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This is my last day on assignment before heading to the Nephilim Mounds II, Conference.  Russ, Gary and I will be speaking tomorrow night.  It’s going to be good and I’m expectant!

Yesterday, was for the most part uneventful except for two incidents.  The first was The Chief had a word that there were “demonic powers,” in the area who wanted to kill us.  No surprise there as the enemy of our soul comes to rob, kill and destroy.   We received a word and it was from Jeremiah 38: 16

So Zedekiah the king sware secretly unto Jeremiah, saying, As the LORD liveth, that made us this soul, I will not put thee to death, neither will I give thee into the hand of these men that seek thy life.

I suppose it doesn’t get more direct than that!  We took time out to praise the Most High God for his goodness and protection and then headed out to rendezvous with a man who had an artifact that we had travelled many miles to see.  It was a good meeting and that is all I am permitted to say about it, at this time.

We also met with a medicine man and talked for about two hours and then treated him to a late lunch.

We returned to our hotel agreeing to meet again at 7 pm sharp.  I went to take a nap and promptly fell into a deep sleep.  I was awakened by someone pounding at my door.  I looked at the clock and it was 7 pm.  I thought is was the Chief, so I slipped my pants on and went to the door.  There was no one there.  I then went to the Chief’s room and knocked on his door.  He appeared sleepy-eyed, as he too had been napping, and I realized he hadn’t knocked on the door.  Very strange.

With the incident that happened by the Lake still fresh in our minds we prayed again.

Today we have a meeting with the Chief of the local tribe here and then we have a four-hour drive to where we will hole up for the night in yet another hotel and then on Friday, fly to Columbus for the conference.  We’re on the Trail!

Notice: I am looking for a Christian archaeologist who is accredited and who has field experience.  If you know of someone please give them my email.

Blessings to all who are praying for us.

See you at the Nephilim Mounds II, Conference on Friday.

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81 thoughts on “Assignment Update – Looking for an Archaeologist?

  1. Looking forward to the conference. It’s an 8-hour drive (with many rest stops along the way) for me so I’ll be praying during much of that time. Sounds like the enemy will be there too. Praying for a HEDGE of protection (Lord, make it a WALL) around the Metropolitan.
    Will this event be streamed for those who can’t attend live?

  2. In the quite time of ones rest, memories flood the mind of past encounters and one realizes the stain or bad taste left in ones soul of past demonic encounters then as one contemplates a little longer the sweetness of past angelic encounters adds that needed sugar to the bitter taste of life one is obligated to drink then an image appears of one nailed to the cross and in victory a simple word rings loud that makes evil tremble.

    • Yes, brother Azureceu! Paid in full! I look forward to saying “Thank you” face to face when our blessed hope appears again.

      To: L.A., you were covered in prayer by your faithful followers who love you and we knew He could be depended upon to keep you and Chief safe. Have a wonderful conference. Wish I could be there.

  3. anyone know the story on Prof. Joseph Lorenz?


    see post: “Nevada’s mysterious cave of the red-haired giants”

    note in particular comments


    • Interesting theory…
      – re: prehistoric american red haired giants
      quote: “Their heights ranged between 7.6ft and 10 feet and their skulls “presumably those of men, are much larger than the heads of any race which inhabit America to-day.” They tend to have a double row of teeth, 6 fingers, 6 toes and like humans came in different races. The teeth in the front of the jaw are regular molars. Heads usually found are elongated believed due to longer than normal life span.”

      another ref. re: Lorenz…
      quote: 3) The Windover DNA is an ongoing scandal in American archaeology. Dr. Lorenz made the famous statement about its resemblance to European DNA in a video widely distributed on the internet, in about 2005, I believe. Since then, no work has been done on Windover. The North Brevard History website laments that Florida State U, where the Windover remains are stored, cannot fund any further analysis… If Dr. Lorenz got his results published, I’ve been unable to find them. His publication list at Central Washington U (yes Virginia, he’s not longer on the east coast) lists nothing that resembles it. Odd for a finding of such interest, wouldn’t you say. On the other hand, we’ve recently been regaled with the finding that the Anzick baby had north-eastern Asian DNA, like most modern Indians. How PC. Too bad Kennewick Man’s DNA turned out to be too ‘contaminated’ to be reliably analyzed…

    • Better dead than Red.

