Another WACO in the Making? Social Media is the Game Changer!

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Ron Paul Warns Feds Could Launch Waco-Style Assault Against Bundy

Harry Reid: Ranch standoff ‘not over’

Harry Reid: The Desert Fox Of Corruption

“A tortoise isn’t the reason why BLM is harassing a 67-year-old rancher; they want his land,” journalist and blogger Dana Loesch notes. “The tortoise wasn’t of concern when Harry Reid worked with BLM to literally change the boundaries of the tortoise’s habitat to accommodate the development of his top donor, Harvey Whittemore.”

Over the weekend the BLM backed down and the cattle which had been taken from rancher Bundy’s were returned to him.  Lot’s of folks sang God bless America and many of these good people returned to their homes.  However, more is to be done as the FEDS have not really backed off.  (See links above)  Ron Paul knows the way the game is played and he’s warning us of a WACO style raid coming against the Bundy ranch.

The WACO raid has been controversial as women and children were killed when a fire engulfed the compound where the Branch Dravidians had been holed up in a stand-off with the FEDS for weeks.  It remains in dispute as to how the fire started.  Was it some pyrotechnic device fired by a tank that was seen at the back of the compound?  Perhaps, like the Kennedy assassination we’ll never really know the truth.

We have one dynamic in play now that WACO and the Kennedy assassination did not have and it social media and the Internet.  Almost everyone has a cell phone that can take video.   News and information travel freely and is not controlled by an elite group of people.  A perfect example of this, is this blog.  I’m writing this and so far I’m not being censored.

A formal investigation has to be set in motion against Harry Reid.  Is he involved?  Is there a deal with the Chinese?  What about those Tortoises?  Is Reid’s son involved?  Is this at the very least cronyism?

In closing todays post:  What we saw over the weekend was the heavy hand of our government going up against a lone rancher.  They would have won the contest and Bundy would have lost his cattle and most likely his livelihood.  If not for the people coming to his aid the story would have turned out much differently.  Social media enabled and connected everyone who came to the Bundy’s aid.  Think about it.


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91 thoughts on “Another WACO in the Making? Social Media is the Game Changer!

  1. Hope the trip on assignment is going well. 🙂

    This de-escalation that occurred is not something I would trust. Reid is telling the truth when he says it’s not over. Watch carefully.

    • “”

      BLM declares Texas is Oklahoma land

      While the world watched, these cowboys sat ready to defend their way of life against more than 200 heavily armed federal agents and snipers hiding in the hills. The agents were sent by Harry Reid’s former senior advisor, 35 year old Neil Kornze, to confiscate open range cattle from the last rancher in Clark County, Nevada

      In the days since Dave Bundy was attacked on a public state highway and arrested for interfering with federal officials (for filming them in action), the details for the reasons behind the “land grab” have become obfuscated by the propaganda machine of the federal government. Pictures of the BLM agents’ violent actions against the Bundy family members and others began to circulate in the alternative media. Protesters were told to remain behind fences labeled “First Amendment Area” as milita men mobilized from around the country to come to “protect the citizens” from a potential slaughter of Americans that would have surely led to massive armed expansion against the tyranny of the Obama/Reid administration.

      Gradually, the real back story has emerged. The original bullhocky story about the cattle endangering desert tortoises fell apart when the truth was discovered that only recently the BLM had gerrymandered the boundaries of endangered habitat and created a mitigation area needed to replace habitat where Harry Reid’s son and a Chinese energy company planned to build a 5 billion dollar solar energy project. The federal subsidies for that project have yet been fully discovered. The BLM web site has been scrubbed of details except for some limited images that got reproduced by Free Republic and now abound on the internet.

      However, it takes more than a few days to develop a plan for a 5 billion dollar solar farm covering more than 5000 acres. It is now known that in order for “Non-Governmental Organizations” (the Chinese) to move forward with development of the “Dry Lake Solar Energy Zone” that project will destroy desert habitat in the Zone. Therefore an “offsite mitigation for impacts from solar development” area needed to be established. Those exact words remain available on the reproduced sections of the BLM web pages.What that means is, the developers needed to replace one habit with another. Such a new site would need to be far enough away from the toxic solar energy farm to attract the occasional migrating southwestern willow flycatcher ( a bird more commonly found in southern California and Arizona ). Do flycathers eat flies? Yes. Do cow patties attract flies? Usually.

