Why I Disdain ALL Royalty

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Royal Baby Alert! Prince George Visits The Zoo And Everyone Swoons


Article I, Section 9, Clause 8. No title of nobility shall be granted by the United States: and no person holding any office of profit or trust under them, shall, without the consent of the Congress, accept of any present, emolument, office, or title, of any kind whatever, from any king, prince, or foreign state.  http://www.heraldica.org/topics/usa/usnob.htm

I will most likely get some flack because of this post, but I’m going to forge ahead anyway.   Why is it that the knuckle heads in our media print this tripe?  While I have no animosity against the British “royals,” or their progeny, I do detest royalty and here’s why.   Why is Prince George any different from any other  baby his age?  Why should any American care?  We fought the American revolution to void ourselves from the concept of royalty.  (Check out Article I – above) However, articles like the one in the Huffington Post I linked to, put the royals on a pedestal.

I find it alarming that Americans seem to gravitate toward this.  The royal family lead a privileged life, as everything is provided for them.  They are doted on, bowed to, attend the best schools, live in extravagant castles, and are chauffeured in limousines.  Why, because someone long ago set up a system which has held the masses in bondage for hundreds of years.  Most Brits are OK with the Royals, but here in the states our founding fathers were repulsed by the concept and so much so, that they wrote against it in the Constitution.

In closing todays post:  Anyone in this country can rise through the ranks and become president, just take a look at who is in the oval office at present moment!  There is no king or queen here and I for one, applaud this.  Royalty, is a concept that should be done away with, as it affords the Kings stinking son to inherit the throne, when he has done little or nothing to inherit the position of leadership.  Royalty is a throwback to the Middle Ages and has no place in our modern society.  There is only one true king and at some point He will return.  To Him I will bow and do so with joy and humility!


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88 thoughts on “Why I Disdain ALL Royalty

  1. I definitely agree… I’m totally repulsed by it. Whenever I see anyone (especially Americans) falling all over themselves over this embarrassing garbage, it makes me want to vomit in disgust.

    • Hey Corey, just a question. I share your idea that the rapture would most likely occur on the Feast of Trumpets of some year. But does this conflict with the Song of Solomon prediction of a spring rapture? Just wondering what your opinion is?

    • 100% right ON, L.A.!
      One Samuel chapter eight gives God’s view of human “kings.”
      Also, John T. has the better hypothesis about the Rapture in the Spring (specifically the feast of Shavuot i.e. Pentecost). See HERE (copy between the quotes and paste in your browser): “http://gracethrufaith.com/topical-studies/holidays-and-holy-days/the-feast-of-pentecost/”

    • The NEXT ….”Feasts of The Lord” ….to be fulfilled …are the 3 FALL FEASTS.

      God does things in the patterns He made….to The VERY DAY.

      The 7 feasts of The Lord …..aka = “God’s Appointed Times”…..are described IN ORDER …. in Leviticus 23.

      The Feast of Trumpets / Rosh Hashanah…..is also KNOWN AS…..the following listed below.
      “No man knows THE DAY or THE HOUR.”
      The Thief in The Night
      The Hidden Day….The Day of Concealment
      The DAY of The Blowing of Trumpets (Yom Teruah)
      The DAY of The Last Trump
      The DAY of The Awakening Blast
      The Opening of The Gates
      The Opening of The Books
      The Day of Judgment and The Day of Redemption
      The Day of The Coronation of The King
      The Wedding of The Messiah

      BELOW IS AN EXCELLENT VIDEO …..that goes over these feasts. EXCELLENT….EXCELLENT….EXCELLENT !!!

      Perry Stone – Revealation of 7 Feasts of Israel | New <<<<<<<<< EVERY BELIEVER NEEDS TO UNDERSTAND THIS VIDEO !!!!!!!

    • John T. I’ve alsways said that the Feast of Trumpets (or Rosh Hashana) and the Feast of Pentecost were the two likely candidates for the Rapture. I eventually came to the conclusion that it would be more likely the Feast of Trumpets for the very reason that Kirk has just stated above. The feasts are “appointed” times, which means that they cannot be altered. Not only that, but as Kirk also stated, I find out that they are listed in order in Leviticus 23 “in order” of fulfillment.

      As far as the Colton video above goes, I thought it very interesting. If the rapture cannot occur later than the spring of 2015 and the Colton experience remain a proven authentic experience truly from God while at the same time holding up to what is exposed in Leviticus 23 as a feast of Trumpets rapture, this would probably hint at a Fall 2014 rapture as a necessary unfolding of events.

