Our Peru Tour Ended Last Night at Our Farewell Dinner!

Here are some pics!


L. A. Marzulli

Thanks to all of you who came on The Nephilim Skulls Tour.  We will most likely be coming down to Peru again in 2015.  This time we will go to Cusco, Saqsayhuaman and the sacred valley which includes Machu Pichu, as well as Paracas and Chongos!

IMG_2592Puma Punku!  Stones cut how?






IMG_0856Large Ax Head “found” by Brian Vanderklay at a museum in Peru!










IMG_0874Image on Pottery – It’s never a friendly bunny rabbit!










IMG_0921Sr. Juan’s Musuem in Paracas!








IMG_0972Chongos Elongated Skull with only 1 Parietal plate!  Headboarding or something else?







IMG_1093Nazca Lines!





28 thoughts on “Our Peru Tour Ended Last Night at Our Farewell Dinner!

  1. Looking forward to the conference in SW Ohio in mid June. Cannot wait to hear your new findings, and listen to the other guest speakers, Regards- Jeffery Gordon.

    • See you there. 🙂 I think “PithyPaul” said he was coming, too.

      Glad this trip appears to have been a big success across the boards. 🙂

    • I was at the first conference held in Ohio too, and would encourage everyone that can, to attend.

  2. Yesterday’s post, of pyramids and human sacrifice, reminds me that times have not changed much since the oldest city in the americas.
    Often we hear of the effort to build the tallest tower. Like the ancient times, the higher the holier for baal worship.

    Yesterday also had a news story that Warren Buffet has given more than a billion dollars for abortion causes over the years. Abortion being the human sacrifice of the modern world. Sounds like it was an informative trip.

    • Yes, exactly…
      – abortion is secularized human sacrifice
      – sterilized murder as if to create deniability
      – cp. secularized holidays, statuary, rituals
      – like “in god we trust” and “contract marriage”
      – cp. fantasy role playing of fantasy gods & monsters
      – cp. “sympathy for the devil” entertainments

      In every case…
      – it’s not of Christ, nor for Christ, nor involving Y’shua
      – and as certainly doomed as the more overt forms
      – of outright worship of other gods, idols, and persons
      – reaping the same result, when cast out and disposed
      – in the Lake of Fire (…with refuse wood, stubble, and hay)

    • Nome, well-stated. Since it’s all so overt, there is no apparent shame from the sin/separation, unlike Adam and eve who tried to cover themselves. The fire in the Lord’s eyes upon His return will certainly make those left want to be covert, or have the mountains fall on them. I’m paraphrasing of course. Everyone here can cite chapter and verse better than I. That is why I respect the opinions I read here.

  3. Appears all went well and successful. Safe trip home!

    In other news…

    Article: “Mysterious Artifacts With Spine Chilling Nephilim Origins” @ “http://beforeitsnews.com/prophecy/2014/05/mysterious-artifacts-with-spine-chilling-nephilim-origins-2461198.html”

    Video: Army Ranger Retires Because of Obama. Tells Everything About America’s Future:

  4. Wow, how were those stones cut? That is amazing! I wonder if this links in with the whole free masons stuff? Were they not from Solomons time that built the temple,,perhaps they had knowledge we had lost along the way,,
    It almost seems like there is a gap of time that is not accounted for.,, when it comes to this kind of stone cutting.
    Peru trip with L.A to see this stuff would be on my bucket list for sure!

  5. Peter southern cross needs to give us some sort of explanation so he can alleviate our fears from his somewhat cryptic goodbye. Prayers go out to him.

    Have a safe trip home everyone!

  6. My sympathies… and prayers in authority have been given for all returning…
    – since I was caught in a major airport last week due to weather
    – all flights were cancelled on a return trip, and had to rent a vehicle instead
    – which then involved an 8+ hour drive to get back for other urgencies
    – through bad weather, and saw 5+ major accidents

    So yes, definitely keep those returning embraced in prayer!
    – and kick the legs out from under those that try to interfere otherwise
    – Amen!