      But ignoring all the developments since 1993, a critical issue still remains. The United States government – we the people – gave 1870′s settlers a promise of an open range for cattle if they would homestead and ranch on the land recently annexed from Mexico. The Bundy family answered that call and have honored their part of the contract ever since. In 1993 the Clinton administration unilaterally decided to completely rewrite the original promise conditions and, like so many treaties the U.S. has signed with so many, we simply threw the original promises in the trash and told the Bundy family to take it or leave it! In this case one and only one rancher, Bundy, told the government he was holding the government to its word. What we have seen then since 1993 is that the word of our government isn’t worth a damn. It seems those 1870′s settlers were told, “If you like your ranch you can keep it.”

      Why does the government feel it has the unilateral right to change the contract so completely that no other rancher has been able to continue to make a living? Is the corrupt and borderline criminal, politically powerful Harry Reid, once again pulling another fast and furious land deal? Are the citizens of Nevada placing the interest of Chinese investors and the Reid family higher than the honor of the United States word to the settlers that opened the Nevada territory some one hundred and fifty years ago?

      Today, the alternative media has begun to cover another BLM land grab. In Texas, rancher Tommy Henderson is being told the government is confiscating his 90,000 acre ranch along the Red River. Henderson is also told that once the BLM takes his ranch for public land, he might be able to arrange a grazing contract; you know, like Cliven Bundy and his neighbors used to have in Nevada.

      Henderson has a clear deed to his land in the state of Texas. He has no back taxes or fines or other issues pending. So how is the BLM taking his family ranch? The BLM has decided to declare that his land is now in Oklahoma and therefore his Texas deed became invalid when the Red River moved its banks south.

      If one more federal agent takes one more legal gun from one more American, the rest of us need to put a stop to it – before none of us can!

    • Remember, the borrower is slave to the lender. China owns our debt, therefore our resources will be given over to the Chinese by our corrupt gov’t.

    • Indeed… Think the great lakes water supply. Watch Jesse Ventura’s conspiracy theory (story can be found other places as well). Our water is being given to China.

      Along with a whole state… forgot which one it is. Perhaps it’s several. The one I’m thinking about is where they are building a “chinese city” that Americans will not be allowed into.

      It’s gotten so that I can’t stand to look at these politicians faces on television anymore. Totally disgusted just to look at ’em. Don’t get me started on Harry Reid, Obama etc. All of them. If they have a suite and tie on and are smiling, it makes me want to reach through the T.V. screen and see what a handful of throat feels like.

  2. “”

    Marvel Comics Summer Event focuses on the death of a major character, “The Watcher”… and how the existence of The Illuminati was hidden from Captain America due to his moral convictions.

    And it’s called… “Original Sin”.

    This stuff has been in the culture for a long, long time. This is just the latest in a seemingly endless line of examples.

  3. To the moon Alice!

    the Hebrew Roots of the Four Blood Moons
    Pastor Mike Online


    • @ “It’s like the worst sign in the world.”

      … which is not to say, like Rose pointed out, that astrologers and weekly prognosticators and such wouldn’t use it for something they mark as propitious

  4. What is really difficult for me to bear is that there is nothing behind this ordeal other than true Luceferian evil. The bigger picture in all of this is that there will be Federal and local Law Enforcement men and women unaware of the true agenda that will be put in harm’s way and willing to carry out the government’s orders .

    A set up …… the ignorant put up against those that are tired of having their rights and property stolen at the hands of men and women behind the scenes fulfilling their own agenda within our government that are suppose to represent the people of the United States.

    Those unlawful and unrighteous persons that are behind the scenes want a confrontation and blood shed. They want the various Militia groups to stand their ground and be baited into a small arms battle so that, when the smoke clears, Federal and Local Law Enforcement Officers, the ranchers including Militia will be sacrificed to open up the door for a bigger agenda behind the scenes.

