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Armed militia sets up Texas command center to ‘fight for national sovereignty’


Break the Immigration Impasse

Sheldon Adelson, Warren Buffett and Bill Gates on Immigration Reform


Like most government agencies our immigration process is broken.  Miles of red tape awaits anyone who attempts to come to this country in the prescribed legal manner.  However, I believe there is a reason the Obama administration is allowing thousands of illegal immigrants into this country and it is this.  They are deliberately breaking the back of the American Middle Class.  They are destroying the country to create a two class system, the elite one percent at the top and the rest of us, equally poor, below.  They are also creating a class of people who will rely on, and vote for, big government and the socialism that it brings.

It is almost impossible to really get ahead in the USA, as we are taxed from cradle to grave.  If a small business owner makes a profit, much of it will go to Uncle Sam.  Businesses are being forced into providing healthcare for their employees—Obamacare—so many business owners cut the hours of their employees to get around the government regulations.  The days of the Ma and Pa small business, which added to the strength of the Middle Class, is dying fast, as Big Box stores are firmly ensconced from coast to coast.  Yes, it’s cheaper to buy goods there, but in the long run it’s taken the little guy out of the equation and put big business at the front.   Many of these stores rely on cheap labor with no real chance of advancement.

I’ve been to Peru three times in the last 18 months, on research.  The country is beautiful and the people are friendly, but Peru is a two class country.  The poor are everywhere, and there is essentially no middle class.  Mexico and much of Central America is the same, no middle class.  The people are poorly educated and there is little opportunity to advance.  If I lived there I would try to come here too.  Who can blame someone for wanting a better life, but the reality of the situation is this, everyone can’t come here and these other countries need to educate their people and create an envoirnment where people can thrive.

Allowing thousands of people into our country illegally, puts a strain on our already taxed infrastructure in regard to medical services, welfare and foodstamps.  All one has to do is look at California and the deficit which is created by illegal aliens using our medical and education services for free, to see what happens.  http://www.thenewamerican.com/usnews/immigration/item/12431-illegal-aliens-a-drain-on-us-taxpayers-report-says

Illegal immigration also creates a source of cheap labor.  Big Business likes cheap labor and will move mountains to acquire it.  Don’t believe me, look at Detroit, the city that was once the motor capital of the world.  It is now a wasteland and thousands of workers were cheated out of their pensions and Big Business went to China and Mexico where labor is cheap and unions nonexistent.


In the link above three Billionaires unite on immigration.  They are the elite!  However one Billionaire, Donald Trump came out swinging when stated this:  “You know, the only one we can’t get back into the country is our Marine,” Trump said on Thursday, referring to U.S. Marine reservist Andrew Tahmooressi, who mistakenly crossed in to Mexico with firearms and is being held there by the Mexican government. “I mean, everyone else is flowing in from Mexico and the Marine is stuck in prison.”  Trump gets it!


The Obama administration wants Big government and it wants people dependent on it.  We are now a nation that has almost 90 million people who are unemployed.  Millions more are on food stamps.  The American dream has become a socialist nightmare.  Then we have those who tell us we need to have compassion and somehow equate welcoming thousands of children from other countries, to what Jesus would do, telling us He would have let these kids in.  The bottom line is this, we can’t let everyone on the planet into this country.  The countries south of the border are steeped in corruption, poor education, drug trafficking and a two class system, the elite on the top and the equally poor beneath them.

In closing todays post.  This country is being systematically destroyed.  The Federal Reserve continues to print funny money and at some point this financial house of cards will collapse.  Obamacare is onerous and the government has spent almost a billion dollars on a web site that still doesn’t work.  There is also class warfare, as Obama has stated that those who have gotten ahead by hard work think the shrinking middle class here—are going to have to pay a little more and that those who succeeded didn’t get there on their own.  This is classic communism and wealth distribution.  The influx of illegal’s coming into the USA, who know nothing about our constitution and our way of life, will lower the bar still further and take jobs away from the American people and swell the lower class, making the middle class nonexistent.  Chaos? You bet!





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47 thoughts on “Time to Address the Southern Border Chaos!

  1. This border thing is a mess but I continue to wonder about this escalating as an issue at the same time this Middle East thing went off the cliff.

    Even some in the MSM and even someone like McCain made noise when they were told that no recording equipment, cameras, etc. were going to be allowed in any of these so called refuge hot spots. I find that highly suspicious and I can’t help but wonder if this is partially manufactured.


