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  1. I think the Watchers TV is a great idea. Looking forward to it. Will definitely tell people to tune in.

    • I guess I should have watched the video yesterday. L.A. Answered my question before I asked it when he mentioned Youtube. I’m excited bout this.

  2. A T.V show. Hmmmm… that would be a “watcher”.




  3. But in all seriousness, this is a great idea. The watchers DVD series is truly fantastic information and visual evidences of the biblical text. A weekly show sure would be great thing to see.

    • Hey Corey….if you get the chance…check out video by Pastor Paul from yesterday. Interesting tid bits that relate to other stuff
      i know about….and relating to more Cosmic events….that are coming FASTER than previously indicated in the models put together
      by the higher ups. Sobering to say the least. Some things to be watchful of for sure.

      Remember, Luke 21:25-26 !!!

      Talked with a guy briefly at dialysis who i know is a Believer… and others heard the conversation…lots of evil “looks” from them.

      So many people just don’t want to even “hear” about anything that will change their lives in “Sudden Destruction”.

      But when someone rejects JESUS as The ONLY answer…..that is what they can expect.

      So many are in for a HUGE surprise when things really start to break. Hence, the riot control gear and hollow points.

    • Dom,

      Really pastor Paul??

      This is the same guy that gave us the “Pope and Comet” theory a few weeks ago..

      The “Are you serious? Are you serious guy?”

      The guy that said there is something to when Pope Francis “steps foot into Jerusalem” at the same time Comet Linear approaches on May 24th.

      Well once again nothing happened.

      Another dud sign and another black eye to our Father’s word.

    • Kirk and Kirt, maybe you guys can have a point/counter-point segment on LA’s new show. Seriously it was NASA that had the meteor “storm” prediction.

      There was a minor earthquake before the pope arrived in Israel and a fire at the church of the Nativity after the pope departed. But, nothing too major occurred, which makes me thank the Lord, maybe the more time that is left, the more people can be spiritually saved.

      I will tell you now, I don’t expect anything to happen on this july 27th date, either. I just find it, of interest, that the elites may be looking to this date as the time of their eye-opening experience, third eye, that is.

      I do like Pastor Paul’s fervor, and I don’t think he has claimed the Holy Spirit revealed any information to him. I may be wrong, he has too many videos for me to keep up on everything he says. I just thought he was speculating.

    • I went to look up videos of Pastor Paul, there were 8 videos posted just today. He needs to slow down, lol. LA’s show will be more in line with PITN, I’m sure. More professional and more to the point.

    • Kirk… I’ll check it out. Thanks. I think I’m gonna create my own blog here soon. I already have a name and everything picked out. It will deal with the darker/edgier side of things. It won’t be light for sure. I’ll see how it works out I guess.

    • Well Mr. Bagley starts off with “Are you serious?” “Are you serious?

      Meaning this is serious….. Hey here is a sign…

      He goes on to stress “COULD THIS BE a VERY SIGNIFICANT Day in bible prophecy?

      Is something BIBLICAL going on with the signs??

      If you truly understand what the Father’s word says you won’t even make these false “speculations”.

      Again, it’s like the boy who kept calling wolf.. He keeps saying here are signs and they aren’t.

      Guess what happens when or if he does try to say here is a sign and it really is a sign?

      These kind false speculations are not good for him, not good for those who think he may be right, and not good for our Father’s truthful word.

      Non believers keep hearing from us “Christians”, look here comes a sign over and over and they turn out to be dud’s over and over.

      We give non-believers all the ammunition in the world to mock and ridicule us… and not believe us… We claim to have knowledge thru God’s word, yet we keep make these false prophecies.

      I stated specific reasons why I knew Mr. Bagley’s Comet & a Pope theory would be a dud.

      Mr. Bagley really does not know his bible very well, but rather comes up with these false prophecies which adds continued black eyes to Yahweh’s true word.

      Where did our Messiah or Father ever say making these speculations is what we should do???

      Who in the bible did this kind of stuff????

      NASA did not try to attributing the possible meteor shower to some biblical sign, rather Mr. Bagley did.

      Maybe he should make a few videos on all his false speculations and apologize for them. Maybe then he would realize He needs to stop contriving all these false speculations and spend more time studying what the signs actually are.

      He also does not know how the celestial heavens even work.. He claims that on the day of the crucification there was solar eclipse.

