Nephilim Skull Tour! I Head Out to Peru today!

Peru Poster MayI’m off to Peru and will be there until late May!

Most of the Hotels have great Internet so I will be blogging!

There will be a re-run of Acceleration Radio tonight!





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L. A. Marzulli’s Speaking Schedule 2014

L. A. 2013 PHOTO 23New Years Eve! December 31 – Calvary Chapel Oceanside – Southern Cal.

Watcher’s 7! Screening in Southern California – Saturday – Feb. 1st. 7:30 pm – Just Cause Motion Capture Stage – 4130 Del Rey Ave. Marina Del Rey!–done

February 21-22: Decoding the End Times Bible Conference!–done

March 28-30: Prophecy In the News! Orlando –done

April 5 & 6 – Dominion Christian Center–done

April 25 -27: Behold the Days are Coming Conference   

May 5-15: Peru tour with L. A. Marzulli & Brein Foerster!

June 13-14: Nephilim Mounds II –

June 28-29: The War of Art! Southern California!

July Conference with Pastor Caspar McCloud – Atlanta area – Details coming soon.

July 25-27 – Prophecy in the News Colorado!

October 24-25: Strategic Trends with Chuck Missler – Details coming soon

November 7- 9: Tri State Prophecy Conference – W/ Gary Stearman & Russ Dizdar November – OK City conference – details coming soon.

To book L. A. Marzulli please email him at L. A. Marzulli shares the platform with a variety of speakers with many different world views. Marzulli does not endorse anyones world view unless specifically noted.


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In Other News: Tracking the Birth Pains!

National Day of Prayer!




Bill Clinton on UFOs


Walpurgis Night


Business as Usual?


Media Cover up!









124 thoughts on “Nephilim Skull Tour! I Head Out to Peru today!

  1. Prayers for all for safe travel, education, edification…seed planting…

    I can’t believe this trip is already here. Where’s the time going?!

    • Ditto! 🙂 What a wonderful trip that would be but alas, my old knees, and wallet were too crippled to go……but my DVD remote finger is just fine and will be waiting patiently! 🙂

    • Nome should go on this trip considering his extensive cranial investigative skills that he has honed beforest our very eyes. ๑•ิ.•ั๑

    • “ojala” … travel advisory considered

      ubinas, peru
      -16.328793 -70.912918

      Eruption Giving Villagers ‘Pink Eye’

      possibly prudent to pack drops…
      – to get the red out

      There’s an opportunity for LA to interview DIFA

      en epañol…

      The story comes from one respectable news program at Univision. It states that the Peruvian government will Re-Open the Division that deals with this phenomena, meteors and space junk, DIFA. Since Peru is one of the most visited countries in the world by UFOs the government decided that they needed to investigate again. Last year was huge for this, with hundreds of sightings and recorded evidence. They talk about testimonies of mother ships that appears in the sky and lots of small ships coming out of it. There’s a place in the jungle that this happens so often that for the inhabitants is a very common thing in the sky. This group at DIFA is composed by Military, Anthropologists, Philosophers, etc. They analyze the evidence and then decide the course of action. They are very respectable people like Anthony Choy who’s investigations shows lots of activities in the jungle. Something real is happening at the skies of Peru, but not just there, this phenomena is happening in central and south america.

  2. L.A., safe trip to you and the expedition team. I pray in the Name of Jesus Christ the the doors of impossibility open and have continuing favor with the Peruvian officials and general public. May all your needs be provided to each and everyone on the trip. May the Blood of the Lamb cover everyone and the Angels of God lift and protect everyone as needed. Amen.

    • Article: Fleets of UFOs Pass in Front of Moon on Live Cam, video “”

    • One more please…Amazing Angelic rescue

      2 Kings 2:16…those who are with us are more than those against us (paraphrased)

      Have a great day in the Lord!

    • Amen and safe travels. I, too wish I could be there but echoing old knees and low $$. But we are with you in thought and prayer!

    • SeashoreMary….

      In that top video … I wonder….some of those “things” … going across the front of the moon seem to be “in a wobble”.
      Did you catch that ?? Strange.

      So, I wonder….are those pieces of meteors drifting by ??? ……Or “maybe” …. a very bad driver of a UFO ??? 😉

      But what clear shots though, huh !!!

      Check out all those meteor and asteroid impacts….I see them well from here….when “most” nights are clear…with binoculars.

      That bottom video I remember viewing back in March this year. No doubt that angels can move fast …..ZING !!!!

      I remember a friend w/ family coming up from Kentucky I think it was…driving along on the interstate…when suddenly ….the semi-trailer
      and cars that were just in front of them …. all started to HYDROPLANE ( not always a fun thing!! ) … they were quickly in the midst
      and about to crash right through the semi-trailor….and THEN …. instantly ….they were …”ON THE OTHER SIDE”…A MIRACLE !!!!!!

      They pulled over well beyond the pileup of trucks and vehicles all mangled and wrecked, … and started helping people out and praying
      for people ….MANY MIRACLES of healings occurred in that one situation … and it was like God put an army of fellow Believers there…
      all helping and praying. My friend said it was nothing like he had ever seen!!! He said that some of the “people” that were helping others
      seemed to be “GLOWING”…..kinda wild, huh !!! ANGELS unawares !!!! Hebrews 13:2

      So this video reminds me of that story! 🙂

    • The Angel Superhuman video is a copy taken
      from a Chinese video game manufacture who produced a bunch of promos see here:


    • Gordy, those are outstanding videos. I must stop using the phrase “New Age” and use their term “New Spirituality”. As Johanna Michaelson says, and the others (but she is the most passionate due to her experience with the New Spirituality) it is the Bible alone which is the guide. Just as the Torah once was the only guide for the Jewish people.

      Having been a part of the New Spirituality and also attended Churches of Laodicea, I realize how hard it is to find the Bible properly taught. And the other thing which is always a hitch is that some Bible churches are like the Church of Ephesus, without love.
      When I think how hard it is to find the true path, I thank God for His assistance to me in finding His truth in the Bible.
      But I have to say that many of those involved in the New Spirituality are ripe to find the truth, more than the Laodiceans. They WANT to find it. How many are available to be guides?
      Some of the people profiled in the videos, like Benny Hinn specifically, at least were, at one time, real guides to the passion of the Gospel. I don’t know if Benny has departed from the path, haven’t followed him in a long time. At one time he was important to my husband and me, who had had nothing but Laodicea and New Spirituality up to that point. Well, my husband did have good Bible teaching as a child and young man, just got away from it. I NEVER had it until my Benny Hinn/Chuck Missler period. I would like to defend Chuck Missler as well, whom some people love to throw rotten eggs at. A great Bible teacher.

    • Very true Mariel.

      Many people BASH ….godly men and women alike … truly pitiful.

      Chuck Missler (as you stated above) …. who my mom really enjoys his thorough teaching that is very deep ….. and you mention ….
      “a sinner” like Benny Hinn (who repented) – gee I guess ….that “we”…. are somehow “better” ….than “he”. FUNNY how that works!

      That’s “religion” for you though.

      Plus others like Perry Stone, Mark Biltz, Tom Horn, John Bevere, Keith Moore, Joyce Meyer, John Nuzzo, Jesse Duplantis,
      Jonathan Cahn, Bill Winston, Andrew Wommack, Mark Driscoll, Beth Moore, John Hagee, TL Osborn, Rick Renner, Reinhard Bonnke,
      Myles Monroe, Norvel Hayes, Charles Capps, E.W. Kenyon, J.C. Ryle, Bill Hamon, Lester Sumrall, JD Farag, Arnold Fructenbaum….
      and a BIZZILLION more ….could be added to this short list !!

      Heck, even our beloved LA MARZULLI …. has been ridiculed and demeaned…. by “professing” Christians … that seem to “know better”.

      Scripture says it best:

      Matthew 5:11-12….

