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1. Recent stabbings in Pennsylvania.

2. Chem Trails?

3.  Slaughter of Christians in Syria.

4.  Lucy – The Movie.

5.  Opium Trade.

6.  Big Government vs. Rancher

Mike Kane


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111 thoughts on “Tonight – Friday 6PM – Acceleration Radio! (Prerecorded Friday Morning!) L. A. Weighs In!

  1. Feeling a bit under nervous and understressed and underdepressed and underscared… Then here’s something that should put the warm and fuzzy feelings back in your step… “”

    Apparently, the photos are being manipulated by the globalists and actually show a Russian drill from 2013 but yet are claiming that it is a current buildup along Ukraine’s border and are ready for invasion! These globalists are sure ready to get their plan underway aren’t they. They seem hell bent to start their evil plans right now. I realize this is a complicated situation as I’ve listened to so many expositors who are heavy researchers on all this and basically part of all this is to save the U.S. dollar from collapsing by getting their hooks into these countries and making sure they keep using the American dollar for oil purchases. I have to say that we Americans better hope the U.S. dollar survives while we are still here because if it doesn’t, we are in deep cow maneuer. I also realize that they (the globalists) want to collapse the dollar but they don’t want it to happen just yet, but in their own timing. They realize the American dollar’s time is quickly running out and they have to get into Syria, Iran and whatever else if they are going to save the dollar and then collapse it in their own time.

    That’s my take on it from all the information I’ve listened to and read anyway. I’m sure there is much more to know. Sure is looking suspicious as we approach “April 15”. Is it a coincidence that my calender I have sitting on my computer desk right now as I type this says “Tax Day?” on the very same day of the first blood moon? Lol!

    • There’s also a big, round beef stew soup stain from the bowl I was eating it in shaped like a blood moon and the left part of it crosses the 15th day… LOL! HA!

      Just kidding… my attempt at some dry humour about such a serious situation.

    • And knights templar banks in Switzerland can sit out the war and watch from the sidelines while they finance both sides. Now there’s a runon sentence for you. Lol

  2. ‘ Morning!

    Nevada Rancher family Bundy with fellow rancher/protesters heating up. 5,000 freedom fighters militia heading to Nevada to protect the ranchers against BLM who is heavily geared up, including Black Op Forces snipers.

    Video below summarizes news including Apache helicopters being seized, and the current shooting school hoax (false flag)

    Pray, pray, pray!


    • So cheer up everyone! … Dollar collapse in probably imminent. The Russian situation threatens the stability of the world. Appache attack helicopters are being confiscated from the national guard to be put into God only knows what sort of use. Come on! Smile a bit! It’s business as usual! What’s wrong with you? The blood moon tetrad is approaching as an ominous sign to the world that things aren’t good! Man… what’s it gonna take to cheer you all up anyway!? … Global stability? Wealth and good times for the foreseeable future? Everything is imploding! … I just don’t get what all the hubub is about?! Sheeesh Man!

    • Hi, Seashoremary.

      Watched the news story, ‘Enemies of the State’ re Wayne Hage (?) ranchers – ‘Sagebush Rebellion’ troubles with the BLM. Same scenario but without the turtles.

      Corey! I just watched one of the latest The Jonathon Kleck videos… not sure of originator, but someone has picked out some scenes from Man of Steel movie featuring tridents, co-ordinates for southern Indian ocean (where the super baddies crash into the sea) and linking with search area for MH-370, and, of course, a bus displaying 6370 numbers on its roof.. with MIA. Most peculiar, momma!


    • Hey! So where is it? I posted videos late last night on breaking news Re the BLM vs Bundy family real life situation currently in progress. Snipers at the ready to take action against the ranchers and 5,000 militia from various states were heading to Nevada to guard the ranchers. Real war in progress…

    • Your videos were good Mary. So were a couple of others. It would be nice if the party responsible for deleting LA’s post and subsequent comments from last night would kindly reinstate it again. Agree Mary and anyone else?

    • Actually there were two posts deleted. Interesting that I can still read one of them on my Smart phone so they are still here somewhere.


      See if that works.

    • Well I tried. I tried because I think it is important. For some reason I can read it on my phone still. Sorry guys. I can assure you silliness was not an issue.

    • Jeff, maybe their omission was accidental(?) when L.A.’s April 11th “Acceleration Radio” posting was put on.

      Only had a chance to do a quick read today of the missing comments, but seems that Stonedragon (hmmmm….interesting name)kinda opened a can. Maybe that was the reason for removing the April 10th comments.

    • Hi Linda. Yes it seems Stonedragon did indeed open up a can but it was a well debated can. From his history here, he does seem to have a penchant for said cans. However, from what I read, the debate between he, Corey and a couple others was well argued on all sides.

      I know that even if these two posts were deleted, WordPress (Thankfully) still allows you to pull it back out if you are so inclined. I just hope it truly was accidental and not something else.

    • “StoneDragon” is a middle aged housewife. Without a college education. Born again for pretty much whole life. I take part here infrequently, but if a question after endless Bwaaahaaaaas and semi-lighthearted pokes that the information is completely a done deal is a ‘can’? Sheesh. How will any of us ever survive the future.

      I suspect L.A.’s site and the radio link have had some form of technical glitch. I had to do a rather aggressive bit of juggling to get rid of an Acceleration podcast-y link-y thing that wouldn’t stop being active, and now iTunes, on my second reboot, is still popping up random warning messages that something’s failed.

