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L. A. Marzulli

I spoke yesterday at the Prophecy Conference at the 412 Church in San Jacinto.  Gary Stearman, and Bill Salus spoke in the morning and their presentations were electrifying!

The common thread that connects all of us, and was the centrality of the conference, is of course, the prophecy that is found throughout the pages of the Bible.  Too many factions of the church have chosen to ignore prophecy and yet we know that almost a third of the Bible  contains prophetic texts, many of which concern the time in which we are living today.

There are many prophecies concerning the birth and death of Jesus.  I believe all of those were fulfilled thousands of years ago.   However, there are other prophecies, like Isaiah 17, which points to the destruction of Damascus, Syria, which have not been fulfilled.

Then there’s the Ezekiel 38 & 39 prophetic texts which discuss a coalition of countries, most notably Magog, which is Russia, and Persia, which is Iran.  These two countries, along with others listed in the Ezekiel prophecy, go up against Israel, in the later days! (if you haven’t read these chapters perhaps it would be good to do so now!)  With Putin threatening to invade the Ukraine one begins to wonder if this might be a prelude to the Ezekiel 38 scenario!  Bill and Gary discussed these prophetic texts during their presentations and then addressed them again during the question and answer period.

I believe we are seeing the signs that Jesus warned us would take place before His return.   Specifically, wars and rumors of wars, famines, pestilence and earthquakes in diverse places.  We are seeing signs in the heavens, and we are also observing the rise of the occult and the supernatural manifesting in ways that I’ve never seen before.

In closing todays Bun:  Only the God of the Bible can call out the end before the beginning!  Only He knows what lies ahead.  He has told us what will happen ahead of time so that we need not live in fear for: when we see these things look up because our redemption is coming!   He is coming soon!  Maranatha!



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  1. Earthquakes in diverse places, sinkholes swallowing up everything in sight, a tornado every other second, the government building massive underground cities and tunnels that are being stocked with massive amounts of food and is being grown in these places, comets coming at us or near us from every direction on a regular basis now (where in blue Nibiru hell are these things coming from anyway) etc. etc. etc.

    I saw a very intriguing video last night that presented even more photos of planet X. These photos were not photoshopped. They were taken while on a flight by a business man in a different country while transporting products. He captured on camera a space body along with three rarely aligned planets. Other photos were also taken by a camera near the top of a volcano. These photos were proven in the video to be authentic.

    I think God is giving us all a very wide open opportunity here to win the lost before it’s too late. The problem is that too many christians and others are not taking advatage of it. Instead, many are dismissing this huge sign as a “hoax” or all “hype”. I don’t need to tell anyone here that prophecy is a very, very powerful tool to win the lost to a soul saving Christ before it’s too late. The evidence is very abundant now that this approaching planetary system will more than likely be the fullfillment of prophetic scripture found in Revelation 6 and 8 as it’s accompanying debris trail will hurl meteors, asteroids etc. into the oceans and earth destroying much of life sustaining earth systems such as the food chain etc. etc. Has anyone ever wondered how and where all these earth destroying elements will come from? I think God is giving us a major, major answer in Planet X. When you can show an unsaved person that this planet is real and incoming and point them to prophetic scripture such as Revelation 6 and 8, it does much to show said person that the bible can be trusted as the authentic word of God and show them why they need Jesus before it’s too late. When we dismiss as “hype” and “hysteria” the awesome opportunity that God is presenting to us here, we not only do ourselves a disservice, but we do the unsaved a huge disservice. I presented the evidence to an unsaved person the other night about planet x and needless to say, it got this person’s attention. I would have no doubt that this person will seriously consider the words of John the Revelator in chapters 6 and 8 as the inspired word of God and react accordingly.

    This is what we Christians had better take heed of and seize the moment and warn the lost before it’s too late. I think we better look at the evidence here quit dismissing this planet x as a possibility and declare it to be so. The evidence is more than abundant. The soul of your co-worker, your friend, your family member or whoever may be depending on it.

    The said video proving beyond any shadow of a doubt that Nibiru is real and on it’s way can be seen right here:


    Think of it folks…. The very thing that is going to cause alot of the judgments described in the book of Revelation can now be seen by man and it’s on it’s way right now and will soon be here! We have actual photos we can look at! And we are priviledged enough to be able to seize the moment and warn everyone and show them while pointing to specific scripture! Don’t doubt! Warn!

    • “”

      “This object appeared to move really fast in the WISE data,” said Luhman. “That told us it was something special.” The closer a body, the more it appears to move in images taken months apart. Airplanes are a good example of this effect: a closer, low-flying plane will appear to fly overhead more rapidly than a high-flying one.

      WISE was able to spot the rare object because it surveyed the entire sky twice in infrared light, observing some areas up to three times. Cool objects like brown dwarfs can be invisible when viewed by visible-light telescopes, but their thermal glow — even if feeble — stands out in infrared light.

    • Dom & Corey,

      Specifically tell me how you get “Deep Underground Military Bases …. all over the world …and a vast tunnel network connecting them” out of Rev 6:12-17?

      Rev 6:16 says
      and SAID to the mountains and rocks, “FALL ON US AND HIDE US from the face of Him sitting on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb,

      Who talks to mountains & rocks?
      Who tells a mountain to fall on them?
      And how does anyone think a mountain can fall on them and hide them?

      Most importantly what are they hiding from?
      The verse tells us what they are hiding from.
      “the face of Him sitting on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb”
      They are hiding from YAHSHUA and His wrath NOT planet x..

      You say and the videos you have shown say we need a telescope at Antarctica to see Planet x because it is coming up from the south.

      Yet you believe videos and cameras photos of the two suns.

      If you believe the images of the two suns, then it’s already next to the sun and NOT coming from the south and a telescope from Antarctica is not needed to see it. It is very close.

      In fact a telescope is not needed at all if it’s been caught on a video camera or photo camera.

      None of this adds up..

      Again either way, something this massive plowing through the solar system would be greatly affecting the orbits of the outer planets. However, the planets appear are right where they should be assuming Planet X does not exist.

      You do know that Marshal Masters said Planet X would be here in 2012. It has come and gone and now he has changed his dates to 2015 but then says it could be anytime in the next 10 years.

      Our Messiah said go and tell the world about Him not some fictious planet x.

      I few years ago I was on the Elenin bandwagon… I told most of my family and a few unbelieving & believing friends to watch for this….
      I obviously have now tarnished my word and some of the nonbelievers now have plenty of reasons to question anything I say about the bible and end times.
      Fortunately I did tell them all that I can NOT say it is 100% a sure thing.

      Obviously you can tell anyone you want about Planet X but as a sincere brother I am advising you not to because it is a fallacy.

      There are far more other true avenues of talking about our Messiah. You really do not want to take the chance of using a fallacy. It will backfire.

      Here are some quotes from a 30 year biblical astronomer about planet x.

      Think about it.. a 30 year biblical astronomer.

      Wadsworth wrote this in June 2002. See if any of this sounds familiar.

