Whole Lot of Shaking Going On!

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L. A. Marzulli


Almost 2000 years ago Jesus told us there would be earthquakes in diverse places, which would be one of the signs signaling His return.  I believe we are in the window of time Jesus warned us of.  The earth is shaking and people are beginning to take notice.

It amazes me that most people choose to ignore the signs, or prophecy that Jesus admonishes us would occur before his second coming.

Yesterday was Palm Sunday.  Most churches don’t teach the prophetic fulfillment that is associated with this day.  Instead many churches pass out palm leaves and the people take then but miss there significance.   The Pastor will talk about the triumphant entry, but the real meaning is most often lost in 2000 years of tradition.

When Jesus rode in on the donkey, he was fulfilling, to the second, the prophecy that is found in Daniel 9.  Messiah was riding in and the people of Jerusalem didn’t have a clue.  Later on Jesus weeps over the city saying:  Jerusalem, Jerusalem, how I would have gathered you as a hen gathers her chicks but you did not know the days of your visitation.  

He is holding the nation of Israel, collectively responsible to know the time of the Messiah!  Heck, it was written in Daniel and all they had to do was keep track of the years Gabriel told them would pass before Messiah would come!  They missed and the rest is history.

However, we are also held accountable to know the season we are in, to watch for the signs of His coming and as Jesus tells us, to watch and be ready.

This brings me back to the earthquakes in diverse places.  Folks, it’s happening right in front of us.  When we take the other signs we are told will happen before the end: wars and rumors of wars, famines, pestilence and troublesome times, surely these are the days He warned us would come.

In closing todays post:  There’s a whole lot of shaking going on and this should be a wake up call!  Make sure you tell a friend about what is happening.  Let’s be bold!  People need to know what is going on and what is coming.  What was foretold will unfold….


I’m on assignment and my flight got all screwed up!  I’m sitting in LAX with a 5 hour delay!  Oh well.


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  1. There were actually two 7+ quakes in the Solomon Islands.
    – if the earth were a bell, and this a millennial fire drill
    – would the volunteer fire fighters be awake, en route, and on scene
    – or would they still be nappin’ 😕

    Almighty God cc:’s His prophets…
    – on upcoming events… of course
    – He’s not the author of confusion.

    ps. correction @ “bailiff says” to “do you solemnly swear … so help you god?”
    – As per Christ, the only True God does not require such oaths !
    – So which god are you soliciting help from??
    – It’s best to discuss with the bailiff (who has a gun in the US) before hand…
    – to avoid being held in contempt of court

    • Hi, Nomemoleste!

      I worked as a court monitor in various courts including Worker’s Compensation Court (NSW) which at time was adjudicated by a judge with applicants and respondents represented by barristers. Some judges were actually Jesuit Priests in a previous life (so-to-speak). I recall one judge, in particular, would not allow the Holy Bible in the courtroom as he considered too many witnesses (usually the applicant – person going for compo) would be dishonest in making their claims after swearing an oath, and he didn’t want the Sacred Book being abused, so he allowed them to swear an oath to God (but without the Bible) or make an affirmation (same thing but without the God part).

      One time, an applicant who was there to agree to a commutation (agreed settlement, no trial involved but judge still has to approve, so as to make sure the applicant is making sensible decision and fair deal etc). Usually, there weren’t any security (“sherriff’s officers”) in these courts as they weren’t really required re lack of violence. This one case, this bloke, who looked a little unkempt (people usually made a tidy appearance when showing up in court) was waiting at witness stand and his barrister told judge he’ll swear oath on bible. The judge’s Tipstaff (person who swears in witnesses, handles evidence, passes documents to judge, makes His Honour’s cuppa etc) was carrying Bible in front of him walking towards witness from other side of courtroom… anyway, the witness/applicant suddenly got into a karate/boxing style stance and yelled, “Threaten me with that book, mate! I know self defense!” I jumped out of my seat and tackled the bloke as he was about to attack poor old Colonel (the tipstaff – he’d been around a long, long time). It was then realized that the applicant was there for a claim in regards to a head injury suffered in workplace.

      I’ve used that man’s line ever since, especially, whenever JW’s and LDS knock on my front door – but I hold the Holy Bible up and add, “This is the authority of our home.”
      Most of the time they leave quietly… some JW’s try to present a verse out of Matthew (I can’t remember which one) to push their claims. It’s been a while since any have visited my place….

    • Peter you’re a blessing!

      In reading your comments it’s clear that a Bible (large) can have quite an impact in a court room — carried by a potential juror or witness.

      – A juror would more likely be eliminated during the selection process.
      – Demonic reactions would more likely manifest, whether in officials or participants.

      (And for the peanut gallery, no … not used as a club. hah!)

      Which brings to mind Christ’s words…

      John 12:47-48
      And if any man hear my words, and believe not, I judge him not: for I came not to judge the world, but to save the world. He that rejecteth me, and receiveth not my words, hath one that judgeth him: the word that I have spoken, the same shall judge him in the last day.

    • And for the peanut gallery…

      All the more obvious considering that the only way to be rescued out of the renewing of this creation is by way of Christ. It’s like the firefighter comes to rescue folks out of a burning building and they refuse. This creation is that building. .

  2. “http://www.gizmodo.com.au/2014/04/a-pyramid-in-the-middle-of-nowhere-built-to-track-the-end-of-the-world/”

    ^^ Why a pyramid? Several layers going on here.

  3. Praying for you. Think of it as the Lord protecting you from something which may be ahead. Remember the delays the pastor went through in the movie “God’s not Dead.”