      As for the Song of Solomon hint at an “ingathering” of the church goes, I would say that the clues are indeed there. But the question here is the timing of the budding of the fruits and the actual “ingathering” of the fruits. If I’m not mistaken, the fruits would be budding in the spring and start to take on life, but the actual harvesting would not take place until the fruit is fully ripe i.e. the mandrakes and tomatoes described in Solomon… “I went down into the garden of nuts to see the fruits of the valley, and to see whether the vine flourished, and the pomogranite budded” (Song of Solomon 6:11). But notice that they weren’t yet harvested. Maybe a little more time has to pass and let them bud and mature a bit more before the actual ingathering, which would hold to a later “Fall Feast of Trumpets”. All this taken together, the Feast of Trumpets would compliment the “Trumpets” ingathering in the fall while at the same time hold true to what is being hinted at in Song of Solomon. Alot of people take the Song of Solomon to be a definite hint of the rapture (which is true) but the hint does not necessarily fit a Spring ingathering. It more fits an inspection phase before the ingathering later in the fall.

      As always, I may not be seeing something here, but I still feel the weight of scriptural evidence and types and shadows hints at a Fall ingathering.

      Hope all that makes sense.

    • I would also add that it takes time for the fruit to start to appear and appear pleasant to the actual “gathering together” of the fruit. The Song of Solomon may actually be more of a hint that it (the groom) is looking at the fruit start to appear ripe for the gathering but the gathering will commence later. It takes time, thus a few more months of time to gather the fruit that appears already ripened.

    • Kirk, thanks for the video. Stone’s videos are always chock full of information. When it does occur, I hope it’s pre-trib, but His Will be done. I’ll put the video on my list to watch.

    • Corey, Yes the Colton video was interesting. Your comments reminded me that, after 9/11, the churches seemed to have better attendance. Probably just those people who were “on the fence” about attending regularly. Unfortunately, sometimes it takes such a tragedy for people to seek out the Lord. Whenever the rapture occurs, I wonder if there will be another event, before-hand, to make the fence-sitters resoundingly proclaim their faith in Jesus. Anyway, your comments on the Song of Solomon makes me want to read the passages again.

    • This is off the subject somewhat, but when I watch this video, I am reminded that Elvis was buried in a white suit with a powder blue shirt. An uncanny visual coupled with this song:

  2. Seems a little pointless writing this to be honest L.A. – feels like a bit of an attempt to gain hits using a really controversial topic in which you already knew you’d get “flack” for. I know you’re not one to do such things however, but it does look that way. Sure the royals don’t necessarily deserve to be royalty as they undoubtedly have done nothing to really deserve it, they are merely born or married into such privilege, yet that just reminds me of how we, the born again believers, do not deserve salvation or to be royalty in God’s Kingdom, yet Jesus died anyway because he loved us so much. Saying they don’t deserve to be royalty is in a way being quite hypocritical as we are also royalty in God’s Kingdom (the greatest Kingdom of all!) without our own cost or ability to receive such a gift. No one really deserves royalty except Jesus, but He, the only one who Has the authority to impart the title of royalty, has given us that title.

    If you are talking about how the media idolises them, then I do agree with you – there are certainly more important things that people need to know about, but we can’t blame the royals for that. We know the enemy is playing a huge part in the filter and release of information to the masses. And not to mention the media just sells what the people want to buy. Loving them and praying for them is a better message to tell people because they have an amazing platform they can use to influence a lot of people – let’s pray they find Jesus and that they let people know that He is good and that He lives!

    • Hi Brad – The post pointed to the media’s hyping of the royals. It needed to be covered and I did this. It certainly is not about getting hits. I’ve been chewing on this for a while and after I saw the Huffington Post article I decided today was the day. I would hope you have more confidence in me! LOL!

    • Fair enough L.A. – in that case I completely agree. I have plenty of confidence in you! I guess it just didn’t come across very clear to me. Keep on being awesome.

    • Brad, I agree that we all need to use our blogs and whatever tools we have available to spread the gospel. Keep in mind that much of LA’s readers are Christian, and I believe LA’s point is relevant to end times and prophecy, which is the focus of his blog, in that he’s keeping us aware of the mindset of the media and the American public. This information should spur us Christians on to talk to our family and neighbors ASAP because time is short.

      I not surprised that the non-thinking masses seem to prefer fluff items instead of dealing with real and difficult situations going on in our country and the world. And as LA noted, we have forgotten why our country was founded, and I believe the “swooning” portends a willingness to submit to a world king in the near future. And it won’t be our King Jesus at this point. I like looking at cute pics of babies myself, royal or otherwise, but it appears that the news “gatekeepers” are making a concerted effort to distract from reality all the time, every day.

