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L. A. Marzuli

Noah, the film.

No, I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I will see it once I get back to Los Angeles, providing the plane can land as with the recent earthquake swarm who knows what tomorrow will bring!

The Orlando conference has been incredible!  Thanks to all of you who came out for it.  PITN has done an incredible job in putting this conference together thanks to the hard work of Gary Stearman and Bob Ulrich. Bob has a gift for making these conferences go flawlessly! Great to meet and greet the folks and hear some great messages.

I talked about Genesis 6, last night to a full house of about 1,700 people.  I believe this chapter is the key to the warning that Jesus gives us in Matthew 24 and Luke 21, it will be like the days of Noah when the son of man returns.  

Of course if one does not believe that Fallen Angels had sex with women in the days of Noah, then what is the differentiation between Noah’s day and any other?   In my opinion, there is none, as sin and the depravity of mankind hasn’t changed much in the last 6,000 years or so.  This is the key, the return of the Fallen Angels doing the unthinkable, messing with the genome, creating a hybrid being known as the Nephilim.

According to what I have heard about the movie , the Nephilim are never mentioned in the movie and, in fact the film twists the scriptures to make us think that  global warming, and environmental concerns were the reason for the flood.

With that in mind, why is this movie coming out now?  As I said last night, millions will see this movie and believe, at least on some level, that this is the true account of flood.  I find it interesting that those of us who are talking about the Nephilim and are linking what happened in Noah’s day to the UFO/abduction phenomena are coming under attack from within certain elements of the church!  Our voices will be, for the most part drowned out by the film, and the movie will further obfuscate what I believe is the truth behind the flood; which is that Noah was saved, along with the members of his family, because his DNA, and that of his sons and their wives DNA, were not contaminated with fallen angel DNA!  They were all pure in their generations!

The film, never goes into this aspect of the scripture and this I believe, is the real reason for the flood in the first place.

In closing todays Bun:  Without a proper understanding of the Genesis 6, passage one can not possibly come to grips with what then happens with the conquest of Canaan, why the Nephilim tribes inhabited the land there, who Goliath was, why Og was the last of the giants, and then later on, the warning of Jesus, that it would be like the days of Noah when he returned.

The seed war between the seed of the serpent and the seed of the woman, continues.  Unfortunately Noah, the film misses the mark and thus is another dis-information piece which will only add to the confusion of this dynamic and often misunderstood passage of scripture.

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  1. Yes the fallen angels then their offspring ( nephlim) is the key that unlocks the truth to that which has been hidden for so many many generations. It makes everything come together and paints a picture in your mind of exactly what happened. And yes L.A. Man’s sinfulness is not greater today than any other time,,man just does not hide his sin anymore,,they are proud and boastful of it.
    So it only makes sense,,as was in the days of Noah,,,,,nephlim…is the missing link.

  2. see review: “”

    quote: “The real problem is moral. God is Gaia in this version of the Bible. Mankind is the universal sinner, and only the animals are innocent.”

    • see post: “”

      The “Noah” vid like 99% of entertainment (even so called documentary) is largely fantasy. Alternate histories, like alternate universes, appeal to the children of the devils. They have no other hope than delusion and distraction.

      And of course it’s also mind control programming for the damned, pushing enemy angel agendas either openly or subtly. As in the “serpent being more subtle than other creatures….”

      There’s plenty of opportunity now to contrast alternative history with the reliable Bible record, so that the lost can see the difference, hear God’s word, and come out from the damned. Ultimately Genesis points to Christ and His Revelation.

      The bad news is that this world and creation will be destroyed in a little over a thousand years (along with the resurrected that are damned that are cast out & left behind). The Good News is that Jesus Christ is our Ark, who has prepared a way for us to move to the new earth (and new heavens) via New Jerusalem (*).

      * which our Captain commands — even Yeshua Messiah — the only True Son of God

      The real Noah foreshadows our Lord Jesus Christ.

    • “”

      quote: “This version of Noah seems closer to the [q]ur’an’s account of the man, where Nuh (based on Noah) begs [a]llah to destroy humanity because they have become so corrupt and incapable of righteousness. Still, none of these versions, from Judaism, Christianity and Islam […] suggest that one of the options is that humanity will die out so that nature can finally be free of our nasty exploitation. Aronofsky alone has turned the flood myth [sic] into a story about eco-terrorism and its aftermath.”

