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Thanks to Richard Shaw for filming this short segment!

I was outraged yesterday as the sky was festooned with billowing clouds of Chemtrails.  Why is it that the American people don’t look up and see what “they” are spraying in the skies overhead?  A jet will produce a contrail which then evaporates in the sky, but these are not contrails, as they linger for hours to create a thin, silver veil which blocks out the blue sky! I’ve been all over the USA and everywhere I go there are Chemtrails.  However, when I was in Peru we didn’t see one Chemtrail the entire time we were there. They are spraying something and they are doing it on a regular basis.  Recently in California a mysterious polio-like disease crippled about 20 children.  Was this a result of the spraying? To learn more see the link below.


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117 thoughts on “Chemtrails!

  1. I share your outrage. Last year, when I lived in Amarillo, TX, I mentioned to an attorney in my office about the chemtrails and she said it was caused by passenger jets. I disagreed with her because, like you, I know the difference. People, like this attorney, are in denial and don’t want to hear the truth. I read an article where a farmer had taken a sample of the water his cattle were drinking to a lab, which confirmed his suspicion of dangerous chemicals being sprayed into our atmosphere.

  2. Perhaps when the powers that be fix climate change the skies will be blue again?
    It’s a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.

    • Rose, we do not need no stinking Chemtrails here!

      I’ve never seen a Chemtrail here or a Comtrail come to think about it. (the 3rd world can’t afford it)
      It makes me wonder if this is related to an atmospheric condition that the N. Hemisphere does not share with the S. Hemisphere? (such as the hot humid bloviating of Al Gore)

      Peter do you have Chemtrail’s in the land of Oz?

    • Hmmm. . . the Al Gore effect (AGE). Hadn’t thought of that.

      That is a good question: to our friends who post from outside the U.S., do you see chemtrails in your skies?

    • G’Day, Azureceu, Rose, L.A. and all!

      Yes, I believe there have been reports of elements placed in sky, suspected to be chemtrails.

      I’m over in Perth city region of WA, to the south is a greener more lush forest sector whereas up north is more dry and barren and very flat terrafirma though it gets hit with regular cyclone (hurricane) seasons through summer. There have been in recent years unusual events such as flocks of birds falling dead out of sky. Last year, I got a surprise when I noticed a little flyer advertised on noticeboard at local deli of a public meeting to be held in Perth protesting chemtrails. SO with that I presume there are chemtrails (over this side of the country).

      Not that it is that unusual to have hot summers here in Perth each season that comes… but this last summer we were without a rainy day for about 4 months – there’s usually one or two good electrical thunderstorms that come along and do some haughty damage – localized flooding, roofs blown off buildings/homes – the usual. This time the raindrops were dry before they hit the ground (at least in Perth metropolis, that one day when I thought we would have some rain), and a long spell without any clouds for weeks if not months. It was very noticeable when we had rain the other week, albeit brief, and another one since. WA, compared to Queensland and it’s more northern parts that approach the tropics, WA is a dry heat – not so humid like Queensland. Being right on the coast near beach and though there was no rain it seemed (to me) unusually humid some days, but I guess being next to coast it will have its more humid days – especially when it’s so windy every day in summer, with the moisture getting blown in (locally).

      As for recognizing unusual skies and clouds… in speaking with the older neighours who’ve been around a lot longer to notice changes (if any), I’ve never heard any of them go on about, you know, greenhouse effects and global warming and climate change (and whatever Al has to re-label his convenient lies). Plus, it seems strange that more often than not it is the media, businessmen and politicians who promote the claims more than you would hear from meteorologists and other scientists (but I guess they’re less likely to argue when they due for another grant). To these older members of the community, summer has always been summer, winter is cold and usually wet.

      Back in the 80s when I was in high school the science teachers started pushing the fossil fuel limit subject (I think we were supposed to have run out of oil/fuel years ago) and weather scenarios – mid-late 80s I was working at newspapers and the front page started reading “Greenhouse Effect”. Funny, just the other day, I just watched an episode of Penn & Teller’s BS, which began with something along the lines of “earth headed for new Ice Age!!” Penn quoted from a 1974 Times or Newsweek magazine (LOL) and they also went on about this GE, GW, CC thing and showed the various new age/psychology therapy groups of concerned people, and the brand new companies seeking payment because people used the kettle once too often in the day and ate crisps. The greenies religion.. it’s a profitable business.

