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“From now on every Kassam [rocket] is sent from Abbas,” MK Ayelet Shaked from the hawkish Jewish Home party said.

Earlier in the day, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Abbas had to choose between peace with Israel and peace with Hamas.

“Instead of moving into peace with Israel, he’s moving into peace with Hamas,” Netanyahu said. Hamas and Fatah agree to unity government in historic deal | The Times of Israel http://www.timesofisrael.com/hamas-and-fatah-agree-to-form-unity-government-in-historic-deal/#ixzz2zu5mzxIK 


Lapid: Fatah-Hamas accord is ‘game-changer’


“We don’t talk to murderers,” he said. “The agreement among Fatah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad brings the Middle East to a new diplomatic era. The Palestinian Authority turned into the largest terrorist organization in the world, 20 minutes from Tel Aviv.”

Two days ago the Middle East entered into a new, alarming phase with the establishment of a unity government between FATAH and HAMAS.

What everyone needs to know right from the get-go is this.  HAMAS has only one goal and that is to destroy Israel.   ‘Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it.  https://www.fas.org/irp/world/para/docs/880818a.htm

HAMAS will not be satisfied until every Jew is out of what they consider to be Palestine.  Our new secretary of State, John Kerry, has been trying to bring the Israeli’s and FATAH’s Mahmoud Abbas, to the peace table.  With this new development any chance of peace is out the window.  Of course the Israeli’s went along with the farce for a while and by doing so allowed Abbas to show his true colors as he unites his party with HAMAS who are terrorists.  (Maybe Harry Reid should weigh in here?)

There is an old saying in the Middle East and it goes like this: The enemy of my enemy is my friend.  HAMAS separated from FATAH because of ideological differences.  Now, they have united because they have a common goal, which is to wipe Israel off the map.  Added to this mix may be the Iranians.  Has Abbas and HAMAS been secretly talking to the Iranians who are of the Shia sect of Islam, while they are Sunni?  http://www.maannews.net/eng/ViewDetails.aspx?ID=683445  Have they secretly united?

We are told in the Psalm 83 prophecy that a coalition of Arab nations attacks Israel.   Remember that Hezbollah, who are in control of Lebanon, directly north of Israel, has not been sleeping and according to some reports is more dangerous than before the Lebanon/Israeli war of 2006.  http://www.haaretz.com/news/middle-east/1.576489

Added to this tension in the region is the ongoing war in Syria, which is a carry over of the Arab Spring!  Tens of thousands of people have been killed in this war and Bashar al Assad still remains in power!  All of these factions, HAMAS, FATAH, the Iranians, Hezbollah and Assad, have one unifying factor and it is the destruction of Israel.

The Jews have been gathered back into their ancient homeland, just as the prophecies in the Bible tell us would happen in the last days.   http://www.nowtheendbegins.com/pages/israel/apple_of_Gods_eye.htm

I know someone will write me trying to inform me that these are not the Jews, which are in Israel but the synagogue of Satan.  I’ll deal with this now.  If these are not the Jews, then we’ll have to get them all out of Israel and find the real ones!  Of course this is absurd and this straw-man argument falls on its face when countered this way.

The ancient prophetic texts are coming alive, right before our eyes!  The armies that are against Israel are lining up as the enemy of my enemy is my friend, may be the unifying factor here.

In closing todays post:  There is a supernatural component to what we are seeing in the Middle East: The present political landscape is in direct correlation to supernatural events that happened, in some cases millennia ago.  What we are seeing is two religions based on two different supernatural events at loggerheads with each other.  Islam will not tolerate even one grain of sand to be controlled by the Jews.  Iran wants to wipe Israel off the map.   The rockets continue to fly from Gaza, and now there is no chance of peace as Abbas has shown his true colors, which I believe the Israeli’s knew all along.

What was written will come to pass.  What has been foretold will unfold.  Israel is the apple of God’s eye and at some point in the future: they will look on Him whom they have pierced and mourn for Him as an only son.  

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60 thoughts on “FATAH and HAMAS UNITE!

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  2. Good blog today. Satan despises the Jewish people. Kirk had a video posted yesterday, where the interviewee explained that the destruction of the temple, in 70 AD, was actually at the hands of the Arabs, Syrians and Egyptians, who were recruited by the Romans. I had read that bit of history somewhere too. Apparently, the Romans wanted to keep the building intact but couldn’t control the hatred of the army under their command. History does repeat itself.