    • yeah i had this happen today – took a few frustrating wrong turns driving home. but then had the great fortune of running into some guys selling raw milk off the back of a truck on a route thru the backstreets of Brazilian suburbia – why is this so exciting? well do a bit of research into pasteurised, packaged milk – it seems to be part of the overall attack on humanity’s health, alertness and power to react.

      so i have been looking for a supply of raw milk for some time and today was a breakthru 🙂

  4. L.A. Sorry to hear that the prince of the power of the airline is torturing you!
    Hang in there, help is on the way.

    • Azureceu…no disagreement at all with anything you or Nomemoleste commented on yesterday. Everything you said was true. Mine was just from a different perspective, a perspective I had been unaware that even existed. I would say if it’s helpful for some as it was for me, then great, but if not, then forget it.

      As for patience, it’s not that I don’t desire it…I just wonder where it sometimes goes?

    • Steve, I loved it. Thank you for posting it. I’ve had revelations from our Lord that are stupefingly simple but profound.

    • Steve, different perspectives we all have. I must say I prefer the bible’s definition as in 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 etc.
      Just to add if you take the three sentences of 8 words, 888, that of course is interesting, it would be even more interesting if they were bible passages, but in either case, if you translate these passages to other language you are going loose the 888, humpf… And I would assume that the French would become despondent in such a case to learn that French is not the language of love after all and the whole revolution idea was a total waste of time.

    • Azureceu…that whole French perspective also had never occurred to me. Thank you for pointing it out…lol.

      Rhema…glad you liked it. Love is a hard thing for me to understand, so I think the Lord had to use a little different approach.

    • Rhema…were you the person who mentioned a few years ago that you had asked the Lord for a car with a cd player in it, and that your son pointed out to you that your car already had one? If that was you, I just wanted to let you know that the Lord is still using that situation, because whenever I need a little humor I just think of that. 🙂

    • There’s the rub…
      …what is love
      – True Love?
      – Language of Love?
      – I-Thou Love (re: Buber)
      – Love your neighbor as yourself
      – God is love (not “what” but “who”)

      Not the “Martha in the kitchen” kind
      – but the “Mary sharing” kind (at Christ’s feet)
      – and the “Jesus weeping kind” (re: Lazurus)
      – and the “lovingkindness” kind

      Perhaps by “desire” … you meant “as the dear pants for the water…”
      – which seems to me to be “faith” or “hope” more than “love”
      – though I’m sure, faith and hope are part of love
      – the greater being more encompassing

      And so the rainbow — God’s sign
      … in colors or combined
      … is no less resplendent (“many splendored”)
      … as reflected by a jewel turned in sunlight

      “Christian, you may see me only as a drunken, vice-ridden gnome whose friends are just pimps and girls from the brothels. But I know about art and love, if only because I long for it with every fiber of my being.”

    • “vice-ridden gnome”

      I said to my wife, wife hozs bout you fetch me a coffee, why she say, cause it pleazes me I say, she said are you too-loose-to-trek to the kitchin yerself? Now thatza luv.
      I go getta the coffe myself!

    • True love looks deeply into the eyes of her beloved and says, “Dear, you are responsible for your own caffeine retrieval, containment and elimination procedures.

      “And, btw, I cooked so you get to do the dishes.” 🙂

      That’s a good woman.

    • A good woman is:

      and Reverent.

    • I agree, Mr. Blue Sky, and a good man is the same – plus willing to lay down his life for his family. And do the dishes. 😉

    • And Man being created in God’s imagine & likeness said let there be the dishwasher and there was and it was good then he rested after dinner :þ

    • And then the Creator thought that perhaps a dog wasn’t the best companion for man (seeing that the man had allowed the dog to lick the plates), and made woman (knowing that the woman wouldn’t allow the man to lick the plates and she would teach him how to clean them properly).


  5. And then there’s what government should be doing…
    – “neither greek nor jew, male nor female, bond nor free”


    Why does the government need to know anything about gender?
    – it should be a privacy right
    – Jesus told us the right way
    – no special recognition or exception
    – all equal — period

    • It appears that selecting a toilet will become more complicated.
      You might have to show your credentials to TSA to get in the proper

  6. We don,t experience real earthquakes where I live,, I feel sorry for those who have to live with that threat.
    Sorry L.A. About your flight,,,Gods in controll forsure.
    One thing forsure everyday that passes we are one day closer. He told us to look up! Repeatedly to watch!
    1thes 5:4 But you, brethren, are not in darkness, so that this Day should overtake you as a thief.
    Are the Jewish spring feasts ( passover,first fruit and penticost) a message of redemption, sanctification and salvation,,, and…Fall feasts,,,,point to possibly a endtime message of reconciliation and restoration of all things?
    Sept 13 2015,, is Roshashana or other name ( feast of Trumpets) this solar eclipse gets my attention. It is the beginning of the high holy days of fall.
    Was it not originally called the blowing of trumpets? I believe it was a day of coronation of kings on this day.
    Ironically no one really knows when the feast time really starts as it starts on a new moon ( you can’t see a new moon) this is why it lasts for 2 days so they don’t miss it.
    When Christ comes he descends with a shout and with the trump of God. 1 Thes 4:16-17
    Zephania 15 The day is a dayof wrath, a day of trouble and distress, a day of wastenessand desolation, a day of Darkness and gloominess, a day of clouds and thick darkness.
    A day of the trumpet, and an alarm against the fenced cities, against the high towers.
    If you study how a jewish wedding takes place from betrothal to ceremony it mimics the gospels,,, when the groom comes for the bride ( she does not know when) she just would know the season. Men would go before the groom and blow the shofars to announce his coming.
    Jesus was Jewish after all, I think the feasts and festivals hold important and relivant information.

