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4 Million Israelis — Half of Country’s Population — In Bomb Shelters

On Tuesday, Consul General of the State of Israel David Siegel told TruthRevolt Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro that over half of Israel’s population was currently hunkered down in bomb shelters thanks to the spate of rocket attacks from Hamas in the Gaza Strip. “It’s a very difficult night in Israel. Roughly half our population, around 4 million people are in bomb shelters tonight,” Siegel explained on Shapiro’s radio show on Seattle’s AM 770 KTTH.

Siegel went on to state that 20 Israeli cities have been subjected to rocket attack, with Hamas firing over 150 rockets overnight in Israel. Thirty of those rockets, “the most dangerous” rockets, were intercepted by Israel’s missile defense shield, Iron Dome, Siegel explained. But, he added, “117 landed.”

The Rockets being fired from Hamas continue to pound Israel.  As we can see from the post above, half the country is in Bomb Shelters.  Once again I will call your attention to the underlying root of the problem.  This is basically a war between two ideologies, between Islam and Judaism.  This is the elephant in the room that most media outlets won’t address.

The present political landscape is in direct correlation to supernatural events that happened, in some cases, millennia ago. L. A. Marzulli – Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural.

On one side of the equation we have those who believe they are doing the will of Allah when they go about killing Jews.  HAMAS, Hezbollah and now ISIL will never in a million years recognize the state of Israel, no matter how much land for peace Israel agrees on.  We can also add the Mullah’s of Iran to that mix, as well as Bashar Al Assad who stated he would attack Israel if he were threatened by a coalition of international forces.

On the other we have the Jewish people who believe, as I do, in the God of the Bible.  How can the same God be functioning in both religions?  In spite of what George Bush stated, in the last years of his presidency, the god of Islam and the God of the Judeo/Christian bible are not the same.

The tension in the Middle East is because Islam will not tolerate any other religion along side of it, period.  Look at what ISIL has done in Iraq.

Israel is going to push back and most likely will do so soon.  It can not tolerate the bombing of its citizens and who can blame them.  The Arab media is already spinning HAMAS rocket attacks as being a retaliatory measure and the fault of Israel.  President Benjamin Netanyahu stated there can be no peace with HAMAS and he is right as their goal is the destruction of the Jewish state.

In closing todays post.  Prophecy states Jerusalem will be a cup of trembling.  Guess what, it is and what we see on the 6 o’clock news could have come out the pages of our Bibles.  One thing I will state here and it is this.  As prophecy tells us, Israel has been gathered back into her ancient homeland never to be removed again… period.

 I will plant Israel in their own land, never again to be uprooted from the land I have given them,” says the LORD your God. Amos 9:15

The God of the Bible has stated some very specific prophecies in regard to Israel and the Jewish people.  He is not going to re-write what he has written.  There is a way of peace and it is when the Moslems become Christians.  I realize this might sound “religious” and narrow minded to some, but it is true.  Moslems all over the Middle East are getting visions of Jesus and are becoming Christians.  Look at what happens to a former terrorists when he meets Jesus.

What was written will come to pass, what was foretold will unfold.


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89 thoughts on “Israel War Update

  1. As I said Rose, I am not trying to upset anyone or make them feel bad. Apparently you are both. I’m sorry you are. I have no problem with Chris. I do have a problem with reactionary, gullible and naive Christians who make a big deal over a video that looks like a simple fake. As was said by Az, don’t exclude Occam’s razor. I think that is sound advice. Blaming Satan is exactly what he wants Christians to do. And as we say he is behind this “shadow”, he laughs hard and nasty at us all at what most likely had nothing to do with him at all. But let’s not pass up this opportunity to say it MIGHT be him, right? We should have better things to do than look for Satan behind so many plain old rocks.

    • Oh that’s weird. I was replying to Rose on what is now yesterday’s post. How did it get here instead? Sorry about that LA. No disrespect meant to your post for today. Sometimes smart phones are too smart for their own good I guess.

    • More observation:

      The video poster said: “I’m a rationalist and a very skeptical person with no previous interest in paranormal activity, but after doing some research it seemed like there was a possibility that this entity is real,” he wrote.

      But when he posted the video he titled it:

      Sleep Paralysis ***Real Ghost Captured on Video***

      The day after posting the video he posted on a forum as user “Alien Embryo” his first post:


      For someone so skeptical he sure is going in a pattern of some experience leaning toward trying to legitimize a video, after the fact.

