Jordan Enters the Fray – Watch the King!

King-Abdullah_551059aCommentary & Analysis by L. A. Marzulli

Jordanian air force bombs Al Qaeda-Iraq incursion. ISIS also stands at Saudi border. Kerry’s snags in Iraq’s-snags-in-Iraq

It is important to remember that the US and Israel are both bound by military pacts to defend the throne of the Hashemite King Abdullah II. 

I’ve been waiting to see how this latest move by ISIS would affect the King of Jordan and it appears the region is now heating up.  ISIS has grown bold with its defeat of the Iraqi army in the northern provinces, however going after Jordan may prove more than they can handle and here’s why.

Jordan has a treaty with Israel and a pact with Israel and the USA, stating that if attacked both countries will come to Jordan’s aid.

Obama, however does not want the US to get involved, with boots on the ground and frankly who can blame him.  We kicked over the hornets nest in that country, hundreds of thousands of Iraqi’s were killed in the war and the people in the Iraq got little in return, except for wave after wave of suicide bombings, labeled sectarian violence—think Sunni against Shia Moslem.

While the Middle East continues to spin out of control, the latest dog and pony show is underway in Washington, where the IRS admits the hard drives containing emails that would blow the lid of the scandal now under investigation, were conveniently destroyed!  How clever?  Coupled with this is the deliberate chaos on our southern border created by POTUS and those who seemingly would bring down this country.  David Limbaugh stated this:

I have never been too receptive to conspiracy theories, and I’m not particularly enamored of ones circulating about Obama. But unlike many other such theories, this one is about a truly unprecedented assault on the American idea and on those first principles that have made America the unique experiment in constitutional governance that it has been.

Back to the King:

So while chaos and distraction is plastered all over our media, Jordan, according to the DEBKA file has entered the fray.  The consequences of this may play into the scenario I have posted numerous times on this Blog.  Here it is again.  While it is different from the scenario happening now the end results may be the same, which is the King of Jordan will become the King of Iraq.  Then he will give the Palestinians Jordan for their state.   Is it a stretch?  Maybe, but consider ISIS, this new wild card waging Jihad in the Middle East at the moment.  Who would have predicted that a few years ago? Interesting times we live in?  You bet!

I’m in OK City getting ready to shoot two TV programs with PITN, tomorrow.  I’m still woozy from this blasted cold, but I ‘m on the mend and watching again.   Blessings to all.


These two posts, below the headline in red, were written several years ago.  As many of you who follow this blog know, I have been predicting the fall of the Malaki government and the rise of the Strongman.  The question I would pose is this…. Is this the time when we will see Iraq embrace the Strongman, who I believe may be the King of Jordan?  Iraq seems to be a tipping point….

Iraq crisis: Baghdad prepares for the worst as Islamist militants vow to capture the city

Dozens die as 14 bombs explode across Baghdad

BAGHDAD — A wave of bombings ripped across Baghdad on Thursday morning, killing at least 60 people and injuring more than 150 in the worst violence Iraq has seen for months.

Dozens die as 14 bombs explode across Baghdad – World news – Mideast/N. Africa – Conflict in Iraq –

The beginning of what I believe may be the third leg of the Luciferian Dialectic, has begun as this wave of violence that has claimed the lives of more than 150 people is a harbinger of the sectarian violence – think Shia against Sunni Moslem – that will shatter the fragile peace in Iraq.  I have been harping on this for months now and as the headline plainly states above, 14 bombs were exploded in Baghdad.  So much for tourism there.  You may also recall that only a few weeks ago I posted a picture of Iraqi’s burning American and Israeli flags.  Ron Paul is correct when he states that many people in the Middle East hate us as we have invaded their country. According to Judge Andrew Napolitano, the United States has 900 military bases world-wide.  That is what I would consider an hegemony.  Can you imagine what we would hear if Russia had those bases instead of us?

While we are being told that our troops are out of Iraq, Dr. Stan Monteith of Radio Liberty assured his listeners, on his show that I was a guest on last night and will return at 3 pm today,  that there are still 17,000 US troops stationed in Iraq.  I also added that according to some INTEL sources some of those troops have been moved to the Syrian/Jordanian border.  The Malaki government is enervated, the police impotent, the Iraqi people war-weary and with 14 bombs exploding in the capital it is graphic evidence that Iraq is a quagmire.  This calls for the Strongman.

