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87 thoughts on “L. A. and Richard Shaw on Prophecy in the News!

  1. Awesome stuff. 🙂


    ^^ Keep that on the backburner somewhere.


    ^^ That’s interesting,.

  2. Whee! Exciting prophecy in the news! Can’t wait for my Watchers 8 DVD. Curious why the small skull is a darker color vs the cream discolored larger skulls. Is aging causing it dating even further than the others? Interesting.

  3. In case anyone is wondering, it seems “witscience.org” is a spoof.
    Hi, I finally found a way to access this blog after nearly a month. I lost the blog when it went down temporarily and could not get back on, but with the help of entities from the tenth dimension I have now accessed the Marzulli blog.
    I am finding life is getting closer and closer to a spoof all the time. This must be the chaos the NWO is supposed to want so they can impose their order. So get used to living in chaos of mind, body and spirit. Wait for God’s order. Wait for it, it will come…which prophet of the OT said that? I know there WAS one but I forget which one.

    • Final: Germany 1 x 0 U.S.
      U.S. goes to next round by the skin of their teeth.
      What a horrible game blah…

    • The last ship of Babylon?
      -Programming observation

      ‘The Last Ship’ Series Premiere

      I saw the first episode of a new series yesterday for my daily dose of “liberal programming”, here follows a comment from the net because it was easier to copy and paste than to compose the same thing myself:

      “Throw in the floating brothel theme with enlisted persons making out while on duty and a lesbian in command of the bridge, and you begin to see the Hollywood liberal push – not to mention the Hillary Clinton woman president character to get us prepped for her 2016 coronation.”

    • Azureceu, sorry to see U.S. lost to Germany in today’s games …

      Speaking of Babylon, today in Toronto, one big “event” that took place was a mass wedding of 110 gays/lesbians/bisexuals at Casa Loma (a heritage site mansion). The ceremony was conducted by a supposed Christian pastor of the “Universal Fellowship Church”. It’s part of an international fellowship of churches which has observer status with the “World Council of Churches”. This “World Council” group apparently encompasses most Christian denominations except Catholic.

      For days on end now, the media up here have been pushing and promoting ads and news stories for Pride Week, plus upcoming Pride Day, all of which will conclude with Pride/Dyke parades at the end of the month, complete with public nudity and lewd acts. This is the first year it has all been pushed and promoted so openly and insistently.

      Babylon indeed!

    • Isn’t this just a sign of the times. Why they have to go naked is beyond reason! Just shows the mentality of their culture. Now with a lesbian prime minister I am sure this will escalate. Sodom and Gommorrah.
      Their bill 13 has caused us 10,000 a year as our son in public school was being taught that maybe he is gay or transgender ? Weaving their poison into our kids minds in every subject. We had to move to a private school where they let little kids be kids. Satan is very hard at work everywhere.
      It is very sad for our country my heart breaks that they have been dupped by satan 😦

    • Linda, these things are happening in Brazil too, in fact Brazil might be slightly ahead of the curve.
      Sodom is getting fat.

    • Linda and Az, I firmly believe the spiritual war over the battles the Body of Christ has still to with the homosexual movement is going to be huge. If not THE tipping point of who we are as true followers of Christ, it will surely be at the very top in my opinion. We as believers are being set up every single day for this most devastating defeat at the hands of radical homosexuals, politicians and well meaning Church leaders.

      We, as a whole, are so blind to the end-game of the enemy of our souls in this area. This movement will have swept across all borders and thresholds in our lives and cost us everything we hold dear. We, in general, are so caught up in “Not being offensive” so as to steer the TRUE love of Jesus Christ AWAY from those caught up in this willing sin. If we truly love our neighbor as ourselves, we will not sit by as the homosexual propaganda machine runs over our families, churches and values.

      In my opinion, this is going to be the one thing that kills the testimony of the Body of Christ because we were told to not offend those of this “Alternative lifestyle”…and we listened.

    • The most twisted bibles and commentaries I’ve seen…
      – out of all the cults, like clan bibles, or occult bibles
      – come from the “sex sins are holy” communities

  4. Dem. Rep. Cuellar on holding Health & Human Services feet to the fire…
    – re: delays in processing illegal visitors
    – interviewer notes “congressional committee line item veto”


    gotta say that the illegals should be sent to Puerto Rico
    – for any long term processing
    – cp. Guantanamo Bay
    – Haitians were held at Gitmo as economic refugees
    – or just send them to Washington DC
    – to their schools, jails, holding facilities, etc.

    plague issues…
    – remember Slavery, Famine, War, Plague…
    – as the curses against the damned
    – that they bring on themselves


    The Tribune says the health officials toured facilities in Brownsville and McAllen, Texas. They said there was a lack of medicine and no screenings or testing for diseases like tuberculosis.

    “Our staff believe the children’s living conditions pose a high potential for infectious disease outbreak among the children and staff,” the paper quotes department spokeswoman Carrie Williams as saying. “The conditions are not healthy and not acceptable for children by Texas and national public health standards.”

    The Department of Homeland Security said Customs and Border Protection agents are meant to conduct screenings for several diseases just after a detainee is taken into custody. Once they are in a detention facility they are screened again.

    “But state officials said the medical screenings are not sufficient because they’re only being conducted on a verbal and visual basis. DSHS also raised hygiene concerns, reporting that children eat, sleep and use the bathroom in the same crowded cells, and have no running water or soap,” the paper says.

    DSHS has recommended that “mass shelter standards” be followed to avoid spreading conditions like scabies, head lice, and conjunctivitis according to the report.

