EMP – Electro Magnetic Pulse Weapon

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L. A. Marzulli

Experts on Capitol Hill Thursday warned that an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack aimed at the nation’s electrical grid could leave the majority of Americans dead.

The hearing, “Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP): Threat to Critical Infrastructure,” before the House Homeland Security Committee’s Subcommittee on Cybersecurity, Infrastructure Protection, and Security Technologies explored the effects an EMP would have devasting effect…

“It strikes at my very core when I think of the men, women, and children in cities and rural towns across America with a possibility of no access to food, water, or transportation,” he said. “In a matter of weeks or months at most, a worst-case scenario could bring devastation beyond imagination.”


I’ve blogged about this several times but bring it up again because the situation has not changed.  Bottom line is this, we are still very vulnerable to an EMP.

If one of these devices were exploded above the heartland of America our lives as we know it, would change instantly and we would not go back to the way we lived prior to the attack.   As the article above  states, millions of people would die for lack of the basic necessities.  If the attack happened in the dead of winter, millions of people would very likely freeze to death.  Think about it, nothing that runs on electricity would work.  Phones, cars, refrigerators, toasters, micro-waves, and everything else that runs on electric current would be useless.

This is a real threat and the fact that Washington has not made plans to avert such a situation is deplorable.

Think about it.  This congressman is warning us.   He takes the threat of an EMP seriously, so this scenario is not some fringe-conspiracy delusion, but is real and perhaps those who wish to destroy us will use an EMP to do so.

In closing todays post:  Peggy and I have stock-piles about 6 months worth of food.  Because we live in Southern California our garden which has quadrupled in size, now provides most of our vegetables.  We also have two wells and have over 100 gallons of propane.  We also have 20 cords of oak firewood, and a wood burning stove which will heat the entire house in the winter.  I think folks should prepare the best way they can for an event like this.  I think moderation is the key, but I believe we should prepare.  Some folks will say this isn’t biblical and cite verses about faith.  However, I would point out that when Joseph interpreted Pharaohs dream the Egyptians stock piled food for the seven years of famine that was coming.  While we don’t know the future like Joseph did, but we can at least take precautionary steps to insure the safety of our loved ones.

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70 thoughts on “EMP – Electro Magnetic Pulse Weapon

  1. I find it ironic that in Canada the government is now implimenting that you can not have a fire burning stove, and run it all winter,,the insurance companies are hand in hand with them,,,my father was told that he has to prove he is heating with gas or electricity in order to be insured.
    I also read a couple of months ago the ban on woodburning stoves in Kentucky and Tennesse.
    If governments are thinking we could be targets foran EMP , then why to the suppress other heat and cooking sources ?
    Wow monsanto has control of the seed production for the most part. It wouldn’t be a far stretch anymore to see how the anti- christ will gain controll.
    They are pushing water lines everywhere here, even if you have a well they make you hook up and pay anyway. We could drink our pool water through a filtration system I have learned. It is fairly easy to clean water up enough to drink it.
    I have been thinking about this stuff for years.
    I think your bet bet beyond storing up is purchasing things to barter with,,,things people just can’t live with out,,soap, shampoo, smokes, beer,,,gas, batteries

  2. Unfortunately if we really get hit by an EMP six months may as well be six years.

    Do the best stewardship you can but after a point we can only do so much realistically.

    • “All things work together for good, for those that love the Lord (Yeshua Messiah),
      – and are called according to His purposes (God’s will on earth as in heaven).”

      Daniel 7

      24 And the ten horns out of this kingdom are ten kings that shall arise:
      – and another shall rise after them; [“The antichrist”]
      – and he shall be diverse from the first, and he shall subdue three kings.
      25 And he shall speak great words against the most High,
      and shall wear out the saints of the most High,
      – and think to change times and laws:
      and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.

      Hopefully more like 3-1/2 years.

