Mid East War Update with Dan Gordon!

Dan GordonsIf it Bleeds it Leads
Dan Gordon IDF Captain reporting from Israel
Dan will be interviewed by Richard Shaw in the forthcoming Torah Code Special!
I’m a citizen soldier. That means I live most of my life out of uniform, towing nobody’s party line, following no one’s orders or even talking points, but my own. Eleven months out of the year I’m in jeans and t shirts or shorts and flip flops, the least military looking person on the face of the earth. I can get away with looking like a slob because I’m a writer. It’s not only NOT looked down upon in my profession, it’s almost expected.

I’ve worked in media for over forty years; everything from feature films to running news crews, some of them in the middle east.I remember one reporter for a major European network who was based in Jerusalem in the eighties. A nice man, in that he would always buy me drinks whenever  we met, he was indeed a raging alcoholic, ostensibly covering the events in the West Bank. He used to hang out at a bar called Goliath’s , which advertised itself as being “ a stone’s throw” from the King David Hotel. He wore what was then the expected uniform of the hard bitten foreign correspondent; namely a well wrinkled safari jacket complete with sweat stains to make it look as if he was reporting live from some native uprising in the Sahara.Next to Goliath’s was a building made of Jerusalem stone that was half in ruins. If you held him in a tight enough shot, it looked like he was standing next to a recently demolished  Palestinian house. He would sit in Goliath’s bar and drink all day and send “ stringers” , free lancers , out to the West Bank to get footage of whatever that day’s riot was occurring during the lead up to the first Intifada. His stringers would come back and describe the footage they had taken of stone throwing on the Palestinian side and tear gas from the Israelis. Then he would get up from the bar, finish his martini, go outside and stand next to the ruined stone house. He would call for a tight shot of him in the Safari jacket and record his “ heads and tails” , the lead in and tag to the report he hoped would land him some network time on the nightly news.He would look suitably somber and end each report with his name( let’s say it was Sam Jones” )by saying, “ This is Sam Jones, reporting from somewhere in the Occupied West Bank”. Then he would take off the safari jacket, go back into the air conditioned bar, and order another martini.

i always got kind of a kick out of the old fraud, because though he was a drunken huckster of the first order, and a lazy one at that, A) he did pay for the drinks, and B) outside of lying about the fact that he wasn’t even there, he basically just covered the story. He even, occasionally provided context.
I  I miss him.

So the other day I’m watching a network correspondent, reporting from Gaza. He looks into the camera. His look is concerned, empathetic, suitably somber and even, saddened, in a kind  off handed way. Not enough to be maudlin, mind you. That wouldn’t be cool and it wouldn’t play well to his audience who want to be , while, not entertained, necessarily, suitably moved to click their tongues, but not enough to be actually upset. The report needs to re enforce beliefs he feels they already hold, so they can feel…well  righteous, not righteously indignant. That would be too upsetting. Just  morally superior. That’s the effect that will guarantee his following.

But there’s one other element he needs to make sure he hooks them and keeps them , so they don’t channel surf.

He needs blood.

There’s a saying in broadcasting, which is to say, show business, “If it bleeds, it leads.”

And nothing leads like the death of a child.

How could it?

Who could turn away from that?

Whether it’s a toddler left in his car seat to bake to death by a father having an internet affair, a starving third world
infant, or, in this case, the truly tragic death of a Palestinian child killed in an Israeli air strike on the house of a known terrorist, if it bleeds, it leads.

He gets the saddened, somber look, his eyes looking straight into camera and speaks his truth, “ There’s no such thing as a surgical air strike.”

I’m a professional, and this guy’s good. Tis guy’s close to perfect. He goes on to talk about the fact that the Israelis attacked the house of “ an alleged terrorist”. Well that’s only fair right? I mean the terrorist in question didn’t actually have a trial, he just murdered people and bragged about it and announced his intention to murder others. So it was an air strike on” an alleged terrorist” and yet who got killed,? This innocent child. This poor sweet little girl who couldn’t possibly have posed a threat to Israel or anyone else. And yet the Israeli air force, with all it’s might and I might add it’s American made planes( as if the US. is an accomplice to this clear act of infanticide), murdered her.

Then we cut to footage of the child’s funeral, her bereaved parents, her infuriated neighbors, family and friends; the tragedy of the latest senseless act in, at best, this cycle of violence, and at worst, this barbarous act act  of a European colonial power against the brown skinned indigenous and rightful inhabitants of this portion of the world.

Permit me , if you will a few comments, and a bit of context which the reader may find of some interest.

First, no one needs to educate me, unfortunately, as to the tragedy of losing a child in a fiery death. My son was killed at the age of 22 and to this day I cannot talk about it. My heart goes out to this and every parent who must go through the absolute horror of burying their child. It is a pain that never leaves, a wounded, unhealable, a loss of a whole world. All the experiences that would have been, go into the grave with the child, joyous occasions never experienced, weddings never celebrated, grandchildren, unborn and in the grave before drawing a first breath. I don’t need to be trained in a somber look on that one.

But let me tell you what the Israel Defense forces have done in this war in order to do everything humanly possible to avoid loss of innocent life, to prevent the death of that poor child about whom the network correspondent was seemingly so concerned, and every other woman , child and non combatant in Gaza.

Before targeting any area we drop leaflets. The leaflets are in Arabic and they warn the citizens of a number of things. If they live near a Hamas smuggling or terror tunnel( one which has been dug in order to go under the Israeli border and carry out  a terrorist attack against Israeli troops or civilians) they are warned to leave immediately, because that tunnel will be a target for an air strike. If they live with or next to a known Hamas operative, they are warned to leave immediately because the house of that operative will be a target of an Israeli air strike. If they live next to a missile launching site, or rocket storage facility ( which many do because Hamas hides it’s rockets and operatives amongst it’s civilian population, which is by the way, recognized as a war crime under international law) they are warned to leave immediately because that will be the target of an Israeli air strike.

Now there are any number of Western armies which have dropped similar leaflets in similar campaigns  for years. But here is what, I believe, only the Israeli military does. We have an entire unit whose sole purpose is to call Gazans up on their cell phones ( yes we have their numbers) and warn them in arabic, to leave immediately because we are about to attack that particular house, tunnel, launching site or storage facility.


Then, as if that is not enough, we have even dropped flares on the house about to be hit to show that the attack is imminent and its inhabitants still  have a chance to leave.

And what does Hamas do?

Do they have a civil defense unit standing by ready to evacuate their people before an impending Israeli air strike?

No.They tell their people to stay in the house, to become a human shield to protect their so called fighter, who hides behind his own wife and children, or their weapons, for which they are prepared to sacrifice their own people, in order to have a few more rounds to fire off at Jewish civilians.

So what is the choice offered to Israel in this instance? A) do nothing and let them kill your civilians, or B) do everything you humanly, possibly can to prevent innocent loss of life, but at the end of the day, do that which any armed force has been formed to do; protect your civilians…not your troops mind you, because by and large Hamas doesn’t attack our troops, but your women, your children, your old and infirm.

A gentleman by the name of Abu Odeh, a Hamas spokesman, was once asked by a reporter what the difference between Hamas and Al Qaida was. Abu Odeh was indignant. How could the reporter possibly compare Hamas to Al Qaida?
“ Well”, said the reporter , in a moment of candor and not a little courage, “ You both target civilians, do you not?”
“ Absolutely not!” Abu Odeh declared with his own righteous indignation, “ We never target civilians! We only target Jews.”

Like the old drunk standing outside of Goliath’s bar in his Safari jacket, that was in the good old days. Today Hamas finds itself competing with Al Qaida , Islamic Jihad and ISIS for terrorist street cred.

Colonel Richard Kemp, a former British regular army officer and commander of Nato troops in Afghanistan, and not a Jew , last time I looked, has said that no army in the history of warfare has ever done as much as The Israel Defense Forces to avoid and prevent loss of innocent human life.

The numbers, by the way, bear him out. When the US bombed Bosnia and Kosovo, the loss of civilian life compared to the loss of combatant life was three to four to one. In the battle for Falujah the loss of civilian life compared to combatants was even higher.

According to the unverified Palestinian figures 172 Palestinians have been killed thus far of which 35 were children and 25 were women. That is a ratio of less than one to one. It’s still horrible, but not because Israel hasn’t done everything in its power to avoid civilian loss of life.

No Israelis have been killed thus far.