      Nome, well put together video that you posted day before yesterday:

      The Islamic Connection to Rome Catholicism

      As a side, me wife and I went to the antique fair/flea market at the Porte de Clignancour area of Paris, my wife and I found a Lebanese restaurant there for lunch along side they were selling portable prayer mats that had a compass embedded into the mat, anyway we thought it was a funny thing considering they are not flying carpets now are they!

    • @ Azureceu … WV did well on “the insiders” … to bad he’s bedazzled by ellen g. white

      @ Linda … hehe, either a “red haired skulley” (cp. x-files cryptoids) or a long lost pet opossum :mrgreen:

  4. Wish I could go home for the conference in Newark Ohio. Little did I know when I moved to Texas that all the stuff I enjoy studying was around me all my life back home in Ohio!

    • In other news…

      Russian Bombers Fly Within 50 Miles Within California Coast

      Red Alert: Russia Sends 4 Bombers 50 Miles off California Coast

      Praises for my Lord God, Jesus Christ, for His mighty hand of protection!

    • For anyone new to prophetic things and haven’t seen this yet… All that you see going on with Russia flying near to our borders and the numerous reports of Russian troops on American soil are great cause for concern. We know that America has been taken over by a shadow government that worships Lucifer and they fully intend to take down America from within and weaken us through their puppets in Washington D.C. They are deliberately weakening America militarily to give Russia and China the oppourtunity to invade. They are deliberately building up China and Russia militarily with America’s military know how and resources (as well as financially). They fully intend to allow Russia to attack us with the intention of the full implementation of world government in mind (although one could argue that it is already here). They need America out of the way. There is evidence to conclude that Russia is a part of the global puppet parade as America is. They too are being controlled by the globalist Illuminati (as well as China). The above interview is a must see in my opinion for a good run down on what this is all about.

      Note to Seashoremary… I listened to the video you posted a week or so ago with the Hagmann’s, Steve Quayle and Henry Gruver. I noticed in the vision he had with Chinese troops that they were coming at people in white robes (which would imply the church still being here when all this goes down). I’m not sure if that would be us or not. We do know that in the tribulation period there will be people who get saved “after” the rapture. The vision of the people in white may not be us but people saved “after” the rapture. I could be wrong of course, but to me, this seems like a tribulation level event and the church will not be here during that time.

      This video can be seen below for those who haven’t listened to it. It is well worth the time it takes to listen:

    • Seashoremary and others… I would love to get your take on the vision of Henry Gruver seeing the Chinese troops coming at people in white and whether you think this is a legit vision or not.

    • Corey,

      I believe you are correct in that Russia will in invade and destroy the U.S.

      The other countries with Russia that I believe the bible tells us will destroy the U.S. are the kings of the Medes: Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, Turkey, Pakistan along with Turkey and Germany.

      Scripture also seems to indicate that Egypt is also in on the destruction of the U.S.

      Scripture seems to indicate that U.S will be destroyed when they gathers men to Egypt to invade Syria and or Iran.

      The U.S. is Mystery Babylon in Rev.

      The U.S. is also known as Ephraim.

      The scriptures tell us by both names (Babylon & Ephraim) that the U.S. is destroyed.

      Jer 51:27
      Set ye up a STANDARD (run to the standard for safety) in the LAND (world), blow the trumpet among the nations, prepare the nations against her, call together against HER (Babylon, U.S., whore) the kingdoms of ARARAT (Turkey), MINNI (Russia), and ASHCHENAZ (Germany); appoint a captain against her; cause the HORSES (cavalry-military troops) to come up as the rough CATERPILLERS (devourers)

      Jer 51:28
      Prepare against HER (Babylon, U.S., whore) the nations with THE KINGS OF THE MEDES (Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, turkey, India, Pakistan), the captains thereof, and all the RULERS (leaders of nations) thereof, and all the land of his dominion

      Hos 7:11
      EPHRAIM (the U.S., Babylon) also is like a SILLY (deceive, enlarge, entice, flatter, persuade, allure,) DOVE (peace maker) without HEART (understanding): they CALL (“gather the men” ) TO EGYPT, THEY GO TO ASSYRIA (Syria and or Iran)

      Hos 7:12
      WHEN THEY SHALL GO (to Assyria- Syria and or Iran), I will spread my net upon them; I will bring them down as the FOWLS (fallen angels) of the heaven; I will chastise them, as their CONGREGATION (multitude, people) HATH HEARD (something heard, that is, a sound, RUMOR, announcement; abstractly audience: – bruit, fame, hear (-ing), loud, report, speech, tidings)

      And everyone will be here.. No one gets “taken up” until Yahshua returns at the last & 7th trump.. at the end of the tribulation..