      1st Peter 4

      12 Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you,
      – as though some strange thing happened unto you:
      13 But rejoice, inasmuch as ye are partakers of Christ’s sufferings;
      – that, when his glory shall be revealed, ye may be glad also with exceeding joy.
      14 If ye be reproached for the name of Christ, happy are ye;
      for the spirit of glory and of God resteth upon you:
      – on their part he is evil spoken of, but on your part he is glorified.

      Matthew 24 [For the end time Saints]

      20 But pray ye that your flight be not in the winter, neither on the sabbath day:
      21 For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning
      – of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be. [were not those days shortened]
      22 And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved:
      – but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.

      Not long from now, yea, not long.

    • Agree Eric! I do my best but I figure the few months worth I might have been able to store will be gone in a week……I just could never imagine sitting alone by my pantry while neighbor kids go without just because their parents slept through the time of plenty!

    • Kirt,

      Gonz & Basil’s recent Doug Kreiger interview is interesting. In short, if metric measures are used then the time-space grid schemes relative to artificial constructions are obscured. He ties back to Bible based measures — and astronomical distances / ratios. In other words, metrics hide evidence of creation or intelligence around us.

      Compare with historical revisions…
      – antichrists injecting month names into the yearly calendar (i.e. july & august) to skew the scheme
      – (so that the 10th month = december becomes the 12th month — against reason
      – weekdays set as a combined pantheon reverencing the planets as the host of heaven
      – use of terms “bce” &”ce” vice BC & AD as if to exclude Christ
      – midnight as start of the day vice sundown
      – monday as start of the week vice sunday
      – similar manipulations likely with “The antichrist”

      As regards laws…
      – reminds me of Nebuchadnezzar and Ahusueras / Xerxes
      – where the emperor’s word was law
      – haman being the more notable foreshadowing of The antichrist
      – cp. “raiser of taxes” in Daniel 11
      – yet the hubris of those that think themselves as god suggests changing physical laws
      – perhaps the more important point is “change” (as the illusion of progress)
      – compare with the Proverbs descriptions of the harlot
      – whose “ways are moveable … who can know them”
      – similar to mystery religion
      – reflected in massive laws that are passed unread, in the middle of the night and on weekends
      – attachments to laws for pork and earmarks
      – lax enforcement or execution of laws
      – the executive imposing laws or the court striking down laws beyond the limits of checks and balances
      – such checks establish to limit abuse of authority and to divide power
      – ignoring covenant and constitution and charter
      – such as the constitutional convention throwing out the articles of confederation beyond their charter
      – those that sow the wind will reap the whirlwind
      – meddle not with those give to change…

      Christ taught
      – satan vs. satan is a house divided that can not stand
      – that He has come to bring division in this world (not unity)
      – and to destroy every wicked work of the devil
      – clearly that includes the beast empires of nebuchadnezzer’s dream also

      Wow! There’s much more there every time I go back to the well.

      (sorry no edits just now … please look past grammar, typos, and enemy noise
      – to the spirit vice the letter)

    • Kirt,
      I’m not Nome, but I thought this answers it; I think it means set time- as in festival: observe these set times of God
      Daniel 7:25, “And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time”

      2166 zeman

      zeman: time
      Original Word: ?????
      Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
      Transliteration: zeman
      Phonetic Spelling: (zem-awn’)
      Short Definition: time

      Brown-Driver-Briggs (Old Testament Hebrew-English Lexicon)
      (Chaldee); from H2165; the same as H2165:—season, time.

      Hebrew Word Study (Transliteration-Pronunciation Etymology & Grammar)
      1) a set time, time, season

      5732 iddan – time
      Original Word: ??????
      Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
      Transliteration: iddan
      Phonetic Spelling: (id-dawn’)
      Short Definition: time

      Brown-Driver-Briggs (Old Testament Hebrew-English Lexicon)
      (Chaldee); from a root corresponding to that of H5708; a set time; technically a year:—time.

