Sunday Go To Meeting Bun – Israel Update!

John KerryThere is a prophecy which states:  “Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling unto all the people round about…. Jerusalem twill be] a burdensome stone for all people….in that day will I make the governors of Judah…like a torch off re in a sheaf; and they shall devour an the people round about…” Zechariah 12:2,3,6

I re-posted this from Jerry Golden’s web site as I believe it is pertinent and timely.

Our media is not covering what is going on there.  Jerry acts as our eyes and ears.

The situation could escalate….

Please pray for the peace of Jerusalem.  L.A.M.

Happening Now in Israel


Jerry Golden

Once again the war drums are beating louder here in Israel. Southern Israel is being bombarded with thirty to forty rockets out of Gaza daily, with tens of thousands of families with children running to bomb shelters several times every day.  With homes being shelled and some landing directly in bedrooms in the middle of the night. We hear that the IAF (Israel Air Force) has bombed more empty buildings in Gaza.  For some reason that doesn’t seen like enough for killing Jews.

Our soldiers are grouping up on the Gaza border hoping that will frighten the Islamic murderers enough to stop bombing our civilians.  Or that the UN and the rest of the world will notice that war crimes are taking place against Israel practically on an hourly basis.

Hamas has threatened that if the IDF moves into Gaza that Israel will be very surprised as they can reach Israeli cities never before bombed from Gaza.  In the meantime Jews in southern Israel are wondering what is wrong with Netanyahu and why he keeps threatening to do something while they are being bombed daily. What is he waiting for? Does a group of children have to be hit with a bomb before he takes action to stop them?

Today I have to drive to Jerusalem and will pass several Arab villages where I have been shot at and stones thrown at us on the highway.  Our news is telling us that fighting is breaking out in and around Jerusalem and there is a fear of another Intifada – this time even worse than the first two.  One thing is certain.  All this will improve and intensify our prayer life.

On the way to Jerusalem we go through two permanent IDF checkpoints and sometimes with others set up along the way.  What is usually a 45 minute drive can take hours.

With the war in Syria now spreading far into Iraq and threatening to move into Jordan, this has Israel wondering what we should do- knowing that their final goal is to destroy Israel.  We see Obama once again on the wrong side, supporting the “Rebels” who are now ISIS.  These so-called rebels are very barbaric – beheading dozens, even hundreds daily as they move across the territory.  Most of the ones they are murdering are other Muslims who don’t agree with the Islamic ideology. At present it is mostly the Sunnis killing Shiites and setting up Sharia Law as they go.

It must sound like all of Israel is under attack – but that is not the case. If you were to go to Tel-Aviv today you would find the beaches full and life very normal.  At present it is in the southern parts of Israel and in and around Jerusalem.  There is also a lot of IDF build-up on our northern borders with Syria and Lebanon with an occasional rocket coming across the border into Israel. The IDF always responds with force but nothing seems to stop these Islamic devils.  Even with the Gaza border build-up of IDF military Hamas knows that if Israel comes into Gaza many will die and there will be a terrible amount of destruction. They know they can’t win but as I have said so many times, they love death more than we love life.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers.  Pray for this ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, Jerry Golden

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  1. “”

    ^^ This isn’t going to help.

    Now I realize that’s MSM and there’s a lot of mixed signals on this. A popular unofficial story is that this kid was really killed via a Muslim “honor killing” but if that’s not true and if it is true this was some kind of Jewish retaliation… it’s no good.

    Lots to pray about. A blessed day in the Lord to you all.

    • “”


      There’s no way all this and this cycle is going to end well.

    • It looks to be the residual anger of the kidnapping and killings recently and of course having to run to bomb shelters at various times of the day does not help. The MSM conveniently has not mentioned what the American boy was doing to get the beating he got, of course if you think brutality to Americans is bad you don`t need to go to Jerusalem to get it when you can get in California.