    • Opps I got that wrong “Alien Embryo” is his members status not his user name: ” mikepike78″

      I’m just an embryo don’t you know and no body loves me.

    • I certainly believe and agree sleep paralysis is a very serious, legitimate issue.

      My concern with some folks out there is that they hit the breaks there and write off EVERYTHING from abductions on through down to “just sleep paralysis only” and call it a day.

      I think that does victims a disservice and there’s a few people that do that who force me to wonder very seriously what their agenda is and what they’re about because there’s a mountain of facts that stand against lumping absolutely everything under just sleep paralysis.

    • Hello, Jeff D.

      My comment re that video yesterday, was to make the point that we, and I do mean you and everyone who visits this site, that you all have brains and God-given wisdom. My point in describing what I observed is what everyone should be doing – list what can be observed and ask questions. In this case, I could only make observation of a video in Youtube format. My intention was never to condemn or humiliate the person who produced video. Of course, I did say some things in that were, of course, cheeky, but wasn’t to ridicule, but to raise the point that we must ask questions to verify whatever possibilities. I merely gave a description of what I could see on the video. The questions, were just that – questions. Only fair to ask – even if they might seem ridiculous to some. And that’s another point we all have to be careful – when we make statements we have to back it up.

      Personally, I’ve recently mentioned having confrontations or being present, so-to-speak, among some peoples, lately, who for no apparent reason have been yelling out words ridiculing Christ, and then discussion with others who totally deny the truth and existence of God and Christ. They can say what they want and think – that’s their choice, but I was able to speak to some with authority because of knowing certain truths which had been distorted or completely disregarded by these willfully ignorant, and with that knowledge I had also the right to correct them, and I was able to speak my truth quietly (not that it mattered to them – they don’t want to believe or accept even the simplest of truths). Who knows, apart from God the Living Father? maybe a seed was planted and someone else will come along later and help grow that seed in the person.

      There are many videos out there of all kinds of mysterious events… some can be explained, some rationalized and honestly, some can be misunderstood or deliberately misrepresented, and some will always be a mystery and remain unexplained. For instance, just last week I found a video from someone claiming to have taken a couple of shoots of Bigfoot. Prior to what were only still images (not video action) the provider gave a written description of a long past event describing what had happened way back. Then their claims of what had just occurred recently. Then the image was provided after the initial dialogue. Certain claims were made which did not match the ‘evidence’ which further invalidated the claim of ‘capturing image of Big Foot’. The first picture, appears to be a blackened or dark physical shape of some sort… but the next picture, taken from a slight different angle/point and at a later time only confirmed the claims as being totally false. The Big Foot turned out to be just the remains of a tree stump, on river bank, which at some point had been burnt and blackened – which was confirmed by the second photo taken from a slightly different position to the first photo’s, and a different time of day/date. We have a good friend here who has a strong interest in this subject and I was going to forward him the link, but upon a little investigation found there was no need to suggest and waste his time with it. (Hi, Matt) 🙂

      Another great example is the Zapruder Film of JFK’s assassination. AT first it appears very convincing and legit – even with Comrade Oli Stone repeating over and over and over and over in his Kevin Costner film, Dances With Facts.. oops.. sorry… JFK! The first showing to the public was over a decade after the Warren Commission (where was first seen). Needless to say, it is a shocking scene. But even from back then, there were those who questioned it’s validity. For instance, the very technicians who worked at the Kodak lab where it was developed, years later spoke of how the footage they saw (within hours of the assassination) was completely different to what the public was shown in 1970s – even so far as to say that the JFK limousine was so polished that it was like a mirror and (one of) the gunmen could be seen in reflection off car panels! And since then there have been those who have taken the time to analyze every frame and discovered that the film has been edited, and cut, modified artistically (even what appears to be a red blob, suggesting its the brain/blood matter of JFK’s head pooring down, has actually been painted in!. These investigators used their science/physics knowledge, technology, they took measurements, investigated the scene, they made calculations and so on (as compared to my feeble effort of just looking at a video without testing), reviewed eyewitness accounts and compared. Basically, these technicians and physicists who expertly studied the film were able to prove it as being a hoax – all in order to prove that it was not legitimate footage and to show the people they were fed a lie. (I do suggest for those who are interested in the JFK event to check out their seminars providing detailed studies of the Zapruder film… available on… Youtube). They are able to present their case without a shadow of doubt that the film had been manipulated in an effort to deceive.