    • @ Corey:

      I believe in visions simply because I’ve experienced them…some good some distressing. I’ve learned some are for warnings but can be “prayed” out to stop or cause delay to specific destruction(s).

      Your question is Gruver legitimate or not? I’m unable to say yes or no because I wasn’t following his history but I’m confident with Hagman & Hagman’s confidence in him which is why I posted the video, plus the issue with the Chinese and Russian’s is real from so many other independent sources.

      Are we inside the tribulation period? Until I see the formal peace treaty (7 yr) which will then be broken with Israel…it hasn’t taken place yet.

      I believe we’re on the edges of it though with all of the current events taking place. One could have made the argument that it should have taken place when Clinton was president and a peace accord was formally signed…

      Did the saints pray and God extend His grace delaying the event? Is another probable event similar to the peace accord in the works?

      Yes, I think so. Armageddon still has to come into play in the end times. Nuclear war is a given because it’s clearly defined in the bible as being so.

      Yes, I believe the white robed are the saints (you and I) who believe in Jesus Christ and are praying for protection.

      I have not directly received any visions confirming Gruver’s vision, but I don’t think I need it since confirmation of foreign troops on U.S. soil already exists.

      Do I believe in the rapture? Yes.

      Specific date setting is not my thing and it’s the one that triggers controversy.

    • Walid Shoebat: WARNING TO MUSLIMS: Mystery Babylon the great!

      >>>>> MECCA means: “The MOTHER of all Settlements”….. and is the “Mother” of all muslim cities in the entire world.

      And mecca’s ‘abominations’ are all linked to ancient Baal Worship….which the Crescent and Star symbols are on all mosques!

      And mecca is The Mother of all terrorism and is responsible for the deaths of MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of Christians worldwide….
      and Beheading is ISLAM’s way of spreading it’s false religion by domination and forcing submission to allah…known in Saudi Arabia.

      >>>>> That is why Revelation 17:6 tells us that “the woman”…MECCA…is DRUNK WITH THE BLOOD of THE SAINTS.
      Because Revelation 17:18 is speaking of….”the great city”….which is Mecca….because Saudi Arabia rules over the kings of the earth
      by means of the oil that she sells and she is a whore spreading her false religion of ISLAM all around the world from MECCA.

      The very phrase seen in Isaiah 21:9 ….”babylon has fallen, has fallen”…. is also seen in Revelation 14:8 and 18:2. They are linked !!!

      Isaiah 21 … is concerning Saudi Arabia…………the very same context that describes Saudi Arabia is seen in Revelation 17 and 18.

      Furthermore, TWO (2) lineages of people come from the loins of ABRAHAM…..
      ……ISAAC (Son of Promise….see Genesis 17:18-21) ……and Ishmael…..”who will be a wild donkey of a man” … see Genesis 16:11-12.

      God is bringing things FULL CIRCLE and ISAAC will surely be established in God’s Covenant.

      >>>>>>> AMERICA………… >>> is NOT <<< ………….."Mystery Babylon". <<<<<<<

    • Russia or any other country for that matter will not invade the US. There is no reason to; the US will destroy itself from within.
      On a side note, Russia couldn’t even invade Texas let alone the entire US.
      Texas civilians are armed to the teeth…perhaps California would be a breeze but once they hit Texas they most certainly would run into a buzz saw.

    • Dom,

      You are only trying to match a few of the verses about Babylon to Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

      Be sure to look at ALL the verses regarding Babylon.

      Here are just a few.

      Is Mecca a Leading center for commodity trade goods, not just oil?? Noo

      Rev 18:11 And the merchants of the earth shall weep and mourn over her (Babylon) ; for no man buyeth their merchandise any more:
      Rev 18:12 The merchandise of gold, and silver, and precious stones, and of pearls, and fine linen, and purple, and silk, and scarlet, and all thyine wood, and all manner vessels of ivory, and all manner vessels of most precious wood, and of brass, and iron, and marble,
      Rev 18:13 And cinnamon, and odours, and ointments, and frankincense, and wine, and oil, and fine flour, and wheat, and beasts, and sheep, and horses, and chariots, and slaves, and souls of men.

