L. A. Marzulli – Are Aliens Among us?

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117 thoughts on “L. A. Marzulli – Are Aliens Among us?

  1. Good explanation from L.A. about how Darwinism encouraged people to believe in panspermia, life coming from ET rather than from God’s creation. Concise and complete.

    • Barry Taff, a long-time paranormal researcher and a medical intuitive, was on John B.’s show last week. He said that it is only a matter of time before people realize that we were “seeded” here by visitors from another place, and that the sacred texts concerning creation are misunderstood.

      He speaks for the paranormal scientific community, and I believe the scientific community at large. Because most know (although few acknowledge) that the Darwinistic paradigm is collapsing.

      I am so grateful that God gave us the grace to see the lie in it all.

    • But this begs the question: Why do we have two creation stories in Gen 1 and 2? God plural in Gen 1, and the Lord (Yahweh) God in Gen 2. What’s the meaning, why denote these two different words? There has to be a reason.

    • In a word, dimensions…
      – the heavens (spiritual)
      – and the earth (physical)
      – collocated together

      with another dimension
      – that was
      – is not
      – yet is
      – call it hell

    • Why I love God the Creator is… firstly and foremost – the free choice, to believe that He is the Truth.

      WHO on this planet actually gives you a free choice? Without any form of cost – be it money or blood?

      Then the simplicity of Genesis 1:1

      And the Alpha and Omega.


    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;” First Amendment to the U.S Constitution

    Yesterday, the U.S. Supreme Court by a 5-4 decision struck down a provision in the Affordable Healthcare Acts (Obamacare) that would have forced business owners and family-run companies like Hobby Lobby to provide abortion-inducing drugs to their employees regardless of their conscience or deeply-held religious convictions.

    Writing for the majority opinion, Justice Samuel Alito stated that “the plain terms of RFRA (Religious Freedom Restoration Act) make it perfectly clear that Congress did not discriminate . . . against men and women who wish to run their businesses as for-profit corporations in the manner required by their religious beliefs. . . . Our responsibility is to enforce RFRA as written, and under the standard that RFRA prescribes, the HHS contraceptive mandate is unlawful.” LET US PRAY. . .

    Father, we give You thanks and praise for this ruling. Lord, while we’re very grateful that You have allowed us to live in a nation where we have religious liberty, let us pray that we would seek every opportunity to share the Gospel with those that you place before us. This we pray In Jesus Name. Amen.

    From the KY Family Foundation

    • I had a post on facebook showing a package of viagra marked “covered” and a package of birth control pills marked “not covered” placed there by a liberal whiner so I commented, “Actually, Hobby Lobby is not against the birth control pill pictured. They are only protesting what kills an already conceived baby. They did not contest birth control and will cover 16 forms.” …..then crickets for 1/2 an hour 🙂 so I then posted, “some of these memes are spun just to keep feeding the masses their daily 2 minutes of hate whether they know what they are saying or not. Too much opinionated ignorance!”
      It took a few minutes but those are finally getting some “likes” ……and after one person “liked one, then the fearful kinda came out of their shell and got on board 🙂 7 likes now

    • Why link “women’s health” to abortion?

      – there’s no logic, contraception considered
      – especially for those that abort repeatedly
      – politics is part of the answer of course
      – delusion must be a major component
      – & the darkest enemy schemes are the rest

  3. Do you think all giants were hybrids? The reason I ask is because there are fossils of giant dragonflies with the wing span of 4 feet. Some of the giant skeletons found have normal looking skulls. Dr. Carl Baugh claims to have evidence that things, including humans, were much bigger in the past, specifically before the flood, because the atmosphere was much different than it is now.

    Also, I saw some interesting artifacts in a museum in Istanbul, Turkey when I was there a few years ago depicting half man and half goat. I always wondered why God destroyed the entire planet except Noah and his family and the animals in the ark. It’s like pieces of the puzzle starting to make more sense now.

    • GENESIS 6:12 God looked on the earth, and behold, it was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted their way upon the earth.

      The fallen had been experimenting with humans and animals making all kinds of creatures, had God not stopped them they would have taken over all of mankind.