    ^^ This goes right to what last night’s radio show was about. Now we have rockets coming out of Lebanon. This is turning into multifront.

    It’s coming.

    Make sure you all listen to that show the second the archive hits. It could have been a 2-3 hour show easily.

    I was amongst the folks that received our copies of Watchers 8 yesterday and it’s stupendous. I highly recommend seeing 6 and 7 first for maximum impact.

    Lots to pray about and be watchful about.

    • “http://theettingerreport.com/Jerusalem-Cloakroom/Terrorism/Ceasefire-Containment-is-no-longer-an-option.aspx”


      Excellent commentaries/analysis.

    • “http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/jul/10/amid-border-crisis-obama-take-15-day-vacation-mart/”

      Amazing. Although maybe this is a good thing… or maybe he’s all set for some more obvious “plausible deniability.”

      People really think this guy is some Messiah? Or the AC? Get real.

    • “People really think this guy is some Messiah? Or the AC? Get real.”

      He is the Anunnaki warlord Osirus, accompanied by his mate Lilitu, they were ejected off the 3,600 year orbital celestial turd ball that intersected to our parallel dimensional plane during the last galactic alignment and landed somewhere in the Africa Kalahari where they were raised to maturity by Zaphod and Flower of the Whiskers tribe. The O’s enjoy watching TV, eating out, visiting friends, working out at the gym, travel and an occasional game of Scrabble.
      – elderscrolls wikia

    • Offspring of Lilitu: “home schooling”
      Subject: Planetary science

  2. Sadly,in my opinion there will be zero done to stop the illegal immigration process. In all truthfulness it is next to impossible…except to put military and/or militia groups on the border with the intention to shoot and eliminate any and all threats crossing over. In other words we will have to start a war with Mexico.

    This is not just all my Texas pride talking when I say if we were The Republic of Texas, back to our own original sovereign nation, this border war would be over in one huge hurry. But alas that is not the case so sadly this still great state is at the mercy (but not for long) of our do-nothing President who wants Congress to work out a bill. I would say “What a joke” but there is nothing funny about this mess our NATIONAL Government is causing to fester. I believe we will see Rick Perry authorize Tx. Militia groups soon soon soon, and force this crap to hit the fan full force. THEN you will watch how fast the illegals will stop.

    • I agree. I think some of this is manufactured. We’ve had unofficial amnesty since the 80s. Reagan and the Democratic Congress together punted the ball on the last real chance for immigration reform and that was all she wrote. Hindsight being 20-20 I don’t know how anyone can deny it.

      Club of Rome had their 10 region world map out since the 70s. Unofficially, we’ve been the North American Union for pushing 30 years as far as I’m concerned and I think that unofficial status is in process of changing.

      Why now? Why at the same time the Middle East blows up? I think that’s highly suspect in addition to the fact that even someone like John McCain and even the MSM is not allowed to go in to these so called refugee areas with ANY kind of recording or camera devices.


    • This has to do with the North American Union and the destruction of The United States… period. Like Eric said, it so far officially undeclared but the Club of Rome document made in the fifties or whenever it was, says it all. It’s only a matter of a short while now. September 2015 anyone? Research it and you’ll know what I’m talking about… hint… Jonathan Cahn.

    • A way to halt illegal border crossings…
      – like the Israelis did
      – put up automatic machine guns
      – that track people in their kill zones
      – remotely monitored like drones
      – all along the border

      The Israelis use the tracking (turret locks on targets)…
      – as a deterrent
      – they don’t use them live fire (mostly)
      – but they could

      That of course doesn’t deal with visitors overstaying their visas…
      – which is how have the illegals in the US entered
      – they were legal when they came in
      – they should be clearly ID’d as foreign visitors

      Those that use the spin and terms of their enemies…
      – have already lost the ware
      – such as “illegal immigrant”
      – vice “illegal migrant”
      – contrast with “Illegal visitor”
      – or “undocumented”

    • edits…

      That of course doesn’t deal with foreign visitors overstaying their visas…
      – which is how most of the illegals in the US entered
      – they were legal when they came in
      – clearly ID’d as foreign visitors

      Those that use the media spins and rhetoric of their enemies…
      – have already lost the war
      – terms such as “illegal immigrant” vice “illegal migrant”
      – contrast with “Illegal visitor” or just “undocumented”

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  4. A few weeks ago I posted a video addressing the issue of the North American Unionization (U.S., Canada, and Mexico) an Agenda 21 dream of total control (tyranny).

