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Nazca, Peru!

We travelled from Paracas to the see the famous Nazca lines.  These enigmatic lines are set in some of the most inhospitable and stark terrain I have ever seen.  The folks on the tour went up in small 6 seater, Cesena’s and saw the lines from the air.  There are glyphs of a hummingbird, a whale, spider and other figures which are drawn on the ground and only seen from the air.  There are also straight lines that travel for miles on the floor of this vast plateau.

However, I want to focus on another subject and that is the picture here.  It is the remains of a mummy that was displayed in a small, private museum very close to the airport in Nazca.  Sr. Felix, who is a Shaman, is the curator of the museum.  He met us in full Inca garb and gave us a tour of his museum.

Sr. FelixHere is Sr. Felix!

What fascinated me and drew my attention was the color of the hair of this small child, it was strawberry-blond.

I had a chance to ask Sr Felix a series of questions.  This is important to my research as talking to the local people one often hears the oral tradition, stories which have been handed down through the centuries from father to son, from grandfather to grandson, and such was the case here.  These stories can give us clues and I always listen intently and with great interest when these stories are presented.

Sr. Felix told us that the Paracas people sailed from the Middle East!  He also told us of a story told to him by an old man of a baby born with an elongated skull.  While this is not “scientific” evidence, as only the DNA testing will establish where these people were from,  it does lend credence to my hypotheses that the Paracas-elongated-skull-people may have been part of a Nephilim tribe.

Nazca Baby 2Here is a close up of the hair color and you can judge for yourself.

It’s one thing to read about these sites, it’s another to actually go and see for one’s self what the artifacts look like.

Why would Sr, Felix tell us the Paracas people came from the Middle East?  He has no dog in the hunt in regard to my hypothesis.

Being on the Trail requires the gathering of information to see if my hypothesis—that the Nephilim tribes were scattered during the conquest of Cannan in a Diaspora and settled in the New World—is true.  What we saw in Nazca provides us with clues that help validate this.

More to follow!  All of this will be in my forthcoming book: On the Trail of the Nephilim II!

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37 thoughts on “Peru Update! Nazca…

  1. Exciting! I look forward to a day it can be proven. The end days will probably play out very differently than we have been taught.

  2. Can’t wait to hear the theories behindd the Nazca lines because I don’t know anything about them!

    • Hello, Mrs M!

      Not sure if you’re familiar with the the Ancient Aliens TV program, which ascerts God is/was an alien and other claims that go with that including megalithic sites, ancient artifacts, ancient texts (according to some of its experts – with hairstyles that are out of this world).

      Here is the link for Ancient Aliens Debunked website which provides clarification on Nazca Lines and many other corrections of subjects mentioned in Ancient Aliens (which was also reviewed as “some of the most noxious sludge in television’s bottomless chum bucket.”)

      Worth viewing/reading (the AA Debunked, that is).



      God Bless!


    • Video..Secrets of the Nazca Lines…appears the host is visiting the Archaeology Museum in Lima, Peru. The host makes a verbal comment that the skull he is holding is “odd shaped” the curator is explaining the practice of cranial deformation.Is the skull a Nephilim? Worth checking into the museum holding thousands o skulls. The conversation is at approximately 37 minute marking.

    • Located the museum’s correct name and link:


      Scroll down to the “Human Remains Gallery” 15,000 items from 10,000 BC to 1500 BC.

  3. LA, I see where you’ll be speaking at Chuck Missler’s “Strategic Trends” seminar in the fall. That’s a top-of-the-line conference! Any idea why nephilim (which Chuck wrote one of the seminal books on) seems to be getting so much attention now? End times phenomenon? Research starting to finally come together?
    Meanwhile, I just reserved a seat at your Nephy 2 conference. Plus I booked a motel for $50 a night! Looking forward to the discussions.
    Stay safe,

  4. Reblogged this on Mighty Through God… (2 Cor. 10) and commented:
    Additional thoughts re: nephilim tribes dispersal…