    • Isn’t it incedible! The times we are living in! Watching it unfold before our eyes!
      Watching Our God of mercy expose that which has been hidden!
      It started to unravel bit by bit for me 10 years ago,,but the last 2 years have been huge huge eye openers!
      L.A. Has exposed and dug up stuff that brings it full circle.
      When you read the book of Enoch it makes everything come together.
      It answers who the Nephilim are, why God had to flood the earth, why we have fables of mythological creatures,,,it just answers it all.
      Maybe just maybe thats why it was purposely left out of the bible.
      If Enoch was so close to God and loved his company so much to just come get him,,,,,,it just begs the question…..why was this book excluded?

      I told my son that if it was the 1500’s they would have burned us at the stake for believing what we believe today,,,,they might say we are heritics in the church.
      If I shared what I truly believe here in a church around here,,,they would shun me and my family,,,,
      They would say we do not have sound teaching,,,they would not let us be members,,,,
      What is really weird is they will quote Josephus,,,but do they ever quote Enoch?

  4. More Magic

    ANF01. The Apostolic Fathers with Justin Martyr and Irenaeus

    Chapter XXVIII.—The distinction to be made between the righteous and the wicked. The future apostasy in the time of Antichrist, and the end of the world.

    And he shall perform great wonders, so that he can even cause fire to descend from heaven upon the earth in the sight of men, and he shall lead the inhabitants
    of the earth astray. Let no one imagine that he performs these wonders by divine power, but by the working of magic. And we must not be surprised if, since the demons and apostate spirits are at his service, he through their means performs wonders, by which he leads the inhabitants of the earth astray.

    • What Justin Martyr and Iranaeus did not know is that there is no such thing as magic: only technology which is not yet understood.

    • For they cast down every man his rod, and they became serpents: but Aaron’s rod swallowed up their rods.
      Exodus 7:12

      I am eager to know what tech was employed in this case. Any ideas?

    • Not a clue, but it does exist because it happened. Magic is simply the manipulation of physical laws and properties and demons – it is all a part of the physical realm (even if demons are non-physical entities they are still of the earth, at least that’s what the Book of Enoch says).

      However, God creates. That is why His serpent was supreme and the others hit a wall (or a gullet, in this case).

    • “What Justin Martyr and Iranaeus did not know is that there is no such thing as magic: only technology which is not yet understood.”

      That’s right. It ends up being like the old argument of trying to figure out, or even separate, science from the supernatural.

    • Jest for fun: With their flashings, do so.

      Enchantment Technology ©

      Then Pharaoh also called the wise men and the sorcerers: now the magicians of Egypt, they also did in like manner with their enchantments.
      Exodus 7:11

      Young’s Literal Translation:
      And Pharaoh also calleth for wise men, and for sorcerers; and the scribes of Egypt, they also, with their flashings, do so,

      Other bible translations: secret arts, magic, occult practices, magic spells

    • C.S. Lewis said that miracles are not unnatural. God’s miracles are always natural but superly so and that is why Christ would not turn the rocks into bread but would turn water into wine.

    • Another thing that comes to mind is the R.C. Church and their UFO observatories.

      They have the clear Word of God on how to TEST THE SPIRITS, but obviously have neglected it (except for 1 or 2 popes who were against the UFO observatories, as I understand).

      That testing of the spirits could have spared them the ongoing speculation about “beings” that some in the R.C. elite felt had validity, or had in other cases possibly encountered.

      Another sad indicator of who they may really be channeling and worshipping.

    • “https://fbcdn-sphotos-e-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-frc3/t1.0-9/p526x296/1476677_10152043809527287_257436880_n.jpg”

      Would not pharaoh have considered the internet “magic?”

    • Yes, Elaine, that’s true. C.S. Lewis also predicted the rise of the ‘materialist magician,’ which describes the likes of remote viewers.

    • Linda, what you say is SO true about testing the spirits. A loved one of mine failed to do this and is now dead.

    • Testing the spirits? I recently tried absinthe for the first time (wormwood) does that count?