    • This a documentary trailer which really sums up the abortion and anti-family culture that the leftists promote. Societal collapse is tied to demographics. More self-indulgence and less family/faith go hand-in-hand.

  3. There is another old saying: “The Devil is in the details”. We all know the Prince of Darkness along with all his minion princes have been hard at work since the fall to kill of the seed of Heavenly Father. Whatever agreement(s) signed by Islamic leaders will be co-signed by Satan. If only those who are spiritually blinded could have those blinders removed for even a minute, great multitudes would fall on their faces in repentance and sorrow for their willing unbelief.

    The enemy of our souls continues to blind those who don’t want to be “Confused by the Truth”. He knows with each passing day his time grows shorter. We all know he will not ultimately succeed but he will rain down terrible consequences for those willingly blind to God’s Truth in the time being. There will be Hell to pay with any such agreement.

    Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

  4. Bundy Hoax Exposed! Real Audio Shows MSM Caught Twisting the Truth!

    >>>>turn up audio when Bundy shares his thoughts. The Media is a bunch of SCUM.

    How about Harry Reid saying, …”Something is going to happen to Bundy” ??? Where is the outcry from the “cowardly media manipulators” ??

  5. >>>> EVERY PERSON SHOULD LISTEN TO THIS ENTIRE AUDIO !!!!! <<<>> I first listened to this last September. Lots to know !!!

    URGENT – Nibiru Cataclysm to be Used as Need for Population Control?? Elites Preparing For Impact!

    • Dom,
      I asked you if you still believe what Fletcher says about Nibiru?

      You seem to be claiming Rev 6:12-17 says something about Nibiru

      the word is not even there?


    • “http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fw_Fy1YOk0”

      The above link is to an amazing interview that George Noory conducted about Planet X and the reason why people cannot see it at this point (it’s between the earth and the sun) and the film footage that people are getting on their cameras about two suns is the outer aura or tail of it that people are seeing. But the planet itself is not visible (yet?). The case is made that this Planet X is where the Russian meteors came from. When earth finally enters the very, very long debris tail of planet x, one of the things that will happen are massive meteor strikes (I’m supposing this could be the reason for an asteroid strike into the ocean in Revelation 8. I think Bob Fletcher is right on and the above link to the Coast to Coast segment about Planet X is further possible explanation for the naysayers… (although I suppose for some no explanation of anything will suffice).

      Just something to chew on and consider… that’s all.

    • If I happened to have copied down the link incorrectly, the title to google is “August 2014 Nibiru Cataclysm NASA LIED ABOUT COMET ISON IN ORDER TO DISINFORM”.

    • New evidences Planet Nibiru going to earth at August 2014″

      There is some absolutely stunning and shocking captured home video of this Planet X (if authentic… which it “seems” to be but may not be) in the above link.

    • Corey,

      If there really were a planet between the earth and the sun for last 9 years there would be no doubt about.

      That is very close. We would see its affects. It would be undeniable.

      The orbits of the planets would be perturbed and it would’ve given itself away long ago

      So how did NASA lie about comet Ison in order to disinform?

      In the info wars video Fletcher Said Nibiru was going to do a number on us between 9/22/13 & 1/1/2014

      Today 4/25/14

      come on Corey….

    • Corey,

      On the home video.

      Do you really know what would happen if something that size were next to the sun??

      Where are the perturbations of the bodies in our solar system?

      The solar system including us here on the planet would have felt the effects of that big of a body coming into the solar system a long time ago.

      Here is an easy read on the gravitational pull that is between the bodies in the solar system and how they effect each other.


      Here is a tool that you can play with and see what will happen when a mass that big enters our solar system


      or play with this one


      Once understand how gravity works, then you will understand it is impossible for something that massive to be in the solar system and everyone not know it.

    • I will say that the timing of it’s pass-by is debatable and no one has a real lock on the timing as of yet, but just the fact that the evidence that is emerging about this planet and it’s occasional appearances on home video footage should make us at least sit up and take notice and consider it. Again, the timing is not what is important here.