    1. The Almighty is at war with the enemy angels
    – Heiser might differ and say that the fallen also do as directed
    – But we know that the Holy Angels do battle, both in the time of Daniel (Michael) and in Rev. 12.
    – I believe it’s more likely that The Almighty (The Lamb / Son of God / Christ) and His forces are weeding out the enemy angel underground including the demons.
    2. The nephilim (angel-human hybrid species) corrupted the earth and were wiped out during the flood. Afterwards, they built up new tribes, either by similar actions as before the flood, or something that gave rise to the giant tribes (like with Goliath, OG, etc., cp. liger giantism in hybrids). Possibly genetic manipulation or breeding. note: neandertal, other large animals (mammals, insects), dragons (now called dinosaurs).
    3. A remnant of the later nephilim tribes may have been driven out rather than completely destroyed after the Exodus. Those tribes may have fled to Europe (Dan related location names, bloodline) and to the Americas (cp. mormon teachings, though they say Israelite tribes), and to the Orient, Australia, and Pacific (denisovans, etc.). And on to Ica, Moche, Nazca (pre-Inca, pre-Astec, pre-Maya, pre-Amerind).

    [sp. I hate the small reblog windows, please excuse poor editing] … better to briefly blurb and follow-up

    • Continuing… {and much better}

      4. So it’s worth considering that the nephilim tribes masqueraded as lost Israelite tribes. The fate of the Tribe of Dan might be directly related to betrayal of The Almighty and the Israelites to the nephilim tribes, including intermarriage (species mixing). And if that happened in one place, then the same strategy likely has happened and is going on in others. Giving rise to competing intelligent (and sinister) hominid species to wipe out humanity and multiply the ranks of the enemy.
      5. The scars of such mixings is already present in the human genome re: neandertal and denisovan contamination. We’re completely engulfed in major propaganda campaigns in entertainment and media to get humanity to accept cross breeding with other species and genetic manipulation and back breeding. It’s burgeoning… as LA says about UFOs/aliens/demons.

      So yes, global sea based migrations of the later nephilim tribes … picking up on the excursions of the former nephilim/enemy angel cultures.

      ps. Nasca likely used quipu/khipu knot codes as language and numerics. The Nazca lines have plenty of knots (lines with crossings). A symbol language is a language.

  5. I would like to respectfully submit that some comments seem off-subject, but it is all relevant. For example, the nephilim being the offspring of fallen angels, angels who came down upon Mt. Hermon, which is considered a gate to hades, of which there has been speculation about a july 27 portal opening.

    Corey posted a video about the lost unmanned sub called “Nereus”. Nereus is the ancient greek depiction of Noah. So this also seems related to today’s blog.

    Concerning today’s blog, why a hummingbird, whale, and a spider? I’m curious as to their significance.

    • John T,

      Just like the “tetrad theory” and the “Pope stepping foot in Jerusalem theory” in a couple of weeks.

      The July 27th speculation of the “gates of Hades” opening has no biblical support whatsoever.

      Nostradamus has a background of being a chemist, a seer, in the occult, did horoscopes & give psychic advice.

      No one needs to worry abut the gates of Hades opening up on July 27th.

      If you still want to believe in these theories, then time will tell you as these dates are right around the corner.

    • Mrs M, someone here suggested the book Noah in Ancient Greek Art, by Robert Bowie Johnson Jr. It was very interesting. That’s where I first heard that theory that Nereus was Noah.

      Kirt, hopefully it’s just wild speculation. Personally, I had some weird coincidences around the time I was looking up info on that date. No proof positive. I do believe it is a “theory”. And it will probably look something like this;

    • Just joking on that last part. It was some scenes from a Twilight Zone ep. called the Howling Man. It was a good one. Sorry LA, I digress again.

    • Kirt, one other thing, Mount Hermon was called Sirion as told in Deut 3:9. The Siri app is by Apple co. A company whose name comes from the apple of the tree in the garden of Eden not Newton’s apple. The alignment on this date also correlates to the hindu kalki avatar coming on a white horse. The greek god of horses, water, & war was, of course, Poseidon. Poseidon is the greek version of Sidon, the grandson of Ham. Sidon, the city, and Mount Hermon is in the territory where Ham and his family migrated after the Tower of Babel judgment.