      Sometimes summer season starts a little later and finishes later or begins earlier and stays hot longer. I’ll still be swimming or surfing at the beach for a few more weeks before resorting to wetsuits! But some days, I wonder about some clouds appearing to be fairly symmetrical in shapes and sizes – they don’t seem natural. And I do spend time looking up (as Gary Stearman says), particularly at the stars at night. Plus, WA has the most beautiful sunsets – I may be a sinner and lost sometimes, but who can deny there is a God that creates such beauty to be appreciated!

      Sorry for the confusing and long reply (as usual)! 🙂

      A while back on LA’s, this subject was brought up and I found a link to a youtube video of some guy (USA) claiming to interview pilots, employees of a company that specialize in cloud seeding/cloud engineering (i forget the ingredients/chemicals they used), and whether it’s to impact the weather (make it dry or wet) or to design a silver-screen effect in the atmosphere to project images. (I’ll have a look for it, again and post if can find). I can remember reading yarns a long time ago about ‘weather warfare’ and how, allegedly, the US Army created tropical storms during Vietnam war and other conspiracy theories like that.

      God Bless!


      Have a bonza day, cobbers!

    • Hi everyone

      In addition to Peter’s response about Australia. Where I live in South Australia is a brilliant example of solid evidential proof of chemtrail spraying.
      I live in a small country town called Port Pirie, and FREQUENTLY I have recorded on video blatant examples of us all being ‘crop dusted’ here.
      Port Pirie is not under any major flight paths, yet constantly we’re being sprayed by jets which appear to be unmarked.
      I have witnessed and recorded many of these sprayings and have been trying to educate some of the locals I work with to the reality of it.

      Many days here in Pirie you will see multiple parallel lines of chemtrail lingering and slowly descending on our town. I’ve even watched one go one way, and then turn without even stopping the spraying, to come back the other way across us again. THIS one particularly was very blatant proof.
      I have also witnessed them at night time. Especially on a full moon night where the sky is clear. Being in the country we get very clear ability to see the night sky as we don’t have any city lights to contend with. Bright full moon, clear starry sky, …and chemtrail streaks!

      It most certainly IS a fact that our governments are spraying us, and the fact that many of us feel lethargic and ill after such spraying only confirms an insidious point to it all.

    • Thank you Peter, Linda and Bruce (and of course Mr. Blue Sky) for your answers.

      It is very interesting that Canada and Australia as well as the U.S. are being sprayed, but not South America. Why? Any ideas?

  3. LA, I’m so glad you are helping to expose this crime against humanity. If you haven’t already done so, check out some of Rev Michelle Hopkins youtube videos.

  4. Don’t worry… Once a second talking head starts growing out of everyone’s neck and left ear they might start paying attention. By the way they are spraying, it would seem that day is not far off.

    • I know you’re joking, but Morgellon’s disease seems to have some strong correlations with chemtrails – long fibres being found inside people. It’s disturbing.

    • Kinda half joking and half indignant anger at the same time. I have seen the Morgellon’s disease in people’s skin on the internet and yes indeed… I was sitting there with my mouth open. Thought I was gonna half to get someone to lift my lower lip up off the floor. I was quite shocked and … more to the point … disturbed at what I saw. Fibers growing out of people’s skin. I saw one video that pointed out that these fibers are electronic in nature. All the powers that be would have to do is activate some kind of secret technology we know they have at this point and … who knows what horror they will unleash. But then again, it could be a combination of that and some kind of poisoning. It’s quite baffling as to what exactly is going on here, but I think it’s pretty safe to say that they don’t have our best interests in their mind by doing this. It’s quite obvious they are trying to depopulate and kill us off somehow.

      These monsters must have a special place in Hell to go to when they die. I know as a Christian I shouldn’t say that, but the evil intent that is going on here is just off the charts.

    • It would seem that God singles out these monsters in Obadiah 4… “Though you exalt yourself as the eagle, and thou you set your nest among the stars, thence will I bring you down saith the Lord.” It looks to me that this scripture may be speaking of the elite globalist Illuminati rulers that are ruling the world in the end times. It seems to put this event in “The day of the Lord” in verse 15, but the declared action against them is in verse 4. The elite have technology 300 years or so advanced to what we know exists. Watch the movie Elysium and Oblivion and you will see what is really going on. Why is it that the elite are seemingly busy destroying the same earth they have to live on? Are they that stupid, or do they have a special place that they can go to rule over the people that will remain on a half destroyed earth? It’s not far fetched. Obadiah 4 gives the answer. They have an Elysium type paradise amongst the stars. We know that the Illuminati do have a code that they hint at what they are going to do through movies (which they control) and through other means.