  7. France warns that we have 500 days to save the climate? Any clues as to what that might mean?

    • just more green politics…


      …like cults that idolize cows pushing vegetarian diets to reduce flatulence

    • We had an excellent Chief Steward on one of the merchant ships named, Mr. Brown. On occasion he was apt to note in preparing for next days meals, that he had to “de-faaart da beans.” I had to ask. Turns out he’d let them soak in vinegar. Worked for me.

    • Last year it was “we have to act NOW”. Now we have 500 days. Phew!

      However, one thing we know with certainty is that there will be at least 500 more days of political buffoonery trending with the historically unprecedented stupidity of the Obama administration.

  8. Meanwhile…. in headlines this week….

    Russia to ban US from using Space Station over Ukraine

    Russian Attack Plane Buzzes U.S. Warship in Black Sea

    China blames U.S. for stoking tensions in South China Sea

    Pope Francis Says He Would Definitely Baptize Aliens

    Less than half under age 35 are aware of Holocaust: international poll
    Poll of 101 countries also found a quarter of respondents hold negative Jewish stereotypes

    Hillary: No Iran nuclear deal better than ‘bad deal’

    TV Report In 4-12 ‘Radiation Found In Many CA Kelp Samples

    Obama’s strategy to encircle Russia another nail In US coffin

    Russia Holds ‘De-Dollarization Meeting’ w/ China, Iran

    – Snowden “NSA Putting Israel’s Security Ahead Of Ours”

    TSA agent in terminal shouting, “I am God. I am in charge!”

    Huge Marine Life Die-Off From Fukushima ‘Contamination’ (RADIATION)

    TEPCO to begin Dumping “Rad Water” In Pacific May 20th

  9. I really liked the picture of the stones, seems to be a mystery how they could possibly be cut in such a manor…really something to ponder, however, contrary to ‘Ancient Aliens’ claims (my apologies to Giorgio Tsoukalos) that archeologists are baffled by Pumapunku, archeologists actually know the basics about how Pumapunku’s stones were cut and shaped. This is partly because there is evidence for this all over the site itself.
    They actually used a method that almost all ancient stone workers used. They used hard pounding stones to pound out troth like depressions; later on they used flat stones and sand to grind the stone to make a polished surface.
    The Egyptians, 1000’s of years before this, made their flat surfaced granite monuments like obelisks in this same way…
    Ancient Aliens… is an interesting show (that seems to be running on a continuous loop) however, the conclusions and wild point of positions has so many people “searching” believing wild, open-ended and unsubstantiated pronouncements that I cant help myself but to watch, both out of curiosity and interest only in the archeology findings, NOT the outlandish statements of folks like Giorgio Tsoukalos, David Childress,Erich von Daniken,Graham Hancoc,Robert Bauval,Bill Birnes and others.
    Tsoukalos was a guest on Coast to Coast not long ago and when Noory asked what do you think aliens look like? Tsoukalos response to George was “Who cares what the aliens look like, the question is, ‘Do we look like the aliens.’”
    ‘SIGH”…Why does Noory hardly ever bring on any guest that says anything useful?
    Too bad LA can’t fill in on Coast as host, then there would be a great line of up guests…not the bore-fest that Noory has going on…sometimes I think he’s just sitting in back of the studio playing “solitaire” on the PC while interviewing his guests. But if you really want to experience the gates of talk radio hades, tune-in on an open line night, (Yes, we’ve all heard them, the nights where Noory has no guests on the show and needs to fill four hours), Noory puts the Mother-Ship on Auto Pilot and the program seems to drift endlessly through a vast waste land of idiotic questions and nonsensical responses. At times it’s even hard to understand Noory, he sounds like he’s got marbles in his mouth and in some cases seems to be just babbling. I guess Noory has become the radio counterpart to Larry King, another horrible interviewer famous for throwing softball questions at controversial and political guests… just think they fired John B and kept this guy??

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