    • Absolutely – I agree. It personally just felt a little bit more of a dig at the royals than the media itself, but that was just my opinion. L.A. clarified his intentions in his response and I completely understand and condone what he’s saying. In the context of his blog it all makes sense, but if you don’t know the context then this could just look like a bit of unmerited complaining 🙂 We know it’s not however 🙂

      I’m a studying journalist so I understand how the media works and especially how the public’s desires essentially have a big part to play in how and what the media portrays, as well as how the enemy is using it to dull and numb people’s minds into thinking that everything in this corrupted world is ‘fine’. Especially in Western society – there are people in the US who do not even know there is an entire world out there! …People who actually don’t watch MTV 😀

      It is in our God created being to want to worship, and people who do not know God will worship everything else in an effort to discover what they are searching for – Jesus. It’s our job to point them in the right direction. If the media is the wrong, then we as Christians are the right. I agree with everything you said, just wanted to clarify the reasons for my comment. And just to clarify that I am not American, but British, so I’m not all that clued up on American history/politics/contemporary issues 🙂 God Bless!

  3. The news reported that America will have it’s own royal family with the Chelsea Clinton pregnancy. The cult of personality is a very strong attractant for people. When the AC makes his debut, people will oblige his every desire.

  4. Totally agree. I am taking your word for it, L.A. and not clicking on the link. (You have never steered us wrong yet!) I don’t want my click telling those who are crowd sourcing that I am interested in the pointless adoration of the royals!
    But…..hahahaha, I would post pics of my grandchildren and expect the world to flock to admire them. 🙂

  5. hahaha… anyone can become president in america! Yah right… most of them have royal bloodlines. Every president has been groomed from the beginning. Most of them are freemasons. As for the media making prince william and kate all the talk, say hello to the anti christ.

  6. I heartily agree with you, L.A.! Keep up the great posts. One question: do you think that all the Sasquatch hoop-la could be real? Could this be a hybrid or chimera?
    Sophie Britten
    Three Rivers, CA

  7. I agree, L.A. But I’m wondering why you are giving ANY credit to HuffPost by reading it at all. I read it occasionally because my ultra liberal son put me onto it some years back, and I became one of the ardent posters defending Republican candidates such as Huckabee and Santorum. I don’t post at all now, because one has to use Facebook to post.
    I have also been a member of The Royal Forums for years, although I almost never post now. The reason I got interested was that I was looking for MY royal roots, the roots which gave me one of the “royal” ailments. I do believe The Royal Forums is more intelligent, by and large, than HuffPost. They do have some really good historical pieces, really accurate ones, and I’ve contributed to them in recent years because I learned so much about the royal ailment I have. They also have some silly posts about royal clothing and jewelry, but at least those are straightforward stories for people who want to live vicariously. And yes, I did find one of my royal ancestors, mostly through a tip from “Normans in Scotland” by Graham Ritchie, which guided me to the right google-subjects for finding my medieval family.

    • PS. L.A., one of my medieval paters was Sir Robert Croce, who had an Italian name as you do. People of Norman culture came from many ethnic groups. They killed each other often, a really bloody culture.

    • John Reilly….
      Watcha doing Bro ?? Good to see you in the parking lot yesterday….as I zipped by ya! Tell Mary I said hello!
      I thought you guys “moved south”….guess not! How long you been checking out this here blog ??

      Sure would be AWESOME if LA MARZULLI could come to West Side Church ….and rattle some cages…as most there doubt know much.

  8. I agree with you just more media trash. However the Royals are going broke. I’ve read their palace is falling a part. When the global economy tanks. I think the Royals will fall by the way side.

    However I would disagree with you that anyone in America can become president. The global elite put who they want in office. Usually its a good speaker or a family already aligned with them such as the Bush’s.

    Hey if anyone enjoys watching good UFO shows this new show on H2 called “Hangar 1” stories from MUFON is Good!

    • Sorry Richard, but the ‘Royals’ are hardly going broke as they are very key players in that same global elite you mentioned. The ‘dear old Windsors’ are a very insidious family…

      More media trash? ABSOLUTELY. You should see all the hype here in Australia!
      Smoke screen to keep their deceptive mask up? Yep, that too…

      There could also be another reason for the visit… scroll down…

    • I’ll have to look into the Royals connection to the Global Elite or their asset totals. If you have references I would be curious to see them. Thanks Bruce

  9. Totally agree! I hope you all had a blessed weekend.

    Very disturbing subject matter: One of Hollywood’s many ugly and evil secrets is starting to come out. Even the MSM can’t cover for it much longer:


    Good Christian commentary on the above:


    The story is about the Hollywood underbelly. Off the charts! Rebuke the enemy and pray for the victims over who knows how many decades out there from things like this.