      If you watch Elysium, think of Obadiah 4 while you are watching it.

    • Corey, that is an incredible correlation to Obadiah 4. Good sleuthing.
      We have chemtrails here many days, not all. Once we had a tic-tac-toe above our heads, very neat looking. I asked a scientist standing next to me if that was made of chem trails. He said they don’t exist. However, that was a few years back…5 or 6. Maybe by now he would admit they are real?

    • “Sleuthing”………….is that like a “winter time” sport….with a tabogan ??

    • Hi Corey!
      I was fooled by the film “Fourth Kind” too.
      But when I couldn’t find any real news on ubductions in Nome,Alaska I IMDB’d the film and a pic of the Dr. Was there with her Actor bio.

      I am a Union hairstylist.

      God Bless!!

  5. L.A., the article you have posted about the Satanic poets is very good.

    “Perhaps it was this thrashing about that God allowed in order that, tired, I might throw myself finally into the arms of my Redeemer (cf. Blaise Pascal), rather than die alone in the wilderness of my own making. To me, the Satanic Poets were the stillborns who died in their rejection of God, who refused to grow old, and remained stuck in their egoistic existence of passion, pleasure, and ultimately, both rejection of God and themselves.”

    Sin is so often romanticized – like vampires have been.

    • Rose, I missed that article of Pascal, but this is an excellent description of “romantic poetry” and much modern poetry. I was an English major and I taught (in high school and community college) for many years. I recognize this statement as correct. This is one reason why I chose the 17th Century Metaphysical Poets for my Master’s degree test, rather than the 19th century Romantics, and I got a double A on my test. Try the 17th century Christian poet George Herbert if you have not read him.

    • I am quite partial to the poetic rants of out intrepid host.
      May the Lord bless him in wisdom, love and health and with a generous portion of pasta.

    • “out intrepid host”

      OUR intrepid Host..

      Ack! I’ve caught the Simemoleste Glammars!
      The days of good grammar has went.

  6. Sure makes me wonder…

    20 stabbing victims at PA school. PTL no fatalities.

    I guess it’s time to start regulating and confiscating knives and other stabbing implements.

    • One of the regular commentors on the Watcher Forum said this about this story:

      “This Sounds like another acclimation event to get parents used to the idea of students being moved to a safe area… if the assailant is in custody and the school secure… then why move?
      Watch the truthful sounding lies.
      And while this happened in the area …. what else was going on? They always distract like throwing a rock in the bushes to get you to look the other way!”

      “Don’t let a good crisis go to waste”

    • Or…… about hangers? ………. ( and not the ones that house airplanes for chem-trails either!! )

  7. Maybe I am missing something here..

    But aren’t the “they” that are spraying chem. trails spaying it into the same air THEY breathe as well???

    I do not know much about this and maybe there is something to it, but if you want to convince me you have to be able to tell me what this stuff is.

    And if this stuff is getting put into Jets day after day then Who is doing it and how come no one who works with Jets is saying anything; fuelers, pilots, mechanics, anyone.

    Nobody keeps a secret for very long. Not something like this if it’s true.

    L.A. help me out here.

    • Kirt… read my comments above about Obadiah 4. “They” are the elite rulers secretly ruling the world a.k.a. Illuminati. They have a secret paradise in the stars (or in the heavens). Think of all the secret UFO technology they have that caused them to be able to build this secret paradise. God directly addresses them in verse 4. He is going to bring them down from among the stars. The idea is that they are going to rule over the people that remain after they destroy most of the population. They plan on ruling from this paradise in the stars they have built. It’s not far fetched when you consider that they have been in contact with these UFOs over the years.

      Watch the movie Elysium and have your bible opened to Obadiah 4 while you do. You will have your answer.

    • It may not necessarily be toxic or carcinogenic agents.. but simply to manipulate weather or some other (sinister) purpose or experiment.

  8. Cory,
    thanks for answering, but what about the elite that are on the ground with us?

    They are breathing the same air.

    and for this to take place there have to be a lot of people involved filling each jet at each city.

    That is a huge conspiracy that is being kept quiet??

    • Also how do you know what the difference between chem trails look like?

      looks like jet fumes and clouds to me…

      help me out

    • Peter could be right. It may be weather modification but the part about Obadiah 4 and their Elysium paradise, or nest in the stars as Obadiah puts it, I think is spot on.

