Santa Barbara Shooter on Xanax – I Told You so…

elliot-rodger-abused-xanax-more-isolated-anxious-sqCommentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

As law enforcement begins to piece together the days leading up to UCSB mass shooter Elliot Rodger‘s bloody rampage, disturbing details about the community college student’s dependence onXanax, which according to sources, made the son of Hunger Games‘ second unit director, Peter Rodger, more withdrawn, lonely, and anxious, is exclusively reporting.

Based on interviews with Elliot’s parents, Peter and Li Chen, the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Department “is being told that he was likely addicted to Xanax . . . Peter and Li have been doing basic research on addiction to Xanax, and based on what they have read, they believe the tranquilizer made him more withdrawn, lonely, isolated, and anxious,” a source told Radar.

Hmmm.  A few weeks after the tragedy that rocked the quiet town of Santa Barbara, the news is coming out that the shooter may have been addicted to Xanax.  I told you so!  Here is part of my BLOG dated May 27.

I am sure we will eventually hear about the shooters drug cocktail which he was on at the time.  I posted this disturbing fact in another post, that most of these shooters are under the care of a psychiatrist and are on “meds.”  These drugs can push a person over the edge and I am willing to bet this is the case with this tragic incident.

So it appears Elliot was using Xanax.  So with this in mind why is it that after every shooting the gun control lobby ramps up another attack on our second amendment rights?  Why don’t these people go after the drug companies that push this stuff in the first place?  Why do these drug companies carry warnings that sound worse than what they are treating?

The other night the wifey and I were watching some TV.  (There’s nothing on by the way!)  We were watching a commercial for some drug and it shows this woman flying a kite in a field and!  Meanwhile the announcer reads a list of side effects that go on an on, including the possibility of suicide, harmful thoughts and night terrors!

The shooter had blood work done during the autopsy and it will be interesting to see what the results are.  I’m willing to bet he had a high dose of the drug in his system at the time of his rampage.  Where is the media covering this story?  They are absent and silent as usual.  It’s seems to be all about rounding up the guns and taking away our second amendment rights.  We have to realize that there is an agenda and those who want to suspend our rights are focused on it.  Never mind the connection to Xanax, which may have been the real culprit behind Elliot’s bizarre behavior.

In closing todays post.  Hitler, Stalin and Mao rounded up the guns when they took power.  Our Constitution has the second amendment to protect the citizens from governmental tyranny.  Round up the guns and the people have no way to protect themselves.  Why doesn’t our media go after what I believe is the real culprit, an overdose and misuse of a very powerful drug?  No, it’s always about the guns.  I’m tired of this argument being forced down my throat.  It’s disingenuous and doesn’t focus on what the real cause is, people who take mind-altering drugs can go over the edge; and I would posit this is the case with the Santa Barbara shooter.


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47 thoughts on “Santa Barbara Shooter on Xanax – I Told You so…

  1. Ideally all those drugs should be outlawed but that’s never going to happen for reasons I’ll leave you all to deduce. 😉

    Russian Yeti rabbit trail. Probably like Mothman if there is anything to it.

  2. It’s why they are pushing these drugs to begin with… or at least a major reason. It’s so that the elite crafting a new world order will have a reason to disarm America. If they can create enough psychotic behavior in people and get them shooting and murdering, they will have an impetus to say we are going to take your guns with as little revolt from the populous as possible. If you cannot disarm America, you cannot fully emplement the New World Order (or global governance). America is the nation that is standing in the way of all this. This is why you see so much chaos, tyranny, passing of laws that are totally destructive to the nation. They are destroying every fundamental pillar that has made this country the greatest power the world has ever seen. People often marvel at the fact that America has socially and morally decayed tremendously over the course of the last 50 years or so. This is why. It’s been a deliberate action taken on the part of the elite to destroy it from within. Again, the New World Government cannot “rise out of the sea” with America still intact. These dangerous prescription drugs that are being prescribed to people is part of the social chaos plan they have to weaken the very pillars that uphold America as a strong nation.

    It all really is about the Satanic global elite a.k.a. Illuminati. This is not a matter of “finding a conspiracy behind every rock”… It really is a conspiracy.

