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L. A. Marzulli

Push Back!

When I was at the Orlando Prophecy Conference hosted by Prophecy in the News, I looked straight into the camera that was a live feed, and talked about a recent national televised program that went “after me,” specifically by name, for our covering The Black Eyes Kids, in Watchers 5.  Of course this person who acted like she knew it all, never once contacted me or made any attempt to discuss the matter, she just blasted away on the program.  She presented herself as an expert, but she had never spoken to anyone who had actually had the terrifying experience of meeting up with a Black Eyed Kid.

I wasn’t the only one on her hit list though.  Today’s post will be something Tom Horn sent to me.  It’s time for some push back because many of the remarks that these folks write are just plain false, taken out of context and worse, these so-called heresy hunters are nothing more than self-appointed experts.  So who is the accuser of the brethren?

And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ: for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night.  Revelation 12:10



An excerpt from Tom Horn’s new book: 

For example, just about every solid Bible expositor I know has been tirelessly harassed online the last few years by fake defenders of the faith. Yet, not once have these self-proclaimed “guardians of the truth” actually followed the Bible’s mandates themselves, mandates that very specifically outline how believers are to deal with error in the church. The New Testament books of Matthew, Galatians, Thessalonians, Romans, and others provide guidelines for dealing with differences between true believers. These verses teach us that if we perceive a brother or sister as falling into error, we are to go to him or her PRIVATELY in a spirit of humility and redemption. If those we approach will not receive our advice, we go to the elders of the church PRIVATELY and share our concern. If the elders believe the issue is legitimate, they go to the person PRIVATELY in hopes of restoring him or her. If the person still refuses council, the church is to have nothing more to do with him or her. With that in mind, the next time you are online reading some diatribe about Chuck Missler, Gary Stearman, Steve Quayle, David Flynn, J. R. Church, L. A. Marzulli, Cris Putnam, Jonathan Cahn, yours truly, or any of the other current favorite targets, ask yourself if the hatchet people attacking them ever bothered to obey Scripture and go to the person PRIVATELY with their concerns in a loving spirit of restoration (they haven’t), and then “be careful little eyes what you read,” because destructive forces seek to contaminate your mind and spirit (see Prov. 4:23–27) in order to prep you for service to the dark side.

Be absolutely clear about this, too: NOTHING in Scripture allows for setting up websites, blogs, or other mediums to PUBLICALLY and routinely lambast believers with accusations—that is the job of Satan and his followers!He is the father of lies and the “accuser of our brethren…which accused them before our God day and night” (John 8:44; Rev. 12:10).

Simply put, the words of Jesus that “ye shall know them by their fruits” (Matt. 7:15–16) have never been more important. These instructions of Christ should also serve as a warning to all believers to monitor their own motives, to examine their hearts, if truly they are altruistic or if in fact they are energized by selfish ambition, because the latter is the Lucifer Effect Antichrist will use to energize the coming war between Christian vs. Christian, a time when it will be eternally important to know you are on the right side.

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  1. Bravo, glad to hear you push back. Their are many who mock you and the other watchmen, their problem isn’t with you, its with God. Keep telling the truth.

  2. It’s why I can’t watch History channel programming anymore when it comes to discussions of the bible. “Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools”. I call them the omnipotent bespeckled ones.

  3. “Create in me a clean heart, O Lord, and renew a right spirit within me.”

    “Peter, feed my lambs … feed my sheep … feed my sheep”

    “They that glory, let them glory in the Lord, for those that commend themselves are not approved, but rather whoever the Lord commends.”

    “We’ve had parents that corrected us and we respected them … but our Heavenly Father corrects us to share even more with Him.”

    “I am the true vine, and my Father is the husbandman. Every branch in me that beareth not fruit He taketh away:
    — and every branch that beareth fruit, he purgeth it, that it may bring forth more fruit.”

    “This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you.”

  4. I could post a long rant about this but I will spare you. 😉

    That’s going to be a loaded book.

    I owe Dr. Ken Johnson at “www.” big time for this: If you take a look at what Jesus’s disciples and their immediate disciples were teaching and what was considered primary essential doctrine vs not that’s very eye opening. That clears a lot of haze out very quickly on a number of subjects including this one.