    • Contrails are normal fuel exhaust which dissipate in about 15 minutes or less.

      CHEM-TRAILS are long lasting and spread out over the entire sky over time and causing a “hazing effect”.
      >>>>> Various chemicals are sprayed. Plenty of INFO on the web.

  9. Warning, they say don’t transact any online-banking today. Supposedly, Some major hacking going on.

    • “they say don’t”

      Exact Google search: About 9,940,000 results (0.73 seconds)


      “They must be right” About 1,430,000 results (0.49 seconds)

      “They must be wrong” About 9,160,000 results (0.50 seconds)

      They must be wrong wins!

    • John T, interesting. I heard yesterday for internet users to change all their passwords, as there was a major breach of some sort. Not really sure what to make of it. Hegelian dialectic in operation to see how the sheeple will respond (?). Will wait and see. Meanwhile I’ll drag out the old dictionary and come up with some new random passwords–It’s time anyway, (can’t help the backdoor entries though).

    • Azure and laura, my info came from my wife, who heard It from a friend that works for the state. An email went out warning the state employees. I think I’ll change some passwords also, just to play it safe. Like you say, a crisis to spook the cattle.

    • I’ve had some recent scares… have owned a galaxy android (I think – I’m clueless, it rings and texts as far as I use it) mobile phone (I think US call them cell phones) for a year or two. Last October while camping away a friend installed the google search/internet thing-a-ma-jig on my phone.. within days I received a phone call from a Cyprus binary options firm asking me if I was looking at their website and if i was trying to open accounts with them! Apparently someone was using my first name and phone number and a dodgey yahoo email address (not mine) to open accounts. I gave them the obvious “no, it’s not me trying to do that”. So they cancelled this mystery person application (5 attempts made). So I stopped using the google/internet (on phone) until a couple of weeks ago when I thought I would check out LA’s website on way to work (as you do these days when waiting for train).. and lo and behold, within days some clown was international ringing me from another Binary Options firm (NY, London, Paris) telling me that some smart people decided to try and open accounts using my name/phone. Naturally, in shock, I informed him I had not given anyone permission to open accounts and that I was being frauded and had no interest in investing, and didn’t have any money to invest, anyway! This clown said why don’t you get yourself out of the hole and make investment?!! (how ignorant) – unlike the other firm he would not provide me any details or who supplied name/number etc. I did tell him that ‘I store up my treasures in heaven’ and no need to invest in his company since economic collapse is on way again soon!
      I then informed police fraud squad (via email off my home computer – not the phone) and they told me (again, as was same in first instance) that they had no reports of any crimes in WA and therefore had no issue.. despite someone trying to use my name/number fraudulently. The cops were polite enough to suggest that I not look up their (the binary options firms) website! and change my number! and change my bank account! LOL

      I’ll just stick to local calls and texts, from now on!

      * dodgey = fake; unsafe; not real; fraudulent; risky; rip-off

    • John T, thanks for explaining the source I could not find anything about it on the net at the time.
      I have so many passwords that I use the Lastpass browser add-on password manager for everything except my bank account, those who have not tried it should, it even has a password generator if you wish to use it and its a multi-platform/browser application.

    • Gordy, this reminds me that chemicals are petroleum based, or bitumen, the anti-oil of the olive oil in the bible. Our society is based on petroleum, the bible says that the tower of bible was made of bricks and bitumen. The correlation of the tower of babel and today’s nwo is revelatory. May the Lord have mercy on the souls of any pilots who would knowingly spray these chemicals.

      Unrelated, might the unpure nature, of petroleum, be the reason that it is not found in Israel? Though the surrounding countries are rich with it?

    • Yes….i have this video in my notes that i keep as i study things like this. AMAZING how many people don’t know about chem-trails.

      Just means they never heard Gary Stearman say, ……….”KEEP LOOKIN’ UP !!!”

  10. Kirt, after many years of chemtrail watching, I can easily tell the difference between a contrail and a chemtrail. Most contrails are rather narrow–they don’t widen over 30-60 minutes, and they don’t drip little fingers off of them as they remain in the sky.
    Some chemtrails are not as wide as these most obvious ones. However, you can usually tell they are chemtrails because there are so many of them, or they are formed in patterns not typical of air traffic. They will hang in the sky for a long time, and eventually blend into one another and form a silvery film over a large part of the sky. However, this IS dependent on the winds and weather patterns. so some days it will be more obvious than other days.
    One reason I can tell the difference is that here we may go for months without a chem trail. Then all of a sudden they start up again. The difference between a clear sky, with a few authentic contrails, and a sky with chem trails is obvious if they have been missing for a while.
    You are right to point out that those who create chemtrails are also harmed by them, if they are harmful. This is true of many stupid practices, such as burning sugar cane plants as a form of harvesting the roots, and making smoke that is is toxic for everyone who breathes it. Examples abound of the same stupid behavior. Don’t expect total rationality here.

