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44 thoughts on “L. A. Marzulli and Richard Shaw with Gary Stearman – Nephilim Skulls?

  1. Kirk, sorry to be one of those who carries a comment across blog posts.

    I was not challenging your righteousness nor implying that Muslims might be righteous outside the grace of God through the atoning sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. That is completely unrelated to the point I was making.

    My point is to combat the greatest evil in the room does not make one good. It just makes one better by comparison. Someone can fight evil all day long, but without Jesus they are still lost.

    I have bought Richardson’s books and watched Shoebat’s videos. The fit for Islam to be the beast system is compelling. Too compelling!! That gives me pause. It is the devil’s bait, imo.

    BTW, Jesus is not good. He said so.himself. He asked, “why do you call me good. There is none who are good except for our father in Heaven.” This is the greatest scriptural evidence that there is a clear distinction between what we call good and what we call righteous.

    • Hopeful….

      I didn’t feel challenged or anything of the sort, but was simply adding to your thoughts as to what i thought you were driving at…
      nothing really major. i was coming at your ideas maybe from a different angle.

      When it comes to JESUS being “good” though, He was not denying Himself as being good…for He knew that He was/is God …
      yet i believe He was making a clear statement to those listening to Him at that point…that NO sinful man was in truth “good”,
      but only God could claim that of Himself. And in this, JESUS was making a clear distinction to those that were ( in my opinion )…
      were on the “slippery slope” of comparing themselves to others…as opposed to God … Who is altogether righteous.

      I say this for the simple reason that JESUS Himself said of Himself….that He and The Father are one and He also said that if
      you saw Him, then you have seen The Father. That comparison that He made of Himself to those present, in other times,
      really ticked off “the religious”…because JESUS made it very clear that He was equal to His Father…and therefore good….
      the ONLY One in Truth…that could actually say that He was good.

      As to Islam, time will certainly show for sure, … but I feel “the fit” of Islam is very much overwhelmingly the truth of what Scripture
      presents in these last days. Too many significant realities all focus the attention on Islam…and add to that the vatican/pope as
      probably being the False Prophet…then these two seem to fit hand in glove.

      We shall see in short time.

    • I very much respect your opinion in this regard. Time will tell, that is for sure.

      The part that unsettles me the most is that the world we readily embrace the world control of the AC and not conform under duress. I can’t see Christians and Jews worshipping a Muslim AC as a god, but I can see “moderate” Muslims joining others in worshipping a false christ.

      In fact, and most do not know this, Muslims also await for Jesus to return. He, in their view, will precede the Mahdi.

      Blessings to you. Let’s keep digging and above all else, let’s keep the faith in Jesus.

    • Yep, the muslims believe that JESUS is just a prophet….and NOT the Son of God….because they say God has NO Son and God
      is NOT a Father.

      So 1 John 2:22 – 23 …… which is MAJORLY HUGE … against the muslim religion of Islam as being the anti-CHRIST spirit in the earth.

      The muslims believe that JESUS will come back and serve the Madhi … and will tell the world that Christians and The Jews are wrong.

      The muslims also believe that the Madhi will tell people to take a mark….to separate them from the infidels. So the whole thing is rigged
      against the muslims to believe THE LIE. The videos I placed on blog yesterday go into that about the “mark” and how it clearly relates
      to the muslim religious prophecies. They will take the hook….BIG TIME !!!

      Also, the Caliph is the representative of Allah on earth. Caliph is a “replacement” or “substitute” for Allah on earth.
      So … in short….The Caliph is seen by muslims as a “substitute” for JESUS. A Caliph is a political, religious, and military leader.

      The muslims believe The Caliph will bring about Islamic domination of the world.

      The video on youtube called: ISLAM: Babylon the great ……….goes into great detail on all this because there is much, much more to this.

      Check it out if you can………..cause it will reveal so much more.

      Keep shovel handy….lots to dig into in this one video.

  2. More today on Jordan and ISIS ….

    “Regional War Looms? Jordan Deploys Massive Force on Iraqi Border”


    • What a topsy turvy world. Generally speaking Sunni has always been positioned as the more moderate with Sh’ite being extremist. Now we have Sh’ite combating extremist Sunni.

      It is clear to me that there are no moderate Muslims. Those who say they are moderate are actually apostate Muslims.

    • Yes, Hopeful, and then we have some of the global leaders recently saying (yet again) that the solution and challenge lies in “giving each sect a voice” and “working together” in the government of their country.

  3. DNA oddity discovered …..

    “Mouse-like Mammal with Elephant Genes discovered by Scientists”


    • The spin stops here.

