Jesus said no man knows the day or the hour. But I believe that as we get closer, we can know that the day is drawing near (Heb 10:24).

    Oh, the traditional Pentecost was on June 8th, 2014, but I’m watching July 27th intently (that’s the 99 day count)!

    OK, any scriptural evidence for this, or is this just a long shot at twisting the Scriptures to make Pentecost fall later in the year?


    • Mrs. M, I have a scholarly on-line Christian friend who uses a different Hebrew calendar, and Pentecost DOES come later in the year on that calendar. She has been convinced for many years that the Lord comes on Pentecost. She is mad at me at the moment because I will not set dates….but I don’t say she’s wrong, I just say I don’t know.

      I read a headline this morning on Prophecy and Beyond, that now is the first time Israel is attacked from four sides.

    • He makes some really salient points, here they are:
      Consider the following:

      1) If the Law was given on the traditional 50 day count, then it was given before Moses came down from Mt. Sinai because they came to Mt. Sinai in the third month and Moses was up on the mountain for 40 days, and then came down with the two tablets. That would put it in the fourth month.

      2) Spring wheat takes 110-120 days to mature. If they planted it in the spring (March), then were supposed to make two loaves of bread at Pentecost from the first wheat that was harvested, how is the wheat going to be ready 50 days later in the third month? It has to be four months!

      3) The disciples were accused of being drunk with sweet (new) wine. Grapes aren’t picked until the fourth month (June) at the earliest.

      4) Paul desired to make it to Jerusalem by Pentecost on his third missionary journey. He left Philippi right after the spring feast. If you count the days that he didn’t travel, plus the many days at Caesarea, you find he had to average way more than 30 miles/day which seems about the right travel distance/day for the time. But he’d have made it in time for the fourth month.

      5) This is the one that convinced me: Aaron was the high priest and made a proclamation, when Moses was about to come down from Mt. Sinai, that the next day would be a feast to the Lord (Ex 32:5). He used the same word as the 3 mandatory feasts that will be celebrated in the Millennium. He made that statement in the fourth month, not the third. Did he just make up a feast on his own, or was he speaking for the Lord as High Priest? They didn’t know about God’s feast days until the month before. I think that the count was fresh on his mind!

      So I’m convinced that Pentecost is a feast of the fourth month, not the third!

    • July 27 would be 49 days(50 at sunset?), past the accepted Pentecost sunday. Remember the ceremony in the papal garden?

      It is also the end of ramadan and the beginning of the chinese ghost month in which the gates of hell are opened.

      It is also the end of the bohemian grove for 2014.

      And there is the celestial alignment that Hindus believe will bring on the kalki avatar. Some interpret this as the opening of the third eye. Possession possibly?

      And the Nostradamus prediction from his lost book.

      Just interesting timing of many things, we’ll see soon enough.

    • I would also note that it is wildly speculative, on my part, to bring up this date. I pray there are no folks like the followers of Harold Camping who contemplate selling everything. It is just a date with some coincidences. I know most of the people here know this. It is extra-biblical, therefore just a theory. Lol I had to include that disclaimer. Like the drug commercials.

    • I hope you’re right John T because I just sold my home, my car and all my possessions and I am now living in the woods in Colorado surviving on bird seed and grass for breakfast, lunch and dinner while cartwheeling and humming around a huge fire I make every night. Lol! 🙂

    • Corey, better than the woods in California, where there’s that giant owl. If the interpretation of Nostradamus is correct, it may be the first time ever. Mrs. M brings up an interesting point about Pentecost.

      The gates of hell opening on that day would be a way for Satan to mock the feast. Again, just wild speculation. I feel I have to say that because I certainly don’t want to cause any anxiety for anyone or even a minute of lost sleep. Don’t get to close to the fire. Lol

    • Corey……..make sure that your sitting on a HILL…………ya gotta be sitting on …a HILL !!! [ …..and NOT an ant hill mind you!! ] 😉

      Did I mention……….YA GOTTA BE SITTING ON A HILL !?!?!

    • Eric,

      Just to follow-up …I found some news of the past few days on the Raelians. Apparently they have offices here and there around the world, and a lot of followers. There is even a headquarters here in Toronto!

