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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Writer looks for clue in Delavan dig

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Margaret Plevak | May 7, 2014
 A California writer is offering $500 for a photograph of a 1911 dig of an ancient burial mound that uncovered large skeletons on what is now Lake Lawn Resort in Delavan. Large skeletons have been uncovered in other parts of the country and world, such as this photograph of self-described archaeologist Ralph Glidden, who–before it was outlawed–dug up such sites on Santa Catalina Island off the California coast. Photo courtesy of L.A. Marzulli


DELAVAN–It’s a 103-year-old Walworth County mystery that’s puzzled area historians, and if you’re the one holding the photographic clue you could be $500 richer, courtesy of a California researcher.

L.A. Marzulli  is a lecturer, researcher, filmmaker and author living in Malibu. The topics of his books range from the assassination of President John F. Kennedy to the Shroud of Turin. Four of his novels and one non-fiction book—he’s currently writing the second—deal with the Nephilim, a race of giants mentioned in the Bible, described as the offspring of humans and angels.

Nephilim have been noted by writers like Jewish historian Flavius Josephus  as far back as 2,000 years ago. And very large skulls and skeletal remains have been found in archeological digs in England, Peru and the United States—including, as it turns out, Delavan.

Late last month, Marzulli visited Wisconsin, researching a dig by two brothers named Phillips who, in March of 1911, uncovered oversized skeletons on their property, located on what is now Lake Lawn Resort in Delavan. Marzulli visited the Delavan Historical Society, the Walworth County Historical Society in Elkhorn and the Wisconsin Historical Society in Madison.

“I was hoping to hit that pay dirt,” Marzulli said in a telephone interview from California.

He found newspaper articles about the dig—including one from the New York Times.

There were even letters from Ernest Field Phillips, written on Lake Lawn Hotel stationary, to Charles Brown, an archeologist from the Wisconsin Historical Society in Madison, about how he and his brother, Chester W. Phillips, decided to investigate one of a number of ancient burial mounds on their property.

”As we were looking over and mapping out the mounds at Lake Lawn Park, we took it into our heads to search one to satisfy ourselves and others what was really in them and their makeup,” Ernest Phillips wrote.

Phillips described digging down several feet to discover a cobblestone pit that contained fourteen skeletons, their forms well preserved under a coating of dirt and hard clay. The skeletons, he wrote, revealed “big, powerful men.”
Phillips included sketches of the excavated site in his letter and promised to take photographs and send them to Brown.

Marzulli found no trace of the photos, but he’s offering $500 to anyone who can.

The Delavan skeletons’ purported sizes, ranging from seven to nine feet tall, with abnormally large skulls, are consistent with other skeletal remains which Marzulli said fit the Nephilim profile.

He doesn’t doubt Nephilim lived in North America.

“Native Americans have stories Paiute elders talk about red-haired giants in the land, and they’ll talk your ear off if you let them,” Marzulli said. “Paiutes, Navaho, Cherokee — all of them have stories of a race of giants.”

Centuries-old newspaper accounts reveal discoveries of giant skeletons in Ohio, Nevada, and other states, but the skeletons themselves aren’t around. Often after such findings made headlines, members of the Smithsonian Institution reportedly came to examine the sites, collected the bones and the skeletons were never seen again, Marzulli said.

“Why isn’t there any record of these skeletons? Where did they wind up?” he asked.

He said a friend of his had questioned Smithsonian officials about the giant skeletons and received a “condescending letter” in reply.

Marzulli said the academics, anthropologists and scientists he’s spoken with about the skeletons won’t speak on the record because they’re afraid of losing tenure or jobs by admitting the existence of a race of giants.

Of course, hoaxes do exist, like the 10-foot tall stone man unearthed in Cardiff, New York that made big news in 1869. It was found to have been a planted statue, although that didn’t stop P.T. Barnum from trying to buy it and make it part of his circus exhibits.

Though the Phillips brothers had family connections with the Mabies—owners of a local Delavan circus—Marzulli doesn’t believe their dig was a hoax.