    • Corey, while I was on Cris Putman’s site, trying to pick his brain on my Pegasus/Year of the Horse theory. I walked into the other room and our TV is to tuned to Clash of the Titans on TCM. This one has Pegasus. Another coinkydink. I’ve previously written, on this site, how psychotherapist Carl Jung thought that Pegasus is a symbol of spiritual energy that allowed access to the realm of the gods on Mt. Olympus. Drugs, opening the pineal gland, the mind as a stargate, this is all part of this new spirituality of the elites. They say that the mystic Padre Pio had access to angels, but this same gift gave him access to demons also. It was reported today, in my small town, they want to turn a vacant green house into a medicinal marijuana producer. Anything for a buck. Maybe I can get the munchies concession. Lol.

  3. What a coincidence: the pope hosting palestinians, and Israelis for a prayer meeting at the vatican on June 8 and there is a global consciousness event: LOVE…BREATHE at 1pm all time zones. The global religion is rising up out of the earth.

  4. Drugs, drugs, and more drugs–a cocktail of choices. Which dug heals which ailment?

    I was commenting to a relative not too long ago about why are there so many hospitals lined up every 3rd street? I can remember the days when we only had 2 major hospitals and maybe 2 clinics within the city limits. The number is now almost unlimited facilities are available for treatment. Why?

    Why is cancer on the rampage? Definitely big pharma is a contributing factor. I, too, smirk at the tv commercials listing the side effects, including death, a hideous, final, final stage side effect.

    However, there’s hope. Appears that God will release knowledge that can heal cancer taken in a small pill…

    Sid Roth video dated 5/28/2014: War in Israel/Cure for Cancer/America’s Future:

    There’s still hope folks! God is still on His throne!


    • Did you hear that folks? His grace is extended over the U.S.!!! Thank you Lord!!

      I’m receiving in my spirit “Jesus, Just the Mention of Your Name” …


    • You were born an “original”………don’t die a “copy”.

      “And do NOT be conformed to this AGE, …..but be TRANSFORMED by the RENEWING of your mind…..” Romans 12:2

    • heheheh Jimmy Swaggart,… I wondered where that mountebank has been….I always thought it would be great if the cousins all went on tour, Jimmy, Jerry Lee and Mickey…what a spectacle that would be. , all of them tickle the ivory keys pretty well. I went to a Swaggart crusade once…what a show. If anything could be said, he certainly knows how to entertain. It was pretty wild back in the early 80s. It was no-holds-barred for TV evangelist back then, not many were accountable to anyone. They should have had the Rocky theme playing in the background or possibly Eye of the Tiger right before taking the stage…. A nice touch would have been Michael Buffer standing in the wings announcing ““Ladies and Gentleman… “Let’s Get Ready to Rumble” pumping the audience into a fury.
      These TV evangelists of the 80s seem to be resurrecting right before our eyes. I was channel surfing the other night, and came upon some obscure channel in the upper 300s, or so, and low an behold, there was Jim Baker….with a new look (beard)… and a new wife. His special guest was Mike Murdock. I couldn’t believe what this guy was saying on TV. Murdock actually said that he felt some special leading from the Lord for people to use their credit cards to “sow a seed of 1000 dollars to his ministry. . . Murdock then said in desperation… “Don’t let that busy-signal be your enemy.” In my opinion, if that’s not a smoking gun to prove he’s a con-man, then what is? We hear such high-pressure sales tactics every day from crooks and cons in the heathen world … it’s sad to be hearing them from a professed “man of God.” Of course this is only my opinion from watching the man on and off for the past 10 years, someone else might have a different opinion.
      As I watched the program I did notice about 90% or more of Bakers current broadcast audience was elderly folks, which seem to be his primary prey…they ask few questions and retirees have their life savings to donate.
      But it’s all good, I’m sure these men of God they are ministering to the lost , hurt, sick, and abused folks that are in need of a help in hand. Their ministries are a open book, just don’t ask to see one 😉


    • Hi, Matt!

      How art thou be?

      You may be familiar with Trey Smith, he used to party with Murdoch’s son. Eventually, he/they broke into Murdoch’s home (a sprawling mansion, of course) and ripped of his safe and porn stash and cocaine and ran to Mexico with it all.

