Chaos on the USA Southern Border, IRS Clowns In Washington, and WWIII In the Middle East

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L. A. Marzulli

While the chaos continues on our southern border and the arrogant IRS “Clown” continues to tap dance around the issue of six computer hard drives crashing at the same time, the Middle East is undergoing what may be the nascent beginnings of WWIII and the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy.

Specifically Isaiah 17, Psalm 83—See Bill Salus — and or, Ezekiel 38 & 39.

Distraction is in full gear at the moment, here in the states, Nancy Pelosi has graced our southern border with her presence, welcoming the illegal aliens with open arms and declaring them to be Americans!  God help us!

To see the absurdity of this, why not bus about 3000 US citizens to let’s say, Tijuana, and ask for amnesty and see what happens!

I’m sure the Mexican government would put them all in jail and deport them!  While this latest insanity from the Obama administration is cause for alarm it is, in my opinion, a distraction!

The real news, is the spreading of the radical army of ISIL which if it continues will affect the world’s oil supply and completely destabilize the Middle East.

Maps are important and show us at a glance the situation in Iraq, Syria and what threatens Jordan, and lastly Saudi Arabia.

First of all, ISIS should be ISIL.  Islamic State of Syria and the Levant.

The Levant includes the nation of Israel, so perhaps it is a deliberate mis-translation by our media, to fudge the anagram from ISIL to ISIS.

ISIL has made it very clear they wish to establish an Islamic Caliphate which would include Syria, Iraq, Jordan,Lebanon and Israel.

That is their goal and they are in the process of implementing all available resources to accomplish it.  Hence the “L” in the anagram is Levant, and should be a wake up call!  This radical Islamists group has its eyes set on Jerusalem.  Remember what the radical cleric Highazi stated, Jerusalem will be the capital of the new United Arab States.

As we can see by the Map, ISIL has made significant advances into the Quagmire of sectarian violence that is Iraq.  ISIL has called for the head of the Jordanian King, Abdullah, so he’s  going to have to respond to the very real threat on his border.

The ISIL terrorists see Jordan’s Western-backed King Abdullah as an enemy of Islam and an infidel, and have publicly called for his execution. ISIL terrorists recently posted a video on YouTube in which they threatened to “slaughter” Abdullah, whom they denounced as a “tyrant.”

Jordan has a treaty with Israel and the USA and according to the DEBKA file, this is being honored with a force of 12,000 US soldiers backed up by our air force.

Our Washington sources report that Brig. Gen. Dennis McKean, commander of the joint US-Jordanian-Israeli underground Centcom-Forward war room established near Amman, has already received instructions to place the 12,000 US soldiers and USAF F-16 fighter squadron positioned in Jordan on the ready.’an—104-km-from-Eilat-US-Israeli-forces-on-the-ready

In closing todays post.  The situation remains unstable and serious as ISIL continues to expand its territory.  The prophecies of the Bible seem to be ready to be fulfilled right before our eyes.  There are those who claim to be Christians and yet know nothing of prophecy, instead substituting the prophetic words in our Bible, with their own private visions and revelations.  They place these visions over what was written thousands of years ago by the prophets and even dismiss the words of Jesus as being to negative.  We are warned by our Messiah, Jesus, the one who died for all humanity, the coming King, there would be wars and rumors of war.  If we believe in Him, how then can we then neglect such a dire warning.  The unfulfilled prophecies of Psalm 83, Isaiah 17 and Ezekiel 38, loom in front of us as ISIL, carves up swaths of the Middle East claiming the territory for its own.  The distraction continues, but for those of us who have eyes to see and ears to hear, the coming of our Lord must be soon and before it does, we will great Him in the air!  When you see these things begin to happen look up, because you’re redemption draws nigh!




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89 thoughts on “Chaos on the USA Southern Border, IRS Clowns In Washington, and WWIII In the Middle East

  1. We’re quickly headed towards “all bets are off” territory. If someone lights a match the wrong way this thing is going to go next level.


    ^^ That’s a really good article out of Australia.


    ISIS/ISIL has already declared a Caliphate. Past tense. Done deal.