      “Mouse-like Mammal with Elephant Genes discovered by Scientists”


      Escaped genetic experiment recovered by civilian.

      PS. Mice with elephant genes never really took off in the fashion world.

    • Groucho shot an elephant in his pajamas. Sorry I had to add that.

      Some kind of power surge caused our dusk to dawn light to turn off for a while, and an alarm clock to go off in the middle of the night last night. I had just awakened from a strange dream and heard something hit our 2nd story
      bedroom window just a few moments prior.

      Just wondering if anyone else has experienced anything similar. We’re in central Illinois and weather was clear. No i am not thinking paranormal just maybe too many air conditioning units running at night in the area.

      Oh would that mouse/elephant frighten itself?

    • Nothing to see here, Odds are the mouse is either related to the late Jimmy Durante…Ah-cha-cha-cha”…or perhaps, Karl ‘dont leave home with out it’ Malden

    • Groan. . . Linda, they’ve infected you.


    • “Tis hatched and shall be so” By cracky!
      ― The Taming of the Shrew

      2 pesos for your thoughts..

      Wherefore art my anointed miracle coin?

    • Ah such twisting tails…
      – as the bard’d render hamlet hybridized
      – elegantly elephatine in fancing flight
      – and not yet some cold day in hell
      – tho’ taking heaven by surprise


      …look out below !!

    • And yet this is allowed in the same state (Florida) ….

      **First time ever Rainbow Pride Flag flies over St. Petersburg, Florida City Hall**


    • …. other places in Florida too, if you do a quick search …. on and on it goes ..

      And maybe just as bad, if not worse, is Starbucks headquarters in Seattle …… they TOOK DOWN the U.S. flag to replace it with the Rainbow flag. The article also mentions 2 U.S. embassies have recently put up the rainbow flag, alongside the U.S. flag. A link shows these were in Tel Aviv and in Madrid.

      Kind of an interesting image, too, of the rainbow flag flying on top of the Starbucks goddess’ logo in the article ..


    • I find it ironic they use the rainbow, a symbol God gave to us that He would never flood the entire earth again. Seems to mock God I think.
      Now that we have a Gay in power and running our country I just can’t imagine how things will change against the families here in Canada.
      They started with our little ones right from junior kindergarten weaving their poison into their minds from little,,making them question,,If they are male or female on the inside. It is seriously a campaign against our youth.
      Woa to them who give suck in those days 😦
      Canada may be quiet but our Liberals are leading the way and its not new it started back in Trudeu’s day.
      We are on the brink

    • Actually if someone took an Islamic symbol and used it for something against their god,,,heads would roll. We have seen it already.
      Christians just keep taking it, blow after blow,,,I think everyone needs to compain about their rainbow flag. Not be violent,,but complain as amn entire group and call it what it is!

    • Michelle, just to add some clarification in case some people get the wrong impression of Prime Minister Harper ….. our province of Ontario is now run by a lesbian (Kathleen Wynne), but not our country, at least. 🙂 PM Harper is thankfully a Christian, too, and the “liberal” types hate when he mentions that and blesses Canada in speeches.

  4. @ Pete re: Real Christian Fellowship….

    “Love your neighbor” … “Love your enemy”

    Also means “Shake the dust off your feet and move on”
    – which may be more focused on evangelism
    – and should be weighed against my not being very social (aspie)

    No surprise that certain christian groups would be adverse to others in Christ…
    – recovering alcoholics stay away from drinkers
    – others avoid sex sins (thoughts) by avoiding those they find attractive
    – no need to socialize over dinner with folks that have problems with apetite
    – aspies (me) avoid sudden noises, sudden changes in routine (*)

    * like rock & roll amplified so called praise

    “Those that are more mature in Christ (more spiritual)
    – should tolerate their weaker (or more infirm) brethren”

    Another classic for instance is that some denominations avoid
    – drinking, gambling, dancing, etc. (cp. Christ at wedding feast, also “winebibbers & gluttons”)
    – others don’t use musical instruments (no issue, with or without instruments / acapella)
    – still others, avoid the beach or pools, due to culturally accepted skimpy swimsuits

    Of course, there are also cults that say…
    – don’t eat meat
    – don’t drink coffee, tea, or cokes
    – don’t take transfusions
    – women must wear burkas
    – give, give, give…

    Probably best just to move on to the next group…
    – that changes whenever their are evangelistic teams
    – like with Russ Dizdar or Richard Grund
    – that help victims escape from occult bondage
    – but they work in teams (“2 of you can put 10K to flight”)

    • Yes, understood, Nomemoleste!