      Here are a couple of links on their latest campaign of “rehabilitating” the swastika ………

      ** Billboard companies won’t post swastika ‘rehabilitation’ signs **



      ** Swastika flown over New York beaches infuriates residents (VIDEO) **


      Last month the Raelians made some headlines trying to establish an embassy here in Canada (in Ottawa) as a base for greeting aliens. (The request was turned down.) Apparently in the past they approached Israel about setting up an embassy or some sort of base over there, too, but were turned down. Other background is on Wikipedia on that group and its leader, and they also have a website, you may already know.

    • Linda, going on memory way back in the 90`s the Raelians if I remember correctly stated that they were directed (by the overlords) to establish an embassy in Jerusalem plus a landing pad etc. so that first contact could proceed, if I remember correctly they were turned down on multiple occasions by the Israeli Govt. So I guess Canada became the next best thing based on good old fashioned Canadian hospitality, eh?

    • Azureceu, some of that is what I read in Wikipedia….and yes, it looks like that good old Canadian hospitality has now made us a target for alien invasion, eh? 😉 BTW, the head of that group was originally from France (so I read) who came to Canada in the 90’s and became a Cdn. citizen. Just what we need …

    • Linda, I am sure the Aliens won’t land in Canada even if they do build the landing pad there because as I understood it before the overlords were adamant that it be Jerusalem. I am sure the Raelians moved to Canada because of the fascination the overlords have for Canadian Hockey and frozen food.

    • HEY !!!………..if things are movin’ to fast for ya………

      Sometimes……..You just have to STOP………….and Smell the Roses !!!

      [ i don’t think hamas EVER learned that one!……….i think he likes the smell of rocket fuel. ]

      That gets “his jets” moving in the morning!

      ……………….er, ahhhh, hmmmm?…………me thinks that be ISRAEL’s “jets” !! ….and not just in the morning……..but ALL DAY LONG.

      “hamas” !?!?!


  2. “http://www.jpost.com/Operation-Protective-Edge/Israel-calls-up-additional-8000-reservists-for-Gaza-operation-363053”

    8000 more reservists being called up. No ground invasion yet but we’re up to a total of 56,000 from the original 40,000. It’s getting difficult for me to imagine they’re “getting all dressed up for nothing” but we’ll see.

    • Israel also warned 100,000 residence to evacuate Gaza. From Drudge Report. I think you’re right Eric. They aren’t “getting all dressed up for nothing.” Waiting and watching!

    • “http://www.jpost.com/Operation-Protective-Edge/Israel-calls-up-additional-8000-reservists-for-Gaza-operation-363053”

      Israel agrees to UN request for five-hour cease-fire in Gaza

    • “Israel agrees to UN request for five-hour cease-fire in Gaza.”

      …………and Hamas says, ………”just give me 5 minutes to load my next rocket !!”

  3. I’m watching a series on youtube called “Hitler’s search for the holy grail’ and in pt 3 it leads them to Peru studying the elongated skulls! (show done on public tv: kcts) They say they are the ancestors which lived during the 3rd moon. (we’re the 4th apparently) So much concealing of the details of Hitler’s agenda.

    • Mrs M
      This is also a very good documentary that touches on the Nazi’s Himalayan expeditions under Heinrich Himmler that I’m sure you’ll find interesting also. (The whole documentary is very good, but the Himalayan details are from 1:20 – 9:10min)

      Who were these ‘ancestors’ (the originators of the ‘pure’ Aryan blood) they were searching for?
      The generational offspring of the fallen ones it appears…

  4. “http://www.airspacemag.com/daily-planet/what-if-we-do-find-extraterrestrial-life-180952025/”

    What If We Do Find Extraterrestrial Life?
    A public symposium in Washington D.C. will take up this provocative topic.

  5. Is this “report” from the ground, or a press-release from IDF…? There seems to be far more rhetoric and generic rationalizing going on here than any actual “reporting” of what’s happening on the street…

    Nowhere else in the world has the use of terrorism to continually perpetuate a conflict between two unyielding sides been more effective than it has in Israel. The ying-yang codependent relationship between Likud and Hamas could almost be regarded as the template for which all the other “war-on-terror” conflict models have been inspired.