    Dr. Martin Garza is a volunteer in McAllen who offers immigrants medical assistance. He says he has treated hundreds of recent detainees for abdominal pain, skin abrasions and dehydration.

    “They are just the things you’d expect from a 15-day trip through Central America,” Garza told the Tribune. “We’re doing as much as we can with over-the-counter medicine.”

    Another official reported seeing five cases of chicken pox and a potential tuberculosis case.

    Garza told the paper that as immigrants await court dates they may travel to other places in the country like New York, Ohio or Florida, where they can spread contagious diseases.

    • “illegals should be sent to Puerto Rico”

      Why not Hawaii, Mr. O’s going to need some assistance in his retirement and why shouldn’t he enjoy the fruits of his labor.

    • Hawaii, Diego Garcia, Guam, Guantanamo, Puerto Rico…
      – any US embassy, any base, any US occupation zone
      – ships at sea, extraordinary rendition, underground bases, Antarctica
      – not that they aren’t doing that anyway (in BHO’s version of Abu Ghraib)

      How does anyone really know?
      – for all we know they’re abducted, disappeared, made house slaves
      – abused by all those dope smoking, drug usin’, politicos and talkin’ heads (*)
      – not to mention pedophile priests, alternate lifestyle marriages, child labor goons
      – like the wicked “colonia” slum lords or loan sharks that gouge them for flesh

      Just given a “permiso” (order to appear) then turned onto the streets
      – because the predators and slavers and blackest evil bleedin’ hearters or worse
      – want them to remain homeless, faceless, voiceless, and lost
      – a permanent undocumented, unregistered, underclass
      – like abuse victims abusing their children, now suffering the same
      – from those whose ancestors were slaves, and aliens, and indigenous

      It’s not assuredly freedom or some (bogus) american dream they’re getting
      – it’s not “normal” waves of immigration like in the past
      – the TARES (darkest wicked) are coming to full maturity

      And I believe the 3rd Reich vs. 4th Reich punto is dead on
      – there’s always been a larger percent of the US population (even a majority)
      – that’s done the darkest damnedest deviltry — blatantly obvious is US history
      – and they’re still here salivating over the young being funneled into their gaping maws

      * not peculiar to the US of course, cp. Saville

    • “https://arklatex912project.wordpress.com/2014/03/26/mexican-cartel-henchman-arrested-for-killing-children-to-harvest-their-organs/”

      Who are the customers?


    • I’ve always wondered who is more evil, man or Satan or a combination of both together?

      As a reminder to any who would fall in the narrow view of things the U.S. is only one country out of over 190 countries in the world, each fighting their own degree of evil, does Babylon have borders?

    • What a horrific and dangerous situation with all of the illegals. Yet it seems that evil of one sort or another, and bedlem, are clearly on the increase and spreading everywhere … no borders to “Babylon”.

    • Azureceu,

      I believe the scripture does say, as you say, that Babylon does not have borders because Babylon are people, multitude, nations and tongues.

      Rev 17:15 And he saith unto me, The waters which thou sawest, where the whore sitteth, are peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues.


      I do believe that there are 6 specific countries in history with their kings that make up Babylon as a specific nation and while these specific nations are in power they have their tentacles in many other nations.

      Rev 17:9 And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth.
      Rev 17:10 And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space.
      Rev 17:11 And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition.

      Here are what I believe to be the 7 specific nations of Babylon.

      Rev 17:10 And there are SEVEN KINGS: five are fallen {1.Babel/Shinar- Nimrod, 2. Assyria- Sennacherib , 3. Babylon- Nebuchadnezzar, 4. Medo-Persia- Ahasuerus (Xerxes) gave is power to Haman, 5. Greece- Antiochus Epiphanies } , and ONE IS (6.Rome- Nero), and THE OTHER IS NOT YET COME (7.U.S. ); and when he cometh, he must continue a short space.

      The eighth king and beast steps into place after the 7th Babylon nation (the U.S.) gets destroyed.

    • Rev. 17
      @ “five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come
      cp. “the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven”

      ref: Ezk. 26

      note: “the beast” and “the fallen”

      In an information reality, which is fractal, holographic, reflective (*), harmonic, foreshadowing, or having echoes….

      (* cp. shattered, bug eyes, etc. )

      Then the pattern can be evident in many forms.

      antichrist (whether “The antichrist” or antichrists)
      – stands in place of Christ
      – antiochus as a foreshadowing
      – hitler
      – most any “conquering hero” that “saves” the homeland
      – cp. white horse rider
      – “The Beast”

      babylon as the whore
      – is the false bride
      – cp. the foolish woman of Proverbs (cp = compare)
      – cf. the True Bride (cf = contrast) … or Wisdom ~ Prov. 31 Wife ~ New Jerusalem

      The capital of the 666 alliance – “that reigns over the kings of the earth”
      – is not likely “The USA” as a whole
      – but might well be the collective “mega-city” of the hive-minders (Ten Horns)
      – such as what was Rome, London, NYC, Rio, San Francisco, Tokyo, etc.
      – note coastal… but easier for me to grasp as reflections, or fractal, or the “daughters of babylon)

      that said…
      – I’m considering that “the fallen” and their dominions
      – reflect their former estate in the capital of the Kingdom of Heaven
      – and as denizens (cp.resident cf.citizens) are “the false bride” (actual spiritual babylon)
      – as are those that worship idols, and statues of their honored dead (behind which demons reside)
      – so that when the rest of the enemy angels arrive (Rev. 12) then the 666 kingdom is mainly — them
      – and what will the angels of satan select as their capital? …in their hellish dimension (the pit, abyss)
      – which may have a reflection on earth, or reflections…. in their image

      The point is that it’s possible that where so many have made conclusions about their favored stance
      – the other stances might yet also be actual
      – as a reflection (or an opposite)

  5. “http://www.israelvideonetwork.com/hamas-lynch-mob-on-temple-mount” >>>> Hamas ‘Lynch Mob’ on Temple Mount

    Note: Other videos are available on this site continually.

