L. A. Marzulli on John B. Wells – Caravan To Midnight! UPDATE!


L. A. Marzulli will appear on Caravan to Midnight on Thursday! 

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L. A. Marzulli’s Speaking Schedule 2014

L. A. 2013 PHOTO 23New Years Eve! December 31 – Calvary Chapel Oceanside – Southern Cal. http://www.calvaryoceanside.org/upcoming-events/item/322-l-a-marzulli-2014.html

Watcher’s 7! Screening in Southern California – Saturday – Feb. 1st. 7:30 pm – Just Cause Motion Capture Stage – 4130 Del Rey Ave. Marina Del Rey!–done

February 21-22: Decoding the End Times Bible Conference! www.theprophecyforum.com–done

March 28-30: Prophecy In the News! Orlando www.prophecyinthenews.com –done

April 5 & 6 – Dominion Christian Centerhttps://www.facebook.com/dominioncc?ref=hl–done

April 25 -27: Behold the Days are Coming Conference http://www.412church.org   

Hope to see you there! May 5-15: Peru tour with L. A. Marzulli & Brein Foerster!

June 13-14: Nephilim Mounds II – www.nephilimmounds2.com

June 28-29: The War of Art! Southern California! https://www.facebook.com/events/477292755732768/

July Conference with Pastor Caspar McCloud – Atlanta area – Details coming soon.

July 25-27 – Prophecy in the News Colorado! www.prophecyinthenews.com

October 3-4: Paradigm Symposium October 24-25: Strategic Trends with Chuck Missler – Details coming soon

November 7- 9: Tri State Prophecy Conference – W/ Gary Stearman & Russ Dizdar November – OK City conference – details coming soon.

To book L. A. Marzulli please email him at la@lamarzulli.net L. A. Marzulli shares the platform with a variety of speakers with many different world views. Marzulli does not endorse anyones world view unless specifically noted.


74 thoughts on “L. A. Marzulli on John B. Wells – Caravan To Midnight! UPDATE!

    • Great Watchers 8 Video introduction! Excited that different point of views are being examined and talked about from leading experts with knowledge, evidence and experience.

      Breaking barriers!

    • This is going to be great. I have been unhappy with the lack of hard-hitting subjects on C2C for a long time. JBW was a breath of fresh air and I looked forward to Saturday nights. As soon as I heard JBW was creating his own radio show, I signed up as a member. Needless to say, I am not re-newing with C2C.

    • I am, too, Elaine! I’ve been pestering L.A. to get on C2M for months now and he has. Can’t wait to hear the broadcast.

      Matt, I cancelled my Coast membership, too. John B. is doing an excellent job. Have you listened to the interview with Jim Wilhelmsen, and the one with Dr. Judy Wood? Mind-blowing stuff.

  1. I think John B. Wells should have named his show “CARAVAN TO THE DEEPEST, DARKEST DEMONIC HELL THAT MANKIND WILL EVER KNOW IN RECORDED HISTORY.COM” because this nightmarish hell will not be like other hells in history such as World War 1 and 2 etc. etc. This one is coming complete with a demonic, supernatural army from hell described in Joel 2:31 that is about to be released upon the world (Just take a read of some of Tom Horn’s material for more info on that one). This hell will wipe out most of the population of the globe as described in prophetic scripture. This hell will see an asteroid destroy the food chain in the oceans. This hell will be hell in every sense of the word including literally.

    Perhaps L.A. should rename his blog “L.A.’s NIGHTMARISH DEMONIC HELL THAT WILL RIP THE WORLD IN TWO AND CAUSE MASSIVE GLOBAL CATASTROPHE THE WORLD WILL NOT RECOVER FROM BLOG”. Instead of the subtitle being “Politics, Prophecy and the Supernatural”, it should be “THE NIGHTMARISH HELL SOON TO OVERTAKE THE UNSAVED”. It’s not PC or warm and fuzzy but it is more to the truth (as is your current title of course) but I think this one would be an attention getter.

    • But the moment that “dark day” ends is the beginning of Christ’s reign, so I think caravan to midnight is highly appropriate for traveling this dark road. 🙂

    • Good one, Azureceu! “(6×3)”… for the fuuuuuuture hell that will soon unleash on earth.

      p.s. had a chance to see pastor Mike’s sermon on blood moon issue you posted the other day … a good perspective on it!…:)

    • Corey ….you did it AGAIN………”you are a R.I.O.T. !!!!”