      Hebrew Word Study (Transliteration-Pronunciation Etymology & Grammar)
      1) time
      1a) time (of duration)
      1b) year

      Daniyl 7 is written in Aramaic, yet “zeman” is the Aramaic parallel of “moed”, showing this for understand, and 7th day Sabbath is listed in Leviticus 23.

      Leviticus 23:2, “Speak to the children of Israel, and tell them, ‘The set feasts of Yahweh, which you shall proclaim to be holy convocations, even these are my set feasts.””

      4150. moed – appointed time, place, or meeting
      Original Word: ??????
      Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
      Transliteration: moed
      Phonetic Spelling: (mo-ade’)
      Short Definition: meeting

      Brown-Driver-Briggs (Old Testament Hebrew-English Lexicon)
      From H3259; properly an appointment, that is, a fixed time or season; specifically a festival; conventionally a year; by implication, an assembly (as convened for a definite purpose); technically the congregation; by extension, the place of meeting; also a signal (as appointed beforehand):—appointed (sign, time), (place of, solemn) assembly, congregation, (set, solemn) feast, (appointed, due) season, solemn (-ity), synagogue, (set) time (appointed).

      Hebrew Word Study (Transliteration-Pronunciation Etymology & Grammar)
      1) appointed place, appointed time, meeting
      1a) appointed time
      1a1) appointed time (general)
      1a2) sacred season, set feast, appointed season
      1b) appointed meeting
      1c) appointed place
      1d) appointed sign or signal
      1e) tent of meeting

    • Mrs. M,

      I believe you are exactly right about the “times” meaning the festivals, Yahweh’s Festivals, His Feasts because that is what the word “times” means in the Hebrew.

      The AC wants to change those.

      Does anyone think they have already been changed?

      And the “laws” the AC wants to change are the statues, the commandments.

      If you have never thought about this before maybe you should.

      The AC wants to change the Feasts of Yahweh and change the commandments.

      Have you changed the Feasts of Yahweh? or maybe you don’t celebrate them at all.

      And have you changed the commandments? Or maybe you don’t think you have to keep them…

      If they are no big deal, then why does the AC want to change them?

      Dan 7:25 And he (the son of perdition, the Antichrist) shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times (an appointed occasion: – season, time, the feasts of Yahweh) and laws (ten commandments): and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time (31/2 years).

      Does anyone know what Yahweh’s mark is?

      And if we know what Yahweh’s mark will that help us figure out what the AC’s mark is??

    • My daughter expresses concern about the many families that live from paycheck to paycheck and are lucky if they have enough money to cover the rent and weekly groceries — much less stockpile food. If they are His children, will God just desert them? I just don’t think so — at least His Word gives no indication that He will.

      Elaine, this is especially for you: Your heart is in the right place and God will take care of you. David says in God’s Word:

      Psalm 37:25: “I have been young, and now am old; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread.” Psalm 56:11-13: “In God I have I put my trust: I will not be afraid what man can do unto me. Thy vows are upon me, O God: I will render praises unto thee. For thou hast delivered my soul from death; wilt not thou deliver my feet from falling that I may walk before God in the light of the living?” Psalm 62:8: Trust in Him at all times: ye people, Pour out your heart before Him: God is a refuge for us. Selah.

      Love and blessings to you also, Eric. We will not be forgotten nor forsaken.

  3. If we get hit with and EMP, were done as a nation, as a people.
    Here is a fictional account of the aftermath of and EMP written by William Forstchen
    “ONE SECOND AFTER” “http://www.onesecondafter.com/”
    If an atomic weapon goes off in the atmosphere over any country, you want to be someplace else.

    • EMP set off anywhere in the world…
      – major arc of the global satellite constellations go down
      – including GPS, communications, and weather
      – air and ship traffic grid locked just from loss of navigation
      – factories, payrolls, banks, credit transactions dead
      – much of which is based on satellites directly

      So all the talk of interceptors and defense…
      – ignores the areas unprotected
      – and the 100’s of millions that become refugees
      – forced into migrations out of the big cities

      – in those days they will still be marrying and giving to marry…
      – pretty much status quo for most…
      – especially the 666’s with their ration access exclusion system.