  6. Could be some footage of recent naval and air force activity. There is talk of conflict coming against ISIS.

    2014 June 26 Breaking News ISIS at border post erasing Iraq/Syria border to create Islamic Caliphate

    U.N.: ISIS committing war crimes in Iraq >>> Over a week ago…..and it is getting much worse!

  7. Totally “off-topic”…………yet VERY important for people to understand. God ALWAYS provides the answer!

  8. “http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/2014/June26/263.html”

    ISIS Hell-Bent On Creating Islamic State To Be Launchpad For Attacks On U.S.

    June 26, 2014 | Rowan Scarborough
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    The al Qaeda-linked army now conquering territory in Syria and Iraq ultimately wants its emerging Islamic state to be a launching pad for attacking the U.S. homeland, says a new congressional report.

    Four analysts at the Congressional Research Service made that assessment, citing intelligence reports and the words of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

    The CRS report, delivered to members of Congress, makes the point that ISIL is a well-organized, well-funded terrorist group with definite goals to take territory and kill people it considers nonbelievers.

    “Several leading representatives of the U.S. intelligence community have stated that [ISIL] maintains training camps in Iraq and Syria, has the intent to attack the United States and is reportedly recruiting and training individuals to do so,” says the June 20 report.

    It quotes al-Baghdadi threatening the U.S.: “Know, O defender of the Cross, that a proxy war will not help you in the Levant, just as it will not help you in Iraq. Soon, you will be in direct conflict — God permitting — against your will.”

    What makes ISIL even more dangerous is its ability to raise, and steal, money. Wealthy Sunni sheiks in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar have funneled money to ISIL to help it bring down the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad, who is an Alawite, an offshoot of Shia Islam. Mr. Assad aligns himself with Shiite-dominated Iran, and its proxy in Lebanon, the militant group Hezbollah.

    Oil-rich, Sunni-dominated Gulf states consider the Shiite-led regimes a threat.

    ISIL also is coercing money from businesses in the cities it conquers. Media reports say it may have stolen hundreds of millions of dollars from banks in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul.

    It now controls many of the Sunni-majority towns in the north of Iraq and is expanding its conquest in Anbar province, including the cities of Fallujah and Ramadi.

    The Shiite-dominated government of Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki mostly has watched and retreated, unable to field army units that can blunt or reverse the assaults.

    “[ISIL] attempts to assert control over the cities of Fallujah and Ramadi in Iraq’s Al Anbar province, and its June 2014 offensive in northern Iraq underscored the group’s lethality and ability to conduct combat operations and manage partnerships with local groups in multiple areas over large geographic distances,” the CRS report states.

    Robert Maginnis, a retired Army officer and military analyst, said ISIL is planting the seeds for attacks on the West.

    “It already has many hundreds of jihadists with Western nation passports,” Mr. Maginnis said. “Those battle-proven jihadists will eventually return to their Western homelands to carry on the jihad using the violent ways learned in Syria and Iraq. And now that [ISIL] controls a giant swath of the Middle East, the Western jihadists have a training platform, financing and [a] cheerleading state sponsor.”

    ISIL is partly an offshoot of al Qaeda in Iraq, which American forces virtually defeated in 2007-2011 before a complete U.S. troop pullout.

    Without U.S. guidance and intelligence, Iraqi security forces have shown themselves unable to deal with the new al Qaeda fighter influx. The invaders and Iraqi Sunni allies waged a new war based on terrorism, unleashing waves of vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices. The remnants of al Qaeda in Iraq have now hooked up with ISIL.

    The Pentagon on Tuesday conceded that ISIL now controls vast stretches of territory in Iraq, as 90 more special operations, intelligence officers and planners arrived in Baghdad.

    President Obama said as many as 300 U.S. troops ultimately will go to Iraq to create a new joint Iraqi-U.S. operations center. The Americans first will assess the situation, then advise U.S. commanders on what is needed, and then advise Iraq’s security forces themselves. The mission’s duration is sketchy.

    Navy Rear Adm. John Kirby, spokesman for Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, said ISIL is “well resourced” and “better organized” than most terrorist groups.

    “If you look at the map of Iraq, I mean, sort of the central swath going from north of Samarra around Tikrit all the way up to Mosul — that’s [ISIL]-controlled territory, by and large, and we’re seeing them try to solidify those gains and to continue to threaten Baghdad,” Adm. Kirby said. “That’s kind of the general lay down.”

    The CRS report concluded: “The offensive in northern and central Iraq, led by the Sunni Islamist insurgent and terrorist group [ISIL], has raised significant concerns for the United States. These concerns include a possible breakup of Iraq’s political and territorial order and the establishment of a potential base for terrorist attacks in the region or even against the U.S. homeland.”

    Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/2014/June26/263.html#LkuHZse5Q4VVPIii.99

    • Hey Kirk,
      Thats awesome info! Hey I am trying to catch up reading,,been away
      I know this comment is for the last blog,,,on King of Jordan….what do you think?
      Does God’s word not say he will not have affection for a woman? Is he married? Perhaps secretly gay?
      And Isis! Whaaat? Is that not the child of Ishtar? I believe those fallen angels that were locked up are now loosed? Or were they locked up? iI am confused. I believe all that mythology to be ancient stories passed down. They called themselves god’s but were just fallen angels,,,maybe they never left,,,maybe they just keep popping up,
      We can’t hardly make it through any movies with out the reference to these characters in some way to pop up.
      It like how they try to bring some glory to them selves., through movies and we pay to watch the references,,!
      We are so close,,I know everyone through time has said it,,,but really really believe we are very very close!
      When you take a look at the world on a full scale,,it makes me marvel at how slow to anger God is and how he has such mercy!
      I can’t wait to be kneeling before Him!