    I beg all you believers in Jesus to try with all your might to muster the courage to look beyond the propaganda, from BOTH sides, and see the ugly truth that lies somewhere in the middle. It is the same tactic that has been used time and again, in the “Cold War” struggle between two super powers allegedly fingering the button of each other’s destruction for decades, and then in the “War on Terror” that ensued when supposedly a handful of guys hiding in caves figured out how to blow up entire buildings and make them totally collapse by flying planes into them.

    They are conflicts with two unyielding sides, wars which BY DESIGN, cannot ever be “won”, yet cannot ever be allowed to negotiate true peace…

    Think about it.

    If there was no “Al Quaeda”, no Bin Laden boogey-man, no Taliban, no alleged “WMD’s” in Iraq, no “Islamist extremists”, then there would be no justification for the thousands of troops, (both formal military and private contractors) who are in Iraq and Afghanistan right now, dying for nothing, chasing an “enemy” who somehow, after over a decade, can never be fully “flushed out”, nor their supplies ever cut off, no matter what we do. There would be no justification for the deplorable “Patriot Act”. There would be no way in hades that the American people would now KNOW for a fact that we are ALL having everything we do electronically be monitored and stored in databases by our own government, and yet the majority don’t even care, because it’s all about “security” and the believing in the good of a massive militaristic government to preserve our “live in freedom”….

    At the same time, if there was no Hamas, no Palestinian terrorists, no “Islamic jihadists” seeking to drive Israel into the ocean, then Israel would have no justification to roll their tanks into the “Palestinian occupied territories”, as they are preparing to do as we speak….

    So, I guess what I don’t understand is, why, if deep down some people believe that ultimately God’s will is for Israel to take back ALL of the land that God is supposedly still promising to restore back to “her”, then why aren’t these terrorist attacks seen as a form of providential opportunity for that to come about?

    Why sit and decry the atrocities of the war-mongering Hamas terrorists, if the underlying end-goal of Likud is NOT “a few more years of quiet in which to raise our children and grandchildren, until the next time we have to fight simply for the right to live in the Jewish State” (as Dan Gordon states), but in fact the eventual take-over of the entirety of Israel (since that is what all the Christian-Zionists claim is the basis for Israel coming into existence in the first place, God keeping his promise to Israel…) If that is really true, then Hamas is simply the way that God chose to bring this about, right?

    But no… Gordon emphatically insists that Israel wants nothing but peace, and tries to bring this about at every turn, but alas, Hamas just refuses, and so THEY are to blame, THEY are the reason why essentially there is this situation in which ultimately, peace is impossible. (He actually says that right there in his “report”, “peace is impossible”, because of Hamas…) Well, there you go. That’s the whole endgame. There is no peaceful solution. Ultimately there can be no “coexistence”. That’s a pipedream, according to both Hamas, AND Likud.

    Both sides are pushing towards the same end, the same final conflict that the one who is pulling the strings on BOTH sides intends to use to ultimately enthrone himself in front of the whole world….

    • What is happening and what the end result will be is based on the Prophetic will of God, not on subjective opinion or any Zionist paradigm that one can imagine.

    • Azureceu: Yes, of course what will happen will be based on the prophetic will of God. So are you saying that we cannot know ANYTHING, or understand ANYTHING, either before it happens, or as we see it unfolding before our eyes?

      If that were true, then none of would bother reading about it, writing about it, discussing it, debating it, searching the scriptures about it, etc., because it wouldn’t matter anyhow, and everything could just be written off as “objective opinion”, (right?)

      Why would someone like L.A. bother having someone like Dan Gordon write pieces for his blog, which go to great lengths to convince all of us readers as to the righteous position of the impending IDF operations if it doesn’t matter what any of us think or believe about the situation in the end anyhow?? (and hmmm, campaigning for the legitimacy of a military action before it’s actually begun, sound familiar to anyone…?)

      Why bother writing about any of this at all if any contrary voice is immediately dismissed as “subjective opinion”, while the original arguments somehow are not…?

      I thought was mattered to all of us was the TRUTH… In all things…(?)