  10. When I see this beautiful baby who is loved and cherished, my heart weeps for the millions of babies who were torn from their mother’s wombs. I can only hope and pray that seeing that baby’s face plastered all over the news will turn the hearts of thousands of pregnant women who were ready to abort their babies. May God use this to bring them to repentance and may thousands of lives be saved as a result.

    • Bless your dear heart, Anna! YES!!!! All things work for good to those that love Him…….let it at least inspire love for babies and help end the slaughter!

    • I agree with Anna…let God arise and use the royal baby image to God’s Glory! Although we are, indeed, royal because Jesus is our mighty King, man’s versioning of royalty is turned around, convoluted to the point of obsession. Time will tell if the future King of England will truly lead righteously or become a king of terror…

  11. I’m detecting sub-currents… re: royals … ten horns … nicolaitans
    – the staging of the clinton vs bush political dynasties for US prez 2016
    – gotta disagree that anyone can be prez, (clinton groomed via cambridge, obama via harvard, etc.)
    – that whole camelot thing, also tied to hollywood idolatry/adultery
    – drug and alcohol money (blackmarkets) laundered in political regimes (teddy, delano, FDR … kennedies)
    – inculcation that top dogs only have real lives (red shirts expendable, darth-luke, grimm hexens…)
    – american, british, australian, canadian, whatever idols … entertainment shows
    – yada yada yada

    Watched a BBC show last night, on digging a new London train tunnel and finding black plague skeletons. They made a big deal about edward-3 as particularly fit for the challenge of how to survive war, famine, plague… in the 1300s. During the touchy-feely parts I tooled around a bit on the web in the genealogies, since it had been years since I last looked. Interesting that there are so many more pictures of grave markers and actual copies of death certificates. Traced family lines back to the 1500s… Definitely no royals. Looked to see, no surprise, catholic monarchs… Also no surprise that they got themselves caught in an apocalypse pattern. Curious that the plague in London ended on Pentecost.

    Not to miss, of course, that there’s a royal blood line cult that makes the dan lineage, lost israelite tribe, coronation stone, etc. a blessings-cursings issue, oblivious to the diaspora and the “say they are jews and are not” doom, cp. replacement theology.

    And then there’s the nephilim bloodlines, spiritual puppetry issues…

    Bottomline: all other -archies (like the oligarchy news story) are in rebellion. There is only one everlasting Kingdom and one Lord-of-lord and King-of- kings. The powers and principalities of this world are more like drug lords and war lords. Yeshua Messiah rules from the Kingdom of Heaven, the spiritual kingdom within — which will always eclipse the external. Similarly, the only true Church is in Heaven.

    Just look at their uniforms and flags that all should be laid at Christ’s feet, along with all the crowns.

  12. Greetings from the Commonwealth of Australia!

    Well…. it was often referred to as the Commonwealth of Australia. Even used be printed on our local currency but now it’s just Australia although the Queen’s profile can be found impressed on coins still and one of the cash notes, though we are still part of the Commonwealth. “God Save the Queen” used to be the anthem at schools and public ceremonies but now is Advance Australia Fair – I think nowadays you only hear the God Save the Queen (or King, depending) when the Royals are present at a local event here like a flower show or public building opening or some ceremony like that.

    Every so often the question of a referendum to make Australia a republic (as it should be) comes up but never seems to eventuate even though a majority of public would rather we separate and become our own sovereign state (which is neither possible with UNs and World Banks and Trilateral agreements and so on having forced Australia to be enslaved to their diabolical conditions because of agreements made long ago).

    The other thing too, about the Royals is the sordid history and backgrounds. I accept that most European royalty have inter-related on incestuous and national level for generations – British royalty were married to Germans and Germans married Austrians etc and cousins married cousins etc, but to think that our nation’s government can be superseded or over-ruled by a bunch who marched along with the Nazis while both their nations were at war with each other is enough for me to say w don’t need no stinking royals! Even the British people used to spit and boo and hiss when ever Victoria and hubby stepped out in public because they were Brits!:-)

    I like.. err… love the idea of all men are born equal and the nation is the government and all have same law treatment whether to be protected or punished… and all those other good things that were issued in the declaration for the rights of man.


    God Bless!


    Y’shua! King of Kings! Lord of Lords!

  13. Begging your pardon…

    correction: [I mistakenly typed] Even the British people used to spit and boo and hiss when ever Victoria and hubby stepped out in public because they were Brits!

    should have read, “they were GERMANS”!!!