    • Michelle,

      Going back to Daniel 11:37….the anti-CHRIST…..”does not HONOR the desire(s) of women” … is the proper understanding.

      Meaning: the anti-CHRIST ….does NOT…..honor woman’s rights…..which stems from Genesis 3:15.

      If you understand the context of Islam’s role in the latter days, ….you will see very clearly that… ISLAM HATES WOMEN.
      Women are treated extremely bad throughout all muslim dominated nations….and Sharia Law is largely enforced against women.

      So, this doesn’t have a context of “being gay” …. but instead, ….that the anti-CHRIST will be treating women poorly as Islam does today.

      And as we see Islam on the rise again, ….
      ………we all must understand that the muslim empire of an Islamic Caliphate is the BEAST….that will again seek to enslave mankind….
      with the muslim anti-CHRIST ruler at the head…..which will actually “behead” all people that don’t submit to Islam.

      if you have been away for some weeks, then you may have missed the many videos i posted here about ISLAM, mark of the beast, etc.
      You can see them on past blogs, or let me know if you want me to put the really good ones up again.

    • Kirk, curious as to how you came up with this: “Going back to Daniel 11:37….the anti-CHRIST…..”does not HONOR the desire(s) of women” … is the proper understanding.”
      considering the ongoing “object” of the passage is about god’s.

    • As I understand it there is no doubt in the translations as to the number related to the noun “desire”, it is singular and as for simplicity can be demonstrated by multiple translations here:

      Here is an interesting comparison

      1) Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all.
      Daniel 11:37

      *2) Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God.
      2 Thessalonians 2:4

      Some regards the phrase “nor the desire of women” relating to the worship of Tammuz (or that is worshipped *example 2).

      Here is arbitrary outline I found:

      Anyway to keep this short there are various divergent commentaries as to what Daniel 11:37 means, but in reality the grammar in the translation seems consistent but some translators tried to improve upon it.
      Again referring to the various translations here: “http://biblehub.com/daniel/11-37.htm”

    • AZ….

      Daniel 11:37 makes three descriptive statements from what i can see in this passage… which has been interpreted many ways for many years.
      But ISLAM …. is certainly making these passages have more relevance to the things we are seeing with muslims.

      1) “And he [anti-CHRIST] will show no regard for the [ GOD ] of his fathers…”

      If this refers to the anti-CHRIST as being a muslim ( which i believe Scripture points to ) … then this goes clear back to Abraham…
      who gave birth to Ishmael ( father of the Arabs = muslims …ISLAM )…and also to ISAAC. When viewing the anti-CHRIST as a muslim
      coming from the lineage of Ishmael….this would explain why the anti-CHRIST would NOT show regard for the God of Abraham…YAHWEH.
      As in the case of all muslims, they worship allah. So in doing so, muslims do NOT show regard for The Jewish lineage of Abraham….
      nor for the GOD YAHWEH who Abraham worshiped.

      2) “….or for the desire of women, …”

      This phrase points to the way that muslim men treat women….and that is …. that women are NOT honored in their muslim culture.
      The “woman’s desire”……..is NOT honored by men. This verse doesn’t say that the anti-CHRIST doesn’t have “sexual desire” for woman.
      But rather that the anti-CHRIST will NOT respect a woman’s desire…..whatever that desire may be that a woman has.
      And if you see how women are NOT respected within the muslim world in so many ways, this makes for perfect context in this verse,
      because it is another “characteristic” of the anti-CHRIST….which goes back to Genesis 3:15….and the enmity that YAHWEH put
      between the devil and the woman….and if the woman is despised by satan….then his “seed” in the earth…ie- the anti-CHRIST…..
      will also be noted in the same way. JESUS…on the other hand….honored women when He was on earth. The anti-CHRIST will NOT.

      3) “…nor will he [anti-CHRIST] show regard for any other god; for he will magnify himself above them all.”

      This gives fulfillment to what we read in 2 Thessalonians 2:4

      As you well pointed out, Daniel 11:36-39 mentions “god” in many ways….and all seem to be indicating characteristics of what i see in ISLAM.

      For when the muslim anti-CHRIST finally comes to power over the Revived Islamic Caliphate Empire (aka= the beast )….that will begin the
      final 42 months of the 7 Year tribulation….as muslims are known for breaking covenants when they become stronger than their enemies.
      It all makes sense when you see how the muslims believe the complete opposite of The Bible prophecies.

      Those are some basic thoughts regarding that Daniel 11:37 passage that i have. Many others have their ideas too which are in link below.


    • AZ…

      Ain’t that wild, seems we were searching the same basic stuff…lots to chew on….as you already saw.

      I have been chewing on this for a while ( a couple weeks anyways ) and listening to a number of good teachers that present ideas
      that really tie into Islam.

      I put some of that above for you to read….and from what i am seeing in the Islamic culture/religion, much of it fits perfectly.

      I don’t think I have it all down yet, but i keep asking God for better and more fuller understanding….which comes over time.

      i will check out that “arbitrary outline” you noted above. Thanks!

    • Kirk, I researched this stuff years ago and tried to make Islam the perfect antithesis but eventually it all fell apart the more I studied it, but then again you have to study it to see that, then weigh it in the balance. Nevertheless, God’s word is of no private interpretation and once you begin to modify translations to make things fit you are basically going the wrong way in desperation.