      11“Blessed are you when people insult you and persecute you, and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of Me.
      12“Rejoice and be glad, for your reward in heaven is great; for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.”

      Luke 6:22-23….

      22“Blessed are you when men hate you, and ostracize you, and insult you, and scorn your name as evil, for the sake of the Son of Man.
      23“Be glad in that day and leap for joy, for behold, your reward is great in heaven. For in the same way their fathers used to treat the prophets.

    • Kirk

      I have noticed the last couple of blogs in particular you have been bashed for being a Watchman that has been diligent in covering some of the behind the scenes possibilities that may effect the entire world in the near future.

      Before I go on …. let me say this ….. most of us would not follow this blog or the ministry of LA Marzulli unless we all believed for the most part that he is on the right track with his conclusions regarding the nephelim, UFOs, and fallen angels and their relationship to scripture……. stuff today’s Christians normally do not hear from the present day pulpits because the topics are considered to be myth or ridiculous.

      Twenty years ago heretical and unheard of.

      For me …… I always knew that these type of things were real and played a part but did not know how they related as far as the Bible was concerned until Mark Driscoll and Chuck Missler released a book circa 2000 that covered these topics … forgot the name of the book and gave it away to a fellow christian after reading it from cover to cover in two days, but I knew instantly that God was pointing me in a direction that was very real and virtually uncovered.

      As a cop, I have to think outside of the box and look at things from a different perspective ….. everything is a puzzle and every piece has to fit until the entire puzzle is solved and the correct picture revealed.

      Often, the entire puzzle is never fully constructed due to missing pieces, but then evidence is used to draw conclusions to fill in the missing pieces so that in the end the correct picture is revealed even though some of the pieces were or are still missing missing.

      I’ll give you an example …….. an elephant puzzle ……. how many pieces of the puzzle are needed before someone could accurately come to the conclusion that the final picture is of an elephant without having all of the pieces in place?

      There will always be someone that will disagree with the final conclusion as long as there are missing pieces ……. doesn’t mean the picture is not of an elephant …… means that there will be those that are skeptical and won’t consider the possibility until the elephant materializes out of the picture and stomps the skeptical into the ground.

      Let’s take Nibiru …… definitely there is evidence to support the current theories that are out there, but there are still plausible arguments to the contrary.

      When I then compare both arguments to scripture ……. which is without a doubt 100% Truth ….. I find more convincing evidence that Nibiru is reality rather then conjecture.

      In the case of Noah, there was no evidence to support the alarm that Noah was sounding in his day and yet the truth was still the truth no matter how it was stated or how it was received by the skeptical.

      For 75 to 100 plus years, Noah was the local nut sounding the alarm of doom and gloom and yet no one believed even though Noah told every one and emphasized that his vision of the coming flood was from none other than God.

      God’s Grace and Mercy had gone on for too long and the hardening of men’s hearts brought them away from God and allowed the fallen ones to get a foothold that allowed evil and disbelief to be the natural state of man without a desire to follow God.

      Sounds alot like present day …….. the true christian is a minority …….. and the Watchman on the wall sounding the alarm is an even greater minority in christianity.

      God is pouring out his Grace on this generation and the majority of people are turning their backs including some christian churches.

      New churches are coming to life that are not using the Gospel as a bludgeoning stick but trying to use love and compassion to lead the lost to Jesus …… yet the old Guard of christianity are labeling these new churches and men of God as heretics and still employing the “Gospel of Tough Love”

      For the most part, I am a silent observer on this blog and keep to myself. When I see someone trying to sound the alarm as a watchmen and then be chastised for it, my protective instincts take over.

      Kirk ….. you are a Watchmen and are sounding the alarm of possibilities that very well may come to pass. No matter how you state the truth whether it be sarcastically to prove a point or just in general, it is still the truth even though the entire picture may not be clear.

      Just as LA Marzulli covers topics that are scoffed at as mere conjecture by some ……. He keeps sounding the alarm.

      You too need to keep sounding the alarm because not everyone looks upon your information as unscriptural and merely as conjecture.

      Love What you do LA and the way you do it !!!

      God Bless Everyone in Jesus’ Holy Name.

      Nick Peluso

    • There is no avoiding the days we are in. And there is no avoiding the truth of God’s Word: 2 Timothy

    • Nick….

      I deeply appreciate your post above. God used your words to reinforce the task set before me to “WAKE PEOPLE UP”….
      and to “bring LIGHT where there is darkness”. Tempering my approach in sharing THE TRUTH may require “some tweeking”…
      but it will NOT….quench my ZEAL….for the Things of God and what He has made very clear to me.

      Your post was right on for what I myself needed….and maybe even for Corey too! i know he feels the frustration at times.
      >>>> So Corey….if you are reading….”this post above by Nick is for you as well.” 🙂

      Sounding the alarm….when the danger is not “seen” by everyone else … has a way of making one look like a NUT, as with Noah.
      I appreciate your insights on that also!

      And that is kinda how I see it too! THE TRUTH…. just doesn’t vanish … simply because it’s “behind a curtain”.

      Sometimes it is …”tough” … to see things that others do not. It’s been that way my entire life, going all the way back to childhood.

      As with all of us who try to “make a difference”… I, too, get “frustrated” when many don’t “get it”….what ever the “it” is at the time.
      If I didn’t care….it wouldn’t matter to me. But…It is a real “bummer” that soooo much of the CHURCH does not engage in learning
      these end time topics…but will freely condemn and persecute the “up and coming” generation. Seems like every generation does it.

      I am glad that our Heavenly Father has given you “a window” to see through when it comes to me and my desire to reach others.

      As you said here( from above ):
      “When I see someone trying to sound the alarm as a watchmen and then be chastised for it, my protective instincts take over.”

      Kinda neat …”to be vindicated” … by my Heavenly Father….and yet (at the same time) still be shown where I need to GROW.

      Now THAT’s my Heavenly Father…..and now i just have to follow His lead and His example!


      GOD’s PROTECTION … FAVOR … BLESSING … and HONOR ….be upon you and your family. 😉

      “Like apples of gold in settings of silver Is a word spoken in right circumstances.” Proverbs 25:11

      The next verse is timely also.

      “Like an ear ring of gold and an ornament of fine gold is a wise reprover to a listening ear.” Proverbs 25:12

    • Kirk, Thank you for your kind words …. they are a blessing to me.

      Most of my work associates think I am a very respectable police officer, but they also think I am way out there in my christian beliefs when it comes to the current time we are in and my statements about UFOs, the blood moons, gnostic or atheistic government officials, fallen angels, end times, …… the list goes on and on.

      I’ll tell you a quick story:

      My 12 year old son was in school studying Greek mythology and was told to do an essay and project on a Greek god. My son knows immediately that this is bad and tells the teacher that daddy will not like this at all.

      He comes home from school and tells me about his assignment. I told him I would take care of it.

      I went to the school and asked to speak to the principal and politely told her that there was no way that my son would do anything to bring tribute or recognition to a fallen angel …. she immediately gave me the look …… ya know …. this guy is a fruit loop and wears a gun and badge too.

      She then asked me what was I referring to …….. I simply said Genesis chapter 6 …….. she looked confused as you might expect.

      I told her that the greek gods were not myth, that they were fallen angels representing themselves to be gods and that they actually had existed. I also told her that they had relationships with women and had nephalim offspring just before the flood in an attempt to defile the bloodline that would lead to Jesus our Savior and that it was all there in Genesis chapter 6.

      I then stated you don’t have to believe me but it is your choice if you believe God. in any event my son will be more than willing to do anything else on greek culture, but I, as a parent, forbid him to do anything giving tribute to a fallen angel.

      She continued to give me that shocked look and said ok.

      I let her know how serious of an issue this was to the point that I was willing to let my son get a failing grade on the project.