    • Stonedragon, my apologies. By “Can”, I didn’t mean to imply your posts are out of place, stirring up trouble or unfounded in logic. The implication was that of thinking outside the “Traditional” lines of this particular BLOG. For the record, I personally tend to enjoy reading your rapport on subjects, no matter if it be popular or not.

    • No apology necessary, Jeff D, but I thank you for being a gentleman.

      For Lindafromtoronto1- I always enjoy your posts, and this is ‘said’ with a voice of complete gentleness: I’m leaping to a conclusion here, that ‘hm…. interesting name’ from you might kind of support my point that sometimes, we all get swept up in looking for too much in every tiny thing.

      Its ‘Stone’, because rocks, granite to emerald, are my favorite media to work with. I no longer can, my hands can’t take it. And ‘Dragon’, because the Asian sensibility in art and architecture and gardening is far and away the flavor I love most.

    • Stonedragon, yes indeed, I agree about sometimes looking for too much in every tiny thing. (Something I generally try not to do … but it sometimes happens!)

      Hoping you may still continue to enjoy working with sculpting in stone, though, even if the harder rocks are difficult to work with now. Take care and God bless.

    • We have a unique opportunity to experience a morning rant instead of a late evening rant. If Senior Marzulli is like me, I am crankier in the morning so this could turn out to be a spectacular blessing predestined to occur before the first rising of the feared Tetrad and the forthcoming world domination and subjugation of mankind. 😎

    • Careful now Azureceu, we don’t want to have this post be deemed as too much silliness and have it disappear also do we? 😉
      However, I did get a chuckle. Ain’t nobody gone have no subjugation going on around here now.

    • Jeff, even if today’s blog posts disappear we will always have Paris.

      Note. silly and lame are not synonomous

    • Jeff, I was JOKING! I wasn’t picking on you, I was picking on Mr. Blue Sky, who seems to have a certain quota for picking.

      I am just as guilty as anyone here for being silly.

      I think the celestial weather has everyone a bit testy.

    • Rose, what a coincidence I posted that video at the same time you posted that comment and I beat you to the draw. Ha!
      Whose your daddy?

    • Don’t fret none according to the video El Gordy posted the end has come and its time to pay the rent.
      In the video the dude said he saw Brazil attacking the U.S. now that had me laughing.

      Remember (w) is watching!

    • Well, I don’t think we need to worry about Brazil, or Russia, or China attacking us. The U.S. is attacking the U.S. It’s like our country is suffering one huge autoimmune disorder.

    • Bummer Az, everyone now won’t get to learn about being eaten in the night by the BUGs bunnies you spoke of.
      …and the mozzies here ‘down under’ that appear to use our insect repellents like steroid spray.

      Here’s the chemtrail video compilation I put together from Port Pirie, South Australia again though…

      Yes, we have them here in Australia too.

    • Holy smoke monsters Bruce you are right, so now that was two posts that were deleted.
      The BUGs bunnies & Mozzies story is now lost forever and ever in vile pit of moderation
      of the most cursed (w).

      It is the end my friend.

    • as in, “you have betrayed your cone heritage; therefore, you will . . . gnarfle the garthok! ”

      Which in proto-french means “hole in one!”

      Did you notice the monochrome to kodachrome transitions in this aronofskyish version of the David vs. goliath battle?

    • Let’s pray we have more time. Christians need to pray for the impeachment of Obama or national repentance.


      [14] If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

    • Wouldn’t praying for individual souls to be saved be more productive?

      I don’t understand the idea of national repentance. Christ made it a One to one equation at the cross. I hear this particular Chronicles reference daily. But if you back up a chapter, Solomon pronounces it first, while dedicating the temple. God simply validates/confirms/agrees with what Solomon already said he wanted between God and the people of Israel.

      Yeah yeah- I’m stomping on sacred cow flops by saying it. But it seems that viewing the country you live in as having some sort of special covenantal relationship with God, and you’re not a Jew in Israel, is idolatry.

    • Stonedragon… Read the book “Plucking the Eagle’s Wings” by Perry Stone. Quite astounding. It seems America does indeed have a covenant with God. Jonathan Cahn is a good start also.

    • Quite the disturning video Gordy… I agree with the national repentance idea of course. As far as Obama goes, this dude needs to be locked away or …. well, I better not say that. I better keep silent on that one. He is actively, knowlingly and deliberately putting a nation of over 350 million people at risk of death. This monster is a traitor (along with all the other participants). He is literally allowing Chinese and Russian soldiers on our soil, giving up our military secrets, no doubt allowing their subs on our coastal waters etc. etc. etc. But I also somehow know that national repentence will never happen. Obama is going nowhere. I’ve stated before, I believe that the time space for repentence is over. God gave us Obama as an act of judgment not only to us, but to the world. I won’t go into my “Obama is the Antichrist” points, but there is this sense that it is already too late. Our government is taken over and given into the enemies hands already. All this while our military is being deliberately weakened. I know I’m pretty much repeating what is in the video, but …. it’s all pretty astounding to see America go from the absolute pinnacle of global power and dominance to falling into the hands of traitors and sliding down the Roman road to the bottom because of those traitors.

      Completely astounding.

    • I backspaced and cancelled many many times, trying to get the tart out of my reply.