    The Militia and ranchers will be labeled ” fanatics ” and usher in eventually martial law as we will be told that we cannot have guns and fanatics running freely around the united states.

    We can only pray that people will begin to become aware and awaken to this madness and evil that has continued to grow from within our society.

    JESUS IS LORD and His way is the only way. Everything else going on behind the scenes is Luceferian and being orchestrated by the fallen one.

    As a Law Enforcement Officer in my part of the Country, I will serve my Lord and uphold my oath to public service to 1. Protect Life, 2. Protect property, and 3. Protect the rights of individuals within our borders according to the Constitution of the United States.

    Love what you do LA, and the way you do it !!!

    • Nick, Bundy and those who are standing with him have already been labelled “terrorists.”

    • Of course they are Rose (wink) ……. those that are behind the scenes have to justify their agenda …… they will try to convince the rest of the country that these folks are law breakers and a threat to the rest of us.

      I’m standing in the gap and am not fooled.

      Heck, we too are probably on somebody’s list somewhere.

      Here are some comforting stories ….. not !!!

    • Funny & Sad.
      Kind of surreal to see law enforcement rounding up cattle (fetchez la vaches) in the middle of the Nevada desert.
      -Al Bundy

    • Those are interesting stories, Nick, especially the one about the Apaches. The logical step for the governor of Nevada should have been to call out the National Guard because the Feds were in violation of the law. He didn’t, which tells me that he is compromised.

      However, the risk of states rising up against the feds is still very real and Obama is trying to take away the heavy weaponry from them.

    • One of the biggest problems with this, as it is with bully cops who taser, beat and kill old ladies and mentally ill homeless men, is that sooner or later the American public will start looking at anyone in uniform as an enemy. That is deeply unfortunate.

      I find it HIGHLY ironic that some of the BLM agents were reported to have strong accents – Slavic accents. Do we have Russian troops working with our federal agencies while we move to invade the Ukraine?

      It’s Catch 22 all over again.

    • Rose, not sure about this and I should know this as I served in both the regular army and the national guard many years ago, I think in time of war, all national guardsmen fall under the federal government and are no longer military entities under each individual state’s Governor, which basically means …… if the commander in chief says hand over the apaches, then the states do not have a choice if they are going to follow lawful orders.

      Now the grey area of the legality of the order is this: Since the Afghan war is a war on terror and no war declaration against a sovreign nation was ever declared, is the order a lawful one in light of the military equipment having been purchased as state property by each individual state? Also we have seen the national guard sent overseas to fight when they are a state employed militia, which is not suppose to happen. They can be activated federally in time of war, but again, the same legal question arises.

      The guard is suppose to protect each individual state from any enemy here on U.S. soil …… it is the governor’s muscle to protect the state in the best interest of each state’s population …… that would also include …… federal entities that might try to engage in the unthinkable …. aggression against its own citizens.

      If I was the governor, my response might be …… you can have my apaches provided you pay me for each individual apache at retail cost and they will be delivered one at a time once my new replacement apaches have cleared the assembly line and been delivered to my state.

    • Ha! Go get ’em, Nick!

      Who gets to decide who the “enemy” is? The federal government, or the state?

    • Actually, the governor and each state assembly do, provided that they do not do anything against established federal law.

      Now the trick is if the governor or the state assembly believe a federal law to have been passed that is unconstitutional or a threat to the sovereignty of the state, then they have to vote legislation against the federal law …… in time of emergency ….. the governor is just like the commander in chief.