      Even though she had no idea what I was referring to and it wasn’t received well, the truth is still the truth and somewhere in that encounter I alerted the principle that she might need to go to her Bible and do some research on her own without me actually saying so.

      You keep doing what you are doing Brother and let the Lord be your guide.


    • And who is to determine if these folks are “men of gawd”?? We certainly can’t take their word for it. It seems to me that is personal opinion and open to debate. Some claim they are preaching the word and living a Godly life and are nothing could be further from truth… they disguise themselves as spiritual leaders and Godly men. We all have opinions on these folks, whether we want to admit it or not, and there is nothing wrong with that.
      As the scriptures says “Beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves.
      2 Corinthians 11:14 says for such men are false apostles, deceitful workers, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ. No wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. Therefore it is not surprising if his servants also disguise themselves as servants of righteousness, whose end will be according to their deeds.

      Just because someone tells me they are sent by God , and they were chosen by God to be an evangelist doesn’t mean I believe them and will fellow them blindly .These people chose to live their lives openly in the public eye and there for open themselves up to scrutiny when they are exposed in sin.
      If more would have questioned Jim Jones instead of following that insane demonic possessed man blindly, they could have possibly saved themselves.
      I can go on and on with a list of so called high profile “Men of Gawd” that have fallen into sin. They should not be condemned, they should be forgiven but at the same time remove themselves from authority within the church, until healing and repentance has taken place.
      My home bound grandparents got ripped off in the 80s by Jim Baker and his Heritage USA (the PTL Club)….now if they would have done their homework they would have realized that the PTL club was nothing more than a Ponzi scheme run by leaders that were nothing but adulterers, lying, thieves that hid in their title within the church. They left a trail of scammed and desperate people in their wake, mostly from senior citizen whom could hardly afford to be ripped off. Not long after that 60 minutes program showed a high profile TV minister (still going strong today) that showed his employees back stage ripping open prayer request envelopes to look for money inside then throwing the prayer request on the floor…One glimpse of this evangelist’s entourage today should be enough to convince anyone that he’s a total fraud. Any preacher, who travels with more half the muscles in the WWE around him, is not to be trusted with anyone’s money.

      Over the years I have met many high profile evangelists, and while some of them are very genuine and love God with all their heart and TURLY want to minister to the hurting, others are giving Christianity a bad name and should be called out on it. God is the furthest thing from their hearts and mind…. The big issues I have with these guys are their false claims… I have watched their antics of blowing on people, and swinging their jackets at others to ‘slay’ them… The word slay means to kill… What a dreadful way to express the work of the Holy Spirit… Shame on him… There’s nothing Biblical about that for a start… Next, the claims of healing where there has been no healing, yet these so called “Men of Gawd” take the credit
      From Robert Tiltons ministry: “”I must tell you boldly: God wants to make you rich. . . . God wants to make a millionaire out of certain ones who receive this letter. Is it you?”
      The letter includes a large slip of paper fashioned into a $1 million bill and a penny glued to the reverse side. The bill includes a checklist of desires, including a new home, new car, a piece of real estate or money for vacation.
      “I want you to put a checkmark on the back of the Million Dollar Bill of what you need or desire, and send it back to me, along with a Seed Faith Gift of $200. . . . This ministry has given you spiritual food, so it’s time to pay your tithes.”

      Mike Murdock ministries: “In Jesus’ name, I am sending you this Green Financial Prayer Cloth for you to defeat Satan’s plan,” states the letter, which contains a strip of thin, green fabric.
      Recipients are directed to write the date, time and their name on the cloth. “Place this Green Financial Cloth under your pillow and allow God’s spirit to rest upon you as you sleep tonight. Tomorrow, remove the Green Financial Prayer Cloth, touch it to your heart, your forehead and your pocketbook.”
      The letter suggests a financial donation of $107, $177 or an amount decided by the recipient. It contains a wish list of items that recipients can check off, including: “a better job,” “new clothes,” ‘a loan” and “a newer car.”

      The writing is on the wall with these guys.. They are the false prophets and wolves of our time.. God gave us a brain to use and figure this out.

      As far as judging people is concerned. Some Christians have a one-sided single-minded view of judgment… The Spiritual gift of God to His Church is the gift of discernment… That means the God-given gift to examine and judge what is right and what is not right according to doctrine.
      Yes, we all know that Jesus said ”Do not Judge” but most people leave out the most important part which Jesus said, and that is: ”But judge righteous judgment” .. Most people don’t like that part of the scripture so they leave it out… Apostle Paul needed to rebuke the believers at Corinth for NOT JUDGING.

      Jesus warned of false teachers and preachers doing false signs and wonders… Where are they? Have you seen any? Who are they? Or was Jesus telling lies about these people?
      The Bible also tells believers what action they should take in this event… We are told to rebuke them sharply… Reprove them and rebuke them… Search the scriptures and find out where these instructions can be found. Then do it in obedience to God.

    • Matt…

      Kinda playin’ with ya……….but where exactly is that verse….you know….the one about “the GIFT of discernment” ???

      i am curious to see it. Been asking people to SHOW ME that verse in Scripture …for 25 years or more….still none can find it.

      Maybe it’s in your Bible.

    • Nick,

      That is a good testimony about being BOLD and for your kiddo too by speaking up!

      Certainly we can all learn from that…I bet the principle did !!!


      I wonder….does our Heavenly Father get a kick out of watching us overcome situations….???

      YEPPER….He most assuredly does !!!

    • @ Kirk…Re: Gift of Discernment. I created a postcard that lists both the Gifts and Fruit of the Holy Spirit “”

      Specifically the gift of Discernment is 1 Corinthians 12:4-10. (NKJV)


    • SeashoreMary…..Nice try! No “Gift of Discernment” there….do you KNOW WHY ???

      Because that phrase is a Christian “religious” phrase that developed over the years … totally NOT in The Word of God.

      Do you know how one may “use” discernment ???

      Gain knowledge…..have understanding of that knowledge….operate in Wisdom with that understanding of that knowledge…..
      and THEN … you can discern between good and evil.

      Discernment is a process of LEARNING……………it is NOT ….one of the 9 gifts of the Spirit of God.

      Those verses in 1 Cor 12 ….. sure have taken a beating over the years….yet NO “gift of of discernment” exists.

      It is “made up” in the mind of Christians.

    • It I refuse to be baited into any religious dogma debates, besides I think you get my point. …I will leave scripture, upon scripture, upon scripture (yawn)… to other good folks.
      I don’t really have a dog is this discussion as I have already made up my mind that most of these “men of gawd” on the posted list are modern day snake oil salesmen.
      Now, if I can just get Peter Popoff to stop sending me all those “free” vials of snake oil…umm I mean, olive oil direct from the Holy Land I will be ok…it’s a dead heat between his olive oil vials and Paul Lewis’s miracle olive oil soap which he claims “if you have a serious disease like cancer or aids or if one of your legs is longer than the other one, this soap will work to cure you…and if you’re in jail, this soap will break you out too!” ….
      Well,, rub a dub dub…he’ll even “rush it in the mail” free of charge with, uh, no ..strings attached” 😉
      Both are great products but I prefer Peter Popoff’s miracle olive oil as it goes great on my salads.

    • Matt, Have you tried the meal that heals in combination with the miracle olive oil for a better countenance?

    • 🙂 Meals that heal??! I’ll have to try that…I haven’t heard of it but since it rhymes is must be from Creflo Dollar Ministries. I will have to check out his web site and get a couple….hopefully the veggies are packed and shipped directly from the Holy Land by a Jesuit Priest and a Chief Rabbi, for extra blessings.

    • Matt, its not something you buy at the dollar store! Morerover it’s Kosher in a gentile sort of way.
      Google it and be amazeeeed.

  3. We surround you L.A. and your entire group with protection 24/7 from God’s Holy Angels in Jesus Name.

    Did you guys see this?