    Back then, they had people that would attempt to foment division and accuse of heresy and that sort of thing on secondary doctrines or less just as we have today. This is not the same thing as being a Berean, searching the Scriptures, and proper rules of engagement on doctrine disagreements even in the public domain although ALL of these people will certainly attempt to make that argument. The historical facts fail them on that argument and there are no Scriptures to support their methods and approach.

    It was and is a Romans 16:17 call but what you find out is that back then? It didn’t go well for those people. They typically found themselves on the hot seat and often times found themselves being accused of heresy for that sort of violation.

    I’m all for public discourse. I even concede that the “public square” concept applies to the Internet.

    It’s pretty hard to have a discussion when the accusers deliberately refuse to respond to emails or phone calls from the people that they are accusing! They certainly never bother to initiate any direct contact and I’m sure hell will freeze over first before that ever happens. Forget Biblical…that’s just lacking in basic courtesy and professionalism.

    It really is a lay up when you get down to it. There is a right way to handle doctrinal differences even in the public domain and I just haven’t seen it from certain quarters.

    Any doctrinal disagreement and even a full fledged “hand them over to Satan” scenario on unrepentant sin outright in the Bible always had an underscore and a clear hope and path to restoration for the individual in question. (in the context of in the Church)

    I see and hear none of these things from certain quarters. They are about condemnation and damnation with no path of hope or restoration whatsoever if you disagree with them.

    Fruits and doctrines. Big Daddy is going to take care of it and soon.

    In the interim, some of Big Daddy’s servants might have a few surprises.

    I’m including myself here when I say: We take note and mark these folks but take care to not let the enemy use it as a distraction. 🙂

  5. Glad we are pushing back. I made the mistake of commenting about an Internet pastor I disagreed with before contacting him first. I will contact them first before commenting on them.

  6. Got this in my in-box this morning and is relevant to the discussion: (btw, haven’t been in the Word lately as much as I should, so I can sense this welling up in me, I needed to hear this) 🙂 When one comes up against another in such a way, we can see that they need time spent in the inner chamber with God. Pray for our persecutors.

    Words of prophecy:

    * Righteous judgement [discernment] comes through “revelation” – and by revelation, alone.

    ….”It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh profits nothing”…. John 6:63a NASB

    ….”Do not judge according to appearance, but judge with righteous judgment”…. John 7:24 NASB

    ….”Therefore you have no excuse or defense or justification, O man, whoever you are who judges and condemns another. For in posing as judge and passing sentence on another, you condemn yourself, because you who [take it upon yourselves to] judge are [in reality] habitually practicing the very same things [that you censure and denounce]”…. Romans 2:1 The Amplified Translation

    ….”Lean on, trust in, and be confident in the Lord with all your heart and mind and do not rely on your own insight or understanding. In all your ways know, recognize, and acknowledge Him, and He will direct and make straight and plain your paths. Be not wise in your own eyes; reverently fear and worship the Lord and turn [entirely] away from evil”…. Proverbs 3:5-7 The Amplified Translation

    “problem” – any question or matter involving doubt, uncertainty, or difficulty;

    “Thinking” [meditating] upon one’s “problems” [or other’s situations] apart from the place of obedience in one’s life is NEVER profitable. For it is ONLY from the place of obedience [righteous motivation – both towards the Will of God and towards others]that a willingness to both seek for and carry out the “righteous solution” [in divine Wisdom] continually rises up from within the depths of their being [from the Holy Spirit through their spirit].

    When one attempts to discern anything from the place of their “own” disobedience it is certain that they will slip into a form of “self-righteousness” [spiritual pride] and, thus, they will begin to dwell on the disobedience [real or imagined] of others [without repenting themselves] – particularly those who have been used by the Evil One to come against them in some way.

    This leads directly to unforgiveness, the exercising of an “unrighteous judgement” of others, and the maintaining of a certain “blind spot” in their own heart – a “blind spot” that will remain a catalyst for the entrance of darkness [confusion, doubt, unbelief and error] until such a time as they step into the light of God’s Presence in the “inner chamber” [with a heart that truly desires to acknowledge Him in ALL of its ways].