      Anyway, my point is.. you can’t just accept anything and everything that is told – you have to research, investigate, ask questions, analyze, validate, and not to accept things in such haste just because somebody said so and so. The video is provided – you have two eyes and a brain to see to try to comprehend what is observed. Even then, I was not saying this is or is not whatever, just only what I could see with my observations and limited to just viewing the example on my PC monitor. Hence the questions.

      As can be seen with our comments on this particular matter, we are all able to share thoughts on it, which brings us closer to an explanation or answer to this event, or perhaps a worthy reason to completely disregard it. And as said before, there are things that can be rationalized. But not everything can be rationalized. Some things will always be a mystery. I have no comment on the ‘sleep paralysis’ – the subject of issue here is the supposed demonic or ghost appearance caught on video.

      God Bless!


      Ps.. Not everyone has seen these JFK Zapruder film hoax studies or perhaps taken the time to review the investigators’ work.. so there are those still out there who accept the Zapruder film as the real deal – fifty years after the event.

    • Eric said:

      Technological Evolution
      Boob tubers ➡ You tubers ➡ Twits

    • That’s good, Eric. You are a true Berean – one who bases his judgments on information, not knee-jerk opinion and normalcy bias.

    • I like the signature line of one of the posters:

      “It’s good to have some skepticism so you won’t be gullible & naïve. But to much of it can make you arrogant & egotistical.”

    • HId Pete. Please know I have no problem whatsoever with your original post as you are doing what should be done. You looked at it analytically from differing perspectives and didn’t just see the video and think, “Satan” first as some have done. Again , those who think Satan is behind every shadow posted on the Web that has the tag “Ghost” or “Supernatural” without first asking if it could be the most simple explanation are the ones giving all Christians their own tag of “Idiot”. And the whole time Satan laps up the unwarranted attention he is being given from overzealous “Fox Moulder” wannabes. We Christians should ALL be Bereans and not X-File hunters.

    • @ Pete, Rose, et Az….
      re: “my point is.. you can’t just accept anything and everything that is told – you have to research, investigate, ask questions, analyze, validate, and not to accept things in such haste just because somebody said so and so.”

      I’d like your assessments (as time allows).

      Hebrews 5:13-14 (considered)
      For every one that useth milk is unskilful
      – in the word of righteousness: for he is a babe
      But strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age
      – even those who by reason of use
      – have their senses exercised
      – to discern both good and evil.

      I question the motives and intents of those that aired this vid (on sacred sites…)
      – cairns, circles, henges, celts, druids, catholics, comets as the source of religion
      – cave/earth worship going to sky/star worship when wandering gods bring disasters
      – experts: womyn with witchy (wishy) eyes, anthros with skeptics (schlerotic) eyes
      – myths and godz tied to the cyclic passing of comets / planets esp. circa 500’s AD
      – stichin lore (niburu / elenin) tied to the transhuman god of yore (lugh / luci) long arm

      My impressions…
      – they’re pushing neo-paganism and humanism
      – asserting pagan sky godz were just planets / comets
      – which caused plagues and mass conversions to romanism

      And they seem to assert as historical fact…
      – what goes well beyond fact, or
      – what will never be proven
      …turning their victims away from truth

      Your nickels??

    • LA, I offer you my most sincere apology for taking up so much space on your BLOG. I am sorry to be posting on a matter that has zero to do with the subjects you are blogging about.

    • “This isn’t an argument. It’s merely a contradiction.”

      “No it isn’t!”

      “Yes it IS!!”

    • Nome, how about a limerick instead.

      There was a young woman named Kite,
      Whose speed was much faster than light,
      She set out one day,
      In a relative way,
      And returned on the previous night.

      I wish this limerick were true
      cause I don’t know what the n’ell to do
      I would’ve given this episode to kite
      to download for me the other night,
      cause for at the moment I’b scarrooed.

      G◑◐gle ➡ I shpelt it wrong earlier.

    • Prove all things: hold fast to what is good. 1 Thess. 5:21

      What happens when a claim is met with concern and investigation?

      People get real answers. Light is shown and the truth comes out.
      Folks with real claims are encouraged to come forward because they can trust that they will be taken seriously.
      Folks with dubious motives are discouraged out of fear that their trickery will be uncovered.
      People learn more about how things are done so they are made less vulnerable to deception.