      This is the third time I am coming to you. In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established.
      2 Corinthians 13:1

      I don’t have it all down yet either, its difficult to interpret something that has not happened yet. But I’ve still got an eye on Islam and I am A.F.I. (Awaiting Further Instructions).
      -Heads will roll.

    • Dan 11:37 Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all.

      We can understand what the phrase “nor the desire of women” means by looking the context of the verse itself.

      If you look at the phrases right before and after the phrase “nor the desire of women” we see that the verse is talking about the AC not regarding “God” big “G” nor any “god” little “g” and then the verse ends with He shall magnify himself above all.

      Magnifying himself above all means saying He is God. That he is the God above all gods and God.

      So the entire verse surrounding the phrase in question tells us the A.C. has no regard for any other God’s and makes himself to be above all God’s.

      So that tells us that the phrase “nor the desire of women” MUST be similar to the surrounding phrases and that He has no regard for another type of god.

      We know that certain men have claimed to be god’s and certain “mighty men” are called god’s.

      We know that Yahshua is God in the Flesh. A God-man..

      The phrase “nor the desire of women” is about not having the desire of other men that claim to be god’s.

      When you check into the Hebrew root word for “women” you find “champion, mighty man”

      Another way of looking at this is the “desire for women” is to have a husband.

      Remember we are the bride, we are looking for our husband. Our husband is Yahshua God in the flesh. A God-man.

    • “God’s word is of no private interpretation and once you begin to modify translations to make things fit you are basically going the wrong way in desperation.”

      Perfectly said in my opinion. Well done Sir.

    • AZ….

      Indeed, God’s Word interprets itself, …..and like Daniel was told, “seal up the book until the time of the end”….so we do see more things
      being revealed… in God’s Time …to those that are seeking. So we keep learning….those that seek ….FIND.

      And…We watch. So much is going on as we all know…..much that just blows my mind.

      We see things in “bits and pieces”…kinda like after another road side bomb goes off……YET, GOD ALMIGHTY SEES IT ALL.

      We kinda see things going a certain way, then wammo……..another WRENCH THROWN IN THE MIX …..by somebody!

      But that just makes the journey even more …… full of adventure !!! Gotta keep our eyes open …. The Word is a LAMP to our feet.

    • Prophecy And The Muslim Antichrist by Walid Shoebat >>>> Another EXCELLENT teaching about Islam and these end times.

    • Mark of the Beast Islamic Connection Part 1 & 2 – Armageddon News >>>> EXCELLENT teaching….makes it soooo obvious!

    • Okay! That does make sense, it is just all opposite of what God set up.
      I think its great,… All you people searching scripture . , seeking the truth, sifting through God’s word.
      Yes the way they treat women is anti- Christ for sure. Once again great videos I can share with my family.
      Thank you I now have a better understanding,,,sometimes when you read scripture you just see and hear and process something differently than it might be intended. My brain just right away said gay haha duhhh

    • Walid Shoebat Gives A 25 Minutes Speech That Sums It All Up! (From 2008) >>>> Fast moving video…TRUTH revealed.

  9. Children detained or deported…
    – in mexico


    • “http://www.azcentral.com/story/news/politics/immigration/2014/06/20/migrants-amassing-rio-grandes-edge/11033707/”

      Doris Martinez, 46, left Honduras on April 24 with her 5-year-old daughter, Anni, traveling most of the way by bus. Anni has Down syndrome. Before leaving, Martinez heard that the U.S. government was giving women traveling with children “permisos” — permits — to stay in the U.S. if they could make it across the river on their own.

      The rumor isn’t true. The U.S. government has been releasing parents traveling with children because detention facilities in the U.S. have been overwhelmed by the surge in Central Americans traveling with children.

      After being processed, the migrant families are dropped off at bus stations in McAllen and other cities, including recently in Tucson and Phoenix. They are given notices to report to U.S. immigration authorities once they reach their destinations.

      U.S. Department of Homeland Security officials have stressed that even though the migrant families from Central America are being released, they remain in deportation proceedings.

      Nevertheless, the rumor that women with children will be allowed to stay permanently was reinforced for Martinez after some relatives of her husband crossed the Rio Grande illegally in March. They were released after being detained for a few days and allowed to continue on their journey to the East Coast.

    • Always have liked Russ’s voice …ever since his days with the Imperials……….such a unique voice !!

      POWERFUL SONG……..one of my favs!

  10. I have one of those cameras with the night shot function on it. I never knew that the UFO phenomenon was raging so much that if I started filming with night shot I would see these things all over… If I’m understanding correctly. Glad I watched that video. I’ll be outside tonight with my camcorder.

    • Corey, be careful, I wouldn’t want you to be abducted (i.e.; fire in the sky)…one thing I know for certain “they” do not like being filmed and will take every precaution to prevent that from happening. If by chance you do happen to make it aboard their craft, please remember to take the lens cap off the camcorder…

    • Lol… I hear ya Matt… The thought occurred to me. I’m not sure they would try to abduct me because of my Christian belief. It’s my belief that generally it’s not Christians who get abducted. It’s usually unbelievers that one hears about getting abducted. But ya never know. I know what name to use to stop it if it should happen.

    • Can you imagine if they accidentally abducted Benny Hinn? What a mess that would be, some alien’s head would roll over that mix up…

    • No matter the outcome, no doubt Hinn would then be on millions of Aliens spam and junk mail list looking for “PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES”

    • Corey, I’m worried about you buddy. You haven’t posted anything since you went out looking for UFO’s….I will have my walkie-talkie turned on all night in case you need to contact me…I will have it on channel 1-9. Not sure about its range as it only uses a 9-volt battery but I suspect if they take you anywhere over Texas I will be able to hear you.