Not because Hamas hasn’t tried their best.You have to give them credit where credit is due. They have fired roughly 1000 rockets at Israel in this latest round of fighting, almost all of them fired exclusively at civilian targets. I’ve been under more than a dozen of them myself and can testify to three things;1) Israel’s iron dome anti missile system works. It has over a 90% success rate. But that still leaves a hundred rockets that got through , all of them aimed at our civilian population centers. 2) Israel has a civil defense system second to none, with shelters every fifty meters in the border towns which get the most rocket fire and a disciplined home front, which has not panicked and has followed civil defense measures which have saved countless lives.

What has Hamas done to save the lives of their own people? They have told them to ignore Israeli warnings to leave,and in some instances have ordered them to be human shields, have invested hundreds of millions in finding ways to kill our people and almost nothing to save their own.

And it’s not by chance. It is a cold, cynical calculation which allows them to commit acts of absolute terror, while claiming the mantle of victimhood.

No. There’s no such thing as a surgical air strike. But not for our lack of trying. To paraphrase Golda Meir, I believe peace will finally come when our adversaries want their own children to live, more than they want ours to die. Sadly, that day doesn’t seem to be coming any time soon…



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132 thoughts on “Mid East War Update with Dan Gordon!

  1. What a great man Dan Gordon is. Pray for him and all of Israel. Support Israeli charities during this very difficult time. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

  2. ** Amazing Footage Shows How Elephants in Israel React to Air Raid Sirens** ….

    “It’s as if in a time of crisis… It’s like neighbors in the same building; everyone gets together in the bomb shelter even if they are not best friends. Something unites during difficult times.” -Sagit Horovitz, Zookeeper


    Romans 8:21-22
    21 Because the creature itself also shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God.
    22 For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now.

    • Linda….

      ain’t that wild……..I believe elephants can feel things through their feet over long distances…..and have close family bonds.

      Seems demonstrated here.

  3. Why, brothers and sisters, are we unwilling to acknowledge that which stares us in the face, concerning the powers-that-shouldn’t-be who are running everything from behind the scenes in the United States, AND in the land of Israel….

    If we can see that the Luciferian “New World Order” agenda to create a global totalitarian state is in fact a reality, and not some paranoid “conspiracy theory”, if we can understand that the phony “right/left paradigm” is nothing but a smokescreen to blind ordinary citizens from seeing that the same folks rubbing shoulders in the CFR and Tri/commission are populating both sides of the “aisle”, if we truly believe that the Prince of Darkness is behind it all, and moving all of his little human pawns around in order to continue pushing it all towards the moment when he reveals his false messiah to the World, then WHY oh why are we see blind as to NOT see this same hidden hand manipulating everything that is going on right now in the Middle East?????

    WHY, L.A., do you continue to rant and rave against the “enemies of Israel”, spouting off all these Lehaye-hangover diabtribes, spotlighting the views of IDF officers, etc., when you supposedly understand who is really behind all these false flag attacks being used to propagate war and military action everywhere else?

    I was listening to some of those old cassette tape recordings of John Todd speaking back in the 70’s the other day, (amazing how much of what he spoke about has come to pass, and he was talking about it before guys like Russ Dizdar were around…) and wouldn’t you know it, when he was talking about how after the Illuminati started WWIII and destroyed most of the cities on the planet, they were planning on setting up their world capital where? In Jerusalem of course. The one city they wouldn’t allow to be destroyed in the chaos and war.

    In the same manner that it was NOT simply “radicalized Muslims” who decided to carry out the 9/11 attacks, NONE of the stuff being done across the middle east in the name of “Terror” and “Muslim extremism” has occurred “organically”. Virtually all of it is the result of Western globalist powers utilizing such “extremist groups” to carry out their wishes and destabilize the region, and give the U.N. “justifiable cause” to intervene and “save the day”….

    WHY, fellow Christians, can we accept that these sorts of heinous crimes can be conceived of and carried out from Washington, under the shadow of the largest obelisk in the world, yet refuse to believe that the SAME thing is being done by the SAME group of globalist, banker, Luciferian elites as they drive along “ROTHCHILD STREET” in front of the Knesset?????

    It is not “Anti-Semitic” to call out Satan for what and who and where he is, which is EVERYWHERE. Those who have been deceived into serving him are not just in marble buildings in D.C., or skyscrapers in N.Y., or groves in California, but yes, EVEN IN ISRAEL TOO….

    Even if we can say that yes, God allowed Israel to become a nation again in 1948, we are trampling on the gospel and the Truth of scripture if we turn around and embrace this self-contradictory, earthly concept of “defending Israel no matter what”. God chose the Jewish people to be ones through whom the Messiah, JESUS, would come, He didn’t “choose” them in order to simply defend their right to a piece of dirt based on their racial privilege. How does such a concept fit in with the message of the cross at all? It doesn’t! That’s why Paul was hated by the Jews when turned and began to follow Jesus.

    I would recommend to everyone who visits this site and joins in with all this blind pro-Israel statism to take the time to listen/read to Chris White’s recent work on the identity of the Anti-Christ, and also the research he has done concerning who they Jewish people are expecting their messiah to be, and what they are expecting him to do…..

    According to the majority of modern Rabbis, the consensus is that the “true messiah” will be easily identified because he will defeat the enemies of Israel, and save Jerusalem… Militarily. The way they say Jesus failed to do. They will hail him as their “savior” because he will come in and defeat most of the Muslim nations, he will destroy Hamas, Hezbollah, the Muslim brotherhood, “Al CIA-da”, “ISIS/ISIL”, and whatever other Islamic terror groups the NWO cronies decide to come up with in the future…

    STOP this “either/or” thinking that has been used TIME and TIME and TIME again to derail Christians from seeing the big picture in the past. It’s not about “Republican vs. Democrat”, or “Left vs. RIght”, or “Capitalism vs. Communism”, or “East vs. West”, or even “Israel vs. Islam”…

    It’s about God and His people vs. the Enemy, Satan. Period. Jesus died for everyone. Jesus came to save sinners who are Jewish, and who are Gentile. He loves those in the IDF, and He loves those Palestinian children getting blown up. He calls us all to REPENTENCE, and to believe in Him, and then preach the gospel, NOT to pick a side on an artificial, earthly line drawn by unbelieving people inspired by deceiving spirits… Ok. Guess I’ll end my rant now and endure the barrage of “blowback” now…

    • Good over view. I wish everyone would quit trying to blow each other up… And quit feeding into the lies. Funny thing is, that is not even the Star of David symbol on the Israel flag, it’s 666…. The mark of the beast.

    • Indeed… It is a hexagram, the symbol used in witchcraft to cast spells. (that’s where the term “put a hex on someone” comes from).

      Do we really suppose that God was the one who decided to use a central occult symbol to represent something that “He created” in 1948…?

    • For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first to the Jew, then to the Gentile.
      Romans 1:16

      For this is what the LORD Almighty says: After the Glorious One has sent me against the nations that have plundered you–for whoever touches you touches the apple of his eye. Zechariah 2:8

      So the LORD gave Israel all the land he had sworn to give their ancestors, and they took possession of it and settled there.
      Joshua 21:48

      I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.
      Genesis 12:3

      Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: May those who love you be secure.
      Psalm 122:6

      God never changes and His word never changes. Yeshua came to save both the Jew and the Gentile. FIRST the Jew. Israel today is STILL the apple of God’s eye. Israel has the right to protect it’s land and it’s people. A land that was given to them by God. You should take your arguement and or rant up with Him. He is the ruler, the author, and finisher of all things. I cannot claim to understand all that God is. I can only say that I TRUST Him with all my heart, soul, and mind. I TRUST his word to be TRUE. I believe you are mislead and need to dust off your Bible and get to reading scripture word for word and verse by verse.

    • I’m not exactly sure what you mean by “hook” Linda, perhaps you could elaborate…

      Perhaps SOMEONE could elaborate for me, and try and explain, because the more I listen to L.A., the more I simply don’t understand…

      How is it, that on the ONE hand, we can acknowledge a depth of Satanic infiltration in the government of the United States, on a level that the vast majority of American church-goers would absolutely scoff at, a secret occultic Cabal which is owns the ENTIRE banking system, (not just that, but the fiat-money-printing system itself), the highest levels of all government branches, the highest levels of the military, the intelligence agencies, operating top-secret “Deep Underground Military Bases” with things like hybrid breeding programs and MK Ultra-style mind control, and HAARP, and chemtrails, and the list just goes on and on and on…. (and most everybody who comes to this sight believes in most of THAT stuff…)

      and YET… people can turn around, and look at the physical, political entity that has been called “Israel” since 1948, a political entity whose PRIMARY and HISTORICALLY SOLE ally has been that very occult-driven nation I just described, funded by the SAME globalist bankers who belong to the SAME secret societies, whose militaries are so closely aligned/allied, and whose intelligence agencies cooperate more closely than ANY other on the planet, and say “It’s ALL being guided by the very hand of God”…..???