      Smith has written a book about that experience. He has put together a few youtubes which, I think, are pretty good videos (except for his close-up profile shots), and proclaim God and his creation, as well as some exposes on Benny Hinn and Murdoch etc.

      God Bless.


  5. I saw a couple of commericals last week for two skin treatment drugs. I am so used to hearing suicide and etc. are possible side effects. Intstead, these two meds have been known to cuase cancer and lymphoma.

    I also think it is important to note that Rodger’s killing rampage did not just include the use of guns. It is my understanding he used his vehicle as a weapon, along with a knife against his victims.

    • In the initial report I heard, there was also someone else in the car with him. I’ve not heard a word about that since.

  6. This story is so heartbreaking. And the link to the story about a 12 year old stabbed 19 times by friends who watched something called “slender man” on line, is so disturbing.

    Some of us have been chatting about the older Disney movies and the passing of Alice from the Brady Bunch. My oh my what a different world this has become.

    • For the younger people out there, the Seekers was a 60’s folk/pop group who would also sing gospel. Way back in the day when that way done. By the way, their lead singer had a terrific voice.

    • A little better picture on this one. I must be feeling nostalgic, but i’d love to see a so-called star of today try to really sing. Singers today either try to hard or have to compensate for lack of talent by putting on a burlesque show.

    • That’s great John T…folk music was BIG back then….if you get a chance rent the movie A Mighty Wind,,,it’s funny and really a good comedy about folk music of the 60s

    • Matt, “A Mighty Wind” actually brought a resurgence of attention back to folk music. It was actually a very good soundtrack. I loved all the songs from the movie. Each one was uniquely catchy and fun, such as A Mighty Wind itself.

      Christopher Guest is an absolute genius in my opinion. The work he did with this film and the other mockumentaries he has done is superb. Those old CCTV guys are dang funny and always have been. I just wish that woman-beast named Jane Lynch wasn’t in them. MEH! (yes, that was rude, but I can’t stand her).

    • The Seekers recently celebrated their 50th year anniversary with a tour (all sold out shows), and Judith Durham still has a wonderful voice. I’m more partial to the Rock n Roll, but having been brought up on all sorts of genres of music, and trained in classical piano and playing a few other instruments, I can appreciate the great talents of these fine musicians and singers, and songwriting.

      AS for Christopher Guest and his offsiders – Spinal Tap is one of the best movies ever made (re music)!
      Helloooooooooooo, Cleveland!

    • Matt, I have not seen A Mighty Wind, i’ll check it out. Chris Guest is very funny. Glad u liked

  7. “Sorcery” “For by your sorcery were all the nations deceived” (Rev. 18:23) – The word for “sorcery” or “sorceries” here is “pharmakeia.” Strong’s Concordance: “Primarily pharmakeia signified the use of medicine, drugs, spells; then, poisoning; then, witchcraft (Gal. 5:20; Rev. 9:21; 18:23). In sorcery the use of drugs, whether simple or potent, was generally accompanied by incantations and appeals to occult powers, with the provision of various charms, amulets, etc., professedly designed to keep the applicant or patient from the attention and power of devils, but actually to impress the applicant with the mysterious resources and powers of the sorcerer.”

    I think you get the picture – and guess who’s pushing the agenda and from where it is being pushed (pun intended as in “Pusher”)? Please note: “For your MERCHANTS were the great men of the earth, for by your sorcery all the nations were deceived.” (Rev. 18:23) Sounds like the MERCHANTS and the SORCERY were somehow connected as in DUH!

    A little secret here: Why is it that the mainstream media (Including FOX, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN etc.) turn a deaf ear and subsequent mouth when drugs (aka: pharmakeia) is the root cause of this madness? Did someone say MONEY, MONEY, MONEY!? The mainliners are making a killing selling ads to the pushers: BIG PHARMA

    The industry demonstrates its power, political might and social influence over the nation’s governments and agencies, its health care systems, its doctors and hospitals, as well as the psyche of the American people. With the help of staggering profits and 1,100-plus paid lobbyists, the industry has gained powerful leverage on Capitol Hill.