I have talked about the Coming of the Strongman for years and how it will play into Biblical end-times prophecy.  The short of it is this.  Iraq will embrace a man who can bring law and order and a semblance of stability to that country.  This man will be heralded as the greatest peace-maker in the history of the world.  Here’s the post that I wrote several weeks ago that details what I believe is the Coming of the Strongman….

12/15/2011 (I will discuss this at length with Dr. Stan today @ 3pm (PST)

Today marks the official end of the Iraq war and the withdrawal of our troops.   What should be asked, is why now with the entire region in the throes of the Arab Spring?  Why now when the area is more unstable than ever?  Why now, when the sectarian violence continues to plague the country?  Why now with Iran licking its chops and looking toward its weakened neighbor?  Why now, with all Arab nations eyeing Israel and Egyptians In Tahrir square chanting, to Jerusalem we go Martyrs in the millions!

We might never know the official body count of Iraqi dead, but we lost American blood and treasure in what I believe was a war that never should have been fought in the first place.  I understand all to well, that Saddam, and his crazy sons were madmen and the world is better off without them.  But I posit the question, what have we gained by spending billions of tax payers dollars?   What have we accomplished over there?

I have posted before that I believe we are in the midst of  Luciferain Dialectic.  The conflict is 911, the counter-conflict is the Afghan war followed by our Iraqi invasion.  Now we are about to see the closing of the third leg of the dialectic,  that of synthesis.  In my opinion we should keep an eye on the Hashemite King of Jordan.  As I posted earlier this week, allegedly our troops are based along the Jordanian/Syrian border.  Why now?

The Malaki government is enervated at best and when US forces leave, watch the escalation of violence as the feud between Shia and Sunni Moslem explodes.  With Iran pressing the eastern border and the independent Kurds in the North, Iraq will implode.   Most of the Arab nations along with HAMAS, Hezbollah and Syria, are calling for a war against Israel, and at some point they will pull the trigger.

In Closing todays post:  The stage is now set in Iraq for the entrance of the STRONGMAN.  One who will take the reins of power in Iraq and also carve out a “lasting peace” between the Palestinians – an invented people by the way – and Israel.  I realize it sounds far-fetched but so did war games in the Straights of Hormuz… right?  Now the Iranians are conducting war games for just such a scenario.   We will have to see how all of this plays out, but I believe our leaving the country is the last move of the Luciferian Dialectic and sets the stage for the entrance of the Strongman!


Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

Baghdad under al Qaeda assault

The Iraqi capital was rocked late Tuesday, Nov. 2 by the most ferocious assault al Qaeda has ever carried out on a capital city. By evening, it had spread to Baghdad’s environs after the death toll had climbed past 120 with more than 300 injured from 19 bomb car explosions in a dozen Shiite suburbs. Rapid fire explosions, involving booby-trapped cars, roadside bombs, mortar strikes leave 200 wounded in mostly Shiite neighborhoods.

It has been seven years since the US and coalition forces went into Baghdad. Thousands of lives were lost and the Iraqi people were liberated from the tyrant Saddam Hussein. We were told, several months ago, that the Iraq war was over and that the Iraqi people had won a decisive victory for democracy and freedom in the Middle East. However, it would seem that there is just one little factor that keeps cropping up and blowing – no pun intended – the progress that the Iraqi’s have made, to smithereens, literally.

The recent synchronized bombings that took place in the Iraqi capital says it all. The deep-rooted hatred between Sunni and Shia Muslim, that has been going on ever since the death of Mohammed, continues unabated. This latest attack, in a long line of massacres, should be a warning that the political landscape, in Iraq, is as tenuous as ever. What are the Iraqi’s to do? There are check points all over the city and yet the violence continues.

Enter the Strongman, the Hashemite King, the direct descendant of the prophet Mohammed, King Abdullah II, of Jordan. The time is ripe for him to step onto the world stage. I’ve been waiting for this ever since our invasion of Iraq. I have posted about this before and do so again now because it would appear that the Iraqi’s might be ready to embrace the Strongman. The people in Iraq wonder why there government is powerless to stop the carnage. The Malaki regime is enervated and without the propping up by the US, it would fold like a house of cards in a wind storm.