      California Highway Patrol ‘to investigate’ officer’s brutal roadside beating of woman (VIDEO)

      -Whack A Mole

    • When Netanyahu publicly called upon God to avenge the blood of the slain teens, what did he think was going to happen? What kind of leader calls upon God for revenge anyway? Only the radical Muslim cleric’s that are psychopath religious fanatics do this sort of thing… How did he expect his people to react when he himself was calling for revenge instead of justice?
      The problem is, Israel does not have a death penalty (even for terrorists). The only man to ever be executed in Israel was the Nazi leader Adolf Eichmann. I do agree that those murderers of the four Jewish teens should be tried and executed legally. Israel is supposed to be one of the good guys over there. They should not sink down to the level of the very terrorist they condemn.

    • Matt….

      Calling for “justice” … come from God …. would have “sounded” nicer. . . . . YES, I suppose that may be true.

      But remember,

      …. if you had a NASTY neighbor with a CRAZY dog…..that took a poop in your beautiful yard….EVERY SINGLE DAY…. for DECADES ….

      ….. I think that … “maybe” … you would ….”lose your cool”……….every now and again too.

      OR maybe….you’d ……. LIGHT THAT POOCH UP !!!! …… or maybe plant an I.E.D. ……… or set a noose ….. or poison his food …..

      OR even put the cRAzY dogs’ poop in a brown bag and light it on fire …… on the NAsTy neighbors wood deck …. just to show him !!

      But one thing would be for certain……….


      That may have been Netanyahu’s own considerations…….at the time.


    • I agree Kirk Domitrovic , it just seemed a little out of character for Netanyahu to do that…but I do understand as I lose my cool quite often, over way simpler things. But I think if he paused to think about it, he would have changed his choice of words. I suppose I was just surprised by his comments as a very big difference between Jewish culture and Islamic culture is that Jewish culture is intellectual; it stimulates intellectual development, while Islamic culture is anti-intellectual. Which is the reason why these 14 million Jews in the world have around 200 Nobel prizes, while the worlds 1.8 BILLION Muslims have around 4 plus 6 “peace-prices”(including the one terrorist Yasser Arafat got).
      That is also the reason why Jewish people are in high positions and leading in areas like technology, science, entertainment and business, while Muslim countries only make money on pumping up oil from the ground (which they then use to build more palaces for their dictators while their people are poor)….all that said, it just seemed out of character to me but understandably so.

      I’m sure Netanyahu knows the world is ALWAYS watching his country very closely, Israel is under Obama’s microscope as well…… Have you noticed that Israel is always called out for having the audacity to fight back? Thousands of rockets specifically targeting Israeli civilians, and no mention in the media. Israel launches rocket at Hamas militants, the media headline reads: “ISRAEL ATTACKS GAZA.” With so many nations already against them, it’s best to just tell the world you seek justice and any talk of revenge should be curbed to a bare minimum… what he says behind the scenes is something entirely different..that’s called politics.

    • Yes….Matt….the world opinion is certainly against ISRAEL…..been that way ………kinda like….almost….FOREVER ….it seems.

      With all the UN’s Resolutions that implicate ISRAEL … as the aggressor… I am NOT surprised in the least by today’s media “hacks”.

      I think your post says it like it is……but so much anti-Semitism has painted ISRAEL into a very small dark corner.

      And VERY SOON…..
      …..ISRAEL will be forced to act VERY STRONGLY… and THAT “hornets nest” ….aka = The Middle East … will be buzzin’ BIG TIME !!!

    • Made mistake of watching part of Louis Theroux episode, last night, titled ‘The Ultra Zionists’. Nothing new, of course.. just so annoying how every reference to Israelis was as the ‘occupation’ or ‘occupied zone’ etc, and the other references. The patience of the soldiers when dealing with infants throwing rocks was commendable, and with the older hooligans. Afterward, watched a little of Al Jazeera (broadcast on our ABC – the government/public station), and AJ’s references to “occupied East Jerusalem” re the peaceful rioters… again, nothing new but just annoying how they push it. No surprise, really. Have to say, interview with a Ukraine journalist was funny – the AJ female anchor asked the questions and the Ukraine spoke – or gave statements that had nothing to do with the questions. His was a bunch of propaganda, too, to but it was entertaining how he ignored whatever she asked (though her questions were more of a false narrative for sake of suggesting to public what the scenario was)!