    • ” So are you saying that we cannot know ANYTHING, or understand ANYTHING, either before it happens, or as we see it unfolding before our eyes?”

      No I am not saying that.

      But let me give you a tip from my perspective, if you have not realized it and you should the way you are laying out your logics is kind of muddled and in so you are defending yourself as in the comments below, you are pretty much all over the place.

    • Too bad Israel keeps blowing up there Jewish brothers and sisters in the Gaza Strip! Maybe Dan Gordon will write a article 5 years from now how he regrets being apart of the idf like many soldiers of the USA regret what they have been led into. Also, Isis has been proven to be run by the CIA!

    • Everything on TV is real…..EvErYtHiNg on TV is ReAl……….it’s all real I tell ya!

      Ahhhhhhhh !!! ……………..even Pro Wrestling is Reeeeeaaalllllllll !!!

      I believe the P_R_O_P_A_G_A_N_D_A_ !!!

      ISRAEL ?!?!…..Hamas ?!?!…………The CIA ?!?!…………..Barney !!!!………..i believe the P__R__O__P__A__G__A__N__D__A !!!

      We all drank the Cool Aid !!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH !!!!

    • It’s sheer insanity every time I see it suggested:

      Let me get this straight. There’s people that really think that Israel should just sit there and get hit by rockets.

      There’s no sanity or basic rationality to that whatsoever. I don’t care who it is or what country it is.

      If ANY country on the planet got hit by ANY other country on the planet with ONE rocket…what do you think would happen?

      Get real.

      If a rocket flies out of Mexico into Dallas it’s time for a new parking lot. It’s that simple.

      No other country would put up with this and no other country would be expected to put up with it.

      Except Israel. <- That's completely irrational and defies even the most basic precepts of logic. It can only be Satanic in origin.

      The Lord rebuke that nonsense. Game over.

    • Truthisstranger, you allude to the notion that the one, who is pulling the strings on both sides, is Satan. But, It was reported that Israel accepted the proposed cease-fire agreement proposed by Egypt. Hamas did not. Hamas is a terrorist organization which strikes at civilian targets. The moral high ground is certainly not in their possession.

      Kirk, which Barney? Fife, Rubble, the Dinosaur? I’d rather read your back and forth with Kirt, than the Captain Gordon bashing. Not a good vibe coming from that thread. It harkens back to the age-old blaming the Jewish people. Unsettling, and more and more in the news.

    • John T………

      Well, ……….it must have been “Barney…The Dinosaur”……..cause I was seeing PURPLE at the time of that post. 🙂

  6. Thetruthisstrangerthanfiction, you continue to criticize Israel and the Jewish people at you own peril. Remember God the Father warns in Genesis 12:3 about the curse that will all upon those who curse His people. He is not kidding around. Remember Jesus was is and will always be a Jew. Same for all the apostles. Israel is all alone right now. Our president has turned his back. Our Congress and the American people must let Israel and the Jewish people know we are with them. Support them with prayer and financially. God Bless the Jewish people and the land of Israel.

    • Bruce, one thing I am glad about is that our Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, has continued to take a strong stand in support of Israel and urged nations again, just the past few days, to do likewise.

    • excuse me? In no sense or at no time have I said anything to criticize “the Jewish people”. The fact that I am trying to underline a massive distinction between the actual Jewish PEOPLE (who even today, live all over the world, and not just in the state of Israel, and the political entity, the nation/state of Israel, a governmental body, is the issue that goes to the core of the whole “debate” in the first place.

      In this dispensationalist line of thinking that you are coming from, it is simple ASSUMED that the two are the same thing. I suggesting that we examine the scriptures a little more closely before being swept away but such an assumption.

    • TRUTHisstranger – Your avoided the points I raised to you the other day. Believe what you want but why not go somewhere else and leave those of us who do hold to a dispensational view to continue in agreement. You avoided my points because you can’t answer them, as they prove from a Biblical standpoint that Israel is the center of end times prophecy. L. A.

    • I get all worked up when I see, read or hear about our Jewish brothers and sisters being picked on. They have suffered enough. I love them. We worship the same God. I won’t put up with anyone criticizing these precious people. Hamas doesn’t want 2 states. They want ONE state-Palestine! Anyone who thinks differently is ignoring the truth to put it kindly. If things continue to go downhill here in America the way they are, I would love to move to Israel. Jerusalem is our future home anyway. I might get an early start.