      It’s impossible for solar eclipses to take place during Passover (the crucification). Solar eclipses require a new moon while Passover only takes place during a full moon. The moon is in completely different spots when these different eclipses to take place.

      This is a huge piece of knowledge that someone who makes these kind of claims must have knowledge of..

      And He did say there is something significant that will happen on this date. He also uses the title “prophecy” …

      NO, no biblical prophecy happened on that date..

      This “500 days till climate chaos” is not a biblical prophecy either..

      If it is, then someone tell me specifically what this climate chaos is? What will specifically happen? And what verse(s) is this claim based on?

      Why 500 days? Where is that in the bible??

    • Kirt, you have some very good points. Personally, I am not offended by him. The Campings, who deceive many people, or the group that disturb funerals, are the offensive ones to me. If Begley said it was prophecy, then he is wrong.

      And to Corey, let us know where to find your blog.

    • I was reading how the olive trees in Israel help heal the desert land. It stops soil erosion, provides shade for animals, etc. Then I found another story which told how the desalination plants built in Israel has solved their water problems. Here’s the link:

      The bible hubs commentary on Eze 36:35 describes how water is the emblem of cleansing of our polluted souls.
      My commentary is how Israel is being re-hydrated and starting to bloom, while the countries surrounding Israel and even this country is in drought. The Spiritual drought comparison is obvious. There is even some places that have to re-cycle their own waste water.

      Wallowing in our filth(sins) seems the appropriate analogy.

    • One additional comment to my point about the The Camping group. I meant his group in general, not specifically him. I think I read that he has passed. May the Lord have mercy on his soul, and any of us who have contributed in any way to someone veering from the path He wants for us.

      I went to see the new X-men movie tonight with my nephew, who is on leave from the air force. His choice, not mine. This movie is so full of stuff, my head was spinning. I won’t spoil it for anyone. But information of the satanic/nwo/eastern mysticism/new ager/illuminati agenda, on this blog and elsewhere, arms people with much-needed discernment.

  4. Has any one seen this yet: “http://www.beforeitsnews.com/prophecy/2014/05/judgment-lightning-strikes-one-world-trade-center-twice-as-pope-is-to-sit-on-king-davids-tomb-video-oyep-are-we-listening-2461532.html”

    Apparently, as the Pope was arriving in Jerusalem, Israel (or shortly after his arrival) lightning struck the spire on top of the new “One World” Trade Center tower TWICE! If everyone will remember back a bit, lightning also struck St. Peter’s Basillica in Rome “twice” when the previous pope (Benedict) stepped down and the new pope (Francis) took the throne. Upon the pope’s arrival in Jordon, a 4.1 earthquake hit Israel in conjunction with the New York lightning strike. I think God is indeed giving the world a warning that judgment has been declared and will soon commence upon an unbelieving, unsuspecting world.

    Very stunning indeed.

    • I should also add that apparently the Linear comet came closest to earth (or something of that nature) when the pope was in Israel. I have some really good, excellent info on comets and their significance that I think I’ll post on my blog when I get it up and going… whenever that will be.

      Gonna check that video out Kirk. In fact, I think I may have seen a video the other night about it. It may have been his.

    • Yes Corey….I saw that info about the lightning strike the day after it occurred…and I thought the same thing about the Basillica too.

      Very peculiar timing … and i also saw the earthquake stuff … and thought it was simply “another coincidence” that all this was somehow
      linked to the pope going to ISRAEL. But what is a “coincidence” anyway….maybe a sign or a wonder ??

      As you and I both know, Comets are seen as “Harbingers of DOOM” by Rabbi’s and in Church history. So we continue to WATCH.

      WOW….there are going to be so many CHRISTIANS ….freaking out…. when stuff starts to break. With barely any Churches speaking
      of this “edgy prophecy stuff” …. many CHRISTIANS are sooooo uninformed.

      Think about Noah…..”attempting to describe RAIN”…….when nobody up till that time had ever seen “rain”. That describes today too!

      And the FLOOD took them all away!

      Today…..the earth is reserved for FIRE. Isaiah 13:6-16 and Nahum 1:1-6 and 2 Peter 3: 3-7 and 10-12 are only 3 such passages!

      All this talk about CME’s and EMP’s …. little do “they” know….just how close of a reality that will one day be.