    • Michelle….that is AWESOME that you know all that above, so many don’t. and that’s very sad to see…even Christians…”in the dark”.
      I really enjoy learning … so seeing someone else…who knows this….is truly exciting to see!

    • Thank you Kirk, I love church history,,ancient history and Jewish history,,,it helps me understand why the scriptures say what they say. It is difficult to understand some scripture,, say like when Jesus tells a guy ” let the dead bury the dead” I thought poor guy his dad died….but when you study jewish burial customs,,they have a funeral, put them to lay out in a tomb,,,then have another service to collect the bones and put them in a container… If you do not do your research, it makes Jesus seem insensative.

    • Hey Michelle….I wonder …if that is “where” the old phrase came from….”Hey, I got a bone to pick with you, Mister!”


    • Or maybe….that phrase came from …AFTER …a Thanksgiving dinner….when you pick all the meat off the bones.
      ……..Hmmmm. I’m hungry now!

    • Trying again to post this video. I believe Kirk or Corey shared…Perry Stone The Rapture and The Law of First Fruits.


      KUDDOS TO LIZP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. i got this video from before its news – eisenhower great-granddaughter:


    some similarities to hudes: high-profile / recognisable reputation; some truths and biblical stuff mixed with some “inaccurate”, unbiblical stuff; not much proof offered.

    both are spewing info. but if i were to choose between getting lots of “info” and staying close to jesus, I’ll take the second option hands down.

    so are these gals:

    1. onto something but confused/unclear/inaccurate,
    2. plants,
    3. crazy?

    the problem is that when they come across as being so sure, I have to opt for 2 or 3. although these kind of reputable people are less likely to be 3.

    another option is that, given the spiritual nature of how deception works (which the secular NWO researchers simply cannot fully comprehend), the likelihood of these girls being 1 and 2 could both be true.

    i have asked you guys this question before: about how the mechanisms of NWO / satanic control of institutions and events actually work – what is the level of knowledge of those involved? I have to conclude that this is much more a spiritual mechanism of influence which is at work, very well combined with our rebellious, sinful nature – as opposed to a well-structured, massive, conscient organisation of human being “hired hands”.

    and why would a plant be seemingly sharing secret information? – well i think this seems to be a fairly standard tactic of disinformation / sowing confusion – classic father of lies stuff.

    now then, whaddyall be reckonin’?

    • Well for those of us that recognize:
      – spiritual entities such as angels
      – spiritual dominions such as the Kingdom of Heaven
      – spiritual communication such as the Word of God
      – spiritual technology such as chariots of fire
      – spiritual animals such as horses of fire….

      …clearly there’s much supernatural going on
      …which those lost in darkness can only hazard guesses about

      What she says is what someone with enemy angel contamination would say…
      – whether that’s by “spiritual hybrid genetics” or spiritual and physical….

      Put another way, I’d expect a demon(s) to say,
      – “there’s so many souls looking for bodies.”
      – “the fallen yawweh … the imposter god”
      – “the divine feminine…” (cp. gaia)

      Then the dude goes into Cayce…
      – “how does one access the real story?” (39:41)

      She says…
      – “the more we fall back on ourselves…”
      – “our inner gnosis … we have a divine blueprint…”
      – “we have advanced DNA, a lot of it is dormant, how do we activate it?”
      – “we have to stop listening to humans…” (4:35)

      I’d had plenty too much by time 42:00.

      In brief…
      – doctrines of demons

    • gracias. yes the prince of the powers of the air is able to orchestrate so much – through unsaved souls. and with increased focus on the points of influence such as media, academia, big business, govt. so much so that nice, pleasant, even well-meaning ordinary people are able to be used and are the major instruments. especially where we are talking about the setting up of mindsets – big overarching philosphical ideas which have been implemented over time, but with speciallly focussed activity over the past century. untruths made to look like truths. and so well done, that to deny these widely-accepted societal “truths” you would have to be crazy, stupid, “uninformed”, or born again!!!

      there are some amazing observations we can make. for example, how unsaved, secular researchers are often the ones who stridently break thru some of these lies. i believe it is part of the blessing on their life, either from saved ancestors or just from god`s general blessing, or just because god wanted it. in this case i am thinking of like alex jones, those two ET researchers who pointed out so well that aliens are not aliens and show demonic, anti-Jesus characteristics, and many many others.

      there also still remains the possibility that as one goes up in the hierarchy of those aiding satan’s plans, there is a greater understanding of his plans. or at least of some occult or lower-level strategy. for example the blatant messages shown during the london olympic ceremonies – somebody had to understand what they were doing there – or was it all supernaturally orchestrated? i don’t know but i would like for someone to tell me. and no one has. just shown the symbolism.

      lets look at bill gates. to all intents and purposes, his strategy is leading to mass depopulation or at least mass debilitation, whether it be thru vaccines or monsanto. but is he totally or partially conscious of these goals? i am not sure. i believe not.

      this has to be compared with the secular NWO researchers who in effect put all blame on an elite group of very very evil individuals. i find the effect of this message is to wrest away any sense of personal sin or conviction and blame everything wrong in life on that elite group. this is one sign that their message is not on target.

      but i see precious little teaching on the mechanics of these things…

    • “now then, whaddyall be reckonin”
      That inner spirit (deceiving) she relys on, can be seen in her empowerment.

    • From her site:

      The gnosis of her (Laura’s) inner mind is the foundation that exists through all of the Aeons.
      – Mychael Alchemy, scholar of Sophia’s path

      That prety much says what I just said.