      How can you have it both ways? How can the same militaristic agenda, the same martial law mentalities, the same panopticon survelliance tactics be the hand of the anti-Christ system here in the U.S., yet somehow God’s own hand of protection over the Jewish people in the MIddle East…?

    • oops, there is a link awaiting moderation but my comment was Even if the symbol was used for occult purposes by other groups I think just the fact that the Jews were forced to wear (own) it by the Nazis gives it a whole different meaning flying on their flag. It is now an appropriate symbol of triumph.

    • Yes, we DO need to dust off our Bibles Kristen, and really READ what it says, not just blindly regurgitate the same little prooftexts like the ones you listed, the ones I grew up hearing in church circles my entire life……

      It wasn’t until I STOPPED simply parroting those kind of sentiments, and reading what the actual Word of God says for itself, that I began to understand that these simplistic notions of “God gave the Land to His people”, and “They are the apple of His eye” and so on, simply do not hold water when you hold up these ideas to what all of scripture says!

      If any of you want to deride what I’m saying, or blow me off as a “replacement theologian” (a totally straw-man and erroneous argument in itself, but anyhow), then fine, whatever….

      I would simply ask you to take this Jesus that we say we believe Him, and allow Him back into the equation…. Imagine Jesus Himself walking these violence ridden streets that we are talking about right now, imagine him right there, in the midst of the IDF troops and the Palestinians and the rockets and the planes and the bombs. Imagine Him walking around the settlement in Hebron, what do you think He would be doing? What do you think He would be saying about all of this??

      Kristen, you said our God never changes, and I agree! So how can we really convince ourselves that JESUS, RIGHT NOW, is basically looking at political Israel, at the Jewish people living there, and saying to them, “Look, I set you apart as a people, from Abraham onward, so that I could come into the World, so that I could die for the sins of all mankind, and provide a way back into MY Kingdom. However, you do not believe in Me. You do not recognize me as your King, your messiah, your creator, but I guess that’s okay…. That is not really as important I suppose as you getting to live on piece of land for your earthly life, before you die and face eternity without Me. Therefore, go ahead and load your assault rifles, hop in your tanks and fire up your attack jets. I will be behind you all the way and help you destroy your enemies, since they have the audacity to oppose you, even though you do not represent Me, but in fact oppose me and depend on yourselves and the powers of this world for your survival. I suffered and died to set men free from their sins, but if no one is interested in that sort of Messiah than I suppose I’ll settle for just being a tribal God who will slaughter your enemies for being guilty of trespassing against your genetically-defined territorial rights. Forgiveness and eternal inheritance aren’t really that big of a deal anyhow. In fact, maybe Esau had it right after all… Let’s just kick some raghead butt.”

      I don’t follow that Jesus, so….

    • Kemosabe are you looking for blog hits? Your approach to communicating with people in the manner you are using is the most current relevant problem.

    • “Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.” Matthew 7:21

    • TheTruthis Strangerthan Fiction…..

      Deuteronomy 9:1-6….SEE what Moses speaks to the JEWISH people in his day!

      1“Hear, O Israel! You are crossing over the Jordan today to go in to dispossess nations greater and mightier than you,
      great cities fortified to heaven, 2a people great and tall, the sons of the Anakim, whom you know and of whom you have heard it said,
      …………‘Who can stand before the sons of Anak?’

      3“Know therefore today that it is the LORD your God who is crossing over before you as a consuming fire.
      He will destroy them and He will subdue them before you, so that you may drive them out and destroy them quickly,
      just as the LORD has spoken to you.

      4“Do not say in your heart when the LORD your God has driven them out before you, ‘Because of my righteousness the LORD
      has brought me in to possess this land,’ …..
      ………..but it is because of the wickedness of these nations that the LORD is dispossessing them before you.

      5“It is not for your righteousness or for the uprightness of your heart that you are going to possess their land,
      but it is because of the wickedness of these nations that the LORD your God is driving them out before you,
      …………in order to confirm the oath which the LORD swore to your fathers, to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

      6“Know, then, it is not because of your righteousness that the LORD your God is giving you this good land to possess,
      ……………for you are a stubborn people.

      Then read the rest of the chapter ….. and finally notice the LAST 5 verses…..especially 29.

      25“So I fell down before the LORD the forty days and nights, which I did because the LORD had said He would destroy you.

      26“I prayed to the LORD and said, ‘O Lord GOD, do not destroy Your people, even Your inheritance, whom You have redeemed
      through Your greatness, whom You have brought out of Egypt with a mighty hand.

      27‘Remember Your servants, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; ……
      ……….do not look at the stubbornness of this people or at their wickedness or their sin.

      28‘Otherwise the land from which You brought us may say, “Because the LORD was not able to bring them into the land which He
      had promised them and because He hated them He has brought them out to slay them in the wilderness.”

      29‘Yet …… they are Your people, even Your inheritance, whom You have brought out by Your great power and Your outstretched arm.’

      So this passage clearly tells us that YAHWEH does NOT “bless ISRAEL” …. because they are somehow “better” than any other nation….
      ……….not because of that at all.

      But, because ISRAEL is YAHWEH’s ….INHERITANCE….which He determined by a Covenant many years before!

      And YAHWEH……..does NOT break Covenant with His people………..for any sin. Remember: JESUS dealt with sin at The Cross.

      YES….ISRAEL will be judged in The 7 Year Tribulation……that is absolute. Yet, it is so that “all ISRAEL may be redeemed”. Rom 11:26

      And Daniel 9:24 gives us ( 6 ) SIX clear reasons WHY His people …ISRAEL… will go through The Fire of The Tribulation Period.

      Furthermore, you need better understanding of Romans 9, 10, and 11…..with how God sees ISRAEL….as His Inheritance.

      Numerous prophecies concerning ISRAEL are still yet to be fulfilled….and each one will be….that is for certain.
      After the Church Age is completed ….YAHWEH will go back to the 70th Week of Daniel and again deal with His Inheritance ISRAEL.

      And once the Tribulation is about to end….ISRAEL will cry out to YAHWEH as a Holy Nation…..crying out for their RISEN MESSIAH.

      All of that is coming upon ISRAEL very soon…..as we are in the end times ….. which will again focus upon the Nation of ISRAEL.

      SO…..don’t worry! God is NOT shocked by His people ISRAEL….what they have done or NOT done.

      God The Father is going to bring The JEWS to the place where they can see……what YASHUA has already done on the Cross.

      THAT DAY…..is coming for ISRAEL. You have God’s Word on it !!!

    • Azureceu, what do you not approve of in the way in which I am communicating, and why would you prefer to cast aspersions on my motives, rather than try to reply to any of the points I have attempted to make?

      I would assume that most folks here would all easily agree that the nefarious forces within the U.S. government use false flag attacks, and CIA-funded/controlled “Islamic terrorists” in order to justify invading whole countries, topple governments, spy on EVERY one of our own citizens, install puppet leaders, etc., etc., etc…. RIGHT?? Hello? Anyone think that’s crazy?

      So tell me… HOW difficult do you think it is then, to be the one behind firing a bunch of random rocket attacks from inside of civilian-populated areas…?? How tough would it be start the conflict, in an area as tense as Gaza or the West Bank? How is that not the EASIEST type of “false flag” to be perpetrated by ANYONE? I mean, if the CIA can shoot protesters and cops, on both sides, in places like Ukraine, or start riots or “uprisings” like those of the so-called “Arab Spring”, then why do you think they don’t do that stuff in Israel??

      WHY do we roll our eyes at all those “gullible people” who believe everything the mainstream media has to say when it comes to stuff like Bin Laden supposedly being killed in his rental house in Pakistan, or how Seal team 6 was so tragically “shot down” so soon after by such a lucky shot by a guy with a bazooka, but then we’ll turn around and believe every word spoken by the SAME Illumedia sources when they tell us what’s really happening in Israel…?

      Wake up, Bride of Christ! Of course we are called to pray for Israel, to pray for peace to come upon Jerusalem. But that Peace is only going to come when the Bridegroom shows up. She won’t, she CAN’T give that peace to herself, see the difference…?