  5. Waco had a spiritual side…
    – the actors today re: BLM don’t understand they’re puppets for the enemy angels
    – back then we used usenet (note: google groups) to report the issue
    – I met, talked, and corresponded with the Branch Davidians
    – the whole issue looked stable, de-escalated, till the day of the inferno
    – there was 50 day clock (jewish reckoning, sundown starts the day)
    – the hostage negotiation team was worn out, related to recent prison riot
    – so they forced the issue — instead of wait it out — tanks tearing down walls
    – I believe a bad actor (enemy controlled) set the fires as a response
    – The Texas Ranger investigation later recognized the trigger was the tanks
    – The whitewash by the appointed federal investigator exonerated the feds
    – Don’t miss that the Branch Davidians had more like group marriage practices
    – And that included younger teenage girls — by their take on jewish practice
    – something like bar mitvah and bat mitvah as an welcome to adulthood practice


    If you don’t get that the rights of a religious community to set their own defense, marriage, worship, communal living, etc. routines — distinct from the larger nation they may be resident in — then you’re missing the spiritual undercurrents.

    Same goes for the mormons, christian identity groups (Ruby Ridge), etc.

    In contrast, the mennonites were welcomed into Mexico, in Chiapas, as an independently sovereign group. Much like Indian Tribes in the US.

    The point is that your end times prep of allying with like minded families that can fend for and provide for each other during apocalypse — is the exact reason even the USPS and similar have stocked up on ammo. ]

    And the reason so much tv programming is aimed at demonizing such “communities.” re: Revolution, Star Crossed, etc.

    … more on this later (hopefully)
    – sorry, no edits

    • Everything has a spiritual side. You’ll be interested in this (probably 😉 ).


    • @ Another Waco
      – Bunkerville ~ Waco
      – BLM ~ BATF
      – Cliven Bundy ~ Clive Doyle

      Livingstone Fagan…
      – Koresh’s spokesman
      – “God as Thought = the Spirit of Life”
      – something like “mental DNA”


      Now, that’s what the 7-Seals were designed to address. That’s what that Spirit that Christ was trying to give 2000 years ago, which was rejected… and bear in mind in Luke 23, I think verse 34, “Father, forgive them; for they *know* not what they do.” They’re in a state of ignorance.

      And until they receive that Spirit which was commended in the hand of the Father, they can not have that element of God within them, which become the directing principle of humanity. So, then what happens is you begin to have external government.

      All men were supposed to be governed from within — they were their own kings and priests, but now we have an external form of government, like what you can see in the United States probably, and what is developing on an international scale, via the United Nations, is oppressive. And there is no way to stop that. Not until that Spirit, which is what God is, that Thought, enters humanity.

      But the current thinking of man, which is born of the flesh is temporal, and when the body dies it will die too. But the eternal Thought of God (which is the Spirit which Christ sought to give, which is placed in the hand of The Father in the form of The Book Sealed With 7-Seals) is eternal. To receive God you are actually receiving The Eternal, an eternal spirit which enables you to live forever.

      The point is that any escalating government excess we see around us is another layer of externalized and thus forced government imposed on humankind — in contrast to the guidance of the Kingdom of Heaven within.

      Imposed by the enemy angels through their agencies — and ultimately expressed as the 666 system.

    • here’s an accurate brief report on Waco…
      (about 7 pages)

    • note in particular Livingston Fagan…
      – the “big question” of cults v. religions is meaningless
      – wide is the way that leads to destruction

      Fagan from another angle…
      “favisonlus. wordpress. com/tag/livingstone-fagan/”

  6. See now this is the difference between Canadians and Americans. Americans will stand up together and fight. Maybe Canadians were at one time this way,,but mostly so passive and say ” well there is not much we can do” and or government loves it.
    I can say this as I am 3 rd generation Canadian,, great grand daddy was from Nebraska.
    If there is one thing I hate is injustice! I love how the American men will stand up and be men! United we stand….divided we fall……
    I guess the real question is what would Jesus do? What would he do in this particular situation?

    • Michelle …… been to several different places in Canada as I am from upstate New York ……. Love Canada …. so pretty and clean.

      I have often wondered about the same.

      I do not advocate violence as a means to solve issues.

      I am not in the Ranchers shoes. so I will not judge the steps taken by them to protect themselves from what they believe to be a true injustice.

      If they are Born Again believers, then they already know that they must look to The Lord for guidance.

      The Militia groups also need to look to the Lord for guidance.