      Suffice to say, Cahn’s book is listed on Amazon under mystery and thriller, not nonfiction. I heard him speak before the whole thing snowballed to quite the size it is now, and am certain that he said the book was fiction and he’d been taken aback by how it had been received. I will go re-listen to that older speaking engagement where he said that, and double check what I am so certain I heard him say. Now, he attends conferences and speaks as if it was Inspired. Funny how things evolve like that.

      Corey, have you ever sat back and wondered what Christians in any country but the US of A must think, when they read something like “The US has a covenant with God”? Must sound wonderfully poncey.

      Ever applied a moment’s thought to what a believer who’s being hunted in (insert foreign horde country here) would feel like, wondering why God didn’t favor them with birth here? Think about what kind of resentment they must wrestle, what doubt, while scrabbling for survival in a non-special-favored-status country? These are rhetorical musings, only, on my part.

    • If the US status as a covenantal nation was a Biblical truth, the entire Christian world would confess it.

    • This talk about nations reminds me of the time I was being “led” to leave the U.S. and move to Brazil, as the day neared and being dependent that the Holy Spirit was leading me, the thought entered my mind about actually me moving to a foreign land not knowing the language nor the culture or even what kind of work I would do and with an insight that the move would be permanent, I was saddened that perhaps I was abandoning the nation I was born and grew up in, the same nation that I served overseas in the military leading to the end of the cold war.
      At that very moment the Spirit of the living God filled me and I understood that “my nation” was not of this world, and that God owned the world and all that is in it, at that moment I understood my true nationality and also that I must be obedient to the laws of whatever nation I am in on Earth, but God’s nation is the one I serve first and foremost where ever my foot might tread.
      Needless to say that moment transformed my mind and even now I serve a nation not of this world a nation whose builder and maker is God and I have no spirit of fear.

    • stonedragon… No, not really. Doesn’t really matter if people think it’s poncey or not. I would say what people think or what something sounds like to people doesn’t make or break God’s blessings upon anything. Nor does what some people think make anything so.

  3. Pingback: » Tonight – Friday 6PM – Acceleration Radio! (Prerecorded Friday Morning!) L. A. Weighs In! Mike Price

    • The information that this lady shares in this video made my jaw drop more than once! God bless her for her diligence!

    • Jay, the video that you posted yesterday by Dave Hunt, was very interesting. I’m still not positive that Rome is the city on 7 hills, Istanbul is also built on 7 hills, and so is Amman in Jordan. What makes it even more confusing is that Istanbul has an area called the Golden Horn(as in the 4th beast’s horn), and, Jordan, was known as “Ammon” in ancient times. And, in the center of the brain’s hippocampus, in the temporal lobe, is the Ammons Horn. This is where the new agers believe that the kunda lini or coiled serpent will rise up the to the pineal gland. The hippocampus is also represented by Pegasus or the white horse. A subject that I have been investigating of late.

      Researching things last nite. kept bringing me back to the Pegasus theme. Such as the word “Temporal”. In philosophy, “Temporality” is the linear progression of past, present and future. And, the Pegasus project was supposedly about time travel. Then there is the “Temporal” power of the popes, and the “Temporal” lobe or hippocampus. Pegasus of course was the symbol of Standard Oil and is the symbol of Air Pegasus whose HQ is in Istanbul. A few days back I commented how petroleum is used for everything in society, like drugs and chemicals. Chemical such as in Chemtrails? Another form of oil is Bitumen, which I believe was used with bricks in building the tower of babel. The other oil in the bible, olive oil, was used to “anoint” the sheep in the center of the head to keep flies from biting in that vulnerable spot. This seems so symbolic of the Holy Spirit, which protects us and probably our pineal gland from the “coiled serpent”.

      Anyway, you get my point, I am all over the place. One other thing, is that Pegasus defeated the Chimera. and in the Manson murder trail, they called his testimony, “Chimerical Vision”. Manson thought the Beatles were the locusts (beatles) of Rev. 9. The Beatles’ Rev(olution) #9 was an acid-trip of a song on the White Album, which they recorded after their 3rd eye-opening trip to India. I’m not picking on the Beatles, just the strange coincidences in the 1960’s, and their career, would make a good topic for an article.

      Well, I’ve written way too much, one more thing though, was the pope giving Arafat the illuminati handshake at 22:10 ? Lol, too much to speculation on my part.

    • Hi Jay and Kirk… Agree Kirk. What kind of monsters do we have ruling over us anyway? Nevermind. You don’t have to answer that question. I already know as I’m quite positive people here on this site know as well. I just watched an amazing video of Karen Hudes earlier before I watched this chemtrail deal. Karen Hudes was being interviewed by somebody (forget by who because there are so many interviews out there with her) and she was explaining information about who is really running things worldwide and she was getting into the Vatican and who actually controls the Vatican and the pope. Some super secret black pope dude who is the head of the Jesuits, which in turn control everything else. But behind the black pope dude and the Jesuits are these race of “beings” who are some type of alien dudes, or hybrid dudes. This ties in very directly with what L.A. is talking about on his blog and on his Watchers DVDs. Pictures were actually shown of skulls that looked like what L.A. shows in his videos and on his blog. These “beings” have heads shaped like a cone (scars on the back of Obama’s head anyone?) and of course they are demonic but she didn’t use that word. And she is a former employee of the World Bank. She has no spiritual ax to grind… which makes her testimony very shocking! The world is really quite literally being run by demonic beings walking among us!