      “There has been much hype going around over the past 6 months or so about the theoretical Planet X. That is just what it is, a theory. I first read about this hypothesis OVER 20 YEARS AGO. There are no proven facts that this particular neutron star actually exists. There are some who have recently exploited this theory into tabloid sensationalism. And as was the case with that mysterious Hale-Bopp companion, and the comet that was suppose to strike Mars a year or so ago, and with many other celestial urban legends and hoaxes, this one goes along with the general theme of a government conspiracy theory and that many observatories have observed it, but are now denying that they did. All of the other events suppose to have happened over the past 6 years (including the toppling of the earth’s axis) were false and misleading representations of the facts and so is this one. The people who come up with this stuff make lots and lots of money getting people all hyped up and selling many books. They count on the fact that in general, MOST OF THE POPULATION IS IGNORANT OF BASIC SCIENTIFIC PRINCIPLES. This is nothing more than tabloid sensationalism.”

      “Supposedly, this neutron star is to reach its closest approach to the earth in the summer of 2003. At which time its gravitational forces will wreck havoc on this planet. There are many events that may occur at or around that time, but this will not be one of them.”

    • “Our Messiah said go and tell the world about Him not some fictious planet x.”

      -Many will say to Me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name, and in Your name cast out demons, and in Your name perform many miracles?-
      -Do not be deceived: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap-

    • Corey….

      AHHHHHHH……It’s all coincidence I tell you……’s all coincidence !!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhh. …..(pause)……AHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!

      Well, Corey….I am glad that was a “false alarm”….oops….maybe a “false prophecy”.

      So I guess we just don’t need the following passages of Scripture anymore…………

      Revelation 6:12-17 ….and chapter 8 too !!! ( ahhh heck, ….I’ll just rip out ALL of the Book of Revelation….just cause i don’t like it !!! )

      Book of Jude…..that book ….well ….it’s just kinda “weird”…ya know! Judgment Day….”strange flesh”….fightin’ over bones….YUCKY !!!

      2 Peter 3:3-12…..heavens passing away with a ROAR…gee what’s that about ?? Elements “melting with fervent heat ?? OUCH !!!
      ………………….Guess my coconut oil will NEVER be a solid again !!!!!! Gosh, …that’s messy !!!

      1 Thess 4 and 5 …. WoW….those 2 chapters …Yikes! Trumpets blaring, dead raising, meet in the clouds, thieves at night…SCARY.

      Luke 21…matthew 24….Mark 13……These gotta be “allegorical”……Come on man !! Who writes this way anymore anyway ???

      malachi 4…..A day ….”burning like a furnace”…..Gosh, ….I heard that before too! Could it really be true ?? ..But HOW …Corey…HOW ??

      Zechariah 12 and 14 ….”picking up heavy stones??”…getting injured ??? AHHH !!! Olives splitting in two ??? What ?!?!?!

      haggai 2:6-7 …. shaking the heavens and the earth ??? …….Ohh come on! You can’t be serious….they’re too big to shake, …right?!?!

      Zephaniah …..WRATH….DISTRESS….DESOLATION….DESTRUCTION….GLOOM….DARKNESS….Can i get a refund on this trip ???

      Nahum….WRATH for His enemies ? …. Rebuke the sea? make it Dry ? WHAT ??? Mountains QuAkiNg …Burning Anger…Rocks broken ?
      …………..Besides this guy having a name like “Excuse me!”……….i think this boys gonna be in a mental asylum. CHEER UP, son !!!

      Amos 5:18-20 …..Lions….Bears….and SNAKES !!!! WHAT kinda zoo is this ?!?!?! Gloom and NO brightness…Where is my Mag-lite ???

      Joel 1:15 …..The Day of The Lord comes … DESTRUCTION ??? Gee, that doesn’t seem very nice ! I thought….God is Love ?!?!

      Hosea 4:1-3 …..Dying birds, and fish, and Animals…….Ohhhh My !!! But that’s just a movie, ….right ?!?!?!

      Daniel……Gold heads….furnaces 7 times hotter….Goats smashing Rams…..70 Weeks of What ??? Diet plans….Horns killing people ?

      Ezekiel ….. looking through holes in a wall….flying things….burning poop….drawing on bricks….Gog and magog….let me outta here !!!!

      Jeremiah……The WEEPING prophet…..??? WHAT??? Just take your money and get some Prozac or something…or Starbucks Chai tea !!

      isaiah…..WoW …this book is a LOOOOOOOONG one !!! Sure….like “someone” will actually read something this long? Come on man!
      …………….Can’t we keep things….’a bit shorter’……like maybe ….john 11:35…..that’s the “lazarus version” …of Cliff Notes !!!

      Corey……i am just sooooo glad…..that “all this” ….is just ONE BIG METAPHORE !!!!

      I think.

    • Dom,

      When did I say it was ALL one big metaphor??

      We have to read the verses in context.

      In all you ranting you still did not answer my questions.

      If Rev 6:16 is literal then how do you answer my questions?

      I want to make clear I do NOT think we can symbolize the entire bible as THERE ARE MANY VERSES THAT WE MUST TAKE LITERAL such as some of the verses you posted.

      We must always look at the context of the verse to make that determination.

      Besides concluding on our own that the Bible does include the use of symbols, for example trees do not rejoice or speak as Isaiah says.

      Isa 14:8
      “Even the cypress trees REJOICE over you, and the cedars of Leḇanon, SAYING, ‘Since you were cut down, no woodcutter has come up against us.’

      Are we specifically told that Yahweh does speak using figures of speech or symbols which means what He says is NOT always literal.

      Not only do we have examples of figures of speech scattered throughout the entire bible, but we even have a verse telling us that Yahweh does speak using figures of speech or symbols.

      Look at this verse in Hosea.

      Hos 12:10 I have also spoken BY THE PROPHETS, and I have multiplied visions, and USED
      SIMILITUDES, by the ministry OF THE PROPHETS.

      Similitudes are figures of speech, used to compare such as allegories or metaphors
      which are symbols.

      And notice in the verse who uses similitudes.

      Hosea tells us the prophets use similitudes.

      John the writer of Revelation was a prophet.

      So, we clearly have scriptural support of Yahweh using symbols (similitudes) which
      means we do not take what is being said literal.

      The meanings for these symbols can be found somewhere else in the bible.

      So, we go on a treasure hunt through our Father’s word to find the meaning of
      the symbol of the word.

      In doing our searching we often learn about other aspects in
      the Bible.

    • K i r t….

      “We have to read the verses in context.” >>>>>>>> To which I say, “Bravo!…..the sooner you do so the better.”

      “I want to make clear I do NOT think we can symbolize the entire bible as THERE ARE MANY VERSES THAT WE MUST TAKE LITERAL.”
      >>>>>>>>>>>>To which I say, “hallelujah………you are finally getting it.”

      “We must always look at the context of the verse to make that determination.”
      >>>>>>>>>>>> To which I say, “kinda like how the word “stars” is used … fully based on context. Seems like I’ve said that before.”

      Are we specifically told that Yahweh does speak using figures of speech or symbols which means what He says is NOT always literal.
      >>>>>>>>>>> To which I say, “yepper doodle…….you are getting it.”

      A “Biblical” Math Equation……
      Hosea tells us the prophets use similitudes. + John the writer of Revelation was a prophet. = COREY IS A PROPHET !!!!! ( i knew it !!! )

      Is that what you mean Kirt by “determining the context” ??? 😉

    • One of the things I find particularly interesting is that one of the judgments in the tribulation period will be men being scorched with an intense heat. Planet x (to some degree at present) is having an effect on the sun with all the solar storm activity as it will in the future as it gets closer but on a much more severe level as it is presently.

