Welcome to the Coming Great Deception!

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NASA: Humans Will Prove ‘We Are Not Alone In The Universe’ Within 20 Years


Second Blog today!

It’s coming folks.  They, NASA, already know, without a doubt, that ET exists and, in my opinion, they have known for at least 70 years, perhaps longer.

What we are seeing with articles like this is soft disclosure.  The powers that be are running this up the flag pole to see what the Sheeple will think and do, which will be most likely nothing, other than search the Frig for another bottle of Bud Light!  LOL!

I have pointed to the what I call The Coming Great Deception for almost 15 years now.  It is the game changer and when it finally happens everything, life as we know it, changes for ever.  If we know ahead of time we won’t be fooled, but unfortunately, many people will believe what I would call the lie.

Jesus warns us from two thousand years ago, even the elect would be deceived if that were possible!

What is He trying to warn us about?  Is it possible He is pointing to what the Ancient Alien crowd would call Ancient Astronauts theory?  I would posit that He is!

Bottom line is this.  When, not if, ET shows up, and it may be sooner than 20 years, they will tell us they—ET—created all life on earth.  They genetically manipulated us and created early man.  They will tell us they created the earths first civilizations and they will come bearing gifts.  They will say, that they have returned at this critical juncture in human history to usher the world into a time of peace, prosperity and knowledge.

Even the elect would be deceived…

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  1. When I got up and had downed my morning coffee my eye caught this headline on Drudge. I daily search the headlines for little tidbits of info like this. Usually this kind thing is shuffled to the small print – not today!! Thanks L.A. for opening my eyes 4 years ago to what is really happening. Now if only my church would wake up and stop looking at me like I’m a bozo.

    • Well welcome to bozo land,,,hi I am a bozo too! My inlaws think I am nuts,,and church people avoid me!
      Don’t take the bible so seriously! Just show up on Sunday sing the same song over and over till you feel a hightened emotion from it then go home and gossip about everyone, lie , drink, all week. Then when you hit those doors on Sunday again you will feel better.( Ooh sarcasm)
      I try to talk the talk but more importantly walk the walk. If I had a choice to hang out with my local church or some of the great bible believing Bereans here,,,I choose most of these people here on this blog.

    • Yep….I have heard…….”don’t worry about prophecy, it’s not our concern….that is God’s business.”

      Yes…mr church pew sitter………1/3 of the Bible is Prophecy……..so, let’s see………where are my scissors ??

      See it now……. it’s my “cut and paste” Bible……
      ……………Is there anything you’d like to “add to it” since you’ve hacked 1/3 away ??…….like maybe a false doctrine or two ??

      YEP………kinda ridicules! Many people are in for a SHOCK like no other!!!

      It’s tough to even find a person that you can talk SERIOUS BIBLE with these days….yes, they are out there, but very few!

      Even when i go witnessing at a store, some people look at me like I have Bubonic Plague … and run to the next isle.

      Well, ok…….maybe i should take out my “crazy teeth” and remove the hump from my back….naw …just kidding!!

      But even when meeting someone who says they know JESUS, have salvation, and such….most of them never want to get “deep”.

      But i always meet a few here and there that turns out to be a real blessing…..some that want to talk & notice what is happening.

      Some will watch videos I give them to watch just written on note cards i keep in my pocket. Met another Believer today!

      So, we keep planting seed, someone else waters…..BUT GOD CAUSES THE INCREASE.

    • “http://www.collective-evolution.com/2014/07/11/top-u-s-astronomers-tell-congress-that-extraterrestrial-life-exists-without-question/”

      ^^ I love the “without question” qualifier.

  2. No doubt its coming and quickly.
    They have been setting up peoples minds for years. Every every movie we see lately has something to do with aliens or same ( fallen Angels) if it were not true why in every movie do they make some kind of reference to it?
    Wedding anyone?

  3. Plane with swastika banner spotted flying over South Shore beaches http://longisland.news12.com/news/witnesses-plane-with-swastika-banner-spotted-flying-over-south-shore-beaches-1.8781577 Beachgoers at Point Lookout say they saw a plane flying overhead with a banner that showed a swastika plus a peace sign, equaling a heart. The banner advertised the website pro-swastika.org.
    The website says Saturday marked the conclusion of “International Swasitka Rehabilitation Week,” which seeks to change the message conveyed by the swastika, most often associated with Nazi Germany. The website is run by a religion called the Raelian Movement, which considers the swastika a religious symbol.