  8. Co-pilot’s phone signal picked up after jet vanished
    A tower in Penang, Malaysia — about 250 miles from where the flight disappeared — detected the co-pilot’s cell phone the day the plane vanished.

    This story keeps getting stranger.

  9. Al-Mahdi of Islam = Barack Hussein Obama?


    [18] Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time.
    [22] Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son.


    [1] And I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals, and I heard, as it were the noise of thunder, one of the four beasts saying, Come and see.
    [2] And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.

    • Well, Gordy………..one thing we can be certain of about O’bummer……”Yep, …That man…..sure can sin !!!”

    • We will not know for certain until that man of sin be revealed. B O….seems too easy but we shall see. Throw away the Hadith and the Quran…they are there to confuse the issue. Something interesting to ponder however would be a scenario where the Shia Mahdi would appear wreaking havoc and spreading terror upon his enemies(Sunni’s among them). Much of the Christian world is looking at the Shia Mahdi as the AC…the Sunni’s do as well. The Sunni’s would NEVER accept a Shia Madhi…Sunni muslims make up 70% of Islam. Sunni’s also believe in the coming of the Mahdi except to them, the Madhi can be of any nationality and have any belief system. Sunni’s would readily accept one that would come and defeat a Shia butcher that is causing terror against them and any other nation for that matter. If Christians and the majority of muslims view the Shia Mahdi as the AC, then what would they believe if a leader stepped up and defeated him and saved them from absolute carnage that he will be inflicting upon them? Could a Shia Mahdi be a clever smokescreen for a conquering sunni mahdi? I have no doubt that Iran wants Israel wiped off the face of the map, however, if I was living in Saudi Arabia, I would be very nervous about a shia controlled caliphate…I’m thinking that Saudi Arabia would likely be the target of Iran before Israel. Of course it is pure speculation…but one thing I truly believe is that the Church will see the man of sin revealed…2 Thessalonians 2:3,4.

      God bless.

  10. Earthquakes 2014 so far…
    (these are only the ones above category 6 magnitude)

    January: 7 February: 8 March: 16
    April: 16, and we’re only half way through the month!
    47 in total so far already…

    A decade ago in 2004: 56 Decade before that – 1994: approx 55 (many caused by underground nuclear tests) Additional decade – 1984: 25

    Last year 2013, there was 191.
    Who knows where the total will be by this year’s end?

    • WOW…..that’s kinda “revealing” now, ain’t it.

      Thanks for the Info. What site did that come from, …for my own reference when I speak with people ??

    • G’Day, Bruce!

      Back in the late 80s I was a cadet journo at you-know-who’s limited (and how so very much I was limited) in Sydney. For a good while I did police rounds which meant monitoring radios of all division of Sydney metro regions. Being on the graveyard shift, after 1am when final edition of next mornings paper was put together, apart from the printers in basement, security staff, and receptionists, I would be the only person working in editorial so the late night calls that came in were put through to me (or whoever was working that shift). Anyway, I would receive calls transferred often from people (public) wanting to give tips or tell of events going on that they thought should be reported (and, of course, the occasional odd-ball character – no surprise they should talk to me, I hear some of you say! LOL).

      One particular night, (more specifically, in December 1988) I received a call from a gentleman claiming to work for Dept of Defence. He stated that the US, French, and Brits had simultaneously detonated nukes in strategic locations and that this would devastate a certain area in middle east. Naturally, I was intrigued by this anonymous person’s claims and told him that I would be keen to write a story about it but doubted the news editors/chief etc would print it, and thanked him for info.

      Next thing to happen were the reports of a major catastrophic earthquake in Armenia which caused such devastation entire villages and cities were virtually destroyed, killing tens of thousands. This person had called back a few nights later to say these nuke tests carried out were the cause of this earthquake. (Armenia is also one of the earliest nations to have embraced Christianity, not to mention the persecution by the Ottomans in early 20th Century).

      About 4 or 5 years later, I worked with an in-law of Peter Sawyer (I don’t know if you are familiar with him, Bruce?). Sawyer was a investigator for the DSS (Dept of Social Security – now Centrelink). He discovered/investigated and exposed the fact that the FBI (US) and Mormon Church were ripping of millions from the DSS in Australia. Naturally he reported this to the authorities who ignored him. He would later be sacked and ostracized for trying to expose this information. In an effort to show the public/taxpayers they were being ripped off, he and his wife decided to reveal how it was (easily) done by travelling around Australia and claiming the dole under various guises and authored a book about it, ‘The Taxpayers Guide to Dole Bludging’. He even made an appearance on the Ray Martin Show to discuss claims. He returned all funds received, but the DSS and whoever tried to have him charged with some minor offense (something to do with a car number plate that wasn’t returned or something ridiculous like that) in an effort to have him silenced. Because of his public exposure, he then began receiving all sorts of information and tips from public and other sources asking him to investigate and report things which led him to publish his own newspaper [of which this in-law of Sawyer’s gave me copies, which I still have filed.. somewhere].

      Now, with regard to the earthquake in Armenia (December 7, 1988), this happened while Soviet/Cold War era was still current [not that it ever really ended]. Whenever the superpowers and other nations would test their nukes they would all invite each other to observe the tests – both sides, Soviets and USA, French, Brits etc would all observe together from the sidelines from off of their battleships off Muruoa Atoll and wherever. (Seems odd, that the enemies Soviet/West would share event?) The Soviets had foreknowledge of this particular combined test where the US, Brits, and French had simultaneously detonated nukes which is said to have caused the earthquake in Armenia. The Soviets had withdrawn thousands of troops from Afghanistan and had them prepared to enter into Armenia as soon as the earthquake(s) hit, along with all their military equipment and earth-moving gear etc to go and “rescue” the poor Armenians. It is claimed that entire cities were destroyed, killing thousands. However, it was reported that buildings were designed deliberately to fail and collapse killing whoever may have been inside of them. Apart from deaths caused by the earthquake(s), it is claimed that tens of thousands of “dissidents” were murdered and labelled as death cause by earthquake. (I’ll have to dig up the report so excuse my vague recollection of story).