      Good one Kirk (those last three lines). It’s probably a safe bet to say that the approach of this planetary system is what is causing the earthquakes, sinkholes, comets etc. etc. It wouldn’t be a contradiction to say that it is happening because of the sun activity – as one site (forgot which) always points out. Planet x is having an effect on the sun which in turn sets off alot of these earthquakes and wild weather we seem to be having as of late. I think its also interesting that the sea and the waves will be roaring as Jesus put it. When Nibiru causes the pole shift, one of the things that happen are the massive tidal waves. This may have been part of what Jesus was alluding to.

      Azureceu… In scripture, we are often told that events will happen but not how they will happen. Planet X may very well be the method or tool that God will use to bring about these catastrophes. He did not mention anything about a planet x or the like, but he did give us descriptions of what will happen. It’s more than likely he is going to use a physical object to make those things happen… such as Nibiru.

      I’m glad you understand now and see it my way. Lol!

    • K i r t….

      Joel 2:31……..same as Acts 2:20…………same as Revelation 6:12 ( 2nd half of verse )

      We can learn from these verses….that GOD is pointing to this series of events…as a Time marker.
      …………..STARTING with ….a GREAT EARTHQUAKE……….followed by A Solar Eclipse….followed by a Lunar Eclipse ( Blood moon ).

      When will THAT SPECIFIC SERIES of signs in the heavens occur ???

      Solar Eclipse will be on….March 20, 2015…..followed by the 3rd BLOOD MOON of the tetrad on April 4, 2015. Something to WATCH.

      WHY is the “great earthquake” significant ???

      READ these two books: “Earthquake Resurrection” and “Then His Voice Shook The Earth”. BOTH are by David W. Lowe.

      Revelation 6:13….this speaks of meteors ….falling from the sky….like fell in Russia last year….BUT…ALL OVER THE EARTH.
      The meteors will PUMMELL THE SURFACE of THE EARTH ….virtually into oblivion !!!! Hence the gov’ts D.U.M.B’s all over the world.
      Get some binoculars….and look at the surface of the moon. Pummeled by meteors in the past….it will happen on a greater scale!
      All our planets have experienced the same….as has the earth in the past: do you remember comet “shoe-maker-levy” hitting JUPITER ???

      Revelation 6:14….our earth is protected by a Magnetosphere…which re-directs the sun’s extreme nature around the earth…
      so that we all don’t look like “crispy-fried bacon strips”. CME’s are MASSIVE BURSTS of energy that are EXTREMELY destructive.
      If…or more accurately WHEN….we are hit directly from one that is large enough, …it will peal back our Magnetosphere and literally fry
      everything on the surface of the earth……
      ………….see 2 peter 3:10-12….Malachi 4….Revelation 8:7….Isaiah 13:6-16….Nahum 1:2-6….Zephaniah 1:14-18 + many others.

      When an “outside body” approaches the earth ( in a relative near orbit … whatever that may be pending on the object )….THEN…
      ….the earth is effected….just as we get earthquakes soon after the sun releases an X-flare, CME, etc. Same with volcanoes, and weather.

      Revelation 6:14 ( 2nd half of verse ) …..this describes…. a POLE SHIFT of the earth’s crust. We sit on the earth’s surface that is
      many miles thick…which sits on top of a molten flowing core of magma…from which we get Volcanic eruptions…when they find a crack
      that reaches up to the surface and explodes or leaks out. The POLE SHIFT … will rotate the earth’s surface into a new position….
      ….causing all the stars in the heavens to appear to be moving from their positions and the entire earth’s surface will be in a different
      place….thus…every mountain and island will be moved out of their places. This will also cause Tsunami’s to sweep over large portions
      of the earth’s surface when the waters come out of the sea beds or the lakes move….slooshing the water like in a HUGE bathtub.
      Again, earthquakes and upheavals of the earth’s surface will be ABSOLUTELY MASSIVE !!!! isaiah 24 is one such chapter to see.

      Revelation 6:15 … This speaks of people going “into the earth”….”underground”…..because of the SUDDEN DESTRUCTION on surface!
      All the Deep Underground Military Bases are being built for this purpose……TO SURVIVE. maybe some will, i don’t know…..
      ….because i will be RAPTURED to HEAVEN when all this occurs. Again see those two books i told you about earlier.
      Another passage you can read is Isaiah 2:10-22…….which expands on this verse in Rev. 6:15.

      Revelation 6:16-17 …. this is the response of the people left on earth when all this stuff begins to happen. they will want to hide!!!!
      And ….from what we see clearly stated in Scripture………”they” will acknowledge……That God’s WRATH has come!

      When you compare revelation 6:16-17……and then read revelation 7:9-10….these are TWO DIFFERENT GROUPS.

      one group is on earth.
      one group is in heaven.

      one group STANDS
      one group does NOT stand.

      one group says….WRATH has come.
      one group says….SALVATION to our God.

      WHY PEOPLE CAN’T SEE THAT THE PEOPLE SEEN IN …Revelation 7:9-10 is the RAPTURED CHURCH …just taken off the earth….
      ………….completely baffles my brain.

      So……… all this passage….Revelation 6:12-17 (and beyond into Revelation)…..the KICK STARTER …. to all these events……



    • Kirt… It is very possible that these underground cities and tunnels etc. that we now know are being built may be in preparation for what they know is coming (Nibiru). The kings and everyone else will be screaming for the rocks to fall on them and hide them from the face of him who sits on the throne because they will realize that all these things are happening because of him. It may very well be a supernatural thing from God where he reveals to their minds that it is him who is leveling this wrath against them. We do know that scripture reveals that they will be hiding in the clefts of rocks and “in the dens”. Could possibly be alluding to the tunnels that we know are being built by uncle sam. They have gone there to escape what they know the effects will be from planet x but God is going to spoil there plans somehow and reveal to them that it is him who is bringing this wrath (planet x effects) on them. Come on Kirt buddy! Surely you don’t need this spelled out for you too!

      Now then…. I’m glad you finally see it my way….


    • Too funny Kirk… looks like we were typing and posting at the exact same time on pretty much the same thought on the same page.

    • yes….i noticed that. 🙂

      By the way….you will like the videos i put towards the end….the one i think you saw….the other two …maybe not.

      “Good Stuff” by Walid Shoebat…..EXCELLENT info on “Babylon” and the muslim caliphate….tied into the muslim anti-CHRIST.

      ISLAM’S COMING WORLD CONQUEST Guest: Walid Shoebat

    • Corey….oh …regarding the video you mentioned in your first post today….i did watch the whole thing today when first on the blog today.
      I am pretty sure i skimmed this entire video sometime last year, but i did watch with more focus today. marshall masters makes everything
      go so sloooow. i think he could make a “lightning strike” go slow! But he is fairly thorough and ….true…this topic takes time to understand.

      But again, i have studied this “hard” since 07/08 …. so a lot of stuff i already grasp very well.

      I don’t think “marshall masters” is a believer…..i know he mentions God….and Christian “type” stuff…but i’ve never heard him say….
      “Put your hope in Jesus Christ as your Savior….and JESUS is your only hope for deliverance from what is coming.”