    • Linda,

      Very true. And look how much better your economy is doing than ours because of the prime minister’s support of Israel.

    • Bruce… Nowhere, at no time, have I criticized the Jewish PEOPLE. You are speaking from a perspective which assumes that the Jewish PEOPLE, and the nation/state of “Israel” created in 1948, are one and the same thing. This is the assumption that much of the entire dispensationalist paradigm is built around, and one that I am saying deserves closer scrutiny, and should not simply be echoed by the Christian masses because certain “authorities” on eschatology have declared it to be so…

      In NOW WAY am I “cursing” Israel, or “cursing” the Jewish people! Yes, Jesus is Jewish! YEs, so were the 12 apostles…

      So ask yourself, what did JESUS, and the twelve apostles, have to say to their own Jewish contemporaries? What was their message to them? What did they preach???

      Tell me… What did Jesus tell his fellow Jews to do, who were living in shadow of a foreign oppressor, who was standing in their way of achieving political autonomy, and military control over their own homeland…? Did Jesus, or any of the 12 JEWISH apostles, EVER, talk about fighting for their “right to live in a Jewish state”..?

      No… They preached Jesus, they preached the cross, they preached about a King, whose Kingdom was “not of this world”….

      That same king, that SAME kingdom, is available to every single person today, inside and outside of Israel, both Jewish, and gentile, just like it was when Jesus and the 12 walked those hills and valleys…

      And the same choice has to be made. We can’t claim to preach a gospel of the kingdom of Heaven, while simultaneously “supporting” a salvation for the Jewish people that is based on the militaristic defense of it’s physical borders, instead of repentance and faith in Christ. The two do not mix. We cannot uphold the former, and defend it because we say we are only doing so while we are waiting for the latter to occur at the last hour. It doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. Can you fathom Paul trying to do such a thing in his day? Simultaneously preaching the gospel to the gentiles all over the Roman empire, teaching salvation through faith in Jesus and his finished work on the cross, and then going back to Jerusalem, and standing before his fellow Jewish countrymen and rallying them rise up and fight off the yoke of their Roman oppressor? Where did ANY of the Jewish apostles ever so much as HINT to such a notion? So why is it that 2000 years later we can suddenly take a position that those “JEWISH” apostles (that you are so eager to point out) would themselves be dismayed if they were to see us taking today?

    • Hey Bruce W….

      You really must get your facts straight about ISRAEL………because it is the “Antarcticans” that live in ISRAEL now.

      Remember, last year it “snowed in ISRAEL”…….so that means it was the recent “Antarcticans” that brought the snow with them.

      All those prophecies about ISRAEL being brought back to the land God gave them, and the land blossoming like a rose,
      and rebuilding cities, ……..and ‘being the apple of God’s eye”…………

      ……well………..all those prophecies are REALLY for……….. the “Antarcticans”.

      You gotta do a word study on ISRAEL………because it actually translates much better as …….”Antarcticans”.

      So, …… whoever those people were that got murdered by Hitler’s Nazi’s ……. really got the wrong deal.

      I wonder if Hitler knows that he went after the wrong people ?!?!

      Hmmmm? ………. Maybe that is why Hitler and the Germans spent soooo much time and money in the South Pole ??

      Guess we’ll never know.

    • Linda, why not the Arctic? It’s closer to Canada, anyway we have Argentilians here already! Phew…

    • Ack! I am lost what is the subject here Indians, Aliens, Raelians, Canadians?
      Can someone direct me to the loo please?

    • Ahhhh, …….AZ…….

      I think what you “meant to say”…. is that Canadians are …..”COLD”…..like really icy cold ………..

      ……….which actually ……..could mean that that they, too, ……..are the infamous “Antarcticans”.

      Probably got there during the diaspora……….ya see ??