      Check out google images.

      So, I think there is something to your suggestion re earthquakes and nuclear tests. And it’s been going on for a while.

      God Bless


    • Hey there Peter

      Thanks for those details. I mentioned the nuke point during the 90’s because during the 90’s there was a higher publicized (and protested) amount of testing going on of this nature. It no doubt still goes on today, and may even be some of the cause for the frequency we’re seeing now, but the similar numbers between 1994 and 2004 may possibly be explained by it. I probably should have worded it ‘many no doubt caused by nuclear testing’.
      Since then there has (allegedly) been restrictions and protocols put in place to ‘tone things down’ so to speak. (e.g. Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty allegedly adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 1996)

      However, this being said though, ‘are all these earthquakes soley being triggered due to nuclear detonations weakening the globes tectonic plates?’ Who knows, but probably not. I’d say our creator possibly has a hand in either nudging them into action, or allowing them to be nudged also.

      Either way, the numbers certainly confirm Jesus’ statements from His Olivet Discourse in Matthew 24.
      “There will be (famines and) earthquakes in various places. All these are the beginning of birth pains.”
      …and he never says how or why they occur just prior to His return, just that they do.

      God bless too bro.

      Just quickly in reply to Kirk also… I did send a reply with links earlier for you. I don’t know why they’ve been deleted though.

  11. Do you use “Mazto” or “Bunnies and Eggs” to symbolize Yeshua’s death and resurrection?

    Matzo is pierced, striped, and unleavened just like Yeshua was pierced with a spear, striped by the Romans, and unleavened without sin.

    Bunnies and eggs symbolize having lots of sex and being very fertile.

    As for me and my household we keep the feast of unleavened bread and cast out all leavening from our home to symbolize Yeshua’s death and resurrection. This is the time of our deliverance. Our leavening (sin) has been done away with because of the perfect Pesach lamb. That is the main why we keep passover, to remember what has been done for us by Yeshua. Dayenu!!! Passover symbolism is so powerful because it shares the truth.

    The bunnies and eggs are pagan in nature and have no spiritual meaning whatsoever! Please keep this in mind during the days ahead. Some of you keep the feast of unleavened bread, some of you do not. Either way I ask you all to keep this in mind as you go through your Pesach or Easter celebrations, regardless of you keep the biblical Pesach or pagan theme Easter.

    • Will you ever be able to look at matzo the same way again? Yeshua is our passover lamb! Not our easter ham!

    • I f I may James Here a couple of videos to add to what you are saying

      Prophetic Holy Feasts | Passover

      Prophetic Holy Feasts | Unleavened Bread

    • Thank you so much. I will watch them on Wednesday. I am not online during sabbath days and pesach is a sabbath. They do look interesting for sure.

  12. CNN also reports Hagee and “other well known christians” (Biltz?)
    — joining Harold Camping, 2012 Apocalypse, and Y2K…


    In times of widespread fear, insecurity and uncertainty, religious leaders and secular theorists, some well-meaning and some who are not, will exploit the need for hope and assurance by declaring exclusive discovery of some secret plan hidden in the disorder.

    We have seen this before: the fear of Y2K in 2000; Harold Camping’s predictions of the apocalypse in 2011; the “Mayan” Apocalypse on December 21, 2012; and now the blood moons.

    • Here lies the curse, if you live to a ripe old age you have the experience of surviving a multitude of doomsdays, raptures, the great pumpkin etc. But the Pièce de résistance is the dreaded planet X that whizzes as fast as it can whiz through our solar system only uncloaking itself for a select few for the unique opportunity of a quick selfie.

  13. Great Website for Everyone on Bible Prophecy and Blood Moons, and Things Related. Check it out !!!


    • fwiw…


    • Dom,

      The tetrads NEVER signaled anything.

      How do explain that in the past when tetrads have taken place the claimed event the tetrad signaled had taken place BEFORE the tetrad?

      Or there was no event?

    • Domitrovic,

      The tetrads NEVER signaled anything.

      How do explain that in the past when tetrads have taken place the claimed event the tetrad signaled had taken place BEFORE the tetrad?

      Or there was no event?

  14. As long as there’s breath, there is hope and we ought to make the most of every opportunity to tell folks the GOD’s honest Truth that JESUS is LORD and Savior. Grieving in my heart and praying for all who are lost or lukewarm.

  15. far more compelling than…
    – pin the tail on the donkey’s derriere
    – re: BHO = 666 or similar
    – same for not nyc or vatican (exclusively)
    – much to be said for oil as the wine of nations
    – also the human trafficking points

    “http://www.sendspace.com/file/1dz8rr” (pdf)

    Toss in the EU, UK, and Russia with Turkey…….

    • Amen! Thanks for the post.

      It is clear that most believers are running to and fro with information and guess work and silly predictions based on this or that. Time to get back to the Word of God.

  16. UFO perhaps…
    – but if smoke ring
    – call it a “clinton”


  17. Speaking of shakin’ going on…
    – any live reports from Nicaragua??


    MANAGUA, Nicaragua (AP) — Thousands of Nicaraguans woke up in the streets monday after a sleepless night rocked by two strong earthquakes, part of a string of tremors that have kept the Central American country on edge since late last week.