      More gold is traded in one day at the NY commodities exchange than all the rest of the world combined.

      More silver and copper than all the rest of the world combined.

      Is Mecca the leader in Deceiveing nations/peoples with sorcery/drugs/pharmakeia (Isaiah 47:12; Revelation 18:23)??


      Who is the U.S.

      Is Mecca, Saudi Arabia a world military power??

      Jer 51:53 Though Babylon should mount up to heaven, and THOUGH SHE SHOULD FORTIFY THE HEIGHT OF HER STRENGTH, yet from me shall spoilers come unto her, saith Yahweh.

      Saudi Aribia is not even in the top 20 world military powers.

      Babylon is known as being the number one world power of it’s day.

      Who is the number one world power?

      The U.S.

      Are the Iranians going to destroy Mecca??? Nooo

      Jer 51:11 Make bright the arrows; gather the shields: the LORD hath raised up the SPIRIT OF THE KINGS OF THE MEDES (Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, turkey, India, Pakistan) : FOR HIS DEVICE IS AGAINST BABYLON, TO DESTROY IT; because it is the vengeance of the LORD (time reference a time for the judgment) , the vengeance of his temple.

      Who do the Iranians say death to all the time??

      The U.S & Israel..

      go back and see my post from yesterday about the U.S and Babylon.

      There are many more reasons why the U.S. is Babylon.

    • Who sits upon many waters?

      Jer 51:13 O thou that DWELLEST UPON MANY WATERS, abundant in treasures, thine end is come, and the measure of thy covetousness.

      Mecca Saudi Arabia? Or the NY and the U.S.?

      The U.S. has the Pacific & the Atlantic oceans, the Gulf of Mexico,

      The Great lakes, Minnesota that state of 10,000 lakes, the Mighty Mississippi river & rivers everywhere.

      Mecca has the Red sea & the Persian Gulf.

    • Dom,

      Babylon is a land of mixed or mingled people

      Jer 50:37 A sword is upon their horses, and upon their chariots, and upon ALL THE MINGLED PEOPLE that are in the midst of her; and they shall become as women: a sword is upon her treasures; and they shall be robbed.

      Who is known as the melting pot of the world???

      The U.S. or Saudi Arabia?

    • Since this sounds like a riddle, my guess is the French furniture makers of the late 17th century, the inventors of the bidet??

    • Dom,

      Is Mecca Inhabited by the children of Judah (the Jews) and the children of 10-Israel (Jeremiah 50:1-20,25; 51:5-6,10,45; Isaiah 48:20; Revelation 18:4)?

      These are not the sons of Ishmael.

      Besides the nation of Israel, where do most Jews reside currently?

      There are more Jews living in the U.S than in Israel just as it was in Babylon.

    • Kirt….

      You AGAIN …do NOT know how to interpret Scripture.

      Revelation 17:1 …The Great Harlot who sits on many ….”WATERS”…..the very interpretation….

      ………is told to us in Revelation 17:15….what the “WATERS” represent !!! >>>>> IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH OCEANS !!

      The “WATERS” represent ….”PEOPLES….and MULTITUDES….and NATIONS….and TONGUES.

      ISLAM is becoming a GLOBAL FALSE RELIGION….and taking forceful domination by beheading people if the people don’t worship allah.
      This is what is coming in the form of SEVERE PERSECUTION during the time of the 7 year Tribulation period; aka= JACOB’s Trouble !!!

      Also….. in Revelation 17:18….SCRIPTURE AGAIN TELLS US….”who the WOMAN represents”…..

      ……….”The WOMAN” ….”IS”….. THE GREAT CITY……which reigns over the kings of the earth.” Saudi Arabia does exactly that !!!

      “The WOMAN”… MECCA…..and she is a HARLOT RELIGION…..known as ISLAM…..
      ……………..which DENIES that JESUS is GOD’s Son….which DENIES that JESUS died on The Cross.

      You need to read jeremiah 49:7-22……then Isaiah 13:17-22……then Isaiah 21:1-17…..Then Jeremiah 50 …and 51:6-14
      ……….they all speak of SAUDI ARABIA…which is where MECCA is located !!!

      Jeremiah 49:21 – “The earth is moved at the noise of their fall, at the cry the noise thereof was heard ….at the Red Sea” !!!

      The Red Sea noted here in this verse is an indication of where Mystery Babylon is located…..NEAR THE RED SEA.