    This isn’t going away.

    • “”

      Jordan may ask Israel for help if ISIS comes their way. That’s stunning. That’s loaded with implications.

      Skimming right now and it’s just loaded.

  2. amazing activity on many fronts. speaking of which: I wonder how you guys read the “Before It’s News” updates? I am receiving these, but have to sieve thru the muck quite heavily. i feel they sometimes reflect some kernel of truth and thats why i keep on receiving them, but wonder if you guys have any better position on them. undoubtedly they are used to produce alot of confusion and diversion on the proverbial airwaves.

    speaking of which, i saw a fantastic defn of another devious communication strategy – turnspeak – in the zola levitt letter:

    “Turnspeak: the propaganda technique of “attacking someone and then turning the criticism around 180 degrees to claim they attacked you. Because the truth is the exact opposite of the information being disseminated, it is psychologically difficult to counter and leads to…psychological confusion and a feeling of being ‘burned-out’ or ‘overwhelmed’ with too much information, effectively creating a blanket of ‘white noise’ which makes clarity difficult to achieve.” —”

    • @ Charles…I do review the site. I read all headings and if the article is in line with times and the article cites its resource but I don’t necessarily care for the article, I will access the source and use it if it’s “open source” material.

      Some articles are just too funny but I won’t republish …

  3. L.A., thank you for placing understanding on the ISIS/ISIL concept and movement.

    Yes, I’ve been keeping a sharp eye on the illegal invasion coming from within our southern borders.

    In the meantime…

    US Army Sgt gives Iraqi Police a Tellin Off


  4. And while this is going on the pope was meeting with Kenneth Copeland,James Robison, and some other guy I don’t know trying to unify the Christian church. I can only see this move as an attempt before God does the real thing. Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit says the Lord. What saddens me most is James Robison in the camp.

    • I’ve been wondering how some of our strong Christian leaders are being swayed into the devious concept currently in progress. Makes me think possibly they think they can convert the pope or make the pope an ally through evangelism?

      Billy Graham was able to break through all denominations so why not these Christian leaders?



    • i just think they dont have a clue. it is the elect falling into deception. what is difficult for us to imagine is “Which way did the spirit from the Lord go when he went from me to speak to him?”. How is someone operating in the Holy Spirit and ostensibly walking with the Lord, able to miss it?, and most importantly, what is the thing that will keep us from falling into deception or defines those that won’t fall?

    • This free eBook mentions Billy Graham, Pat Robison, Jerry Falwell, including Jack Van Impe (?) etc singing praises to the papacy…interesting.


      Jack Van Impe — Pope Francis – The False Prophet?

  5. I think ISIS was initially used to proclaim who is who. Isis was the wife of Osiris who was the god of the underworld……hence, as the church is the bride of Christ, the muslims are the bride of satan. Now that they have told us they can go to ISIL.

    • Isis is the Egyptian name for Semiramis, the wife of Nimrod, who set up the original “beast” system. It makes perfect sense that they’d name this organization in her honor.

    • Satan is chumming those waters again.
      Rose, it does make sense. The connection is clear. It’s TOO clear. It’s bait, imho.

      I am never suggesting that the threat of Islam should ignored. But I am suggesting that as we fight against evil, we never lose sight of our higher calling by getting pulled into the world.

    • Hey! I love azulejos, not a bad name azulejodoceu, as long as do not take the e out of ceu. Nice to see that you are escaping your landlocked environment to enjoy the Carioca infested beaches do Cidade Maravilhosa, enjoy.

    • i thought of you the other day when the announcer pronounced the name of the italian soccer team: Azooha instead of Azurra – a name which i love and which has been used for their yachting teams. thank jc i will be on the water after a long drought so to speak, and only on the beaches (a bit) in ilhabela. ilhabela will be sport and botafogo work. i gather you are not near either (i mean ilhabela and botafogo, as opposed to sport and work 😉 abs,

    • I’m in Sampa 45 min. from Santos/Guaraja beaches. 3.5 hours from Ilhabela, my wife won’t let me go to Ilhabela because the first time she went she was followed by a cloud of mosquitoes (teenage trauma) I’ve been up and down the coast on both sides and have been itching to go there, so I am happy on your account that at least you are permitted to go. 🙂

    • Oy!