    From 1998 to 2013, Big Pharma spent nearly $2.7 billion on lobbying expenses — more than any other industry and 42 percent more than the second highest paying industry: insurance. And since 1990, individuals, lobbyists and political action committees affiliated with the industry have doled out $150 million in campaign contributions.

    The world’s 11 largest drug companies made a net profit of $711.4 billion from 2003 to 2012. Six of these companies are headquartered in the United Sates: Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Abbot Laboratories, Merck, Bristol-Myers Squibb and Eli Lilly. In 2012 alone, the top 11 companies earned nearly $85 billion in net profits. According to IMS Health, a worldwide leader in health care research, the global market for pharmaceuticals is expected to top $1 trillion in sales by 2014.

    If you want to see who the Pushers really area and the litany of lawsuits which accompany their sorceries then go to:

    Please Note: The United States and New Zealand are the only countries in the world that allow direct-to-consumer advertising of pharmaceuticals. Most countries banned the practice in the 1940s. (see here:

    Sep 26, 2013 – (“Study Finds Most Drug Commercials Misleading”) Sixty percent of prescription drug ads and 80 percent of over the counter … what they say, especially when it comes to products like pharmaceuticals,” are misleading … research manufacturers voluntarily submit their television ads to the FDA (See here:

    But who’s reading or listening? Apparently very few, at least in Babylon the Great, indeed, and can it be again said of her, speaking of “drug cocktails” – “Render to her just as she rendered to you, and repay her double according to her works, in the cup which she has mixed, mix double for her . . . The woman . . . having in her hand a golden cup full of PUTRIDITIES and the filthiness of her fornication” (Rev. 18:6; 17:4). Please note: The “packaging” (aka “cup”) is golden. Yes, fancy that, it LOOKS and is advertised so good – I mean, how could it possibly be anything but altogether good? Strong’s associates “Putridities” with “Abominations” and ultimate idolatry as in “The Abomination of Desolation” – In the end she will be given a DOUBLE COCKTAIL OF HER PUTRIDITIES . . . how fitting: “Even until the consummation, which is determined, is POURED OUT ON THE DESOLATOR” (Daniel 9:27).

  8. “”
    UK science panel backs three-parent IVF babies

    Why? Just… why?

    Stop the madness!

    • Looks to me like the kind of holes drilled to support where more stone is needed to complete the image, and as you can see, the hand holding the box, and half the box, are missing, so that portion of the sculpture gave way and wore out at some point in spite of the supports. Probably supposed to be a jewelry box. Its a right royal stretch to take it any further than that.

  9. L. A. I have had the same thought when I hear the side effects of those meds in commercials!! The truth is the same as always – ‘follow the money’. The AMA is a whore to the pharmaceutical industry.

    When I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis about 3 1/2 years ago, I asked the rheumatologist to do some tests on me to find the CAUSE of the arthritis. He did one non-specific test on me for gluten sensitivity (which I had mentioned as a possibility) and because it was ‘negative’, he called my problem ‘autoimmune’ – where the body attacks itself – their favorite catch-all. Within eighteen months he wanted to fast-track me onto a biological, Enbrel, with a 300% increase in the possibility of cancer on that med – I refused.

    To make a long story short, I was determined to keep researching for the CAUSE of RA. It wasn’t easy to find answers but I finally learned that it was discovered in 1939 by Dr.Thomas McPherson Brown, a rheumatologist, that mycoplasma, a cell-wall deficient organism, was the cause of the majority of RA with some secondaries such as allergies, etc. A bright young family practice doctor in Michigan – Dr. David Brownstein wrote a book, “Overcoming Arthritis” which has a treasure chest of information and lauds Dr. Brown as the hero.

    It seems the pharma industry wanted their newly discovered ‘cortisol’ to be the choice of treatment at that time so Dr. Brown was made out to be a quack by pharma’s doctor-thugs although he continued to help thousands of people with low dose inexpensive antibiotics. When I used the information and could finally find a G.P. to order the test for me mine came back a positive for mycoplasma – go figure – who would have thought! Although the rheumatologist refused to treat me with anything but methotrexate (a chemo drug which destroys one’s immune system allowing the organism free run/ruin), thank our wonderful Savior, the same G.P. that ordered the test, has been willing to treat me with a low dose antibiotic which is working. One gets worse before they get better – a Herzheimer reaction – but it’s a small price to pay rather than having to take a drug known to shorten life and destroy the immune system.