      Yet…i don’t think those “new titles” would fit in The Search Windows!!! BBBBWWWAAAAHHHHHAAAAAWWWWAAAAA…eth.

      Also: have you got a chance to read “earthquake resurrection” yet …and…”Then His Voice Shook The Earth” ???
      ( I be just wondering…I know you are busy too.)

      I have been re-reading “Earthquake Resurrection” this month … AGAIN. WOW…WOW…WOW….so many insights!

      LA….very glad to hear you’re gonna be on John B. Wells’ show tonight. i really enjoy his thoughtful insights. “He gets it.”

      My only encouragement………….”JUST …BRING… IT !!!”

    • Kirk… No… not yet. I have the titles written down on my calender sitting on my computer desk but haven’t ordered them yet from Amazon. That will be the next order of business. They sound interesting.

      I’ve gotten my brother interested in world events as of late. He asked me to send him some good articles and stuff about what is happening etc. I sometimes send him stuff you’ve hunted down on the internet and posted here on the blog. Was getting ready to go back a few blogs and hunt down the Planet X video you posted two sundays ago. He doesn’t have alot of time to hunt for stuff on the internet, so I take his invitation to send him stuff as a wide open door of opportunity. I was getting ready in a few minutes to send him the one you posted about the Illuminati Pentagram formation that appears between the locations of recent U.S. disasters/attacks (or perhaps it was Gordy). Coming from the mindset of someone who may be just now waking up, these types of videos and visuals can bring someone to the startling realization that there is more going on here than meets the eye.

    • Hey Corey, any more news on comet linear and the popes visit to Amman on May 24th? The Jesuit astronomers may have planned this visit for a reason. Jerusalem is also on the schedule for a visit at this time. Wondering if there were any good videos on the subject?

    • Corey…good to hear that your brother is more interested in learning lately! That is great when people are “open” and not closed minded….
      ….as soooo many are today. A couple days before the passover blood moon, my own brother asked my mom what the blood moon means.
      Miracles ….i tell ya….miracles!!!! I ‘only’ first told my brother about the blood moons back in 2008!!!!…. when i first saw Mark Biltz on
      Prophecy in the News. Nice to see people…”get it”…soooo quickly, huh ?!?! but i guess that is to be expected when someone doesn’t study.

      Here is today’s video about INCOMING OBJECTS….like the russian meteor in Feb of 2013. More are coming! Some have been recorded.

      Asteroid Explosions and Solar Update.

    • Linda, I liked PM’s perspective also.

      Here is another video I just started watching.
      -Lets see what he be saithing

      Pastor Mike Online 4-22-2014 DNA Change

    • John T. … Haven’t researched anything more about it but it sure does seem peculiar enough that the false prophet GRAAWW! GRAAWW! Sorry…. Have to fix that cough somehow….. I mean the pope… will be making a grand appearance in Jerusalem on this very day. When you look at these strange “coincidences”, you almost have to come to the conclusion that there is some kind of strange, evil presence at work here. Perhaps it’s just me. I would dare say that the agreement is already signed, sealed and delivered for the temple to be built for the Antichrist and false prophet to take charge of (whenever that will be). We do know that national Israel as an entity is part of the globalist agenda and is very involved in crafting it even though at the same time God has brought the Jews back into the land and established it as an entity for the end times.

      So I have no doubt the wheels are in motion and the curtain is about to rise on the next stage of this grand drama called the world.

      But wow… let that one sink in for a moment. The pope scheduled for a trip to Jerusalem when comet Linear passes through. Given what we know about this pope from Tom Horn’s work, we should all sit up and take notice.

    • Corey…..you are indeed CORRECT when you say “an agreement has been signed”….because the temple mount area…
      some portion has been “promised” to the vatican…..giving the pope access….which is something ‘the pope-ery’ has wanted for centuries!!

      I don’t know how it all fits together, but we WATCH. Something is certainly astir….we know that already.

      There is a “KEY MAN” in Turkey that has stated …that he (a muslim) ….desires that the Jews build their Temple soon.
      Joel Richardson has done interviews with him. Very interesting.