      And MECCA….is a RELIGIOUS CITY…..IN A DESERT…..BY THE RED SEA….which is THE busiest shipping lane in the world
      and fully due to EVERYTHING being shipped into SAUDI ARABIA……….because it is a desert and not very habitable.

      Now think….
      How can The Vatican, or New York City, or the entire USA………….be by the Red Sea geographically ???

      When presented with a multitude of biblical evidence, people still deny this interpretation of MECCA….as Mystery Babylon…
      because they have etched in their minds WRONG TEACHING BASED ON WRONG INTERPRETATION of SCRIPTURE.

      In fact, even in our modern day….we see Scripture coming to pass, with yet another clue to the real Babylon…..

      “Forces in the Persian Gulf and Arab intelligence services have noted the establishment of Iranian missile launch sites
      aimed in the direction of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, according to Egyptian and Jordanian intelligence officials speaking to WND.”

      Yet, virtually no one in the prophecy arena has even raised a single red flag about the significance of this report that proves The Word!!!

      Iran …(biblical Elam…and…Kings of the Medes….as noted in my several passages of Scripture in this post) …will destroy Arabia.

      IRAN HATES SAUDI ARABIA……….and refer to the Saudis as “bad rubbish”….because they prostitute themselves with the world
      over OIL………..for VAST SUMS of WEALTH …….which has “purchased” Saudi Arabia’s safety.
      Note: The USA takes care of the Saudi’s from a Military stand point for many decades!!! …. and the USA gets OIL in return.
      Sure there are other “perks”…………but without the oil………the other stuff just falls apart.

      AGAIN… seen in Isaiah 21:9, ……Isaiah gives a prophetic oracle …….against Babylon using …..THE VERY SAME IDENTICAL….
      announcement that is read in Revelation 18:1-2 and Revelation 14:8: “Babylon is fallen, is fallen”.

      The entire BIBLICAL CONTEXT of THESE PASSAGES……….describes ONLY……….. SAUDI ARABIA !!!!

      “The burden against Dumah…..which is EDOM….which is The ARABIAN peninsula” …….(Isaiah 21:11)
      “One keeps calling to me from SEIR” …..(Isaiah 21:11)
      “The burden against Arabia…..O caravans of dedanites” ……(Isaiah 21:13)
      “O inhabitants of the land of Tema”………..(isaiah 21:14)
      “All the glory of Kedar will fail” ………(Isaiah 21:16)

      These are all in Saudi Arabia,
      ……………………..which is going to be destroyed by Iran …aka=“Elam” …..just as it is written in God’s Word (Isaiah 21:2 & Jer. 51:11)

      Another EXCELLENT video…………

      Mystery Babylon, it’s not where you thought. >>>>> More details with even more OBVIOUS connections !!! Hint: It ain’t the USA !!!

    • Where is Mystery Babylon? >>>>>>>>>>> Hint: It is NOT….”The vatican”….nor “New York”….nor “The entire USA” !!!

  5. L.A.–I think  you should write a book about all your adventures with paranormal and dangerous encounters whi

    • That’s a great idea; LA could be the new Indiana Jones.
      The book with a movie soon to follow could be called LA Marzulli and the Kingdom of the Nephilim Skull…shot on entirely on location in Peru.

  6. When we are saved in Christ and keep trusting in Him, even in small day-to-day things we often see His wonderful kindness and help.

    Last summer my mother changed dentists and I offered to drive her, as it was in a difficult to find spot in a plaza. It was also on a 2nd floor with a long staircase, inside double glass doors (no elevator). It was early in the day and hardly anyone around. As we walked towards the glass door entrance to the stairs, a menacing looking man (maybe homeless, who knows) began to follow us. We got to the stairs and started climbing, and as I looked back, he was looking at us through the glass doors. I can run quickly on stairs but my mother can’t, so we couldn’t really hurry. A few more steps and I looked back again. Another man, clean cut, about in his 30′s with a dark suit, was suddenly inside the glass doors, looking out at the other man, who then thankfully walked away. Only another step or two, I looked back again and the clean cut man was suddenly gone. It was so fast I was surprised the glass doors wouldn’t still be closing after him. We mused if this was an angel sent to protect, but whether angel or human, we quickly thanked God for keeping watch over us.

    Blessings to all of you today. 🙂

    • SWEET !!!!

      Neat testimony Linda. 🙂 Daddy’s lookin’ after His kids!