Marzulli’s research covered a lot of ground: from Circus World archives in Baraboo to Beloit College, where anthropologists were supposed to have overseen the Phillips’ dig. He tracked down Ernest Phillips’ will, and checked out stories of the late Gordon Yadon, Delavan historian, who allegedly ventured into Phillips’ cavernous basement.

“That burial site (Phillips found) was incredible, air tight and water tight. The skeletons were in very good condition,” Marzulli said. “This was 1911, and Phillips would have had the ability and money to take photographs. But where are they?”

Pat Blackmer, researcher at the Walworth County Historical Society, pointed to Ernest Philips’ question, in his letter to Brown: “Do you want some bones?” It’s an unthinkable offer today, but she wonders if parts of the skeletons—or even photos—were given to Brown or a few of the other locals Phillips invited to examine the dig.

Blackmer, who noted Phillips had no children, has correspondence that says his collection of artifacts was sold in 1930 to Commonwealth Edison, the onetime owner of Lake Lawn Resort.

“I think the key to discovering any photos is to find out what happened to Ernest Phillips’ estate when he died,” she said.

Delavan Historical Society President Patti Marsicano said she didn’t “find a smoking gun” while doing research for Marzulli.

“All I know for sure is that when the remains were found, Ernest Phillips felt that the discovery was important enough to correspond with the Wisconsin State Historical Society about,” she said in an email. “And that he seemed to be of the opinion that (the skeletons) were definitely nowhere near what we consider normal.”

As for the photos?

“They could have been destroyed by water, fire or 100 plus years of poor environment,” Marsicano said. “They could be stashed away in a box in someone’s attic and they don’t even know they have them. They could also be unlabeled laying in a box of old photos in an antique store somewhere…or at the Smithsonian. No one knows…yet!”


– See more at: http://www.walworthcountytoday.com/article/20140507/WC/140509815#sthash.1iTBunYF.dpuf

40 thoughts on “L. A. Marzulli – On the Trail!

  1. Awesome! And on that note:

    Artificial DNA Breakthrough Could Lead to New Treatments

    I’m a broken record but here goes:

    1.) This is just what’s de-classified and carefully massaged and tricked out for the mainstream. This is as mainstream as it gets.

    2.) In Luke 21 and Matthew 24 Jesus describes days of Lot and days of Noah respectively with absolutely no caveats, no exceptions, no exemptions…no nuthin’.

    Happy dreams!

    • ^^ In case the link doesn’t work:

      Researchers for the first time created microbes containing artificial DNA, expanding the universal genetic code that guides life. The advance one day could lead to new antibiotics, vaccines and other medical products not possible with today’s bioscience.

      In a report published Wednesday in Nature, the scientists said they created two additions to the normal genetic code, and then prompted bacteria to incorporate these pieces of man-made DNA with few ill effects.

      “The cells recognized it as natural,” said chemical biologist Floyd Romesberg at the Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, Calif., who led the research group.

      The experiment demonstrates the feasibility of life-forms based on a different DNA code, independent experts said. Eventually, scientists could use an expanded genetic code to design living cells that could make new medical compounds.

      By one recent estimate, the market for biologic and protein-based therapies is expected to reach $165 billion a year by 2018.

      “Most people thought this wasn’t possible,” said biochemist Steven Benner at the Foundation for Applied Molecular Evolution in Gainesville, Fla., who wasn’t involved in the project. Many scientists assumed that a normal cell would ignore any imitation DNA. “He has gone inside a cell and gotten it to work and that is a shock,” said Dr. Benner.

      As honed by evolution, the genetic instructions for life are written in a simple but powerful code made up of four chemicals: adenine (A), which bonds with thymine (T), and guanine (G), which bonds with cytosine (C), to create two basic building blocks of life called base pairs. Combinations of the base pairs form DNA’s molecular recipes for amino acids and proteins.

      With growing mastery, scientists have been tinkering with this natural information-storage system that is found inside every cell. They routinely cut and splice normal DNA to alter plants, bacteria and animals. They have used its ultraminiature storage capacity to encode books, poems and popular music. They even have programmed DNA to perform computer-like calculations.

      Hoping to make DNA even more capable, scientists working in a new field called synthetic biology have been trying to perfect alternative genetic codes containing up to 12 DNA characters. Until now, researchers haven’t been able to make the artificial DNA work in a living, reproducing organism.