      KIRT! READ MY LIPS BUDDY! … NO ONE IS BEING DOGMATIC HERE! KAPEESH? People can just present the evidence if there be any and decide for themselves. End of story. You have your opinion. Others have theirs. Me… I’m probably leaning more to the possibility that there is a planet X based on the information and what seems to be video footage evidence but if it’s not real…. who knows. I’m open the other way too.

    • Corey….you know….as well as I….that one of the best ways to breed confusion in people…is to give half-truths and misinformation.

      BOTH of us know, our world leaders excel at that very thing.

      For instance….
      Why take entire portions of space observations through telescopes and BLOT THEM OUT ???
      >>>>>>>>Hiding “something” are we ???

      Why cover the skies with a foggy mist of chemtrails at the time of sunset and sunrise….virtually all the time ???
      >>>>>>>>>Hidding “something” are we ??? Trying to kill the masses ???

      Why build so many Deep Underground Military Bases …. all over the world …and a vast tunnel network connecting them ???
      >>>>>>>>>> Are they preparing for “something” BIG to happen above ground ??? hmmmm. Gee. Revelation 6:12-17 ???

      Why order BILLIONS and BILLIONS and BILLIONS of rounds of HOLLOW POINT AMMO by every branch of the government ???
      >>>>>>>> Hollow Points are used TO KILL. Period. I thought the Post Office sold stamps and mailed packages !?!?

      Why all the signs in the Sun, Moon, and Stars…..and all the signs on earth( Earthquakes getting Bigger, more volcanoes, sinkholes) ???
      >>>>>>>>> because “something” BIG is coming our way and will FULFILL ….revelation 6:12-17.

      Why all the massive expense to build HUGE telescopes in “butt-freezing” Antarctica ??? (ain’t for the sheer fun of it !!!)
      >>>>>>>> because that is the direction that this “something” BIG is coming from.

      Why all the DEAD scientists and astronomers ….. all over the world ???
      >>>>>>>> because they were blowing the whistle or about to !!! And they got “Breitbart-ed”.

      Why does the Vatican need a telescope ??? Are they not about “religion” ….or are they “watching” it and even them ufo’s coming ???
      >>>>>>>>>>>>>>YES….they know what approaches. “They” are getting ready……’for the REVEALING’….The great deception !!!

      So … to answer the “should be obvious” question: WHY are the governments “seemingly quiet” about what is coming ???


      >>>>>>>>> All the Underground facilities are spoken for …..and on top of that…..’they” want most people DEAD. DEAD. DEAD.

      (although I suppose for some no explanation of anything will suffice)…….exactly.

    • When ya put it like that Kirk it sure does make the naysayers look rather foolish.

      Speaking of the chemtrailing… I walked outside this morning and looked up in the sky here in Denver and saw loads of chemtrail streaks across the sky. I looked in another direction and saw a milky, thin layer of what “looked like” cloud cover but upon a closer look I could tell it was not normal cloud cover at all. In the middle of this milky poison, I could make out distinctive trails coming from these jets and realized that all the milky “cloud cover” was actually the poison that they are spraying. It literally covered the whole sky north, south, east and west. I couldn’t believe what I was looking at. It was as though a sky full of poison hung over me. It literally blocked the sun from shining. I just looked around at the other people I saw around me and no one was paying one bit of attention to the poison that hung above their heads like a massive white bed sheet covering the entire sky. I don’t think that I had ever seen it this bad in Denver until this morning. It looked like they were busy doing this all night long.

    • >>>> This is the video that Corey mentioned which I saw many months ago. Just listen. <<<<


    • PLANET X …..”2 TO 18 MONTHS”…. …. …. Scripture says, TO WATCH, …BE ALERT, …BE READY.

      >>>>JUST LISTEN !!!

    • “http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l5LEcIF-ICY”
      If I copied the link wrong, the title of this is called “Planet x, Nibiru is very real & is to pass earth august 2014”.

      McDonald Observatory at University of Texas.

    • Unfortunately, my computer got a bad case of hemorroids and posted before I was ready concerning the above link so I’ll continue…

      On January 26, Astronomer Dr. Kaplan disappeared from McDonald Observatory. No trace of him was ever found. The memory card from his camera was found by an anonymous employee and smuggled out of the observatory. The footage is presented unaltered.

      Hey Kirk… another one bites the dust.

      Just a coincidence though (wink wink).