    • What does lightening striking the world trade center have to do with the Pope go to Jerusalem? and where is that in the bible?

      What prophetic biblical sign is that???

      a 4.1 quake…..

      and where is that in the bible? what sign is this?

      and don’t you think if it really were a sign from God that a He would use a quake bigger than 4.1????

    • first learned of a good portion of this back in 2008. Certainly not easy in many respects in how to decide these matters.

    • The last case was really interesting about cleaning out a virus contaminated kidney — post implant — for an extra $80K treatment. Meaning that those kidneys are much more available (3 month wait).

      Several things caught my attention since kidney diseases aren’t likely in my families, but are very common in most of my co-workers families.
      – the quality of the transplant organ
      – the likely life of the organ before returning to dialysis
      – the risks resulting from a donor and recipient lifestyles

      I’ve mentioned before that I maintained Althin Dialysis machines for about a year and a half, one of the many hundreds of medical devices serviced by biomed techs (Oy!). So the tech side of systems, including whether or not they’re well maintained, is something I’m acutely attuned to. So there are factors in the lab, in surgery, and among the whole group of medical practitioners… that aren’t obvious to most. Including housekeeping.

      Selection criteria may not be interesting to most, but we should all consider providing organs to family and possibly as donors to the public. I wouldn’t want to curse anyone, having lived a variety of very risky lifestyles, but it certainly caught my attention that there were anti-viral therapies to “heal” organs.

      Another notable point was that those leaving Tennessee might have a 3 month wait compared to those living in California. That says a lot about California, in addition to drought, in addition to Fukushima, in addition to legalized drugs, in addition to an open door to the undocumented, etc. (The problem isn’t “illegals” — re: foreign nationals — it’s that they’re histories are riskier, re: education, family, drug, crime, debt, slavery, lifestyles, etc.)

      I monitor the UCTV youtube channel. They come up with notbale series from time to time. Mostly crap, but nonetheless.

      Let it not be among us, that “My people die for lack of knowledge.”

    • that’s “those living in Tennessee” not “leaving Tennessee”

      also “their histories” vice “they’re histories”

      and “notable” vice “notbale”

      editing is also an overcoming…

    • Very interesting…

      My sister is currently doing well with her transplant. She was on dialysis 6 years. (She had the dialysis machine at home, receiving nightly treatment.) I believe her donated kidney was from an older person.

      I know that there are other factors being considered like the attitude of the recipient both psychological and overall physical condition.

      Diabetes does rear it’s ugly head in my family (I don’t have diabetes).

      I had a cousin who had diabetes, was on dialysis, and travelled to the dialysis center several times per week, was refused to qualify for the transplant list. She died because she basically refused to change her unhealthly lifestyle. She was younger, approximately 30+, than my 63 year old sister, who made a conscious effort to eat right, maintain her medical treatments, etc. Many times, however, she failed to eat her meals not because of rebellion, but simply because her illness made it difficult to hold down any food.

      Sometimes, and yes it’s not also addressed in this video, but spiritual warfare was evident. My family would pray fervently to the Lord on my sister’s behalf to restore her eating and give her “length of days.”

      God gives us breath of life. Without His direct involvement, the battle is over with or without a healthy kidney.

      I would try to listen to nutritionists who always support that diabetes is reversable. I do more than listen, I take supplements if I know I may have a problem area and my food intake is inadequate, particularly in minerals.

      Prevention, prayer, practice go hand in hand…

    • SeashoreMary…

      Good to hear your sister is doing well. 🙂

      Two other health tidbits for you. Check out “Bitter Melon” for Diabetes on youtube as well as “Cinnamon and Honey”.

      I am not diabetic, but i do try to take Cinnamon and honey everyday…especially good for the body….i choose RAW Honey … it’s the best.
      Cinnamon helps reduce sugar cravings if taken daily. Does make blood “thinner” too, but is safer than drugs! GOD MADE CINNAMON.

      There is a video on youtube about Honey….many videos pop up if you type in “Benefits of Honey” …”Benefits of Cinnamon”…lots to learn.

      So many truly simple and healthy things to do …. but yet try to help some people change their diet for their own good and happiness….
      ….and it’s like you took food right out of their very mouth. The devil has deceived many people regarding what we “call food” these days!

      This website is very helpful, check it out: “Nutrition-and-you.com”…………Very simple format and lots of Health Nuggets! 🙂

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