    • I just am wondering. The fallen ones know they have billions to drag off to hell just by the absense of people not having their sins forgiven. That is a give in today in this age.
      Then why try to genetically change them now? Seems to me it would have been strategically better to have done this like in the 1500’s when the church was strong. Not Laodecia time.
      I am just trying to wrap my head around their game plan.
      Seems to me they are after something else,,,and why,,,they know Gods word,,,probably know more of Gods word than most Christians do.
      Are they truly after the elect at this point,,,? Make them doubt that God exists? Take the mark and sell your soul?

      I had always wondered if Noah’s time was an advanced society in some ways,,do we have a preconcieved notion that they were like the movie ( long robes no electricity ect.)
      If everything was destroyed do we know?
      Maybe they had cell phones because no one ever has dug up telephone wires,,,,just kidding

    • Hi L A
      Just a quick query about when you spoke with Dr Leir after the de-cloaking implant incident. You mentioned he said he was going to speak with Whitley Strieber and tell him about the supernatural element to all this. Do you know if he was able to do this before he passed away? Have you personally had the chance to share your findings with him also?

  4. They are looking for the people that are involved in Christianity and not really committed. I had ham and eggs for breakfast, the chicken supplied the eggs, she was involved, the pig supplied the ham, he was committed. Too many in the church are just involved and when something supernatural comes along that they can wrap their minds around they will walk away from their luke warm belief and fall head long into the abyss.

  5. The arrival of these fallen angels and the rapid reproduction from mingled seed resulting in the reemergence of the nephal is foretold in the:

    1st seal = fraudulent white horse

    2nd trumpet = great (many, multitude, be increased,the constellation of the Dragon) mountain (kingdom = Satan’s kingdom in heaven. his fallen angels)

    2nd angel vial = sea to blood =multitudes of wicked people turn to blood

    This plague/type of wrath is depected in plagues of Egypt.

    the 1st plague = water (sea=wicked people) to blood.

    And in the 4th plague = the plague of swarms or mosqiutos that braid, that is, intermix.

    That is exactly what the fallen angels will do they will intermix their blood their DNA.

    • I wonder if all those zombie movies are their way of fortelling something,,,like the whole blood thing,,,like genetically modified people ….sniffing bathsalts? Could get creepy,,,,,after all what makes a bunch of desensitized people faint from fear?
      Hope we are not here to see any of it.:(

  6. There is a very interesting dynamic going on over at TNT on Sunday nights. The show is called “Falling Skies”. It is now in season 4 and I have watched it since the beginning. As we all know there are myriad of shows being aired dealing with the premise of “Aliens” attacking and then seeking to take over the earth and all of humankind. This one is no different except that for the most part the acting is done really well and the special effects are truly great.

    My reason for making this post is that finally in this season, we are getting to the meat of the story. And lo and behold if they are not shy at all in presenting us with a very in-your-face attempt to introduce the loving and kind…nurturing even…Nephilim. A character born from the union of the wife of the main character played by Noah Wiley and Wiley. But then she is abducted and “Experimented” upon by one of the alien “Overlords”.

    This story line has been going on for the past 2 seasons but this past Sunday night, TNT did something very interesting. At the end of the show, they showed a telepathic meeting of the minds by the two main overlords in what could only be described as Hell. So, needless to say, I am very curious to find out if my eyes have deceived me or if they are even going to explain why two obviously demonic figures were in Hell together.

    Here is a quick 2 minute overview of episode 3 where Alexis, the human-alien “Hybrid”, has some things to explain.

    • Tis quite an interesting show isn’t it Jeff? …especially where they appear to be taking this season.
      Another VERY intriguing one that started last week is EXTANT with Halle Berry.

      The propaganda continues……

    • Oh yes, Extant. I missed the first episode and badly wanted to see it for the same reason I watch FS. Spielberg is Executive Producer for both shows by the way. At least with Extant it is on a major network so it should be a great product, even though we know what is being sold here.

  7. Hey LA,
    Thanks for this. I’ve been telling people for a while now, what you usually say, Rebuke first, and ask questions later… I also like to say to them… When They show up, it means, they’ve been kicked out… don’t believe anything they say, don’t accept any of their gifts, and by all means don’t go aboard any of their ships…. Because, like I said, if their here, then they’ve been kicked out, and won’t be going anywhere, untill Jesus returns…
    Feel free to use this, if it trips your trigger.
    Thanks again,
    Ron Rost

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