    The more that I see information filtering through on the illegal immigration the more I see the progression taking form.

    It’s been reported that the “Beast”, the train carrying these aliens across Mexico into Texas, recently derailed causing thousands to become stranded in Mexico. These people are being shuffled around like lost baggage!

    Now what? I’m angry at the way everyone is being treated–from the innocent, minor children, to the U.S. citizen expressing genuine concern over their well being and expenses to support them, to the public politicians like McAllen’s representative Henry Cuellar who has taken a stand against the Obama’s Administration on the handling of the issues, to the point he has received a phone call from the white house not to publically speak about the situation, from law enforcement’s failure to effectively enforce U.S.laws, to the reporters who are being censored for reporting the truth.

    All are violations of free speech. All this chaos to establish the New World Order.

  5. “http://www.trunews.com/Audio/7_10_14_thursday_trunews2.mp3” Rick Wiles, Tru news has a retired high level military officer on the program and he thinks this is planned to destroy the u.s.

  6. I’d like to see a sign like this one with the might behind it to back it up.
    No tienes que ir a casa pero no puedes decir aquí.
    You don’t have to go home but you cant stay here.

    Why not spend the money required to house, feed, cloth, etc all of these southern border invaders and use it to hire people to stop this. The only finger that Homeland security is lifting is the one that they’re showing the US Citizen.

  7. I feel sad today reading your blog, L.A. We are so far gone as a society. We need the Lord to come very badly.

  8. Satan’s idea that it is better to “rule in hell than to serve in heaven”, applies to the liberal-progressive agenda.

    Which makes me wonder about the Mormon white horse prophecy which says that the constitution will be hanging by a thread when a Mormon comes to the rescue. The thought, during the last election, was that the prophecy would be fulfilled by Mitt Romney. There is talk of Romney running again. But I realize that this prophecy may not stand up to close scrutiny.

    And to Matt, that is funny about Shatner singing, his acting style always reminded me of Adam West. A bit over the top, like Bozo doing Shakespeare. That is meant as a compliment. I also need a light shined on my behavior when I start to take myself too seriously. Golfing is my way of humbling myself. I have to try and find a clip of Shatner singing. It CANNOT be as bad as that Nimoy song! Ha Ha

    • Corey, indeed something to ponder. I didn’t know of a planetoid named Sedna. Yesterday, there was news about the former head of Greenpeace who fears global cooling instead of global warming. Another news story told of the Amazon rainforest not being as old as previously thought. This gives some credence to the notion that another ice age may occur, as warned by the crop circle in the video. Not one, stand alone thing, from an extra-biblical source, can sway my thoughts, but mounting secular prophesies do make me consider it more seriously. Did you catch the fact that in St. Paul’s Basilica, there are portraits of the popes, and coincidently, the space for the portraits is now filled? Just an interesting tidbit, the video was for a book promotion, so the author, Helios, would be the main source of the claims in the video.

    • There is an ice age (if youwant to call it that) coming according to the book of Job and it’s going to occur in the Tribulation. When I have the opportunity, I’ll show you where in Job it is located. I have a certain teaching by Gary Stearman and J.R. Church where they point it out. The name of the message is called “The Big Freeze”. I also have the issue of their magazine where they wrote about it. Very fascinating.

    • Hast thou entered into the treasures of the snow? or hast thou seen the treasures of the hail,
      Which I have reserved against the time of trouble, against the day of battle and war?
      Job 38:22-23

    • Actually… it’s not. It’s in the March 2004 issue of their magazine. It’s called “The Big Freeze”. This oceanic “converyer belt is discussed and apparently it is slowing down mysteriously. This conveyer belt is responsible for distributing a certain correct amount of warm air to certain parts of the world. When it slows down more or stops, a sudden and catastrophic freezing will occur in the Northern Hemisphere destroying food production. This is apparently happening according to “WoodsHo”… or at least I think that this is their acronym. Something like that. But it’s very concerning according to them that it is slowing down. As you pointed out in the scripture in Job, God specifically tells Job that he is preserving this event for the “Day of trouble”, Day of battle and War” This in indeed the tribulation being spoken of here. Instead of so-called global warming, God himself declares to Job that a global “cooling” of the highest order is in store apparently. I’ll attempt to find this episode of Prophecy In The News and post it if I can. Quite fascinating.