  7. “http://www.thedailysheeple.com/retired-construction-worker-shows-how-to-move-a-barn-with-a-lump-of-wood-and-a-handful-of-pebblesamazing_072014#sthash.y6UcHdOQ.uxfs”

    Retired Construction Worker Shows How To Move A Barn With a Lump of Wood and a Handful of Pebbles…Amazing

    Daily Sheeple isn’t a satire site best to my knowledge.

    • ” If things continue to go downhill here in America the way they are, I would love to move to Israel. Jerusalem is our future home anyway. I might get an early start”

      (I think with these words you have just unwittingly provided a more concise and alarming exposition on the heart of this whole matter than I could have ever come up with myself…)

      The Bible tells us that the anti-Christ is going to be a military leader who is unequalled, and he will be the one who finally rescues Israel from all her surrounding enemies… He will be hailed as her long-awaited Messiah, because he did what Jesus never did, and he will set up his throne in Jerusalem (and that is not “subjective opinion” or speculation, just what the “ancient prophetic text” clearly says…)

      So…. WHY is it that Christians like yourself, and so many others, have this notion that of ALL places, Jerusalem is like the “safest place to be” in the Last Days..? You really look at the state of Israel as the “place to be” when it all goes down? (have you ever read Matthew 24??)

      I think I am more frightened for the Body of Christ in the coming days after reading all of this than I ever was before…

    • Thetruthisstrangerthanfiction,

      You seem to find no fault with Israel’s enemies. How odd or should I say how predictable.

    • Bruce……. Israel’s true enemy is the same enemy as the rest of all of mankind. The fallen one, Satan. Not human leaders, or governments or “terror groups”. Those are ALL nothing but puppets of the Enemy, and if we as followers of Christ should understand this as a simple, foundational truth. Yes, there are many real physical enemies of Israel and the Jewish people who really do wish to see them destroyed. No fault? They are dead in their sins. They are on the road to eternal judgement. Just like me, just like you, just like everyone else on this planet apart from Christ. Is there any more “fault” to be found in anyone?

      Jesus said “Do not fear man who can only kill the body, but cannot harm the soul. But fear God, who can throw both body and soul into hell”…

      He said that in Israel. To an audience of Jewish people… He never took those words back, or amended them so as not to apply to the Jewish people, but only the rest of the gentile world…

      So I ask you, why do you define Israel’s “enemies” in a way that runs completely counter to what Jesus Himself says??

    • He that is not with me is against me; and he that gathereth not with me scattereth abroad.
      Matthew 12:30

    • “Truthisstranger – Why are you here? You don’t agree and that’s fine. Please go somewhere else. L.A.”

      Kemosabe don’t forget to take Tonto with you.

    • Thank you L.A., Azureceu, Kirk, Linda, Eric, John T, Kristin, Mrs M, Nome for standing up for Israel. All heroes in my book!! There is a book in heaven that I’m sure took note as well. God Bless you all.

    • “Kemosabe don’t forget to take Tonto with you.”

      ………….and the horse you rode in on.

  8. JESUS will rule the earth from Jerusalem during His 1000 year Millennium reign and it is Jesus Christ who will return at the end of the tribulation in fight for Israel. I want to be with Him when he does.

  9. Got these verses in an email and felt they are relevant to the conversation, God’s people shall be saved out of the day of the Lord. Think on the parable of the feast when the call came out, people were too busy to go. What should God do to let them realize the sad state they’re in? Desolation, his recompense comes and also his reward. Then you shall see the difference between the righteous and the wicked. Great harvest.

    Jer 30:5-7 NKJV “For thus says the Lord: ‘We have heard a voice of trembling, of fear, and not of peace. 6 Ask now, and see, whether a man is ever in labor with child? So why do I see every man with his hands on his loins like a woman in labor, and all faces turned pale? 7 Alas! For that day is great, so that none is like it; and it is the time of Jacob’s trouble, but he shall be saved out of it.

    Mal 3:2-4 CJB But who can endure the day when he comes? Who can stand when he appears? For he will be like a refiner’s fire, like the soapmaker’s lye.