    • Bruce, I’ll have to check that out tonight. Amazing that the jesuit pope canoized the pope(JP 2), who was against the jesuits. It doesn’t add up.

    • That article is a hoax. I’ve noticed an increase in these.

      The are excellent satires because they have more than a ring of truth to them but we need to be very careful.

      This is a deliberate effort to discredit what we all are aware of and warning of.

      They want us to promote these fake stories so they can point out we fall for anything. That undermines us and the message.

      It’s likely the Jesuits behind those satires.

    • Don’t Be Fooled! A Guide to Fake News Websites


      World News Daily Report

      Noteworthy for such preposterous headlines as “Dead Cow Brought Back to Life by Lightning” and “Kentucky Man Sentenced to 235,451 Years in Jail,” this tabloid-style site emphasizes the “faux” in faux journalism. Warning: contains no disclaimers or tip-offs apart from the aforementioned preposterousness.

    • BruceW….

      isn’t there a saying ….that says something about ….”the pot calling the kettle black”. seems to fit.

    • Not World Net Daily, Laura – World NEWS Daily. They make these sites to sound and look like legit sites.

    • Thanks for setting me straight on that one you guys. I got it off the “Rapture Ready ” website….their headlines. It’s a very reliable site but I guess they got fooled too..

      I hope the blog is not shut down for a long time since L.A. is gone. I always suffer withdrawal when that happens. You guys are my church family!

    • Rose, My apologies.. here are 2 love gifts 4 U.


      Hint. you can use this as a way to give your Cui that zesty Mexican flavor.

    • BruceW, L.A. tries to post when he’s down south. It probably won’t be everyday, but we’ll hear from him.

    • Bruce, not sure on that pope/alien article. I do find it strange that two popes were present to canonize two popes names “John”. I’m also curious why the rush job to canonize John Paul 2. It is also strange that a vial of his blood went missing recently. Why are there vials, of his blood, in circulation(no pun intended), in the first place?

      Something strange happened today, I was texting a friend about his nuptials, which I attended in Las Vegas, many years ago. The marriage broke-up, and, when his exwife re-married, she had to confirm with him that he wasn’t catholic, because her new husband, is, a catholic.

      When my friend’s Las Vegas marriage-ceremony was being performed, people were lined-up on the street outside the chapel, waiting on the Olympic torch to pass by. The joke he tells is, if it was a catholic marriage, the catholics must use a big torch. My response, today, was, “It must be greek orthodox, since the Olympics started in Greece”.

      I then added my trivia that the RC pope and the Greek Orthodox pope(actually called patriarch) are going to meet in Israel on May 24. A date which coincides with a possible meteor “storm” from comet linear. Possibly

      Just as I was texting my friend the pope-trivia, an ad came over the radio, which stated, “Greek Orthodox Stars over Athens Festival is May 8” in Decatur. The timing, of this commercial, floored me. I’ve had so many strange coincidences lately. Just thought i’d share.

    • I notice on the list of the Urban Legends – fake news website (that Azureceu provided link to) that they include Weekly World News.

      I was guilty of occasionally purchasing that magazine/newspaper back in the 1990s. For years, It usually had a front page headline or feature article, “End of the World Next Week!! says [insert false prophet name], every edition! lol
      I often would lend my copy to a judge whilst had a brief adjournment in court proceedings while on circuit.. and never get them back! 😉 lol

      Of course, WWN is completely untrue (though they sometimes may have put a tiny bit of truth into some of their ripping yarns).

      Surprised that there is such a short list presented re the fake news websites list, and how they list some which are so obviously fake (such as WWN)!! I could add all the local TV “news” programmes to the list! lol

  4. Has anyone else noticed Jeff D’s gift for pastoring? Because I see it. I see Christ when he takes up the role of pastoring (helping the believers like a shepherd tending his flock) on this blog. Even I get convicted (not condemned) when he’s doing his pastor thing. And I go to pray and ask the LORD for help in my “fleshliness”.. It’s cool. 🙂 Praise God He has not left us alone as sheep without a shepherd but gives us His Spirit working through one another. Thank you God.

    • Yes, ….I do need to be better at …”speaking the truth … in love”. Ephesians 4:15

      …..”GROWING PAINS !!! “…..ahhhhhhh !!!!

      I do have a gift to teach that is growing, ….but certainly do need to “measure my response” at times.
      Like others that I have learned from over the years….they at times struggled with that too!

      SO….THERE’s HOPE FOR ME !!! (….Rocky Theme begins to play softly in the back ground……Da da da. da da da …. )

      2 Timothy 2:24-25 says….

      24The Lord’s bond-servant must not be quarrelsome, but be KIND to all, able to teach, PATIENT when wronged,
      25WITH GENTLENESS correcting those who are in opposition, ….if perhaps God may grant them repentance ….
      leading to the knowledge of the truth, ….”

      Got a few things to work on in those verses. YES …I can be… “kinder & Gentler”….when dispensing TRUTH.
      ( Even when people seem to resist. )

      2 Timothy 4:2 says….

      2preach the word; be ready in season and out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort, … WITH GREAT PATIENCE and INSTRUCTION.

      GRACE … GRACE … GRACE …..”need more”……”give more”.

      Titus 1:9 says….

      9holding fast the faithful word which is in accordance with the teaching, so that he will be able both to EXHORT in sound doctrine….
      ……. and to REFUTE those who contradict.”

      2 Timothy 2:2 ….2nd part of verse….says….

      “….ENTRUST these to FAITHFUL men …who will be able…to TEACH others also.”

      Well, that’s been one of my goals since I was young, … gotta let the “iron sharpen the iron”.

      Ouuuuucccchhh….them there edges are R o U g H.

      “Is not MY WORD like a FIRE ???…says The Lord…..”and like a HAMMER which shatters a rock ???” jeremiah 23:29

      Ohhh….the REFINING PROCESS………..”always in play”…..”never ending”…..”always purifying”.

    • Mr. Domitrovic, I have never addressed you personally, and honestly, I didn’t think you would listen to me, but would rather come at me, both guns blazing. Your passion is noble. BUT like the gospel, we bring the message, it is not our job to make people believe. Ideas need time, it’s a progression. And (as you’ve admitted), it is patient. I will add it is kind, it is long suffering, it is not easily provoked, it hopes all things, endures all things–my paraphrase of 1Cor 13. I too flub these Godly values. Thank God we have an understanding, forgiving LORD. Please forgive me if I have offended you in my skepticism of the tetrad Blood Moons and planet Nibiru, that was not my intent. By skepticism I don’t mean, I’ve written these things off as false, BUT (at this time), I don’t believe them. Please, allow me to be uncertain without the feeling of being attacked for it. I would like to think I could have a voice here, without being humiliated. If I have done that to anyone here, I ask your forgiveness, it is never my intention to do that to any one here. I feel the same struggle of “the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.”

      Should these ideas come to me as truth, I would hardily thank you for not giving up on me and being patient with my doubt. I hope we have a better understanding of one other and that our Heavenly Father be pleased. It is not easy for me to write such things. I am a private person by nature, but I love our LORD most heartily. And I enjoy the work of LA Marzulli and enjoy conversing with like minded people on this blog. I will shut up for now. I’m sure such things are not easy to hear. I hope we can come to an understanding, even if it be to agree to disagree. God bless.

    • P.S. Neither do I want you to feel you have to “walk on egg shells” I greatly appreciate honesty and correction, as long as I know it to be with love.

    • O wretched man that I am! who shall deliver me from the body of this death?
      Romans 7:24

    • Abba, Father help US to have the mind of Christ that we might bear fruit to your glory and bring honor to your name.

    • Laura….

      “Ideas need time, it’s a progression.”