    • Hey Peter…..i think you are now beyond your “blog corrections” for the month. Might want to tiddy up a bit, …don’t ya think?
      You may want to take those fingers of yours in for a “tune up”……;) …..you know, ….maybe a 4 finger alignment. 🙂

      Plus … I don’t think we should….”pardon your begging”……..
      …………………………………………………………..as it doesn’t look good ….especially from Royalty….such as yourself! 1 Peter 2:9 !!!


    • Not to mention, “The Protector of The Faith” (Elizabeth *Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha Battenberg – that’s pronounced “W-i-n-d-s-o-r”) as Head of the Church of England has failed and is now the “Protector of all the other Faiths except the one that should be protected” and allowed sharia law to become part of their legal system – we have that here (in Australia) although it’s not announced as sharia law but pronounced as political correctness and disguised in ‘principles of cultural diversity’ and ‘equal employment opportunity’.

      (read about the pastors ‘The Two Dannys – Catch The Fire Ministries’ – it’s old news but shows you the power of the deception of PC, PoCD and EEO – limits of ‘freedom’ of speech and ability to tell the truth). [to think that you could be sharing a civil conversation with friends at a cafe or wherever and some eavesdropper may find offense and have you up in court for what they would call inciting hatred or violence for telling the truth!! What an abomination!]

      As for media… probably most of the newspapers (not that they print any NEWS), and women’s and gossip magazines, wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for Lady/Princess Di and now replaced with her celebrity kids happy snaps (along with the Hollywood & pop royal celebrities) selling billions over the years.

      Another fact of the Royal Estate… as part of the Commonwealth, although a citizen has worked hard all their life and purchased their home/property, it remains the property of the Royals whom can seize ownership of it any time they like and the citizen has no say in it.

      Kirk, thanks, mate! I don’t mind admitting my mistakes. 🙂

    • Please everyone pray for Doug G and his family. He is a ufo abductee living in the Vancouver lower mainland. He is fearful that his 4 year old son will be also be eventually abducted. Doug is starting to believe that there is something demoniic about the ufo phenomena and is requesting prayer for deliverance. Please pray that his wife and child will all accept Jesus as Redeemer and Shepherd.

    • Please also pray for grace, discernment and salvation for Tom R, an up and coming film producer and director. He wishes to make start producing some tv shows starting in May 2014 related to the paranormal and the ufo subject. He appears to be open to some Christian perspectives on the ufo phenomena. Lord willing I want to help Tom as a technical adviser but I want prayer for guidance and prayers especially for Tom to become a follower of Christ. Then he will start to gain some needed discernment and hopefully be guided by the Holy Spirit.

    • Amen Gordy! I shall be praying for the above.

      Does LA have a way to maybe contact these folks in above posts ?? Curious.

  14. Oh LA, they’re just people. And I like people watching whether in a crowd of strangers or on a mass media medium. Also George is so cute!!! And he reminds me of my son when he was a baby. Reliving the memories of young parenthood without the lack of sleep on my part, I guess. Until, good LORD willing, I become a grandma. But I have absolutely no defense of my swoon over Robert Pattinson. Anyone have something to say about my boy Rob, will answer to my wrath…okay just my quick wit and wicked sarcasm.

  15. Is there any doubt that they are merely puppets to the king of this world, that old dragon- the devil? They put the dragon on almost every flag, emblem, statue, gate of that country. Their reign is drawing to a close…so too the devil. Maranatha.

    • @ “evolution collapsing”

      considering DNA code trains…
      – I believe the Israelis have explained fast evolution
      – they say species variation involves “switches”
      – not whether DNA “subroutines” are present or absent
      – alternate patterns of “epigenomic” switches may explain long skulls…


      “Israeli scientists make genetic code breakthrough”
      Israel Hayom

      Israeli scientists discover cellular equivalent of “on/off” switches in DNA, explaining differences between modern humans and extinct Neanderthals.

      The discovery also underlines the power of those on/off patterns. Together, they add up to what is called the human epigenome, to distinguish it from the human genome.

      The genome is the sequence of 3 billion molecules that constitute all of a person’s DNA while the epigenome is which bits of DNA are turned on or off even as the molecular sequence remains unchanged.

      The funny thing is the assertion that neanders were mentally more “fit”
      – as regards absence of autism, schizophrenia, etc.
      – so much for “survival of the fittest”

  16. Hi LA
    Some additional intriguing info for you regarding Will & Kate’s visit here in Australia…
    For many years (decades) the Windsors, whilst on their visits to Australia have been vacationing in the Blue Mountains. It is also part of Will & Kate’s itinerary during this visit.