The King is the answer. Heck, he’s right next door! Remember too, that his uncle once was king of Iraq, so the memory a Hashemite monarchy is still somewhat fresh in the minds of the Iraqi’s. The stage is set for him to come riding in on his white horse and establish peace and safety in Iraq. Because he is a direct descendant of Mohammed, he garners the respect of both Sunni and Shia Moslem.

I believe he will make his new capital in the ancient city of Babylon. He will use the billions of petro dollars that are at his disposal and resurrect that ancient city. Then, he will solve the 60-year-old conundrum in the Middle East, by giving part of Jordan to the Palestinians for their homeland.

Keep your eye on the Temple mount in Jerusalem, because Abdullah is the only person in the world who controls the Temple Mount. Everything that goes on there is under his jurisdiction. Third Temple soon?

This recent bomb blast shows us that Iraq is as unstable as ever. Nothing has changed and I for one am angry when I think of the blood that has been spilled there. There is no peace in Iraq. They await the strongman and when he comes he will honor a god of fortresses….


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74 thoughts on “Jordan Enters the Fray – Watch the King!

  1. Looks like we may all be in Heaven very soon… what a thought! Things are breaking so fast you can’t even keep up with it all. Looks like the implosion of America is right on the globalist/Illuminati schedule. Anyone have any thoughts on the fact that this new terror group is called ISIS? I know there has to be some sort of message or connection that the demonically controlled Illuminati/globalist are conveying here having to do with the occultic mythology of the god of ISIS. Guess I’ll have to dig out my Tom Horn books and re-read that part and make some discoveries. It all wouldn’t seem that planned regarding this new terror group had it not been named ISIS.

  2. Do you want a real brain twister ???

    Think…………”MIDDLE EAST”………….”MIDDLE EAST”…………and before long……….”you are TWISTED !!!”

    i think that is a HUGE reason why we are told to “WATCH”………because some of these events are just simply….”Mind Blowers !!!”

    To help matters,
    …..i think the whole Middle East needs to sit down … and have a Dairy Queen Blizzard…and COOL OFF THEIR JETS !!! [ Literally ]

  3. As “The antichrist” comes to the fore…
    – so must the ten horns
    – which have one mind (…hive mind?)

    Rev. 17:16

    And the ten horns which you saw upon the beast
    – these shall hate the whore (*)
    – and shall make her desolate and naked
    – and shall eat her flesh
    – and burn her with fire

    There’s a new king of Spain of the royal bloodlines (some say also king of Jerusalem!).
    There’s a new president in Israel.
    There’s a new “same god” alliance (pope francis, palestinian abbas, israeli rivlin, orthodox bartholomew)


    * the whore = those fallen (enemy angels) that used to be part of Heavenly Jerusalem

    Rev. 17
    v. 6 And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints
    – and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus….
    v. 18 And the woman which you saw is that great city
    – which reigns over the kings of the earth

    Rev. 18
    v.2 And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying,
    – Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen
    – and is become the habitation of devils
    – and the hold of every foul spirit
    – and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird

  4. It looks like Hitlery has been chosen to be the next president … cough! cough!… I mean… is preparing her campaign for the presidency of the United States. With that in mind, the following article is very interesting. Scroll down to the comment section after reading this piece and read the short comment I left on this site… Some of you may be aware that Perry Stone has on multiple occasions spoken about this vision by William Branham…

    • Aside from the Buffoon we have now….ILLEGALLY….think back ….for how many years we’ve had clinton’s, and bush’s in the White House.

      Gee, do ya think there is an agenda that “they” keep within the “family” ?!?!?!

    • 8 = Years for O’bummer ( probably will never get impeached…until Hillary “claims” the Oval Office. )
      8 = George W. Bush
      8 = George H. W. Bush
      8 = William J. Clinton
      32 Years !!!!!!!

      ……………And guess what, ………..they are ALL related !!!!!!!!!! The presidency has been kept……..”ALL IN THE FAMILY”.

      Sure, …. we “vote” them into office………..right ?!?!?!?! >>>>>> Where is my T-shirt …. or…..that Bridge for sale ???

      300 + MILLION people………and “these” are our “very Best” to pick from ???

      Hmmmm. them there “Saudi’s”………….got some rather deep pockets…ess !!

      I can’t wait til …………THE KING of kings ………shows up………………and kicks some serious wicked hiney !!!!

    • 3 Wars with Iraq…..