    • You said, “Guess I’ll end my rant now and endure the barrage of “blowback” now…”
      OK, so end it and be silent, wait on the barrage.
      You said, “He loves those Palestinian children getting blown up”
      This comment is very telling as to where your head is at and it must be very dark in there.
      Do you think LA is naive that he isn’t aware of who the battle is with?
      Would you have Israel destroyed by their enemies?
      God established a covenant with Israel and is going to stay the course to the end.

    • sorry John Michael, I guess I got caught up in the back and forth after all. Not sure exactly what you were drawing from that particular comment I made about Palestinian children getting blown up, but I’m pretty sure you were missing the point I was making. I do not believe L.A. is naïve about who the real Enemy is (the guy wrote “the Cosmic Chessmatch” after all!), but I suppose that is what is so completely confounding to me when he turns around and his whole perspective seems to change once the topic is Israel, (as it is with many Christians…)

      Is Satan the Enemy, or are humans your enemy? Let’s not talk out of both sides of our mouths, and call Satan the Enemy, but then refer to any humans who like to see us dead as the enemy. JESUS said, “Fear not the man who can only kill the body, but cannot kill the soul, but fear GOD, who can throw both body and soul into Hell….”

      and what kind of audience was Jesus speaking to when He said such a thing…?

      Was he speaking to a bunch of Gentile Christians, who couldn’t begin to appreciate the kinds of oppression and aggression as the kind faced by the Jewish people, and shouldn’t presume to impose their Gentile concepts of what the Torah was all about on the people who were the first ones to have it…?

      OR…. Did He speak those very words to a Jewish population who were in fact under the control of the Roman Empire at the time, and very much believed that their enemies were human and political..?

      Who did Jesus say to the Jews, and to the Gentiles, our enemy really is, and why do we ignore him in order to try and parse out something different, creating separate truths, separate definitions, and separate realities for Jews/non-Jews, when Christ Himself did no such thing?

      Shalom indeed…

    • Truth is Stranger than Fiction.

      1. Israel has been gathered back into her ancient homeland. Prophecy fulfilled.
      2. The Later rain falls. More prophecy fulfilled.
      3. Hebrew is spoken. Need I say more.
      4. The land is covered with fruit and trees after it was denuded. Yet another Prophecy.
      5. The third temple will be rebuilt. Future.
      6. Father God is not finished with Israel – they will look on Him whom they have pierced. Future.
      7. The prophecies of Psalm 83, Ezekiel 38 & 39 revolve around Israel. Future.
      8. Jesus comes back to Jerusalem not to New York City. Future.
      9. The entire world will hate the Jews… It’s starting to happen.
      10. Jerusalem will become a stumbling block. Happening as we speak.

      So, I’m not making this up. These prophecies are in our Bibles and those who fail to see them and understand that they revolve around the nation of Israel, do so at their own risk of not understanding the scriptures. L.A.

    • re: what do you not approve of in the way in which I am communicating

      Kemosabe, you are unstable in your ways and in your approach and in your thinking, you are not a one man
      army to wake up Christians, a tree is know by its fruit in which you demonstrate a lack of is the point.
      If you took the time and had patience to actually get to know people on the blog and L.A. in general, you would not have to storm the blog with accusations. When you attack other Christians with the Sword and are holding the blade and not the handle it shows your lack of skill. Rather use the sword by the handle against the enemy.

    • We know Judas was chosen by Jesus as an equal brethren and used as an instrument of God to fulfill prophecy. Just because something fulfills prophecy does not.mean it had done.it through righteousness and goodness.

      Israel is the apple of God’s and yet we would have to be niave beyond belief to believe that Satan hasn’t made any headway in trying derail them. Let us be very clear here. God has a plan for Israel, but as of today they are still dead in their sins. They are without a savior, but that won’t be forever.

      Paul teaches is what we shall do.
      Romans 10:1 Brothers and sisters, my heart’s desire and prayer to God for the Israelites is that they may be saved.

      Romans 11:25 I do not want you to be ignorant of this mystery, brothers and sisters, so that you won’t be conceited. Israel has experienced a hardening in part until the full.number of Gentiles has come in and in THIS way Israel will be saved.

      This is the mystery and God’s plan. In some supernatural way through the Jews rejection of Christ they will eventually be led to Christ. So we pray of Israel, but we do them a great disservice but pretending they don’t need Christ.

      BTW, Chris White rocks.

    • Sometimes it is, but let us never assume that a fullfilled prophecy is equivalent to something worthy of rejoicing. Many prophecies are linked with woes.

      A prophecy fulfilled simply means that the truth of GOD’s word has been revealed as incontrovertible to all through circumstances in the world.

    • Dom,

      In your response above you keep saying His people are Israel. Are you not also His people??

      Gal 3:26 For ye are all the children of Yahweh by faith in the Messiah Yahshua.
      Gal 3:27 For as many of you as have been baptized into the Messiah have put on the Messiah.
      Gal 3:29 And if ye be the Messiah’s, then are ye Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.

      Aren’t we gentiles grafted into Israel and become Israel?

      Rom 11:17 And if some of the branches be broken off, and thou, being a wild olive tree (gentiles), were GRAFTED IN AMONG THEM (ISRAEL), and with them partakest of the root and fatness of the olive tree (Israel);

      Rom 11:24 For if thou were cut out of the olive tree which is wild by nature, and WERE GRAFTED CONTRARY TO NATURE INTO A GOOD OLIVE TREE (ISRAEL): how much more shall these, which be the natural branches, be grafted into their own olive tree?

      Who are some of the Egyptians that put blood on their door posts and that left with Israel when they left Egypt?

      Did they not become Israel and one of Yahweh’s people?

      Is Ruth a Moabitess (a gentile) considered one of Yahweh’s people?

      Joseph’s two son’s Manasseh and Ephraim who’s mother was an Egyptian, are they considered Yahweh’s people?

      In the New Testament some examples of gentiles are Silas, Titus, Cornelius, Eunuch, from Ethiopia are they considered Yahweh’s people?

      None of these people are native born Israelites? Are the Yahweh’s people??

      You have it partially right in that there is blindness in part to Israel- the Jewish people.

      Remember the Jews are from the tribe of Judah and Benjamin just two tribes of the 10 of Israel.

      You also said above ISRAEL is YAHWEH’s. Inheritance.

      Here are verses that say believing Gentiles are also Yahweh’s inhertiance.

      Col 1:12 Giving thanks unto the Father, WHICH HATH MADE US MEET TO BE PARTAKERS OF THE INHERITANCE of the saints in light:

      Eph 1:11 IN WHOM ALSO WE HAVE OBTAINED AN INHERITANCE, being predestinated according to the purpose of him who worketh all things after the counsel of his own will:

      This is because Gentile believers become Israel. They are grafted in… we are all one body in Messiah not split. We have one Messiah, one law, and one father..

      Yahshua is the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob (Israel). Yahshua is the lawgiver at Mt. Sinai , the redeemer of us all and the king for us all.

      Foreigners (gentiles) can partake of this same God thru belief and obedience (keeping the love commandments) and we see it all thru scripture that they do.

    • Many peoples and strong nations shall come to seek the Lord of hosts in Jerusalem and to entreat the favor of the Lord. Thus says the Lord of hosts: In those days ten men from the nations of every tongue shall take hold of the robe of a Jew, saying, ‘Let us go with you, for we have heard that God is with you.’”
      Zechariah 8:22-23

    • Hey Kirt,

      PM put out this video/audio just after the one you are watching now, I have not seen/listened to it yet:
      Beasts of Joel’s Army 7/14/2014 (MON)

    • John T,

      the rapture.

      ok just trying to joke a little….

      KIRK, I love you brother…..

      One of these days we need to meet…

      COREY you too.. I love you to…

      I hope you have not left…

      I apologize to the both of you for any hurt I have caused to either of you..

      but, I still will post as I see’em…….

      Iron sharpens iron brothers.

    • I don’t count myself as one that believes “Satanic infiltration in the government of the United States” that’s giving Satan way too much credit. They are just incompetent leaders.

    • I question who wrote the bible everyday because there is an agenda behind over 50% of it. I believe in Yeshua and his teachings, but I don’t think he would be happy about a blog that says it ok to blow up people in the Gaza Strip… And I don’t think he is happy about certain church organizations misconstruing his message. We’re not supposed to be killing each other… Israel could help its neighbors, they sure don’t care that they have taken billions in USA tax payers money. I’m tired of hearing that there Gods chosen people too… More crap written for their Talmud! I respect L.A. And I have been reading his blog for 4 years, but sometimes I think he still needs to wake up or he is just trying to stay low so he can keep writing books and making movies… I don’t know.