    The Blue Mountains, whilst being a very nice location to holiday in while you’re in Australia, is also home to what is known as the ‘Blue Mountains Triangle’. This area (which you probably already know) is alleged to be one of Australia’s major UFO hot spots, and is also home to what is believed to be a major US/AUS D.U.M.B.

    Many people in the region have witnessed evidence to suggest the legitimacy of these claims,

    I have been researching lots of info regarding the location (since my first emails to you last year) and am planning a couple of trips across to both NSW (and hopefully ULURU – Ayer’s Rock) this year to investigate further.

    Just found it very intriguing that on such a short trip, where they don’t appear to have much vacationing time, that the Blue Mountains were a priority visit location. The media has been smoke screening it as a visit due to the bush fires that went through there recently, but I personally believe that there could be another motive and the bush fire victim story is a good cover. …especially since the ‘Royals’ don’t really care about Australia, and usually only show us contempt. We were a colony of convicts remember?

    …all very mysterious and intriguing

    • Bruce…..I don’t think it’s a “big deal”. for them to see the Blue Mtns………as Will is just visiting “family”….that’s all. 😉

    • jeje … 🐻 🐻 research

      It’s a bit of fun to do a virtual walk-about at Uluru via google earth with elevation turned on. lat lon … -25.347361° 131.031998°

      not too bad on google maps…
      “https://www.google.com/maps/place/25°20’50.5″S+131°01’55.2″E/@-25.3473608” (using satellite view)

      It might be worth taking an quadcopter to explore the sides & crannies from a vantage most haven’t.

      Check out the “chalk line” that heads west from this point: -25.344867° 131.032483°
      – look close at that same point and you may find some figures carved in, though well weathered

    • Hmmm, certainly does Mary, especially when they are also currently in ULURU – Ayer’s Rock today.
      The media agency I was watching this morning even said of their arrival there:
      “Part of their tour of the rock (Ayer’s Rock) is a bit of a secret.”

      Kirk, they weren’t just visiting ‘family’ and friends. They haven’t ‘vacationed’ there this trip. They would certainly know people in Blue Mountains that’s for sure, as the Windsor’s have been going there for several decades now, but the whole trip is rather specific as the ‘royals’ don’t ever travel ‘down under’ for just ‘recreation’. They never have. Showing Lil George around is being used as a bit of a cover (I personally believe).

      Am I reading into things too much? Maybe…
      It all just seems a little too uncanny and co-incidental, that I can’t help but think there is more than meets the eye going on.
      Blue Mountains, then Uluru, when they are both renowned supernatural/UFO hot spot locations, with one (possiby both) allegedly being D.U.M.B.’s.
      Who knows what insidious goings on are ‘normal’ for this lot when there is much evidence to show their involvement in many a dubious activity.
      (e.g. Prince Charles’ connections to Lucis Trust, Prince Phillip’s eugenic/population control arrogance, and the masonic pentagram on the belt buckle of the Queen’s nurse a couple of years back to name but a few…)

      There are also many other possible speculations as to why Will’s is here right now that could also possibly explain his visit…

    • Bruce….by “family”…..I mean their “ufo family”. I guess my funny attempt at a joke went unnoticed. bummer.

  17. I was just thinking along these same lines today. I saw a picture of Queen Elizabeth and thought to myself that in heaven, she won’t be queen any more. She’ll just be like the rest of us. The thought had never before occurred to me. Like you, I don’t hold any animosity toward those people. So, I agree with your post.

  18. As to The Royalty….of the earth….This verse below….shows what “they” get to look forward to…. very soon.

    Revelation 6:15…..

    “THEN…the kings of the earth …and the great men …and the commanders …and the rich …and the strong
    …and every slave …and free man …hid themselves in the caves …and among the rocks of the mountains…..”

    See also Isaiah 2:10-22………same event as in Revelation 6:15…..( verses 6:12-17 !!! )

    Can anyone say: D eep …U nderground …M ilitary …B ases

    Once the 6th Seal is opened by JESUS………..Revelation 6:12-17 …..will bring ….”SUDDEN DESTRUCTION” …upon the whole earth.

    THIS IS WHY………”The Elite”……..have built a massive labyrinth of tunnels and bases all around the world !!!!

    I am glad I am “Royalty”………from a TOTALLY DIFFERENT FAMILY ….and MY CITIZENSHIP ….IS IN HEAVEN !!!!!


    • Dom,

      Did you read the very next verse after Rev 6:15?

      Rev 6:16 and SAID to the mountains and rocks, “FALL ON US AND HIDE US from the face of Him sitting on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb,

      Does Royalty and the “elite” talk to mountains & rocks?

      Who tells a mountain to fall them?