      Iraq 1 – George HW Bush
      Iraq 2 – George W Bush
      Iraq 3 – Barack O’bummer

    • U.S. Presidents family tree >>>>>>>>>>>>> Yes…..there is a MUCH bigger agenda than most understand.

      Search it online……others have done the work, but most will never realize that the Blood Lines certainly are key!

    • Kirk,

      I have researched it. Long ago. Why do you assume I haven’t researched it online? This is no big thing. We are ALL related to someone…even you and I most likely. 8th cousin? Really? That’s a big deal? If so, Robert E. Lee and I are REAL tight as he is my 6th cousin. I might be a rabble rouser seeing how he did lead the Rebel South into war against the North and all. Better watch out. Because of that, my family and I could be very bad news. 😉

    • I once lived in a town in Arizona where everybody was related to everybody, in a neighboring town they often pointed out that where I lived it was legal to marry ones own sister and she did not even have to change her last name.

  5. Short & Sweet…
    – as the veil thins that separates
    – the spiritual dimensions from the physical
    – the heavens, hell, and the pit from this old earth

    Hell may be a “demon-sion”
    – also co-located with this world like heaven
    – out of which the locust armies come
    – into which satan is thrown and sealed
    – contrast with Christ coming from out of heaven
    – or heavenly Jerusalem descending

    And just for fun to tweak Corey and Kirk… :mrgreen:
    – perhaps the sun in the hell dimension is a brown dwarf
    – which phases in more and more as the veil thins
    – possibly not on an orbit … but a periodic cycle
    – as the enemy angels keep messin’ with portals

    • Joining the “fray” in fun.

      Linda, is the 13th rib a spare rib?


      Looks like Doug’s hair is thinning proportionate to the veil, coincidence?

      For a man indeed ought not to cover his head, forasmuch as he is the image and glory of God: but the woman is the glory of the man.
      1 Corinthians 11:7

      Ha ha!


    • Azureceu, I’m a-frayed you caught that wrong number (13) of ribs I mentioned the other day! I suppose man’s 25th rib was the spare one. 🙂

      Meanwhile, hope you’ve been enjoying some of the soccer.

    • there was “string theory…”
      – then “m” theory ( ❓ )
      – now quantum entanglement
      – they couldn’t just say knot theory

      I suspect…

      …else it might all unravel

    • When is a knot not a knot?

      See: Toronto Ribonacci sequence..

      Socks doesn’t!

      Linda, Braaaaaaaaaaaaaazil!

    • Azureceu, glad Brazil is doing well!

      As to Toronto RIB-onacci sequence … to do with complementary pairs in mathematics …. as in 12 pairs of ribs ….
      OK, now logging off and bid you another good night.

    • @ when is a knot not
      – when it’s a problem insoluble in its own terms
      – go ahead, ask Gordy…

      g’nite Linda…

      Come sleep. O sleep, the certain knot of peace.
      The baiting place of wit, the balm of woe,
      The poor man’s wealth, the prisoner’s release,
      The indifferent judge between the high and low.
      (Phil Sidney)

    • G’night Linda, I hope you know I was just ribbing you. 🙂

      Anyway between you, Nome and myself and a nice pair of ribonacci socks, we might have come up with the theory of everything, as God having knitted all-things together then eventually unraveling the rest of it, and also solving the mystery of why socks disappear into other dimensions.

      Be afraid not!

    • Good morning, Azureceu, and of course I knew you were ‘ribbing’ me! 🙂 That is what I att-rib-uted it to, and for that I always pay you much t-rib-ute! 🙂

      As to the ribonacci socks, it was ‘knot’ easy, but I’m glad Nome and you and I may have finally solved one of the sock disappearance mysteries of all times!

      And for your sake, I say GO BRAAAAAAAAAAAAZIL!!

    • A cont-rib-ution to your ribonacci feast:


    • G’day, cobbers!

      Can you decipher this phrase:

      1) Rib
      2) Rib <—
      3) Rib <—
      4) Rib
      5) Rib <—
      6) Rib
      7) Rib <—

      Answer: sqᴉɹ ǝɯᴉɹԀ

  6. Hope you are feeling better. The whole thing feels like more of the Arab Spring and you can of course read into that statement you want.