    • Poor guy got his knickers in a twist. I drank two shots pure, made my speech slur a bit and I said stupid things but my mind seemed to be functioning more clearly which is a contrary.
      My experiments stand in being that the only spirit a man should be filled with is the Holy Spirit.

    • Azureceu… could they have had holograms in that day? After getting their audience into such a hype, then flashing an image. It’s nothing that isn’t used before an excited, worked up, enthusiastic crowd these days (such as for spectators at a world cup event or a rock concert).

    • Pete, whatever it was those dimensional snakes were death, and we say: Death is swallowed up in victory. O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?

    • @ absinthe / wormwood

      definition: “http://www.medterms.com/script/main/art.asp?articlekey=7485”
      Absinthe: An emerald-green liqueur flavored with extracts of the wormwood plant, licorice, and aromatic flavorings in an alcohol base. Absinthe was manufactured, commercialized, and popularized in France in the late 1700s. It was an extremely addictive drink. Prolonged drinking of absinthe causes convulsions, blindness, hallucinations, and mental deterioration. Absinthe has been banned, but something of its taste is still available in such drinks as Greek ouzo and French pastis.

      Are there spirits in those spirits?

      :mrgreen: And just how recent was this experiment?
      re: “My experiments [confirmed] that the only spirit…”

      Several times I’ve had bottles in my hand and just never would try it…
      – knowing something of the history of earless painters
      – and of the prophecy of bitter bolides
      – with a tendency to avoid
      …devil’s food brand meats, red devil vacuums, and “diabolitos” (dollies for moving boxes)

      “http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11538141” (cyanide in comets)
      “http://news.wikinut.com/Do-you-know-the-taste-of-Cyanide/lmroek2v/” (testimony … tastes “acrid”)
      “synonyms: bitter, acrimonious, embittered, hard, rancorous, resentful, sore”

    • Nome, The woman whom the Lord gavest to be with me, she gave me of the nectar, and I did drink. However, the deadly poison I did overcome and I am less absinthe minded now.

      P.S. I guess one should not drink the water shortly after a comet impact.

    • @ x-spirit-menthe
      – glad it was no stranger

      Prov. 5
      3 For the lips of a strange woman drop as an honeycomb, and her mouth is smoother than oil:
      4 But her end is bitter as wormwood, sharp as a twoedged sword.

      gotta ask though…
      – did you use a sugarcube
      – or a chaser ??

    • re: Prov. 5

      Exactly, that emerald green lady so smooth…

      My wife drank it with a sugar cube and water, once I smelt the licorice smell I refused it to be adulterated. Note* I love licorice and I have found it neither in Europe or S. America on my travels, so the more I drank the more I liked it. Actually not a bad drink and the bottle is still 90% full, it will probably set there for a few years, it is pretty to look at. Maybe if I get stupid I will go for 3 shots next time, but first I’ll take off me Skivvies?

    • @ skivvies

      reckon the painter
      – lost his ear…
      – while shaving

      search here for wormwood…
      – and scroll down a bit


    • re: starry starry night

      The only thing I found different with the drink it gave me a feeling of a clear mind while being inibriated (sort of like a democrat), that was my wormwood lesson. I’ve read the info from the link you provided and much more from other sources before I tried the drink. Either this drink is over romanticized/vilified or they must have been drinking a more potent concoction? The loss of an ear for research purposes is a risk one takes.
      – Vincent

    • @ try the spirits
      – see time 3:20 in starry…



      Mark 16 (tail end)

      As Y’shua told us…
      – Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature
      – those that believe and are baptized shall be saved
      – but those that believe not shall be damned.

      And these signs shall follow them that believe
      – In My Name shall they cast out devils
      – they shall speak with new tongues

      They shall take up serpents
      – and if they drink any deadly thing it shall not hurt them
      – they shall lay hands on the sick
      – and they shall recover

      boa noite, durma com os anjos e sonhe comigo…

  5. It’s been a long time since I saw Zola’s program. Wow! This is a good show. Please, everyone, check it out before going off on another topic (as this blog is prone to do…ha ha).