  7. Alien Life Out There
    Vatican astronomer’s take on extraterrestials.

    VATICAN CITY ( — Extraterrestrials: Do they exist?

    The head of the Vatican Observatory thinks there’s a good chance they do, and that their existence would be in keeping with the faith.

    In a May 14 interview with the Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano May 14, headlined “The Extraterrestrial Is My Brother,” astronomer Jesuit Father José Gabriel Funes said that according to his “scientific judgment,” the existence of extraterrestrials is a “possibility.”

    “Astronomers contend that the universe is made up of a hundred billion galaxies, each of which is composed of hundreds of billions of stars,” he said. “Many of these, or almost all of them, could have planets. [So] how can you exclude that life has developed somewhere else?”

    The Vatican Observatory is one of the oldest astronomical research institutions in the world, and has its headquarters at the papal summer residence in Castel Gandolfo just outside Rome.

    Its main research telescopes, however, are located at the University of Arizona in Tucson.

    Father Funes, who took over as head of the observatory in 2006, denied that the existence of other intelligent life-forms would contradict Christian belief.

    “As there exist many creatures on earth, so there could be other beings, also intelligent, created by God,” he said. “This doesn’t contradict our faith because we cannot put limits on the creative freedom of God. To say it as St. Francis [of Assisi], if we consider some earthly creatures as ‘brother’ and ‘sister,’ why couldn’t we also talk of an ‘extraterrestrial brother’? He would also belong to creation.”

    The Argentine Jesuit explained that scientists studying the question of extraterrestrial life have made much progress in recent years, and will soon be able to identify if other planets have the conditions necessary for life. He added that, in theory, forms of life could also exist in parts of the universe without oxygen and hydrogen.


    When asked how aliens could be redeemed, Father Funes referred to the Gospel parable of the lost sheep. Aliens, he speculated, could already be redeemed because they could have remained in full friendship with God, while the human race “could be precisely the lost sheep, the sinners that need the shepherd.”

    But what if they were sinners like us? Father Funes replied that just as Jesus is believed to have come to save mankind, so he was sure that they, “in some way, would have the chance to enjoy God’s mercy.”

    Father Funes’ comments are not novel: Jesuit Brother Guy Consolmagno, a fellow astronomer at the observatory, discussed similar themes in a booklet he wrote for the Catholic Truth Society in 2005.

    The question has also been debated within the Church since the Middle Ages and was discussed by Christian apologist C.S. Lewis, whose fictional “Space Trilogy” featured extraterrestrial beings.

    In an essay Lewis wrote in 1958, originally called “Will We Lose God in Outer Space?”and later retitled “Religion and Rocketry,” he argued that the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life would not necessarily contradict Christian theology.

    And like Father Funes, Lewis said it was possible that such beings, if they exist, might have fallen from a state of grace and in that case might be redeemed through God’s mercy. Lewis added that it was even possible that other beings with souls might be redeemed through Christ’s sacrifice for the redemption of humanity at Calvary, citing St. Paul’s comment in Romans 8:19-23 that the whole of creation is longing to be delivered from slavery and that this deliverance will occur only when Christians fully exercise the “glorious liberty” conferred on them.

    If intelligent life did exist, had fallen and could not be redeemed by God, either through Christ or in another way, this could pose a challenge to the Christian faith, Lewis acknowledged.

    But, he said, “I think a Christian is sitting pretty if his faith never encounters more formidable difficulties than these conjectural phantoms.”

    Added Lewis, “Christians and their opponents again and again expect that some new discovery will either turn matters of faith into knowledge or else reduce them to patent absurdities. But it never happens.”

    Brother Guy believes there have been no theological statements on the subject by the Vatican apart from one allegedly made in the 1950s that he has so far been unable to track down.

    Nonetheless, contrary to many reports in the secular press, Father Funes’ comments to L’Osservatore Romano do not represent an official Vatican statement but remain merely his personal views.

    However, the fact they were published in the Vatican newspaper signifies support of the wider Church for the acceptability of his position regarding the possible existence of intelligent aliens.