      To which I would certainly agree! I love seeing people learn, though I resist people…. “in general” ….who are being “closed minded”.
      How does learning take place without being at least open ??? Kinda difficult. And I do believe that God expects us to be diligent
      to study His Word for ourselves…and to prove all things….accurately handling His Word….renewing our thoughts to think like Him….
      cause we are, indeed, surrounded by a cesspool of ungodly thinking and humanism and “the worldly thinking of this age”.

      So your point above is well taken. I have learned “some things” since my days of ignorance, yet have much, much, much more to learn.

      “…. it is not our job to make people believe.”

      i talk of that basic thing many times with my mom,….and A LOT with my Heavenly Father. Isn’t it amazing how we can all view a picture
      and “not really” see it….or see something totally different altogether. Nick Peluso had a great illustration on “The Elephant Puzzle”…so true!

      Perspectives … whether they are based in TRUTH or not … definitely plays into HOW and WHEN and WHAT a person chooses to believe.
      AND……if they will EVER believe at all. Remember JESUS ….with Thomas ??? JESUS put him “on the spot”…and challenged him.

      As you know …. we Christians ….”BELIEVE”….without having to “see”. FAITH is the “conviction” of things… “not seen”. Hebrews 11:1 part b
      WE just KNOW it. Just like “I KNOW” … that my heavenly Father loves me….even if … i am a “jug head” at times…as we all can be.

      Just using a couple of the examples that you mentioned above ( ie Nibiru, Blood Moons ) …I believe because my belief “has substance”….
      ….which is FULLY BASED….upon God’s Word. Hebrews 11:1 part a …says, “Now FAITH is the SUBSTANCE of things hoped for,….”

      Now then, let’s be clear, ….I, nor Corey, ….are NOT…. “hoping for Nibiru”….that’s just CRAZY !!! But, “seeing” God’s Word as TRUTH…
      where these things ARE concerned…..that BUILDS UP MY FAITH …. that God’s Word is TRUE…. regardless of what a skeptic says…
      and it gives me an URGENCY about sharing The Gospel…The Good News….because “the bad news” is on it’s way very soon.

      Also, …NOAH took God at His Word …. even for 120 YEARS …. that the FLOOD was coming….when as yet “rain” was NEVER seen.
      He preached ….and yet….NOBODY came! NOBODY. NO body. All NOAH had was God’s Word….”Noah, …build an ARK.”
      NOAH didn’t “see” what was coming….though he knew it was bad….Judgment was coming….but TRUSTED GOD’s WORD.

      Now then….
      If you think back, there was once a point in your life, that you were even “skeptical”… of JESUS … then you “HEARD” about JESUS….
      and began the process of BELIEVING….kinda joins up with your first thought i mentioned above.

      God says…..FAITH comes by HEARING. Rom 10:17 ………and like you say, “It’s a progression.”

      That is one reason that I personally keep sharing many of the same things…with new stuff thrown in on occasion … because I DO know
      that HEARING helps for one to BELIEVE….and certainly for some it takes longer…because we have different perspectives to draw from.

      So, to kinda wrap up….even though I could say more, you don’t need to apologize to me for anything.

      Your “skepticism” is based on needing more knowledge of the TRUTH. That is what i am hopeful that people will yearn for daily.

      But…I also see that many people… “fight tooth and nail” … to remain in a place of UN-belief….simply because they can’t see something.
      And this is …not so much about Blood Moons or Nibiru….it’s much deeper than that. It’s about understanding God’s Heart better….
      so that we have His Heart ….to reach our dying world ….while we still have some time.

      And I guess that is why i get so “passionate” for God’s Word… be HEARD … because THAT is what changes us all…and yes, even me.

      Definitely appreciate your thoughts!


    • “Now then….
      If you think back, there was once a point in your life, that you were even “skeptical”… of JESUS … then you “HEARD” about JESUS…and began the process of BELIEVING….kinda joins up with your first thought i mentioned above. ”

      No, I have been fortunate in that department. I was parented by two devout people, who had Jesus Christ as Savior in our home. I never knew different. Of course there’s more to my story here I’d rather not get into.

      But I would like to be made clear on some things. If someone denies the tetrad Blood Moons and Planet Nibiru, are they denying God’s truth? What will happen to someone that denies the Blood Moon tetrads and Planet Niibiru? Would a believer’s salvation be false because they deny the tetrad Blood Moons and Planet Nibiru? Would a believer be denying Christ, by denying the tetrads and Nibiru?

    • Laura…

      I stand corrected. That is awesome that you learned so young, a lot do not. I accepted JESUS at 5 yrs and grew up
      in a Christian home…so we kinda understand a little bit what that was like, but as you say….”there’s more to our [individual] story”.

      Life is never …just that cut and dry….nor that plainly simple. We can be “complicated” creators through the adventure of life.

      Regarding your 2nd paragraph. Good reasonable questions. See each one below separately.

      1] If someone denies the tetrad Blood Moons and Planet Nibiru, are they denying God’s truth?

      >>>>> Well, …it’s more like….are you “not seeing the signs of the end times” that JESUS said would come. That is what JESUS
      told us in many places in Scripture that would come as the “birth pains”. So if you are “denying” that they are happening…
      then in a round about way you would be “denying” those portions of God’s Word. All the signs are pointing to “something”.

      2] What will happen to someone that denies the Blood Moon tetrads and Planet Niibiru?

      >>>>> Probably a HUGE surprise! Now the Tetrad is an “astronomical fact in itself” …it’s written in the stars by God…not man.
      Tetrads are not “uncommon”….but what IS very rare ….is when they occur on God’s Appointed Times…His feast days! That is rare.

      The 2014 – 2015 Blood Moons will land on Passover and Tabernacles….then….Passover and Tabernacles. back to back years!

      Passover is the 1st feast of the 7…..Tabernacles is the 7th feast of the 7. So it’s like a HUGE MARKER IN THE SKIES !!!

      So….The real question …that most have …comes down to this: “Do they REALLY have significance concerning ISRAEL???”

      MY short answer: YES…a 1,000 times …YES. The Blood Moons have been a SIGN for ISRAEL from times of antiquity.

      3] Would a believer’s salvation be false because they deny the tetrad Blood Moons and Planet Nibiru?

      >>>>> Absolutely NOT !!!! SALVATION is based upon a person putting their FULL TRUST and FAITH in JESUS as their SAVIOR.

      All the “other stuff” of The Bible has ZERO to do with SALVATION being genuine in a person’s life.

      Remember the thief on the cross only asked JESUS to remember him when JESUS came into paradise, showing he had FAITH.
      The thief didn’t have much knowledge of anything else … other than the cross is quite painful … and i want to be with JESUS. 🙂

      4] Would a believer be denying Christ, by denying the tetrads and Nibiru?

      >>>>>> ABSOLUTELY NOT !!!! “Denying JESUS” …. is an entirely different thing!

      i hope that helps clear up any misconceptions or misunderstandings.

      Laura, try to look at The Blood Moons as a WARNING FROM GOD … because THAT is what the intent is …. and it is a SIGNAL
      to the nation of ISRAEL….that WAR is coming to ISRAEL. And as we see….WAR is coming closer by the day. So we WATCH.

      The SOLAR eclipse on March 20, 2015 means DOOM for the nations. . . as it is smack dab in the middle of the tetrad.
      We can also see that “rumors of war” are brewing…EVERYWHERE. So it’s only a matter of WHEN. Time is ticking.

      The final thought is Nibiru….and JESUS tells us in His Word that THE EARTH….is RESERVED ….FOR FIRE.
      This isn’t from a few “wild fires” … or a bad back packer …. but is Global in scope. That doesn’t happen with a few sparklers!

      So, something MASSIVE must occur. I realize you have your doubts, but Scriptures all through the Bible give us clues.
      You can see those groups of Scriptures in yesterdays blog that i wrote back to John Michael. i encourage you to read each passage.
      You will not find…the Names of … Nibiru, planet x, nemesis, the winged planet, the red planet, the red dragon, The Destroyer, etc etc.
      What you WILL FIND are portions of clues that all fit together …. along with the signs we are seeing on planet earth for some time.