      L.A. You may want to get her on your show one of these Thursdays nights and interview this lady… seriously! This ties directly in with the evidence you are gathering and all the pictures you show of these skulls.

    • Yep Corey….your post is right on! i have listened to a few of her audios and she really seems to be ‘in the know’ on some of these things.

      And YES…..the creepy black pope and his morons….are simply EVIL. No need to go further! Their special day is coming !!!

      Corey….THAT would be a great idea………having karen hudes on the LA show !!!! Yep that would be AWESOME !!!

  4. This might go next level real soon. Cell towers out in the Bundy area. I certainly agree with all the comments on the show tonight. This might be a spark. People are watching.

    • “”

      MSM picking it up and not ignoring this now.

    • “militia-groups-come-to-aid-nevada-rancher-in-battle-with-feds”

      You mean his militia army buds who are afraid of tasers and kick dogs when pushed? Its not that I ever doubted these guys were full of hot air, but i really thought they’d show better than this.

    • I think we are about to see a bunch of people dead. Hopefully not, but it certainly is NOT looking good at all.

      I wonder, ….WHAT EXACTLY….is the “real reason” for this ranchers property to be taken ??? WHY all the fuss ???

      RARELY…if ever…is the reason told to us the REAL reason. Most of us realize that is generally the case.

      Could there be an “underground base in the area” that the elite want to be kept secret or given “more space” ??
      Could it be that the elite are stealing the cows for food for their “underground bases” ??
      Could this area be used for UFO related landings in the future, but why all the fuss….”this time” ?? “They” do it everywhere else ??
      Could this just be ….another example of a rogue government with wicked officials stealing from and demoralizing more people ??
      Could this be …..a PURPOSEFUL MANIPULATION of THE MASSES into a frenzied WAR-like mentality to start Martial law ??
      Could this “shut down of the communications” via phones, text, etc….be motivated to keep the Militias from planning their own moves ??

      i am telling ya…….this ain’t right……..and i think it’s heading for a fight.

      Although i don’t want to see this “go sideways”, ….i am glad many people in that area are stepping up to help that rancher.

      i would if i could !!

    • Go to 33:40 marker in reference to the Bundy situation.


    • What you have is a bunch of liberals who become irrational if a turtle dies, and a senator from Nevada who is making backdoor deals with the Chinese. (they at first tried to say this was about a turtle until they were found out).

      Then you have a bunch of conservatives who become irrational when the feds start removing cows from their property, taser their family members, push 57 year old men to the ground, and put snipers on hilltops while confiscating legal guns (a right given to them under the constitution).

      If I had to go join a group on this issue, I wouldn’t be sitting next to “concerned environmentalists” protecting a land turtle or a senator from Nevada who is packing his pockets selling out his own country to China.

      It is now being reported that The Bureau of Land Management, whose director was Sen. Harry Reid’s (D-Nev.) former senior adviser, has purged documents from its web site stating that the agency wants Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy’s cattle off of the land his family has worked for over 140 years in order to make way for solar panel power stations.
      Sen Harry Reid has made a deal with developers for a big Chinese run solar power plant on that same Govt owned land. The head of BLM approved it and there is a pic with her, Reid, and the that last InteriorSec, Salazar signing the deal with the Chinese…

    • Seashoremary….hey thanks for …”the reason”.

      Still makes me wonder …that “ownership” …just seems like a term reserved only for the government. they want to “own” everything!!

      kinda like a 3 year old that wants whatever they can’t have!

      But if WATER RIGHTS ….are continuing to escalate….then we will be bound for many more confrontations!

    • “”

      Cell towers NOT shut down but there is a temporary flight restriction in place.

  5. I love this…

    Azureceu wrote

    At that very moment the Spirit of the living God filled me and I understood that “my nation” was not of this world, and that God owned the world and all that is in it, at that moment I understood my true nationality and also that I must be obedient to the laws of whatever nation I am in on Earth, but God’s nation is the one I serve first and foremost where ever my foot might tread.

    Needless to say that moment transformed my mind and even now I serve a nation not of this world a nation whose builder and maker is God and I have no spirit of fear.

    ….Hail and well met fellow citizen, warrior, ambassador, and stranger in these strange lands….

    Who seek a city not made with hands and not of this world
    – whose builder and maker is God.

    Would that all the beloved turn quickly
    – from the passing distractions of fading and soon shattered nations…
    — and treasure instead the ever more resplendent Jewel our Lord !

    I bow before our sovereign — Yeshua Messiah
    — Lord of Lords and soon coming King of Kings

  6. “I bow before our sovereign — Yeshua Messiah
    – Lord of Lords and soon coming King of Kings”

    Amen to that.

    I am humbled to even confess in part what drives me forward, but as in all that God does the glory is his.

  7. High strangeness/unsolved mystery.

    I have no idea what to make of this.

    Apparently you have hundreds of people who have disappeared from National Parks and it goes unreported. One cop investigated and there are 1-2 books out there and… *crickets chirping*.

    See what you all make of it.

    • Look up the author David Paulides.

      Natalina from Extraordinary Intelligence says she’s going to have him on her show in about a month. This is wild stuff.

    • Hmmm…remote, vast areas of wilderness. People go missing. Is this really “High strangeness”? I couldn’t last more than the first 15 minutes. The only actual “Case” was from 48 years ago. Really? Is this really a story?