      To quote JR Church, “Greek Mythology is an elaborate reinvention of the Danite religion”. Is the AC of the tribe of Dan? Jeremiah 8:16 ” The snorting of his horse was heard from Dan…” I have posted too many comments on the year-of-the-horse stuff. I’ll just say that the pagan festival of Poseidon ends a few days before this July 27th date. Another Poseidon fact, apparently, in the mythology, he had wives as well as boyfriends. Some of which took care of his chariots.

      I read that an Austrian transgender won some Eurovision award. Don’t know what that is, but the song was titled, “Rise like a Phoenix”. What timing. In the west the phoenix is depicted as an eagle, but in the east, it is a winged dragon. Same as the snake, the kundalini in Hinduism, the serpent, the hyper-individual, the person as a god who rejects the True God.

      Below Hades is Tartarus, in greek myth, guarded by giants of incredible strength. They were children of the earth(gaia) and sky(Uranus). There, I tied this into the nephilim.

      No, I don’t put much stock into the words of Nostradamus, or a thousand year old hindu prophesy. The siri app may just be talking about the end of Ramadan. I am not a prophet, just pointing out a possibility. The Giant “V” in the Nostradamus prophecy might not be a star cluster, it might be his prediction that Barbara Walters is leaving the “V”iew. lol, there I said it.

    • John T,

      I laugh with you. Siri a phone app compared to Mount Hermon…Sirion…. A phone app….To funny…

      For those that still want to take this stuff seriously.

      Look back at John T’s post.

      How much scripture is there?

      Any TRUE biblical event will be supported with lots of scripture and maybe, maybe some Greek mythology can be used.

      Not the other way around.

      I have seen how many people put way to much stock in silly word connections and Greek mythology instead of thinking about how much true scriptural support is in the theory or lack thereof.

      If anyone still wants to believe this stuff, then again time will tell you in just over a few months.

      And you can learn that way.

      I am just trying to help prevent anyone from thinking this is some sort of biblical sign/event and/or telling others this stuff, staining your testimony and falsely representing Yahweh’s word.

    • “”

      James Cameron of course is the explorer that makes blockbuster movies to finance more exploration… movies like Avatar, Terminator, Aliens, and The Abyss.

      His explorations include discovery of the Titanic and personally traveling solo in a deep ocean sub to deepest part of the Marianis Trench.

      What’s not said is that there’s another ROV already being built based on the lessons of the nereus “ROBOT.”

      Nereus was an amazing, groundbreaking robot and the only currently active vehicle in the world that could reach the extreme depths of the ocean trenches. This is a tragic loss for deep science.

      “They’ve not only lost a child, they’ve lost a great opportunity to explore one of the ocean’s deep trenches the last great frontier for exploration on our planet,” Cameron wrote.


      “We are excited to provide our collaborating scientists with a unique capability to conduct interactive scientific research and experimentation at the deepest places in the world’s ocean starting in 2015,” says Zykov.

      Upon completion, the new vehicle will be one of only two robotic vehicles in the world capable of operating throughout the world’s hadal depths—from 6,000 to 11,000 meters. The other is WHOI’s Nereus hybrid remotely operated vehicle (HROV), which dove to the Challenger Deep in 2009.

      “It’s great that Eric Schmidt and the institute have decided that hadal depths are worth exploring,” says director and explorer James Cameron. “It excites the imagination that there are still places on Earth that aren’t explored.”

  6. I’m really curious how people from the Middle East would have settled in Peru. They would have had to traverse the Atlantic, sail around the continent of S. America (through very turbulent waters), and then come up the coast. I know this is a question that is almost impossible to answer, but why there? Why Paracas Bay?

    • I think it is more likely that they came from Asia. Blond and red haired people have been found in China.

    • Rose, the other day Kirk put forward something interesting on this (L.A.’s May 6th blog “The 6-Fingered Hand”), that may be one possibility.

      In the comments that day, Kirk noted there’s an implication in Genesis 10:25 that prior to Peleg’s days, the earth’s continents were not yet divided.

      Kirk then went on to postulate from this:

      “Therefore it seems to be obvious that the nephilim’s various tribes as L.A. mentioned above could certainly have migrated to the 4 corners of the globe. Wherever the land masses were split they could have been settled in their various tribes … anywhere on earth. That is why bones and skulls and massive structures are seen virtually anywhere on the earth.”

      ….. to which L.A. replied: “BINGO!”