      It was always the contractions in Portuguese…

      “the” = “o” or “a” (“u” or “ah”)
      “not the” = “no” or “na”
      “not the” plurals = “nos” or “nas” (“nuush” or “naash”)

      :facepalm: 🐱

    • “It was always the contractions in Portuguese…”
      Portuguese speakers have twice as hard a time learning English prepositions. One day a guy who came to see me, I asked if he found a parking space, ok, he said no problem I got a ride “on” my sisters car, I replied, were you cold at all, looking perplexed he said, no why? I said its cold outside, then I said your hair is combed nice considering, perplexed he said, yes why? I replied, because you got a ride on your sister car! Finally I said why does your sister make you ride “on” the car? Then he realized his mistake and chuckled, nooooo I got a ride in her car… Another guy said to me, “I saw “in” the internet”, I replied you did, he then says yes, I entered in the internet and saw it, I replied did you take the red pill or the blue pill? 😮

  6. @ ISIL/ISIS
    – re: history (muslim caliphates)
    – re: prophecy (Daniel last chapters)

    It’s worth considering the keys in the Trumpet and Vial Judgments:

    1 earth
    2 sea
    3 rivers & fountains
    4 sun
    5 bottomless pit
    6 Euphrates
    7 air

    Why Euphrates?
    – What nations are fed by the earthly river?
    – Which used to flow through heavenly Eden…
    – cp. ISIL/ISIS

    ’nuff said for now

  7. Different subject:

    “To fight evil… a hero will turn to darkness.”

    Like Maleficient. We’re going to see a lot more where this came from.

    “Sometimes what the world needs is not another hero. What it needs is a monster.”


    Wow, Dracula is cool and sympathetic. He isn’t such a bad dude after all. He’s just misunderstood.

    This trailer is more than enough for me. It’s Satanic as all get out. Be warned.

    • So. . . what’s bad is really good because the motives have been misunderstood (witchcraft, vampirism, devilry, sexual ‘freedom,’ the caste system, tyranny), and what’s good is really evil because it makes absolute judgments (what the Bible says about witchcraft, human sexuality, the family, government).

      We are living in a world of topsy turvy morality. And, if we don’t get on the “bandwagon,” we’ll find ourselves being cast out and persecuted.

      Same song, different century.

    • Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men.
      Matthew 5:13


      Brazilian Pastor Pours 110 lbs. of Salt on Church Floor; Sparks Witchcraft Speculation

    • The salt could have been used as a word picture so it’s hard to decide on the validity of this without having been there.

      This, however, fills my mind with doubts:

      ” Duke and his wife Ingrid . . . oftentimes host large-scale events which have been headlined by evangelists Benny Hinn and Mike Murdock in the past.”

      Need I say more?

    • “The salt could have been used as a word picture”
      Just like swinging a headless chicken about. (meaning chicken dinner after the service)
      I suppose the witchcraft speculation is because salt is used in witchcraft to perform certain objectives and as which is predominant in paganism,
      the mixture of witchcraft, spiritism and Christian idols etc. go hand in hand in these parts.
      It would be interesting to swing Benny and the Hinn around and watch sparks fly as he kung fu slays the congregation.


      Linda, Saturday’s game was hard one to watch! Tomorrow U.S. vs. Belgium and on Friday Brazil vs. Columbia

    • Matt, check out Adam West at the 3:30 mark. Now, that’s entertainment. It cracks me up, probably because the news is so horrible.

    • Mr. Blue Sky,

      The Bible uses salt as an analogy in several ways. It doesn’t use headless chickens (at least not in the versions I’ve read).