      Hmmm…remote, vast areas of wilderness. People go missing. Get lost and never return. Get abducted and murdered. It is terrible. But high strangeness? Is it really? This is a author straining really, really hard to sell his books while only selling sensationalism. At the very least, there seems to be absolutely zero vetting in this “Story”. That’s my opinion. Sorry if it comes across as crass or rude. I just don’t get the label you placed on it Eric of being “High strangeness”.

      That is what I make of it.

    • Dang…Eric, I apologize. That did indeed come across as rude. Not intended at you. I personally can’t stand it when people like the maker of this video sensationalize things to the extreme as was done in this case. I apologize to you, not to the producer of this video.

  8. Jeff D / Matt….

    i want to write to you (and Matt) so that you both could understand better as to WHY i took your (and Matt’s posts yesterday)…
    ……… something that REALLY bothered me.

    Now then, since i can’t see the EXACT wording that you used in your post …and what Matt referenced in his post,
    I will have to try to explain …..”the general ESSENCE of what i saw in both those posts yesterday”…and WHY i feel those posts were …
    …….maybe partially “miss-guided” in the points that you and Matt were making….that I believe are not founded on anything substantial…
    but only upon “personal perceptions” ….and maybe “a few examples”….that make all the apples “appear bad in the orchard.”

    For me, ….seeing the FRUIT of people getting SAVED and GROWING at John Hagee’s Ministry …..for over half my life …
    and John Hagee’s sincere …”love in action” …for the Nation of ISRAEL and the Jewish people….
    ………..”it really burns my britches”….when I hear of fellow Christians bringing accusation against a “man of God” (like Hagee)…or anyone!

    WHY would we NOT desire to see …”a 40 some year ministry”…. continue to GROW and FLOURISH ???
    WHY would we “blast a ministry” ….that is making disciples of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ ???

    As I see it, ….THAT is the devils job.

    Another thing i saw in Matt’s post was regarding >>> Prosperity Preachers.

    That Phrase…means a lot of different things to a lot of different people….and much of it has NOT been good. Because YES…there are charlatans.

    Yet……..all ministers are NOT that way. NOT all people are controlled by the “trappings of Money”.
    Some are, ….but NOT all. And YES… can be addicted to stuff….with a WRONG VIEW of money…..and still go to heaven if your a Believer.
    Your rewards will be effected……that is for sure. Redemption is NOT based on how well you handle money. Yet, Our rewards will be…in part.

    SCRIPTURE ….in fact…..does teach a lot about prosperity. God just doesn’t want “the money to have us.” THAT….is the point.

    I mean think about it, ….am I somehow “more or less godly”….based on how much money i have in my wallet ?? NO.
    WHAT I DO WITH MY MONEY ….makes ALL the difference! But it’s NOT based on what “someone else” tells me to do with my money.
    It is MY CHOICE….it is YOUR CHOICE….to do with the money that God placed in our own possession.
    The more we desire to please our Heavenly Father……..the more FREE we will be with the things we have.

    Sure, as individuals we place a certain amount of priorities on what we like: but that is NOT necessarily wrong, it’s just different.
    JESUS said, where your TREASURE is ….there your heart will be also! Our money will follow our heart.

    i have served MANY years under wealthy ministers….BECAUSE GOD BLESSED THEM. HOW ….Is that wrong …TO BE BLESSED ??
    Is God Himself NOT allowed to BLESS HIS PEOPLE ??? Where is that in the Bible ?? I see the complete opposite response from God.

    When someone at my church bought my pastor several thousand dollar suits….IS IT NOW WRONG FOR MY PASTOR TO WEAR THEM ??
    When a person buys a new car for someone else…..IS THIS SOMEHOW A SIN ….AND THEY SHOULDN’T DRIVE IT ??
    When my pastor and his wife were BLESSED by another family paying for their VACATION to be alone for a while…..HOW IS THAT WRONG ??
    When someone has a growing business and wants to buy nice stuff for his family…..WHY CAN’T HE PARTAKE OF HIS HARD WORK ??

    Now then….what i am pointing at is this: Don’t automatically “assume” that just because….
    ….. a person, ……….or a group of people, ………..or a ministry ……….or a business…..”has lots of MONEY”…..that they are EVIL SCUM.

    Otherwise…..Abraham = a scum bag…..because he had soooo many possessions that he had to separate from Lot due to their possessions.
    Otherwise…..JOB = a scum bag…..he was THE GREATEST OF ALL THE MEN OF THE EAST. He was WEALTHY…broke…then WEALTHY x 2 !!!
    Otherwise…..Joseph = a scum bag…..because he had charge over the entire kingdom of Egypt cause God placed him there & helped his family.
    Otherwise…..Jacob = a scum bag…..every time Laban tried to screw him over, God BLESSED Jacob all the more & it pissed Laban off !!! 😉
    Otherwise…..King David = a scum bag…..because David had so much gold at one point, that they had to throw the silver outside the city!
    Otherwise…..King Solomon = a scum bag…..because he used all the wealth his dad acquired ….PLUS LITERALLY TONS MORE….
    ………that he received from other people during his own reign as king. And Solomon’s WEALTH …..was IMMEASURABLE !!!!

    My other point is this:

    God wants us all to be BLESSED…….period. BOTH on this earth….as it will be in Heaven. Now obviously we all can fall short of God’s Blessings.
    Sin, errors in judgment, getting hooked up with the wrong people, Not hearing God’s Voice, not being obedient,…all of those effect us!