      I liked LA’s “encounters” also….as it proves once again….that he is rattling (someone’s) cages!

      “The heavens are the heavens of The LORD; But…the earth He has given to the sons of men.” Psalm 115:16

      So then, … the fallen angels, the demons, the nephilim…….they ain’t got NO home…..except in Matthew 25:41.

    • Yes, wonderful story. I just wonder how many times we have been saved from harm and have not realized it.

    • Thank you too, Eric, Kirk, and Azureceu.

      Kirk, that’s a “good” home for them (Matthew 25:41). Our Daddy does watch out for us and help us, though at times it may not seem so, like when there are lessons to be learned for one reason or another.

      Azureceu, I think of that too, how many times we are saved from harm, and sometimes aware of it, sometimes not. Praise and thanks to God, too, for the victories you’ve had against demonic encounters.

    • Linda, here is some PMO for you:

    • I often wondered that at some point when we pass on if our guardian angle will be revealed to us…then we will be able to look back and see all the close calls we never really knew about where we were supernaturally kept from harm.

  7. Last week I had the same thing happen to me! I heard knocking twice between 5-6 am and the first time I asked my husband, ‘did you hear that?’ I wonder what it means? The verse, “I stand at the door and knock’ came to mind.

    • In my neighborhood it simply means the kids next door are up to no good again, not really anything supernatural about that. I guess the ole knocking, running and hiding never went out of vogue and still fun for kids today. Now that said, if you hear a knock on the door and you open the door to a burning paper bag , do not panic and stomp on it to put it out, its not Satan sending a message, its just the little pranksters on your block trying to ruin your shoes with a little surprise.

    • Mrs. M…my mom was going through similar circumstances, hearing knocking and no one at the door. When she told me I replied that God will NEVER try to knock because He can speak directly into her spirit. I believed she was being harassed by the enemy. I told her to stand on God’s Word, rebuke the enemy, plead the Blood of the Lamb over herself and her house daily because the enemy cannot be around the sinless blood of Jesus Christ. She did and the knocking stopped.

      I know the enemy tried to scare me in my own bed but I recognized it instantly, so I spoke to the Lord (prayer), and I said “Lord, he’s after me again!” I wasn’t afraid but really annoyed with the situation. Immediately the presence left me. God’s promises to protect us is genuine, we just need to believe in Him, trust that He will do what He promises on our behalf.

      Plus, we’ve been assigned individual guardian angels who will lift us lest we strike our feet …note here that God’s angels promote Jesus Christ never themselves.

      …voice of God

      “My sheep (people) hear my voice and I know them, they follow me.” John 10:27)

      “For God has not given us the spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” (2 Timothy 1:7)

  8. re archaeologist: I thought of the archaeologists working into creationism. and then thought how it is sad that the major thrust of the creationist guys has mainly isolated themselves from other messages like ufos, end times, nwo, bioengineering, nephilim, the supernatural, the spiritual nature of life on earth, provision in the natural, god’s jewishness.

    I like the full armour, the full package, and find that everything fits together really nicely. the whole is better than the parts (and safer, more powerful, iron sharpening iron). i was really happy to see that zola levitt had done a then-radical recording on the alien manifestations way back in the 1970s. what a boykie

    • I have been a Zola Levitt fan for years but this was news to me! Thanks for posting it, Charles. I look forward to seeing it tomorrow.

      I also love Ken Ham and think he probably just sticks to creationism because that is his life work and what he has been called to do – the young earth just as God describes in Genesis vs. Darwin’s billions of years and ape evolution. After all, Adam had to be a very intelligent person to name all the animals! So don’t be too hard on the creationist. I’ll bet Ken would be fascinated to hear a presentation by L.A. and Richard.

      Now my pet peeve are the guys that consider themselves ‘biblical scholars’ and attack the other Christian’s who have read and understand what happened in Genesis 6:4 and ‘also afterward’ as the Bible makes clear to even folks like me. The so-called ‘discernment ministry’ folks that can’t discern much, in my estimation.

      Blessings to you, brother and thanks again for posting Zola’s video.

  9. Randall Price……….Israeli Archaeologist. Google his name and his web site will come up.

  10. electrifying being on the road today in brazil. looks like will be some kind of opening ceremony – will be interesting to look for any symbolism – already i can see the football field is decorated with a giant eye with wavy sunrays emitting from it.

    glory to the king over all the kings

  11. Thank you L.A. for all you do in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. About the encounters with the growling teenager….you know you’re in God’s will when even the demons know your name. It’s when they don’t know who we are that we should be concerned. You are certain to be given the “Well done my good and faithful servant” talk. God Bless and have a great conference.