    • Thank you Mariel

      But it still doesn’t answer the question that this would have to involve many people..

      In many different places.

      How is it that no one has broke the conspiracy or no one has evidence of these “chemicals” in the planes..

      It can’t be hard for an insider to get evidence

    • Kirt, this will cost you a couple of hours of your time, but it will go far in answering your questions if you choose to watch them.

  11. Chemtrails–an element of the master plan to turn Earth into Cybertron. Resistance is futile.

    • Fumigation is painless, payback is bovine.

      -The Cucarachas of Trall grand order of the Blattaria

    • I find vacuuming takes care of most nanobot infestations. It the ones already embedded in one’s skin that are the painful ones to remove.–Ichy little suckers.

    • Ha! I just found a Nonobot removal prayer on Youtube and after 2 minutes I feel better, but smell for the worse, pass this on to all your nanobot infested friends immediately!

      Side effects: Sever Flatulence & the loss of non-nanobot infested friends.

    • Linda, the Texans here understood what I wrote, you just got to think it with a twang when you red it :þ

    • Linda, what you need is a heapin helpin of Texas Chile and some cornbread, yum yum you’ll soon be twangin with the old timers in no time!

    • A soak in a tub of hot water with Epsom salt for Morgellon’s disease. Lavender Epsom salt is nice and possibly a crucial element, I don’t know.

  12. In ground school we learned the longer the vapour stays in the air, it means more moisture. In turn it meant that if the lines stay around you can expect rain in a day.
    So passenger jets leave this behind? Travel jets? Or do you guys see like f15’s
    Spreading these trails? I am 2 hrs from Toronto,, I am not sure what a chem trail is,,, Should we buy tinfoil hats? Haha Oh no thats for HAARP,,,
    Sorry this sounds like I am making fun,,,I am not,,,okay now I am going to research Chem trails to see what the difference is.
    Not sure why they would spray themselves though,,,? Not sure why Toronto keeps a confessed crack smoking Rob Ford either but hey! They do.

    • “Not sure why Toronto keeps a confessed crack smoking Rob Ford either but hey! They do.”

      Hi Michelle,

      Hopefully that crack confession won’t continue to overshadow the good things Ford has done for this city. The media has been trying to make SURE it will take hold in everyone’s mind by replaying it almost daily! Actually he will get my vote … again… and my husband’s (… if we’re all still here …:) in October. He has saved the city $$$millions. But that doesn’t get much (if any) coverage, possibly less so outside of Toronto, and just wanted to mention it. The other candidates (all favoured by media and leftists, with one particular “favourite”) have a past record of huge spending on social programs, and special interest groups … and some have other BIG skeletons in their closets that have come out over the past year, which I won’t mention, but can be researched by anyone.

    • If the crack smoker is the best of the bunch its better to keep the crack smoker. This is the mindset in Brazil, one talks bad about the BAD politicians here, then come election day and they vote for the same crooks, then its back to complaining the rest of the year. What was, still is, what is, will still be.

    • Yes, Azureceu, very true. Also, Toronto has been somewhat of a “Babylon” for a few years (prior to Rob Ford), but may become full-fledged if he doesn’t get in again. There is even a “Babylon Money Exchange” sign on a building not far from where I live … sign of the times!

  13. Gotta say, I love the daily sea breezes that come with living near the coast (25 miles inland). So no worries down here.

    Look at the issue a different way. Whatever is sprayed has to come from some source. Massive amounts for ongoing spraying.

    If mixed with fuel, that’s one lead — should be residuals in the tanks.

    If sprayed from containers, that’s another — similar approach….

    Consider the whole cycle of what’s involved with spraying….

  14. I emailed LA a few pictures from yesterday. During my lunch break her in Southern California, I too was shocked at all the Chemtrails. It was disturbing how the sky by end of day was full of them!

  15. Some other news …

    One World monetary system to get underway by 2015?