    God’s BLESSING includes many things.
    A spouse, children, a house to keep them in, Favor, Influence, faithful with a little and God makes it grow, health, and yes…money.

    Yes, That includes having prosperity and being healthy ( which certainly “includes” money, but it’s NOT the only thing….that’s for sure!).

    Now the other topic of yesterday’s blog that came up was The Blood Moons. And i won’t discuss “them” in specific….BUT rather the perception
    …..that “ONLY” the MEGA-CHURCHES are talking about The Blood Moons……..which truly is a complete joke. MOST churches are CLUELESS.
    It doesn’t matter if it’s 50 people or 5,000 people………..THE VAST MAJORITY…..”of Christians”………don’t know much of anything.
    Sure there are “pockets” of people that are “in the know”……..but it certainly ain’t many !! Currently, since the media is really picking up
    on the Blood Moons……more people are wanting to stay up late…….but nearly everyone i mention it to…..doesn’t have a clue…not one iota !!!

    Like I mentioned in my post yesterday, i have a pastor living about 90 feet from me…who is a pastor of THE LARGEST CHURCH ….
    … ALL OF CENTRAL OREGON …..SEVERAL THOUSAND PEOPLE NOW. And I assure you, he don’t know NOTHING about the Tetrad !!!
    How do I know this: because several months ago i asked he and his wife as they were walking their dogs in front of my house!

    Looked at me like I had 14 eyeballs! Didn’t phase him a bit either!

    NO questions like: WOW…tell me more? How do i see them? ……….just went right on walking their dogs.

    WOW !!! SNOOZE BUTTON …..for sure!!

    And finally, the last thing that I have been flabbergasted by ….for about half my life….is the subject of “Mega-Churches”.

    WHY EXACTLY……are they automatically perceived as EVIL ….as if a small cult in some back woods somewhere can’t be EVIL too ??

    I mean, really, ….don’t healthy things “grow” ?? Should we not expect CHURCHES to GROW……IF…..they are healthy ( at least somewhat?).
    What is the “definition” of a “MEGA-CHURCH” ??? >>>> Is it about 50 people, 150, 600, maybe 1000, 3000, 5421 people, …How many ?
    I have wondered for MANY … MANY … MANY years………and i still don’t get a GOOD …. QUALITY answer.
    Usually it’s all about “perceptions”………with NO real validations.

    So….I ASK………what makes a BIG church ………..”more evil potentially”……..than a smaller one ??? [ …and to be avoided like the plague ? ]

    As I have experienced in SEVERAL churches myself were I belonged and served for multiple years at each one,
    I have been in one church that grew from about 125-150 people to well over 5,000 people ….and STILL GROWING !!!! PRAISE GOD !!!

    And consider this, are we not to be out witnessing and making disciples ?? Certainly we are…..yet so many Christians are not doing this!

    Ponder this: most churches in america are small, very small…..i think i read a few years back that less than 125 or so was common size.

    Well…let’s say we see ONE person each bring another person to Church in one month’s time.
    Month 1 = 125
    Month 2 = 250
    Month 3 = 500
    Month 4 = 1000
    Month 5 = 2000
    Month 6 = 4000 PEOPLE !!! …….and THAT is only in 6 Months….with each person ONLY bringing ONE person per month.

    Well, i submit to us all….that very few of us….bring in one new person to our local Church ….and DISCIPLE them! The numbers don’t lie.

    If we were all doing “our part”……….our nation would be turned to JESUS in short order!

    But FEW Churches have “firey” prayer meetings…..and THAT is the FUEL that spreads the fire of the Gospel message to our world !!!

    Those things must change……..IF we are to see our nation won for the glory of God….and to stop the swelling tide of filth in our land.
    But like Corey stated, I just don’t see that happening. i really hope i am wrong, wrong, wrong…cause I have prayed for revival much of my life!!!

    So, in my sincere apology, to Jeff D… and also Matt by inference too….I did NOT effectively handle my frustration with you two brothers
    by what you guys posted and how i feel about what was implied in them. YES…I was bothered by certain things in each of your posts yesterday.
    I feel for the most part i presented my thoughts above, but i am sure didn’t get it all. yet, I think i made these points clear…(as mud !).

    I ask each of you to forgive my impatient and frustrated response(and any “on-lookers”)….and LA too …for “venting” on YOUR blog. (Not cool.)

    Now I am gonna go find a Blood Moon….I know I have it here ….SOMEWHERE…..”maybe” over the rainbow!

    • Kirk, I understand your position and respect your decision on deleting the posts. . I meant no disrespect to you or someone that you regard as a “man of God” Its’ all about perspective. We all have heroes we look up to and I didn’t mean to offend or call someone out that you may look up to.. That absolutely was not my intention.
      It’s not a big deal to me the posts were deleted; I didn’t even know they were deleted until reading others post on the subject….
      I figured it had to do with something along the lines of what you mentioned.
      Just keep doing what your doing, in my opinion your doing a heck of a job as a mediator and my post most certainly should have been deleted…If I would have taken the time to read it back to myself I would have saved you the trouble and banished it myself.
      I will try and leave my personal opinions out of whether a mega church televangelist like John Hagee is a man of God or something else….it’s not my place to judge.
      Unfortunately for Mr. Hagee, the details of his adulterous personal life were made public which make it difficult for me to consider him in such high regard as others.
      But moving on and turning the page…how do you feel about Robert Tilton ? Just kidding 😉

    • Hey Matt,

      i appreciate your post !!