      So….I do take note of his research, ….but as a man to follow……..THAT PLACE is reserved ONLY for my Savior JESUS.

      We both know that….yet others may need to know that little tid bit…if watching the video.

      Thanks again for more info!

    • Right on Kirk… It’s good that you made clear that he doesn’t seem to hold to a christian world view of things (even though he will mention the book of Revelation as I’ve heard him do before). He does indeed make everything go slow but if you can endure, there sure is a payoff in waiting for the punchline of Nibiru. But his research into planet X itself is very intriguing and the thing that people would do well to pay attention to. I think it would also be good to mention to any one who doesn’t know the fact that the church (believers) will not go through this horror. Only those left behind after the rapture will. I’ve heard some expositors of Nibiru before talk as though we are going to have to “prepare to survive” this catastrophe. Thank God us believers (born again in Christ) will not have to endure it because we won’t be here.

      Speaking on Planet X, I am right now in the middle of watching the video you posted two sundays ago about the underground tunnels and cities being built and how they are being ruled by these other reptilian entities. I just got done with the part where Roosevelt reportedly “gave the keys of the USA” to these beings in return for a promise that America would always have victory over it’s enemies. This reminds me of Ezekiel 20:29 that I have often talked about on this blog in reference of the “BAMAH” high places that took place in ancient Israel, which is repeating itself today. It would seem that this analysis is right on the money.

      Think I’ll go and finish the rest of that video… very intriguing. Definitely going to watch the one you posted above as well.

      Thanks for posting.

    • So u guys believe a man who said this winged planet was going to come in 2012 and who doesnt believe in Yahshua??

    • @ Kirk D…
      quote: When you compare revelation 6:16-17……and then read revelation 7:9-10….these are TWO DIFFERENT GROUPS.
      quote: WHY PEOPLE CAN’T SEE THAT THE PEOPLE SEEN IN …Revelation 7:9-10 is the RAPTURED CHURCH …just taken off the earth…. ………….completely baffles my brain.

      Don’t miss please…
      – Rev. 7:14 explains who is there in 7:9-10

      Rev. 7:14 And I said unto him, Sir, thou knowest. And he said to me,
      These are they which came out of great tribulation,
      – and have washed their robes,
      – and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.

      Do you really mean to say that the raptured church goes through Great Tribulation???

    • Regarding Walid Shoebat (and others like Joel Richardson) who talk of an Islamic Antichrist. They are absolutely correct in their assessment on the role these Muslim nations will play in end times prophecy. As such, they conclude that the belief The antichrist system will be born out of Europe and Roman influence must be incorrect. THey may a grave assumption that these are mutually exclusive and thus make A grave error.

      In truth, BOTH play A vital role in The end times one world government. How is that possible?

      When A magician places their helper on a table and levitates her and then passes A ring twice over her to show she is really levitated, what You are seeing is true. She has been lifted and the ring which is completely solid does get passed over her. This is why the illusion is so believable. Everything You see and experience is true. The illusion happens in what You don’t see. The table is hydrolically lifted with an bar that is shaped like a tight ‘s’. The ring on The first pass from left to right falls in The bottom part of The ‘s’ curve and then the front of.the ring is rotated around The bottom of The ‘s’ and then passed AGAIN from left to right releasing the ring.

      The illusion is amazingly simple and ingenious. And 100% mystifying and believable.

      The illusion that Satan brings forth is evil. It looks evil, sounds evil and IS evil. It’s also in opposition to God, blatantly so. The Muslim caliphate is one. The holocaust is another. These evil forces are not Satan’s end goal, but purely The front to his illusion. THey are The catalyst for change. His end goal is for us to unite and fight against it. And fight we have done and fight we will. The end times one world government is The United Nations. It’s NATO. It’s The European union. The proposed North American union. They merge and fight for good against evil and they will win in wwiii.

      The illusion is that good that fights against evil will be a force of God, but no righteousness will be in it. It is Satan getting his way by providing force for us to rally against.

      Woe to us when good defeats evil.

    • THE chess board analogy is interesting with one final twist. We see the forces of darkness clash with the forces of light. WHich side will GOd aid and eventually conquer the other?

      Neither! BOth sides become instruments of Satan. It’s a win win for him.

      GOd prevails when he comes down and dashes the playing board to pieces with illuminating truth that nullifies the illusion.

    • Corey, I`ve traveled this Nibiru road before and the Elenin and the on and on… One of many things that all who support these ideas have in common is that they incessantly talk about it, this is more of a symptom, one not based on any true fact. Does this come from the Holy Spirit or from Satan? Does this come from the mind of the flesh or of a sound mind? Those who believe we are the in the Millennium have more proof based on the bible than there is for a planet called Nibiru which is not in the bible. Esoteric and Gnostic understanding says there is a Nibiru and also this is aligned with other deceiving factors and false claims.
      etc. etc. etc. etc.

    • Azureceu… Symptom? You make me laugh. Alot of things are true that are “not in the bible”. For example… the word “Trinity” is not in the bible but we know it to be an absolute fact – “Father, Son and Holy Spirit”. KAPEESH?

    • You also come on here and “incessantly” talk about “matters” as well… Does that mean you also are not of a sound mind?






  2. Very important message Mr. Marzulli–thank you. I have a good report! My own home church in CA has begun preaching on the minor prophets this year. So far, Jeremiah, Hosea, Obediah, Amos, and Joel, And it is a very large church. And many people are coming to the LORD as well.

    ” 27 For I have not shunned to declare unto you all the counsel of God.

    28 Take heed therefore unto yourselves, and to all the flock, over the which the Holy Ghost hath made you overseers, to feed the church of God, which he hath purchased with his own blood. 29 For I know this, that after my departing shall grievous wolves enter in among you, not sparing the flock. 30 Also of your own selves shall men arise, speaking perverse things, to draw away disciples after them. 31 Therefore watch, and remember, that by the space of three years I ceased not to warn every one night and day with tears.” Acts 20

  3. Looks like Hamas + Fatah have entered into an “apocalypse pattern” considering the admission by Abbas that the Holocaust was the “most heinous crime” in human history. Of course, the comment is self serving regarding the palestinians painting themselves as victims of similar atrocity. The point is some actor (not openly named) has prompted a peace agreement … that I suspect foreshadows that related to “The antichrist.” As Eric pointed out in another blog… we’re clearly not in a tribulation period — yet. So the 2 Witnesses and the start of the 3-1/2 year peace period before the desolation of the temple hasn’t come yet. Nor indeed any temple….

    Prophecy Repeating…
    – my slant — patterns repeat (nothing new under the sun, Ecclesiastes)
    – temples (solomon, antiochus, herod … abomination of desolation)
    – dispersals (10 tribes, levites, judah … flee into the mountains then great trib.)
    – notwithstanding, yes there’s usually one “main event” in each pattern
    – Revelation: Trumpets mirrored in the Vial (bowl) judgments … or 2 views same events
    – Christ’s crucixion and resurrection reflected in that of the Manchild & the 2 Witnesses & the end time martyrs(*)

    (* – that return to reign with Him)

    Nonetheless, don’t be surprised if we see more foreshadows or harmonics of the main event as the “birth pangs” progress.