    “Essentially, it is evidence that the Vatican hierarchy agrees that there’s no problem,” Brother Guy said May 14.

    He also added that the article’s publication is an “indication of its support” for the observatory following “inaccurate reporting” in some secular newspapers last year that the Jesuit astronomers had been told to leave their home at the papal summer residence.

  8. I believe ALL of us need to consider if we have accused prophets and others in the Christian community of being false while engaged on any of these forums. Did you contact this prophet or whoever and discuss the error with them? I have and some don’t respond and think they are being harassed because they probably have to such a degree. However, I did what I was suppose to do and it was probably noted by them. I know, as much as I think of Steven Quayle and you, Marzulli, that you have referred to a certain prophet as false. I hope you confronted them with their error.

  9. Thinking we pretty knew what you would cover in Orlando, when we signed on to be an online viewers, we didn’t watch “Flying in Plain Sight” during the conference. However, after reading today’s Bun, we went back and watched it (thanks PITN for extending our viewing for an additional 30 days.) LA, this is one of the most compelling lectures you’ve ever done! I love your passion, conviction and the urgency with which you speak.

    Knowing that we won’t be able to access this particular presentation much longer, is there a video of it we can purchase? While we’ve been sounding the alarm to our friends and family, I’m afraid we’re “prophets in our own country.” However, I want to show them THIS compelling presentation and if they reject the information then, so be it.

    Please let me know where we can get a copy of this and God bless you and your wife for your tireless efforts to sound the alarm to the sleeping Church.

  10. AWESOME BUN LA !!! ……….if people would only do it. I’ve been tired of the “self appointed heresy hunters” for decades!

    Tom Horn’s excerpt from his new book listed up above is right on !!! But most people just will not do it.

    Below is another awesome video by a man that is NOT accepted in many churches today….”by these self appointed heresy hunters”.

    Todd White – RHEMA Bible Church – CALL TO ARMS mens conference (Nov 9th 2013)

    >>> I love this guys testimony and PASSION for JESUS !!!

    • Thank you for this post Kirk, the Holy Spirit came down and I wept……Praise and Glory to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

      Awesome, powerful, merciful, gracious, forgiving, loving, transforming, alive, the same yesterday today and forever that my GOD, do you Know HIM? HIS NAME IS JESUS.

    • Glad it blessed you Hawk177 !!! 🙂

      Many other messages of Todd’s are available on youtube …. so many wild testimonies…..what a blessing and a powerful example….
      ….because He loves JESUS …. and simply let’s The Holy Spirit use him in whatever way he is needed. Todd is a humble man.
      His boldness comes from his close relationship with our Heavenly Father….something that pharisees and saducess will never know.

      Like I said …. I love his passion for JESUS.

    • Hawk177….

      If you enjoyed the video by Todd White, ….then here is another one that you will really enjoy!

      >>> Just know that this will give all the “heresy hunters” fits of rage ….from shooting themselves in the foot …..AGAIN !!!


      Andrew Wommack Ministries – Understanding God’s Love For You

  11. The Doug Hamp & Doug Woodward discussion about Young Earth – Old Earth is a good example of how mature Christians handle differences.

    contrast with…
    “” (Gonz did well)

    • Nome excellent contrast.
      These Gutter Snipes (Marzulli`s appropriate analogy) are not BROTHERS so they are not obligated to reconcile anything, they are the enemy, the Wolves we heard tell about and see, the WOLF wearing the Super Christian costume.
      They have no LOVE for the brethren because they are not of us and neither do we have to treat them as brothers because they are not.

  12. “”

    The Word heals broken minds.

    tags: ufo cults, mind control, deliverance, ex-raelian (cp. orphan black, clones)

    “” (Valley of the Dawn, pan-religious ufo cult, Brazil)
    “” (growing, like the borg, more on VD)
    “” (Fernanda sucked in at the Vally of the Dawn, aussies only)


    wiki quote:
    The Valley has a primary school of more than 200 students, under government control, restaurants, an auto repair shop, and a bookshop specializing in religious and spiritualist works.

    The doctrine practices a complex syncretism with elements of Christianity, Spiritism, mysticism, Afro-Brazilian religions, belief in flying saucers, and ancient Egyptian beliefs.