  16. They are spraying heavy metals. The miles in diametery say Monsato is connected . Also Morgellons Disease. They have been spraying since the 50s.I believe Trevor James Constable who introduced etheric weather engineering and now terms it “Cloud Busting”. Is this the method satan uses to call lightining down from the sky? When I talked to Trevor 40yrs ago . He mentioned this device on a large scale could cause droughts and floods and be used as a weapon of war! Check out trevor james constable ettheric weather engineering. The Granada Conference where he also talks about astronauts in space a cable that snapped and thru an infrared camera saw disc in another dimension 2-3 miles in diameter! Could this be the literal warfare in the sky going on between good and bad UFOS ?

  17. This is to you L.A. You obviously have been to San Pedro. You should look up Trevor. He lives across the street from Cabrillo Beach. At the Pacific Diner up the street you can get info on him from Dennis and Paula the owners, Also he frequented the Diner and many others know about him and his crazy not so crazy invention. The Cloudbuster. Check it out. i believe hes still alive. The balls in your lap!

  18. And again I say to all check this guy out. Its all connected.Trevor James Constable Etheric Weather Engineering Granada Conference where the video of astronauts talking about the discs 2-3 miles in diameter. HAARP and more. Healing boxes ! Wilhelm Reich, Tesla again the communication systems of old. Crystal radios. Its all connected. Everyone look it up draw your own conclusions.

  19. The chemtrail Mistery has to be the best cover up on the face of the planet and the best mystery ever devised. Because there’s absolutely no evidence anywhere about any kind of chemical that is manufactured transported and applied in any type of system wheather in the fuel system of an aircraft or on board an aircraft and sprayed into the exhaust of an aircraft. If chem trails do exist, then there should be supporting evidence of a an entire infrastructure from the manufacture all the way to application of the chemical that makes chemtrails. Considering the mass quantity of Chemtrails in the United States there has not been one single accident or accidental spill or leakage of the information from anyone along the supply chain that deals with the chemical from the manufacture all the way to the airline industry and people who do maintenance and people who design and build aircraft. nobody has said or leaked anything out concerning any aspect of its existence. The only thing we hear about chemtrails are those people who speculate about it and talk about what it might be and that’s it. It’s probably due from some federal regulations concerning the fuel and exhaust system of an aircraft over the United States and within its borders that causes airplanes to do this. It’s not just government planes that have Chemtrail’s it’s American Airlines and Southwest Airlines and United everybody commercially. If chemtrails were a conspiracy we would have something to go on by now. And if there was a system on board all commercial aircraft that has absolutely nothing to do with flying or transporting people in the air somebody somewhere would know about it especially if it was something to be kept secret we would know something about it by now Just My Opinion Keep up the good work LA from your friend in Tulsa Oklahoma Brett Miller the dwdrumwizard



  20. This old world (and heavens) ain’t fit…
    – the eviction notices have been posted
    – it’s scheduled for destruction
    – to be torn down to make way
    – for the new earth (and new heavens)

    And Jesus is gonna supervise
    – the evacuation and demolition
    – personally !!!

    And the enemy and their proxies know deep down
    — that for them there is no escape.

    Genesis – The Creation
    Revelation – The Demolition

  21. The last few days….The SKIES have been FILLED with CHEM-TRAILS…… this morning, about 6:45am …
    I saw 4 planes at one time …..ALL going in the same direction….spraying the trails….and were about the same distance apart.

    Another plane, going in a “crosswise direction”….was NOT spraying…..but had a normal plane contrail.

    I have been watching them for MANY years, and it seems like they are even MORE FREQUENT today !!!

    I rebuke them every time i see them……which is a LOT.

    I always pray that God will turn these wicked plans upon these wicked people and that their equipment will fall apart !!

    God is my SHIELD !!!

  22. Go on line you tube look up David Sereda Nasa’s Dilemma Caught on Tape. Here you will see the UFOS and here the astronauts coversation about the nuts and bolts objects 2-3 miles in diameter seen thru infrared aboard the spacecraft.

  23. CHEM-TRAILS…….are also………in your local supermarket too!

    Just walk up and down the isles …… and you’ll see a “trail” of chemicals on BOTH sides!!!

    • opps! spelling “air” above in my post!

      BTW……… “festooned” in the dictionary…….???

      I ain’t never seen that word before! Is that similar to ….”cartooned” ??

    • Kirk, it’s sometimes hard to read with a “twang” as Azureceu suggested. But it’s getting easier now as I read yours!