    • One more thing! You make this person look like a celebrity, yah sure, we drop fliers and make phone calls before we come blow the crap out of your home! Never mind that the Gaza Strip is the size of small counties in most states… Lots of places to move too. This isn’t the same as Britney Spears in a Pepsi commercial selling kids garbage though…?

    • My review on the pitfalls of political and religious discussions.

      I feel, in general, politics and religion are contentious topics amongst pretty much everyone and they are taken very seriously. While some might get in a heated discussion over sports/movies, most people don’t consider them to be life-changing topics….unless of course you are taking about Star Wars… If at least two people have very different and very strong viewpoints about religion, or politics, talking about it can turn into arguments. These arguments can get pretty nasty, and if they happen often, can drive a wedge between friends and family members.
      Is abortion okay? Is sex before marriage okay? Is the death penalty okay? If your view is to say abortion is wrong, and your best friend says it’s not, and you can’t compromise or just accept the other’s answer, you will go at each other… In theory it’s good to know about people, but if you have two people at opposite sides of the spectrum on a political or religious issue, it can drive them apart and cause quite a bit of harm.
      My sister and I have not spoken in over 5 years due to a political argument/discussion, so yeah; it can definitely drive a wedge into many relationships. Best to tread carefully while discussing these two subjects.

    • Kirt….

      I forgive ya bro! We both still got rough edges…….but iron does indeed sharpen iron. 🙂 It’s the sharpening process that ain’t always easy.

      And maybe…if you still post ’em as you see ’em……maybe I won’t see ’em when you post ’em. BBBWAAATTHHAA…eth !!

      But heck, …. we just keep working through it…… Bruised shins, ….scuffed elbows, ….and stubbed toes.

      I will say, that sometimes your “many questions” is quite honestly a lot to try and answer all at once … because you bring up
      so many things that are related….and some not related….then things get like a mish-mash of mental gymnastics…and it just don’t work.

      And too me, that is very frustrating.

      Corey and I can relate to many things already cause we already have certain common ground areas from which we can relate.

      We already know a lot of where the other is coming from and that makes it easier to connect as well as to stretch our thinking and
      how we may understand some things or see things in a certain way. And that too, is iron sharpening iron.

      So we’ll have to both learn how to do that better with each other. 🙂

    • No doubt, Half Navajo and thetruthisstrangerthanfiction, there are symbols used by those for occult/esoteric/black magic (whatever-you-want-to-call-it) purposes. Nothing new under the sun there.

      AT least Israel has become so as a nation, again, and made a flag with which it is instantly recognizable in identifying its nation.

      God bless Israel and it’s talented and gifted people who have made useful contributions to mankind in the fields of medicine, science, engineering, technology, agriculture, arts, and literature. They’ve put the donations to good use for the benefit of mankind. I believe they care more about the generosity and charity of other nations to its welfare and have invested it wisely, unlike the likes of the Yassur Arafats and his replacements (since his departure) whom have embezzled millions, if not billions, for their own self-serving purpose and other agendas – not much of which have gone to aid to their people.

      I read your complaints and claims that Israel does not care about the generosity of the US (and for that matter, other western nations, too) – be they government tax-funded or simply the charity of people who give willingly. But no complaint about the billions in aid and charity donations given to various nations in the Middle East and other nations on other continents (in Africa, Asia, and elsewhere) who give thanks by saying, “Death to USA!” USA being one of the most charitable peoples in the world, of which among its great contributors are Jewish peoples.

  4. Much like the catholic church; there are some solid Christians in it; but on the whole however…all the kingdoms of this world are under the control of the prince of this world. Soon, very soon our King comes and his recompense will come and we will see as Malachi states:
    Malachi 3:18
    18 Then shall ye return, and discern between the righteous and the wicked, between him that serveth God and him that serveth him not.

    • Exactly. And those few that are Christians that are coming out of catholicism aren’t saved because of it — but despite catholicism.

      Chris Pinto on “The 5 Solas”
      – Saved by faith alone, in Christ alone…


    • Amen. Their will be remnants from all religions called to salvation and it will be inspite of their current thinking that they can achieve salvation by the works of their own hands. And yes, Israel is not immune.

  5. Captain Gordon makes some very EXCELLENT points …. that we’ll probably never hear on most media.

    ISRAEL already knows the world’s opinion is already against them. Yet, the leaders of ISRAEL are trying to go beyond
    what is expected, if for no other reason, than to try to honestly give the GAZA occupants the ability to survive, even under tyrants.

    ISRAEL gives soooo much food and supplies to GAZA occupants, …. even gasoline! …..and even while being shot at by hamas!
    That is truly going above and beyond !!

    Yet it really is not reported today…..on purpose…..in order to steer public opinion against the JEWS.

    Always has been that way too….and it will not be changing any time soon.

  6. Yep, amen too Mrs M and Kristen.
    in many ways, amen to you too ‘truthisstrangerthan’.

    There is no doubt about much of what you have said regarding who is really behind world events, and Israel is far from a perfect or righteous nation, …yet. She IS still a spiritually disobedient nation in many, many ways, however she has still never ceased to be the apple of God’s eye as Kristen pointed out. God’s final plans for her (and us all) are unfolding prophetically as we all know, and a major (and very important part) of that is the raising up of the remnant of believers who will be instrumental in her redemption during the years to come.
    Inspite of her current disobedience, God is still very clearly blessing her, and all the biblically prophetic scriptures regarding her in this period of history are certainly coming to glorious fruition. I love Israel and pray for her restoration continually as I believe we all as disciples of Christ should be doing.
    As such, much of the events we see unfolding in Israel at present require all our prayers and support, because regardless of any ‘luciferic foundations’ that may underpin Israel’s current leadership, the people of Israel are being vehemently attacked and manipulated by additional luciferian/demonic forces manifesting aggressively through HAMAS, Hezbollah etc for her annihilation.

    It is clear through the historical confirmation of scripture that God set the Jews aside and put them under discipline for a time because of their disobedience, BUT He has not ever cut them off from His GRACE.
    He intends to bring His ‘wayward wife’ home: “For the sons of Israel will remain for many days without king or prince… Afterward, the sons of Israel will return and seek the Lord their God… and they will come trembling to the Lord and to His goodness in the last days.” Hosea 3:4-5

    The beginning of Israel’s unique history started with God through Abraham, the purpose of which was that He might work out His plan of salvation for this world, as I’m sure we all know. This work is still being completed. Finished through Christ’s provision, but not completed until all have heard the TRUE gospel message and responded.

    Apart from God, Israel and the Jews have no explanation or rationale for their continued existence. Historically they have continually shown that they rebel, they sin and that they are clearly a stubborn and obstinant people. Foreign God’s and pagan practices have been their downfall all through their history, however…
    …the loving kindness, faithfulness and PATIENCE of God in keeping His promises to the Jewish people in spite of themselves, should be an immense source of encouragement to both them, and us all as Christians.

    As we watch God fulfill promises which He made to the Jewish people thousands of years ago, we can be absolutely certain that He will continue to be faithful in His fulfillment of all the promises He has made to both the Jews, and the Church (us) whom He has also ‘grafted’ into them.

    In the meantime, right now, as Israel contends with the rabid Islamic opposition she currently faces, pro Israel support is a must. The full FACTS about the Palestinian problem are being hidden and distorted with much anti-Israel sentiment being promoted and encouraged globally as a result. This is NOT acceptable, and I personally see it (and take it) as further demonic assault on ‘family’.

    ‘truthisstrangerthan’, Thank you though for bringing up some very important extra points however that also need to be weighed up, considered and remembered amongst the discussions about where things are currently playing out in the middle east. However, let’s all unite spiritually, scripturally and prayerfully for our fellow brothers and sisters (and those still yet to be) in Israel.

    Bless you, and blessing to all.

  7. I think the consensus is that God has a people. Jesus made a way for us (meaning followers of Jesus Christ) to be called his chosen, a royal priesthood. “Israel” encompasses much more than we can see in the natural. It’s a spiritual thing, Paul calls it a mystery. God’s got it figured out so rest assured, He’ll let us in on it as it unfolds. And when it’s all said and done, the nation that is there now will not be the same because it will include all of His people.

    • God bless you too Bruce.