    • Nomemoleste, yes, considering what is in Luke 17:27-28 (…in those days, marrying, given in marriage, building, planting, etc….), one wonders about the timing of a possible EMP strike, if it does occur.

    • This is the kind of question the folks assembled here should be answering.

      So, Ok, Linda…
      – in the sense of “discerning the signs of the times”
      – Who now is able to use an EMP and possibly inclined?
      – N. Korea, Pakistan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Iran
      – But not those pulling the strings of the chiefs and kings (i.e. enemy angels)
      – that have a vested interest in keeping the global merchandise system going

      So which rabid dog is most likely to go crazy and EMP the global satellites….
      – I’d bet on N. Korea, since China has so little control of them
      – and the NK regime already lives in the dark (likely jealousy)
      – and want to keep everyone else in the dark (to control propaganda, etc.)
      Possible tie-in to making way for the kings of the east to invade the mid-east
      – with their hyrbrid “horse man” armies.. (we know the Trump & Vial sequence).
      – and since loss of satellites above the orient (Sorry Peter & Bruce!)
      – could start refugee movements of 2.5 billion people (China, India, Indonesia…)

      When??? on the prophetic calendar…
      – Before “The antichrist” sets a peace treaty with Israel
      – and after such EMP event over the orient
      – such as straight up over N. Korea … mad like a suicide bomber
      – To which Israel, push the buttons to set of the counter-responses
      – likely already in place … becoming the dominant global power
      – and crippling command & control of the superpowers

      My guess is the Rev. 12 then 11 & 13 sequences have to be in play…
      – Rev. 12 (the advance party from New Jerusalem descends)
      – rapidly leading the the Dragon / Manchild events
      – including war in heaven, the dragon and his angels kicked out into the earth
      – During which the 2 Witnesses vs. the 2 Beasts events progress (Rev. 11 & 13)
      – All within the frame of the “folded” 70th week (3-1/2 days, 42 months, etc.)

      So how will we know?
      – apart from the internal Witness of the Holy Ghost…
      – and the proclamation through the prophets (i.e. 2 Witnessses)
      – note: Russ Dizdar’s — pandemonium / black awakening warning
      – as all the enemy angels are “jailed” here on this passing earth
      – in this dimension that we’re in…

      The Day Star rises in our hearts… (in parallel)
      – on earth as it is in heaven
      – the remnant matures … (wheat, wise virgins)
      – while the wicked do also … (tares, great babylon ~ massively demon possessed)
      – in due season on the mufti-millennial high sabbaths calendar
      – where a day is as a thousand years…

      The Beloved can and do read the seasons and signs of the times.

    • hmmm…

      – Time Ends
      – It is finished
      – It is done
      – Silence
      – the reaping of blindness and deafness and darkness
      – possible fractal reflection in GPS time base also ends as Satellite’s are EMP’d
      – rapidly leading to disruption of time critical tech (non military CDMA, SSMA)
      – deliciously poetic irony if the sealing of the 7 Thunders also exemplifies black out conditions
      – think of no time base like the feared Y2K impact

    • Rev. 8:1 And when he had opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour. (Which very definitely should be the last verse of Chapter 7 and not part of Ch. 8 at all, as best I can tell. i.e. “Rev. 7 :18” vice Rev. 8:1)

      Rev 10:6 — And sware by him that liveth for ever and ever, who created heaven, and the things that therein are, and the earth, and the things that therein are, and the sea, and the things which are therein, that there should be time no longer

      Rev 10:7– But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets.

      Rev. 11:15
      And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven, saying, The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever.

      Rev 14:7 — Saying with a loud voice, Fear God, and give glory to him; for the hour of his judgment is come: and worship him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters. (The order of the angels in Ch. 14 is not sequenced, so the anticipated 14:7 verse could be a #7 event. )

      Rev 16:17 — And the seventh angel poured out his vial into the air; and there came a great voice out of the temple of heaven, from the throne, saying, It is done.