    The Valley of Dawn is composed of types of people: Mediums and Clients. The mediums are basically divided into two basic groups in The Valley of Dawn: Aparás and Doctrinators. Between three and four thousand people visit the Valley every day seeking help for their spiritual or personal problems.

    The Mediums wear special robes with bright colours. Most of the mediums are considered the reincarnation of an extraterrestrial giant people, “the Equitumans”, who supposedly landed on the Earth 32,000 years ago, and later returned in successive reincarnations in civilizations like the Hittites, the Jonians, the Dorians, the Egyptians, the Greeks, the Romans, the Mayans etc. The Equitumans supposedly established themselves in the region of the Andes and are buried in Lake Titicaca, which was formed by a tear of the Shooting Star.

  13. The “Locusts” are Coming…
    – meaning the repercussions of open borders


    A surge in illegal immigration in South Texas could spiral into a full-blown humanitarian crisis, experts say.

    Border Patrol agents are detaining approximately 1,200 people a day in the Valley. They expect that number to double in the next few weeks.

    Agents are being pulled away from the field to process the thousands of detainees.

    Congress now is taking notice.

    “There is not only a security issue, but a humanitarian issue,” U.S. Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Laredo) said.

    “Like a situation after a hurricane, you have people that don’t have enough housing, that don’t have enough food, don’t have the right spaces, need medical services,” Cuellar said.

    “Some of those mothers were transported in vans with babies on their laps without baby seats,” the congressman said.

    Cuellar said the young children in custody will cost the federal government hundreds of millions of dollars to care for this year. The cost is expected to jump into the billions if the flow of children continues.

    “We actually added millions of dollars for transportation, but we need to find new detention centers because we don’t have enough to keep them,” Cuellar said.

    State leaders are demanding relief. In a letter to President Obama, Gov. Rick Perry requested that Homeland Security stop releasing immigrants from custody. He says the policy encourages human smuggling and illegal immigration.

    Perry also requested the deployment of the National Guard along the border. He also said resources should be redirected from Afghanistan and Iraq to the South Texas region.

    “Border Patrol is not going to collapse. Do they need assistance from Washington? The answer is yes, and we need to coordinate between the different agencies,” Cuellar said.

    Cuellar said the Border Patrol is overwhelmed. He said the greatest concern is the number of children crossing illegally. Border Patrol statistics put the number at 60,000 unaccompanied minors just this year.


    U.S. military branch was called to help with the transport of illegal immigrants.

    Border Patrol agents say they are overworked. Now officials say, it is taking more effort to combat the problem.

    In the early morning hours, they landed and got ready. A U.S.Coast Guard plane prepared to transport illegal immigrants out of the Rio Grande Valley.

    A short time later, a bus carrying about sixty illegal teenagers arrives.

    The teens line up and begin getting searched by Border Patrol agents before boarding the plane.

    CHANNEL 5 NEWS sat down with the Chief of Border Patrol a few weeks ago described the situation.

    Rio Grade Valley Sector Chief, Kevin Oaks said, “We’re going to need more resources. We’ve brought in more than 500 agents over the last year. We probably have another two to three hundred coming this year.”

    On the Coast Guard’s website it states, “The Coast Guard has enforced immigration laws as directed by the President and Congress virtually since the birth of the United States.

    In another quote it states, “Undocumented migrants continue to pose a threat to the U.S. today. While the primary threat comes from Haiti, the Dominican Republic, The People’s Republic of China, and Cuba, the Coast Guard has interdicted migrants of various nationalities throughout the world.

    A world that continues to lead directly into our backyards.


  14. Ann B. Davis Dead at 88

    So sad, another piece of childhood lost for the kids who grew up in the 60’s and 70’s. I loved the program when I was growing up and Alice was one of the best characters on the show….Alice was kind, endearing, funnier than any other maid (yet really part of the family) –and yet she didn’t allow the kids to get away with anything. God Bless you Ms. Davis–you added peppy humor and much laughter to my day growing up
    They don’t make family shows like this nowadays, almost all of the so-called family shows have smart mouth kids, dumb dads or single parent families, they usually contain stories about sex, drugs and teen pregnancies. Maybe we were sheltered and naive back then, but every kid wanted a home and family like theirs., if you were a child in a bad home it gave you one hour a week to dream about how great life could be… RIP Ms Davis, you touched many lives …

    • I saw that, so sad, an end to an era which means the line to heaven is getting shorter and soon time to say tchau tchau bambini.