      Several environmental groups have urged that synthetic biology experiments be curtailed until any hazards are better understood.

      After a formal review, the U.S. Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues concluded in 2010 that there was no need to halt research or impose federal controls.

      “You may be changing the language [of DNA] a little, but the implications for changing life as we know it may be limited,” said Harvard Medical School geneticist Raju Kucherlapati, who is a member of the bioethics commission.

      In their work, Dr. Romesberg and his team sidestepped a technical problem that had stymied other scientists. They didn’t try to create cells that could produce unnatural DNA on their own. Instead, they fed a chemical supplement to bacteria—a common laboratory strain of Escherichia coli—to give the cells some help.

      Supplied with the dietary supplement, the bacteria readily replicated the artificial DNA, neatly combining the two synthetic characters into a new base pair, and then built that unnatural base pair into the structure of its DNA molecules, the scientists said.

      By design, the new DNA didn’t change the basic functions of the altered cells, though they did grow slightly more slowly, the scientists said.

      The technique also builds in a safety feature. Without the chemical additive, the bacteria stop making the artificial DNA and revert to normal.

      “It is a way to make things safer,” said biochemist Eric Kool at Stanford University, who also wasn’t part of the research team. “It is much harder for the DNA to escape the lab and function in another organism.”

      The Scripps Research Institute has licensed the process to Synthorx Inc., a new company launched with startup funding from two California-based venture-capital firms, Avalon Ventures and Correlation Ventures. Dr. Romesberg is a co-founder.

      Company President Court R. Turner said they first need to make the process easier and more efficient. They plan to pursue health applications, including drug discovery, screening of new antibiotics and development of cancer diagnostics and therapeutics.

      “We view this as groundbreaking technology,” said Mr. Turner. “Our initial goal is to optimize the system.”

    • Hi Eric,

      Just had a look and I was about to mention that. Thanks for posting the actual article.

      As you say, Eric, “days of Lot, and days of Noah”. No looking back either, I guess, without maybe turning into pillars of salt (… or worse)!

    • From the makers who brought you glyphosate and gmo products, learn how to zombify yourself, but hey! you’ll get to live forever. No thanks, I’ll pass.

    • I try to warn every new mother. Vaccines now given to infants and children contain the DNA of aborted fetuses – just look on the back of the multi-dose vial for proof. At best it causes an immediate auto-immune reaction in the child and only God knows the worst possible result!! Would you want an aborted fetuses DNA injected in you? Of course not. But parents think they have to vaccinate their kids because the government says so — also untrue. One vaccine is given to an infant during the first 24 hours without ever asking for prior approval of the parent. Know your pediatrician well and have it in the chart in advance — NO vaccines. No vaccine given today is without risk — even the flu vaccine contains mercury – a neuro-toxin and the vaccine doesn’t really prevent the flu!! Vaccines, like chem-trails and fluoridation in the water supply are unsafe for human consumption and have unsafe consequences. The horrors of vaccination are well documented:

      Silent Epidemic: The Untold Story of Vaccines

      Shocking Testimony About Vaccines!

      Vaccines – The Truth behind vaccinations

      The Exploding Autoimmune Epidemic

      Please – for our children’s sake – pass it on.

  2. Reblogged this on Watching the Watchers and commented:
    On the Trail…

    Artificial DNA Breakthrough Could Lead to New Treatments

    I’m a broken record but here goes:

    1.) This is just what’s de-classified and carefully massaged and tricked out for the mainstream. This is as mainstream as it gets.

    2.) In Luke 21 and Matthew 24 Jesus describes days of Lot and days of Noah respectively with absolutely no caveats, no exceptions, no exemptions…no nuthin’.

  3. ^^ Accidental duplicate. Sorry!


    ^^ This lady REALLY needs help!

  4. Intriguing, intriguing!

    Father God, in the Name of Jesus Christ, I come requesting that the person(s) who have photos of Ernest Phillips’ digs come forward and provide them to L.A. Marzulli’s Ministries for further research. Thank you Lord that you know where these photos can be found and released to LA. Praises to my God forevermore.