      Just wanted to mention, as it was such a surprise to hear people, that I didn’t know or had met before and didn’t know me and my background, to be calling out these ridicules of Christ. I’ve heard nonsense when I’ve been in circumstance of socializing with people and someone’s brought up subject of God and someone gives the mandatory “Bible is BS” – that’s nothing new to me to have heard. There’s always one wherever you go (except at a church meeting, perhaps). But complete strangers, and so many ridiculing and mocking Christ, in just a matter of a few days, and saying as if purpose for me to hear – not that these characters necessarily knew that.

      Apart from attending the season pool comp every Wednesday night where we play other clubs at home and away venues, and Thursday night routine with a friend who takes me to Perth Casino (I’ve been going for a year or so) for a members draw – have to be there to win it re random name called to win a sum $250k+, my being poor would be handy to win). I don’t gamble, at least not every time I visit there and if I do it’s just some loose change I’ll throw in a one-arm-bandit (I never have the money to blow, anyway) so I just enjoy a couple of beers since I’m not driving the car/bike and watch some live music performed. It’s the only times I go out in the whole week, and mum and I get a break from each other for a few hours (or as my friend says to my mum, he is giving her a break from me lol). I’ll usually keep to myself (at the casino) while my friend goes and does whatever – it’s easy for me to do since I’m a shy bloke, anyway. As for the free poker, I’ve only been taking part once every five or six weeks, so I’m not religious about that hobby.

      As for the Korean-Aussie Christians I met some time ago at the poker, I do tolerate them still and we get on well (when we catch up), and despite the ‘gossip’ incident they are kind and polite to me, as I am with them. I more careful what I discuss with them now – as far as personal stuff is concerned. Earlier, I assumed that we were having a private discussion (and since they were some of the few Christians I’ve met in recent years). The church leader/member, was not part of that, although, I did confide in him about being attacked by demons/devil and he was supportive. He wants me to visit his church, so I’ll do that soon (it’s a 1-2 hour drive from my place). I’ve been attending the local Baptist Church, 5-minute walk up the street, every fortnight – I’ve offered my musical services, including ability to play different beats on the drum kit to different songs of praise and other hymns (the main pastor has been banging on them lately, and he keeps a solid beat but needs to vary for song/hymns – but I say that as someone with a little experience on the bam bams, so I can criticize!) He hasn’t asked me to play yet. Needless to say, it’s a good service at this church.

      I wish I wouldn’t have my eyes wouldn’t get so watery while the pastors give their talks – some of the young children see me sitting/standing at the back of the congregation and I can see them asking their parents, “Why is that big man crying?” And hearing “Amazing Grace” each visit makes me break down into sobbing tears of joy. I love it! It also reminds me why I strictly play instruments only and don’t sing (very often)! A deaf man could tell me I was tone deaf (vocally/singing-wise)! lol

      Anyway, as said, it was very strange to come across so many people (whom I didn’t know, and they didn’t know me) in such a short time badmouthing God/Christ. I suspect that we’ll be coming across this attitude/system more and more in the coming days as is already being showcased in so many regards in society (be it in USA, UK, Australia and wherever there was a foundation in Christianity) and whether it’s by the socialist/fascistical political correctness mob, the rainbow movement, the Darwinist evolutionists, the Tom Cruise patrol, Bob the builder at the pub, Jihad Jack, or others and/or the whole bunch together.

      I’ll take these incidents as another indicator that time is getting very short and as another warning to get my act together for Christ’s sake, and mine.

      In the meantime, I’ll be shaking the dust off of my boots and moving on from some people and certain activities as I don’t want to ‘tolerate’ some attitudes, anymore.

      Thanks, Nomemoleste, Michelle, and others.

      God bless!

      Ps… Nomememoleste.. I know we have some dramas here with the illegal immigrants coming in by boat (via Indonesia), but reading that link you provided yesterday re Mexican Cartels (and Hezbollah linking, criminals, the narcotics, the human organs, and slaves etc), I know it’s been going on for a while the border-crossing issue, but I didn’t realize how great the numbers were and how easily. It’s all horrifying.

      As you said, it’s not the illegal immigrants that are the problem… I recall Ron Reagan’s famous words about solution and problem.

    • My brother, let’s drill down a bit, since this “multi-body” enemy tactic alerted you. I didn’t read closely enough before to see that.