      On a different and trivial note, I think it’s time the Indians (of the sub-continent) received the recognition for inventing the numeral characters, commonly known as ‘Arabic Numerals’, that have been in use for hundreds of years now on various continents. The Indians created the numeric characters which were then taken by the Muslim conquests and eventually made its way to the Moors of North Africa who then introduced it to Europe via (their conquest of) Spain where, as often is the case throughout history, the messenger (the Moors) was considered the inventor. So it’s Indian Numerals – not Arabic. I like to to annoy people with little titbits like that. 🙂

      And yes, Matt.. often heard the pathetic references , all lazy and wilfully ignorant (and possibly, jealous?), about the Jews/Hebrews/Israelites, over the years. Never a mention about how it has for years been constantly bombarded and the Israeli’s patience in retaliation. And Never a mention about the great services, qualities, and talents they have contributed to humanity, as you make mention of re Nobel prizes… contributions in fields of medicine, science, the arts literature/music and so on – a tremendous and great effort from such a few people. Good on ’em, if they were smart enough to know how to make a buck, or good with money, or successful at academics, inventors, scientists, doctors, technicians, and tell jokes well, and be talented artists and performers. Shame about Karl, though – not as funny as Groucho, Harpo and Chico.

      Personally, I was blessed to have a great orthopaedic surgeon (possibly the best in his field in New South Wales, if not Australia) rebuild my wrist and hand (that was severely broken and fractured) – that was the first miracle, and then a couple of years later God gave me another miracle by allowing me to be able to play the music instruments again – as well as the heart to go and get baptized, at age 33.

      God Bless the Israelites! and Dr Kirsch! And you guys! 🙂

  2. So much, so fast and so many children suffering and in danger. I find myself thinking horrid things about the muslims, like “nuke ’em all” and have to quickly repent and say, “Touch and teach them about You, Lord”……..but it is hard to love these enemies.

    It seems very soon that the Marzulli crew will be the rowdy table at the Wedding feast!

    • small stones — topple giants

      “” (proof the koran is a forgery}

      – proof that the surahs about key figures were intentionally twisted
      – so that muslims would reverence or worship false images (fantasies)
      – and follow twisted doctrines (likely from enemy angels) that enslave

      Let those lost that shall be saved in the Name of Jesus Christ (Yeshua Messiah)
      – come out from islam and the delusions of damned

    • I am also guilty of those thoughts, of nuke em all! Or of man I hate those evil rotten people! Then that still small voice stir up from with in and says,,,
      What would Jesus think?
      I get very confused in this world and get very desensitized to the violence that we hear about and never see., first hand.
      I imagine how Jesus spoke to satan when he tried to tempt Jesus.
      Then I realize the only power we have is the Word! Fight back with the word,,speak it, pray it, think it, claim it,,,drink it! Turn off the T.V. and and get into God’s Holy word,,
      ,write it on your heart,,meditate on it,,know what it says and His word will not fail you.
      This is what I keep hearing,,,” Renew Your Mind”

      Ah the wedding feast! Yes please Lord,,,come quickly Oh What a day that will be When Jesus comes for me,,with all the power in His name,,the one who saved me by His grace, and forever more I will be with the one who died for me,,,oh what a day,,what a day that will be……..
      I will probably never meet any of you on here face to face ,but lets get together in Heaven if it is possible my brothers and sisters in Christ.

    • Plagiarism and beyond

      re: “twisted doctrines (likely from enemy angels) that enslave”

      What does Muhammad, Joseph Smith, Edgar Cayce et al. have in common?

      Receiving information while in a trance (channeling).
      -Mork out.