    • “http://www.sciencemag.org/content/194/4270/1121”


      1) Three indices of global climate have been monitored in the record of the past 450,000 years in Southern Hemisphere ocean-floor sediments.

      2) Over the frequency range 10–4 to 10–5 cycle per year, climatic variance of these records is concentrated in three discrete spectral peaks at periods of 23,000, 42,000, and approximately 100,000 years. These peaks correspond to the dominant periods of the earth’s solar orbit, and contain respectively about 10, 25, and 50 percent of the climatic variance.

      3) The 42,000-year climatic component has the same period as variations in the obliquity of the earth’s axis and retains a constant phase relationship with it.

      4) The 23,000-year portion of the variance displays the same periods (about 23,000 and 19,000 years) as the quasi-periodic precession index.

      5) The dominant, 100,000-year climatic

      component has an average period close to, and is in phase with, orbital eccentricity. Unlike the correlations between climate and the higher-frequency orbital variations (which can be explained on the assumption that the climate system responds linearly to orbital forcing), an explanation of the correlation between climate and eccentricity probably requires an assumption of nonlinearity.

      6) It is concluded that changes in the earth’s orbital geometry are the fundamental cause of the succession of Quaternary ice ages.

      7) A model of future climate based on the observed orbital-climate relationships, but ignoring anthropogenic effects, predicts that the long-term trend over the next seven thousand years is toward extensive Northern Hemisphere glaciation.

      ps. “Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute”
      pps. time scales are guesses at best and skewed by the delusions such as evolution and continental drift

  9. Kirt… In answer to your comment yesterday – I guess you’ve not heard of the “Corkscrew effect that Planet x is displaying. Although if you paid any real attention, you would have heard it spoken about in one of the videos I posted a few days back. There is even a better one circulating out there that would explain why people are not seeing this thing at night or day without the clouds. I am not a scientist so I’m sure that you will find fault with the explanation somewhere, but this is how it goes. It is not coming at us in a traditional way that another object or planet/dward star would. You’re argument of it not existing could possibly fall on that one fact alone. Go back a week or so ago and watch one particular video (forgot which) and you will see it expounded upon a little. Again, I’m not a scientist but I have heard the explanation to your concern explained scientifically. The “corkscrew” effect answers the reasons why you don’t see it at night and why it seemingly “pops in” and “pops out” of view periodically and that not everyone in the world can see it… only at certain times. Of course, I have noticed in many of these videos, you will see heavy chemtrailing going on as though they are trying to hide it for as long as they can when it does pop into view. But that is neither here nor there concerning the corkscrew effect.

    Skeptics are thinking of this thing in terms of normalcy… like you Kirt. This thing isn’t behaving in a manner consistent with the normal functioning of all the other planets. You’re displaying the typical knee-jerk reaction of many. You’re thinking in terms of a normal operating pattern. This thing is anything but normal in it’s approach. If you want me to explain this as though I’m some sort of scientist, forget about it. It’s just not my expertise. I would say that the evidence is more in favor of it’s existence than not. Sorry Kirt, nice try though. Admittedly, I am open to any rational explanation that may do credible damage to the “Planet X is real crowd”, which obviously I am a part of, but I haven’t seen it yet. Perhaps if you have time, you can track down a certain video that I saw explaining the “corkscrew behavior” of planet X. In other words, my understanding of it is that it is approaching in a corscrew motion. This would be the reason it cannot always be seen… yet. I believe I have heard Marshall Masters explain this also. Oh yea… wait a minute… Mr. Masters is not a christian, so he must not know what he is talking about right Kirt? My apologies for being a smartalec, but honestly, you could tone down the antagonism a little yourself with the condescending attitude. There is a way to go about expressing doubt and concern without the condescendence… or is it that you are bitter about being deceived about comet Elinin. I’ll bet you thought that I forgot huh? But in all reality, you weren’t really fooled by Elinin because it too was a sign of something not being right. Because Elinin didn’t cause Armageddon like alot of the youtube videos were practically declaring, people totally dismissed it as “irrelevant hoax” when in actuality, it was a sign of something more ominous out there (think debris trail). Where do you think all of these comets are coming from Kirt? I don’t think I remember a time when we were having so many comets come perilously close to us as we have at this stage of the game. Ever heard of the debris trail that planet x has behind it Kirt? Of course you did… you probably are just choosing to ignore it. Where are all these sinkholes coming from Kirt? And don’t say “fracking”…. too funny. TELL ME! TELL ME! TELL ME I SAY! Excuse me for having a little fun, but the arguments against planet x for not being real are quite ridiculous at this point. Again… if I heard a gunuinely legit argument that explains this whole thing… then I would be willing to say O.K. It looks like it really isn’t what I or some others thought.