      “‘truthisstrangerthan’, Thank you though for bringing up some very important extra points however that also need to be weighed up, considered and remembered amongst the discussions about where things are currently playing out in the middle east. However, let’s all unite spiritually, scripturally and prayerfully for our fellow brothers and sisters (and those still yet to be) in Israel.

      Bless you, and blessing to all.”

  8. Kirk, I don’t find that dispensationalist thinking anywhere in the Bible, it comes from Scoffield and other dudes, not from God, and it took me many years to unweave it from my thinking after being unconsciously raised in it myself…

    But explain this to me, you and everyone else who believes in this idea that “Israel will be judged and then turn to her messiah after the seven years is over”….

    Most folks here believe that if you take the Mark of the Beast, and essentially swear your allegiance to the anti-Christ. That’s it, Right? There’s no going back…. Most everyone agree? If you take the Mark, you don’t find Jesus later….

    So WHY does nobody in the whole dispensationalist paradigm seem to even consider the POSSIBILITY that modern, political Israel, who is STILL waiting for her Messiah, mind you, would actually embrace the anti-Christ as her true Messiah? (and thus, most Israelis would take the “mark”, along with many professing Christians might I add…)

    It is this BLINDNESS that so many Christians have, thinking that somehow God keeping the Jewish people “in the Land” is what He has to do in order to preserve His own name, or fulfill His own promises, or even bring the Jewish people into eventually putting their faith in Him!

    BRUCE, you said, “because regardless of any ‘luciferic foundations’ that may underpin Israel’s current leadership, the people of Israel are being vehemently attacked and manipulated by additional luciferian/demonic forces manifesting aggressively through HAMAS, Hezbollah etc for her”…

    and there it is, you just hit the nail on the head! It’s the SAME demonic forces behind BOTH SIDES, and the SAME Luciferian PEOPLE manipulating BOTH SIDE!!!!

    So, hey, if we’re talking about praying for the PEOPLE in Jerusalem, and the PEOPLE in Israel, and Gaza, and everyone else, who are caught in the middle of it all, then AMEN! BUT YOU ARE FALLING RIGHT INTO THE VERY TRAP THEY ARE LAYING, IF YOU THINK PICKING ONE POLITICAL SIDE, ONE NATION STATE, OVER THE OTHER….

    It’s ALL going to burn in the Judgement folks! Every politican and national boundary that exists today will be GONE. The ETERNAL Israel, the truth mount Zion, will be HUGE, and far beyond anything created by the Rothchilds and Co. in 1948, or any other time in history….

    • When God said He would bless those that bless Israel and curse those that curse Israel, it was a promise without condition. He hasn’t changed His mind and continues to show the the world His word is unchanging. Why are you angry with Israel? Did a certain Jew hurt you in some way? Forgive them and pray for Israel and God will change your heart. Shalom

    • The book of Romans explains everything.

      All of Israel will be saved, but not all of who we consider to be Israel is actually Israel. By our standards only a remnant is actually Israel.

      Romans 9:8 in other words, it is not the children by physical descent who are God’s children, but it is the children of the promise who are regarded as Abraham’s offspring.

      Here is some serious speculation that wraps this up with a bow and fulfills prophecy as well. Israel is left to its own and gets over run, because this time the Arab nations have the backing of Russia and China. Israel will be “saved” by a supernatural craft that defends God’s children against wickedness. This is a ruse. On this craft will be.none other than jesus himself, although it isnt the Christ because it will an imposter. Israel will have a change of heart towards Jesus and be converted, however who are they really following. The two witnesses will reveal the reality that Israel is being misled to a false christ and must wait a little.longer. They will be killed for.their testimony, but there will.be some (a remnant) who will believe.

  9. “http://www.jpost.com/Operation-Protective-Edge/Netanyahu-expected-to-recommend-acceptance-of-Egyptian-ceasefire-proposal-362793”

    Netanyahu expected to recommend acceptance of Egyptian ceasefire proposal

    Hamas will have the time they need to re-arm. Which they will.

    • oops! I guess there goes the surprise!! 😉

      ” Hey Linda, …. just warning ya………in a little bit …. I am gonna surprise ya. ”

      Are ya ready for your surprise yet ???

      Are ya ….r-e-a-d-y ???

      How about now ???…………..maybe now ?



  10. In the mean time…
    – I’ve been blessed to find how to search in arabic
    – use google translate from english to arabic (obvious enough)
    – then use google search for the term or phrase in arabic
    – then select the translate to english link for each hit

    which gets things like this…
    – comments from the real enemy proxies
    – rocket fire from Gaza into Israel

    “The coolest scene you can see your eye from the Gaza Strip moment firing of Qassam rockets and the reaction of parents”

    • Hamas drone if I’m not mistaken

      “Military expert: Israeli fears of a large aircraft Qassam”
      quote: Strategic expert said Brigadier Safwat El Zayat Israelis ??????? of aircraft carrying the Qassam Brigades for explosives or nuclear warheads, and their ability to hit targets deeper and cruise missiles, anti-ship future

      The brigrades are basically Hamas’ version of the IRA (Irish Republican Army).

    • Azureceu .. the translator showed “mamma mia!”

      The 2nd one I did to Nome was a tribute to you and L.A. for your replies further up in the blog. (I hesitated to add to that thread, though …)

    • ههه! أن أيا من مفكر مثل تخميني. أن نشوة الطرب هو اصطياد بعيدا من كل حفظها من كل مكان لالزواج العشاء الخروف وللرحلة عبر القدس الجديدة من خلق القديمة إلى الأرض الجديدة. :mrgreen:

    • Nome 🐻

      Linda, ya! he’s back but not the same, he sounds like Matt, he speaks in a movie review lingo. Perhaps his flux capacitor shorted out? I was a wonderin if maybe him and I could have a cultural swap, my Sloth for his Koala? But I’m afraid he might critique my request.

    • re: “https://img0.etsystatic.com/000/0/5936916/il_570xN.221094630.jpg”

      Yikes, Pete and I might end up being related!

    • “Matt, speaks in a movie review lingo”

      I didn’t realize I did that…I’m no Don LaFontaine by any means but I appreciate the props. (In my movie trailer voice) … In a World…where biblical scriptures are repeated and repeated again, where conspiracy and UFO theories abound, where planet x is more than just a fantasy,… one ordinary man, under extraordinary circumstances… will discover the hidden power of LA’s blog and change the world. Rated PG-13 Starts Friday…

    • سمعت فقط ‘كل ما الكسالى من خلال الأبواق على الراديو. تم منذ وقت طويل منذ استمع إلى أن واحدا. سوف البوري
      تسريحات الشعر يكون باردا في السماء، أيضا؟

      أرى هناك تشابه قوي هناك، Azereceu!

      خمسة من أصل خمسة نجوم!

    • هذا العبث يشبه بغرابة إلى بلدي خط اليد … غير مقروء.

      أحبكم جميعا.

      يهوه يبارك لك!


    • Wir alle haben das Team deutlich überlegen war, gab es keinen Zweifel daran, dass sie waren schneller, stärker, mehr bestimmt als jeder andere, dass sich die Feld.

    • I have to tell you Pete, the low scoring game was well worth it for me. What a pay off at the end. That shot was incredible…how that kid trapped it on his body and kicked it into the corner pocket was unbelievable. I’m just glad the superior team won and just happened to be the team I was pulling for. But props go out to Argentina; they played their hearts out and did not get a beat down like Brazil. It was a good game all the way to the end thankfully, and not a blow out like the 7–1 fiasco. Unlike Brazil, Argentina decided to show up.

    • Matt, I totally agree with your sports review. Just to add I think even the U.S. could have beaten Brazil and some Brazilians agree with we me on that the rest I did not ask cause there be too many of them.

    • “we me”

      We me wop a we me wop in the jungle the mighty jungle the lion sleeps tonight he, ha helelemama Ohi’mbube..

  11. gotta say…
    – this is a game changer


    ps. Hamas rejected the egyptian mediated cease fire today (tonight).