    The pharma industry is out for money – pure and simple. There are limited doctors who will help a patient find and fight the cause of illness rather than treating the symptom often with deadly results. To hell with what happens to the patient – it’s easy money visits for refills every three months!!

    So whether an emotional problem that could treated more effectively with counseling and life changes or a crippling disease easily treated with inexpensive medications and supplements – the automatic response of brainwashed AMA docs is to write a script for whatever the drug rep is pushing as the latest/greatest miracle offered by the pharma industry.

    For anyone needing further help/info to cure Rheumatoid Arthritis, please refer to the following websites. Please tell anyone you know suffering from the disease that there is hope without deadly medications.



    • For myself, I haven’t had a sniffle or runny nose all spring. I started taking raw apple cider vinegar and i quit taking singulair. I don’t know if it was the vinegar or I just outgrew my allergies?

    • @ John T
      I also take raw apple cider vinegar and eat organic veggies and meat – although expensive and difficult to find in this part of the country. I am being treated with NAET which is allergy elimination therapy using accupressure and it’s working!! No longer on Nasonex, Asmanex or Singulair!! Oh, happy day when I can get rid of all medications! Unfortunately neither Medicare nor Tricare will pay for one to get well — only if you go to a doc that treats what big pharma dishes out and as we all know that does not heal!! No more for me. My budget is much more limited now but I am getting well and feeling happier.

      God bless you and congratulations on not needing Singulair!! Revelations tells us that there will be healing in the trees (apples, olive oil, etc. works right now).

      I can guarantee the allergy elimination is working on me also! More information on allergy elimination (no shots, etc) is available at:


      I just pray parents will wake up to what is happening to the younger generation — they’re lost, but then the parents also seem to be lost – having turned their backs on the only one who can heal life’s problems. Some call him Jesus – some call him Yashua — He will answer to both and is the ANSWER.

    • Mrs Bragg’s Raw Apple Cider Vinegar is so abundantly good for our body…so many benefits!!! Daily use is HIGHLY recommended.

    • Blessed Hope, what interesting information. I was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis when I was only two years old (I am now in my thirties), and I too am very, very wary of the toxic drugs rheumatologists recommend for treating this disease. Thankfully, my parents were wary of drugs as well, so even though I’ve had this disease most of my life, I’ve only taken a few drugs for relatively short periods of times.

      The last drug I took was Enbrel, which definitely helped, but I stopped taking it when my insurance refused to cover it. I was also troubled by the fact that I had no idea what the long term side effects of it would be (even though I had no negative short-term side effects). I have not been on anything since, and I don’t feel I need to be on anything, as I’m feeling pretty good for the most part. I personally have found that exercise and eating right have been more beneficial than any medication. My dad got me into running when I was a young teen, and running has actually helped my joints more than any other type of exercise, believe it or not. I even ran my first full-length marathon a few years ago, which was a dream come true for me, and something not many people with RA are able to do.

      So, yeah, I’m with you about drugs. I do realize some people have really severe RA and may feel the need to take medication, but I think it’s important to consider other options before ingesting such powerful, toxic substances. I discovered in recent years that I am sensitive to gluten, and that eating too much gluten not only affects my digestive system, but my joints as well. I’ve read that many other people with RA also have gluten sensitivities (even though you mentioned you didn’t have it). So diet is definitely something to consider.

      I’ll definitely check out those websites you posted.

    • Blessed Hope, thanks for the kind words. I am glad the therapy is working for you. I took note of the website also.

      Kirk, Bragg’s is the brand that I have been using. It sells for around 5 dollars per 32 oz bottle on amazon. I think it has been extremely beneficial for me. My blood pressure also seemed to be much better.

      Blessed Hope, one unfortunate item concerning the trees, only one of our apple trees seems to be putting forth a good amount of apples this year. It’s early, and we usually just give them away. Probably attributed to a cool spring, the little pollinators didn’t want to venture out to work. Just a guess, most anyone knows more on the subject than me.