    • G’Day, Corey.

      We have a nice clear night sky over this way, tonight, so I’ll give you a wave. My house is easy to spot – it’s the one with the front yard that has the lemon tree with plenty of fruit, and my mum’s electric mobility cart parked next to my motorcycle. Yes, I know my garden needs a bit of tidy up – it’s been fairly wet the last few weeks so I’ve let it go.

      Matt! Hello.

      Should it be a surprise, if Hinn gets more new suckers from wherever?

  11. Kirk,
    Islam is evil no doubt, just like Nazism was evil. It is also the devil’s bait. The antichrist system will arise from those who oppose Islam with Lukewarm Christians leading the charge. Those who stand firm on the foundation of Jesus will be marginalized and demonized to be viewed as bad as Islam.
    “You are either with us or you are with the terrorists.” -George Bush

    • Hopeful….

      What TWO (2) different Religious faiths began from the offspring of Abraham ??

      ISAAC = Child of Promise >>> Brings JESUS CHRIST = Messiah …….vs…… Ishmael = Child of the flesh >>> Brings anti-CHRIST = Mahdi

      ONE CHILD ( and descendents) ….worships YAHWEH.
      Judaism… from which we ultimately get Christianity (which came from an idolatrous and unfaithful ISRAEL…which grafted in the gentiles.)

      ONE CHILD ( and descendents) …. worships allah…a HARLOT religion of Idolatry….and was a smorgasboard of false religions / false dieties.

      TODAY……….the battle is coming FULL CIRCLE………with The One True God being despised by those that worship the false god allah.

    • What shall do when those who fight against the false deity worshipers of Allah turn out to not represent Jesus and the one true God either?

      The definition of good has to be MORE than those who combat evil. There is a moral good and then there is righteousness. The United Nations represents of force of moral good, but I see them for what they really are. Evil through and through.

      We must be more to be righteous before God.

    • As Believers we are RIGHTEOUS before God because of the Blood of Jesus shed for us that we receive by Faith on our behalf.
      That act of faith makes our spirit man as righteous as it will ever be before our Heavenly Father….fully based on what JESUS did for us.
      And the more we Believers renew our mind with the Word of God, then the more we will be like God.

      In contrast…
      Muslims and all unbelievers don’t have this truth as the reality of their lives, and therefore can’t even do things from a position of righteousness.
      All they have are “empty works”….that they try to do …. in order to “earn” a right standing with God. ( for muslims … this is allah/false god. )

      This is one reason why JESUS Himself said that there is coming a day when some people will kill you and believe they do God a service.
      Sure seems like what all the muslims do around the world….based on what they believe. they KILL….and believe allah favors them.
      This is exactly what The Apostle Paul was like……..killing Christians…..and believing he was doing good.

      As to being “good”, ….There is only ONE Who was GOOD……and He was nailed to a tree for it. The rest of us are sinners saved by grace.

      We must remember, God’s idea of government is seen in Romans 13, ….yet that does not always mean that “imperfect man will act perfectly.”

      the United Nations proves that beyond any doubt.

  12. Now I know who screwed up google search.


    • cp. “http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_Oracle”


      The Usenet Oracle has pondered your question deeply.
      Your question was:
      > Why is a cow?
      And in response, thus spake the Oracle:
      } Mu.

      “witty” idolatry / witchery

    • What a hide these people have. Denying God, proclaiming themselves as a god and yet borrowing his attributes, “breathing intelligence into…”

      Reading the article and Kurzweil’s opinion, “My leap of faith is that if an entity seems conscious and to be having the experiences it claims, then it is conscious.” Sounds like a computer will be both brainwashed and have a programmed free will.

      Come to think of it, that reminds me of some people in the world, currently, programmed to wreak havoc in the Middle East, and other places.. but without the conscious and conscience.

    • @ “some people in the world, currently, programmed”

      Something like losing free will…
      – as happens with addicts that have lost control
      – or the demon possessed
      – or the mind controlled
      – or slaves
      – just become drones

      cp. those cut off from God

    • Ps… Speaking of conscience and conscious…

      I don’t know what or how it is, but for some reason, in the very last two weeks of my adventurous life (as a visitor in this world), I’ve been in vicinity of people (some I know as more than an acquaintance, then others who I am acquainted with, and then some who are complete strangers to me) who have all, for no apparent reason and without provocation, made some loud outburst in mocking Christ.

      Of course, every now and then when I step out of the house, I, occasionally, come across someone who’ll say, “the Bible is BS” where I’ve been around people and the subject of religion has come up in conversation (and would be typical of some of the people I was ‘friends’ with who knew me to be a believer. I’ve washed my hands of that group a few months back), but the last couple of weeks have been extraordinarily busy with anti-God or anti-Jesus comments (and nothing to do with my presence, at least, in the sense that I hadn’t brought up subject of Christ). I don’t get out much but every time I have this last two weeks… everyone I’ve met, wherever I’ve gone, seems to be mocking Jesus!