      Also interesting to compare the proximity of the “thunder, lightning, earthquake” events.

    • Nome, yes, bottom line to me is, if we, the church, want to consider IF, or how, an EMP attack could play out … especially in terms of timing… we need to consider the political factors you mention alongside scripture ….. and our internal Witness of the Holy Ghost always operating, too, of course!

    • Linda that is funny. I was wondering if anyone else was up late on the blog last nite. Lol other than Corey.

    • Linda, everyone who comments on LA’s blog seems to have a good sense of humor. These are such historic times in which we live, but so many people are too self-absorbed to notice, and most take themselves far too seriously to have any kind of self-deprecating humor.

      That is what is refreshing about the people who comment here. They can talk about a serious issue, but keep things in perspective, knowing His Kingdom Comes and not to be afraid. And no one points out my spelling and punctuation errors.

  4. So what goes in the faraday gage garbage can?
    – solar cells, radios, night vision, critter cameras, batteries
    – hand crank generators, shortwave radios, 12 volt ice chest
    – fuel fed portable generators, power tools, low power pdf tablets (with libraries)
    – data terminals, led light strings, low power light bulbs, flashlights
    …you get the idea….

    What do people need in a disaster?
    – ice for refrigerated medicines
    – can also be used as drinkable water
    – drinkable water…. etc.
    – volunteer for your city hurricane drills
    – “http://www.fema.gov/community-emergency-response-teams” (CERT)
    – “http://www.fema.gov/community-emergency-response-teams/training-materials”

  5. Mental note: LA Marzulli has plenty of supplies. In case of EMP, check out his house first.

    • heheheh yeah, he just might. I wasn’t speaking about you specifically meant anyone that just shows up out of nowhere. Unfortunately if a EMP attack were to happen , if anyone found out in my neighborhood I had supplies, that would lead to my demise as well as my family. It would be total chaos on the streets. Police protection would be nonexistent and at home protecting their own families, leaving me and you and others to project ourselves., During these times offering ice tea is not the way I would go about greeting anyone…more likely a 357 Magnum loaded with Hollow Point Ammo would be a better choice…cause believe me, they will take it by force if necessary and you don’t want to put in that position.

    • Hahaha Laura ! That was funny,,,I thought that yesterday , he should not post that. All the crazies will come out of the woodwork so to speak knowing of food stock piles.
      It is good to laugh in spite of what we know is going to happen.
      They can’t let everyone die! Who will pay taxes?

    • Corey, I read that the pope may visit the US on sept. 22-27 in 2015. Hmmm, Sept 13 , 2015 feast of trumpets/end of shemitah year. Then the pope visits, then sept. 28 feast of taberbacles. He could preach on income equality if the stock market crashes?? Just some interesting dates for folks to digest.

  6. Maybe it won’t be an EMP, maybe it will be a CME, things are sure shaping up for something big from the sun!

    BPearthwatch has some good info on this topic.

  7. L.A.:

    I have a concern that “home gardens” are subject to be contaminated by EMP and/or chemtrails.

    What, if anything, is protecting your garden?

    • I wonder about our food right now. Actually our bodies are pretty amazing,,,with all the chemicals we get from birth,,,,God has made us pretty resiliant. I believe there will be a special covering for those who are sealed in Christ. Not sure if we exit right after the sealing of the foreheads,,,there could be a spance of wait time. If God be for us who be against us. Maybe what you have will last beyond what it should,,,by the power of God’s miracles through his Holy angels,,,like in the oldtestiment,,
      As much as satan’s activities will be ramped up,,,God will not leave us empty handed,,,because that has not been His nature in the past….
      Where does my help come from? It comes from the Lord.