      “spelling AIR” = spelling error
      “opps” = oops
      “isle” = aisle (in the supermarket)

      ALSO, just got hold of an old family dictionary in my possession ….. Yes, “festooned” is in the dictionary. DEFINITION: to decorate with flowers, leaves, ribbons, etc. (Thorndike, Barnhart Concise Dictionary, 1956)

      See? I’m starting to get the hang (twang) of it!

  24. PSSSSSSST! …. Hey Kirk! … let’s torment Kirt with some blood moon videos!


    • I did find some confirming scripture on the blood moons

      I will give power to my two witnesses and they will prophesy 13 days clothed in sackcloth while camped out on a blog. These have the power to declare the blood red moon tetrads before the Great & terrible Day of the Lord

      The book of tetrads 14:15

    • I’ll sit back and watch the blood moons and see what happens. But here’re my questions to those of you committed intently to the theory-

      Where is the official office of prophet instated? Who’s sitting in it, who’s told us exactly what will happen ahead of time, so that when the days come, and the terrible things happen, they’ve been called out in advance in order to validate the Lord- and what have we been called to repent of? Always in the Bible, its a formal appointed prophet who says exactly what to watch for and what to repent of.

      And- precisely when is the cut-off date, after the blood moons have happened- one or all of them- when any natural disaster or financial meltdown or Big Thing happens, and you no longer attribute it to the blood moon idea? Is there a use-by date you’ll put on this? Stuff happens globally every dang day. I’d like to know what criteria you’ll be applying to know which disaster is which in this.

      And- is there a size marker? If there’s a quake and it knocks down 50 houses, is that too small to count (unless its in Israel or under an abortion clinic or something, natch). Or are we looking for something that harms 2,500 people, minimum?

      “A wicked and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign, and there shall no sign be given unto it, but the sign of the prophet Jonas. And He left them, and departed.” I quote that a bit out of context, seeing they were asking Christ for a sign and He told them they’d only get the one of Him rising from the dead on the third day, and we’re not directly badgering Christ for a sign to prove Himself by… but I can’t help but compare it to this trend we Christians have of being so eager for Him to return that we glom onto every wind of ‘doctrine’ and forget to take a deep breath and sit back a bit. Yes, the blood moons are vaguely interesting. But I did watch Mark Biltz give his presentation at the Orlando conference, and I wasn’t impressed in the least. And when he said something offhand to brush off criticism that the moons in the past haven’t been dead on accurate- something along the lines of who is he to quibble if God didn’t do it on the exact timing- I pretty much threw up. My hands in disgust.

      If you really stand by this theory, you must have something that stands up to scrutiny that convicts you of it. Share?

    • ahhhh. Just The Word of God.

      And YES….always great to see “another” passage of Scripture taken out of context.

      “Office of a prophet” ??? ………….Seriously, you’ve got to be kidding me.

      THAT POST………….just goes to show………how MANY people STILL need GOOD teaching.

      Anyone have a straw I can stick in my eye ??

  25. The Battle For The Mountain of Blood (704) ……………..ANOTHER GREAT TEACHING by PERRY STONE !!!!

  26. Has anyone seen this new documentary on deep underground bases? It may eventually fulfill the Biblical prophecy:

    Revelations 6:

    [15] And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains;
    [16] And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb:
    [17] For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?

    • Yes…the Revelation 6:12-17 passage will be fulfilled when Planet X, Nibiru, The Winged Planet, The Red Dragon, passes the earth.

      This event will begin ….”The Day of The Lord”. All these events spoken of in this passage will bring “SUDDEN DESTRUCTION”.

      Revelation 6:15 …….is more fully described in ….ISAIAH 2:10-22….and most certainly does include the D.U.M.B.’s around the world.

  27. Dear Ones,

    My precious step-daughter who lives in the foothills outside of Sacramento, California, was recently diagnosed with an autoimmune disease affecting her nervous system and her ability to eat. She has lost a great deal of weight and now the doctors want to put her on IV steroids for the rest of her life. This has all come about in the last year after losing a targeted amount of weight and embarking on an aggressive exercise program to include long runs outside. This has also occurred since the incident at Fukushima. They also have spent a great deal of time out of doors in their pool. All of which causes me to wonder if she has succumbed to the horrific affects of chem-trailing, insectide spraying (they used to live in the Sacramento valley), left over residues in the water and dust in their area from gold-mining and just the rest of the poisons in our environment. However, some of the polio-like symptoms are similar to her symptoms which cause me to suspect the chem-trailing as the culprit. Two of her three sons have Aspbergers Autism as well.