    Re: reflections, echoes, harmonics, holographs, fractals, etc.
    – Israel reborn in 1948 anticipates the Millennial Kingdom and ultimately New Jerusalem
    – so there may be similar “heralding” events re: Ezk. 38 & Ps. 83
    – note: “”

    Personally, I think these “reflections” also play out in space-time (multi-dimensionally, spiritually) meaning that a similar pattern can occur in diverse locations. So for instance great babylon has daughters, and all will experience double-destructions, globally. In more common terms, when the mother falls so do the rest (markets and economies shattered … etc.). Basically, we live in a shattered cosmos due to sin … requiring fractal corrections/chastisements….

    And of course there’s the counterfeits… but that’s for another post.

  4. At the intersection of…
    – africa, australia, and brazil — by way of boat
    – discounting pop journalistic guesses
    – about dates, land bridges, skull geometries
    – note particularly time 20:00 re: boat cave drawing in the Kimberlies
    – Azureceu, Bruce, and Peter of interest
    – and any of the Peru Crew that might trek on into Brazil

    title: Findings of Unusual Human Remains (BBC documentary)

    • Oh, Mr. BlueSky… have you ever seen sprites or similar entopic phenomena?

      I’d point to some images for comparisons…
      – but my bing is busted ever since they torpedoed net neutrality
      – Comcast/TimeWarner’s troll gating, I reckon
      – “”

    • finally, a properly named ptero…
      – kryptodrakon = hidden dragon
      – dates are only guesses, of course
      – strong resemblence to lucifer, leviathan, and other dragons, no doubt


    • Nome, Only near Sedona, Az. Have never such here in Brazil yet, I did see by accident my Mother-in-Law naked once which has left an entoptic imprint in my cerebral cortex, does this count?

    • With that we might debunk the taliban…
      – by convincing the jihadis that their heaven
      – is really just deserts for “suicide” bombers

      more like honey ham flambé 😆

    • Hi Nom
      I haven’t watched the whole video yet. I only went to the 20min mark.
      From research I’m currently doing, there is both speculation and evidence of the fact that the ancestors of the Australian Aboriginals originally migrated from Papua New Guinea. They also speak of both giants and ‘white’ men being here when they arrived.
      In ‘dream time’ legend (their ‘creation’ story) they also speak of many of the same stories that other cultures such as the aztecs, incas and mayans etc believe (e.g. serpents and sky people)
      The following couple of videos should be very enlightening.

      Who do the ‘Wandjina’ look like?

      In the next couple of school holiday/vacation breaks this year, my wife and I hope to go to both NSW and ULURU (Ayer’s Rock) to investigate a couple of locations regarding both this and other very intriguing evidence.
      Although a lot of the Wandjina paintings are in the Kimberly’s in Western Australia, there is apparently abundant evidence at ULURU also.

    • This time next week I’ll be in gay Paree for 2 weeks staying next to Père Lachaise Cemetery (a quiet arrondissement). I’ll take a bag of raisins just in case I meet any unexploded Jihadis.

    • Linda, thanks for the bon voyage, you should see the grueling itinerary my solitary virgin hath preparedith, then after this 3 days in Brussels (Bruges) the 3 days in Madrid (Holy “Toledo”) surely a spiritual battle will ensue to keep her away from hedonistic shopping. Any tips?

    • Wear comfortable shoes.

      Sacre bleu! I thought it was 72 Virginians. . .


    • And to save a few €…
      – “”
      – esp. if you reverse the days (hehe)
      – or the gargoyle tour for some prayer walking and sin remitting
      – while avoiding any chimera researchers

      Should you twitter away…
      tell us the hash code…
      #cielbleu perchance…
      oui non?

      Possibly a good idea to use electric cabbies…

    • i am based in the centre of brazil and am interested to know about any other interesting findings.

      this ancient peoples stuff is cool. i have also watched the solutrean stuff recently. i guess ice age we are talking directly post flood. it would be good if someone could look at graham hancock’s work. need to get LA, Missler, the creationists, and some Real Historians together; or just get dear graham hancock on board. does anyone know if someone has had a good look at his type of stuff esp re pre- vs post-flood populations and landmasses?

      this also brings to mind two little known creationist historians from the UK who each have highly merited research works about post-flood eurasian history. Mike Gascoigne and Bill Cooper.

      que deus abencoe as sogra por aí

    • @ dreamtime re: Bruce
      – Dizdar needs to see those vidz
      – most don’t believe the old godz will come
      – no surprize that world games have invocations

      @ rock drawings & game play
      – they definitely look like grays to me
      – with a light bulb like sun god mixed in
      – and the little girl “lili” (lilith) re: “pet goat 2”

      btw the boat drawing in the Kimberlies is the smoking gun for the pre-Incas
      – please be on the lookout for nazca line like drawings
      – my guess is that the navigation data is in quipu code for global trade routes
      – looks like a line with crossings for knots

      Thanks much Bruce! Gives me plenty to explore….

    • Rose! Dagnabbit you have pilfered from my fountain of funnies, I had the Amazon/off in my repertoire (pardon my French) ready for deployment.

      Thanks for the tip, I’ll put my combat boots back in the armoire.

      PS. I’m going to the Prado too, to see the other Mona Lisa, maybe a 2-4 hour look see, the louvre perhaps two trips of 4 hours?


      Linda, thanks for the tips (plural) I have already acquired mass quantities of €uropeans to spend, I’ve siphoned the bank account dry so much so that my jaw hurts and traded it in for one of those -familia- Visa Travel money cards.

      For someone reason I just thought of Aunt Esther? (time to feed to brain coffee BRB)


      Nome, Blueskys, I am hoping for at least 3 out of 14 days of blue skies, I’ve heard tell there be chem-trails there too, to keep the Gargoyles at bay. They have this no drive day by licence plate numbers here in the big city of St. Paul, I’m well accustomed to sucking mass quantities of pollution and heavy traffic, Paris should seem small to me in proportion. That 5-days in Paris itinerary I’ll be doing everything and more than what is on that list, but I’ll more than likely skip the sewer (pepe le pew review) and catacombs (meow) trip.
      Charles, Panela Velha é que faz comida boa!

    • And should Azureceu wish to join the ranks of intrepid explorers…
      – a Loge Morinais west from Paris on the coast
      – “”

      jeje… I just remembered the “giant armadillo” cave drawings
      – in the brazil-aborgine vid
      – the size of a horse

      a smaller version…

    • Azzy, did I actually beat you to a punch line? Never! It must be the end of the age . . . red moons flying around everywhere . . . dogs and cats, living together . . . total mayhem!

      Four hours won’t get you through the vestibule at the Prado, but have fun anyway. If you really want to get the feel of the Nephilim make sure and see the Goya exhibit. You may not sleep well that night. Be warned.

      Also, be very spiritually minded in Brussels. It’s a highly illuminated place, if you know what I mean.

      Have great fun and don’t get groped by the TSA.

    • Azureceu, that was a funny set of clips (“a few scenes with Aunt Esther”). Some laffs for the evening!

      Take care and blessings in all your travels, both to you and your wife, and have a fun time!