    • John T , that’s great, I have never seen that. Indeed, the world is a stage; the stage is a world of entertainment…as long as you comprehend that you can avoid the entertainment that’s not best suited for you and purse those that are; its quite simple really, If R rated films or the subject matter of a film offends you, by all mean don’t go…Hollywood only cares about the bottom-line, and if a film does poorly you won’t see a part two. Do you know why western films are DEAD in Hollywood?? Because they do very poorly at the box-office, the new generation does not want to see them, so the studios do not produce them. Audiences vote for what they want to see with their wallets. You can be quite certain if a Superhero or Alien movie comes out and does well at the box-office, look for many more to come…if you are not a fan of this type movie, just don’t’ go. Truth is we see what we want to see in films, it’s a form of art and therefore not two people will come away feeling or seeing the same thing. Quite frankly If I watch Titanic enough times I’m quite certain I could find something evil about it (besides Billy Zane’s acting)

      John T, you gave me Batman, I give you Mr Spock. So horrible, but like a traffic accident, I couldn’t look away.This was obviously the tape that got him his role on Star Trek 😉

    • Rose, I was not suggesting the bible uses headless chickens as a ritual.
      This is part of mixed religion ritual, the performance of a visual ritualistic act to obtain an objective.

      Such as in the U.S. (but more so in Brazil)

      Excerpt: Santeria, which blends Roman Catholicism with a West African religion, occasionally features in Miami’s most bizarre happenings.

    • I am familiar with the witchcraft rituals that draw circles with salt for protection, and drawing lines with salt especially across window ledges and doorways to keep out unwanted people or negative entities, but what does walking on salt mean in witchcraft?

      Was this pastor doing a Santeria ritual?

    • Thanks for the video version, Matt. My brother in law made us a road trip cd with that lovely song on it.

    • “what does walking on salt mean in witchcraft?”
      As to the ritual they were performing in a circle, hands in the salt and praying who knows what the objective was?
      If you do a look around on the net, There are many salt rituals practiced by witches, new agers, ecumenicals & spirtualists using this earth element according to what the desired objective is.

      “Was this pastor doing a Santeria ritual?”
      Perhaps in part, maybe not at all. In the cross cultural religions of Brazil, rituals are performed openly and/or disguised, many behind the protection of Catholic idols and other Christian practices etc etc.

      If you go to some markets in Brazil you can buy any object imaginable to perform just about any outcome desired as long as you do the ritual correctly (work). As I understand with any of the rituals, there is no manual on how to do these things, you receive instruction in one form or another. Just like that one link in the article to the anointed brooms (besom).


      Now for something different

      Legion of Good Will

      Popular ecumenical church in Brasilia – come walk the labyrinth
      Temple of Good Will

      Photos of temple:

      Main portal: “” Branches of the organization

    • Matt, I surrender, that Nimoy song beats anything I can post. So so bad, but still somehow better than Justin Beiber. Lol.

    • Rose, I`ve ran across a few of these Santeria sites where you can buy some stuff online.
      Here is one:


    • So sad. We have the privilege of boldly entering into the throne room of the Almighty and petitioning Him. Why would anyone settle for bits of bark, twigs and dolls and put one’s faith in a ritual meant to manipulate demons?


  8. It’s all over the wires:


    They found the three missing Jewish teens’ bodies in Hebron.

    One of many needless things that have happened since Israel made the mistake of coughing up that territory.

    I say it’s high time to retake Judea and Samaria. I refuse to call those areas by the other name.

  9. I just heard on the latest Hagmannx2 interview with Dave Hodges that evidence is surfacing that Ronald Reagan was a pedophile.

    I am sad, but why be surprised? I believe every president we’ve had in the last 120 years has been compromised – and if he refused to participate, he was killed.

    • Rose … you are right on the money, I listen to that interview with Dave Hodges and his research is uncovering a lot of dirt on some big names! He is in way deep with this investigation of the Virginia C.P.S. and the child trafficking, please keep him in your prayers, there have already been threats on his life and the lives of his family!
      God Bless.

  10. Sad about the Israeli teens’ bodies being found. Netanyahu in in cabinet meeting…haven’t heard further.

  11. Justices: Can’t make employers cover contraception

    AP – The Supreme Court ruled Monday that some corporations can hold religious objections that allow them to opt out of the new health law requirement that they cover contraceptives for women.