    • Digging deeper into the heart of Islam beyond the exoteric, you find the esoteric: Sufism (part of Mystery Babylon)

      Lodge in Louisville Kentucky (take yer shoes off stay awhile)

  3. Israel is another reason why God put Barack Obama into office. One of the reasons for the approaching tribulation period judments is to not only judge all the world for it’s extreme wickedness but to also judge Israel and bring them to the point of recognizing the true Messiah Jesus Christ and bring them to the point of calling upon them just before the second coming. We now see a total abandonment of Israel under this administration (although I suppose the lip service is still there to a certain extent)…. but even that is beginning to wane. It’s funny how Ezekiel 20:29 mentions the “Bamah” high places (Ubama in Hebrew translation) for the sin of the worship of entities from the dark side. It would seem it’s hinting at the time of Israel’s (Jacob’s) trouble when this “Ubama” re-emerges in the form of their enemy through their closest ally. It only makes sense that God would put an “Ubama” as an instrument of judgment upon them to bring them to that point of acknowledging Christ as Messiah via the Tribulation judgment period. It is well known that Satan wants nothing more to destroy the Jews and will soon put his ultimate plan into action to attempt to annihilate them and the Jewish state…. which brings me to the very peculiar Luke 10:18: “And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from Heaven.” Translated to Hebrew it would read as follows: “I beheld Satan as Baraq fall from the Bamah” (with an O between the words “Baraq” and “Bamah”). What a hint that Israel will soon be the recipient of Satan’s known plan in the end times… the destruction of the Jews. Is it just a coincidence that Satan is seen falling from the heavens as “Baraq” O’ Bamah”. The fact that we now have a president named Barack Obama should then be a major clue as to the closeness of his plan… thus the rapture and Tribulation period. Further, we also know that Satan will be cast out of Heaven in the book of Revelation and will no longer have access to the throne of God to accuse anyone. Is it just a coincidence that he is mentioned by Jesus appearing to fall from the Heavens as “Baraq” and yet, here we are at the edge of the Tribulation and we have a president named Baraq just as he is once again going to be booted from the Heavens and pursue the Jews? Very, very peculiar timing here wouldn’t you say? Very, very peculiar that it is just about time for him to be kicked out of the Heavens and the plan to unfold for the Jews and it appears that we have a major enemy against them named Barack Obama… just like Jesus described him falling the first time in Luke 10:18!

    Do we see the hints here? 🙂

    Let’s not for forget his name being encoded in the bible code in Ezekiel 38 and 39 that describes the coming devestating war of Gog/Magog and the attack against Israel.

    The clues sure are aplenty aren’t they?

    • Yet another excellent example of how God is going to require that history repeat itself with some familiar patterns and characteristics … “The thing that has been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun. Is there anything whereof it may be said, “See, this is new? It has been already of old time, which was before us” (Ecclesiastes 1:9-10).

      Divine authorship anyone?

    • @ Corey…judgment will fall on anyone who goes contrary to Israel–the Apple of God’s eye.

      Re: Obama…dark days. I’ve been in wonderment over him. I’ve seen so many mean videos of him being the Anti Christ but deep down believed he really wasn’t. Not to say he does fit the character of the Anti Christ.

      Then I switched my attention to Michelle aka “Michael” and really felt sorry because of so many mean videos lashing out at her. I deliberately didn’t write my thoughts on her because I would have to address some of the meanness thrust in her direction. At least until yesterday.

      Were all those supposed mean videos just telling the truth, now in plain sight, and I was just too uncomfortable to admit it was possible that Michelle is really a male? I mean I used to laugh thinking how funny or bizarre the barbed thoughts were. I would just think sarcastically, “Sure! Go for it!” I would laugh dismissed the idea and go onto something else until yesterday.

      Here’s what I saw yesterday that has me stopping to ask, “Is Michelle really a man?”

      Joan Rivers: Obama is Gay, Michelle is a tranny…

      Joan is being really matter-of-fact. She believes what she is saying!

      We’re in deep trouble. When you pray for the peace of Jerusalem, pray for America.