      Hey…remember … it’s a learning journey. God reveals His secret truths through careful and consistent and correct study.

      God loves it when we seek Him in His Word & by His Spirit. Those “treasures of understanding” we find…. do not come “cheaply”.

      God has made His hidden Wisdom available for all to see….but we must seek….in order to find. That’s fun to me! ENJOY !!!

    • G’Day, Lindafromtoronto1!

      I had altercation with the TV in my lounge room for a brief moment on Monday (i don’t watch the TV very much). One of those current affairs TV shows was giving a plug for a men’s business suit (attire) and suggesting that it’s really “cool”. The Power Suit, designed with a microchip installed into the sleeve so that the blokes don’t have to carry bulging wallets which will spoil the streamline style appearance of the suit!

      Nothing really new, however, it caught my attention how the reporter was promoting this clothing item as James Bond-like and “really cool”. The report also included details about a young local man who had a chip implanted into his right hand so that everything from his car ignition, locks on the doors to his house etc is accessed and operated via his chip, and images of Swiss (or Swede, excuse my memory) engineers/tenchnicians designing a chip placed in the right hand and placed on the barcode reader etc.

      As said, nothing really new as these things have been coming into place for a little while now. What really got my attention was how the reporter and host were promoting it to be all so cool and acceptable.

      Unable to find actual story on the internet (the current affairs show, Today Tonight/Channel 7 doesn’t have it on its website, as yet) to link here, but here is another promotion of the ‘Power Suit’.

      Fairly interesting introduction to this piece:

      God Bless!


    • The first vid the guy had a dialect behind him, he must work for Davros!

      Its coming! Prototype to production, depending on device 1-5 years.

    • Hello Peter!

      Interesting video on the “power suit”. Implant technology is starting to be promoted so casually now ….so “cool”, so “convenient” for starting cars, locking/unlocking doors, etc….

      Our tech-addicted society is already ripe for taking the mark. Easy to see how a lot of people will go for it. That’s our world now.

      Maranatha, and God bless you, too!

    • Linda, Robotic technology is at about the same level of advancement as bio electronics etc. A biological autonomous AI robot is not science fiction anymore.
      Yes I was referring to “THE doctor”.

      Nice Aussie power suit there Peter something to impress the Sheilas!

      So far my Credit card & Passport has a chip, Android & I Pad has GPS tracking this has all come about in the last 5 years, lets see what its like 5 years from now?

      Nano nano…(-’๏_๏’-)

    • G’Day, Azureceu!

      No doubt the power suit would impress the sheilas, digger!

      Fair dinkum though, cobber, I reckon a lot of the sheilas would be more impressed with a bulging wallet!

      I was required to wear the gorilla suit (business shirt and tie etc) whilst working in court. Once-in-a-while, I’d drop into the local watering hole after a hard day’s yakka and some galah would be surprised to see me in such dapper clobber and ask me if I’d been to court. I’d reply, “Yes.”


    • Watch your dosh Laddy or you’ll be eatin a dingos breakfast!

      It’s been a hard days yakka and I’ve been workin like a Bluey….♯♩♪♫♬♭

    • Dialect + Daleks = Idiolect *Not to be confused with Eye dialect or Eye robot
      I stand confused.

    • Good morning, Azureceu!

      “Dialect + Daleks” …. that’s what got me confused a bit. When I first posted the video I hadn’t even noticed the Dalek in the background! 🙂

    • G’day to you Linda!

      I hadn’t realized that I spelt Dalek wrong, till the sun rose this morning D’oh!

      Watcher vs. Peeping Thomas ๑•ิ.•ั๑

      A watcher sees more.

    • Now ain’t that kinda wild.

      Thanks Jay! Did you get to see what was posted earlier above about the moon ?

    • Hawk177….

      Yes…well familiar with BP Earth Watch …he has this youtube channel. Generally good stuff to be aware of and watching.
      I take a peak at his new stuff when it pops up…..nearly everyday he’s got something to show us.

      Though i don’t know for certain what will occur exactly….but maybe we’ll have many in the skies…or even like in Russia last Feb 2013.

      Time will tell though. Good to see you keeping an eye out too! We all need to be soberly paying attention.


      Incoming Debris Could Strike Major Cities. Part 1

      The Shaking of the Earth. Part 2

    • Ohhhh Hawk177….i forgot to mention….I think the pope is to go to ISRAEL during this time frame in MAY 2014….hmmmm?

      Something to watch.

    • Kirk.. yea that’s no coincidence that the pope will be in the holy city when this all starts.
      Also I have been following the Planet X (Nibiur) research for a long time (2006) .looking at whats happening on the earth today you would have to be blind or have your head in the sand to not see (sink holes, earthquakes, volcanoes, freak weather, pole shifting) something is happening, and for those that think that the other planets are not being affected there not paying attention!

      Mark 13:37″ And what I say to you, I say to all: Watch!”

    • Hawk177…

      Glad to see that you, too, are “in the loop” of learning about all this. So Many things dovetail into this future coming event….
      but it is a steady … slow moving … global … cataclysm that is unfolding day by day. Lots to be WATCHFUL of as you noted above!

      JESUS was not kidding around….this is “go time”….we are in the midst of the greatest earth changes in the history of mankind.

      Many of these events are coming from the sky….and our solar system will be in a constant state of bombardment from objects
      falling to earth. Revelation 6:12-17 and chapter 8….well really …the entire book of revelation up to chapter 19 is Nibiru’s effect.

      I encourage you to read 2 books:
      Part 1) Earthquake Resurrection
      Part 2) Then His Voice Shook The Earth ( BOTH by david w lowe. )

      >>>> MUCH UNDERSTANDING is in these books …. and will solidify many things to you …. BELIEVE ME….you will be AMAZED !!!


  5. Wet Sand Theory…
    – re: how to move huge stone blocks



    – 1500 ton blocks
    – where’s a real physicist when you need one

  6. >>>>> This is a VERY EXCELLENT teaching of THE BALANCE we must have with HANDLING MONEY with PURE HEARTS. <<<<<

    1 Timothy 6:8-10….ONE END OF THE SPECTRUM

    8 If we have food and covering, …..with these we shall be content.
    9 But those who want ….to get rich ….fall into temptation and a snare …..and many foolish and harmful desires…..
    ……which plunge men into ruin and destruction.
    10 For the love of money … a root …..of all sorts of evil, ….and some by longing for it have wandered away from the faith ….
    …….and pierced ….themselves…. with many griefs.

    1 Timothy 6:17-19….THE OTHER END OF THE SPECTRUM

    17 Instruct those ….who are rich in this present world ….not to be conceited ….or to fix their hope on ….the uncertainty of riches, …..
    …..but on God, …..Who richly supplies us …..with all things to enjoy.
    18 Instruct them ….to do good, ….to be rich in good works, ….to be generous ….and ready to share, ….
    19 ….storing up for themselves the treasure of a good foundation for the future, so that they may take hold of that which is life indeed.

    The Good and the Bad of Prosperity Theology — Pastor Mark Driscoll

  7. BREAKING: “Baltimore Block-Long Sinkhole” Swallows Cars >>>> When the earth’s crust expands…the surface gets weakened.

  8. PROPHECY ALERT: NASA & British Build “Space Ark” Save Humanity >>>> Corey, … you will find this really wild !!! Obie…diah 4 !!!

  9. I used to love the old Ray Harryhausen movies when I was a kid. The monsters were fascinating. I noticed a scene from a Sinbad movie, posted on utube, where the girl is displaying the Hamesh Hand, or Hamsa Hand, or Hand of Fatima, or Hand of Miriam etc. It dates back to the Phoenician goddess Tanit, whose consort was Ba’al Hammon. The worship included consuming human flesh and child sacrifice. The amulet of a hand with the eye is still being worn. There is a picture of Madonna wearing it, on the net. Just found it interesting what we were exposed to as kids.