  15. L.A. maybe I am misreading your post.

    And please don’t take this in a disagreeing manner as I do believe there are times when our defense is on the offence,

    but the “self appointed heresy hunters” those who do evils will never listen to any “pushing back”.

    I believe you will fight a futile battle. The guidelines do not apply to them because they do not play by the guidelines.

    They are fully committed to their mission and any kind of “pushing back” will not change anything.

    If you were speaking more in defense and confront mode then ok..

    You know that persecution comes with pious living. We just need to endure and our Messiah will deliver us from our persecutions.

    In this case, with “self appointed heresy hunters” the best choice you have is to continue with the good work you do in our Messiah.

    Take another look at what Paul said.

    2Ti 3:11 Persecutions, afflictions, which came unto me at Antioch, at Iconium, at Lystra; what persecutions I endured: BUT OUT OF THEM ALL THE SOVEREIGN DELIVERED ME.
    2Ti 3:12 Yea, and all that will live piously in the Messiah Yahshua shall suffer persecution.
    2Ti 3:13 But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.

    2Ti 4:14 Alexander the coppersmith DID MANY EVILS TO ME The Master shall repay him according to his works. Teh. 28:4; 62:12
    2Ti 4:16 At my first defence no one stood with me, but all forsook me. Let it not be held against them.
    2Ti 4:17 But the Master stood with me and did strengthen me, so that through me the preaching might be completely accomplished, and that all the gentiles should hear. And I was rescued out of the lion’s mouth. Teh. 22:21

    If I am wrong in my understanding of what you are saying and my response I apologize….

    • Many of the wolves in sheep’s clothing that I have issues with have been vetted and called out by others. In some cases you can read evidence of this or watch it on video. I realize that its not me making contact and when asked if I personally have gone to them my response has been negative, as its been done by others and I have no need to repeat whats been said already. I consider Matthew 18 and it says brother, I don’t know them personally, but by their fruits, by their words and actions. I question if they truly are brothers or sisters in Christ. I test what others say using the word and exercise discernment when appraising them. I got fooled a few time when I was young in Christ and trusted others whom I thought were more mature in Christ as they pointed me to various teachers. The Lord tells us repeatedly not to be deceived as its a real threat. I appreciate the discourse on this blog and the theories and opinions and weigh them. I would like to see less promotion on the blog of other ministries that are not in line with the theme of LA’s teaching. Shalom

  16. I’ve wondered how 1260 days = 42 months = times+times+1/2 a time…. (365.25 days per year considered)

    An analemma ties that up quite nicely, and with a bow…

    11:02 But the court which is without the temple leave out, and measure it not; for it is given unto the Gentiles: and the holy city shall they tread under foot forty and two months.

    11:03 And I will give power unto my two witnesses, and they shall prophesy a thousand two hundred and threescore days, clothed in sackcloth.

    11:11 And after three days and an half the Spirit of life from God entered into them, and they stood upon their feet; and great fear fell upon them which saw them.

    12:06 And the woman fled into the wilderness, where she hath a place prepared of God, that they should feed her there a thousand two hundred and threescore days.

    12:14 And to the woman were given two wings of a great eagle, that she might fly into the wilderness, into her place, where she is nourished for a time, and times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent.

    13:05 And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies; and power was given unto him to continue forty and two months.


  17. An aside to LA’s commentary, here are just some thoughts I’ve had on these black eyeballed children.

    I remember the X-Files’s television show having a black oil virus, whenever someone was infected, the music was alarming and characterization was to be frightening.

    Alien abductors are portrayed as black eyeballed, with abduction being a frightening act in itself, let alone by an unknown cruel, remorseless creature by unknown means.