    • Just noticed this article is from the past hour … (Hamas rejects proposed truce)


    • Not certain Eric. Prayer overrides!
      – hamas has multiple factions

      They seemed certain on the live ustream from Gaza, but…
      – power is out in much of Gaza City
      – the cell phones don’t support data
      – they’re cautious on using cell phones
      …since Israel owns the cell towers and could track them
      – the activist have a hard time checking facts and they know it
      – I think they rely on tweets mostly #Gaza

      my take…
      – the current egyptian administration hated the muslim brotherhood
      – and by extension mb ties to hamas
      – so it’s odd that egypt would be the arbitrator
      – without trying to torpedo the process

    • my guess so far…
      – hamas brigades likely have a terrorist cell structure
      – so dealing with them is likely patchwork at best
      – which exposes hamas’ lack of governance over Gaza
      – that’s an advantage for Israel in any efforts for truce

      from watching the ustream feed, in brief…
      – Gaza has 1.8 million populace, most in families
      – the brigades don’t use “human shields” per se
      – they’re more mobile and move launchers frequently
      – the banks and ATMs are shut down
      – the water supply is horrid, ocean water and sewage contaminants
      – there’s only one exit at Fatah (Sinai/Egypt), mostly closed
      – much of Gaza city is high rise apartments
      – Gaza has the same phone area code as the West Bank
      – phone service and most other goods are supplied by Israel
      – that includes cell phone service (think NSA re: monitoring)
      – the delusion is that hamas keeps Israel from overrunning Gaza

      reminds me of siege war on steroids

    • Nome…..

      …..and it just droned on and on and on……….

      So did anything happen with the drone……did ISRAEL shoot it to smithereens ?!?! Or reprogram it to fight hamas rebels ONLY ??

    • “http://www.foxnews.com/world/2014/07/15/israel-cabinet-approves-gaza-cease-fire-egypt-offer/”

      Cease fire fails. Hamas rejected it.

  12. Anyone miss hearing J. Vernon McGee’s radio sermons?

    Dr. J. Vernon McGee Library
    Radio sermon collection:

  13. Yellowstone Alert! Massive Heat Melts Roadway, ‘Turns Asphalt Into Soup’! <<<<>>> Get this….just today….I heard that a place in eastern Australia had its’ LOWEST temps in over 100 tears!

    More weather related extremes……another sign of the end times!

    • G’day, Kirk!

      I was very surprised to hear of news of a some snowboarders being trapped in an avalanche – I’ve heard of landslides and mudslides but never of ‘avalanche’ (Mount Bogong in state of Victoria) over last weekend. Sadly, one is still missing, and other found deceased.

      Tornadoes aren’t a very common weather phenomenon here, usually associate with Kansas and states in the US, but on weekend, Perth hit by tornadoes – extensive property damage, power blackouts, fallen trees etc in south, and regions just north and west of city, about 10 minutes down the road from my place. Tragically, two people reliant upon respirators in their homes died after power blackouts. Fortunately, thank God, there were no other fatalities.

      Quite amazing.. I was returning home from visiting some friends, who live nearby, very late on Saturday night, and admiring the brightness of the moon and a beautiful, calm, clear, starry night (albeit a very chilly evening) as I walked home. Ten minutes later… I thought the roof of my house was going to collapse under the powerful rain that came down – wasn’t a brief shower, either. The Bureau of Meteorology stated that they were unable to predict or forecast this event, and it’s sudden and quick arrival would not have provided time enough to give fair warning in any case. That be fair dinkum… beautiful and clear skies one minute then a horror storm the next.

      I give thanks, to the LORD, that my home was spared on this occasion.

      I was going to go out on a date with a Christian woman (I met a few months ago), which would have meant me riding my motorcycle to meeting place and eventually, home again (of course). Thankfully, she cancelled earlier in evening (the old chestnut – ‘I was walking my labrador and it tripped me up and I’ve hurt my back’). Fido prevented me being on my two wheels and getting caught in the nasty weather – and perhaps some other nastiness! 🙂 Good boy, Fido! Thank you, LORD! He truly does work in mysterious ways!

  14. Kirk D,

    Around this time last night I posted the following to you:

    “For Kirk Dom:

    “Well, my Scriptural responses to your inaccurate statements below will be with “>>>>” preceding my responses.”

    “Obviously, you have never truly read and understood 1 thess 5, nor the preceding chapter 4″

    That is hardly a respectful way to start off with. And a most typical way for any retort you have for Kirt7. It needs to stop. You badly want to show yourself a “Technician” of Scripture and how and where it should be applied according to you, but you show little if any humility and honor to those who are willing to come forth in disagreement with you on most matters… when you do reply.

    My personal opinion is it really, really needs to stop Kirk Dom. Disagreement is obviously a good thing when done with desire to lead someone from error and into God’s perfect Truth. But any desire to be the volunteer of the Truth of Scripture must be done with the utmost humility, respect and honor for the one you disagree with so as to be assured the same is being given to Christ by our own behavior. We must always remember there are many others at this site watching us…some just to see how a Christian represents themselves when someone else has found disagreement with them regarding Scripture. We should always keep that in mind so as to not offend those who are indeed searching God’s Truth.

    May you know Christ’s great blessings in your time on LA’s BLOG.”

    To which you responded thusly:

    “Well Jeff D ….

    you are wrong in your assessment above ….as I was being very matter of fact….and in so doing…
    I plainly as I could …. told Kirt his specific posts were wrong, and tried to “itemize” it so as to remove confusion…regarding each point.

    But i am curious, Jeff D, ….(though i do know the answer)…..when exactly have you EVER confronted the errors that Kirt believes ???

    Hmmmm ??? …………I mean EVER ???

    Do you Jeff D, …EVER step up to the plate and take a crack at trying to show Kirt his errors ?? You respond readily to me … why not Kirt ??

    Or have you nothing to say regarding the errors of Kirt ?? As i see it, by your own silence on these matters, you approve of error.
    And you have done so….in my opinion ………for much more than a short while.

    So …. Jeff D, …. which is worse…….telling someone they are plainly wrong (as you do me) OR to leave someone in error (as you do kirt) ??

    Did you happen to read Corey’s well done response to Kirt the other day…and how even Corey (as myself) … we do notice Kirt’s
    vast propensity to be antagonistic and mocking in tone in his posts…..both towards myself and to Corey ??? YET…you say NOTHING ?!?!

    Do you consider that THAT might be a key reason that Kirt doesn’t learn from people, regardless of whether it’s me or anyone else ??

    And YET you never once….EVER….confront him on that issue of his errors….EVER. Now….Why would that be Mr Jeff D ???

    Not that I really care, but just pointing out your own log.

    You know, after about 2 1/2 years of trying to explain things to Kirt….some things many multiples of times….I specifically try to avoid
    “conversation” with Kirt because it simply leads to a series of frustrations….for he and for me….But especially for you.

    And yet, sooner or later, i know you will come to Kirt’s defense…..yet not to the defense of the truth; …and Jeff D….that simply baffles me.”

    Kirk D, I am completely honest when I say I read your words above a few minutes ago with true sadness. Sadness because somehow in my heartfelt plea to you to take in consideration how you respond to Kirt7 and others, the “How” of your responses was in now way acknowledged. My plea to you has zero to do with who might be in error and might not be. It does have everything to do with how we represent Christ on this webpage where we are each guests.

    My plea was for the consideration of being humble, respectful and honorable in our dealings with those whom we find are disagreeing with us. I am truly sorry the entirety of my heart’s plea was missed or misunderstood.

    May the Love of Christ shine through us all as we travel through this strange world. May we know his Grace, Mercy, Peace, Forgiveness and Love.

    Sincerely in Christ,


  15. Some additional thoughts to CONTEMPLATE regarding the Israeli Flag.
    (THESE THOUGHTS ARE NOT FOR DEBATE. They are to be considered, pondered and then be either personally accepted or rejected. It is ONLY food for thought to consider, and on topic with L A’s current blog postings.)

    Satanic Hexagram or Star of David?

    The design of the main Israeli flag resembles the Tallit, the Jewish prayer shawl, which is white with blue stripes.The hexagram in the centre is the ‘Star of David’, known in Hebrew as the ‘Shield of David’ or ‘Magen David’. It is the compound of two equilateral triangles, the intersections of which form a regular hexagon. Although it is a generally recognized symbol of Jewish identity and Judaism, it is also used in many other historical, religious and cultural contexts such as Hinduism, Theosophy, Freemasonry, Occultism, Raelism and Islam. This is an extremely intriguing and important point to ponder given the nature of these groups agenda’s and timing of their ‘end times’ presence.

    The hexagram has been in use as a symbol of Judaism since the 17th century, with precedents in the 14th to 16th centuries in Central Europe, where the Shield of David was partly used in conjunction with the Seal of Solomon (the hexagram) on Jewish flags. It’s use is also alleged to derive from medieval (11th to 13th century) Jewish protective amulets (segulot).
    The term ‘Shield of David’ is also used in the Siddur (Jewish prayer book) as a title of God.