      Just so you know…i did not remove any posts and I don’t know how to do so. i never thought we could.
      But for good reason…I think…they are gone…i guess. Not for me to decide.

      As to Hagee….or Perry Stone….or JD Farag….or Chuck Missler, ….or LA….or Tom Horn, ….or Gary Stearman, …or Mark Biltz, etc etc etc….
      I learn from each of these men (along with a whole bunch more)….BUT…I only have …ONE HERO….and HE died on The Cross!

      Other than that, I respect the men and women of God that i am honored to learn from and watch their lives (if i am in their church)…
      but I don’t worship “any” man…(except MY HERO)….yet, i certainly appreciate their varied gifts to teach and minister and lead.

      When it comes to the …shall we say ….”sin in those in ministry”….well, like my one pastor said, “Jesus Blood cleanses them too!”

      i think we ALL are guilty in one “snap shot” of our lives from time to time. Things for which we condemn others and are ashamed of ourselves.
      Our thoughts can be very pesky sometimes…….bringing our own sin to bare upon our own weaknesses of the flesh.

      I don’t brush “sin” lightly under the rug and pretend it doesn’t exist or didn’t happen. However, We serve a God who restores. FULLY.

      Ain’t no second rate Christians in the Kingdom. Stupid ones at times … YES !! Forgiven ones at times … ALWAYS !!

      But in one sense, it is “easier” for God to forgive PUBLIC MINISTERS ….because HE forgives and forgets! ( we get that benefit too! )
      For us….sometimes…..we unfortunately REMEMBER…..and don’t forget! Which usually keeps US in some form of bondage.

      Now as to a minister’s “rewards”…….when judged RIGHTEOUSLY by God….He sees things CLEARLY and without partiality.
      You and I….we only see the outward actions…and not the heart. i realize you know this too!

      Matt, truthfully…when it comes to “personal opinions”….we all got ’em. When kept in proper balance they’re not necessarily bad.
      But we can’t always expect others to live by them too! ( As much as my opinion is “always” right, …right? )

      Glad you see it “my” way….BBBwwwhaaaa Bbwwwhaaa !!!!

      just kiddin’ 😉

      Thanks again for your response!

    • I did it MYYYY WAYYY!! Unfortunately this is the theme song for many pastors.

      I have a question; if some of these men of God are openly in sin do you still listen to what they have to say? I personally will not listen to anyone in the pulpit for instance that talk about how to have a successful marriage when all the while they are out there committing adultery and cheating on their spouse. What can a man of God that is doing that possibly teach me about a successful marriage or what God wants in a marriage? That goes for any so called man of God that has fallen into sin whether it is substance abuse, greed (see multi million dollar homes) sexual sin, the list goes on and on….
      I remember one time we had a “guest” evangelist come to our church a few years back,, he went on and on about the sin of substance abuse… and wouldn’t you know it, about a week later I saw him at sports bar having a grand old time…now, what could he possibly say to me about having a glass of wine with my dinner or a beer once in while, which he condemned during his service?
      I’m my opinion, God will not be mocked and all these leaders of the church that are hypocrites will either fall to their knees in repentance or watch as their sins become exposed. Have you noticed recently, over the past few years the rash of pastors, leaders of churches that are being exposed as adulterers, homosexuals, thief’s, liars? This is not by accident, I believe the Lord is trying desperately to reach them, for them to admit their sin and ask forgiveness, to repent and turn away, but their hearts are hardened and their pride leaves them no longer fearing Gods wrath or judgment upon them, thus God ultimately allows for their sins to be exposed. I won’t bore you with the list of very high profile pastors, evangelist that have fallen but I assure you the list quite extensive.

      But you are right, my hero is Jesus as well, a great choice, although a far second for me is Steve McQueen. Have you seen the movie Bullitt and his 1968 390 GTO Mustang? When its time to go to heaven, I will asked Lord if I can pass on the wings and get me one of those mustangs, although I must clarify as I don’t want to end up with a free-roaming horse of the North American West due to a technicality 😉

  9. From Live Science; Tests Suggest ‘Gospel of Jesus’ Wife’ Is Authentic

    A small scrap of brown papyrus paper, about the size of a business card, has ignited a red-hot argument that spans all of Christendom.

    The papyrus document, known as the “Gospel of Jesus’ Wife,” was unveiled in 2012 and instantly set off a debate over its authenticity. Perhaps its most controversial elements are lines that suggest Jesus had a wife.

    But a recent announcement from the Harvard Divinity School that the document is genuine has rekindled the disagreement over its provenance and meaning.

    In one segment of the papyrus’s text, the words “Jesus said to them, ‘My wife…'” appear in a crude, hand-lettered Coptic script.

    In another segment, the words “she will be able to be my disciple” have led some to argue that Jesus was promoting a woman to hold a position in the early Christian church — a controversial position then as now.

    The existence of the papyrus document was first announced in 2012 by Karen L. King, a historian of early Christianity and a professor of divinity at Harvard Divinity School. King first examined the privately owned fragment in 2011, and has since been studying it with a group of biblical scholars

    “This gospel fragment provides a reason to reconsider what we thought we knew by asking what the role claims of Jesus’ marital status played historically in early Christian controversies over marriage, celibacy and family,” King said in a statement.

    • Jesus only got ONE WIFE………..That be THE CHURCH………and we are Betrothed to be Married very soon !!!