      I believe The Almighty allows us to go through what we do for training and exercise. We’re learning to be overcomers. When a supernatural attack is levied against us we have a petition with Him for redress in kind and with restitution. So for instance they tortured, crucified, and murdered His physical body — but could not withstand the Holy Ghost nor the Spirit of Life from Him, (the power of resurrection). So it’s the same for the Two Witnesses of Rev. 11. Likewise for the end time martyrs who will resurrect to reign with Him in this world in the millennium. Whatever we go through gives us the experience of what it takes in detail to overcome. And I don’t mean in some kung fu sense, but by way of the best gifts — sharing life with Christ.

      He told us that He’d never leave nor forsake us. That was said since the situations will arise. He said, that He’d put no more on us that we can bear. That when we’re weak, He’s strong. There’s no need to try to be some hero in His place. He said that no one can separate us from Him. So, no worries then, nor surprises, when they react to Him through us (even one after the other walking down the street). Whether end time mockers, war on the saints, or satan seeking to sift us personally. The point as always is to look past the enemies’ proxies and stay focused on the spiritual battle — there’s a prize — someone coming out from them. The oldest testimony (oldest book) by Job is about getting caught up in the spiritual battle; which he certainly didn’t ask for. It just doesn’t get easier, but we grow. You’ve learned they can still get to you by disrespecting Christ, but now you know to refocus off the attack and back on the mission. I believe most of their powers are orchestrated schemes. What looks spooky was more smoke and mirrors than magic. All meant to distract.

      The point is when you find them working in teams, then just petition for team support (heavenly) by prayer (to Christ (to God), not some other). Resist the devil and he will flee. Take up the Armor and stand – with Christ. As in Jude: To Him that can keep us falling, to the only wise God, our Savior. Be glory and majesty, dominion and power, both now and forever – Amen! That’s not repetition of the same thing. That’s 6-fold overcoming and proper rest and reflection (7).

      – glory (1 – assured salvation) … in Christ alone
      – majesty (6 – exemplary service)
      – dominion (5 – unwavering faith)
      – power (3 – abiding peace)
      – now (2 – reverent respect) … attending to Him, The Word (to His will and way)
      – forever (4 – transcendent truth)
      – amen (7 – enduring zeal)

      When the enemy kicks it up a notch – lean more in to Y’shua Himself.

      Pete, when they start using human proxies, then they can’t get to you inwardly any more: their fiery darts are deflected and quenched. So congratuations! You’re healing. Count it all joy, my brother! And think it not strange when some fiery trial comes.

      Y’shua always has the last Word.

    • Beautifully written, Nomemoleste! Thank you very much for taking the time.

      I agree.

      These human proxies further confirmed the truth of Christ, for me:

      2 Peter 3:3

      1 This second epistle, beloved, I now write unto you; in both which I stir up your pure minds by way of remembrance:

      2 That ye may be mindful of the words which were spoken before by the holy prophets, and of the commandment of us the apostles of the Lord and Saviour:

      3 Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts,

      4 And saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation.

      5 For this they willingly are ignorant of, that by the word of God the heavens were of old, and the earth standing out of the water and in the water:

      6 Whereby the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished:

      7 But the heavens and the earth, which are now, by the same word are kept in store, reserved unto fire against the day of judgment and perdition of ungodly men.

      8 But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.

      9 The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.


      All Glory to the LORD!

  5. Hi everyone,

    I would appreciate some prayer for talk I am giving at the Vancouver UFO meet-up group June 29/14. There maybe new agers and
    CSeti people at this lecture. Thank-you a head of time for your prayers for spiritual protection and openness on the part of people listening. Following is link to the meet-up group website:

    UFO and Conspiracy Meetup

    Vancouver, BC
    450 Members

    UFO and Conspiracy MeetupMeet other UFO and conspiracy buffs in your town. They’re out there!This meetup consists of a combination of interests in UFOs, conspiracies, the Ne…

    Next Meetup

    to be announced

    Sunday, Jun 21, 2015, 6:30 PM
    2 Attending

    Check out this Meetup Group →

    • @ “other dimensions”

      What’s your take G….

      – is it possible that “hell” is another dimension??
      – similar to heaven (and the heavens) being other dimensions
      – that’s separate from the “all saved” theories

      Similarly, about the resurrections…

      – could it be that the saved will have physical bodies that
      – have Christ’s DNA (and similar family codes) in them
      – so that we quite literally become His family, also physically

      – and what of those not saved when later resurrected
      – with the DNA (genetic codes) of the enemy angels
      – much like we’d call them grays, reptilians, nordics, yada yada

      – basically humans become spiritually and physically
      – like what they worship… what might happen to them???