    The justices’ 5-4 decision is the first time that the high court has ruled that profit-seeking businesses can hold religious views under federal law. And it means the Obama administration must search for a different way of providing free contraception to women who are covered under objecting companies’ health insurance plans.

    Contraception is among a range of preventive services that must be provided at no extra charge under the health care law that President Barack Obama signed in 2010 and the Supreme Court upheld two years later.

    This is good news however, the 5-4 decision shows how paper thin the SCOTUS majority is on this issue… The Republicans have failed big time in not having the guts to put the right persons on the SCOTUS, going back to Reagan. It seems to me that the Constitution should not be that difficult to interpret on this issue….(4 of them voted against our religious freedom) I looked who were the 4 dissenters and could not find out who they were but they are the ones we have to get out (retire or die), they are extremely dangerous.
    But again good news, the only news that would be greater is that the entire Obamacare fiasco be ruled unconstitutional, which in my opinion it is…

    • Once this nation starts feeling the full consequences of Obamacare, the Obamabots may look up from their IPADS for a couple seconds and grunt in agreement that it’s unconstitutional and detrimental to them personnally. But… then again… there is no hope for some people. They still won’t get it or refuse to believe it. Somehow, it will be the elephants fault.

  12. See the bloodmoon did usher something in? Just because we did not see a great thing the day it happened here in North America does not mean that something big wasn,t decided that day. Maybe the Isis group ipicked ushered its leader that day? Who knows
    Jesus is so close now you can almost see Him coming.

    • Good call Michelle…..

      Gen. 1:14 Let them be for signs and season and times…

      Psalms 104:19 He appointed the moon for seasons;

      The Hebrew for signs = “oat” = the waving of a flag /appearing or coming..

      The Hebrew for seasons=”moed” = can mean “season” or “Feast” but the best translation is “DIVINE APPOINTMENT”

      So the way I read Gen. 1:14 let them be for getting our attention ( waving a warnings flag) and divine appointments.
      see( Lev.23:2 the feast (“moed”)are of the Lord)

      So Blood moons, a warning of the divine appointment, and all four fall on the HIS Holy Feast Days! HELLO, I think God is trying to tell us something.

      Look up your redemption draws near!!!

      God Bless…

    • Yepper !!!!

      Right on the money….Michelle and Hawk177.

      Soooo many try to dismiss it….yet it is plainly told to us …..BY THE WORD HIMSELF.

  13. This is sad,,, poor children

    Gun-toting children paraded through the streets of Mosul in Iraq on Tuesday, June 24, 2014. An ITV News video shows an ISIS convoy travelling through the city, with the militants showing off the weapons and vehicle they seized as the Iraqi army fled. The footage shows two small boys, one armed with an assault rifle, which has a telescopic sight attached. Humans Rights Watch says that in Syria, ISIS has already recruited young children as ‘snipers’ — this could be an indication that the Iraq conflict may see the same. Extremist Islamist groups like ISIS are said to have targeted children for recruitment by providing military training in school settings through free schooling campaigns, that include weapons training and giving them dangerous tasks, including suicide bombing missions. Human Rights Watch who have interviewed children who fought with groups such as the Free Syrian Army, the Islamic Front coalition and ISIS, says the militants have used children as young as 14 in support roles. Report by Claire Lomas. (ITN)

  14. After watching this on epigentics (very cool!)
    – I feel like I’ve been told about the birds and the bees
    – not to mention wriggling histones and
    – calico cats and gingham dogs too

    Gotta wonder if we see things (like stripes) that don’t consciously register?
    – which also makes me think of camouflage…
    – and if genetic engineering can produce cosmetic changes…
    – hmmmm … I think I’ll stop while I’m ahead

    • Yes, interesting clip on epigenetics, Nome. I knew Calico cats are always female, so now I know a bit more as to why. Personally am glad I don’t have any stripes, though!

      “I think I’ll stop while I’m ahead” .. Good thought, instead, maybe think on Phillipians 4:8 ….

      Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.