    Yet another thought (and in my opinion, a very powerful one) is that this planet is said to have the so-called “Annunaki) inhabiting it. You and I and most christians would identify these beings as “demons” no matter what any new ager or whatever may call them. Do you suppose that Demons would have the capability of concealing this planet from a mass viewing of people on earth until the right time? Let’s not forget that alot of the hi-tech camoflaging (probably butchered the spelling of that word) technology that we know Darpa has been working on came from demonic sources just like UFOs. That is another possible explanation in conjuction with the more scientific and provable corkscrew motion planet x is said to be displaying on it’s approach.

    I’ll leave you with these two words again so you don’t forget…


    Go back to one of the videos I posted and you will see it expounded on alittle. Maybe you and I could have a competition to see who could locate the Marshall Masters corkscrew explanation when he appeared on Coast to Coast. I won’t hold my breathe though that you will look for it. Maybe I’ll get it one day and post it when I have more time.

    • Kirt, furthermostest:
      Don’t confuse the “Corkscrew Effect” with getting rolled after a night at a pub in Cork.
      -Erin go bragh

    • Kirt, here is your problem:

      Esoteric or secret or hidden knowledge can only be understood and seen by those enlightened.
      -Mystery babylon

    • Corey,

      Most of what say above contradicts yourself.

      I’ll move specifically to the so called “cork screw” affect.

      According to Kepler’s laws, a planet’s rate of revolution around the Sun is based on its distance from the Sun. In order to hide permanently behind the Sun, as seen from Earth, it would have to be in the same orbit as the Earth, but 180 degrees away. It would also have to have an eccentricity that matched the Earth exactly, otherwise it would sometimes appear to peek out on either side of the Sun.

      Even then, it could still be detected by the effect that its mass had in perturbing the orbits of the other planets, so it would not be “invisible” just because it was always behind the Sun.

      As for a “cork screw” affect or spiral motion, there is no such thing. Planets, comets, asteroids and whatever else only circle around the Sun, due to gravity, and cannot circle around another center, since there would be no mass having gravity to attract it to the center of the spiral.

      This is how gravity works, as explained by Isaac Newton over 300 years ago. It is the foundation of all modern physics, including computers.

    • by the way Corey,

      I asked you and your buddy Dom some questions yesterday.

      Dom could not answer them maybe you can.

      In the past when the tetrads took place did they happen before or after the event that it was claimed to have prophesied?


      If the current tetrad is a specific sign to a specific event, don’t you think the sign should take place before the event.

      The tetrads have not even finished yet? and you are trying to say they are attached to something???

      Can you please show biblical precedence for that.

      And if the tetrad’s really are a true sign from the bible then please tell us SPECIFICALLY just what event they are signaling?

  10. Why Does Hamas Want War?


    An interesting read.

  11. “http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2014/07/breaking-mexico-guatemala-cut-deal-to-allow-more-illegal-immigrants-to-flood-into-us/”

    Except another surge in illegals soon.

  12. To me the US is just another worldly nation of…
    – mostly evil people with few that will ever be saved
    – “wide is the way that leads to destruction”
    – it will pass as did 6 other flags (nations)

    The US like others must reap what they’ve sown…
    – from rebellions (1776), slavery (african), indian exterminations (genocide)
    – monroe doctrine (rebellions), hamiltonian speculative economic (slavery), roosevelt big stick* (genocide)
    – global war sales (insurrections), black markets ** (wage slavery), massive abortion (infanticide)
    – etc. etc. etc.
    The tares have matured. That means holy angels have standing orders to weed them out.

    * latin america and asia (chinese opium wars, racism, delano roosevelt in opium trade)
    ** the underground economy in contraband (drugs), human trafficking (sex, domestic slavery), arms (to cartels, syndicates, terrorists, and laundered money from the rest … a cycle which tears down work place regulation, such as product safety, worker safety, child labor, equity, etc.