    In an occult fiction book I read (I don’t recommend doing), a head priest guy had black eyeballs due to high absinthe consumption used in occult ceremonies, I can’t find any verification of this phenomena in real life. And absinthe consumption is making a come back.

    Russ Dizdar talks of the Black Awakening and the Babylon Babies that are out there, are they the black eyeballed children?

    Could this black-eyeball-fear be a deliberate conditioning of our subconscious? And these black-eyeballed children be a test to see how the conditioning has progressed? Because a child should illicit a protective response not a fear response in a person. But if this conditioned fear can override the normal response, then this conditioning is strong, even stronger than the natural response. It’s a powerful weapon to unleash on an unsuspecting public, control through fear.

    Just some thoughts

    • There are sightings around the world of black-“eyeballed” children, winged entities, flying humanoids,lizzard/man, wolf/man type creatures, and many other strange creatures or entities, This has being going on for centuries. Most of these witnesses are genuine and are telling the truth, only coming forward years later to tell their story. Some not saying a word due to fear of being ridiculed, fired from their jobs, and becoming pariahs and outcast in their own neighborhoods if they came forward with their story,
      I feel these creatures or entities are coming through some sort of opened hole, from another dimension, opened by accident or perhaps on purpose for this very reason.
      I have studied cryptozoology for over 20+ years and have read hundreds upon hundreds of testimonies on sightings of strange and unearthly creatures. I have personally met many of these witnesses and I can say although some are initially hesitant to tell their story, many are relieved to finally tell someone of what they saw… someone that won’t judge them or ridicule them. Some of these people that witness these creatures/ humanoids are never the same…it affects them greatly and makes a huge impact on all aspects of their life, unfortunately most all negative. There are way too many witnesses for this to be ignored. The skeptics can say whatever they want; these things are out there and are very real.

  18. @ flying humanoids…
    – LA has observations about “The Flying men of Paracas”
    – as possible fallen angels
    – depicted in intricate weavings
    – (while Brien misses that Nazca line crossings are proto-khipu)

    @ Episode “Area 51…”


    caution: may need to turn volume down … Recorded June 1st 2014.

    Tonight the Conspirinormal team spoke to researcher and documentary film maker LA Marzulli about his latest work in the study of UFOs, alien implants and the existence of Nephilim in the ancient Americas.

    We also sneak in a discussion on the Black Eyed Kids. [note: LA: “hybrid beings are created … more akin to the demonic than ET”]

    Later we discuss some of the themes involved with LA’s work and some explanation of where we come from on this subject matter.


    by way of Fringe Radio Network by “” (Rick)

  19. One possible way to reconcile across the varying stances
    – that seem to be at odds with each other
    – is that Creation is and Information Construct
    – whether in time-space, energy-matter, or code-display
    …domains, dominions, dimensions
    …humanoid, hominid, hybrid

    – dispensationalism is only part of a much larger phenomena
    – a fractal reflection in the time domain
    – that only seems to be at odds with spatial arrays
    – and the actual ordering of end time events

    • Ex 2.

      time conjectures…
      – evolutionists’ supposed “billions & billions” of years of “physical” “evidence”
      – old earth creationists’ gap theory… (whatever age they guess)
      – young earth creationists’ literal 24 hour day – 6 day creation theory
      – Biblical “in my Father’s house are many mansions” multi-dimensional theory
      – LA’s 30,000 year nephilim diaspora theory
      – Brien’s 12,000 year Kon Tiki ocean voyage theory
      etc., etc., etc. (excluding ancient ET aliens claptrap and similar corruptions)

      The small straw gods of the “atheists and doubters” are too impotent…
      – to create a fully functioning Creation in just 6 days (cp. omnipotent)
      – even considering metalevels, such as matrix type creations
      – or enemy angel propaganda & mind control distracting from actual
      – that warps the scant evidences we have of far distant times and places
      – projecting demonic doctrine like tea leaf divinations & ink blot interpolations
      – on the shadows and flickers we get of the far far distant cosmos
      – which 99.9….%+ most likely no longer exists, nor can anyone ever return to
      – and is largely obscured by “dark matter” … “as through a glass darkly”

      Rose’s translation…
      – we shouldn’t argue about what we don’t and can’t know…

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