    • An absolutely stunning interview Kirk (referring to the second one with Bob Fletcher). Now we know the reason for the empty Chinese Cities. Isn’t it interesting that the mountains are being utilized for the shelter of a certain number of important people when we know that the bible declares that people in the tribulation will be crying out for the rocks to fall on them and hide them from the wrath of the Lamb that sits on the throne (to put it into the words of scripture).

      Completely stunning. I think this whole thing is now becoming clearer to me. Before, I was kinda on the fence about this whole Nibiru/Planet X debate not so long ago… but now I think the evidence is abundantly clear after seeing the all new footage that is popping up from people’s home video cameras and elsewhere. Not to mention the whistleblowers turning up dead and missing.

      It can’t be hid anymore can it?

    • Can’t wait to dig into the last one you just posted. Definitely going to watch that one later today and send some of these to my brother. Hopefully I can get my other brother interested as well.

    • Corey….i am very glad you take the time to learn. Most do not. They just criticize, disparage, and mock. i could care less.
      They don’t phase me anymore. i know what i know as led by The Holy Spirit and God showing me in His Word and things i study.

      I’ve been studying these things “hard” since 2007/2008 …. and there is NO man that can tell me that it’s all a farce…
      ……simply because The Word of God is TRUE….and let every man be a liar.

      Glad you are attempting to get your brothers informed. My mom is “awake”….rest of my family is kinda in a semi-coma.

      I have sent out Gizzillions of emails to many people and my family for several years……….and NOT many actually “get it”.
      My mom is very diligent with what i send her…and she is waking up people she knows….and one lady is waking up her church & pastor!

      i wish it could be more people.

      i feel like I am fighting a fire with a “spritzer bottle” …. with people giving their attention “to other things.” More prophecy fulfilled!!!

      Even when you S-P-E-L-L …I – T … O-U-T …..it just does NOT compute. Spiritually Blinded people….aloof as to what is coming!

      Yet, I am glad you apply yourself. Heck, I don’t know everything. I’ve never seen “it”….but I do have God’s Word and sense enough
      to pay attention to the “signs” that JESUS told me to watch for ……. and you are doing the same.

      So, we just keep doing what we do.

      Those that wake up….great.
      Those that don’t…..well,………i have “heard” that ignorance is bliss…..but by the looks of things…..BLISS sure is gonna suck…BIG TIME.

      It is now 5:11 am Bend Oregon time….and i have watched and studied a lot the last 8 hours or so, and i am tired…so headin’ to bed.

      But….i can’t wait till you read those books i mentioned to you….BELOW….
      ……once you do…..many more things will be opened up to you. you’ll be amazed….AGAIN….you will be amazed.

      i am anxiously awaiting the three books i ordered early this week;
      1) The Silence is broken! ……….gonna read it next month….AGAIN. What a read!!!
      2) When God Intervenes ………..excited to check this one out too next month.
      3) The Blood Moons by mark biltz ……. wanted to read it and check it out, before buying some for others.

      Currently, i am again reading through “Earthquake Resurrection”…..and then…..”Then His Voice Shook The earth”.

      These go “hand in hand” with our blog discussion tonight……..and when you read them ….you’ll finally understand my reason.


    • WOW….i just walked outside….and the slightest crescent moon was looking BEAUTIFUL in the eastern sky in the rising dawn of morning
      with Venus about Moon-high and off to the right a good bit. Both very clear and bright….even though a light blue sky was coming and
      all the stars are not visible now due to the sun coming up. WHAT A SIGHT !!! The stars were brilliant last night!!!

      The birds are all chirping….they’ve been chirping from a good while ago this morning.

      Very peaceful. Frost all over everything. i think it was 28 degrees tonight ….and up to now….it is still very cold outside.

      Amazing the BEAUTY that God still shows us all…..even in our sin-ravaged world.

    • Good morning Kirk and Corey: thank you for some of those good points you raise … with humour!

      (… sitting here laughing at some of it! For one, Kirk, re the Post Office buying hollow point bullets: “I thought the Post Office sold stamps and mailed packages”) Next time I visit the U.S. for a couple of weeks, and if I happen to order anything by post, I’ll be sure to be extra polite to the mailman when he brings a delivery!

    • Dom,

      That “Planet X | Government Caught Red Handed | Removes Images”video is hilarious.