    A magnitude-6.1 quake thursday evening has been followed by hundreds of small aftershocks and at least seven quakes powerful enough to send people running in panic from homes and businesses, including a magnitude-6.6 tremor friday.

  18. And for tonight’s drill…
    …what to do if DC is nuked


    • Nome……..Isn’t the “proper” position……..”HEAD IN THE SAND” ??? >>>> That way….NOBODY has to move!

  19. re: gene robinson…


    Ephesians 5:8-13

    For ye were sometimes darkness
    – but now are ye light in the Lord
    – walk as children of light

    For the fruit of the Spirit is in
    – all goodness and righteousness and truth
    – Proving what is acceptable unto the Lord

    And have no fellowship with
    – the unfruitful works of darkness
    – but rather reprove them

    For it is a shame
    – even to speak of those things
    – which are done of them in secret

    But all things that are reproved
    – are made manifest by the light
    – for whatsoever doth make manifest is light.

    • ^^—- @ time 9:30+ for google real time…
      – now I get why google is buying a drone company

      the local sheriff plead guilty yesterday of money laundering
      – after resigning a couple of weeks ago (same guy got a tank one time)
      – his son was convicted of being a crooked cop in drug unit
      – his assistant (a mexican national) and campaign chief plead guilty of covering up a felony
      – his 2nd in command was indited in another drug trafficking case
      – “http://www.valleycentral.com/news/story.aspx?id=1031038#”

      similar to another sheriff several years ago in an adjacent county
      – “http://www.texasmonthly.com/story/bad-guy-badge”

      God is not mocked…
      – what we sow
      – we reap
      – with increase

      There is no good reason at all to trust anyone human…
      – except of course the Proverbs 31 wife

    • I think I can see three sixes in the upper left corner as the hints of red start to form. Wait a minute… I can see Obama’s face right below it starting to shade in. Wait a minute… to the bottom right I can see George Soros’ face coming in… Just a second, that could be Hillary.

      Hold on a minute… I can see a sickle starting to form to the right – looks like George Soros is holding it… right above the American dollar. Hmmmmmm…. never seen a blood moon like this before.

    • Corey, you are totally creeping me out. I was sitting here reading your comment completely dumbfounded. Not only do I disagree with your post but I vehemently disagree. I am 100% certain that you not only saw these things but like me, you also saw one tin soldier ride away after throwing down his pike, brushing gunpowder off his broad chest and firing fourteen tiny men from a “Dwarf cannon”. Yeppers. I mean it this time.

    • Back to a more serious note…just went and looked again. It is a beautiful, crisp, cold and clear sky in North Texas this morning. Half the moon is now covered and looking like a fine eclipse. I wish I had a good telescope or even my binoculars with me.

    • Well, ….last night was CRISP and CLEAR………but tonight……….cloudy. Bummer!




    • I admit it is a very beautiful site this morning. It has a strong dark brown/reddish color with that heavy shadow covering all over. I can’t help but wonder what the ancients thought and how they must have totally freaked at such an event as this. It is a bit awe-inspiring. So very, very thankful that I am covered by His Blood…His soul saving, sin cleansing Blood. There is Power in the Blood…Power in the Blood.


      Praise Him – Hillsong Live (2012 Album Cornerstone DVD) Lyric/sub (Jesus Worship Song)

    • Jeff D………I am very glad you got a great view! Awesome! Enjoy our Savior’s handiwork !!!!


    • Is this blood red moon only visible to the northern hemisphere?

      Last night (April 14) was a brilliant glowing full moon but the usual white. Only red thing was the planet (Mars?) situated about 5 o’clock to moon (when I observed, around midnight). It’s April 15, 5.20pm (here) now but cloud filling sky – looks like it may rain!

    • Scap that last comment Peter.
      It can be seen over most parts of Australia, yes (although I missed it tonight coz I was at werk)
      Would you believe, Perth is the only place you won’t see it here?!!
      Just looked it up on news.com.au

    • Half covered at this point. It’s a cold night here in Denver. I can see the shades of red starting. It’s too bad that it wouldn’t have started a little earlier because the moon was a lot closer to the earth therefore looked bigger. But that will be in 2015, the last blood moon of the tetrad. It will be a supermoon…. on a feast day… on a schmita year down to the last second… seen in Israel.

      Oh wait… silly me… that’s just coincidence right?

    • Fortunately, the sky is clear hear in Denveer. Getting a perfect look. I just wish the moon was a little closer to the earth as it was earlier in the night before it started.

      I can almost sense the tension and the feeling of bad tidings with this eclipse. It’s just different somehow. Anyone else sense that as you gaze up at this eclipse? It’s as though there is a sense of foreboding and this eclipse is signaling something bad…. not tomorrow bad… but probably in 2016 or so bad. Then we have schmitta next year in 2015. We have the ninth of Av later this year (I think August right?)… the same day as Barack Obama’s birthday.

      You can feel it in the air folks… at least I can. I think I’m not alone.

    • Kirt… Prophet Corey eh? … I appreciate the vote of confidence, but that word doesn’t apply to me. Just watching the signs like all the rest and gleaning information here and there. I haven’t personnally looked into the claim you make yet, but it’s my understanding that during the last few tetrads … 1492, 1948 and 1967 the event happened approximately one year later. I dare say that this is a pattern of God giving a year or so warning… hence the 2016 remark. We also have the solar eclipses.

      Kirt buddy… You’re just not going to convince me otherwise. If nothing else, the general timeframe of the tetrad and the event a year or so later should make people pay attention at the least.