      My personal suspicion is that there is a greed motivator behind the scenes being perpetuated on the Bundy family.

      Coupled with that could be an attempt to provoke a violent confrontation that will be used later on as the means to put hardships on the rest of us.

      Those that are behind the scenes know that they have to get our guns somehow. We are constantly seeing event after event, whether staged or real, these events will be used as a means by which legislation and ultimately force will be used to extricate personal firearm ownership.

      We are in dangerous times and need to pray for guidance as to how each one of us is to respond if the evil shows up on our door step.

      Violence is never my first response as I know God is in Control and works all things for His purpose and Good.

    • Like I said I am a fighter on the inside,,,probably birth order. I was the youngest so I had to learn to fight and stand my ground.
      There is not much that scares me in life or death,, the only thing that truly scares me is not pleasing God. Ya know to live is Christ…to die is gain.
      Having said that,,,Gandi ( just using him as an example, don,t follow their religous beliefs) had a certain power in being a martyr,,,
      I have always said if you push people hard enough at the right time you can cause them to do things they would never dream of doing.
      God also says he hates a coward.
      Is war only against another Country and approved by God? It seems like the bible was okay with that. Maybe God just at that point judges the heart?
      It is a subject that I have no solid answers for.
      Our country is slowly taking our right away from us,,,bill 13 in our schools the whole gender identity ( homo hetral bisexual transgender) they have made new school curriculum and are weaving it into the system in every class. We pulled our son out and now pay a hefty price for Christian education. It is all coming very quickly.

    • You can fool some people sometimes, but you couldn’t fool all the people all the time, and now you see the light, stand up for your right. Get up, stand up, stand up for your right, Get up, stand up, don’t give up the fight!!

  7. Alright… I can see people here aren’t nervous enough. So I’m gonna have to lay this one on ya…

    Headline at “Nato announces it will Deploy on Russia’s borders” You know, just in case you thought things weren’t getting serious enough.

  8. Alright… I can see we have some hard hearted Hannahs on this site. Sorry, but you’ve forced this on me…. “Establishment begins mass marketing campaign for World War 3.

    Sure was a nice looking red moon the other night eh?

    • That’s the understatement of the day BruceW… If Ezekiel 38 and 39 are taking shape now, how much closer are we to the psalm 83 war?

    • I think it is LIKELY that psalm 83 occurs sometime AFTER May of this year. I really hope it goes into sometime Next year in 2015,
      so that we have some “relative peace”….BUT….that is just it………The Middle East is a long-fuming “family fued”….

      Sooooo……it is “RELATIVE”…..ACTUALLY !!!

      But …..we watch and pray!!

      REMEMBER >>>>> we are ….”in the season”.

    • Kirk… Just got done visiting Sunday’s blog again because I wanted to watch the video you posted about Planet X. I just finished it. I have to say that this was a most informative piece of work. The interview with the space scientist dude was very interesting to say the least. It’s obvious from the evidence presented in this video that NASA has been hiding this from everyone along with the mainstream media. I sat here dumbfounded listening to this guy talk about the Planet X certainty and that it is definitely on it’s way. This guy saw it with his own eyes. This explains all the volcanoes, the comets, the sinkholes, the earthquakes and all the other heartwarming events that are tickling our funny bones. Felt a good tickle in my funny bone watching this one.

      I would encourage everyone here to go back to Sunday’s Bun and watch that video Kirk posted if you want a good idea of what the reason is for all this bizarrness that is going on. I’m sure most of us here are all aware by now, but just in case you find yourself here for the first time and are new to the whole bible prophecy worldview or a new Christian and are just waking up to reality, this is a good start to consider.

      This thing is a monster.

    • Corey…..and now you have a better idea as to why i STRONGLY BELIEVE that Planet X will be what causes Revelation 6:12-17’s fulfillment.

      That is WHY I see the RAPTURE occurring ……as Planet X comes closer…….. causing “SUDDEN DESTRUCTION”.

      Christians get SALVATION………those left on earth…..get WRATH. THAT is the pattern.