    • I think this is rubbish as well, What most people are not aware of is the fact that in “so-called biblical times” in Near East, the name Jesus was commonplace, as is Joe or Mike today. If the papyrus is authentic, it could have been written by a number of different people named Jesus.

  10. Christ (Yeshua Messiah) is our Sabbath

    The holy days of God reveal His Spirit
    – as do His anointings and ministries
    – Christ means anointed like with oil
    – the full Spirit of God pours through Him
    – without measure extended to us

    The Spirit of God and of Christ are One
    – He is the Vine and we the branches
    – None can come to the Father but by Him
    – As the rainbow is His sign from the flood
    – So the glory of the Lord is revealed
    – Through the saints, the clouds of Heaven

    God’s Holy Days point to Christ

    Holy Days … Tabernacle (*)
    1 Passover … Altar (Christ is the Lamb Slain)
    2 Unleavened … Laver
    3 First Fruits … Table
    4 Pentecost … Lamp
    5 Trumpets … Censer
    6 Atonement … Ark (footstool)
    7 Tabernacles … Throne (mercy seat)

    * not sequential, but arrayed

    His ministries are related (Luke 4 & Isaiah 61)
    1 Good News
    2 Restore sight
    3 Heal hearts
    4 Deliver captives
    5 Shield the bruised (abused)
    6 Acceptable Year (Jubilee)
    7 Day of the Lord (justice)

    Extended through the Church
    — Helping Him (not on their own)
    1 evangels (rescue missions)
    2 prophets (preaching The Word)
    3 pastors (shepherding, counseling)
    4 teachers (but not many masters)
    5 apostles (praise team, prayer warriors)
    6 deacons (care givers, esp. to widows & orphans)
    7 elders (true and faithful witnesses, experienced)

    The Help we have — The Holy Ghost
    – is available for the asking as much as needed
    – to help Y’shua with doing the Will of the Father

    In this world especially — we need God’s Armor
    – for protection in our battles against the enemy
    – also like a hazmat suit to block contamination
    – Ephesians 6 & Isaiah 59
    1 Salvation (helm) … Saved by Grace
    2 The Word (sword) … God’s Way (not our own)
    3 Peace (boots) … Fellowship
    4 Truth (belt) … Discipline (practice)
    5 Faith (shield) … Aligning (on track with God’s Plan)
    6 Caring (vest) … Service (lovingkindess, even to enemies)
    7 Zeal (cloak) … Witness (our testimony, not silence)

    Our Practices…
    1 Christ Saves
    2 Bible Study
    3 Assembly
    4 Ministry
    5 Prayer
    6 Charity
    7 Witness (by at least 2 or 3)

    Passover points to Christ as the Lamb Slain
    – at the cross and from the foundation of the world
    – to Save us from sin (not doing God’s Way) and
    – to give us eternal life with Him including resurrection

    (any typos are mine)

  11. Behold The Rainbow of God

    Revelation 5 (note v. 9)

    6 And I beheld, and, lo, in the midst of the throne and of the four beasts, and in the midst of the elders, stood a Lamb as it had been slain, having seven horns and seven eyes, which are the seven Spirits of God sent forth into all the earth. 7 And he came and took the book out of the right hand of him that sat upon the throne. 8 And when he had taken the book, the four beasts and four and twenty elders fell down before the Lamb, having every one of them harps, and golden vials full of odours, which are the prayers of saints. 9 And they sung a new song, saying, Thou art worthy to take the book, and to open the seals thereof: for thou wast slain, and hast redeemed us to God by thy blood out of every kindred, and tongue, and people, and nation; 10 And hast made us unto our God kings and priests: and we shall reign on the earth.

    Revelation 7 (note v. 9)

    9 After this I beheld, and, lo, a great multitude, which no man could number, of all nations, and kindreds, and people, and tongues, stood before the throne, and before the Lamb, clothed with white robes, and palms in their hands; 10 And cried with a loud voice, saying, Salvation to our God which sitteth upon the throne, and unto the Lamb. 11 And all the angels stood round about the throne, and about the elders and the four beasts, and fell before the throne on their faces, and worshipped God, 12 Saying, Amen: Blessing, and glory, and wisdom, and thanksgiving, and honor, and power, and might, be unto our God for ever and ever. Amen.

    13 And one of the elders answered, saying unto me, What are these which are arrayed in white robes? and whence came they? 14 And I said unto him, Sir, thou knowest. And he said to me, These are they which came out of great tribulation, and have washed their robes, and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.

    Christ is Worthy
    1 glory (as the True Hero)
    2 thanksgiving (riches, His Word returned)
    3 power (Captain of the hosts)
    4 wisdom (the only Wise God our Savior)
    5 might (the joy of the Lord is our strength)
    6 blessing (the abundant Harvest of sin and debt forgiven)
    7 honor (the True and Faithful Witness, Amen)

  12. Omaha ‘Tri-Faith’ project has links to Muslim Brotherhood

    Joe Herring

    Hailed as a global first, a Jewish synagogue and an Episcopal church are co-locating their new worship facilities on a plot of land with a Mosque. They call it the “Tri-Faith Initiative,” and the project has become the darling of the progressive wings of Christianity and Judaism.

    Read more: “”

  13. Hi LA

    I’m struggling to download the file when I right click it does not give you the option to ‘Save Link As’.

    Dying to listen, please help.


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