  12. The terrorist group ISIS is on the move in iraq. Doesn’t this name seem appropriate? The mother of horus in Egyptian lore. Timed perfectly with the Koran read at the vatican on Pentecost.

    • Not surprising, Belgium is where LA said the skulls from Peru were selling for $1000 a head(my attempt at humor). But seriously, Belgium does figure into things as the center of the EU.

      This Gulen Movement in Turkey, that Nome has mentioned, might have a part to play in end times scenario. But this ISIS group, acronym for Islamic States of Iraq and Syria( I think) in Iraq would be a logical end times player. They are reported to be vicious with be-headings and crucifixions. And now they are close to taking Baghdad.

  13. I had a weird incident when living in Mountain View, Arkansas..there is a lot of witchcraft there..And I had been outspoken about some things on a local forum. Well, one week we went thru several small odd accidents, misplaced items, etc. I prayed and took authority in Yeshua over our home..then, next day I was at Walmart when our cat was run over by a black truck. The witness saw the truck come out of no where, hit our cat, stop, a pitch black arm flipped the bird at our house then it backed up and ran over our cat again! Then drove down the street and disappeared in thin air. Debbie, my daughter heard the screech of the tires outside..came out and the witness came and described the truck and what happened. She described the truck as also having lightning bolts on the sides. Ever since then I kept an eye out for that truck and several months later, we were sitting out on the porch, enjoying the spring night when out of the blue a black truck showed up! It slowed down in front of us and revved it’s engine, it lingered for a freaked us out! It had lightning bolts and had lights on its sides with huge antenna on back of the cab. It didn’t look like a poor hillbilly looked like a gov. Type truck, expensive looking with tinted windows. We couldn’t see the then drove on and there was no license plate!

    • Lara, I have had some strange incidents also, on one such time, I was taking a walk and thinking of how my brothers children, from India, would appreciate this country a bit more if they had to go back to visit India for a time.

      As this thought was crossing my mind, one our town’s somewhat disturbed characters walked by me and said, “India has a caste system”. This really freaked me out. I have had other occasions like this one, but nothing like the one that you describe.

      Your story and the one that LA told yesterday are terribly troubling, but more so to non-Christians. Psalm 91 comes to mind.

    • I think that someone posted this song a long time ago, the words are from psalm 91. A psalm of protection.

    • Sorry you lost you pet. I hate to hear that as they are very much like our family members and a big part of the family…at least mine are.
      If a truck ran over my pet, if and when I ever saw that truck again 911 would need to be called as whom ever is driving that truck is in serious danger. Or put another way, I would be looking at an up coming court date.

  14. I had another incident at the house where one night a stranged disheveled fluffy gray cat was sitting upright under the street light staring at us across from our house. Something about that cat freaked me out and I rebuked it in the name of Yeshua..just as I said Yeshua, the cat flinched! I had never seen that cat before and it was eerie.. We also had weird things go on in the house..we felt watched, late afternoon I was taking a nap and Debbie was in the living room watching YouTube videos on her IPAD when I was awaken by Debbie coming in the room telling me to get up…to get dinner started..I saw her then looked down then again and she wasn’t there! She was in the Living room all that time!! Then another night, I dreamed of a glowing figure in the room..the next morning, my daughter told me she woke up twice that night and saw a glowing figure in the room!! Now that we moved away..we don’t experience any of that stuff anymore. Debbie discerned that we weren’t suppose to be there and that she felt the demonic entities around us but knew they weren’t allowed to touch us.

    • That’s pretty exciting story I can’t match that, however, I had a man walk into my house one night as I was watching TV, he came in looked around, realized he was in the wrong house and left. That was pretty bizarre. Happened so fact I couldn’t rebuke him, makes me feel like I missed an opportunity.

  15. The following documentary gives evidence that Bigfoot DNA samples contains human DNA mixed with something non human. Are some Bigfoot creatures Nephillim and some or many of them may have supernatural abilities.

    • There are many theories on what Bigfoot might be….

      1. Elusive Primate
      2. Prehistoric Human
      3. Spiritual Being
      4. Alien Transplant
      5. Shape Shifter

      This site breaks down the different theories and the reason behind that theory.