    • Remember when the pope met with Palestinian president Abbas and Israeli President Peres at the triangular shaped Vatican gardens for a Pentecost ceremony? Looking up info on the vatican gardens, I found that there are monk parrots that nest in the branches of cedar trees. It was coincidental that I was just reading how Gilgamesh went to the cedar forests to slay the Humbaba. And, during Pentecost, synagogues will decorate in greenery to represent a chuppah(a canopy or covering in a Jewish wedding.

      The connection to the pope’s earlier visit to the holy land, is that it came when the linear meteor shower was hitting the earth. Though the shower turned out to be a dud, it originated from the camelopardalis constellation. A constellation named after the animal that Rebecca rode to meet Isaac. And “Rebecca” means to tie or to join or to couple. The archetypical wedding ceremony of Isaac and Rebecca is compared to the rapture of the church.

      I found that researching one thing, has led to another, in this case, the name Asherah. For those who don’t know, Asherah was a deity worshipped as the consort of Baal. The name can also be translated as “groves”. Now that is interesting, in that the Bohemian “Grove” is supposed to conclude on July 27th this year. And that is why I asked if there is any validity to my question about the real date of Pentecost.

      I know, I know, Asherah and grove worship, the Vatican gardens, bohemian grove, and the Gilgamesh/Nimrod/Hercules comparison is a little bit much to tie together. And I am not saying there is a July 27 rapture, or white horse judgment, or Nimrod NWO resurrection, or EMP etc. etc. I just like to read other folks’ insight. Thanks

    • This is a video which elaborates on the m44 praesepe star cluster, and a Nostradamus prediction(not prophecy). Praesepe is latin for “manger”. The cluster is in the shape of a V. Trivially, the Vatican garden is a triangle or V-shape and built by the Jewish pope Paul the V. I believe that the triangle means “doorway” in the original Phoenician and it means “change” in math. The number 44 is significant for the some things(current president, the “sky Pegasus” in a card game, and the devil in a Mark Twain book).

      Boy, I threw a lot of mostly meaningless factoids out there tonight.

    • @ “those gardens” JT
      – of the pontifical academy of sciences
      – connect to a pope pius instance
      – who was involved with fatima promotion
      – keeping peace with the nazis & mussolini
      – instituting marian idolatries
      – defining reason as another path to god
      – etc.


      Hitler’s Pope

      p. 62
      …1928 the surviving seer, Lucia, revealed the first of the famous Secrets of
      Fátima, dealing with the prophecies of war and Communism throughout
      the twentieth century. Forty years later, as Pope, Pacelli himself witnessed
      in the Vatican gardens what he thought to be the phenomenon of
      the spinning sun.
      The self-controlled, legalistic administrator had a
      strangely mystical side to his character, which was to emerge in the fullness
      of time. The date of his consecration, May 13, was to become the
      Feast of Our Lady of Fátima.

      p. 272
      …Casual visitors
      to the Vatican, moreover, would have been unaware of Pacelli’s insistence
      that no human presence should mar his daily walk in the gardens (workers
      finding themselves in his presence had to hide in the bushes).
      But what was the moral and spiritual content beneath the surface?
      Central to Pacelli’s personal everyday spirituality was his devotion to
      the Virgin Mary. With the advent of war, he turned in particular to the
      cult of Our Lady of Fátima, the credence given to a series of Marian apparitions
      to three children in Portugal during the First World War, along
      with associated Marian messages and secrets. A central feature of the
      messages focused on the requirement that the faithful should pray to
      Mary in order to avoid world conflict, the spread of Communism, and
      ultimately the destruction of the world in a holocaust of divine punishment.
      Pius XI had endorsed the visions of Fátima, and the dictators of
      Portugal and Spain, Salazar and Franco, had celebrated the cult as a
      rally-rousing emblem of Fascistic solidarity. Pacelli not only gave it credence
      (as would John Paul II) but also saw a personal, a mystical link in
      the circumstance that he had been raised to the episcopate on May 13,
      1917, the date of the first apparition, and subsequently the cult’s feast
      day. In 1940 the surviving seer, now a nun who had taken the name Sister
      Lucia, wrote to Pacelli requesting him, as the Virgin had commanded,
      to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

      p. 350 [cp. optical migraine]
      …There is an impression of what spiritual
      writers once called accidie—aridity of spirit—which may have given rise
      to neurotic and sometimes even psychotic symptoms: multifarious phobias
      about his health and occasional visionary or hallucinatory episodes.
      Walking in the Vatican gardens, he had seen the sun spinning in a pyrotechnic
      display of different colors on October 30, 1950 (although his
      driver, Giovanni Stefanori, who was accompanying him, saw nothing)…

    • note esp. for Corey and Kirk… (nibiru, aliens, and the vatican)

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