      And how does anyone think a mountain can fall on them and hide them?

    • the google delusion…
      – computronium
      – smart dust
      – programmable matter
      – the singularity
      – substance evolved to sentience
      – nanites

      delusions like cons, need not be real, nor effective

    • nomemoleste,

      Are those sci-fi words suppose to be answers to my questions?

      If so, please elaborate how any of them specifically answer my questions.

    • Ok, those deluded into thinking that evolving tech can save them dwell more in science fiction than fact. So by that time they might believe they can command matter itself, in this case “smart” mountains and rocks to shield them from the actual manifesting presence of God.

      Ray Kurzweil is director of engineering at google (who is an accomplished inventor and a self deluded futurist).


      He says it like this…


      So what happens then? Once we saturate the ability of matter and energy to support computation, continuing the ongoing expansion of human intelligence and knowledge (which I see as the overall mission of our human-machine civilization), will require converting more and more matter into this ultimate computing substrate, sometimes referred to as “computronium.”

      What is that limit? The overall solar system, which is dominated by the sun, has a mass of about 2 × 1030 kilograms. If we apply our 1050 cps per kilogram limit to this figure, we get a crude estimate of 1080 cps for the computational capacity of our solar system. There are some practical considerations here, in that we won’t want to convert the entire solar system into computronium, and some of it is not suitable for this purpose anyway. If we devoted 1/20th of 1 percent (.0005) of the matter of the solar system to computronium, we get capacities of 1069 cps for “cold” computing and 1077 cps for “hot” computing. I show in my book how we will get to these levels using the resources in our solar system within about a century.

      There’s a scene in “The Singularity is Near” where Kurzweil picks up a large rock (while outside by a bay or marina) and uses it as an example to explain “computronium” referring to it’s atomic structure.

      I believe RK is a false prophet. What he leads others to believe is a con. And other cons will use that for lying signs and wonders.

    • The Revelation exposes delusions such as the 666 system, the utility of global change, the permanence of wealth, and the long term viability of the universe.

      The point is that the deluded act on delusions. And a delusion is exposed in Rev. 6:12-17 … what they express is clearly wrong — even if there were some tech that could do such things.

      Rev. 6
      12 And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood; 13 And the stars of heaven fell unto the earth, even as a fig tree casteth her untimely figs, when she is shaken of a mighty wind. 14 And the heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together; and every mountain and island were moved out of their places. 15 And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains; 16 And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb: 17 For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?

  19. god-like AI’s are one thing…
    – giga-hordes of AI telemarketers
    – comment trolls & spammers
    – are quite another :uneasy:


    Yes, I can definitely see “the image of the beast” as a telemarketing scam. o_O

  20. There are many people in the UK who would like to see the back of the monarchy. They should return to the people all the millions of pounds (if not Billions) in art, property and land which they have claimed as their own from around the world.
    I have never understood Americans who say they love the royal family, for this out dated undemocratic, feudal system we Brits live under is so Un-American, so undemocratic we need intervention. It’s a circus. So please help us get rid of them all. You’ll be able to stay in The Buckingham Palace Hotel if you do. You’ll get our ‘mate’s rate’.

  21. Hi LA,

    I think your attitude is really sad. Royals are people to. As a member of a Commonwealth country I see them in a different light.

    We have all sinned in one way or another. Why can’t you just love them as people and pray for them instead of criticising

    Regards, Kate

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Interesting question…
      – in the sense of “bless them that despitefully use you”

      What of…
      – hitler, stalin, mao…
      – kim jung un, bashar al-assad, ali khamenei…

      There are worse of course…

      Psalms 97:10
      Ye that love the LORD, hate evil: he preserveth the souls of his saints;
      – he delivereth them out of the hand of the wicked.

      Amos 5:15
      Hate the evil, and love the good, and establish judgment in the gate:
      – it may be that the LORD God of hosts will be gracious unto the remnant of Joseph.

      I think the point is to hate the evil they do, like in Proverbs 6:16
      – yet love our enemies
      – love the sinner, hate the sin

  22. More Royal …….s. Same universe different dimension.

    Joe Biden’s First Selfie Is Just Awesome


  23. “For when we were yet without strength, in due time Christ died for the ungodly.
    7 For scarcely for a righteous man will one die: yet peradventure for a good man some would even dare to die.

    8 But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.
    9 Much more then, being now justified by his blood, we shall be saved from wrath through him.