    • Seashoremary… I don’t know if Barack Obama is the Antichrist or not, but the main thrust of what I was getting across in my comment was that these Ezekiel 20:29 and Luke 10:18 references are pointing to a sign that probably Obama is setting the stage for the real Antichrist to take the throne and setting up the world situation that will cause the whole thing to happen. Of course, I do believe he is just a puppet doing what he is told, but nonetheless, he is a sign from the Lord of the time of the tribulation events getting underway given these scriptural clues we have. I think it’s rather interesting that the first time that Satan expelled from Heaven, Jesus referred to it as “Baraq and Bama”. The second time he is cast out in the book of Revelation and pursues the Jews, we happen to have a president of the most powerful country in the world with the Hebraic patterns of ancient Israel (see yesterday’s post) who is Israel’s closest ally turning on Israel it would seem with the same name given by Jesus in Luke 10:18 to describe Satan’s first falling from Heaven. Looks very, very peculiar to me 🙂

      I am aware of judgment falling on nations that oppose Israel. But places in scripture describe Israel coming under judgment and the houses being looted/destroyed (whatever) and the women being ravished etc. When they are at there most dire circumstances in the Tribulation, that is when they will recognize the Messiah. It would seem that the scriptural clues regarding Obama are indicating that this time is very, very near.

      As far as Michelle Obama being a transsexual thus making Obama gay, there is more than enough evidence to suggest such a thing… such as the unusual… object … COUGH! COUGH! HACK! HACK!… sorry… must be a summer cold… where it shouldn’t be that is noticeable (see video below). Such as the photograph of Michelle when she was in Oregon State with a scholarship with a football uniform on playing linebacker. Her name was Michael Robinson. There is a video out there floating around documenting all of this. I’ve also seen a video where Barack Obama (as president) was speaking at a gathering of U.S. military personnel when he accidently slipped up and referred to Michelle as “Michael”.

      Here is the video:

      Here is another link with more info:


      There are many others out there. Perhaps you can track down the one where president Obama slips up and accidently calls Michelle “Michael” in front of the military personnel while cameras are rolling. I don’t think it’s on the one I posted above. I saw that Joan Rivers clip the other night as a matter of fact. Leave it to Joan Rivers right? 🙂

    • Looks like Joan may have been doing a little “researching” herself. 🙂

      By the way, I think I said above that the … COUGH! COUGH! object that is noticeab…. COUGH! COUGH! … excuse me… is found in the video but it’s actually found on the website of the link I gave below it.

    • Looks like you will have to watch the above video on youtube because the video owner has disabled playback on another website.

    • I have been noticing that every video I go to click on regarding Michelle Obama really being a man has been disabled by Youtube. They all say this… “This video has been removed as a violation of Youtube’s policy against spams, scams and commercially deceptive content.” Commercially “deceptive content” despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Youtube is trying to hide something. They are directly connected to Google from what I hear… which itself is a shady government CIA creation for the purpose of spying (among other nefarious purposes).

    • Corey and Seashore Mary,

      Just a quick thought on Michelle Obama. If it happens to be true, is there anything on the Obama’s 2 daughters being adopted? If not, then maybe they had a surrogate mother(?)… Very odd stuff.

    • Seashoremary… I located the video of Barack Obama slipping up and calling Michelle his real name Michael! Here it is:


    • Lindafromtoronto… I just read something a few minutes ago stating that the two daughters are indeed adopted to pull off the deception but I blipped it off my screen and it’s gone now.

    • “Obama doesn’t know his own birthdate”


      Could this be why he slips on his own birthday? Could this be why there are so many peculiar things about this guy?

      Let’s not forget about the mysterious scars on the back of his head. This has so many prophetic implications it rattles the mind.

    • @ Corey…this is the video I saw yesterday too, because I was questioning Michelle aka “Michael”, so why am I not seeing Sasha and Malia?

      Who are Malia and Natasha..

      @ Linda…many questions now being raised. If all of the issues surrounding the Obamas are true, TREASON is of the highest concern.

      The mystery deepens requiring answers.

      We’ll see where it ends.

      Corey, I’m thinking we’re going to cross over from coughing to choking on real tears if this bears out!

    • Is Obama really a clone? by Freeman and Suppressed technology

      you’ll see a segment in this video concerning “ISIS”
      Where have we heard this recently in the news? Hmmmmm….