    • At work, we classify distractions as…

      – “wormholes” for technical bogs (while carefully avoiding blackholes)
      – “rabbit holes” for interminable database research hazards
      – “fox holes” for situations … well … where bodies are buried
      – “squirrel holes” for locations that are hard to find
      – “19th holes” for HQ / HR / personnel problems … like lawsuits

      – niburu is definitely more than a brown dwarf topic
      – hence the danger of having to deal with wormhole aliens :facepalm:

    • Nome….by the way….thanks for that website you mentioned a few days ago….I have been reading a good number of things there….
      and still not done.


  6. Islamic State (aka ISIS / ISIL / Caliphate), per article…
    – to destroy Ka’aba & possibly Dome of the Rock


    cp. detroying twin Buddhas & twin Towers
    – also attempt on Pentagon (an occult symbol)
    – what were the other 9/11 targets?
    – any obelisks, statues, rushmores, yada?
    – alien meteorites?? (idol)

    • I wonder what ISIS/ISIL ..does NOT want to destroy?

      Recently there was also this:

      ** ISIS plans for global caliphate: “I’ll see you in New York”.


  7. Very good program.

    Whether one may be secular, and/or an adherent to UFO alien theory, or an adherent to/follower of anything New Age/Occult/Magic …. doesn’t even matter. The master of the great deception can easily take care of the whole spectrum.

    Without salvation through Christ, the question of who might be deceived ends up a moot point.

    It seems to me those who are open to our being seeded by aliens will be ripe for UFO disclosure. And those who believe in, or are involved, in various beliefs, religions, including black or white ritual magic of some sort, could easily be given “disclosures” by Satan (as to seeding by the aliens, or some variation thereof), all via their occult/mystic channels, gurus, witch doctors, high priests, or ouija boards. Any way he can get the hook in, he’ll know how to do it.

    • The ouija board was just in the news. Some people in Mexico were playing with one, which led to a demonic possession.

      Aren’t these demons similar to the leftists in government? They need to control people even if it ruins society. They operate under the same premise that it is better to rule in hell than serve in heaven.

    • Yes, John, I saw that story too, about a couple of people in Mexico playing with a ouija board, and getting possessed.

      No doubt the leftists would love to have the same kind of control! Who knows …. maybe they’ll issue ouija boards to the unsuspecting ..

    • Linda, I think I read that the movie The Exorcist was based on a story of a boy who had played with one. That movie still bothers me.

      Unrelated, steve Quayle had a video of the IMFs LaGard talking about the number 7, clearly a believer in the occult. Last week I read that only 33 visitors at a time are allowed in the papal gardens. 33 cameras filmed the recent canonization. I remember Nancy Reagan would use a psychic to schedule the presidents events. They seem to think that they can control the supernatural. Really playing with fire.

    • Well I am not tempted to take their mark or whatever it is. Live forever,,,,here….No thank you 🙂
      To live is Christ…to die is gain
      He who seeks to save his life will loose his life
      God is in control nothing gets by Him
      I am confident that no one in Heaven is surprised by any of these events that surprise us here on earth.
      Does any one ever watch Alex Jones I think thats his name…..seems like he does sensationalism,,,,but does he expose real things?
      I heard him say that the government CIA created ISIS.
      Its hard to know what is really going on,,who is backing who
      I am thankful for everyone on this blog and L. .A…..shedding light on all these subjects…thank you please bless them all Lord

    • Bruce, the Ouija and a specific demon named Zozo is the subject of many internet rumors. I have no idea of the validity of the stories, I just know that I wouldn’t mess with it. Also, there was an old, old movie making the Ouija board look exciting , 13 Ghosts may have been the title. The false marketing of the ouija as a benign toy is unbelievable. It’s occult connection should more than scare people off.

    • Bruce … I see that a used one is available, too. But it sells for a little more than the new. I wonder if it’s because the used one comes with an extra spirit that’s already been conjured up by a past user?


    • Absolutely John T.
      The period of 1870-1918, (which I personally believe was a very specific and significant spiritist/occult ‘dawning’ period) was also the period of time in which the Ouija Board was developed. It is in essence, an extension of demonic channeling/automatic writing.