  8. The wells are critical. Most of us have no possibility of acquiring a well. When we moved here years ago, we were not thinking in terms of “survival” preparedness. So even if I had six months of food saved (I have about six weeks of food stored, which would go down to about one week’s worth if my unprepared family wanted to eat too) I would never have enough water IF the county water system failed in an EMP. I do know a man who has a deep well, and he might share, or perhaps he would not. Some people would say that his car wouldn’t be running and he couldn’t bring water here from seventeen miles away. However, Stan Deyo said this week that tests show that over 90% of automobiles WILL run after an EMP, and that most of the other cars could be repaired so they would work. He suggested that your car acts somewhat as a Faraday cage, and you could put things you really want to save in your car.

    Possibly the electrical circuits which provide water running through pipes will also survive? If they do not, there will NOT be enough water for me or my neighbors. Trying to store water in huge barrels with chlorine to keep the water fresh is suggested by the Deyos. I am not physically able to handle those big barrels or get someone to fill them for me. So, I will have to assume that it is the Lord’s time to take me Home if there is no water. That is where faith comes in. Some say to not just trust, but also “stand”. Yes, stand as much as you can, but realize your limitations.

  9. In light of some of the comments today and from some of you in the recent past, I was listening to a couple of ‘radio’ program interviews over on Trunews.com with a Pastor Levy titled “Prophetic Warning that America is Egypt”. Some of you may want to go over and check that out. It had elements of Egypt & America comparisons (Exodus), of course, as well as some elements from what I had read in the Harbinger to it, some elements I had personally gathered from others and the Blood Moons. Nothing really new that I hadn’t heard previously per se, but I found it interesting that some of the same dreams & revelations are coming out by many different folks which make you sit up and realize this all can’t just be coincidental as far as timing goes, and the way it was put together by this particular source was fascinating, interesting and the end of part 2 a little unnerving to me. It seems many are of the belief that the end is near and really coming up fast, of which I personally agree. How to properly prepare with limited and very few resources is my dilemma. Trust in the Lord, and be ready and able to move when he says move, but How to know it is really the time to move and know when to react are my own concerns. Thanks to all of you on here. Although I am mostly a silent, in the background, reader … I am thankful to all of you and have both joy and inspiration from each of you daily. Thanks again

    • Jim, I did listen to both broadcasts. Excellent! Loved the detail Pastor Levy offered! Have wondered about the southern hemisphere for some time due to the nuclear holocaust unfolding in the northern hemisphere. If there is an EMP in Amerika, we probably won’t need to worry about survival preps as the radiation from all of the compromised nuclear facilities nationwide would kill us in short order. I think that if you are Holy Spirit led and enabled to leave here for parts south, go soon and be blessed!! I also believe Hashem will supernaturally protect many of His remnant saints according to His plan and purposes for them in these last days. We can only do so much to physically prepare. Many don’t have the means to relocate or accumulate so unless Abba provides for them, they/we will not survive. And really? Is that a problem…..not surviving on this planet, in this earthsuit?? Shabbat Shalom!!

  10. Video interview between Crrow777 and UFO Planet dated today, May 9, 2014:

    Subject: Recent 3D Moon Hallogram, UFO moon activities, and lack of government transparency with the general public–what are they (the government) trying to hide?

  11. MH 370 THIS EXPLAINS IT ALL!-Air Force source high up the food chain in the 5 sided building on the Potomac. NOTE THIS WAS RECVD LAST WEEK BEFORE IT WAS RELEASED ON OTHER SITE AS AN ASIDE