      Given the evidence of Obama possibly being a clone or “Annunaki”, is it any coincidence that planet X is approaching at this particular time with the “Annunaki” (demon spirits) inhabiting this planet? It’s almost as if Obama is the head of these “Annunaki” spirits and they will be unleashed from planet x… lol! Far out I know… but whoever said that the book of Revelation was “normal” scripture reading. Whole lotta weirdness manifesting on our planet these days so I don’t discount these things so easily anymore given the peculiar clues we’ve been getting.

    • Rivers is more than rude with these comments. She’s cruel. I remember she was brutal to Elizabeth Taylor for years . She also said some disgusting things about Barbara Bush, too.
      She’s not funny, she’s just crass. That said, Rivers has never bothered to be politically correct. At 81, I doubt she has any incentive to start being correct now.
      Anyway,the libreal media is all up in arms over her comments, my question is, being called gay or transgender is an insult? Last time I checked, the left called anyone who would say such a thing a ‘bigot’, and would probably compare them to Hitler. Ah well, no surprise here, the left and it’s never-ending hypocrisy goes on….

  4. A friend sent me a Koran, as I have never had one, and I said what surahs in the Koran prescribe killing Christians and Jews and all infidels if they won’t convert. I wanted to be able to point these out to my son, who believes these surahs are not there. But now I can’t read the Koran, as it makes me ill. Help.

  5. Israel is forever! I am praying for the peace of Israel. Also praying that God will somehow get hold of many of these radicals and they will convert and serve Jesus

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  7. Finally more has started to come out on the MSM re the leader of ISIS/ISIL (al-Baghdadi), calling all Muslims to obey him and set up a caliphate. (…Do you suppose people may soon start to get it?)



    A few days ago there was also this ….

    ** ISIS Leader: We will conquer Rome **

    “In an impassioned audio address, the leader of Islamic militant group ISIS has declared that Muslims will continue fighting until they conquer Rome.”


  8. Please pray for Richard Dolan, a ufo historian and researcher who was recently in Vancouver, BC for some lectures. Dolan recently interviewed Al Mathews, a former abductee who is no longer fearful of the ufo phenomena after accepting Christ as Saviour. Al lives in West Vancouver previously has had some terrifying ufo encounters and was abducted while driving his car in the Quebec. Richard needs discernment, protection and understanding about what entities are behind the ufo phenomena. Al is hoping to stay in touch with Richard Dolan and share more of his views and beliefs now that he has found deliverance through knowing Jesus Christ.

  9. I spent 2 months in Israel this spring hiking their 600 mile (1000 km) National Trail. When you spend that sort of time there, news like this tears at my heart.
    Everyone, all believers, need to go to Israel. Not for one of these blink-your-eyes-or-you’ll-miss-it bus tours but one that allows you to smell the air, get dirt in your shoes, live with the families whose kids are in the IDF or coming back from a visit to Poland’s concentration camps.
    For those who say they can’t afford it, I spent less money in those two months than what most blow on those 10 day bus tours.
    Get there any way you can, while you still have this mortal coil. Seeing it on the other side is a given.

    • I’m extremely envious you got to spend 2 months hiking in Israel.

      Israel is at the very top of my travel “bucket list” and has been for some time. Unfortunately, as a starving student, I doubt I’ll get to go any time soon, unless someone offers to pay my way. But I hope, hope, hope I get to go in my lifetime. It would be an absolute dream come true. And if I ever do get the opportunity, I’d absolutely go for more than a measly 10 days, and I would try get off the beaten path a bit, see more places, and immerse myself in the culture. I actually know some folks who recently moved there as missionaries, so at least I have some connections there, which helps.

      But, yes, I agree that all believers should make an effort to go to Israel. The land and the people are part of our spiritual heritage.

    • Princesinha….

      Go to ISRAEL……….and sign up for the IDF ( Israeli Defense Force )………and get all your travel …..for FREE !!!

      With a few bullets….mortar shells……rockets / missiles…..all thrown in for FREE !!!!

      You can also …. do exactly as you stated above….

      …… you would…. “get off the beaten path [ MUCH MORE THAN ] a bit”, ……

      …… see [ MANY, MANY, MANY ] more places, …….

      and you would even ……. immerse yourself in the culture……[ Probably even meet the “local” populations upclose and personal ].