      He spends a minute and half talking about beer…

      There is no link to the video that has supposed images of Planet X.

      And again if a body that big were that close to the sun it would be obvious.

      We would see perturbations on the planets including ours.


    Video Games Aren’t Sinful, They’re Just Stupid >>>>> Gotta love the Title !!!!!!!!!!

    • *****I LOVE HOW THE ENDING IS HOW TO GIVE MARS HILL MONEY!******* Who needs a call to repentance. Just get up and get out there and DO. And give.

      Kirk, I’m playing around, so please don’t take it as a torque. This dude, however, has stomped all over his own credibility, but well before he did that, I think he disqualified himself to preach anything, after claiming he has pornographic ‘visions’ of his audience members’ sins. That’s disgusting and not remotely of God.

    • Mark Driscoll is a tool and not the useful kind. He has a preoccupation with sex and bad language in his preaching, It’s troubling to see his videos posted here.

    • Ya know what I really “love” about the vast majority of Christians (but actually it’s very counter-productive)….

      “they make judgments BEFORE listening.”
      John Michael….i dare say …. that you’ve NEVER taken time to LISTEN to more than 10 seconds of mark driscoll because in your
      opinion …”he is a tool”. Maybe you heard something that “tweeked” you … and therefore you erradicate everything a person says
      because it doesn’t fit into your experience …or you don’t know where they are coming from…or your understanding of the Word of God.

      Well, for me… LISTENING to what a person SAYS and what they BELIEVE …. that is what makes me KNOWLEDGEABLE about them.
      I don’t take ….”one snapshot of a person”…. and base my entire view of them on that ONE picture. That leads to DECEPTION.

      NOBODY….and I mean NOBODY….i have EVER listened to ….”gets it all right…all the time.” And that includes people on this blog too.

      Some time back, even our beloved LA MARZULLI ….
      ……made a judgment upon Perry Stone insinuating that Perry teaches “Replacement Theology” and is not a friend of ISRAEL.
      Too this “judgment” …of a teacher I admire, …i addressed this wrong to LA…and he did recognize his wrong assessment.
      But I am sure that LA did his homework at that point….and didn’t just take my word on it. Maybe others said something too, …i don’t know.
      The point is….we all make assessments at times….that are just simply wrong and filled with holes … and we just need TRUE knowledge.

      But, it’s like this….if people want to judge other people from “afar”….so be it…continue to do so. The pharisees did that quite well.
      And in fact….most “religious people”….do that very well. And we all know what JESUS Himself said about those type of people.
      Stonedragon….to your point…does Mark Driscoll say things that really “tweek” people? Sure does. Do I agree with them all…NO.

      Has Driscoll been learning to “tame” his vibrant and very pointed expressions at times over the years….yes, and at least he is “honest”.
      The “religious” rarely are….”honest”….about themselves and their own faults and shortcomings….cause “they’ always point the finger.

      The last I checked……”Christians”….are REDEEMED SINNERS…..that sin……even while still a CHRISTIAN….even the 5 fold ministry too!

      Can you imagine…. that…….GOD….is choosing to use …even YOU…..choosing to use …even ME ??!!??!!??!!

      You also have to realize …. the generation of people he is reaching in the North West….an utter Pagan and destitute bunch !!!
      Sure that is EVERYWHERE…yes!!! But if you have been to Seattle area, lived there, …then you’d have the pulse of the area.
      People in this area (like others too)……is barely reached….at all….with The Gospel message….that JESUS SAVES, HEALS, RESTORES.

      Mark Driscoll gets the vast majority of his flak and criticism from…..”CHRISTIANS”…..Not the pagans he shares the Gospel with !!!

      Now then, … I also seem to remember….Someone else….Who seemed to say and do a lot of things that really irked people in His day.

      You may have heard of Him….His Name ….is JESUS.

    • There absolutely are way too many folks out there selling the end times and pointing ppl to false alarms…this ultimately is causing the world to view us Christians as a bunch of Harold Campings and it is a shame! With that being said, stay away from Mark Driscoll and others like Rick Warren who tell ppl not to be concerned with end time prophecy.