    During the American withdrawal from Afghanistan, one of their command and control system used for controlling the drones operation, was hijacked by the Taliban when the American transport convoy was moving down from one of the hill top bases. The Taliban ambushed the convoy and killed 2 American Seal personnel, seized the equipment/weapons, including the command and control system which weighed about 20 tons and packed into 6 crates. This happened about a month ago in Feb 2014. The Taliban want money for the system from the Russian or the Chinese. The Russians are too busy in Ukraine. The Chinese are hungry for the systems technology. The Chinese goal is to master the technology behind the command and control system, then, all the American drones will become useless. So the Chinese sent 8 top defense scientists to check the system and agreed to pay millions for it. Sometime in early Mar 2014, the 8 scientists and the 6 crates made their way to Malaysia, thinking that it was the best covert way to avoid detection. The cargo was then kept in the Embassy under diplomatic protection. Meanwhile, American covert intelligence, with the assistance of Israeli intelligence together, determined to intercept and recapture the cargo. The Chinese calculated that it will be safe to transport it via civilian aircraft so as to avoid suspicion. After all, the direct flight from KL to Beijing takes only 4 and half hours, and the American military will not hijack or harm civilian commercial aircraft, so MH 370 is the perfect carrier. There were 5 American and Israeli agents onboard who are familiar with Boeing operation. The 2 Iranians with stolen passports worked in tandem among them. When MH 370 was about to leave the Malaysian air space and reporting to Vietnamese air control, an American AWAC jammed their signal, disabled the pilot control system and switched over to remote control mode. That was when the plane suddenly lost altitude momentarily. During AWAC operations activity in the 911 incident, all Boeing aircraft and Airbus aircraft are installed with remote control system to counter terrorist hijacking. Since then all Boeing commercial aircraft could be remote controlled by FAA /ATC ground control towers. The same remote control system used to control the pilot less spy aircraft and drones. The 5 American/Israeli agents soon took over the plane, switched off the transponder and other communication systems, changed course, and flew westwards. They dare not fly east to Philippines or Guam because the whole South China Sea air space was covered by Chinese surveillance radar and satellite. The Malaysian, Thai, and Indian military radars actually detected the unidentified aircraft but did not react. The plane flew over North Sumatra, Anabas, South India and then landed at Maldives some villagers saw the aircraft landing), refueled and continued its flight to Garcia Diego, the American Air Base in the middle of Indian Ocean. The cargo and the black box were removed. The passengers were silenced via natural means, lack of oxygen by achieving a temporary altitude to 45,000. The MH370 with dead passengers were air borne again via remote control and crashed into South Indian Ocean, make it to believe that the plane eventually ran out of fuel and crashed, and blame the defiant captain and copilot, but first diverting all the attention and search effort in the South China Sea, while the plane made their way to Indian Ocean. Then they came out with some conflicting statement and evidence to confuse the world. The Australians are diversion distracter. The amount of effort put up by China, in terms of the number of search aircraft, ships and satellites, searching first the South China Sea, then the Malacca Straits and the Indian Ocean is unprecedented. This showed that the China is very concerned, not so much because of the many Chinese civilian passengers, but mainly the high value cargo and its 8 top defense scientists. One does not like to think of officials or leaders as committing evil covert events or to do things to cover up a mess. They operate under the premise called The burden of leadership meaning, the end justifies the means. The few inside the circle know the truth, those outside the circle know a little bit, but if the majority is confused then the objective has been achieved in order to stabilize the insanity of world events. This has been the course of human history from the get go and if you are fortunate to shoot pool with certain spooks, you are privy to the inner circle. Hard to believe it, right? Thats the goal!’

    Interesting Perspective – Steve Quayle

    • Very interesting Richard…. But no surprise here…..because THAT IS….how “they” operate to cover the truth with confusion.

      Lives are always “expendable”….and everything else is “replaceable”.

    • So I guess one could say the clandestine operation was a success. You have to admit if this story is true, it is amazing they pulled it off….the lone tragedy is the loss of life, however, collateral damage is a fact of life in any military operation.

      On a side note, it’s a shame the passengers were not able to visit the Maldives; they have stunning white-sand beaches.