      Princesinha, it is amazing that the running has helped your RA. This has been a nice exchange of info. May the Lord bless you with healing.

  10. The two 12 year old girls who stabbed another girl is just appalling to me. My daughter is 10, not much youger than these girls. It seems acts of violence are not just prevalent with adults, but also with the young. We need to pray for our children and guide them according to God’s word. It’s a spiritual battlefield out there!

  11. To the Jew first by Wayne Hilsden ……………… Another AWESOME teaching !!! So much of the Church needs to know this !!!

  12. Re: Indonesian Volcano (Other News) ….

    Also this past week, Alaska has had an ongoing volcano alert (though downgraded now from red to yellow), and this morning a 5.7 earthquake. There is still concern that with the ongoing volcano eruption, conditions could change rapidly. This article is on the volcano.


    • Well, I would rather see it let off some “steam” and reduce the pressure inside… than see it blow off its’ top !!!

      I can see about 10 mountain tops … ( all volcanoes ) … from about 2 minutes from my house!

      Paulina Peak ……..Hiked around this area….you can drive to the top….Amazing Views of Lava Flows and lake divided by new volcano!!!
      Mt. Bachelor ……..Skied from the top….MAJOR North West Ski Mountain…HUGE amount of ski area! Gorgeous Winter Views !!!
      Broken Top ……..Climbed what was left after HUGE explosion many years ago…no ropes needed where we went, still kinda risky! FUN !!!
      ***The Three Sisters …Climbed South Sister….AMAZING views !!! More like a strenuous hike. Middle Sister and North Sister to climb still.
      Mt. Washington ….. The Top looks like the old style “George Washington hat” with a pointed part in the middle.
      Three Finger Jack … i hear it gets hit with lightning a fair amount. Climbing can be treacherous too! Loose Rocks are common.
      ***Mt. Jefferson ….. Very Picturesque at any time of year……except in times of Forest Fires.
      ***Mt. Adams ….. Probably the most distant mountain/volcano that i can see from near my house…must be clear though…it is FAR !!!

      Top 10 Highest Cascade Volcanoes! >>>>> ***These are seen in short video below. Most in this video i can’t see from where i am.

      Climbing Broken Top Summit >>>>> Someone took this EXCELLENT LIVE video of them climbing to the TOP !!! AWESOME !!!

      Alaska’s Pavlof Volcano erupting (Part 1)

    • Kirk I have read a couple stories of birds attacking people. Another story of someone traveling with a corpse. Maybe Alfred Hitchcock was some kind of seer.

  13. “Where is the media covering this story?” The simple answer is they are busy; Busy keeping it hush-hush that most of them too are on the same anti-depressants…Paxil, Zoloft, Prozac along with Xanax and others. They can’t and won’t give up their own personal sacred cow as they are not going to risk exposing their own hypocrisy with the very drugs they are on.

  14. Azureceu, if you are on here later …. saw and enjoyed both vids from Lion & Lamb Ministries (one on the Book of Revelation and one on the great tribulation) that you mentioned in your reply, from a couple of days ago. David Reagan and his panel discuss the topics so well, always explaining things clearly and scripturally. Thanks again for those! 🙂 I’ve bookmarked their site.

    Have you seen this one yet? It’s a presentation by David R. on the progression of wars in the latter days, how they will likely unfold, etc., as they lead up to the battles of Ezekiel 38 & 39. Another good one.


    BTW ……. Dan lied in his ad, the possum is still missing. I still think the wolf from the nearby woods got him one night! 😯

    • Linda, so sorry to hear Mr. Possum is amungust no longer 🌯 If you have any Koreans (not Bereans) living in your area tell them there be a nice plump dog (wolf) in the forest. :mrgreen: Our weapons are not carnal but our food is. 😀
      Thanks for the link, I might have seen this already, but good time to see it again in either case. I like Dr. Reagan too, he is nicely grounded in the word a breath of fresh air.
      Dorme com Deus!

    • Stevia is safe for human consumption and in the wild bugs that would eat nectar avoid it. However, Truvia is so processed that I doubt it would be good for humans. They didn’t touch on the processing at all (as usual).

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