    There are many varied meanings behind what a hexagram can or may represent usage wise as a symbol, but it should be very clearly understood that many symbols, whilst often having either dual or various representations, don’t necessarily mean that any particular one dominates over another.

    EXAMPLE: A rainbow can either represent the sign that God gave in Genesis 9:12-16, OR… it can now also represent Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual & Transgender Pride. At it’s origin however, it is actually the display of the colour spectrum of light.
    Which representation takes precedence of this symbol? It is none, yet all of them. It is only the context with which it is applied to any given symbolic representation that makes it predominant.

    Likewise, at it’s creative origin, a hexagram is only really nothing more than a geometrically created shape. The question of course is, was it created for an occultic symbolic purpose, or was it just a product of geometric design aesthetics?

    A few considerations regarding the application symbolically of the hexagram to compare…

    1. It is entirely possible that as a simple geometric shape, (e.g. the triangle, circle, or square) that the hexagram has been created by various people sources with no connection to one another.

    2. The hexagram is a mandala symbol called satkona yantra or sadkona yantra found on ancient South Indian Hindu temples, symbolizing the perfect meditative state of balance achieved between Man and God.

    3. It is simply 2 of the 3 letters in the name David in its Hebrew spelling.
    David is transliterated as ‘D-V-D’ in biblical Hebrew, with the letter ‘D’ (Dalet) written in a form like an upside-down and backwards “L,” but when seen in the Greek, the letter ‘Delta’ (Δ) is a triangle.
    The symbol may then have possibly been a simple family crest formed by flipping and juxtaposing the two most prominent letters in the name.
    (This theory however, is apparently not very well substantiated.)

    4. The hexagram represents the astrological chart at the time of David’s birth or appointment as king due to the hexagram being also known as the ‘King’s Star’ in astrological circles.

    Now, despite having presented the above 4 possible considerations…
    Because of the Rothschild and United Nations influence in the re-establishment of the Nation of Israel, and the strong occultic, Freemason and Theosophical belief threads running through the global elite they are in allegiance with, the Hexagram usage on the Flag of Israel unfortunately COULD very well have been chosen to symbolically represent some occultic inspiration and influence.
    Whilst this may be the origin of the hexagram motif in other ritualistic applications, the spiritual power of any symbol usage is still generally only demonically applicable when used to accompany occult ceremony or rituals.
    Unlike the upside down pentagram specifically used and aligned to Satan/paganism, the Israeli flag doesn’t necessarily represent the same kind of occultic/sinister influence.

    Unless there is a blatantly distinct esoteric/occultic and still currently relevant meaning behind the hexagram on the Israeli flag, (such as a segulot) it shouldn’t be of concern. Once again though, having said what I did in my above post previously, the Jews historically have generally been disasterous in their faithfulness to God in relation to all manner of idolatry, hence the mess they have been in throughout their entire existence as a people. Foreign Gods and all manner of other superstition have played a large part in their history of corruption and downfall.

    In the end, the predominant application and usage of a national flag (or any flag for that matter) generally encompasses nothing more than it just being a rectangular piece of fabric with a distinctive design or symbol of some kind to be employed as a signaling device or decoration.

    Should we be reading more into the national flag of Israel? Probably not, but being aware of all the other possible facets presented above is also highly recommended.

    (Taken and slightly adapted from a presentation I put together last year regarding the Flag Of Israel)

    • Thank you for the Israel update it was a blessing to read.
      To the unbelievers on this site:
      There will always be those who take truth and twist it…..( like this one” did God say not to eat the fruit of the tree?)

      Each day we are a little closer one day it will be too late. Don’t take the bait Satan is trying to get you to take. He did it with Eve he has no bones about doing it to you.

      Yes L.A. Seeds of discord 🙂

      2Peter 3:3 knowing first that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts and saying “where is the promise of his comings”?

  16. The current passing generation are infants compared to the living generations of the saved that are with Christ now from previous generations.

    I mean like Moses — who Christ showed us at the Transfiguration, though his physical body had died long before. And Elijah, long before transported directly to heaven.

    My point is that True Israel is in heaven now. And all the promises, covenants, and such are for Christ and His people there — as will fall to the passing generations of the saved who join them. Collectively they have no doubt much to say in prayer and praise to Christ concerning each current generation.

    All of us who are saved are grafted into to Christ, and into them, as “one new man” (not woman). We know though clearly with no room for interpretation that the Wife of The Lamb (meaning Christ as Son of God in His full glory as the Husbandman) — is New Jerusalem. “Jerusalem above is free, who is the mother of us all.”

    So those that think our current “infantile” understanding or opinions matter compared to that of the greater assembly of saints in heaven, that greater cloud of witnesses of those saved, including the remnant out of each generation that The Almighty has reserved for Himself… well you elevate your own importance.

    Our Father is more than well able to correct and discipline His children. And to deal with earthly Israel geographically and as a people. Our concern should be what He’s doing — which is no doubt consistent with His Word as given previously and prophetically — as His will. And He has personally demonstrated to us that He turns even curses to blessings for His beloved.

    Such as by Christ’s physical sacrifice of His own body as our Great High Priest. Though He lay His physical body down at the cross — He took the keys of hell and death from them — in His spiritual form.

    We shouldn’t forget that there’s a supernatural side to all of this.

    (sorry no edits)

    • Yes you are correct There is a supernatural side to all this!
      Satans time is up,,,,He is gonna pull out the big guns
      No one is going to do anything that will surpriseGod.
      God will do exactly what He said will happen in the scriptures.

  17. Ahhh folks! I woke up a few minutes ago with this song in my spirit:

    When the Saints Go Marching In

    We are one people in Yeshua, Jesus Christ. He died and rose again for All ( including the Palestinians).

    The Lord God gave us the 10 Commandments (plus the 613+) as a statue(s) — foundation to live by, including, thou shall not kill.

    These commandments cross all borders, across many languages, for “For it is Written, as I live, saith the Lord, Every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue confess to God.” (Romans 14:11)

    There’s no doubt that there Luciferian factions in all segments of society, including Israel, but have no doubt, satan, the enemy, has been defeated by Jesus Christ, God’s Holy, Sinless Son!

    God, in His Goodness, has not given up on ANYONE who calls on His name, for they shall be saved.

    It is a supernatural battle in full force currently playing out that which was spoken about so many centuries ago but being fulfilled out before our very eyes today.

    Each person has an individual role to fulfill. Each is accountable for their actions and deeds. Each is ultimately accountable in that final day of judgment.

    We may not understand everything that has been set before us but understand one thing: God has the final say in matters concerning His people. His chosen people who have expressly been created for His pleasure.

    Saints, adore Him, worship Him. He is the way, the truth, and the light of this very dark world.

    Blessings to all!

  18. From L.A.’s top 10 list:

    10. Jerusalem will become a stumbling block. Happening as we speak.

    Just a quick statistical overview:

    World population: 7 Billion
    World Jewish population: 14 million
    Population of Israel: 8 million
    population of Jerusalem: 800,000
    Population of Palestine: 4 million

    Taking in just how insignificant the Jews are by numbers, but are so prominent in History.

  19. Found this little dity from a good old preacher and wanted to share it:
    In light of what is happening Hmmmmhmmmm

    Dragons of course are fictional beasts,
    Monsterous reptiles, with lions claws and serpent tails , bat wings and scales,,
    They only exist in the immagination
    But there are dragons of different kinds, ….decidedly real…..
    In most cases though they do not intend to be sinister though in fact they are often quite friendly,
    But their charm belies their power to destroy!
    They are often well meaning and sincere and leave ulcers,,and strained relationships and hard feelings in their wake….
    They don’t consider themselves difficult people, they don’t sit up nights thinking of ways to be nasty,
    Often they are pillars of the community, talented and strong personalities deservingly respected but for some reason,,
    They undermine the ways of Christ,
    They are not naturally rebellious or pathalogical they are loyal and convinced they are serving God.
    When relationships are vandelised by dragons they make you feel like a failure.

    • Good word on dragons, Michelle …the prideful, thinking they are serving God, etc.. This scripture came to mind so I looked it up to copy and paste ..

      1 Corinthians 3:19-21

      19 For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. For it is written, He taketh the wise in their own craftiness.

      20 And again, The Lord knoweth the thoughts of the wise, that they are vain.

      21 Therefore let no man glory in men. For all things are yours

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