    • Honestly? I am not “feeling” it. Not this time. Which for me is rather different as I have always been really tuned in spiritually with Biblical meaning in the universe. But it seems to be just another eclipse to me…at least as I write this.

    • Coery,

      What you haven’t looked into is key to the whole THEORY.

      The fact is the tetrad’s have NOT signaled anything.

      You need to do your homework before your make a prophecy

      Here are the years tetrad occurred the last 3 times

      1) 1493 & 1494 nothing happened during these years nothing happened these years but before in 1492

      2) 1949 & 1950 48 Israel became a nation so before the eclipses

      3) 1967 & 1968 Israel fought the 6 day war in 67 & regained control of Jerusalem and the temple mount

      Note nothing happened during the other 5 times of tetrad eclipses. Therefore there is no correlation that exists.

    • Corey…..do you hear the faint sound of the Saducees asking for a “sign” ??

      I am HAPPY, you see……….Cause My Savior’s Coming Soon !!!

    • Kirk… Thou haveth good ears. I heareth the same thingeth. I wasn’t going to sayeth anythingeth, but it dideth crosseth my mindeth a feweth times before.


    • WATCH THIS !!!!!!!!!!!! DON’T MISS !!!!!!!!! LOTS TO LEARN !!!!!!!!

      2014 – 2015 Eclipses, Lunar Tetrad, End Times Signs Explained

    • Only listened to the first few sentences and had to stop and drive home a point… When Jesus said no man knows the day or hour, it was an IDIOM FOR THE FEAST OF TRUMPETS! I.D.I.O.M. FOR THE FEAST OF TRUMPETS!

      O.k. just wanted to make that clear for everyone. I.D.I.O.M. FOR FEAST OF TRUMPETS!

      O.K. back to the video.

    • EVERYONE !!!!!!!
      If you haven’t seen this video yet……….I promise you………..”You’re gonna like it !!!”


      Corey…….very glad you made that point above!

      When Jesus said no man knows the day or hour, ….

      SOMETIMES……..you just have to ….S-P-E-L-L …. I – T …. O-U-T….for some people ….to finally “GET IT” !!!!

    • Hmmmmm… suspicious timing for all of this eh Kirk?

      Did you catch that Kirt? …..


    • No… it’s actually book of orbs 6:66


    • Corey…..You are a R.I.O.T. !!!!!

      Carman: R.I.O.T. (Righteous Invasion Of Truth) …….ENJOY an OLDIE …….but MOST CERTAINLY A GOODIE !!!!

  20. It’s still a strong red at this point at 2 a.m. in the morning. Haven’t seen any debris from comet linear tail though like some have per the video.

    Maybe one will land in Kirt’s back yard and form the shape of a 4.

    BWW…… wait…. I see one coming down right now. It has a tail behind it. I can make out a K and a T….. wait …. I think I see an R and and I in there too….


    • Corey….you do realize that K.I.R.T. ……spelled backwards is …….T.R.I.K.

      Sooo, is this “blood moon” somehow a TRIK …”on us” Corey ???

      ( I DON’T THINK SO !!!! )

      Kirt……it’s simple………we watch, be ready, be alert. The heavens are God’s canvas of instruction….NO one can change that.

    • Kirk… Glad you pointed that out because that is the order in which the letters came out of the tail of the orbs! ….

      How about that Kirt!! ….


    • Corey & Kirk,

      Here is a trik for you.

      What is red?

      Already appeared 7 times

      never signaled anything.

      But now will signal something and no one can say for sure when or what it will signal

      Yes folks The tetrads !!!!

      Yes the trik of the century bought by all Christians who can’t simply take a look at what has actually already occurred.

      Brought to you by tetrad specialists Dr. Corey and Dr. Kirk.

      all in fun guys 🙂

  21. Well… just stepped outside in the crisp, cool Denver night and the first blood moon of the tetrad is now half over as the opposite side of the moon is the only part that is red now. In fact… looks like Obama, Hillary and Soros now have the sickle poised halfway down on the dollar… HMMMMMM…. those sixes have now turned into fours.

  22. Mega Earthquake (2013 2014) Global Financial Collapse (2015) Rapture Explained Away! …..GREAT VISUALS !!!

    • Indeed… Just a coincidence right Kirk? The schmitta pattern has been playing out since september 11, then again in 2008 (seven years later) and then in 2015? Supermoon seen in Israel? The next schmitta year pattern set to occur? People are wondering all over the place on the internet when the next big financial punch will come. I think we now know the answer don’t we? Not only is the writing on the wall, it looks rather gouged into the wall (with a sickle). The next part of the pattern is set to play out in September 13 on ELUL 29! Wait though Kirk…. that HAS to be just a coincidence! Coincidence I say!

      I’ve seen this video before but I think I’ll watch it again.

      Just looking at the graphic above should make people pay attention! Just the graphic is a priviledge for us to even see the stunning info. Only we living right now can really appreciate the stunning signals and the opening up of information being revealed to us.

    • Yes….I have put this video on this Blog before…HOPING that more people will see it….so they understand….GOD IS NOT RANDOM !!!

      EYES TO SEE !!!

      EARS TO HEAR !!!


  23. Well, looks like it was a beautiful eclipse. Here in North TX., it is over and done with. Kept going outside over and over for the past two hours. It was truly a wonderful night to see it. I only wish I could have been in the country and away from all the big city lights and gotten a better view. Would loved to have seen the shooting stars that were supposed to accompany it. I am thankful nothing tragic happened (at least as of 4:15 am CST) but at the same time am so longing for the Lord’s return. And if He chooses to use a “Blood Moon” to herald “The End Is Near” along with accompanying disasters and Angels loudly proclaiming “Jesus Christ has overcome”, that would be a welcome sight as well.