    • I would hope that th folks who come here realize that this BLOG does not engage in hype of any sort. However, when I see prophecy shaping up I will call it as I see it. You will notice I haven’t spent a lot of time on the Blood Moons. While I find them interesting, for me it’s a watch and see what happens. I find it far more interesting to follow what Iran, Hezbollah and now the recent developments with FATAH and HAMAS are doing. I’m at the conference and will speak today at 3;30. L.A.

    • Kirk,
      You assume that I haven’t listened to Driscoll, you’re wrong. You lack discernment and have been taken in. I’m sorry for you that you have to be sarcastic and abrasive to make you argument for the various mentors that you solicit on this blog. Learn to handle well the word and stop trying to sell the ministries of those whose kool-aid you’re drinking. I would caution you in comparing Driscoll to the Messiah. I believe that you mean well but stumble due to your immaturity.


    The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD, and against his anointed, saying, Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us.

    Debate Over the End, Postmillennialism vs Premillennialsim
    Pastor Paul Viggiano vs. Douglas Hamp (the winner)


    I’ve watched this twice and I’m still scratching my head over what Pastor Paul Viggiano said and his presentation in general.

    • Linda, I heard that and yes it was a clincher that I expected to hear. The only reason I started to watch this debate was to try to understand what (spirit) drives this theology and his (sound mind) presentation of logic. I found it interesting that the spectators were laughing much of the time at Pastor Paul’s play, it seemed like I was more at a comedy club than a debate. (I love comedy but this was neither the time nor place for it) entertainment vs. sound doctrine

      I wonder if Doug Hamp shook the dust of his shoes as he left the building? Anyway it was a good debate for experience sake in understanding the mind of the blind.

    • You’re exactly right, Azureceu, that it would be a good debate for experience sake in understanding the mind of the blind. Sometime, as time allows, I may watch all of it, too.

  8. L.A, Can you explain in your best assessment what the the bible is trying to tell us about the “jews that are not really jews…?” I have always found this interesting and certainly confusing. I always appreciate your take on things. It kind of seems to me that it could apply to christians that aren’t really christians as well. Love to read what you think. Thank you, michael

    • For he is not a Jew who is one outwardly, nor is circumcision that which is outward in the flesh. But he is a Jew who is one inwardly; and circumcision is that which is of the heart, by the Spirit, not by the letter; and his praise is not from men, but from God. (Romans 2: 28-29).

      A distinction was made between physical circumcision and being uncircumcised in heart. This is a recurrent theme in the book of the prophet Jeremiah.

      God was not so much concerned with the ethnicity of an Israelite as with whether or not he was circumcised in heart.

  9. “http://www.naturalnews.com/044868_microchips_drug_injections_hybrid_humans.html#ixzz2zuoFwaVI”

    Is choice lost? Microchips to administer drugs, replace pills

    ^^ An astounding read right out in the mainstream. Beast Tech is here and now, folks.

  10. Good show on Coast tonite..they have on Joe Augustyn. He is talking about the strange case of John Matkowsky, who heard odd unexplained noises in his home. Subsequently, anomalous images were captured on a Polaroid camera…look at some of these pictures, there is writing on some of them that came out on the film when it was asked a question…one question was

    Q – Are you here for us or the house?
    A – genius loci
    English Translation – the guardian spirit of a man or a place

    Noticed the 3rd pic in the series…creepy.


  11. Fox developing event series about Jesus’ early years

    Fox is the latest network to have found God. The broadcaster is developing Nazareth, a drama that follows Jesus’ lesser-known formative years.
    David Franzoni (Gladiator, Amistad) is writing the project, which is the latest entrant in TV’s recent religious and spiritual programming boom. Inspired by the success of History’s The Bible, NBC (A.D.: Beyond the Bible), CBS (The Dovekeepers), WGN America, OWN and CNN all have religious programs in the works. Like Nazareth, Lifetime’s The One also tackles Jesus’ youth.

    There is talk that Nicolas Cage has a desire to play the part of Jesus, which I feel would be a disaster…plus he is a little long of tooth to play Jesus early years…, just the thought of Cage playing Jesus sends shivers up my spine. I would much rather have someone with decent acting abilities get the part…Knowing Hollywood they will probably find some once popular out of work, atheist actor,, pluck him off a bar stool somewhere, hand him a robe and sandals and tell him this will surely revive his career.

  12. “http://www.canarycryradio.com/2014/04/24/flyby-gonz-saw-transcendence/”


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