  5. Concerning yesterday’s subject: looks like it’s making a comeback possibly in a state near you: editor of the WA free beacon (you know that rag whose logo is a phallic symbol) suggest bringing back the guillotine!

  6. Perhaps coming soon to a University or College near you? ……….

    A group called “The Satanic Temple” is scheduled to perform a Black Mass at Harvard on May 12.

    It is also the same group that is trying to have a “child-friendly” statue of Satan (depicted as “Baphomet”) installed on the grounds of the Oklahoma State Capitol.

    Concerning the “child-friendly” Satan statue, Greaves, the spokesman for “The Satanic Temple” told CNSNews.com …..

    “Our monument will stand in honor of those unjustly accused, the slandered minority, the maligned out-groups, so that we might pay respect to their memory and celebrate our progress as a pluralistic nation founded on secular law.”


    • Oklahoma earthquakes will be attributed to fracking, not wrath of the Lord, and Saudi shieks will be laughing all the way to the bank. A nation that turns 180 degrees from the Lord is pointing to the fallen one. That Greaves guy has his mitt in alot of this satanic stuff.

    • John, I agree. Some may think it’s kind of a stretch to associate any of this with the wrath of the Lord. To those I would say, what about Psalm 9:17?

      Psalm 9:17 – “The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.”

  7. In just the past couple of years, nephilim has begun to be a household word (altho’ banned in mainline churches). Thanks in part to determined folks like LA. Carry on!

  8. Totally off the subject but this made me mad.


    The brothers (and our brothers in Christ) got fired from HGTV for standing up against abortion and gay marriage. We have got to support them. This type of action is getting to be way too common.

  9. And then there is this… Comet Linear arrives on the very day when Jews will be celebrating the day that God descended on Mt. Sinai and gave the Israelites the law or the ten commandments through Moses. Pope Francis will be visiting on this very day as well.

    This one is a must watch for sure. It would seem this comet is going to be a pretty big deal.

    • An interesting note here is that this was the passing of the Law to mankind (or the covenant of the law to mankind from God. Could this also be the signing of the covenant with Israel by the Antichrist being supervised by the pope? This one is getting very interesting indeed. Keep Looking up!

    • Corey….

      We will begin seeing more debris from this Comet Linear…especially around May 24-26 time frame when we go though the
      ………..2 MILLION PLUS….Miles Wide ….Debris Field.

      Will these be simple “shooting stars” …in a more greater number ?? …or… Will we see more events like those in Russia of Feb 2013 ??

      Time will tell.

      As to the “Signing of The 7 Year Covenant”….it is much more likely to see that SIGNING occur after Psalm 83 and after Ezekiel 38/39 …
      …..because in BOTH of those Wars….the muslims will be the major recipients of God’s Judgments….
      which will THEN open up the muslims for PEACE along with the JEWISH nation of ISRAEL….leading to 7 years of “fake peace”.

      Recall what it says in Ezekiel 39:9-10….

      9“Then those who inhabit the cities of Israel will go out and make fires with the weapons and burn them,
      both shields and bucklers, bows and arrows, war clubs and spears, …….AND FOR SEVEN YEARS …….
      ……. they will make fires of them.

      10“They will not take wood from the field or gather firewood from the forests, ….FOR THEY WILL MAKE FIRES WITH THE WEAPONS;
      and they will take the spoil of those who despoiled them and seize the plunder of those who plundered them,” declares the Lord GOD.

      To me, …this is plainly obvious….that this Ezekiel 38/39 “Invasion of ISRAEL”….will occur BEFORE the signing of the 7 year covenant…
      because ISRAEL will burn the weapons …..for a very specific time ….noted as being “7 Years”. Can’t be clearer than that, huh ?!?!?!

      So, therefore….we ARE looking for this Ezekiel 38/39 Event to occur…FIRST….which is also…. A ONE (1) DAY event !!!!

      AFTER….Ezekiel 38/39….THEN….a peace covenant will be sought by BOTH parties more easily.