    Blessings, all! 🙂

  7. How to deal with undocumented aliens…
    – Send them all to Washington DC

    Common Sense on what caused the surge…
    – This criminals in government decriminalized illegal immigration
    – Try only prosecuting the worst criminals that don’t pay taxes
    – and see how many others would pay without enforcement

    • Can’t even imagine how any of this could be resolved before Jesus returns. But definitely can see how the whole M/East will soon be ready to accept the A/C and his peace plan.

  8. LA, I am very thankful you are evidently much better. You have been in many prayers these last couple of days. As always, thank you for standing in the gap and being the soldier of Christ you are.

    Sincerely in Christ,


    • I foresee the roll of appreciative democratic voters will swell and the population of low income that Latin America has that the U.S. does not as well. Looks to be 3rd world American union in the making.

    • I hate seeing men, women, and children used as pawns in a game set up by the supposed elite and powerful to drive up popularity votes!

      This whole scenario was and continues to be a sham. It’s also meant to divide and conquer Texas through racism drag in others from the U.S. where they are legitimately needed to guard their own states.

      How convenient to “escort” these illegals to Arizona, where it’s already been declared they are not wanted or tolerated, or even California, where it’s already overrun with gangs and problems of their own in terms of drought.

      All in the name of illegal amnesty reform discussion.

      On January 29, 2014, the government website posted a request for services contract, “Escort Services for Unaccompanied Alien Children” with a description targeting ONLY Texas. Our government was deliberately setting up what we see unfolding today!

      If this isn’t enough of a type of a false flag, I don’t know what is.

      Creating and promoting human trafficking is illegal in the U.S. Child abuse is illegal in the U.S. If you or I contribute to the facilitation of a crime, we too, would be breaking the laws of the U.S.

      So why is it ok for the U.S. government to create, abuse, promote, and facilitate (aid and abate a crime in progress) such a crime and no legal action taken?

      I don’t totally hold these illegals guilty for wanting a better life. Their perspective is better than facing joblessness, tyranny, famine, gang affiliated drug pushing king pins (am I describing Aphganistan, Iran, Syria, China, too?).

      Don’t believe me. Here’s the link to the government website posted January 29, 2014:


      Click on the Juvenile Transport link calling for services in Texas only. Very sad times, indeed.

  9. On the lighter side …. a U.N. joke just came across my desk ….(global unity may not be that easy to achieve!)

    Last month, a world-wide telephone survey was conducted by the UN.

    The only question asked was:

    “Would you please give your honest opinion about possible
    solutions to the food shortage in the rest of the world?”


    *The survey was a complete failure because:*

    – In Eastern Europe they didn’t know what “honest” meant.

    – In Western Europe they didn’t know what “shortage” meant.

    – In Africa they didn’t know what “food” meant.

    – In China they didn’t know what “opinion” meant.

    – In the Middle East they didn’t know what “solution” meant.

    – In South America they didn’t know what “please” meant.

    – In the USA they didn’t know what “the rest of the world” meant.

    – And in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Britain everyone
    hung up as soon as they heard the Indian accent.

  10. To me King Abdullah looks very much like this fellow:


    Wouldn’t it be interesting if there were a connection?

    • A popular face that little guy has. Those images (including the King’s) also remind me of ones I’ve seen in ads showing a clay god sitting next to a bottle of Kahlua! Hmmmm … interesting possibility if there were connection, and then I wonder if the King would lay claim to more real estate on this side of the globe.

    • re: Wouldn’t it be interesting if there were a connection?


  11. Illegal visitation issues…

    There’s another solution besides “Send ’em all to DC…”
    – make Haiti, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica — states
    – that way the assistance they need can be done in their own locales

    Don’t like those options…
    – using Gitmo as a model
    – send them to Puerto Rico (which is already spanish speaking)
    – and from which they can’t easily escape till their cases are worked out
    – and which already has military bases….

    Of course the NWO just wants to NAU or Region 4 of 10 north america…
    – that’s coming with the Ten Horns and the 666’rs

    Be fair to those already in line.

    Past the schtick there’s some interesting stats…

    • Or Emperor BHO could just annex mexico’s border states…
      – declare emergency powers and set martial law
      – and extend his administration’s tyranny until nuked

      Part of the mystery of iniquity is the ghost of old empires
      – run by enemy angels back then (their systems)
      – still running the “modern” nations now by their proxies
      – those that “were, are not, yet are” (channeling the damned)
      – and are cut off from the new heavens and new earth
      – spiritual entities with their future already dead-ended
      – very quickly passing shadows, webs, and wisps….