    • I watched those too! I mostly remember one with a blue rose in it- they were in search of it for some reason.

    • Jason and the Argonauts ….I was a kid when this came out, and I don’t think I’ll ever forget that moment when the huge, crouched statue came to life, turned his head towards the two men below him (his bronze head screeching with the tear of metal), climbed off of his pedestal, and proceeded to chase Jason and his men. Talos was giant like Godzilla, but as single-minded as the Terminator: all he wants to do is track Jason’s crew down until he kills them all. This gave me nightmares….These films for me were fun and adventurous. None stop fun entertainment to watch with lots of spectacular moments with the legendary skeleton fight as the ultimate highlight..

    • Scenes from those movies blend together in my mind, but I think Jason and the Argonauts also had a blind man being badgered by two demons at some temple ruins. It seems sort of a thought-provoking image now. Just popcorn entertainment back in the day.

  10. “”


    • Hi, Nomemoleste!

      Interesting viewing there.

      With such similarity in its styles, as shown in video you linked earlier, the comparison with the Australian Aborigines, the Brazilian, and other, there must be some direct relationship between them all. Surely, it can’t be a random coincidence, in that they are in different far away lands and different peoples, yet they all share, practically, identical styles to their designs? These people who created these works must have come from a single originating location and learned their technique/style and then traveled separately to the different points across the globe to the various continents or, the same people, having learned the technique/style for their design then went from one place to the next and then left their mark. Same case as with the hundreds of various nations/cultures who share similar stories describing what could only be Noah and The Ark.

      I wish now that when I worked in exploration mining up in Hamersley Ranges (Pilbara) that I took time to do some exploring of the numerous caves up higher in the ranges that could be seen from some of our work sites, though there were some areas we were not permitted to go. For example, what may have been insignificant to our drilling team and was just a short, narrow, dry creek bed, was considered a sacred creek to the Aborigines so that we had to take a further drive and different path all the way around, over quite a distance, when it could have been a simpler matter (to us) of just driving two metres across some rocks in the scrub – but we had to respect that.

      I don’t mean any disrespect to the modern artists, but the sacred art of the aborigines that can be seen in the video such as the Bradshaw/Kimberleys is far more interesting than what has now become fairly cliched and trendy in its styles with the modern painters who paint for galleries and a tourist’s wall. I was thinking about it the other day while viewing a moment about a current Aboriginal artist who paints with the definitive style but it’s more art for art sake and casual rather than deep and symbolic. Reminded me of the monks in Russian Orthodox Church who painted icons and other paintings depicting biblical scenes, that it wasn’t just some talented artist who splashed some paint on a canvas while smoking a cigarette in one hand and a sip of a glass of wine – there was a spiritual depth to their work. I recall a school excursion to Sydney Opera House, where we watched an elder paint an image (of a kangaroo or other local fauna), using bark as a canvas and having made his colours of paint using clay, soils and other minerals, and a stick with its end finely split for the brush, traditional method – not tubes of paint and modern brushes and palette. Far more impressive! Not to say the modern artists do not possess any talent. 🙂

      Sorry to stray off the original topic there! 🙂

    • Nomemoleste, would you, please, pass on my email address to our good friend and brother, Matt (as per method before)?

      I would like to share correspondence with Matt but am reluctant to print my email in the comments here, and there are some things I would like to discuss with him rather than express on LA’s blog here, not that it would necessarily be inappropriate to do so, just that I know he is well familiar with some of the subjects.

      Thanks, mate! 🙂

  11. Dom,

    This is in response to your chronological posts.

    1) Please stop saying things that are not true.

    “Gee wiz…..i bet you “believe” that …”all stars” …. are angels too! ( ohhh, yeah …that’s right….you already said that before. )”

    I have never said nor believe that “all stars” in the bible mean angels.

    As I have said it depends on the context.

    2) So you have no comment about the prophetic book of Daniel and how it is not Chronological??

    Because the prophetic book of Revelation follows suit.

    Each set of seals, trumpets & angel vials is an explanation of differing elements of the SAME future events.

    The seals, trumpets & angel vials are describing for the most part the same future end time events but from different perspectives or different camera angles if you will.

    For example,
    Yahshua’s return is described in the seals, trumpets & angel vials.

    In the seals His return is depicted at the 6th seal; the face of Him sitting on the throne and His wrath is come.

    In the Trumpets His return is depicted at the 7th trumpet; the kingdoms of the world becoming His for ever & His wrath is come.

    In the angel vials his return is depicted in 6th vial; He gathers the kings of the earth & the whole world together at Armageddon & He comes as a thief.

    The 7th angel vial is a great (God one, mighty) hail who is of great worth, a captain and this hail is Him and His wrath.

    Helping verses for Yahshua being a great hailstone & hail is a destroying storm depicting wrath.

    Psa 18:13 Yahweh also thundered in the heavens, and the Highest gave his voice; HAIL and coals of fire.

    Isa 28:2 Behold, Yahweh hath A MIGHTY AND STRONG ONE, WHICH AS A TEMPEST OF HAIL AND A DESTROYING STORM, as a flood of mighty waters overflowing, shall cast down to the earth with the hand.

    Isa 28:17 Judgment also will I lay to the line, and righteousness to the plummet: and the HAIL SHALL SWEEP AWAY THE REFUGE OF LIES, and the waters shall overflow the hiding place.

    • Laura Adams,

      I am sorry you feel I need to put a muzzle on it.

      I almost can’t believe it… I post but a few times a day and sometimes not at all, yet Dom can come here post all over the place with his exclamation points and saying I don’t get it along with other things.

      And I get told to put a muzzle on it???

      This blog is a place for us to discuss topics. that is what a blog is.

      I have always respectfully responded to Dom and Corey- no name bashing, no disrespect etc….

      Many of my posts on are in response to Dom. So if he posts something that he thinks is true he should be able to handle a discussion on it.

      Just as important if someone posts something that is contradictary to scripture should we not be able to respond?

      Again is that not we are doing here on a blog, discussing topics??

      Forgive me if I am missing something or am overstepping my boundaries with you.

    • K i r t ….

      I will answer your 2 questions briefly.

      1) Last year you went into great detail about how “stars are angels” and gave many examples that were not all “in context’ at that time.
      Since that time … it seems that you’ve come to understand that SOMETIMES angels are described symbolically as stars….
      but that is NOT always the case. NOT every reference to “stars” in the Book of Revelation are angels either.

      2) The Book of Revelation is NOT the Book of Daniel. They are DIFFERENT. Revelation serves as a chronological guide of the end.
      Other prophetic books of The Bible are not layed out in total chronological order. Portions are … but not the entire book.
      The Book of Revelation is progressive in the intensity of the severity of The Judgments and the events mentioned.
      Also, there is a beginning…..a middle…..and an ending…..all moving from start to finish….that is one of Revelation’s designs by God.

      Hope that helps.

    • Dom,

      At that time I never said ALL stars were angels and the verses I used were not taken out of context. Here they are.

      Rev 1:20 The mystery of the seven stars which thou sawest in my right hand, and the seven golden candlesticks. The SEVEN STARS ARE THE ANGELS of the seven assemblies: and the seven candlesticks which thou sawest are the seven assemblies

      Jud 1:13 Raging waves of the sea, foaming out their own shame; wandering STARS, to whom is reserved the BLACKNESS OF DARKNESS FOR EVER.

      Job 38:7 When the morning STARS sang together, and all the SONS OF ELOHIM (ANGELS) shouted for joy?

      If the book of Revelation is progressively intensive, then just as I posted why is Yahshua’s return depicted in the seals, trumpets and vials?

      If the book of Revelation is progressively intensive, then for one example, how is the 3rd angel vial worse than the 5th trump (Satan’s wrath), 6th trump (the unleashing of the fire breathing horseman) & 7th trump (the return of Yahshua) these trumpets are also called WOES? None of the vials are called woes.