      But…i have a sneaky suspicion….that the muslims will REALLY want “this peace”….because their armies were just DECIMATED….
      in BOTH the psalm 83 War …….. but especially now even more so…. in the ONE DAY …. Ezekiel 38/39 WAR…..BEAT DOWN !!!!!

      >>>>>>>> where God makes Himself known in the sight of many nations….and they will know that I AM The Lord.” Ezek 38:23

      When reading these 2 chapters….take notice of how many times…..that idea is noted in this specific War.

      One BONUS thing to ponder: Ezekiel 38/39 ….is the same event….as Revelation 6:12-17 !!!!

    • Corey, you may be right on the money with this one. This comet comes from the Camelopardalis constellation. The constellation named after the animal that Rebecca rode to meet Isaac. “Rebecca” literally means to tie, to join or to couple. Is the pope’s timing this to “join” the world’s faiths. I know, that seems like a tall order, but the allusions seems apparent, lol, or maybe it’s just me. Isaacs and Rebecca’s wedding had the symbolism of the Jewish wedding ceremony, which has the symbolism of the rapture. The timing of this could be construed as a mockery of the rapture, or again, maybe it’s just me.

    • this is Kirt


      You picked another great sign. 

      I can guarantee just like ISON was not a sign, and just like the Tetrads are not a sign.

      Nothing is going to get interesting based on what this guy is saying. These are not Yahweh’s signs.

      Here are 6 reasons why.

      1) Yahweh does everything according to the way He lays it out in His word.

      The true Feast of Shavout is calculated by counting 7 Sabbaths from the Firstfruits and the day after or the fiftieth day is Shavout.

      Firstfruits was April 20. Lev 23:10-11

      7 Sabbaths later is June 7th the next day, June 8th is Shavout.

      NOT May 24

      So if, if anyone is going to make the claim that Yahweh is going to show us a sign in the heavens on His Feast Day then He would have to do it ON His Feast Day not some other day.

      2) Pope Francis steps foot in Jerusalem… ok….

      Truly I feel like saying..

      Ok… Pope Francis will probably also take a crap in Jerusalem.

      So now sh*t is gonna hit the fan …. Right…

      Big deal, so He steps foot in Jerusalem.. People try to make something out of nothing…. Nothing that is biblical.

      2Th 2:4 says “so that he sitteth in the temple of Elohim”

      What temple is he going to sit in??

      3) St. malarky’s ……Malachi’s prophecy… 🙂 

      How many times are we going to hear this is the last pope??? Where in the bible does it say watch for the 113th pope???

      St. Malachi’s prophecy is not in the bible… I wouldn’t put to much stock into someone’s prophecy that is not in the Bible nor someone who is in the Arch Bishop system.

      4) I see the tetrad fallacy is thrown in the mix. The tetrads have never signaled anything.

      Also, the lunar eclipse took place on April 16th and did not even take place on Passover which was the 14 day of the month which was April 14th. Exo 12:6

      5) A solar eclipse never took place over Jerusalem on 33 A.D as he claims.

      6) It’s impossible for solar eclipses to take place during Passover (the crucification) (Solar eclipses require a new moon while Passover only takes place during a full moon) as he claims.

      “Solar eclipses are also too brief to account for the crucifixion darkness. The length of the crucifixion darkness described by biblical and extra-biblical sources was more than a full order of magnitude for the totality of solar eclipses. Seven minutes and 31.1 seconds has been the established maximum limit of solar eclipse totality.

      [37] The maximum duration of the total eclipse of November 3, 31 AD, was only one minute and four seconds. The maximum duration of the total eclipse of March 19, 33 AD, was only four minutes six seconds. Neither one had paths of totality passing near Jerusalem. Eclipses lasting at least six minutes, that were close to the crucifixion year, occurred on July 22, 27 AD, for a maximum duration of six minutes and thirty-one seconds and on August 1, 45 AD, for a maximum duration of six minutes and thirty seconds.[38]
      Because it was known in medieval times that a solar eclipse could not take place during Passover (solar eclipses require a new moon while Passover only takes place during a full moon) it was considered a miraculous sign rather than a naturally occurring event.[51] The astronomer Johannes de Sacrobosco wrote, in his The Sphere of the World, “the eclipse was not natural, but, rather, miraculous and contrary to nature”.[52]


      Sorry friend but another dud sign..