      What happens when a claim is met with mockery and disdain?

      Everything is assumed – no real facts come forward. Truth is hidden.
      Folks with real claims are discouraged to come forward because they can’t trust that they will be taken seriously and fear being mocked and ostracized.
      Folks with dubious motives are encouraged to come forward because they have a good chance of never being discovered.
      People don’t learn.

      Unfortunately, the latter is the state of the American church.

      PROVE ALL THINGS: hold fast to what is good.

    • “PROVE ALL THINGS: hold fast to what is good.”

      With the myriad of fake videos on the internet/false prophets etc. today that is a full time job.
      If people at least started to believe that what God inspired to be written in the bible is “true” that would go along way in the church today and much further than Youtube videos.

    • In my understanding the sum total of deceptions are not meant for those who are predestined to be conformed into the image of God’s son, but for those that are perishing, if they wake up and see the deception they can call on the name of the Lord and be saved. The hard part is watching the wolves drag away the ones who profess themselves to be in Christ.

  2. Even Bibi made the point publically and openly about: “No other country would tolerate this sort of thing or be expected to.”

    They need to end Hamas and retake land they should never have coughed up. Get on with it.

    Aww, boo hoo…poor little innocent Hamas guys. Stop picking on them.

    • I still haven’t fully decided if our current “border crisis” is at least partly manufactured or not. Here’s why:

      I do find it convenient that it’s happening at the same time this Middle East mess has blown up in the last several weeks.

      Let’s get real here: Unoffically we haven’t had borders since the 80s when Reagan and the Democratic Congress punted the ball on the last chance for real immigration reform that we were going to ever have. Hindsight 20-20 more than makes that case for me I think.

      So all of a sudden that mess is this huge, big deal in recent weeks?

      My point is: It’s nothing new just like a whole lot of other things that well predate Obama.

      End rambling rant.

    • “Sure would be a shame if one of their own rocket mis aimed or misfired… Imagine the irony”
      Those remaining would cheer that as well.

    • I still remember how the Palestinians danced in the streets on 9/11… These Muslim fanatics don’t want peace…War crimes are instigated by Islam in every part of the world. From Africa to Asia to Europe they are killing infidels, enslaving and raping women, making the survivors pay Jizya tax for protection. Religion of peace indeed…

    • I often wonder….

      How will The Jewish people “remove” the psychotic…demon crazed…radical…muslims from the borders of current ISRAEL ???

      Obviously this short video makes it clear where they do stand….and if given the chance….what would change the status quo ???

      I don’t see this being an easy thing to do.

  3. When I look at the carnage and mayhem going in the middle east, I am reminded that there is a certain faction of the Israeli governance that is in on this whole thing regarding intentionally arming Al Quaeda/ISIS just like over hear in our country. Both are run by the same Illuminati/globalists. This is all planned out and, yes, it does involve Israel. To what extent, I don’t know. I’m sure I could research it but I’ve heard enough information about it already to know that this is all planned. Ultimately, it is God himself maneuvering all the pieces in place just as foretold in the bible, but in the natural, we all know the score. Who can forget the large number of Israeli’s that were arrested after 9-11. I said large, I think it was the five dancing Israeli’s who turned out to be spies.

    All that being said… no one blow a fuel pump… It’s not that we’re being “anti-Israel” or “anti-Jewish” here. Israel is still back in the land by the hand of God and they are the chosens. Just making the point that this is all a setup and Israel is indeed involved as well. I would add that I’m not saying that the average Israeli Joe citizen in involved or evil or whatever… well… you know what I’m saying.

    Kinda sucks that you even have to explain that these days, but we’re a nation that has become obsessed with political correctness and “watch what you say” to the extreme lest we be … accused… of something.

    That being said… Nibble Ru is getting ready to open up a serious can of cold, hard, dreadful can of wh******:

    As I said yesterday, it’s all connected very clearly.

    No overlays could be spotted in this video, thus proving it to be authentic. If there were overlays, then that would mean that it would be photoshopped.

    • Ahhhh man! Fuel pump is compromised… gasket is leaking !! …..major fuel loss is imminent. No buddy light a match !!!!

      Corey, see my post at the tail end of the one prior to yours above.

      A Question about muslims living in ISRAEL….how to weed them out…’GOOD’ from the bad ?!?! Tough circumstance….I think.