    I live on the border…
    – work with residents (green card) routinely (co-workers)
    – have worked in the maquilas in Matamoros and Reynosa
    – have many older neighbors that speak only spanish ***
    – who came during previous amnesties and get welfare

    *** it’s very difficult for adults to learn other languages fluently

    There is no immigration problem…
    – that’s demonic spin and mind control
    – contrast “migrant laborer” laws and groups
    – resident aliens that work in the US agriculture
    – the problem is illegal visitors
    – the undocumented population should be id’d
    – sent back or their home nations billed
    – as if anything could fix the evil that most US citizens prefer
    – of having a permanent, nameless, faceless, voiceless underclass

    Foreign visitors are great, and that’s what the OTMs should always be considered.
    – remember I work closely every day with resident aliens from Mexico
    – few have dual citizenship and they remain obligated to their home nations
    – I also see all the undocumented getting screwed over such as in the colonias
    – “http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colonia_%28United_States%29”

    Colonias exist within the states of Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Texas with more than 1,500 colonias identified within the U.S., and almost all of them are found in Texas.[1] Evidence suggests that there are more than 1,800 designated colonias in the state of Texas, somewhere around 138 in New Mexico, about 77 in Arizona, and 32 in California[6] These settlements are part of an informal sector or informal economy that is not bound by the structures of government regulations within labor, tax, health and safety, land use and environmental, civil rights, and immigration laws.[1]

    Look at all the dots in south Texas…

    Here are the bridges to Mexico just in my area…
    Bridge Crossing
    – Anzalduas
    – B&M
    – Donna
    – Gateway
    – Hidalgo
    – Los Indios
    – Pharr
    – Progreso
    – Rio Grande City
    – Roma
    – Veterans

    The area votes mostly democratic.

    Those that keep the black market in place…
    – should also take the doors & windows off their homes

    black market:
    – undocumented (mules, cheap labor, sex trade)
    – contraband (drugs… knock offs and intoxicants)
    – laundered money
    – weapons (to cartels, syndicates, insurrections…)

    a. manufacturing jobs went to mexico, but then left mexico and went to china, india, etc.
    b. NAFTA traffic is part of the globalist / wall street / speculators system that elects presidents
    c. nationalism is a “rose colored glasses” reaction (likely demonic, programmed, or mind control)

  13. The illuminati elite don’t want borders. They want the United States of the World. Satan’s ultumate agenda.

  14. Well you Americans have the Mexican border,,,at least thats an excuse.
    The Canadian government lets so many people in from any Country,,,but what is weird is I never meet Americans moving to Canada.
    If Canadians try to move to America we can not with out Visas and all kinds of documents. Its like you can only move if your going to suck the system.
    Our area in Ontario has been hit hard by the last recesssion,,,many many Ontarians without work. An immigrant was given a job and they passed over my husband! It was a government job too.
    I will never for the life of me understand why they continue to let people in our country that just use the welfare system, you would think it would be logical to let people in that advance your society, like smart doctors,,business people.
    It creates a bad senario on the streets with homeless and poor.

    We are middleclass our house is paid for and it is almost impossible to make ends meet,,,you know without being in debt.
    Inflation is taking a toll here in Canada,,,groceries cost about 220.00 a week.
    Our government takes near half my husbands paycheck (FIT)
    Our electricity has sky rocketed,,,and they announced gas to heat our house is going up 40% this year.
    Times are tough

    Fact is they are trying to break us! A days wages for a loaf of bread?
    Our towns mayor decided we needed sewers and since there is no money this year in the budget for it,,each homeowner gets to pay 10,000. Out of their own pocket…..Everyone else in our town has had infastructure paid for through grants,,,
    Governments keep trying to spend their way out of debt,,,either they are mentally challeged or Evil!
    I think they , all of North America are up to something for sure!

  15. “http://www.cnn.com/2014/07/11/world/asia/japan-earthquake/index.html”

    Un-believable. 6.8 quake Japan near Fukishima. Tsunami warning. The works.

    • @ birth pangs…
      – every cycle building to a crescendo
      – yesterdays “hazmat” incident may have been a cover for a false bio terror report
      – “http://www.firehouse.com/news/11567842/hazmat-delays-business-in-peoples-house”

      cp. CDC…

      Or they may be real attacks that’s getting played down…

      Last month, more than 80 CDC scientists at three labs were potentially exposed to live anthrax. Then, this week, it was announced that six, long-forgotten vials of live smallpox virus were found in a storeroom at a US Food and Drug Administration laboratory. Finally, CDC officials announced the discovery this week that a CDC laboratory accidentally contaminated low-risk bird flu samples with a highly pathogenic strain of the H5N1 avian flu and shipped it to a government lab.

      blame Jack Bauer for my suspicion

  16. If the feds in DC can’t keep their own back yard in good order…
    …how can they do other than fail at major emergencies?