    • Always thought Mr. Green jeans was a cool name; has a ring to it ….Mr. Blue jeans sounds too generic.
      During one episode of Captain Kangaroo, a lion cub bit Mr. Green jeans finger and drew blood. He stuck his bleeding hand into his pocket and never broke character for the remainder of the episode…what a trooper. Today they would have the national labor board on sight taking statements in less than an hour.

  15. Italy to push for “United States of Europe” when it takes over EU presidency tomorrow …


  16. For the night crew…
    – Euphrates

    “” (“they will deliver you up”)



    “” (black gold triangle, BHO+Iran)

    “” (the Nile and the Euphrates in jeopardy as instruments of war)



    4 angels bound…
    – released in Trumpets 6 cp. Vial 6 (both Euprates)
    – now, if not the main event, may be a foreshadowing

  17. Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri warned against escalation, saying that if Netanyahu “brings a war on Gaza, the gates of hell will open to him.”

    yeah yeah…right, same old song and dance. They need to reoccupy Gaza, that experiment of unilateral concession hasn’t gone any better than Bush’s war to bring democracy to the Middle East. Dealing with violent monsters calls for a demonstration of consequences.
    Hamas always calls for Israel to be wiped off the map. With these murders of three Israeli civilian teenagers who were on their way home from seminary school, maybe it’s time for Hamas to be wiped off the map. Brutal savages.
    Israel understands that trying to negotiate with the palistinians is never going to accomplish anything. The only reason they do is to appease the rest of the world who have no understanding of the reality Israel faces every day.

  18. Folks………………….JUST LISTEN…………….JUST LISTEN……….TAKE 15 Minutes of your life……….and JUST LISTEN !!!

    The Scriptures give enough clues that this is coming….and these events are all connected…..with The Day of The Lord.

  19. 500 Days Until Climate Chaos: End Time Signs & Events

    Here is a basic outline of this video: WATCH the whole thing, and just know that “The Weather Phenomena Clips” you’ve seen before.

    BUT THE POINT IS: ………..LISTEN …… to the Paul Begley portions….”especially”……….REALLY LISTEN.
    ( i also like Judge Jeanine too!<<< She uses her brain! )

    Time Frame:
    0:00-7:26 – various Weather
    7:27-12:27 – ***Paul Begley Clip***
    12:28-15:02 – Judge Jeanine … EMP related
    19:06-31:46 – ***Paul Begley Clip***
    31:47-36:45 – various weather, etc etc.
    36:46-46:00 – ***Paul Begley Clip*** – YOU HAVE TO HAVE YOUR EARS OPEN !!!!
    46:01-51:07 – various weather, etc etc.
    51:08-55:10 – ***Paul Begley Clip***
    55:11 to the end – various weather etc etc <<<>>>>> and at 1:14:15 = VERY WEIRD SUN “REFLECTION” IN CLOUDS ??? <<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> WHAT IS IT ?? / CAUSED IT ??

    • Thanks for posting. Definitely gonna watch these. Begley is a riot… WHAAAAT!! WHAAAT!! I was watching some more footage the other night of planet x and one of the home videos looked like what I saw 2 weeks ago or so… A glowing behind the chemtrails they were spraying and it wasn’t the sun or the moon.

    • Matt… I jammed the camcorder down their throat while filming and performed a double mid-air spin kick to the jaw before diving out of the cargo bay and grabbing onto a tree branch to break my fall from 1 mile up.

  20. With all that is going on, see how Russia has been actively re-asserting itself on the world stage, too.

    – Russia has now supplied Iraq with jet fighters, and pilots, to attack ISIS/ISIL. (First headline reported today)


    – Russia has voiced strong opposition to the recent economic pact signed by EU with Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia.


    – Russia has made recent fly-bys with bombers, either near or over, North America. One was off the coast of California in recent weeks as L.A. blogged about recently. A number of fly-bys have also been over northern Canada since March, including 2 the past few weeks, all following Canada’s support for Ukraine in March. Back in March, Canada had expelled a Russian diplomat as well as a number of Russian troops who were here for military training, some of whom were also taking French language lessons. Sour relations ever since.


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