  12. This was the headlines in our local newspaper today…front page, complete with a artist rendition of a grey.

    UFO hunter says 1 in 4 people have been abducted by hostile aliens

    One in four people has been abducted by aliens, alien abduction runs in families and the aliens are not our friends. These are just three beliefs of resident alien hunter Derrel Sims.
    Sims has four decades of experience, he claims to be one of the world’s leading experts on UFOs.
    “My first interaction with these entities was at age 4, “I suspect they’re living on a massive craft.”
    Sims claims one in four people have been abducted by aliens at some point in their life.
    “You usually find markings on these people, cuts, bruises, scratches, lumps, bumps, and things that don’t make sense,” Sims said.
    The first run of Uncovering Aliens climaxed with Sims arguing the friendliness of aliens with fellow UFO hunter Steven Jones. Jones believes the aliens are our friends, not out to hurt us.
    For Sims, people who think like that are just victims of alien programming, people who he can work with to get to the truth.
    “You would be shocked, stunned and amazed to find out who’s on my list of clients,” Sims said. “There are scientists, intelligence people, NASA scientists and others who are abductees. It doesn’t make a difference. You can be a genius,” Sims told KPRC.
    If you fear you may have been abducted before, Sims offers an online questionnaire to help you confirm or rule out extraterrestrials from your life.
    Houston’s alien hunter also suggests that if you think you have, it’s likely someone in your family also does

    I don’t know about abducting folks, but a lot of aliens have come across the Rio Grande…..does that count?

    I think Dennis Miller said it best on this subject;

    ” Only man is a narcissistic enough species to think that a highly evolved alien life force would travel across billions and billions of light-years- a group of aliens so intelligent, so insouciant, so utterly above it all, they feel no need whatsoever to equip their spacecraft with windows so that they can gaze out on all that celestial beauty-but then immediately upon landing, their first impulse is to get some hick with a flashlight”

  13. Note to Jim C… I think you will find the following series of videos very interesting in light of the Egypt-America connection. These are a must see. There is indeed a connection and the “Bamah” high places of Ezekiel 20:29 play into it. You may have see me comment on here before about it. I will post them in order from program 1 through program 4. Part 1 is divided into 3 parts. If programs 2-4 are divided, I’ll post them in order as well. Enjoy.

    • This part of program 2 won’t play so here is the link: “http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=omK327Y_214”

      America’s Pattern of the Ancient Empires (part 3 of 3)

      part 2 of this program was put into moderation but you have the title so just google it.

  14. Here is part 1 of the video Hawk177 posted above. Simply amazing. Everyone should put aside some time to watch not only the Bill Cloud/Perry Stone series concerning ancient Egypt’s connection to America but also these two videos by Trunews. It goes into even further detail. What a combination of videos to watch in order. You’ll definitely get an indepth understanding of what is going on and how close we really are to the edge of Judgment and the Tribulation.

    • The further connections of ancient Egypt to America described in part 1 are absolutely stunning. Notice how the Israelites departed Egypt “before” it was destroyed. This is a picture of the church departing the earth before global judgment hits. This ties in with the Feast of Trumpets.

      As to the blood moon tetrad… If it is not clear by now to any doubters and skeptics that the blood moon tetrads are way more than hype and hysteria, then it will never be. The blood moons very clearly tie into this stunning parallel with ancient Egypt and America.

      I do have to raise a red flag of caution on part two of the video toward the ending though. According to him, the church will be here to see the destruction of America in 2015 (in his thinking, America is Mystery Babylon). The destruction of Mystery Babylon occurs in Revelation 18. That would mean that we are now well into the tribulation period according to this reasoning. As we know from scripture, we will be gone well before then. So it’s more likely the case that the historical exodus of the children of Israel from Egypt before Egypt’s destruction is foreshadowing the exodus of the church from the earth and the Tribulation will then begin. I would not put any stock into the last part of the second video postulating the idea that America is Mystery Babylon and we are about to see it’s destruction and we should get out of dodge before it happens. It is more likely that we should expect the “possible” departure of the church of which you and I are a part of.

      Bottom line… the parallels of ancient Egypt and America are absolutely stunning and it shows us the nearness of our departure and global judgment striking the earth and punishment of the unsaved.

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