    We continue to pray for her wisdom in finding a more natural solution to her illness so as to avoid the steroid treatments as well as seeking God for her complete healing and deliverance!

    The chem-trailing here in Colorado (just north of Denver) has been massive of late…some days worse than others of course. Interestingly, it seems that they are very active when there is a natural cloud cover because when the clouds part the chem-trails above those clouds are beyond number. I am also wondering if they will chem-trail in an attempt to keep us from seeing the signs in the skies, especially in the coming days.

    God bless and protect you all, and particularly you, L.A., and your family!!!

    • Hello G-Force, has your step-daughter been tested for heavy metal poisoning? There might be a correlation between chemtrails and heavy metal poisoning.

    • Yes, I agree with Laura. G-Force, contact Pam Killeen at

      She is a health coach who deals with people who have heavy metal poisoning and mineral imbalances.

      God bless and I will be praying for your family.

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  30. L.A. or anyone in SoCal…did you hear or feel the “boom” that took place in the Newport Beach vicinity around 12:15pm today? Everyone in and around my office building felt it and had everyone at a brief point of concern. At first we thought perhaps it was a tremor but it didn’t shake the ground. Then we thought perhaps a sonic boom but my co-worker who is a pilot and ex-military said that sonic booms sound more like a powerful gun shot. This sound was more like the sound of a distant bomb going off but this sound did come from the sky above. USGS had no reports of an earthquake in the area at all. Anyone else have any more info on this?

    • “,0,7756213.story?track=rss#axzz2yRdtMkEM”

  31. LA, et al…
    – DNA altering nanobot logic gates demonstrated
    – basic tech needed for a DNA altering 666 mark


    trials on roaches…
    – very creepy

    • For more information about the grand order of the Blattaria


      -Sponsored by “” & Texas A&M “”

  32. Pastor Mark Driscoll Interviews the Seattle Seahawks – “Jesus is better than the Super Bowl”

    SAME INTERVIEW….FULLER VERSION: Pastor Mark Driscoll Interviews the Seahawks before SuperBowl 2014

  33. This creation is scheduled for demolition and unending incineration
    – to make way for the uncontaminated New Creation.
    – See The Revelation, (the last book of the Bible),
    – which foretells that every one of us gets a resurrected body.

    It seems most resurrected “x-humans” will get bodies made partly from fallen angel DNA…
    While a much smaller remnant (“the saved”) get bodies made in part from Christ’s DNA
    – (His seed or code).

    The remnant then get to travel into the New Earth via New Jerusalem
    — along with Jesus — after this earth is “un-made” (again see The Revelation).
    The x-humans get tossed out into the Lake of Fire along with the enemy angels
    … (in whose image they’re made)

    If you don’t want to end up a child of the devils (after the resurrections)
    you need to know what Christ has done and is doing to rescue the remnant
    (those that believe He saves us from such a fate).
    Jesus is the only actual true Son of God.

    The Bible and especially The Gospels tell more of what Christ has done and will do.
    – Our experiences, especially through prayer, interacting with God, confirm the Truth
    – We can also ask for more of the Holy Spirit, which is The Spirit of God and Christ
    – For the saved, each of our spirits (our spirit bodies) are joined to Christ
    – He told that He’s the Vine and we are the branches…
    – And that our connection to Him is like a great net thrown into the world
    – And that the Kingdom of Heaven is evident in His Spirit extended to us
    – Such as righteousness, peace, and joy (cp. Armor of God, Fruit of the Spirit…)

    So make your choice certain…
    … join those that believe they’ll evolve into gods
    … (like in the propaganda of the enemy angels)
    OR believe that Christ, (Jesus of Nazareth),
    is the only way out of this contaminated creation
    and let Him save you.

    Almighty God gives us opportunity to make that choice:
    — Be with Christ forever as adopted children of God

    … or with the enemy angels forever as their children
    … (x-human hybrids, much like in the days of Noah).

    God knows your heart and the choice you make.
    There’s no need to spend any time longer cut off from God.
    – Be in peace and depend on Christ to save you
    ➡ He most certainly will !! ❤

    • Have you been keeping up with the situation in Nevada? After 150 years of use by his family, a rancher is being pushed off land by the Feds. Fed. personnel have surrounded the ranch and have been gathering up the cattle, but people from all over Nevada (and other places) have surrounded the Feds. This may be a tipping point.

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