    3 He will sit, testing and purifying the silver; he will purify the sons of Levi, refining them like gold and silver, so that they can bring offerings to Adonai uprightly. 4 Then the offering of Y’hudah and Yerushalayim will be pleasing to Adonai,

    2 Chron 15:3-7 NKJV For a long time Israel has been without the true God, without a teaching priest, and without law; 4 but when in their trouble they turned to the Lord God of Israel, and sought Him, He was found by them. 5 And in those times there was no peace to the one who went out, nor to the one who came in, but great turmoil was on all the inhabitants of the lands. 6 So nation was destroyed by nation, and city by city, for God troubled them with every adversity. 7 But you, be strong and do not let your hands be weak, for your work shall be rewarded!”

    Job 20:1-11 NKJV Zophar’s Sermon on the Wicked Man

    20 Then Zophar the Naamathite answered and said: 2 “Therefore my anxious thoughts make me answer, Because of the turmoil within me. 3 I have heard the rebuke that reproaches me, And the spirit of my understanding causes me to answer.

    4 “Do you not know this of old, Since man was placed on earth, 5 That the triumphing of the wicked is short, and the joy of the hypocrite is but for a moment? 6 Though his haughtiness mounts up to the heavens, and his head reaches to the clouds, 7 Yet he will perish forever like his own refuse; Those who have seen him will say, ‘Where is he?’

    8 He will fly away like a dream, and not be found; Yes, he will be chased away like a vision of the night. 9 The eye that saw him will see him no more, Nor will his place behold him anymore. 10 His children will seek the favor of the poor, and his hands will restore his wealth. 11 His bones are full of his youthful vigor, but it will lie down with him in the dust.

  10. Let’s subtract enemies of earthly Israel and see who’s left…
    – take out the obvious: hamas, fatah, islam, nazis, etc. …. is there peace yet?
    – take out demons, enemy angels, wherever found (heavens, earth, hell) … is there peace?

    If not, why not? What or I should say Who is missing?

    • BTW, I saw this on a highly respected news source: “http://www.torontosun.com/2014/07/12/north-korea-made-it-out-of-the-group-stage-wait-what” 🙂

    • re: “explains much about Hitler & the germans…
      – and hamas & the gazans”

      And cloning (see Raelians).
      re: “Azureceu, hmmmmm…..now that’s a good place for the Raelians … N. Korea!”
      Perhaps the the Raelian overlords could acquire a taste for them? (see Dogstar)
      re “glad to see N. Korea is 36 spots below Canada in soccer standings!”
      See 36 spots on the wall by whoo flung poo
      re: just wait till they play germany…
      Is Germany on the world map in N. Korea?

    • Nome……..I thinks i am seeing CLONES !!!………….or maybe it’s CLOWNS !!…………I sorta forgot what the difference is. 😉

      AZ ….. I do not believe that N. Korea has anyone else on it’s world map …..
      ………………….except for S. Korea and themselves…..and some leftover rice from dinner!

      And I am pretty sure that all they want to do is NUKE South Korea today………and NUKE the leftover rice in the morning for breakfast.


    • @ the risk of re-invoking
      – mad science combining
      – covert cattle abductions
      – CBR WMD technology
      – dirty bombs + flatulence
      – ‘max greenhouse impact’
      – biological hybridization
      – radiation x-perimentation
      – with neo-nephilim DNA

      the whole “clown-boy” disguise…
      – possible demonic “social camouflage”
      – to trigger a “what a joke” response
      – like with hitler, potus … flotus, etc.

    • LOL ……..36 spots on the wall by Whoo Flung Poo! …. and …..all N. Korea wants to do is nuke S. Korea today, and then nuke some leftover rice in the morning for breakfast!

      Azureceu and Kirk, thank you for those laffs this morning! 😀

  11. Gaza Resident: We are biting the hand that feeds us ….(Israel)

    “Everybody here hates Hamas. But they’re too afraid to say so publicly. Our food comes from Israel but what we give them in return is rockets…” –Gaza cab driver.


    • Linda….

      I just wish that the Gaza Strip would become a famous eatery and serve good Lamb, Baklava, Israeli Salad, and Hummous!

      That would make everyone HAPPY !!!

      ……….cuz everything that Hamas serves up now ….goes up in flames!

    • ABSOLUTELY !!!!

      Much Appreciation for all the “special Blogs”, especially from Captain Dan !!!