      TURKEY…..is the REVIVED OTTOMAN EMPIRE……..which is The Caliphate !!! it was a part of the EASTERN ROMAN EMPIRE.

      When you see the two videos I placed on this blog today about ISLAM …..so much more will come together! i learned a TON tonight !!!
      1) ISLAM: babylon the great ….and….2) The Third Temple and The Islamic Anti-CHRIST

    • Kirk… Just got done watching that first video you posted down below. Sure does clear up some things for me. Now we know what the scripture is talking about when it declares that the Antichrist will not honor the desire of women. I also didn’t know that “honoring the God of forces (or fortresses) had to do with Islam! I’m curious if you happened to notice the picture that was shown in the video of Muslim demonstrators/agitators standing with a cloth sign with the spraypainted words “Yes We Can” on it. Sound like a slogan you’re familiar with? Hmmmmmmmm. By now I think most of us are aware of the Luke 10:16 Obama reference that Jesus made. I wonder if this has anything to do with it. I’ve always just assumed that the Jews will be able to build their temple because of the outcome of the psalm 83 war where they will just conquer and gain the land back and then rebuild it. But it looks as though deals are being made without war through the Vatican along with the Jews. We know that Jewish Illuminati mysticism connected to Kabbalah is in play here as well. Perhaps Obama is the guy who makes it possible for the real Antichrist to take his position in the temple and this is what Jesus was hinting at in Luke 10:16! Or perhaps it somehow will actually be Obama himself.

      That spray painted banner in the video really got me thinking. Could Obama’s slogan of “Yes We Can” be a hidden, secret message to Muslims worldwide? I’m assuming that “Yes We Can” is a phrase that Muslims use based on what I saw in the video. Barack Obama has alot of suspicion surrounding him right now on the whole Muslim issue. He seems to be one. I think the evidence is pretty convincing. That video was pretty darn insightful. Got me thinking.

      Now on to the next video.

    • So now we have a Pope and a comet theory..

      I know that one is for sure a sign.

      I just can’t figure out what book that one is in…

      How about the Book of Bandwagon Theories. 

      And by the way how many “this is the last pope” theories are we going to believe????

      I have heard that with every pope.

      Can’t wait to see what someone will post next???

      People stop listening after you have cried wolf so many times…

    • “Glad I have a volume control and sound limiter, else I couldn’t listen to him (outbursts).”
      I hear you.
      You should spend a bit of time in Brazil, there is not a people on earth any louder, wherever two or more are gathered you will find a Carnival.

  2. So excited about both! Watchers 8 trailer is fantastic! And to be on with John B., well I know it will be a great show! I believe you guys are starting to wake up the slumbering giant (no pun intended). God bless you in your work!

  3. “Heaven brings hell on earth. June 19 at 9|8c on Syfy.”

    Gimme a break.

    Watch this and read what this is about. They are absolutely telegraphing this stuff a mile away in the media.

  4. More preconditioning. Nome, this is really in-your-face programming of what you’ve been saying all along.

    • note the memes…
      – ornery god wipes out innocent humanity using massive (supposedly righteous) angel invasion
      – but a special child can save them … though no mention that the child is the antichrist

      “The last time god destroyed the earth was by flood. This time it’s by angels.”
      “Are you saying this is the apocalypse? I’m saying this is an extermination.”

    • “http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dominion_%28TV_series%29”


      Dominion is an upcoming American apocalyptic supernatural action television series
      – created by Scott Stewart. It is based on the 2010 film Legion

      . . . .

  5. “http://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/revealed-scientists-edit-dna-to-correct-adult-genes-and-cure-diseases-9273555.html”

    Revealed: Scientists ‘edit’ DNA to correct adult genes and cure diseases

    As usual: This is just what’s de-classified and carefully trickled out into the mainstream. Ponder that.

    • “http://www.janes.com/article/36784/israel-launches-sar-spy-satellite”





  6. Pat Robertson: Asteroid could destroy Earth as soon as next week

    Not to be outdone by the blood moon theory pushed by Hagee, a world-famous preacher from San Antonio, Robertson has crafted another “end of the age” theory that involves an asteroid, or, as he calls it, “a big ol’ hunk of space rock” destroying the Earth, which he said could happen as soon as next week.