      I personally believe Sasquatch is an ancient giant ape called Gigantopithecus blackii. A gigantic ape standing 10 feet tall and weighing up to 1,200 pounds that lived alongside humans for over a million years. I feel some are still alive in relict populations throughout the world.

  16. Prayed for you and companions.
    Lord keep LA and all his colleagues in your Loving arms!
    Send Angels to surround them day and night.
    Rebuke all demonic forces that seek to harm them.
    God Bless you and give you all you need on your journey!!!
    In Jesus Name Amen!!!!!

    Live you LA thanks for all you sacrifice!!!

  17. Thanks for more exciting and news, LA.

    Hello, friends!

    A friend was gracious enough to inform me of a friend’s passing and funeral being held today and I had enough time to attend. I had not been in contact with the deceased for two or three years. We’d had one or two disagreements (to put it politely) which caused a falling out between us. I still thought of him every so often, and sharing some of the same circle of friends every now and then i would hear about him as he had been ill for many years. I was concerned for his welfare, still, and only recently tried to contact them a couple of times (via text) but got no reply. I’d wanted to visit him just to say hello and see how he was – my mother had bumped into him only a few times over these years so I received another report from her. He gave my mum a bit of time now and then and they respected and enjoyed each others company. I would ask friends who were in touch with Keith to say hello on my behalf.

    I feel very sad… he was very good to me over the years and my mother (and especially since I was new in town, having moved to Perth from Sydney 10 years ago. I feel very sad because I held a fear in just going over to visit him. I just wanted to say let bygones be bygones. I had texted just a couple of weeks ago, this but got no reply. I had been annoyed with him a couple of years ago over something which wasn’t unwarranted but, also, wasn’t the end of the world. Then later there was another matter to do with my girlfriend (at the time) which wasn’t the first time it happened (as happened with my previous girlfriend. Enough said there. I don’t mean to disrespect but, anyway, that’s sort of why we had falling out.

    I feel very sad because I cannot say sorry to him, now. There were many people at funeral service. There were many people there that I knew and recognized, and many who I was formerly good friends with. I’ve become an outcast to most of them – if not all. I don’t mean to go on as selfish. But I have not been coping with loneliness and my life is getting more lonesome than ever.. i have been recently pushing people away because of not coping for simple things as not responding to a hello message so I’m ending up knowing less and less people. There’s other reasons to for pushing other people away which are a bit more valid and fair (in my opinion).. but on same token, I want their company and friendship and love and forgiveness… because I love and forgive them. After the service, some had invited me to go up the local watering hole which I banned myself from visiting, and haven’t been three since February. I said I’d go and meet them but instead I just came home. I sat at home, my mum was, and I started to feel more alone than ever.

    Anyway, the eulogies were given and then the curtain went around the casket. The moment started me thinking about a brief moment I experienced about 15 years ago. I was helping a friend move into a property which adjoined with another house where a young woman lived alone, she had arrived as we were shifting the belongings inside… I noticed her car rear window was adorned with numerous Jesus-related bumper stickers which immediately prompted my interest. Naturally, I asked her [forgotten her name] if she was a believer. She said yes, and I told her I, too, was a believer and that I had recently been baptized (aged 30s). I am hoping to understand something which I never had explained (by her). This young woman said to me that I had to undergo a “baptism of fire”. I did not know what this meant, and still don’t. I’d thought I’d gone through quite a few dramas and pain and disappointments in life prior to meeting her – relationships, career, friendships, injury, money, violence/threats for years and so on. None of it has ceased since, and added with other issues that have made life difficult to cope with. And still.

    Can somebody tell me what this young woman meant in saying that I had to go through a “baptism of fire”, please?

    I hadn’t thought of this woman’s words for many years until I was standing at the funeral service. There was no “religious” ceremony, but Keith’s son who was last to speak, finished the ceremony by saying, “May God be with you all.”

    I don’t know how or why, but God keeps me going another day – nothing else is and I am more lost than ever. I know God/Jesus is the truth – and I do believe in Him.. but..

    Please help me, friends. I am not coping. Please, help me LORD.

    Love Pete.

    • Good morning Peter, what happened to the Southern Cross?


      Australia plays Chile today, good luck!

  18. Hi LA,   I’ve gotten numerous responses from people on social media letting me know your looking for an archaeologist & recommending I contact you. Lol. 🙂 

    Dr. J  


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