      I play 8-ball pool team on one night through the week. Step outside for a break and here is some bloke yelling, “I blame Jesus!” The next, I met up with a musician whose advert for ‘musicians wanted’ I replied to. Having conversation.. and out of blue and unrelated to conversation, he states, “I don’t believe in things I can’t see or hear. And the Bible is just a book!” A new team-mate, I am about to drive home from competition, for no apparent reason mockingly says, “What did Jesus ever do?” – he doesn’t know I’m a believer. A woman I met recently, and exchanged phone numbers with (we met at pool comp venue, and struck up conversation and got on well (as shared a few things in common such as looking after our mums) rings me to complain that I hadn’t answered her texts (as well as messaging her complaint) I had to explain I didn’t have phone on me at time. She knows I am a shy bloke and a bit of a loner (most of the time) and tells me, without knowing the details (of my having faith) “not to waste time on imaginary things.” (I then told her, if it wasn’t for God and Christ I wouldn’t get through each day – I doubt I’ll be hearing from her again. No loss. There are other situations, too. All in this last two weeks.

      Something is going on. To suddenly confront a number of people declaring such things cannot be a coincidence. And I didn’t bring up the subject!

      I haven’t been to my local pub since I banned myself from going there four or so months ago. And I feel better for it, except for the fact that I now have not many people to socialize with. I am going to withdraw from my pool team, I like playing.. but I don’t want to hear crap about God and The Bible from strangers or my team-mates – they can say and think what they like.. I just don’t want to know about it, anymore.

      I was happy to make acquaintances with some Asians (Korean), who are Christians, at a free poker night I go to occasionally, – one is a leader in a non-denom church. Unfortunately, a while back, I made mistake of telling one of them I was enduring spiritual/demonic attack (and this before the latest dramas that have been very heavy since February) and as a result not coping very well. I thought this would be done in confidence and kept private (between us, since they claimed to be Christians – not including the church leader). The fellow knew of my situation, too (re looking after my mum and brother and other things – even came to my house to grab some lemons off the tree and met my mother a few times (when they visit the fish n chip shop across from my house). My long-time friend (whom takes me to poker) later told me that this person had asked him if I had “issues.” Needless to say, I was offended by this. So, nowadays, I just politely say hello to him and his wife, and nothing else. Disappointing.

      And.. those other recent new friends, who are “Christians,” of which I was happy and excited to meet and get to know, and had shared some fellowship with, well.. no more.

      Oh, well… another 24 hours in a day to get through. LOL 🙂

      God Bless!


    • Dear Pete,
      I am sorry to hear that Christians are behaving badly. Do know that this is not isolated.
      We have an entire neighbourhood that will not even wave to us because of the neighbour next to us. He is retired,,an excop, ( supposed christian) goes to church twice a week. Our dear neighbour has gotten involved with my childs school to escalte the smear campaign. He tells people no one has much to do with them.
      He adked me out on a date and told me his wife was gone fr the weekend,,when I declined his offer he went about telling people something because they look away when they see both me and my husband coming ( we are now the periah).
      They throw garbage over our fence,,someone climbed the fence shrtly after and pooped in our pool. They do stuff enough to annoy but not be charged.
      Jesus said Love thy neighbour,,,it is soooo hard when they are bad bad false christians.
      And that Pete is what I am getting at,,,they do not knw Christ, not intimately. They have no love no compassion. They probably don,t because one has to actually see their own sin and know a loving God as forgiven them. You see they do not see their sin,,,because they perhaps have not looked into the heart of Christ and what he did for them.
      Some can talk the talk,,,but others walk the walk…the walk is hard,,,Just keep caring about what Christ would do,, fight the good fight and finish the race dear brother in Christ,,,the road is long and s difficult,,,and when people do these things know that they did this stuff to Christ. Your reward is in heaven 🙂 they are just adding up your reward for you. Put on your armour
      Your not alone You have Christ in you always

    • Hey Pete, I wrote a reply to you the other day from a post you made but havent posted it yet. I will post in a few days.
      At least you banned yourself from the pub, in my case they banned me which is much worse.

  13. Babylon is experiencing one of the worst droughts in recent memory. A handful of states have been hit especially hard and running is out of water.

    In seven states, drought conditions were so severe that each had more than half of its land area in severe drought. Severe drought is characterized by crop loss, frequent water shortages and mandatory water-use restrictions. Based on data from the U.S. Drought Monitor through May 13, reviewed the states with the highest levels of severe drought.

    1. California
    > Pct. severe drought: 100.0%
    > Pct. extreme drought: 76.7% (the highest)
    > Pct. exceptional drought: 24.8% (2nd highest)

    California had the nation’s worst drought problem with more than 76% of the state experiencing extreme drought as of last week. Drought in California has worsened considerably in recent years. Severe drought conditions covered the entire state, as of last week

    > Pct. severe drought: 87.0%
    > Pct. extreme drought: 38.7% (5th highest)
    > Pct. exceptional drought: 8.2% (4th highest)

    Nearly 40% of Nevada was covered in extreme drought last week, among the highest rates in the country. The drought in the state has worsened since the week of April 15, when 33.5% of the state was covered in extreme drought.

    3.New Mexico
    > Pct. severe drought: 86.2%
    > Pct. extreme drought: 33.3% (6th highest)
    > Pct. exceptional drought: 4.5% (5th highest)

    More than 86% of New Mexico was covered in severe drought as of last week, more than any state except for Nevada and California. Additionally, one-third of the state was in extreme drought, worse than just a month earlier, when only one-quarter of the state was covered in extreme drought

    > Pct. severe drought: 80.8%
    > Pct. extreme drought: 48.1% (3rd highest)
    > Pct. exceptional drought: 2.8% (6th highest)

    Like several states running out of water, 80% of Kansas was engulfed in at least severe drought, an increase from one year ago when roughly 70% was covered by severe drought.

    > Pct. severe drought: 76.3%
    > Pct. extreme drought: 7.7% (9th highest)
    > Pct. exceptional drought: 0.0%

    Severe drought conditions engulfed more than three-quarters of the state as of last week.