      And YES, … most certainly would be ……. “a missionary”………….on the very soil ….. where The Gospel began to be proclaimed.

      Anyone, …… aNyOnE, ……. ANYONE ……… A-N-Y-O-N-E ???

      ISRAEL ……is …. assuredly … THE MOST POPULAR … destination in the ENTIRE world !!!!

      People all throughout The Middle East want to make ISRAEL a prime HOT-SPOT of activity…..even willing to DIE to get there !!!

      So, ……… you are NOT alone!

    • A few years ago I was planning on going with a group consisting of Marcus and Joni Lamb, and Joel and Victoria Osteen along with about 75 others, however, I didn’t want to be confined to a group type itinerary, so flew to Maui instead. I don’t regret it. I plan to go Israel at some point but would rather wander the beaten path by myself that an organized group…

  10. ISIS Leader ‘al-Baghdadi’ Makes First Public Appearance!

    ISIS Jihadists Decimate Multiple Mosques and Shrines In Mosul!

    ISIS Allegedly Issues ‘Caliphate’ Passport

  11. “”

    Japan is going to get hit with a huge Typhoon. Could be the equivalent of a cat 5 hurricane. Will have to keep an eye on it and pray for those folks.

  12. Reblogged this on BLOGS FROM HEAVEN and commented:
    We really need to pray for the safety of all Israelis and wisdom for the Israeli PM in deciding what to do. With ISIS their goal of the caliphate includes Israel. It will not be long until Israel is in their crosshairs if not already.


  13. J.D. Farag’s weekly “prophecy update” ….. only the first 20 minutes of the video.

    ** Islamic State to break all borders, establish Caliphate, have global domination by 2020, based in Jerusalem**




    ***** The [ 5 ] Articles BELOW are at the END of the Article listed just above here.

    >>>>> Please READ and STUDY each of these links TOP to BOTTOM. <<<<>>>> HUGE AMOUNTS of UNDERSTANDING of ISLAM <<<<<






    • I have noticed these LINKS above did NOT copy correctly.

      So simply copy and paste the link about ….”ISIS VOWED DESTROY MECCA”…..then OPEN it to read it etc.

      At the END of this first article, you will see [5] other LINKS that must be read by EVERY believer.


    “” <<<<>>> Note LINKS in [ Brackets ] and colored BLUE.

    ***** See Pictures and Videos. Note the Scriptures throughout the Articles.

    >>>>> Please READ and STUDY each of these links !!!!! <<<>>> HUGE AMOUNTS of UNDERSTANDING of ISLAM <<<<<


    LA MARZULLI…..I strongly encourage you to read the fore-mentioned articles above as they are of GREAT prophetic importance.

    We are ……."in the season" of these things "beginning to come to pass".

  16. This makes my blood boil, listen to Pelosi speak about the children crossing the border:

    Referring to the United States and Mexico, Pelosi said, “This is a community with a border going through it. And this crisis – that some call a ‘crisis’ – we have to view as an opportunity. (HELLO! Order out of manufactured chaos! Cloward and Piven stategy)

    “What we just saw was so stunning. If you believe as we do that every child, that every person, has a spark of divinity in them (Wait a second! Now we have this God spark in us, Gnosticism or Kabbalah, where we all have the opportunity to become gods- She makes me want to vomit. This is dissolving the borders, ending this nation, what we’ve all warned about! She is a slut to the nwo) and is therefore worthy of respect, what we saw in those rooms was [a] dazzling, sparkling array of God’s children, worthy of respect. So … we have to use the crisis – that some view as a crisis, and it does have crisis qualities – as an opportunity to show who we are as Americans, that we do respect people for their divinity and worth,” she said.


  17. We have an “11-11-11” error code on our dish satellite, obstruction interrupting service. Last nite I was on the computer and I heard the thunder precisely at 11:11pm. I was telling my wife about this at a restaurant this afternoon when we heard, “order 111 is up”. So strange, no particular meaning that I can discern, just strange.