    • Nome, La Loge Morinais; Holy purple schist, looks like a place where my Celtic ancestors congregated.
      BTW, the armadillo they have in Brazil is called Tatu (pronounced tattoo), walk into a tattoo shop here and say I
      want a tattoo on my bumbum and see what you get. 🙂

      Rose, it is TEOTWAWKI, start the good habit of eating your dessert first then eat the meal just in case.
      I’m glad you had time to see the Louvre and Prado as you did, after 14 days of Paris museums etc. I’ll probably drop dead at the Goya exhibit. Ha! I translated a Brazilian Authors novel to English once, the book was about Goya, she used the word droit about every other sentence, half way through the book I wanted to strangle Goya!
      When in Brussels I will skip going to the European Union complex, I would much better like to go the one in Strasbourg, but lets see what the air is like when I arrive, maybe a trip is in order? I’m not much worried about the TSA, I know how to handle them! I voluntarily start stripping, they freak and try to get rid of me as fast as possible :þ
      Lida, thanks, I will eat a Pain au chocolat in your honor.
      I hope Spring has finally come your way!

    • Actually the word should be adroit not driot.
      ie. My lack of adriotness caused multiple Glammars.


    • “”



  5. In a way, scoffers who say everything in day-to-day life is still “business as usual”, are right …….

    Luke 17 talks about “day-to-day life” as the Lord’s return approaches (“..they did eat, they married wives, they were given in marriage” …. and ….”It was the same in the days of Lot. People were eating and drinking, buying and selling, planting and building. But the SAME DAY that Lot went out of Sodom, it rained fire and brimstone from heaven, and destroyed them all.”).

    Yet at the same time, for those who mindfully WATCH for His return, Luke 21 and Matthew 24 talk about what will be going on around the world as the Lord’s return draws near……….

    Matthew 24: “…nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom …..famines and pestilences and earthquakes in diverse places ….. these are the beginnings of (birth pains) sorrows”. Luke 21: “… there shall be signs in the sun, and the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and waves roaring……when these things BEGIN to happen, look up for your redemption draws nigh ….”.

    A lot of times scoffers are clinging too hard to the earthly things, for one reason or another… even if, in some cases, they are (hopefully) saved (speaking of a few I know in my own life). Best to guard ourselves against being disheartened by them.

    • Lindafromtoronto… I think it’s very interesting that Jesus said that the sea and waves would be roaring before his return. One of the things that Planet x will do according to some who study it is cause the pole shift which will cause massive tidal waves from the oceans. Hell… even the mountains will not be found so says scripture! I’m just thinking there has to be some kind of method that God is going to use to bring all these catastrophes about. Often in scripture we are told that these events are going to happen but we’re not told how they will happen. Given the info on what Planet x will do when it passes by, it’s hard for me to deny that this is more than likely the instrument God will use to do it. We also know that men will be scorched by intense heat. One of the things that Nibiru will do as it passes by is interact with the sun and cause massive solar storms and the like that will be blast the earth with intense heat.

      Sounds awefully familiar with what scripture says.

  6. Greetings!

    Link to article on KGB Map of Alien Bases On Earth:

    To those who posted videos on Planet X, aka Planet Ten, Nibiru, and Herculous (spelling), yesterday, Thank You. All are one and the same phenomenon currently in effect. I get it now!

    Somehow, I thought it was some sort of occultic practice so I had been skipping over the topic. Duh!!!

    Good to be a part of L.A. MARZULLI’s blogging class of prophecy.


    • I had the same thought about Nibiru not so long ago. Every time I would hear about it or see a video pop up on my screen about it I would half roll my eyes because I thought it was some kind of new agey thing… until I actually delved into it and started hearing it from a christian perspective and reading up on what it will do. Started sounding eerily like what is described in scripture.

  7. Long time lurker here..

    “We are seeing signs in the heavens, and we are also observing the rise of the occult and the supernatural manifesting in ways that I’ve never seen before.”

    I’m interested in hearing about these supernatural manifestations you speak of here. Because a couple months ago something VERY supernatural happened to me to which I have kept to myself for obvious reasons. To make a long story short.. I was laying in bed listening to sports radio one afternoon when suddenly my head was pushed against the wall next to me, I lost the ability to move or speak as I tried to cry out for help. Then I immediately felt a presence enter the room, an evil presence. My head was being pushed harder and I couldn’t breathe either, I had no control and this entity had this dark presence in the room. I was in a panic and thought I was going to die I tried crying out for help, but again, nothing came out of my mouth, then finally I called out to Jesus in prayer and everything went back to normal. Talk about a wake up call.

    I haven’t told anyone, and this seems to be one of the few places I can talk about this. I wonder if this type of occurrence happens to others. I understand now, that if this does happen to others, they will most likely will keep it to themselves, even those in the church. So how do we approximate this supernatural war if most church leaders would shun someone like me and tell me to see a shrink..(by the way, never done drugs, dont like to drink, no mental disorders, i wasn’t half asleep etc.. 100% real)

    I’ve been a christian for a long time, but in recent years I’ve been reaching out to some very depressed and suicidal people. The gospel was reaching these people and I believe saving lives, perhaps satan wasn’t very happy I was taking enemy territory. Truth be told, when you make groung on satan and his minions, he will send a counter attack, which is no match for Jesus! In Christ, we have victory over supernatural forces, but I fear for those that don’t know Him, they can just be a pawn for satan.

    Thanks for all you do L.A, keep up the good work, dont listen to the nay sayers, wake up the church!

    • I like how LA says it, ….”Rebuke FIRST, ask questions later!’

      you are correct, Jeff,….start taking territory from the devil….and he gets rather snippy.

      Yet…we don’t back down…we STAND our ground.

      Soooo many Scriptures that speak of the AUTHORITY and POWER we have in JESUS.
      Luke 10:17-20…1 John 4:4….matt 16:16-19….ohhhh, there are soooo many more !!!



    • Dear Jeff, sounds like you knew what was happening and why. Satan doesn’t want to set his prisoners free. He reacted to your prisoner freeing activity. Your doing good. Be in prayer and the Word of God. I have never been physically attacked by the enemy (that I know of), my attacks have been psychological. You did the right thing and asked for help from Jesus. Keep spreading the Good News, it has amazing results. Take care, God bless. Russ Dizdar on Shatter the Darkness has good teaching on this subject. Check him out.

    • Jeff, I’ve had this happen on two occasions many moons ago and also something 100 times more worse on one occasion. Scary yes. As they say whatever does not kill you will only make you stronger, don’t see this as some strange thing that has happened to you, he that is in you is greater than he that is the world. In the event of a strong power who subdues you, can only do it temporarily, “The Spirit itself maketh intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered” God Is Never Late to the rescue. What good is a soldier who has never fought a battle? The battle is the Lords.

  8. Kirt, I appreciate your thoughts on people making false predictions about the arrival of celestial bodies such as Planet X. I like Stan Deyo’s thoughts on such things…he is more careful in what he says, bases it on “science”, although we know science is sometimes woefully wrong. He said of the Planet X theories that there does seem to be a large object out there which has caused perturbations in the orbits of the outer planets. It probably has an elliptical orbit of about 3600 years. He said this several years ago on one of his many online talks; it is possible he would say something more on this if it were a current topic, but the topics du jour have somewhat shifted as to “incoming”, and to worries about earthquakes and volcanoes. His recent presentation on earthquakes and volcanoes have been worth listening to. He is giving several talks in this coming week, listed on his site One of his upcoming talks is tonight, and he always has the “second hour” at Hagmann and Hagmann on Tuesday nights.