    • For more on quija witchery…
      – not for those unweaned


      – like a woodland trek at night
      – don’t stop in between

      Be blessed, beloved, in Yeshua!

    • Bruce, that time period(1870-1918) makes sense. The great loss of life from the Civil War caused so much pain. Mary Todd Lincoln was said to go to spiritualists to try to reach President Lincoln. That made me think of this video.

    • John T I agree with you about the Exorcist, I didn’t care for it. Some say it’s one of the most controversial horror films ever made, if not the most. When it was first released in 1973, traumatized young girls were being helped out of the cinema. Apparently people even went as far to kill themselves because they couldn’t get the horror out of their heads. When I watched The Exorcist I didn’t really see what all the fuss was about. To be honest I still don’t. But I guess it all depends on the mind of the person watching it.
      I read awhile back that when The Exorcist was being filmed many on the film set felt a presence like something terrible was taking place. Arguments were rife while filming because everyone was so tense and couldn’t wait for it all to be over. On the set strange and mysterious occurrences were going on. First they experienced a lot of electrical problems, the crews were all really spooked believing that the film was cursed and so the film producers called in a real life priest who came and blessed the set and sprinkled holy water on the cast, the set and the crew.
      Things that happened during filming

      1. Day 1 of shooting Max Von Sydow, who played the part of Father Merrin got a phone call to say his brother had died, and so he had to fly home for the funeral.

      2.Day 2 of shooting Actor Jack MacGowran suddenly died of Influenza. Just after a fire broke out on one of the sets destroying everything, the fire still remains a mystery.

      3.During the scene where Linda Blair is flipping around on the bed, she fractured her lower spine when the harness she was strapped to came undone, and the scenes of her screaming was real not acting, as the cruel directors wanted to keep filming her pain as they thought it would make the scene even better. Then the scene where the mother was slammed into the wall, she hit the wall so hard she to injured her back, and her screams were real as well.

      4. When the film had finished all the crews were relieved, the film got taken off for processing and the address was 666 5th Avenue. When The Exorcist was re released in 2000, Jason Miller who played Father Karass died suddenly of a heart attack, and in July 2002 when a prequel to The Exorcist was being produced, the Director went for back surgery and suffered from a massive stroke and died.

      5. A new director took over and once again, strange things started happening on set. The fax machine turned itself on and started throwing out loads of 66666666666666666’s line after line, which really freaked everyone out

      6.Yet another Director Renny Harlin, stepped in and after shooting a really bloody scene, Harlin went home to find his beloved Dog hemorrhaging, the blood was spraying everywhere and the dog was yelping in pain. His Dog was rushed to the Vets but the Vet could not find any reason for the Hemorrhaging. Later when Renny flew out to Rome to begin filming, he was crossing the road and out of nowhere a car appeared and run him down. when he was shown his X Ray he saw that their was thirteen screws in his leg.

      7.One of the film investors son died and he had to fly home, meaning the film lost out on a lot of money, but still filming continued. Also a night watchmen was killed while patrolling the set. Some believe the Devil did not want to be exposed, and these tragic turn of events were not coincidence but something more evil at work.

      I have seen every mainstream exorcism film in, at least, the last ten years (Exorcism of Emily Rose, The Last Exorcism, Dominion: Prequel to the Exorcist, and all of the exorcists for that matter)and was usually disapointed in most of them. Have you ever seen the film “The Rite”? It is also inspired by true events and does a good job on the subject of Exorcism without all the scare tactics of people bouncing of the bed and head spinning which seem to plague these types of movies. The Rite delivers an exorcism film that is actually worth seeing. After decades of miserable exorcism movies, finally there is one that doesn’t involve heads spinning 360 degrees, projectile pea soup spitting, and lots of special effects. However, true exorcisms are not like what they show in the hyped up movies. This is more like what exorcisms are, and for believers, that’s equally if not more frightening, because it’s more real.

      By the way, I know quite a bit about the entity named Zozo, that’s one to avoid and be extremely careful with. They had a guest on Coast to Coast not long ago that wouldn’t even say the name as they felt just speaking the name could bring the evil spirit to manifest.