    • Kirk… As I typed that this morning, I was quite tired and didn’t want to get into details but what I was getting at is Israel is as much a part of the global cabal setting up the New World Order as the west is… more or less. In other words, just as we know that the U.S. is a nation that has now been taken over and occupied by the Illuminati/globalists trying to take America down (which probably started in 1917 via federal reserve), the same thing (to a certain extent) as Israel. We know that the U.S. (or should I say the evil elements of the U.S. government such as these shadowy organizations such as Council on Foreign Relations, etc. etc. etc.) are causing all this chaos and are responsible for creating the chaos for an intended end goal. A means to an end in other words. Shadowy factions within the nation itself in other words. So I guess you could say that Israel is still a victim of this just like America and the other western nations of the world. We do know that Israel is/was involved in acting as a conduit nation to funnel U.S. military technology to China and elsewhere (I’ve seen some very credible information regarding this in various sources) … we do know by now that they (shadowy groups running the U.S.) are intentionally building up China and Russia. So the point being, Israel is (or should I say the shadowy groups running Israel) are in lockstep with the whole plan. These shadowy groups are also involved with the current turmoil in the middle east. For further evidence of this, we could go to many sources to justify that statement. But ultimately, God is using every tool and plan that the wicked have to his intended ends… regardless of what these shadowy organizations think that they are accomplishing… “I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things” (Isaiah 45:7). As we can see from this scripture, the Lord does indeed use and control the evil that men imagine for his ends and purposes for good. This is why many christians can’t seemingly wrap their mind around the fact that on the one hand, they know that the Jews are God’s selected people to present the true God to the world through the biblical writers, but on the other hand seemingly cannot acknowledge the evidence that Israel too is involved with this giant global conspiracy. They seem to forget that God is manipulating the whole thing using the evil for his good. I would say that to acknowledge Israel’s involvement in this whole thing along with the other western nations is not a disparagement to the Jews, but rather, when you look at the bigger picture, it acknowledges God’s greatness that he still looks at them with favor and will ultimately bring them to the saving knowledge of Christ. I would add that evidence is presented in Revelation 18:4 that points to the fact that Israel is indeed involved with this whole setup of the global world order and all the necessary actions required to bring that order about (such as what we see going on in the middle east right now… “And I heard another voice from Heaven, saying, come out of her MY PEOPLE that you be not partakers of her sins, and that you receive not of her plagues. For her sins have reached unto Heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities”. As can be seen in this passage of scripture, God’s chosen people are involved as revealed by God himself.

      But yes, these radical Muslims nations are indeed a threat to Israel but the point I’m making here is that these radical Muslim nations and all their hatred have been funded and raised to a certain level on the world stage by design in order to create the chaos and alignment of nations needed for an intended end. Ultimately, we know that this will lead to the eventual installment of the Antichrist in Jerusalem causing the Jews to flea (think Petra). Although Israel will never be uprooted again (as L.A. correctly stated in the article), they will undergo a certain judgment later in the tribulation which causes them recognize Christ as the Messiah and call on him for help… this is when the second coming will happen with the saints.

      Hope I made sense there… 🙂

  4. Powerful!!! I can feel the power of our most high God..

    Amen! Hallelujah to the God of Israel! May He continue to fuse together the gentile and the Jews to create the One New Man spreading the gospel!

    Life in Israel: Gaza Rockets interrupts Wedding in Ashdod

  5. Off the charts timely. I have a LOT of sympathy for this Jeremiah 49: 34-40 concept to say nothing about Psalm 83 and all the rest of it.

    It would not take much to go next level since Hamas is a proxy extension anyways.

    Then of course we can’t forget ISIL.

    • Hi, Eric W.

      I was watching TV news last week re journalist live update of Rolf Harris trial/sentencing. The reporter was giving update, from position outside the courthouse. Behind her was, in view of camera, a man, of Arabic appearance holding a large bright red-coloured sign with white text (from what I was able to see, it read):


      It caught my attention, because there don’t seem to be to many concerned with what’s going on in the Middle East, up to the Russias/Ukraine and over in Pakistan and North Korea… and of course, Israel!

    • Even now there is still an obvious disconnect although the MSM has been forced to pay attention to it.