      Goes right in line with Luke 17:26-30….”….until THE DAY that Noah entered the ark”…..and…..”…but on THE DAY that Lot went out…..”

      “SUDDEN DESTRUCTION”……came on the flood victims and upon Sodom and Gomorah …..ON THE SAME DAY !!!!!!

      Plus….that goes right along with the word “Harpazo” and what it means: “To be snatched up violently out of harms way!!!”

      That is why …The rapture is ….”an escape”. Plain and simple!!

    • Corey……planet X coming towards us….

      ………also explains why soooooo many astronomers and scientists have been MURDERED ( ie – Breitbart-ed !!! ).

  9. Alright… I can see that you all are still defiant in the face of my stellar tactics… well take this… “Soaring Food Inflation: Shrimp, Beef and Pork prices Soar To Record Highs”

    There… That should leave you all quivering on the floor.

    • We know how the book ends and it is not pretty.
      A days wages for a loaf of bread. Says to the angels do not harm the oil or the wine.
      These are stock tips haha just kidding

      We may suffer some before He comes. Sometimes it is easier to fear life than death. Life is going to get hard. Daniel had a good lesson for us. Everyone in the old testament that trusted God came out on top every time.
      Satan will certainley play the fear card. Hit us in North America in the pocket book because stuff means so much to us here. I have been to Countries were if they took away everything someone had it would not matter because they have nothing. We came into this world with nothing and that is how we are going to leave., and that is a fact.

      Poem by Patrick Heron

      With subtle words
      And slight of hand
      And lies that shall deceive
      Upon their heads the mark to take
      That brings them to the grave.

      The saints shall stand
      Upon that day
      His word to uphold
      Their blood will spill
      She’ll drink her fill

      For they shall be rewarded
      Who bend but do not break
      To kiss the ring of Satan’s son
      But trust in God’s namesake

    • Alright… Michelle is being defiant in the face of catastrophe! Take this Michelle!… “www.stephen” Enough said!

      You’re quivering by now right? You are aren’t you!


      But on a more serious note… I have a question for you. Do you remember off of the top of your head which blog it was that you made that most insightful comment about “Let the dead bury the dead?” I know someone who is always quoting that out of context. Wanted to go back and read it and take a few notes! If you don’t remember, I’ll just scroll around and look for it.

    • Kirk… Snap into a slim Jim! OOOOOOHHH YEEEEEEAAAA!!!! That one from “Macho Man Randy Savage”

      OOOOOOHHHHH!!!!! YYeeeeeeAAAAA!!!!

    • I wonder ….where did they find…. “Randy Savage” ???

      Was he found in a “left-over test Tube” in some underground lab ??

      He’s gotta be a Hybrid……….Nobody THAT wacked has just “46” chromosomes!!!

    • Corey….I think you should give him whatever MARBLES that you have left…..cause i think Randy lost his last one …a loooooong time ago!!!

      ( that’s my initial impression………but it could be WORSE !!! )

      Come to think of it…yeah….it’s MOST DEFINITELY WORSE !!!!

      >>>>>> He is a CLONE…..or did i spell that wrong? …………maybe it’s C-L-O-W-N. CLONE….CLOWN ??? Aren’t they the same !?!?

    • Hey Corey,
      I got that from a man,,Joe Amaral First century Church.. From Toronto.He has an hour T.V show about Jewish things., you can check him out on first century foundations. Com. He has segments where he explains Jesus through what was happening at that time.
      He had a show on when Jesus said let the dead bury the dead and explained Jews had a funeral, laid them out in a tomb. One year later they had another ceremony where they collect the bones and put them in a chest and keep them in their home.
      It reminded me of when the Jewish people were carrying around Joseph’s bones before they left Egypt. We were supposed to go to Israel with him just last November and Syria had to go ahead and do the chemical attack and all of Israel were digging out their gas masks,,,,we decided to hold off going as our 12 year old was going with us.
      I was looking so forward to seeing the land that we read about,,,might try again this year.

    • Corey…….i believe SUNDAY or MONDAY was the “dead bury the dead”.