    He is very careful, and therefore his thoughts about Yellowstone, the North American craton,
    and earthquakes in general are worth hearing, if you have any interest in this at all. I have sympathy for those who don’t even want to listen to this material because they have other things they must attend to, and trust in the Lord for their future. I like hearing these things, myself, even though I realize that my future is totally in the hands of the Lord, and I cannot predict it.

    • Yep….Stan Deyo….just ONE of a whole host of people….recognizes that “all the signs” that JESUS speaks of….point more to an
      “outside space object coming closer to the earth”….than just “random” ….global warming or earthquake increases, etc, etc, etc.

      Science has been studying the outer planets since BEFORE I WAS ALIVE….and finding that ALL the outer planets have warmed up.

      And….so it is with our own planet. Our earth’s core has been HEATING UP ….and causing methane release, volcanoes, earthquakes, etc….

      STAN DEYO….even goes so far as to state that our earth’s crust is EXPANDING….which explains the massive, global increase of sinkholes.
      These massive forces are generated from our earth’s core….and when heated … it expands.

      WHY people can’t put “these pieces together”……truly astounds me.

      But hey……..the leaders of ISRAEL……..they totally missed the timing of their Messiah…the FIRST time.

      JESUS tells us ……people will….once again….do it AGAIN.

      No surprise to me.

    • Mariel,
      If there were perturbations Stan Deyo would not be the only one saying this.

      The whole astronomical community professional and amateur a like would be stating there are perturbations.

      And if you believe Planet X is as big as these photos are showing and as close to the sun as the photos are showing.

      the perturbations would be huge.

      Its the mechanics of the universe that our Father has set in motion not just science.

    • K i r t….

      Just wondering….regarding “perturbations”…..where have you been for the last 90+ years ???

      i think you have MUCH to learn about all this.

      Quit being a “naysayer”…..and STUDY.

      parachutes work ….when they are open. Other wise, all you can see is the ground up close.

    • Dom,

      Where are these perturbations that we have seen for the last 90 years?

      and I am still looking for answers to my questions above??

      Not a “naysayer” but a truth seeker.

  9. I think we are amazingly blessed to see scripture foretold unfold before our very eyes.
    The assurance that we are to be saved from the wrath to come:
    Romans 5:9
    Since we have now been justified by His blood, how much more shall we be saved from God’s wrath through Him.

    Every generation thought it would be in their time ironically,,,but Israel was not made a nation again,,,so why did they think this……? After Jesus went up people lived on their roof tops because He said He was coming back quickly,,,subsequent generations thought it was nearing the end. I think we are in the last days!

  10. i agree LA’s place is excellentissimo to come find out fresh truth and comfort. thank you everyone, LA and 1Jn2:27

    joel richardson stuff was mentioned in last two conversations:
    – that the ethnic peoples who destroyed the temple (without the roman’s knowledge and against their will) were in fact:
    – syrians, egyptians, some turks in the roman legions, and about an equal number of volunteers from the surrounding nations (mainly arabs).
    – to all intents and purposes manifesting the good ol’ ‘ancient hatred’ as they ignored to his face Caesar’s frantic orders to stop the rampage.

    something allied to this and which helps our insights into those times:
    – the various Herodian kings at the time of Christ had basically the same ethnicity as today’s ‘Palestinians’!!! Having been forced to ‘convert” to Judaism one or two generations before. They didn’t tell us that in Sunday School.

    ofcourse the implications of a muslim antichrist are big:
    – the great body of our teaching has been of the ‘revived Holy Roman Emperor’ – the ten toes of mixed clay
    – which alerted us against the Greek secular humanist mindset which is built into the Western mindset
    – and now where does the very much Anglo and Euro-centric NWO fit into all of this? and daniel’s vision and the beast
    – what gives?

    cliven bundy looks absolutely devastated in the young turks video. broken. is nobody getting alongside him?

    i agree that all of this bible prophecy and world-view stuff is life-changing and life-saving. if it is revealing god’s truth in our times then we are revealing jesus! it is however also filled with red herrings and rabbit holes (yeah I guess the illuminati ones as well) and basic time-wasters. i also think it is possible to stay in all of this and still miss the boat of healing and operating in our gifts and ofcourse fellowship.

    • Ohhhh. But Charles Nankin………….

      “Healing”…… and the….. “9 Gifts of The Holy Spirit”…………”they’ve all ceased”. ( ohhhh dear, whatever will we do ?!?! )

      We are “more advanced today”….than all those “sub-human Corinthians”….right ?!?!?!?! …….Right ?!?!?!?!

      I mean really………we are all “so smart” ….that we don’t need “the Gifts” today………..right ?!?!?!?!

      Right ?!?!………….RiGhT ?!?!…………..R – I -G – H – T ?!?!?!

      Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……someone please tell me ……..that we don’t NEED the gift of praying in other tongues ?!?!?!

      Ohhhh my………aren’t “them there tongues”……aren’t they ……”D….De….De…Demonic ?!?!?!?!” Oh No…”demonic tongues !!!”

      Ahhhh NOOOOO !!!!!!!! I can’t take it anymore !!!! Everyone’s a “false prophet” ……run for the hills !!!



      Charles…….GOOD POST.

      Just kinda ….was wiggin’ out there for a moment.

    • hehe yeah kirk i left it just as “gifts”

      and for “healing”: we can go a few centimeters deeper than gazing at the navel 🙂 if there is anyone out there tonight wanting some water that is living to be flowing specifically out of your belly and yes specifically by the Holy Spirit… access it now in the name of the One who foretold it 🙂 yep thats right. specifically here on earth after jesus’ ascension. if you are thirsty, drink.

      joy unspeakable and full of glory

      even the shalom of your souls

  11. Interesting resource…
    – basically old cold war aerial photography of the mid-east
    — which shows ancient settlements that have since been built over



    temple mount area…
    – try tools, transparency
    – “,3732525,3926811,3735545”

    • G’Day, Nomemoleste!

      Interesting images there, mate! I have long desired to visit the Middle East to make a personal expedition of the ancient sites in Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Turkey, Israel – all the ancient places mentioned in the Holy Bible. Every time I had made a plan to travel at some point something went wrong in my life cancelling the opportunity. As yet have still not been able to travel overseas, but I still hope to visit some of those places – God willing. Otherwise, will just have to wait to enter through the eastern gate (I hope).

      Looking at your corona link, and having just had memorial for ANZAC Day, I was reminded of the 800 Australian Lighthorse Brigade who liberated Jerusalem from the Ottomans during WWI after making their charge for Beersheba.

      ANZAC Day memorial was held last Friday (April 25) in remembrance of the Australian & New Zealand Army Corps landing at Gallipoli (1915). Also to commemorate all who have served and fought in all the wars and conflicts and other missions.

      Many years ago I read a book regarding the 800 Horseman who liberated Beersheba/Jerusalem from the Turks. It was authored by Col Stringe, he writes about this charge being miraculous in its success and describes the supernatural occurrences which saved the brigade from complete annihilation by the Turks who greatly outnumbered them. The Australian Lighthorse were the first army to arrive in Jerusalem (according to some, they were ordered to await the British, in Jerusalem, so they could claim the fame and Peter O’Toole could be Laurence of Arabia – or am I confusing that with Damascus, as well?).