      3rd angel vial
      Rev 16:4 And the third angel poured out his vial upon the rivers and fountains of waters; and they became blood.

    • K i r t….

      i have NO idea of how you have come up with the idea that Revelation is in different orders other than chronological.

      The book moves in a way that shows order and designed Judgment that INCREASES upon the unrepentant.

      But hey, if you want … you can REJECT JESUS … and stay here on the earth…. and let me know how it turns out. Cool.

      i am heading out on the First Flight out … going to the Wedding Ceremony in Heaven…prior to the 7 year Tribulation.

      i will put in a good word for you though….and maybe you’ll make it past the POLE SHIFT.

      A few suggestions:

      Don’t be near water or coast lines…volcanoes…trees or vegetation cause they’ll be on fire…keep your eyes peeled for meteors…
      watch out for the MASSIVE CME’s because they’ll be HOT too…avoid the sink holes and MASSIVE earthquakes…
      … out for falling buildings, trees, planes falling out of the sky, and explosions everywhere, …
      ….please try NOT to breathe in too much methane gas because it’s deadly….watch for wild animals running everywhere…
      and the birds flying erratically….get a gun and protect yourself from the masses of people FREAKING OUT everywhere.

      And the really bad news will be the demonic hordes that will torment people for 5 months !!! That will be REAL BAD times.
      i got no answer for you on that one….except maybe …shoot straight…hopefully that will work…but probably NOT.

      Make sure you got water and a good filter….and plenty of protein bars and canned soup….and good camping gear.

      Try to find a place underground for a while. Also, get a calendar and a good No. 2 pencil to mark off the days of the TRIB.

      This next point….is Kinda important…when you see a guy go into the temple at the middle of the TRIB…THAT is the anti-CHRIST.
      DO NOT WORSHIP HIM….he is the bad guy….regardless of what super tricks he does. If he solves a Rubix cube…he is still bad!

      He’ll try to get your allegiance by feeding you, Obama care, and an all expense paid trip to a FEMA camp…but don’t give in.

      … it will be 2, 520 DAYS from the signing of the covenant (dan 9:27) to Revelation 19:11-21 / Matthew 24:29-31 / Zechariah 14.
      THAT will be JESUS 2nd Coming…………and it’s gonna be one wild ride from Heaven!

      If you can “endure till the end”….you’ll be saved by JESUS…He will be on a white horse along with the rest of the Church.

      I will be the one with the goofy grin on my face….and singing…
      ………..”We are the CHAMPIONS …of the World. …..And We will keep fighting …to the end !!!”

      I know it sounds crazy and all……….but why not join us for the rapture ?!?!?!

      You get all these benefits: New Body, New House, New Wine, Won’t need Obama care, and get a Retirement package…..
      That is LITERALLY ….out of this world!!!!

      Come on! What do ya think???

  12. Dom,

    This is in response to our conversation with planet x.

    So where is the 200 dead astronomers tied to planet x evidence?

    You said

    “Furthermore, Very quickly these things were “scrubbed”…..meaning they quit publishing stuff on it …..and that was in 1983.
    Even prior to this…..”your perturbations” were seen in the heavens ….when all our planets in the outter rim were pushed.”

    When were the planets in the outter rim pushed?? Be specific.

    You said

    “From earth, we can only see so far………especially when a star is a Brown Dwarf…..because it’s heat signature is hidden, unlike our sun…
    or the stars we can see at night…because they are so HUGE….even though many light years away.”

    So why do you believe those photos of the brown dwarf that are shown on Marshal Masters video?? Those were taken with a weak lens photo camera not even a telescope.

    If a brown dwarf were inside of Pluto it would be easy to see especially in the infrared.

    We can image tiny Pluto through a tiny 14 inch telescope, So we can easily image a brown dwarf that is suppose to be larger than Jupiter and closer than Pluto, yet no one has an images??

    And if a brown dwarf were in our solar system it still would reflect some of our sun’s light.

    There are asteroids that reflect only 10% of the light that hits them and we still them easily.

    The brown dwarf is claimed to be much bigger and according some just beyond Saturn.

    And again if it’s a brown dwarf it still has a large mass and if it’s as close as claimed we would see perturbations, but we do not.

    There is no getting around this fact.

    I am not trying to demean you or cut you down. Just showing facts so that you and other understand.

    • I will simply ask you to watch the video I placed yesterday…. I can’t recall the name of it. Towards the end.
      Mentions much of what you added in you post above. Remember, we can learn stuff “from non Christians”…we just don’t follow their ways.

      You also must understand that nobody has all the totality of details. It is fluid in nature and changes based on more information.
      THAT fact alone makes this entire subject so difficult for most people to grasp. If i had a MASSIVE telescope in my yard…
      then we could attempt to see these solar objects together with Corey… eat a hot dog…cook a smore… a pray for more understanding.

      So, Watch the video….”ignore the stupid breathing part…maybe it works” … not my concern. marshall is most likely NOT a Believer.

      I have never once heard him mention …”I am a Christian”…because he does not understand The rapture takes us believers off the earth
      ….prior to this cataclysm. He always “prepares people to live through it”….nbot necessarily “bad”….yet, JESUS IS THE ONLY WAY !!!

      Not everything that people say about this subject … is perfect … because we “quite literally” see through a glass (telescope) dimly.
      If I could see what the governments are looking at, then i’d have more info. But i search through the junk, and find nuggets of truth.

      The Word of God clearly is pointing to something HUGE that will cause massive sudden destruction the world over.

      That will not occur …. unless something “very much” out of the ordinary….literally….out of our solar system …makes it’s way here.

      that is what they are looking at in the telescopes. That is why they build deep underground bunkers around the world.

      Our Hope is in JESUS…..and in JESUS alone!

      WATCH the video for more pieces of the puzzle. Also, check out the 2 videos (audios) that i placed earlier in blog
      about incoming debris and the shaking of the earth. also watch video that HAWK177 put up today too.

  13. I was listening tom Coast to Coast last night and they had on Michael Cremo who discussed ‘forbidden archeologist
    From the coast discussion which I found very interesting.

    Cremo talked about new research which indicates that Neanderthals were as smart as humans. The evidence shows that Neanderthals deliberately buried their dead, which shows they had some compassion, and may have had a concept of the afterlife. Neanderthal stone tools, about 100,000 years old, were found on Crete and other Greek islands, and this suggests that they must have had made boats to reach the islands, he noted. It’s also been shown that modern humans have up to 4% Neanderthal DNA, “so I think there’s not such a big line of division between the Neanderthals…and humans of our type,” he remarked.

    Cremo also updated and reviewed some of his investigations into anomalous archaeological findings that point toward extreme human antiquity. Earlier this year, human footprints in rock were discovered at a storm-racked beach in Happisburgh, England, which date back to around 900,000 years ago– earlier than mainstream archaeologists believe that humans like us existed, he reported. Cremo also cited the case of a Utah fossil collector, William Meister, who discovered a stone that he hammered open, which revealed a shoe print next to a trilobite, which dates back to a period of up to 500 million years ago.

    Looks like the Earth being “created” between 5,700 and 10,000 years ago has a serious flaw.

  14. Azureceu, you must be almost set to leave for vacation any day now. Once again, prayers for a safe and enjoyable time for you and your wife. And a special prayer that Mrs. A. is careful with $hopping and $spending!

    Hugs and Blessings.

    • We are most humbled and appreciative of your prayers, bless you.

      If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands (clap clap)
      One more day and a wake up, yet a little time left to spam, then we’ll be up to our necks in frogs!

      Blessings also to you and your family to have a wonderful Spring & an abundance of grilled Mooseburgers..

      Blessing to the all the fair folk on the blog.

      Abraços e Beijos para todos

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