    > Pct. severe drought: 64.5%
    > Pct. extreme drought: 50.1% (2nd highest)
    > Pct. exceptional drought: 30.4% (the highest)

    Severe drought covered over 50% of Oklahoma as of last week, up from roughly 33% one year ago.

    7. Texas
    > Pct. severe drought: 56.1%
    > Pct. extreme drought: 39.9% (4th highest)
    > Pct. exceptional drought: 20.7% (3rd highest)

    Much of north and central Texas, including all of the Texas Panhandle, was covered in exceptional drought as of last week. In all, almost 40% of land area in the state experienced extreme drought conditions

    Funny, drinking water is only important when you don’t have any. Let’s just keep drilling for oil and gas, who needs drinking water?….Th study shows CA is # 1 on the list but I bet all the swimming pools in Mexifornia are still full and the the golf courses are watered. Desalinization plants are the best option for many of these states. Texas actually is better off than the others because its coastal and is in Hurricane region so potential for rain is much higher than for states north and west.
    Also, Texas has significant brakish water that could be made drinkable with desalinization plants.

    • Matt, here in North Texas we have finally receive the much needed rainfall so many of us have been praying for. As you noted, we have been in extreme drought for far too long. We are so grateful to the many souls who have been lifting us up to the Lord to bring the nourishing rains. Also thankful He is answering to the calls of many throughout this country to help replenish our lakes and reservoirs. Still a long way to go but at least we got some relief in this drought.

      Now if we could receive even a hint of replenishment to the spiritual drought in this country…

    • That’s on the way as well Jeff D….Texas is the home to their very own spiritual leader, err,,, I mean motivational speaker Joel Osteen….His book title reads “Become a Better you” 7 Keys to Improving Your Life Every Day ….I enjoyed the book however, I was so disappointed to find out caffeine was not listed as one of the 7 keys .

      By thw way, gulf coast is just as dry, my lawn looks like the Sahara desert.

    • Matt, I am kinda surprised at “Brother” Kenneth Copeland, “Brother” Mike Murdock and others of their ilk. They live right here in my neck of the woods in north Tx. but have yet to name the drought to be over and then claiming the end to the drought. It truly doesn’t help those false teachers when the only thing they can name and claim has dead presidents on it. But what is most disturbing is the huge amounts of people who are being lead so far astray with the promises of a full bank account and a clean slate of health, as long as they make sure to “Sow that seed of faith” of 1,000.00 or some such. They make me sick. But then again, I just said the word “Sick” so I guess I am. I did speak it, but they made me that way. 😉

    • Oh Jeff D, you forgot one of the main players in your neck of the woods… Pastor Robert Tilton.
      A few months ago I was sent junk mail from Tilton. A pair of pennies was visible through a cellophane window in the envelope….Inside the envelope was a message from Tilton: “Take the miracle request prayer sheet that I have enclosed with the coins and carefully write down the areas of your life (especially financial) where you want me to release my anointing on your behalf… and then WRITE A CHECK FOR THE BEST POSSIBLE GIFT THAT YOU CAN GIVE!! Make it a widow’s step-of-faith and give the devil a black eye by placing the biggest, largest, most generous gift (that would defy natural reason) into God’s work.”
      Tilton included instructions to pray over the coins and send them back with a check. “Your two token coins will be placed in my New Testament Treasury Chest for me to bless every day”. “I will then send you an anointed miracle coin to use as your miracle reminder and as a point of contact to carry with you wherever you go.”
      Then I read testimonials from former sufferers of peptic ulcers, layoffs, cigarette addiction, deadly spider bites, rebellious children, infertility, insomnia, and AIDS. Their lives turned around after they sent money to Tilton…..So I said , well, I have a few pesos left over from a recent trip to Cancun, I thought why not, I can’t use them and besides the baby need some new shoes. Sure, it’s a shot in the dark but what if?? Anyway, I put the pesos in the envelope and said, “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” and dropped it into the mail slot. .. Well, to date I have not received my promised “anointed miracle coin”… As much as it pains me to say ,I have no choice but to consider Robert Tilton a fraud.

  14. Wow LA, talk about a paradigm shift! That is exactly what could take place if you are able to get these skulls in your possession and then have them tested with the results being what you hypothesize them to be.

    We know the “Learned” and those in Academia and Science will be scoffers but…what if…just what if it happens to be YOUR findings that ushers in the very “Disclosure event” you have spoken of for so long? Do you think that is even a remote possibility? I ask because I can see that happening in my personal opinion.

  15. Pope Francis stops car to bless disabled girl

    AP..Pope Francis stopped his car on a quiet country highway to kiss a young disabled girl who was waiting by the side of the road with her family to see him pass.
    The leader of the Catholic Church had been returning from an appearance in Cassano allo Jonio in Calabria, southern Italy, when he spotted signs asking him to stop.
    Disregarding any danger – he had hours earlier threatened to excommunicate members of the Mafia – he ordered his driver to pull over and he got out to greet and bless the girl and her family..

    I like this story…it’s very simple, treat others the way you would like to be treated.
    Due to her disablity, this young girl might not even be aware of who is bestowing such kindness on her, yet the pope’s act of giving her a moment of his time is likely to stay with her family for quite awhile.
    Seems like Pope Francis is walking the talk. He said a few months back that one of his strongest goals is to make the Catholic Church more sensitive and responsive to the poor and it looks like he is doing this in spades..

  16. The problem is not the illegals…

    90% skip immigration court

    …it’s leaders that cherry pick laws

    God is not mocked…
    – we reap what we sow
    – ex. secret service “agents gone wild”
    – that selectively pick the orders they follow

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