      For example: Last night I decided to flip on FNC at 6pm and the first 15 minutes or so were all about the border issue. That’s fine. I understand that’s a serious and immediate issue although again you can see my above comments as to what I’m wondering about that. They go to commercial and I’d say maybe the next 5 minutes, tops, went to the Middle East and then it was another commercial and back to the neverneding bread and circuses politics and Hilly Clinton nonsense and that’s where I shut the TV off.

      ^^ I don’t think it would have mattered what channel I had on.

      Now I’m wondering if we’ll see riots and a death toll in Brazil because their team lost in some stupid sports game. The people were having coronaries and meltdowns and the footage of that looked no different than the people on the streets of the Middle East who have lost loved ones to war.

      ^^ How’s that for a bit of disconnect? I think it’s insane.

    • Eric, the Brazilian hordes are still processing what happened there might be quite a delay before demonstrations emerge considering things like this must be scheduled to not interfere with feeding time.
      Some of the indigenous isolated tribes in the Amazon now have satellite T.V. so there is another concern about an Indian uprising. I fear for the safety of the visiting Canadians here.


    • 2 for 1.

      PITN deliberately pushed this show out super fast since it’s about ISIL and Iran.

      I have never seen PITN hotfire two shows this fast before:

    • Linda, in less than 40 minutes Holland X Argentilia game begins, interestingly it is Argentilias independence day to day, earlier on T.V. a reporter reporting from Argentilia says that the Argentilians are worried that Brazil will be overwhelming cheering for Holland in the stadium. (considering Argentilia is Brazil’s arch-nemesis) Culturally for Brazil to lose and to lose so badly means 4 years of the Argentilians taunting Brazilians, so if Argentilia just happens to win the world cup you can only imagine the “taunting” that will ensue!

      From my neighbors:
      -Thanks for all the Canadians

    • Sounds like it could get dangerous over there before long, Azureceu! Lots of images of sad, upset fans in Brazil highlighted on all the news over here.

      A little while ago I saw one vid that started off by showing an angry crowd gathering. My first thought was it was another lead story on upset Brazil fans after yesterday’s game. It turned out to be the M/East with an angry mob of Palestinians! Could it get just as bad? Keep some hard-hats and protective gear on hand!

    • “”

      Iraq loses control of chemical weapons depot to ISIL militants

      Worse and worse it gets…

    • Linda, I think everything will be okay here for now, of course there are those elements who will use the current climate as an excuse to do what they do best, steal, kill and destroy. These die hard fotebol fanatics will weep and howl and kick & throw things. So at this moment looks like business as usual under a depressing climate.

    • “”
      IDF Chief of Staff Approves Ground Offensive Plans

      40,000 reserves on hot standby. They’re not playing golf.

    • It’s unfolding quickly for sure, Eric.

      Another article today from that site:

      “Operation Protective Edge” …5 reasons why this operation is different ….


  6. I am just curious about the situation of half of the poulation of Israel hunkered down in the bunkers. Does this include the Muslims also who live there, or are they strictly only allowing Jewish citizens in them? What if you are an American visting over there?

    I am just wondering how they are structuring who gets to go in the shelters.

    God Bless adn God Speed,
    Jimmy D.

  7. Britney Spears has a new song called Alien, “”

    • Along those lines, did anyone here happen to see the abased debaucle Miley Cyrus did on tv the other night? I can’t believe such would be conceived of – let alone televised. I could only watch long enough to be sure I wasn’t having a nightmare!

    • Britney Spears?? New song?? Is she still relevant?? Talk about a washed up has been…I don’t think Ms Spears “new song” will turn out to be much of anything, the entertainment industry has moved on and passed her by.

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  9. With about 1/2 the Israeli population in the shelters, ….. that means a HUGE hit to their economy !!!

    The leadership will NOT stand for that. The offensive into GAZA is coming…..will this be when ISRAEL ‘cleans house’ ???

    Zephaniah 2:4-5….
    “For GAZA will be abandoned, …. and Ashkelon a desolation; ………..Ashdod will be driven out at noon, …….and Ekron will be uprooted.”

    “WOE to the inhabitants of the seacoast, The nation of the Cherethites ( running assassins ) !!
    The Word of The Lord is against you, O Canaan, land of the Philistines;
    And I will destroy you, so that there will be no inhabitant.”

    Zechariah 9:5….
    ” Ashkelon will see it and be afraid. GAZA too will writhe in great pain; also Ekron, for her expectation has been confounded.
    Moreover, the king will PERISH from GAZA, and Ashkelon will NOT be inhabited.”