      “” (no border trafficking today by foot… it’s flooded in south Texas)

      Muy triste that families are caught in this and possibly drowned…
      – much worse when the mosquitoes come, with malaria, dengue, and chikungunya
      – (the counties and cities need to get their mosquito spray trucks going)
      – and more body bags for the cemetary in Falfurrias that can’t get federal aid
      – to bury the illegals….


  12. As John T posted above, I got the impression there might be something about the July 27th date. (Siri opening the gates of hades) I went on stellarium and the sun is in the cancer/crab constellation. I found this web site and I think we need some collective assistance to help understand. Here’s a few interesting tid bits:

    “The Galaxy, Macrobius says, crosses the Zodiac in two opposite points, Cancer and Capricorn, the tropical points in the sun’s course, ordinarily called the Gates of the Sun. These two tropics, before his time [Aries], corresponded with those constellations, but in his day [Pisces] with Gemini and Sagittarius, in consequence of the precession of the equinoxes; but the signs of the Zodiac remained unchanged; and the Milky Way crossed at the signs Cancer and Capricorn, though not at those constellations.
    “Through these gates souls were supposed to descend to earth and re-ascend to Heaven. One, Macrobius says, in his dream of Scipio, was styled the Gate of Men; and the other, the Gate of the Gods. Cancer was the former, because souls descended by it to the earth; and Capricorn the latter, because by it they re-ascended to their seats of immortality, and became Gods. From the Milky Way, according to Pythagoras, diverged the route to the dominions of Pluto.

    & heliacal rising of Sirius is first part of August which is big in the mystery schools…

    According to Pike, Sirius was responsible for imparting numerous innovations to mankind:
    “He was Sirius or the Dog-Star, the friend and counselor of Osiris, and the inventor of language, grammar, astronomy, surveying, arithmetic, music, and medical science; the first maker of laws; and who taught the worship of the Gods, and the building of temples.” (Pike, 376) It is interesting to note that, among his various contributions, this Freemasonic deity was responsible for the introduction of several forms of science. Does Sirius also represent the Lodge’s ‘ostensible control over the knowable?’ Is the Dog-Star a symbol of the elite’s ‘scientificdictatorship?’ Michael Hoffman further elaborates on the identity of Sirius:
    “The mythical Satanic bringer of civilization to earth was supposed to be an alien from the star system Sirius, around whom the Egyptians and all subsequent Hermetic systems constructed their elaborate and obsessive religio-astronomic observances. This star Sirius also served as an
    astronomic secret code, an allegory of the illusory quality and inherent ‘trickiness’ of the material world.” (Hoffman, 26-27) This Freemasonic mythology of extraterrestrial intervention in human evolution may be poised for a return. Given the impossibility of spontaneous generation, Darwinism has faced a major
    obstacle to its unquestioned primacy.


    • Going further, Venus will be in Gemini the twins and can be see 30 minutes before the sun rises (heliacally rising in the ENE location!) Which led me to think, ‘birth of Venus’ by Botticelli, so I checked out the picture because these Renaissance artists loved to show their secret knowledge and Venus is being birthed from the sea (heliacal rising?) between the twins and the virgin! It is figuratively showing this time period.

    • Mrs. M…a kind word of caution…Do not trip into the astrology, the mystics, the stargazers, magicians, the Chaldeans, of the occult type. It’s dangerous because you can and will open the wrong doors.

      Below is the link to scriptures where King Nebe, is asking for an interpretation of his dream. He calls on his renown mystics who don’t have the answers, only Daniel, by the power of knowledge and revelation, through the Lord God, can give the truth of the meaning behind his dream…


      I got warned early on in my efforts to seek answers, by the Holy Spirit, not to read any psychic materials not even the daily horoscope.

      I’m not referring to astronomy, because God did create the moon, the sun, and the stars. Astrology is the study of a deviant form of astronomy.

      Seek years only the Lord God, Jesus Christ, and His holy Word.

      Anything contrary to the Word of the Lord, is dangerous.


    • Someone said that giving the stars credit, for earth events, is like giving the thermometer credit for a fever. I had an astronomy professor in college who called out astrology as putting the earth as the center of the universe, But the Lord did place the constellations as a sign of His appointed times. And it does give an insight as to what other beliefs may be thinking. Interesting stuff Mrs M.

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