      Such insight…..without all the …”opps! Better not say THAT.” …….like from the PC media crowd.

      Thanks LA 🙂

  12. Hey Corey……..

    I listened to that good video you suggested …… i had heard her before, but on a different video…a year or two ago….kinda similar stuff too.
    Definitely a keeper!

    And the Steve Quayle PDF had good info too. ( i think I read that a couple years ago also.) All pieces of the puzzle!

    The video about the earth and sounds and dead birds …….. well familiar with that stuff she talked about….seems like I watched
    a lot of stuff that she studied too! I followed much of that after the first major bird die off ….and then again the following new year.

    i remember calling my mom and discussing the bird deaths ON BOTH JANUARY’s … OF BOTH YEARS… and tied to Hosea 4:1-3 and other
    related stuff. Lots to consider and connect together. Thanks for more nuggets of truth.

    And the strange sounds………..”coincidence”…………..yeah, right !!

    Here is Pastor Paul…..check this out……..Note the TITLE !!!

    See we are NOT totally off our rockers……STUFF IS HAPPENING……….But I didn’t need a “convincing”…..I have The Word and The Spirit.

    Paul Begley “LIVE”………… “Signs Since First Blood Moon” Apocalypse

  13. @ same old song
    – no matter which expendable human proxies are used
    – no matter which quarter the attacks come from
    – no matter which generation is involved
    – philistines … palestinians


    [U]nlike most terrorist groups, Hamas exists for only one reason: to destroy Israel. This presents Israel with an unresolvable dilemma. Its military has killed a dozen or more Hamas leaders over the years, and yet new ones sprout up almost right away. And in the last five years, all of them have learned that the price can be high, but they can get what they want from Israel….

    Hamas fired hundreds of missiles into Israel, provoking airstrikes that killed at least 160 Palestinians and leveled scores of buildings. But in the end, Hamas made demands in exchange for ending its rocket attacks—and appears to be getting more or less what it wants. Israel agreed to ease restrictions on the movement of people and goods in and out of Gaza and allow Palestinians more access to a buffer zones that Israel had imposed on the Gaza side of the border and at sea.

    What did Israel get in exchange? Nothing except the return to the status quo—meaning no more rocket fire for now but the near certainty that the next time Hamas wants something, it will send more missiles across the fence line.

    One reason Hamas does not seem more hesitant is that the world seems to be on their side, regardless of the facts on the ground….

    And so it goes for Israel and Hamas. The rockets have stopped for now. But you can be sure that, for Hamas, the cease-fire is nothing more a temporary stratagem.

    Behind it all is the real enemy…
    – the fallen angels (not just satan)
    – the ultimate & last enemy is death
    – aka “the war god” (mars, santa muerte, etc.)
    – against which Christ focused overcoming
    – with His victory at the cross by resurrection
    – and in taking the keys of hell-&-death

    Seen again in prophecy at…
    – the overcoming of the 2 Witnesses martyred & resurrected
    – the return of the end time martyrs that are beheaded
    – to rule and reign with Christ during the millennium
    – and at the last judgement against the fallen in the Lake of Fire

    * And in the Valley of Dry Bones resurrection *

    • Israeli-Palestinian conflict from breakingnews website…

      – Israeli military reports Hamas fired 3 mortars at Israel, not rockets as was reported by police – @IDFSpokesperson

      – Israel police: 2 rockets fired from Gaza during humanitarian cease-fire – @AP

      – Report: 3 rockets land in southern Israel despite hours-old truce – @ynetnews

  14. Big fight this morning at tunnel from Gaza. 13-15 terrorists came out of the tunnel, were seen by IDF members and attacked. Tunnel destroyed, at least 8 terrorists killed. Pictures at Prophecy and Beyond this morning.

  15. News reports become more slanted against Israel. I watched Fox News more than usual yesterday, news very slanted to show damage done to Gaza, very little reporting of damage done to Israel and no explanations as to why Israel was shelling Gaza. Anti-Israel riots in Germany and England are very large. I listen to NPR news on my radio when driving. Their news is so blatantly slanted that it is amazing, but I can’t change channels (stuck on NPR). This is distressing. We have been told this is how it would be in the last days, but it’s awful to witness it.

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