    Amos 1:6-8 ………. SAME idea….SAME places mentioned.

    THE WORD IS VERY CLEAR…………..”hamas is TOAST !!!!!”……..then we’ll see who is dancing on The Temple Mount !!!!

    There is no GOD …. but YAHWEH…………and YESHUA………is His Son.

  10. “”

    Miley Cyrus is truly in dangerous waters.

  11. I can’t imagine the horror the Israeli people live with day and night. This is their life existence. To have one half of the population in bomb shelters is mind numbing. The USA and every other Western country would most likely have a total mental breakdown if we experienced 1/1000 of what they fight through daily. It is however so powerfully encouraging to know of the vision Christ is giving to those who have been blinded for millenia. Come quickly Lord Jesus.

    • Which is why Israel needs to strike first, and soon. Because Israel has always faced an existential threat from the Arab world it is perceived and weak and vulnerable… so it has no margin for error in its defense and it must remain stronger than all the Arab countries combined.
      And a 2nd issue is Iran must not be allowed to acquire or develop nuclear weapons. And diplomacy and economic sanctions will not prevent that from happening….that is why I feel a best defense is a good offense. Plus it doesn’t hurt having an angel army to go along side either…

    • Matt….

      Obadiah verse 18….

      “Then the house of Jacob will be a FIRE and the house of Joseph a FLAME;

      BUT….the house of Esau will be as STUBBLE.

      And they will set Esau on FIRE and CONSUME them,

      So that there will be no survivor of the house of Esau.” For The LORD has spoken.”

      Further details on Esau is in Genesis 36 [ All of it ]….. and JUDGMENTS coming to Esau >>> Ezekiel 25:12-14 ….. and Ezekiel 35:1-15.

    • (local) ABC News, this morning, reporting from somewhere in Israel – the reporter, wearing body armour and standing near several Israeli tanks… “..the Israelis have been bombing homes, killing women and children…”

      Only a minor mention about the Israelis seeking refuge in bomb shelters and rockets/bombs/missiles fired from the other side (on this occasion) – never a mention about the constant barrage by the other side over the years.

      You’re absolutely right, Jeff D – the citizens in West would have a major mental breakdown.

      The prolonged conditioning by the media/government for people to be or become apathetic to the long crisis endured by the Israelis, has been a long term effort, and the demonizing of the Israelis for retaliation is only noticed (and not why they retaliate and have the right to). I don’t know if it’s strictly an Aussie expression, it’s case of “Bugger you, Jack. I’m alright”, and worse.

      God bless Israel.

    • I haven’t heard that expression before Pete, although in my defense my exposure to Australia is limited and basically narrows down to, Crocodile Dundee ,Steve Irwin (rip) Men at Work, Midnight Oil ,Russell Crowe, Mel Gibson, Errol Flynn, Nicole Kidman, Geoffrey Rush, Heath Ledger,Cate Blanchett,Hugh Jackman, and for some reason Subaru although they are made in Japan 😉

    • stream closed at about 9:45 Central US time

      denny the US activist in gaza dodged the bullets again
      – and kept power throughout … generator likely
      – despite the occasional drones, bombs, and shelling

    • You just got to love these activist that go to Gaza to make the world a better place and have no clue they are in a battle that’s 6000 years old.

    • AWESOME TESTIMONY !!!!!!!!!

      Thanks ddanieleellis…..Sometimes I just sit and listen to the many testimonies on youtube and get blown away!

  12. Thank you L.A. for bringing us up todate news,,,
    I love all the videos everyone shares,,,don,t know were you guys find all this stuff:)
    Our prayers are with our brothers and sisters in Israel 🙂

  13. I have to say I’m very impressed with the Israel’s short range rocket defense system called Iron Dome….I saw a few clips of it in action on the news and it seems to work quite well. I’m glad to see US aid dollars in action. I’m also glad it is working so well, however, the only true effective strategy is deterrence, which means to make your enemy afraid to use their missiles in the first place. In order to work, deterrence means that the attacker must believe that you will destroy them.
    Looks to me like Israel’s defensive strategy and policy of “restraint” has convinced the enemy of the exact opposite, namely that a missile attack will succeed.
    These anti-missile systems lull the population into a false sense of security. Israel should just apply US strategy and make the loss to Hamas too heavy to bear…. What about those 5000 bunker busters Israel received from the US last year?? I say let them fly…the way to deal with this is to deploy the bombs with very destructive capacity over very large area with no regard for collateral damage. This would stop Israel from allowing itself to be showered with over 1000 missiles per day. I hope Israel uses common sense and decide to end the existence of some of their enemies who surround them once and for all.
    If you are in a war, fight to win it, do not be like the US and leave, pull out, give up, run away…don’t show weakness the enemy can use, the goal is to annihilate your enemy to the point they will think twice before considering an attack again.
    If by chance Israel gets a massive attack first, they must correspond with a massive response of their own. That includes wiping out Hamas, Hezbollah and Syria army in a way they will not recover for at least 10 years, as well as the complete destruction of Iran’s nuclear program.