  8. Daniel Ott interviews Walid Shoebat >>>> people need to understand this video.

    >>>>> Watch what is being done in Syria. ( 16:00 – 19 min )….. only one part that you need to realize is going on by muslims.

    • Kirk … just saw the 16-19 minute part. If only this part alone could be shown on the mainstream media. Maybe at some point it will … when it’s too late to wake up.

    • Linda….

      When you get a chance….go through this whole thing….which encompasses many details regarding Islam….things NOT heard….

      by our “lame-stream media”…which essentially keeps Americans ignorant regarding the onslaught that is …and is coming….by muslims.

      So much deception by governments ….and the “doublespeak” ….that is going on with how Islam is being portrayed in the media / gov’ts.

    • The Month of August ………is to be declared by O’bummer ………..as “Muslim Understanding Month”. Ohhhh gee, how nice!

      More Manipulation of The Masses who don’t know the Bible.

    • @ Linda…thank you for posting video with Bridgette Gabriel. Bridgette is correct: ” The peaceful majority were/are irrelevant!”

      They are not standing up to voice their concerns, leaving the door wide open for the enemy to storm through without knocking. They are not asleep, they are not biding their time, they are simply “irrelevant.” They don’t think their voice matters.

      That’s what needs to change, so, I hope it’s not too late.

    • Linda….

      Great video !!! Ya gotta love smart people that use their brains, instead of all the politically correct morons who have “invaded”
      our gov’t, businesses, churches, and schools.

      Go Bridgette Gabriel………. she has this point nailed down with the TRUTH.

      i have often wondered….
      ……….”Where are the 75% of PEACEFUL (so-called) muslims”…..and why don’t they SPEAK UP against The Radical muslim minority ???

      Could it be that …”the peaceful muslims”……..also like THEIR necks too ?!?! …….. or also that THEY disdain “sharia law” ?!?!

      People that are “quiet” NOW when seeing injustice…..will NOT…..have a “voice” LATER when enduring persecution.

    • Ya wanna listen to another great message……..ENJOY and LEARN !!!!

      Brigitte Gabriel: Radical Islam: The Plan to Destroy America from Within: Infiltration (2011)

    • Wow! Lindafromtoronto thanks for sharing that video. Brigitte Gabriel is on point. Her quick and intelligent answers always amaze me. She’s one smart lady!

    • “The Plan to Destroy America from Within: Infiltration (2011)”

      As she said in this film in 2011 that the Muslims goal was to create a caliphate, I wonder how she feels today after three years have passed and they are now declaring a new caliphate, thanks Obama.

  9. Ack! Argentilians 1 x 0 Switzerland -bye bye
    Good luck to the U.S. if they win today against Belgium then next they will play against the Argentilians.

  10. LA…

    Great Video for the blog today!

    It is packed with GREAT details to get people the basics about the ALIEN / DEMON / FALLEN ANGELS….and the end times!

    EVERY CHURCH needs to show this video during a weekly service …. for at least a month straight….so that people “get their head out of the sand”.

    Most Churches are woefully inept to teaching our AUTHORITY in CHRIST….and rarely pray as a congregation of God’s people against our enemy.

    Some “churches” even teach that we shouldn’t do warfare against Principalities, etc. !!! HUH ??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME ???

    Do these people ….EVER….. read Ephesians 6:10-20 ????

    QUIT PRESSING SNOOZE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Interview with Brigitte Gabriel >>>>>>> This is very revealing and will touch your heart in many ways! Awesome Testimony!