    “I don’t see anything else that fulfills the prophetic words of Jesus Christ other than an asteroid strike,” said Robertson on The 700 Club television broadcast Monday. “There isn’t anything else that will cause the seas to roil, the skies to darken…” “So, hey, just get ready,” Roberston said

    Robertson was plugging his book “The End of the Age,” which asserts a meteor will destroy the Earth, on the Christian Broadcasting Network. The 1988 presidential candidate, who has predicted the world would come to an end multiple times, was piggy backing off of news that NASA would release information Tuesday that asteroids have struck the world much more than previously thought.

    First the Blood Moon theory pushed by Hagee now this. With a net worth of $200 Mil -perhaps to prove his prediction-ole Pat could start distributing his vast wealth to others, as he won’t need it after next week. . If these TV evangelist could just figure out the source of their thoughts. Second Corinthians 10:3-5 and Ephesians 6:10-13 tells that we must bring every thought in to the obedience of the Word of God.

    In any case, I’m not worried. I got a brand new tinfoil hat. I’m protected; plus the bright side is at least it’ll wipe out 17 trillion of US debt

    • Sure would be nice ….if Christian leaders….ie-Robertson…wouldn’t say such pathetic and inaccurate statements.

      This earth ain’t going anywhere for at least ….”current period of The Gentiles” + 7 year Tribulation + 1,000 year Reign of Christ on earth.

      Why can’t people READ ???

    • IF anything happens, and that’s a big IF, I will be long gone and buried. I will not see it in my lifetime…The standard “you are one of those scoffers” which is the standard line I usually get and is not even remotely true… the fact is, why do people try to predict what even Jesus said was not to be known by anyone including Him…. Jesus said only the Father knew when the end times were to happen…. Not Hagee, nor Robertson none would know….
      Obviously Armageddon sells pretty well for these “TV preachers”. Fear Sells – Period..Not a popular stance to take but its true none the less…
      God does not give us a spirit of fear, so I refuse to get caught up in it. There is nothing wrong with being prepared and educating yourself about prophecy and what the scriptures say is to come but to get paranoid about it to the point you are not living the full life God gave you is a tragedy. My point is, I was ready many years ago. I’ve decided that I won’t just sit at home and wait for disaster to strike. After all, once I prepare and do all I know how to do to protect my family , after that , if God wants me to live, he’ll protect me. I have no fear of death.
      I have a Christian friend that every word out of his mouth is im scared…this guys has fears about going to the grocery store. I told him that’s no way to live a life and certainly not living up to the potential the Lord wishes for his life. The poor guy walks around in a paranoid state 100% of the time. . His home is full to the brim with police scanners, CB radios, shortwave, and tons of survival gear and 10 TVs of all sizes tuned into different 24 HR news channels. Poor guy is in bondage and doesn’t even know it. Satan has him so full of fear he can’t fully have a relationship with the Lord. He is too busy being scared for what MAY come. Not to mention putting his family into poverty over his survival gear and electronic devises. Poor guy can’t even make his house note, has to borrow from the church and friends. As I said nothing wrong with being prepared, in fact all should take heed and make arrangements in the event of worse case scenario… make sure your families are protected,,,use the common sense God gave you to prepare, then after you have done all you know how to do, trust God. To live and breathe doom and gloom and noting else is not healthy and not what God wants for our lives. Maybe the asteroid Robertson expects here soon will turn into televangelist seeking asteroid and scatter all those snake oil salesmen in one fell swoop. That would be like Jesus ridding the temple of money changers.

    • Matt….I strongly recommend that you watch the following. You will greatly be benefited by these.
      The first video covers exactly what is stated in the title….as does the second video, but the 2nd video covers many related subjects too.

      Also: Unless you’re about 96 years old, and ready to kick the bucket tomorrow, …you WILL see “these things” happen up to the rapture.

      The end times have been here….and are already culminating faster and faster ….with many intense Birth Pains!!! (and getting worse.)
      …..WOW…..stuff my parents taught me at 10 yrs old …. they are happening TODAY…..in our generation.

      Enjoy these 2 videos….lots to learn. Very Sad that most churches don’t teach people this stuff.

      “No Man Knows The Day or Hour!” – OH, REALLY?? >>>> This will give you the TRUTH on this Hebrew idiom that you have missed.