      I’m trying to find an old book, among the collection here at home (there’s about 2000 – I must donate a few to the charities), ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ (UFOs, paranormal, supernatural etc) published in 1950s (I think, from memory) that features a chapter telling story of how the Lighthorse Brigade were awaiting the British Army for desperately needed reinforcements and supplies, especially that of water, and how an Australian soldier located water having been inspired by the story of Moses and his rod (and God’s blessing) to provide water for the people (Exodus 17:3-7; Numbers 20:5-11). The ANZACs and their horses had their fill of water and went ahead and took on the Turks before the British arrived. The rest is history.

      *(one article, I found on internet, detailing this event states, “on the same day as the cavalry charge on Beersheba, the British Government drafted the Balfour Declaration, which was the foundation for the recognition of the State of Israel.”)

      For those that may be interested, here is a brief, somewhat colourful, description of those events:


      **And if I’ve lent those two books to whomever, I’d like ’em back. Thanks! 🙂

      Ps… small world… your video ‘Unusual Human Remains’ above re Brazil/Australia etc and images/cave paintings depicted has to make you wonder. As I’ve mentioned before on this blog, (Bruce – TA/UCD may well be familiar with) a series of short cartoons (used to be shown on local ABC TV station) telling of Aboriginal Dreamtime stories – so many seem to come straight out of the Book of Genesis, though in a distorted way, of course. Also, I wish I could recall an old documentary which made mention of some (not all) Aboriginal tribes having altars (just like Moses’ day) and practising rites of circumcision…

      Have a bonza day, cobbers!

      God Bless!


      Lest We Forget.

    • Peter….isn’t that a bummer when you lend out a really “good book”….and can’t remember who has it ???

      Great info about the defeat of the Turks. Amazing how we miss “so much” of the “richness” of His-story.

      “Cobbers”…..Peter….you are a hoot !!!

  12. I saw a Jesse Ventura interview of William Shatner the other day, where they talked about breeding horses. Shatner (who was schilling for hillary) commented about horses being good therapy for the disabled. Made me think of veterans. But he also mentioned something the Ventura agreed to — how the spirit of the horse connects…. The discussion veered left from talking about living off the grid, so I want link it, but it’s an interesting counterpoint to the coso petroglyph culture north of LA in cali.


    • I some times wonder if graffiti was a problem in those day as it is nowadays especially considering that petroglyphs are relatively scarce in relation to the amount of rock formations.

    • Some graffiti, some porn, some entertainment, some demonic doctrine … a bit of art, history, philosophy, etc. Let me know if the Louvre is much different. 😆

      @ entoptics
      – I wonder how many ufo’s, orbs, etc. are CEV’s?
      – “”
      – note: “sleep paralysis” is classed as distantly related on wiki

      Blue-sky sprites

      CEV does not seem to be related to the “sprites” (blue field entoptic phenomenon) that can be seen as dots darting around when staring up into a bright blue sky on a sunny day (not looking at the sun). These dots superimposed over a flat blue background are white blood cells moving through the blood vessels of the retina. The motion of waking-consciousness CEV noise is uniformly random compared to the waking-consciousness blue-sky sprite motion.

      Dizdar flat out says don’t let yourself be hypnotized. And most of us who did TM will caution against meditation.

      from the coso cult article…


      Coso glyph makers appear then to have taught succeeding generations of new initiates the elements of Coso symbolism. The transmission of this specialized knowledge and the rules for the rendition of Coso images argues for an association of glyph production and a communal “sheep cult”. It is the consistency and regularity of the imagery, its continuity over time, the specialized context, and spatially restricted nature that are most persuasive in positing a corporate, community-based, religious system 97. Consistency in execution, continuity in context, and locational patterning appears to best be understood as an artifact of important ceremonial activities for propitiation, increase, renewal, and perhaps initiation.

      Photo 14. In humans, entopic images are generated internally by the optic and neural systems.

      In contrast, shamanic trance experiences produce entoptic imagery that is unstructured and conforms to the liminal (in-between) states of life-crisis rituals. The vision quest experience transforms the everyday world into the spirit world and new structures (essentially “antistructures”) are created and used 98. Abstract elements, fragmentation, superimposition, and replication characterize the neuropsychological model of shamanic art. If rock art sites exhibit wide diversity in site location, then this pattern would suggest that the images were made as individual ritual elements rather than through communal activities. The concentrated nature of most Coso art is largely inconsistent with such a pattern.

      Aboriginal dreamquest, amerind spirit guides, relaxation tanks, ketamine, channeling ascended masters, etc. And one ends up with sprites, gnomes, and worse taking up residence.

      nietzsche: “Stare into the dark long enough and the dark stares back at you.”
      nome: “stare ~ stair”

      All easily dispelled:
      – Rebuke First — in the Name of Jesus
      – Ask questions later…
      – Even better — invite the Holy Ghost in
      – to indwell your dreams…
      – ever in Jesus’ Name — as Son of God.

      Philippians 4

    • Phillippians 4

      Yet another great chapter, Glory to the LORD! Thank you for the reminder, Nomemoleste.

    • Sprites in the atmosphere:



    • now that’s funny!

      I have actually prayed that these planes would be caught in the act, but this is comical !!! … fire trucks blaring sirens!

    • Yep, No refuting it now is there!

      …a BRAVO to the pilot may be in order too ‘possibly’. He ‘may’ have done it deliberately to expose it ya think..?
      Who knows, but great to nail ’em over this!

  13. Walid gives detailed prophecy that’s now unfolding >>>>>> EXTREMELY IMPORTANT TEACHING !!!!! … KNOW IT !!!! … LIVE IT !!!!

    • Walid is very knowledgeable and a definite plus to listen to. However, he promotes violence against Muslims. Is this of Christ? He also fails to see that Babylon the Great is the Vatican. Please be careful.

  14. Azureceu, thank you for that (re pain au chocolate). Just thought I’d start a new thread … the last one looked so heavy, like it was about to break!

    Yes, spring has arrived here and with it, the creature landscape has been changing.

    At the entrance to the woods near my house there is now a new “caution” sign. On it is a colour-plate metal photo of a coyote (but looks more like a wolf)! Either way, I hesitate to take short cuts through there any more.

    Also a few nights ago, the motion sensor light went on in the garden, and when I looked, a large possum was snooping around! Never have seen that up here! I found out they have moved up in the past couple of years from the U.S. (…Maybe Al Gore is onto something with his global warming thing?)

  15. Mr Marzulli, please look again at Ezekiel’s 38’s prophecy. You will find that God destroys these nations with fire. Now look at Rev 20. Here Gog and Magog are again destroyed by fire. Doesn’t it add up that these 2 events are the same and Ezekiel is pointing tothe time after Christ’s mellinial reign?
    Psalms 83, however, names different Muslim nations which border on Israel. These fit with today’s prophecy like a glove and are doing exactly as the Psalm says.
    I believe most teachers have missed this along with many other things. I explain these at I also give some evidence for what may have happened to the Niphalim. I believe they are coming back. In fact they never left.

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