  12. The video below strongly resembles what I saw about 3 or so weeks ago… a glow behind the clouds (or I should say chemtrails). Clearly, something is being seen and filmed in the sky around the globe. In the video, you will see a strange Halo also around the sun. This thing is starting to effect the sun it would seem (at least it’s appearance). Playing devil’s advocate for the hardcore believers such as myself for a moment, I have heard another possible explanation for what people are seeing and filming. Could this possibly be Project Blue Beam type technology? If they are in possession of technology that can project images in the sky, could this be what the Illuminati/globalists are projecting in the sky and calling it Planet X or Nibiru? Perhaps the chemtrails are acting as a screen to display the image upon. But gut and instinct is saying no, it can’t possibly be, but you never know. If it is, the natural disasters we are seeing (plus the sinkholes) could be a result of HAARP technology and they are putting false info out there that this catastrophe called Nibiru is approaching and it is causing these disasters… all for the purpose of implementing the New World Order. It could be a mass deception. But… then again… this image projecting technology wouldn’t explain it’s historical accounts either. The record of this Planet X being known and seen from civilizations of the past is one thing that gives me pause in buying the image projection technology explanation. I still tend to think that this thing is real.

    As to the question “Are Aliens Among Us?”… it is said that Planet X is coming with warlike creatures called the “Annunaki” inhabiting it. Perhaps this is the demonic element to all of this in the tribulation period where you see in scripture a supernatural army running around on the rooftops and scaling walls as described in the old testament (Joel if I’m not mistaken). Further, according the late David Flynn, when scripture is looked at in the original greek of the new testament, the bottomless pit may actually be referring to an outer body that is postioned above the earth that opens up and releases the demonic hoard. Tom Horn refers to this quoting David Flynn in his book “Nephilim Stargates”.

    Note to Kirk… I watched the first video you posted on the previous blog (quite interesting). Haven’t yet watched the second one which I will later tonight. My interest in Planet X has taken on a few more points since possibly seeing it (or the glow of it) myself. Here is the video I mentioned above. It really caught my attention as it looked eerily similar to what I saw. Toward the end of the video as the sun is going down, the image gets more pronounced (you may have to turn your volume up for this video):

    • I would also have to add that the bible’s description of the earth being turned “upside down” in the 24th chapter verse 1 of Isaiah is quite telling of the true existence of this approaching Planet system. When descriptions are heard (such as the first video that Kirk posted this morning on the previous blog) of professional people describing what this will do to the earth when it passes by exactly describes what is written in Isaiah of the earth being turned upside down. A pole shift from Hell that will destroy. Later in Isaiah, you read something that I never noticed before… this is quite shocking to realize… “Fear and the pit and the snare are upon thee O’ inhabitants of the earth. And it shall come to pass that he who flees from the noise of the fear shall fall into the pit; and he that comes up out of the midst of the pit shall be taken in the snare: “FOR THE WINDOWS FROM ON HIGH ARE OPEN, AND THE FOUNDATIONS OF THE EARTH DO SHAKE, The earth is utterly broken down, the earth is clean dissolved, THE EARTH IS MOVED EXCEEDINGLY. THE EARTH SHALL REEL TO AND FRO LIKE A DRUNKARD, AND SHALL BE REMOVED LIKE A COTTAGE; and the transgression thereof shall be heavy upon it and it shall fall, and not rise again (Isaiah 24:17-20). Note: “removed like a cottage?” Removed from where. Answer: literally out of it’s place that it once was in! What could possibly move the earth in such a manner? I think we all now know the answer. Here is another kicker… “And it shall come to pass in that day, that the Lord shall punish THE HOST OF THE HIGH ONES THAT ARE ON HIGH, AND THE KINGS OF THE EARTH UPON THE EARTH. Note: “The Lord will punish the high ones that are on high? Who could that be? Answer: Possibly these so-called “Annanaki” that are inhabiting this Planet X or Nibiru. These hearkens back to L.A.’s question of the day in his video he posted… “Are Aliens Among Us?” Yes indeed, and they are about to be in a major, major way. These UFO sightings and abductions we are seeing now are going to seem like child play it would seem compared to what may be approaching with the arrival of Planet X. Further, the Lord is going to punish the Kings of the earth that are upon the earth. This hearkens straight to Revelation 6:15-17… “And the Kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains; And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sits on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb: For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand? Note: Anyone wonder why the government is building these massive underground cities and tunnels? Whistleblowers are beginning to reveal this fact. According to Revelation 6, these “dens and rocks” people hide themselves in exist. So why would they exist… because they know that Planet X is approaching (along with these so-called “Aliens” or “Annunaki” and they are preparing for this horror show and they know that this is coming. There seems to be no other explanation than what people are seeing and filming all around the world (including myself – I saw it). There is only one thing that could cause the description of what we see in Isaiah 24. The scriptural evidence strongly suggests that Planet X is not the result of some projection technology.