      Tetrads, Temples & Tribulation

    • I agree we are under attack and things seem to be speeding up…Satan’s agenda is well under way…
      The churches don’t teach these things as it doesn’t keep the fanny’s in the seats and the collection plates moving. Heaven forbid if the pastor happens to offended someone and they find another church home.
      I just watch the movie Heaven is for Real and when that pastor wanted to speak about his son’s experience NDE, they just about threw him out. Wanted to replace him as pastor. Most pastors of churches are control by the board of directors. They have little freedom in what is preached out of the pulpit. Even Osteen is controlled to a certain degree.
      As far as the rapture goes, im ready if it happens, if not that’s ok too as I don’t expect to see it in my lifetime but hey, it will be great if I am around, Glory to God.

  7. by way of lynleahz.com


  8. REVEALED!! 3 AMAZING Reasons for the Prophetic Blood Moon Tetrads!


  9. ISLAM:Babylon the Great >>>>> Very detailed…..EXCELLENT teaching. Soooo MUCH to LEARN in this video! VERY TIMELY !!!

    • Hmmmmmm … Islam and Mystery Babylon you say? I’ve always suspected that Islam will have something to do with the end time scenario. My assumption has always been that Islam will somehow get nukes and nuke Rome or something… thus the vision of a past pope seeing a future pope stumbling up a hill while Rome burns ala Tom Horn’s book Petrus Romanus. The cutting off of heads in the Tribulation period for not taking the mark of the beast sounds to me like Islam. But I’ve always thought of Rome/Roman Catholicism as being “Mystery Babylon”.

      But I’ll give it a listen here in a few and let ya know what I think.

    • Corey……..this video will make you think….lots to study here. When you see how all this comes together….”Eureka Moment !!!!”

      I recall Perry Stone ties many things to ISLAM…as does Walid Shoebat…Joel Richardson … and others.

      I think this video is EXCEPTIONAL….and researched well.

      Still….there are some things we simply must WATCH and SEE what unfolds, but this video seems to be “a dead ringer” to me!

      I feel it puts “so many” ideas and Scriptures together that are already coming together in reality. WOWZER !!!!!!!!!!

    • You’re right Kirk… that one was indeed a wowzer! It also certainly muddies up the waters a bit. It makes you wonder where some of all the other pieces come into play such as the Vatican and it’s tremendous power. The power and wealth of the west has certainly made Islam and the east tremendously wealthy by oil purchasing over the many years. Very insightful video.

      Makes ya think for sure. It does present some very powerful scriptural evidence for the case it is making.

  10. Please pray for discernment and salvation for Richard K. and Brenda M. who are contactees here in the Vancouver B.C lower mainland. I’ve shared some books, videos an articles warning them about the demonic or fallen angelic nature of so called ET entities. Richard and Brenda have both used new age or mystical methods to facilitate encounters with shape-shifting humanoids or extra-demensional entities.

  11. Please pray for an ufo abductee Grant T I’ve met who has had a recent encounter with a black eyed women in North Vancouver, BC. He seems to at times under some kind of demonic mind control. Also pray for Jonathan who has had a frightening encounter in Vancouver in an old apartment in Vancouver a couple of evenings ago. He was really frightened on the phone when he called my local Ufo and Paranormal Hotline. Both these individuals need deliverance and salvation. PAAPSI needs more knowledgeable Christian volunteers to answer incoming phone calls….please inquire if you feel God is leading you: http://www.paapsi.org/

  12. Impending Pole Shift explained – It WILL happen >>>> This video gives a basic understanding of what occurs. Revelation 6:12-17 is coming !!!

    • Soooo… how about them Broncos?

      All that information certainly makes ya want to go lick ice cream all day in sheer utter joy and fulfillment at the happy immediate future of our world and all who dwell therin. If I remember correctly, this Planet X is supposed to start to be seen by more and more people later this year? Wow.

      Get out the party hats and the mouth whistles and don’t forget the ice cream. Looks like the world has a happy immediate future.

      As for Kirk, myself and others… we’ll be watching from a special kind of balcony with our ice cream cones.

  13. ‘Gospel of Jesus’s Wife’: Doubts Raised About Ancient Text

    The arguments against the papyrus’s authenticity by Depuydt and others are complex, but a key problem they cite is that the Coptic text is full of errors, to the extent that it is hard to believe that an ancient Coptic writer could have composed it.


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