      I am 100% sure that it’s maybe sorta one of those 2 days or maybe a few others but i am not fully certain of which but i think so possibly.

      ya know what i mean?

    • Corey,

      Come on, toughen up some.. No wonder you are hoping for a pre-rapture.

      The tetrads have occurred 7 times and have not signaled anything. So, nothing to worry about there.

      You don’t need to eat an animal (shrimp & swine) whose job is to eat garbage. In fact you should not be eating that kind of animal.

      There have been a lot of times when we have had high food prices.

      What would you do if there were food shortages??

      You probably would quiver to the floor if you had to use outdoor plumbing.

      Let’s see some real signs.

      Like the return of the Nephilim.

      Or the abomination of desolation

    • Kirt… I really think you need to learn how to recognize humor when you see it. I’m not worried at all. It’s called H-U-M-O-R! Come on… you can say it… H-U-M-O-R!

      And yes Kirt… I am “hoping” for a pre-trib rapture because the bible calls it that very word. Read the following verse and gnash your teeth while you do … “Looking for that blessed HOPE , and the glorious appearing of the great God and our savior Jesus Christ.”

      Now then… I guess you can count me hopey…. cough! cough! I mean… happy.

    • Note to Kirk… Macho Man Randy Savage died in a car crash a few years back. I remember I used to watch him as a kid. My favorite was Hulk Hogan though.


    • Corey,

      I guess you missed my humor 🙂

      “Looking for that blessed HOPE, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our savior Jesus Christ”

      Yes I do & without gnashing of teeth..

      And I love your humor when you say the bible calls it the very word pre trib rapture.

  10. Brother LA,
    I yield to your expertise. So forgive me if I’m asking the Obvious. Do you believe that All this land grabbing, Ammo stock piling, the reported purchase of 30,000+ Guillotines, the reported building of 100+ FEMA Detention facilities out in the middle of nowhere, are All connected???
    I know we need to use All the resources that GOD has Provided for us, but why build a Solar farm way out in the middle of the dessert???
    Are they really trying to Harness Alternative Power Sources for All of Us, or are they trying to take more land and build more Secret Facilities of which they will need a lot of Power like they have learned with the Data storage facility in Utah???
    ” I Love Our Country, but I don’t TRUST Our government!!! ”
    Hallelujah & Amen…!!! ”

    • The Guillotine stories have been around since the early 90`s and have rolled into the 21st century in a way that the dung beetle do.

    • I would rather watch this all day if I had the time than watch television news and look at one of these smiling traitors in a tie and suite play a fiddle for me.

    • I think the “deal” with the Chinese….via the TRAITOR “Harry-I am-Scum-Bag-watch me-drivel”….is to “payback” debt. Period.

      I also hear that IF the situation does NOT work out, that the Chinese that are here already will possibly be mobilized.

      I also see that WALMART has offered to pay $400,000 to The Bureau of Land Management (cough, cough…hack, hack) to kick Bundy out !!

      I also consider that this “solar power source”….MIGHT BE….used for the Deep Underground Military Bases that are in the Southwest area !!!

      …………..Anyways>>>>> Don’t Buy Chinese crap of any sort !!!! ………..Don’t shop at WALMART !!!! Tell others the same !!!


    >>>>> I first saw this 4 years ago….and kinda forgot about it. This “bundy standoff” got me thinking about it again !!! <<<<>>>>>>> Short video….start watching at 1:20 till the end >>>>>>> No, gee wiz….their are NO “coincidences”….right Corey !?!?!?

    The Illuminati Pentagram that connects the dots of US disasters!

    • Corey….here is something to ponder…..

      The time period of April 19-20 ( I think ) ….is a period of history when many bad things have happened in the past. LONG LIST.

      Soooo, I would consider ….THAT MAYBE…..QUITE POSSIBLY….something goes down during that time period. Hope i am wrong.

      Kinda like the “9th of Av”.

      Something to WATCH !!!!