    Goodnight Chet
    Goodnight David


    Financial Collapse of the US 13 Sept 2015


      I think this is strike number three for the U.S. and the world and we’re out. This pattern here is a monster….. a monster with sharp sickles for teeth and deadly, venomous, hideous warts all over it.

    • Corey…..I was having a good chat with my mom who lives back east in New York ( she couldn’t see the Blood Moon either (clouds)…
      but…she was praying to our Heavenly Father….that even though she can’t really see it…that HE is faithful to perform His Word.

      Soooo many people “misstakingly think” that God has to put on “show” for us regarding the Blood Moons. but that ain’t the point.

      The Blood Moons are heralding a coming time of trouble. It is a WARNING….displayed in The Heavens. A Signal that He is about to act.

      BUT…..all the critics…..they miss that very point.

      The Jews need their Temple back in order for these next series of prophecies to come true…and THAT is EXACTLY what’s coming !!!

      People can gripe, moan and groan about this or that, get out their ruler and template and measure every little thing….

      But here is “the kicker”…………

      THAT IS GOD’s JOB………HE IS …….”The Ancient of Days”……….and I……..I am just FASCINATED by HIS WAYS !!!!

      Sooo, ….I will STAND AT ATTENTION………..and WATCH.



    • Indeed Kirk… It seems that many critical comments about the blood moon tetrad sometimes focus on the idea that something bad is going to happen that very day or the day after the single eclipse in the series or one in the series of eclipses. Your right… it’s a signal that he is about to act. It’s my understanding that the act or event came approximately one year after the tetrad (or said another way… after the last eclipse in the series of eclipses…. or when the complete tetrad was over.) I’m curious to see if the knee jerk specialists will be out in full force making fun that something didn’t happen today… the day after the first eclipse in the tetrad.

    • Genesis 1:14….
      “Then God said, …”Let there be lights in the expanse of the heavens to separate the day from the night,
      and let them be for….
      …………………………..”Signs”…..Hebrew is “oth” which means: SIGNALS …or…”A Beacon”
      and for….
      …………………………..”Seasons”…..Hebrew is “moed” which means: DIVINE APPOINTMENTS [ as in reference to: 7 Feasts of The Lord ]
      ……and for days and years.”

      Sooo…we notice here in these verses, ….right from the beginning….
      ……….that the SUN….MOON….and STARS …are for 2 Primary Purposes: 1) SIGNALS and 2) DIVINE APPOINTMENTS

      WHY do you think there is so much ‘confusion’ over these purposes ??

      Answer: Satan wants people to be “caught unawares” of God’s Divine Appointments and The Signals He is sending.

      Romans 13:11….
      “And this do, ….KNOWING THE TIME….that it is ALREADY the hour for you to AWAKEN FROM SLEEP;
      …..for NOW SALVATION IS NEARER TO US….than when we believed.”

      HOW TRUE IT IS !!!!
      HOW TRUE IT IS !!!!

  25. Corey…..you will appreciate this video!

    End Times Warning – Mazzaroth and The Appointed Times 2014

    • i just found that video TONIGHT !!! So that is FRESH off my eyeballs too! Glad you appreciate good stuff !!

    • Call me crazy but that star cluster shown in that screen capture looks exactly like the outline of the martian ships from the original “War Of The Worlds” movie from the 1950’s. Dang, I just frightened myself.

  26. Mid-East Prophecy Update April 13th, 2014 >>>>>>>>>> Some Sobering Recollections & Profound Closeness to the Rapture

  27. No moon sightings, it seems, out in eastern Canada and eastern U.S. Too much cloud cover…:(

    Overall agree with you Kirk and Corey the blood moons are probably best considered as advance warning/foreshadowing of things to come (rather than signals of specific events right on the day of the eclipse).

    Stan Deyo’s site has a good overall summary too, kind of noting “don’t lose sight of the forest for the trees” on the whole blood moon issue …


    • Southern Ontario had too much cloud cover,,I just wanted to see it in the sky with my own eyes.
      Did however wake up to yet another blast of this white stuff. Oh Dear Jesus,,,please stop the snow we don’t need anymore.

  28. No red moon here! White! Eaten by darkness but then reappearing. Perhaps it depends on how polluted the sky is?

  29. I think having discussions on when He ( Jesus) will be coming would not offend Him. I read through and some are offended . I wake up everyday and expect Him coming through the clouds. Its exciting to think you could be part of something so big and awesome.
    I have a question,,,Christ said one day in heaven is as a thousand years,,and a thousand years as one day,,,,does this mean He has only been gone 2 days and a few hours? Haha

    • Michelle…..we see in ….1 John 2:18….it says, “Children, it is THE LAST HOUR….”

      So, When The Apostle John wrote this….years after JESUS was taken to heaven, ….even “back then” ….STARTED….”The LAST hour.”

      And over in 1 Peter 4:7….it says, ….”The end of all things is NEAR….”

      And over in James 5:8 ….it says, ….”….for the Coming of The Lord is NEAR.”

      Certainly……2 Peter 3:8……….IS RIGHT ON TIME !!!!

      And finally, ….according to Hosea 6:2…..
      “HE will revive us after 2 days….HE will raise us up on the 3rd day…..that we may live before Him.”

      It has been roughly 2,000 years since He was taken to GLORY….and we are now coming to the 3rd day…when WE will be taken to GLORY.

      HALLELUJAH !!!!

  30. We’re all praying for you mate. The end is coming soon to the evil one.

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