      Obviously this date is just over a few weeks away so this will be easy to confirm..

    • Kirk… I agree. I think this will be after psalm 83 and ezekiel 38 & 39. I think this is a very significant sign. I tend to think this is but one of many heavenly signs that Jesus was speaking about when he mentioned that there would be signs in the Heavens before his return for the church/second coming. I have a book in my collection called “The Silence Is Broken” by Douglas Berner. It’s quite an awesome read. It breaks down the whole ezekiel 38 and 39 scenario and the timing of things. It’s been awhile since I’ve read it.

      John T… Nope, I don’t think it’s just you. I’m gonna have to do some looking into on that one. Very interesting thought indeed. Seems to be some symbolism going on here.

    • Also Rebecca was one of the Jewish Matriarchs and the Pope is also meeting the greek Patriarch on this trip. Also, on August 26, 2014 is the perihelion of comet Tempel-Swift. It was discovered in 1880 in the Pegasus constellation. None of my x-files analysis on this one. It probably won’t be visible on earth, but it having an affect on the sun is always possible. I just thought the name of the comet and constellation is probably vexing for the new-agers, waiting for their “ascension” without the Lord’s help. I posted a video yesterday from a guy who thinks that angels are angles of photons, the left behind are the left-brained people, Uranus is heaven, ancient Greeks wrote the bible, etc. My point was to show how the elites might be thinking.

    • Corey….i have been RE-reading that awesome book “The Silence is Broken!”….just started it again this week….and it’s even MORE alive
      than when i first read it back in 2009. WOW…what a good read. Lots to chew on … and much to watch for … Douglas brings up a lot to
      think about and many “connections” between one verse and another….which is much like what i see. MANY things he brings up….i already
      saw in my own studies….but there are always a “few nuggets” that make you sit back and really think.

      I also got Berner’s “follow up” titled: “When God Intervenes”….and I have been working my way through that one also. BOTH are awesome !!

      When looking at Psalm 83 …. and Ezekiel 38/39……then seeing that video on youtube: “Islam: Babylon The Great”….
      …it really is apparent how much Islam will be a factor in the end times….and how GOD ALMIGHTY will deal a “death blow” to Islam’s religion.

      Though that “final death blow” will NOT occur until late in the 2nd half of the 7 year Tribulation, we are seeing Islam rise again globally….
      which is part of The Plan of God to permit it to reign until such time when God puts it down forever! That day approaches….Hallelujah !!!

    • One last note, the constellation camelopardalis wasn’t named until the 1600’s, so admittedly, i’m just saying that “maybe” this is something. Mt. St. Helens will blow up very soon though, just kidding, seeing if anyone is paying attention. Kirk’s bible-based predictions are a definite someday(Eze 38 etc.), but most of the people that I talk to, don’t even consider that happening. I often ask myself why?…Oh Oh, got to go, Honey Boo Boo is coming on.

  10. I was looking up curiosities in the Delavan area and I came across 1. this book of Wisconsin curiosities and 2. this Dairy Museum with a “Mysteries of the Mounds Exhibit”.

    – The book is a history of the freaky things of Wisconsin.

    – The Mysteries of the Mounds Exhibit has artifacts from these mysterious mounds, arranged in Masonic symbols. Now that is interesting!



    • Apparently, a very p***** demon spirit didn’t like the fact that Pastor Begley was talking about the heretical new translations of the bible… the ones that leave out the Father, Son and Holy Spirit concept.

  11. Doug Riggs – North Korea – The Occult Connection part 1 >>>>>>>>>>> ANYTHING BY DOUG RIGGS …..IS SOME HEAVY TEACHING !!!!

    • EVERYONE…….should really LISTEN and UNDERSTAND this spiritual reality. Many here knows this, but this gives more insight.

  12. DON’T WATCH BEFORE BED! PROOF Planet X – Nibiru Getting Too Close – Cover UP! Alien Contact! …………WATCH THIS COMPILATION.

  13. 5/05/2014 — West Coast Volcanic Unrest — Yellowstone (Idaho) EQ swarm @ ABANDONED MINE

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