    I’m pointing at the FCC — that has allowed such a situation for so long already.
    – change is the illusion of progress.

    I’d love to see BHO do a 9-1-1 call from the whitehouse on a cell phone.
    – such as a visitor might do having a stroke in one of the restrooms

  17. Found this on blacklisted news today


    July 11, 2014
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    Kick the subs. Inexpensive Organic Herbal Pain Relief.

    MCALLEN, Texas—Illegal aliens are being allowed to fly on commercial airliners without valid identification, according to the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC). “The aliens who are getting released on their own recognizance are being allowed to board and travel commercial airliners by simply showing their Notice to Appear forms,” NBPC’s Local 2455 Spokesman, Hector Garza, told Breitbart Texas.
    “This is not the CBP [Customs and Border Protection] or another federal agency renting or leasing an aircraft, these are the same planes that the American public uses for domestic travel,” said Garza. “This just adds insult to injury. Not only are we releasing unknown illegal aliens onto American streets, but we are allowing them to travel commercially using paperwork that could easily be reproduced or manipulated on any home computer. The Notice to Appear form has no photo, anyone can make one and manipulate one. They do not have any security features, no watermark, nothing. They are simply printed on standard copy paper based on the information the illegal alien says is the truth.”

    Spokesman Garza continued, “We do not know who these people are, we often have to solely rely on who they say they are, where they say they came from, and the history they say they have. We know nothing about most of them, ICE releases them into the American public, and now they are boarding aircraft at will with a simple paper document that anyone can easily alter or reproduce themselves.”

  18. Not meaning to go off topic but has anyone heard of this new bank rate
    Setting Negative Interest Rates, Euro Central Bank Plots Heist
    Written by Alex Newman

    font size Print E-mail

    Under the guise of seeking higher inflation to “stimulate” the economy (and erode the value of people’s savings even more quickly), the European Central Bank (ECB) announced negative interest rates on deposits held at the bank — the first time a major monetary authority has ever set the rate below zero. If that proves to be not enough in its supposed battle against “deflation” or “not enough” inflation, the central planners at the eurozone central bank are threatening to do still more. Already, they are talking about potentially even starting up their own Federal Reserve-style “quantitative easing” gimmicks to gobble up real assets with fiat currency conjured out of thin air. Critics, though, are warning of disaster.

    Since the financial crisis began, central banks around the world have been running the proverbial printing presses like never before. In the United States, the privately owned Federal Reserve System bailed out its crony megabanks around the world with literally trillions of dollars — all on the backs of the struggling American people. The Bank of England has been engaged in similar looting. The ECB, meanwhile, despite being slightly more limited in terms of what it can do, has been showering bloated European governments and mega-banks with massive sums of new euros, too.

    Apparently, though, it was not enough to satisfy the special interests and central bankers, or “banksters” as they are often called these days by critics. Earlier this month, the ECB, purporting to be concerned about how alleged “deflation” might derail the purported “economic recovery,” announced its newest set of interest rates. Its main refinancing rate is now 0.15 percent, down from 0.25 percent. Meanwhile, the deposit rate — the interest rate paid to banks that deposit funds at the ECB — officially turned negative for the first time ever at -0.10 percent. It was at zero prior to June 11.

  19. Consider what’s not reported….

    Authorities confirmed that the immigrants had been held against their will for at least 15 days
    with many of them beaten and the women being raped.


    Tamaulipas state officials confirmed that three different raids by federal police in Tampico and Reynosa ended with 165 immigrants being rescued and four people being put behind bars.

    Investigators confirmed that the first raid happened on Wednesday in the Colonia Vista Hermosa in Tampico where authorities found 36 immigrants being held against their will….

    The three men lead authorities to another stash house across town in the Colonia Petrolera where authorities rescued another 122 immigrants.

    Investigators reported that the majority of the immigrants were from Honduras, Cuba and El Salvador.

    Authorities confirmed that the immigrants had been held against their will for at least 15 days with many of them beaten and the women being raped.

    Officials confirmed that a couple and a child had been killed by the smugglers but the cause of their death has not been released.

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