    • Another important observation… In Isaiah 24, the description of the “Windows from on High being opened” fits exactly what David Flynn recognized… could possibly be demonic hoardes (the much fabled “Annanaki?) (from off the planet Nibiru?) being poured out and released from their prison upon the earth. It all fits together now. The picture is becoming quite clear.

    • Corey….excellent posts above! Couldn’t say it any better.

      Also, didn’t David Flynn mention that “Phobos” (meaning: fear…I think)…..seems to be a structure used for “a prison” ???

      I believe that is on David’s website….where i saw it a few years ago. That also seems to be a likely reality.

      Also, read isaiah 24:21-22……then see Revelation 12:7-12……..which will be part of the LAST 3 1/2 years of The tribulation period.
      THEY WILL BOTH BE PUNISHED ON THE EARTH !!! ……….. Poetic Justice at its’ best !!!!

      THAT is one HUGE reason why the LAST part of the Tribulation will be sooooooooooo very bad.

    • Here you go Corey~thought you might like this one! I have pretty much the same thoughts as you do about all of it and yeah, it is frustrating.I keep asking seeking and watching while it gets weirder and stranger ) :

  13. Corey….

    I see the Big Halo around the sun many, many times here in bend, oregon. Might be from “ice crystals” / “water vapor” in atmosphere….??
    And several times, i have seen a RAINBOW of very clear colors….in a COMPLETE circle!
    I also saw a TRIPLE RAINBOW in 2012….with the biggest one being sooo Brilliant with colors. All at the ball field were beyond amazed.

    The snap shot in this above video that i see sometimes here in Bend….is like 6:19 minute mark…two VERY defined areas…the sun and …..???……
    It certainly ain’t the moon…that is for certain. But there is something “shining” to that area to the right. Seen it numerous times!!
    It was roughly about 2 weeks ago that i saw it very pronounced….again. Others noticed it too.

    Sometimes i even get up early (about 4:30-ish) to go see the sunrise from a few different spots….and some times…. something else seems close
    to the sun’s area in the sky. I can’t make it out, but something is just “different”.

    One key to all this will be “The Colorful Skies” and “The Auroras” that will make the skies very beautiful. This i have heard for a number of years
    from various people regarding the approach of Planet X….and JESUS Himself said to LOOK UP … and notice the signs in the sun, moon, stars.
    I feel we are on the verge of seeing some of these things to a greater degree. The magnetosphere is really changing!…..and that is HUGE !!!

    When you watch that 2nd video with Paul Begley, take note of their discussions and the ideas presented. Also watch the last segment
    that starts 55:11 to the end…….watch the variety of natural phenomena mentioned, and the “bleeding tree”….very interesting!
    Note: Iron oxide = red…..and Planet X has Red Wings of Red Dust coming off it.

    Then notice 1:14:15……..seems very similar to what you and i have seen….along with the many videos on youtube.

    You mentioned the Annunaki coming with Planet X…..which has been mentioned by numerous sources.
    Could this be “the who” ….that is described in ……Joel 2:1-11, …..Rev 9:1-11, …..Isaiah 13:1-5 ???

    • Awesome… can’t wait to dig into that second video you posted. Won’t be able to reply and comment tonight about it since I will be using a computer that for some reason won’t let me post comments on this particular website. Can only post comments here using my home computer for some strange reason.

      I’m definitely gonna have to keep the battery in my camcorder charged and at the ready these days. Think I’ll start attempting to record this thing myself Kirk like yourself.

  14. Lightning repeatedly strikes the Sears (Willis) Tower in Chicago – June 30, 2014

    Mr O’ phone home!

  15. another possible global nephilim tribes dispersion evidence…
    – ball games (maya Pok-A-Tok, roman colloseum sports, greek olympiads … now football, rugby, soccer, basketball, volleyball, etc.)

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