    I had of dream last nite where people were walking by me, and Richard Dolan(see Gordy’s comment above) walked by me. I would have forgot it had not his comment been posted. I didn’t even remember his name, only that he was a ufo investigator.

    Anyway, Pete posted a video of John Wayne, talking about values, with Dean Martin. It was insightful, and humorous. Later in the blog, LA brought up the fact how the native Americans were treated so poorly by the early Americans. I didn’t take it as a criticism of Duke movies, since it was in a different section, but it did get me to wondering, in how many movies did the Duke fight Native Americans? It turns out, not that many when compared to his complete filmography. And in many where he did, the Indians were either sympathetic or presented as justified for their actions. In one, Hondo, he was half-indian, who had had an Indian wife. Another, the Searchers, based on a true story, his intolerant character was an intended flaw, which gave dramatic tension to the climax. It is considered one of the classic movies of all time. The movie ended, with a sense, that that period of backwards thinking was over.

    Also of note, I read where Daniel Boone not only fought and killed Indians, and rescued his daughter from a kidnapping, but he also lived with a tribe and respected them greatly. It is hard to understand how this dual standard existed. The same goes for the founders, Corey had an interesting post comparing this country to the Temple in Jerusalem. The article, criticized Thomas Jefferson as an atheist. But as historian David Barton explains, Jefferson’s faith evolved over his life. His “Jefferson Bible” did include many miracles performed by Jesus, and at the end of his life, Jefferson dated his letters not just “in the year of our Lord” , but instead wrote, “in the year of our Lord Jesus Christ”.

    Just random thoughts.

    • That’s weird John T about the 11-11 thing…not sure what that could possible mean..?? I have heard many people call in to Coast to Coast and discuss seeing the same repetitive numbers in concession wherever they go…
      By the way, I also had a dream that sounds strikingly similar to yours the other night. My dream had people walking by me as well, however in my dream it was Richard Dreyfuss that walked by me.

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  19. The Sinister Cult of the Singularity

    …as a religion, this is very American. It is structurally similar to the fundamentalists’ belief in the Rapture — the moment when the elect are swept up to Heaven to avoid the ensuing Tribulation — which is also said to be imminent. And, indeed, in their subliterate way, Kurzweil’s books do read like fundamentalist tracts.

    Furthermore, some techno-Christian sects have embraced the Singularity as being all part of God’s plan. ‘Live is purposeful,’ runs the creed of the transhumanist Terasem Movement. ‘Death is optional. God is technological. Love is essential.’

    That great Valley apostate Jaron Lanier, who sees through the folly of techno-babble better than anybody, has noted this convergence of technology and faith. ‘What we are seeing,’ he writes, ‘is a new religion, expressed through an engineering culture.’

    The Singularity is, indeed, a faith. But its adherents conceal this awkward fact with an analysis that the gullible might mistake for science. This analysis is based on the idea of an exponential growth in our technological prowess, particularly in the development of AI. Ultimately what once took thousands of years will happen in seconds, and the machine-god will emerge.

    It is, of course, absurd. As Professor Andrew Blake, managing director of Microsoft Research at Cambridge, observed at a recent Spectator event, ‘There is no scientific basis for any of this.’ The only model for such exponential acceleration is the growth in power of computer chips over the past few decades. This may or many not continue, but even if it does there is no reason to think it will lead to real machine intelligence.

    In prophecy…
    – there’s the “image of the beast” … possibly an augmented or virtual reality “heaven” (fantasy world)
    – and “the abomination of desolation” … possibly a crowd sourced mechanical turk scam AI
    – along with “the ten horns [rulers] with one mind” … possibly a hive mind


    • What’s not said…
      – “it’s no oculus” rift yet…
      – the development trend…
      – stereo audio (bone fone?)
      – vibration feedback…
      – lighter smartphones…
      – other sensors like temperature
      – sex app

      @ african mask
      – which god?

      @ social disengagement
      – you thought texting was bad

      – “heads-up” smartphones might put a 3D stearable vibration stimulator
      – or as yet undisclosed stimulator
      – next to your brain

      @ “tune-in, turn-on, drop-out”
      + drugs…
      + demons…
      = mkultra next generation


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