  12. The Truth About the Nevada Rancher’s Standoff >>>>>> Mixed with a LITTLE dry humor ….so you don’t go “NutTzy !!!”

  13. Two brothers arrested for cannibalism

    Two brothers have been arrested again after police discovered a child’s severed head at their home…

    Two brothers previously jailed for cannibalism and then released, have been arrested again after police discovered a child’s severed head at their home in a remote village in northwest Pakistan.

    Mohammed Arif Ali was arrested early Monday after neighbors alerted police to a “foul smell” coming from his house in the village of Kahawar Khan in the Bhakkar district of Punjab.

    When they went to investigate, they discovered the decapitated head of an infant next to a burning stove. Arif Ali was arrested at the scene, while his brother, Mohammed Farman Ali, was apprehended by police hours later on the outskirts of their village.

    Police said both men confessed to eating human flesh.

    The brothers were released from prison last year after serving a two-year jail term for similar offenses — they admitted dismembering a woman’s body they had stolen from a graveyard in Darya Khan where they lived at the time.

    With no explicit law on cannibalism in Pakistan, the two men were convicted of desecrating a dead body and other public order offenses in a case that provoked widespread revulsion across Pakistan.

    Cannibalism prohibited yet not illegal in an Islamic nation? Weird
    Goes to show how fundamentally wrong some of these Muslim countries are… outlaw alcohol and pork but not cannibalism.

    • Matt…..

      ain’t nothing that 2 bullets can’t solve.

      But hey…….let’s feed ’em, ….water ’em, ….clothe ’em, ….medicate ’em, ….house ’em, ….entertain ’em, ….rehab ’em, ….and then release ’em.

      We will be guaranteed ….of round three !!!

    • To be honest, if I were in charge, they would never make it to Guantanamo Bay detention camp. I would use a Douglas C-47 Sky Train with a faulty cargo door for transport….not sure why but the door seems to malfunction and mysteriously open as it passes over the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean….can I get a Amen?

  14. Pingback: » Another WACO in the Making? Social Media is the Game Changer! Mike Price

  15. Matt….i did see the movie “God is NOT dead” yesterday. I thought it was reasonably well done. Some cheese factor, but GOOD none the less.

    Several things about the movie.

    Don’t date control-freak women [ especially for almost 6 YEARS !!!…..that’s just NutTzy !!! ]………unless you enjoy living on a ROOF !!!

    Don’t date your “atheist professor”……..because EVENTUALLY life will take it’s toll….and he’ll insult your meal plans and get hit by a car!

    Don’t date “money hungry, arrogant, power craving, unrepentant men”…..they make for horrible dinner nights out & won’t listen to their mom.

    Don’t be surprised when people mock you for making millions of dollars by selling duck calls…..when God gives you the crazy idea…just smile!

    Don’t worry what people think about your plaid shirt and long straggly beard…..cause your wife has enough “Beauty” for the both of ya!

    Don’t be a doctor who allows cells phones or texting in your offices……..because you’ll never make your quota as part of ObamaCare.

    Don’t get rental cars…….at least call a new rental car company …..when the first car goes “busted and won’t start”. 3 Times is just NutTzy!!!

    Don’t go to a concert during the end of a movie…….unless “the good people” from the movie are all sitting near each other for a closing shot.

    Don’t sign NO stinking paper that says: “God is Dead.”……use your head….instead!!!….cause HE ain’t …dead!!!! …. “Get it ??”

    ……….That is why the movie is called: “God is….NOT….dead.”

    Cause if you already KNOW that …..then you’ll save yourself $10.50 for a ticket + $4.00 for Welch’s fruit chews (quite good by the way!)

    But….I WOULD GO SEE THE MOVIE ANYWAYS……….because Matt Damon and Leonardo DiCaprio won’t ruin it with their constant swearing!

    And That….is my only movie review. Probably…ever.

    Unless, of course, ….i do another one!


  16. 4/16/2014 — Yellowstone Unrest — USGS installs new seismometers to monitor — Pros say to PREPARE

  17. Meanwhile… in Jerusalem (16/4/14 or 4/16/14)


    blurb to video reads:

    “Once again: Temple Mount riot in Jerusalem: Hundreds of Palestinians clash with police.”

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