    • My desire to see Israel strike first is no means to be construed that I condone war or loss of life in any circumstance …It’s just a knee-jerk opinion 😉

    • Matt I don,t understand not condoning war? God Himself told the Israelites himself to go in and wipe out entire nations.
      What I do not understand is the kind of war that happens nowdays,,,because this kind of war just leaves stuff like life long fights and fueds like Gaza Strip . How do you fight a war being kind?
      Especially when they are anti- Christ? Did Jesus tell us how to fight a war properly? Should countries just lay down and take the violence….It has come to this: what is right before Gods eyes and what is wrong?
      The answers are blurred to me God the father went with them to war and gave them alot of land….should they not have all the land God himself gave them? Should they not take back what is rightfully theirs?
      If they need to rebuild the temple fact is they are going to have to push the palistinians back and get all of Jerusalem.
      Perhaps this will be the war to do that?
      I don’t know….ya know if our country is invaded I will fight for my country,,,,and when I shoot I am not going to yell out are you OK?
      War comes with ugliness
      If I am honest I want to see Israel shoot first,,,these people have been a constant thorn for Israel and the world. If I am honest…and no one slam me for this,,,maybe I need a change of heart…..if I am really honest I will clap when they get wiped out by the hand of God.
      They have done nothing but cause Havoc this whole movement to the entire world,,,if God breathed on them and disinigrated them to dust I am going to clap 😦

  14. Pakistani Terror Group Swears Allegiance to Islamic State …

    “This is believed to be the first jihadi defection to Islamic State outside of Middle East — move emphasises growing influence of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s self-declared caliph and the waning hold of al-Qaeda”


    • Rumor has it of a new reality show coming out this fall by ISIS called “Keeping Up with the Aswads”
      where they show bloopers from suicide bomber training sessions in the closing credits.

    • Uday Hussein, one of Saddam Hussein’s sons, once had a morning talk show in Iraq called “Good Day Uday” Unfortunately the show suffered terrible ratings and was eventually canceled due to Uday’s insistence on booking nothing but Euro Techno Pop bands to perform covers of Abba’s hit Dancing Queen

  15. Terrorist Groups’ Seize Uranium Compounds

    (Reuters) – Insurgents have seized nuclear materials at a university, Iraq told the United Nations in a letter appealing for help to “stave off the threat of their use by terrorists.” Nearly 88 pounds of uranium compounds were kept at Mosul University, Iraq’s U.N. Ambassador Mohamed Ali Alhakim told U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in the July 8 letter obtained by Reuters on Wednesday.

    “Terrorist groups have seized control of nuclear material at the sites that came out of the control of the state,” Alhakim wrote, adding that such materials “can be used in manufacturing weapons of mass destruction.” He added: “These nuclear materials, despite can enable terrorist groups, with the availability of the required expertise, to use it separate or in combination with other materials in its terrorist acts.”

    Well, there you have it. These rag—–, ummm, I mean, these fine upstanding gentlemen are hell bent on the destruction of Israel and the US. (Post edited for PC police)

  16. Basil & Gonz discussion on the integration
    – and disintegration of body, soul, and spirit.
    – from a Christian perspective (sinner saved – ex-druggies)


    Experiences compared…
    – music & worship, flowing in the spirit
    – getting in the zone, like possession
    – out of body, drug induced, altered states
    – brain & surgery correlates

  17. 3 out 4 baby-boomers could not answer this question.

    Will marijuana make your kids stupid?


    Time will tell what the effects will be, but the state is not the first place to implement such a policy. Colorado started to sell marijuana six months ago. When President Barack Obama stopped by a Denver bar on Tuesday night, it comes as no surprise that someone offered him weed.


    Did O’inhale or turn purple?

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