      Interesting possibility.

    • That is interesting. That’s a long time for something to remain in the oral history of a people.

  7. BTW, L.A.’s interview with John B. Wells on C2M will be posted this week. Finally, YAY!

  8. Please go to my Facebook (Odie Gonzales) – shared a post on my site that someone just posted a few minutes ago on someone else’s FB page. Please view ASAP before I erase it. Title was written by someone in Spanish – it says this video is being erased. Sure looks real and it’s quite disturbing.

  9. Hello, dear friends, brothers and sisters in Yeshuah/Yahweh.

    Got some bad news just now. Thank you all for sharing the Word, wisdom, knowledge, and inspiration. Thank you for support and prayers and companionship. WIll be offline indefinitely.

    Love you, my friends all around the world.


    God Bless!


    • Peeeetttteerrrr….

      What’s up man ?? We care about ya !!! I will be praying for you.

      I just did so for a while seeking our Heavenly Father on your behalf and I will believe God’s mercy and freedom and provision be yours !!!

      I asked the Holy Spirit to minister life, peace and comfort to you and also asked JESUS to send ministering angels to serve whatever needs
      you have at this time. I also ask that your steps to be ORDERED of GOD so that you may SERVE THE PURPOSES of GOD.

      In JESUS Name!

      AMEN. Let it be so O Lord !!!

  10. Giant Boulder “Stopped By The Hand Of God” >>>>>>>> Yep….God does MIRACLES !!!! GLORY TO JESUS !!!!!

  11. There has been a lot of talk lately of misshapen heads…oblong heads. watermelon heads, and so on and on so….can I get a little love for shrunken heads? I’ve always been fascinated with shrunken heads.

    Throughout history many cultures took heads as trophies. Celtic warriors used to cut the heads off of enemies and attach them to their chariots to look extra intimidating in battle. Japanese samurai, Maori warriors, and angry peasants in the French Revolution all took enemy heads as trophies.
    In Ecuador and Peru, the Jivaro people developed the strange custom of cutting off an enemy’s head and shrinking it down to the size of a man’s fist. Called tsantsa…, these shrunken heads served not only as proof of a warrior’s valor but also as a way to destroy the victim’s spirit, which might otherwise take revenge.The process was gruesome but simple.
    There is now controversy over displaying human remains and the demands by some tribes to have them back mean that many museums have removed their displays of shrunken heads. So there are very few places in whcih you can still see them.
    The museum in my city have 3 incredible shrunken heads on display…by no means am I taking away the importance of oblong heads as they are quite fascinating in themselves, however, nothing give the creep factor more than shrunken heads.

    Below are pics taken from the display…




  12. Is there something intelligent down there…
    – re: nereus loss (or capture)
    – “”
    – “”


    Shank: The microbes [from hadal regions] we’ve looked at so far are very diverse. They have a multitude of functions, and [they survive on chemicals including] methane, hydrogen and sulfide. Some of the arthropods down there have cellulose-digesting enzymes in their bodies. They can digest wood. Other animals show signs of gigantism [they’re inexplicably bigger than their shallower water counterparts]. One theory is that you’re so deep you can’t fold your proteins because your cells are too squished. You have to have a way of making yourself larger, and you have specialized enzymes that do that. Another theory is that you have to make yourself bigger to function, and we know they have the enzymes to do that. But you can’t be gigantic if you don’t have a big food source, which is another indication there’s a lot of food down there, much more than we thought. There are so many exceptions to every explanation that nothing has worked yet. Way more questions than answers.


    Cameron: It’s good to remember that the aggregate area of these hadal trenches is greater than the size of the United States, greater than the size of Australia, so it’s basically like a continent that’s never been explored that exists right here on Earth . So many people think we live in a post-exploration age—it’s all been seen, it’s all been mapped. How did we manage to get into the 21st century and just happen to miss a continent? Because that’s what we did. The answer is obvious: It’s the hardest place to get to on the planet. From a technological standpoint, it’s the most challenging place to operate. I would make the argument, having been involved with space robotics and now full ocean-depth technology, it’s a much more demanding environment than building hardware for space because the stress forces are so much greater, about 1,000 times as much.

    note: “The Abyss”

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