    10 For if, when we were enemies, we were reconciled to God by the death of his Son, much more, being reconciled, we shall be saved by his life.
    11 And not only so, but we also joy in God through our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom we have now received the atonement.” Romans 5

    After giving this a little more thought, the bible verse above came to mind. Like everyone else the “Royals” are in need of a savior. They have everything the world has to offer and more. And yes, there are those who would put them on a pedestal and openly worship them. What a devious trap to be caught in! I don’t think distain is what God would want from us in regards to the Royals. The things they have in abundance are temporary things at best and a beastly trap at the worst. Like all the peoples of the world, they are in need of our prayers. I hope William, Kate and little George know Jesus Christ as LORD and Savior of their life, because that will last, that will be eternal. The things of this world are all going to fall away and all we are going to be left with is, what did we do about Jesus. ( Did we reject Him or did we accept Him?) And nothing of this world is going to help us with that interview before Almighty God. And that doesn’t exclude the Royals, they too will have to go before God and be asked what they did about Jesus.

  24. Individuals differing from institutions…

    1st Timothy 2:1-6 (Paul … note the repetition of “all”)

    I exhort therefore, that, first of all,
    – supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made
    – for all men, for kings, and for all that are in authority
    – that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life
    – in all godliness and honesty.

    For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour
    – Who will have all men to be saved,
    – and to come unto the knowledge of the truth.

    For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men,
    – the man Christ Jesus; Who gave himself a ransom for all,
    – to be testified in due time.

    • 1st John 5:16-17

      If any man see his brother sin a sin which is not unto death,
      – he shall ask, and he shall give him life for them that sin not unto death.
      – There is a sin unto death: I do not say that he shall pray for it.
      – All unrighteousness is sin: and there is a sin not unto death.

  25. Hi LA, I was wondering what happened to the (June 28-29: Slaton Texas – Details coming soon!) trip? Was it cancled? I was hoping to make it out to this one but looks like those dates now show Southern CA…? Is it still a go or has it been deep-sixed?

  26. I understand “Prince George Visits The Zoo” (which should not be confused with Curious George Visits The Zoo…same name different species, albeit with some common characteristics ) discussion is paramount right now, but switching gears just for a moment, I was listening to Coast the other right and they had on Jeffrey Daugherty, which discussed evidence for how the message of Jesus was changed by the Apostle Paul in order to create a structure to control the general populace of the Roman Empire. He said that this structure has grown and morphed and has now set the stage for the New World Order. He discussed how Paul came into the picture after the death of Jesus, and was not actually one of the 12 Apostles. He was hand picked by the Roman Emperor Nero to de-emphasize Christ’s message that the kingdom lies within each person, and they don’t require the guidance of an outside emperor or king.

    Daugherty said “Paul was spinning the popularity of the Jesus message of salvation but trying to put it back under the sinner needing a savior type of scenario…crafting a beautiful gilded cage out of what Jesus had provided,”. America’s third president, Thomas Jefferson, complained about how Jesus’ message had been usurped. “Of this band of dupes and impostors, Paul was the…first corrupter of the doctrines of Jesus,” he wrote. Paul acted as a kind of double agent, and killed James the Just (called the brother of Jesus), Daugherty also added.

    • From Luke’s biography he was brought to the dark side by deception and a woman’s scorn and now serves Darth Vader.
      Will Boy George crush the Empire?
      Stay tuned….


    • Thanks for the heads up on the anti-paulists. If I’m not mistaken, Biltz and many hebrew rooters are similar?

      Do you think the “rationalist” founders like Jefferson, Adams, Franklin, and Washington were wrong in their rejection of the deity of Christ and the manifest presence of the Holy Spirit?

      For the record, I believe Paul’s writings are truly inspired. Note the deity of Christ in the 1st Timothy quote above…


  27. LA said “Anyone in this country can rise through the ranks and become president”. If you believe that, you really have got on those American propoganda tinted glasses! And whatever we think of anyone in any political position, we must remember that God has put them there for His purposes, royalty or the current president, whether we like it or not! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pf3-mX3qECU

    This is probably why Peter says we are to give honor where it is due – because God has put them there, for His purposes… so we should pray that His will be done through them, that we may see the end of this age!

    The USA has exported enough of it’s “royalty” in the form of celebrities.Anyone “detest” those? “Why is it that the knuckle heads in [the] media print [that] tripe?”?! “I find it alarming that Americans seem to gravitate toward this”!

  28. The Queen is the head of the Church of England as will be her successor. The Anglican church is on the decline with the fastest growing religion in England being Islam. So how much power and influence do the Royals wield if the Christian Church they head and the country they lead is falling away from the Lord and embracing Islam. At one time English Christians went into all the world as missionaries to spread the gospel. There is a dark pall hanging over the English that grows stronger every day and the Royals do nothing to abate it.

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