    • Food for Apostasy

      The movie Noah reflects what the market demands, especially for those who confess to know Christ but only somewhat (Lukewarm) believe in the Word of God.

  3. Yeah its pretty bad LA. I just saw it yesterday. No Nephalim , God never mentioned. Methuselah is a weird witch doctor, Noah wants or believes the “creator” wants ALL of man to be exterminated because of the poor animals. The film makes absolutely no sense. I wish you luck staying in the theater sir.

    • ….hmmmm. “Because of the poor animals!”…What a hoot! [ Not that i don’t like animals: sausages, burgers, steaks, fillets, eggs! …yum. ]

      Yep….”save the poor animals”….”Don’t mulch that conifer”….”Watch that fishy don’t die”…..But MURDER the baby humans!

      Gee how thoughtful. How en vogue. …………How nauseating!!!

  4. Kinda off subject but I heard that Sherriff Joe Arapaio and the other dude with the mustache had some really stunning and huge news that they were going to reveal at the conference about their investigation of Obama. I read it was going to be earth shattering and that they were going to reveal this info to alot of the speakers… If I read that right. What’s going on with that? I guess we’ll probably all know by tomorrow.

    • Corey…..huh?….WHAT?? WHAT is the “huge news” ?? Please keep …me[us]… posted. 😉 Thanks!

    • Kirk and all interested… I put the link in a comment below. Apparently, the Haggmans were to reveal this information at the conference to some heavy hitters. Not sure if this is just hype or what.

    • Corey…..well, ….IF they end up “breitbart-ed” – ie = MURDERED……………then we will know why!

      BUT …. I plead the Blood of Jesus upon the Hagmann’s and anyone else that could be in danger for releasing this info.
      May the plans of the devil be turned back upon himself in Terror, confusion, and blindness upon our enemy. May Jesus rebuke our foe!
      Amen !!!

    • Not that it matters what Arpaio reveals… Obama is going nowhere. Our useless, worthless congress will do nothing but flap their gums in the wind and give people lip service. This is God’s judgment upon America. We’ve been betrayed and he is handing us over to our enemies as you will hear in the 3 person interview in the link inside comment at bottom. This is God’s judgment upon America. Plain and simple, as hard as it is for me to accept that.

    • Corey……….you said… “heavy hitters” …above in your post.

      Would THAT mean someone like LA Marzulli ??? i wonder.

      ‘Cause LA looks pretty “fit and trim” to me… maybe LA is best designated…a “BIG” hitter; kinda like a “Cleanup hitter” in baseball.

      Like myself, for instance, …i get on base a lot, but I would NOT consider myself “a heavy hitter”, or even “a BIG hitter”….
      but maybe more like “a consistent hitter”. THAT be more my style.

      But in either case, I was NOT at the florida conference…… you must NOT be including “me” in the “heavy hitter lineup”.


    • Kirk… Most definitely I would consider L.A. a heavy but fit hitter 😆 I think “heavy hitters” would include all the “fit” speakers their that “hit” it out of the park… I guess that would be all of them… 😆

      Matt…. Yea, that it! Magnum P.I. 😆 But seriously, I wish I could remember his name. He was on the Alex Jones show not so long ago talking about it. I think he was a major media guy… Drudge perhaps.

    • Hey…..was magnum P.I.’s …..big bucks guy…..named “Higgins”……….i think it was…..and he did have a “hitler-type stache”.

  5. Chris Pinto…
    – “shun the Noah movie”


    “” (1 hour podcast)

    quote: “The film was released just yesterday, and may be called the most anti-God and anti-humanity film ever made. Its theme portrays God as heartless and needlessly cruel. While clearly pointing out the sin of mankind, it ultimately suggests that man’s love and compassion is greater than God’s. The story is presented as an environmentalist propaganda piece on overdrive. Man’s greatest evil seems to be that he has destroyed the environment. Noah spends the last half hour of the film planning to murder his soon-to-be-born grandchild because he thinks “God” wants him to.

    • Ultimate movie experience? Earthquake hits LA cinemas during end of the world scene in Noah



  6. My daughter wanted to see Noah. But I had to explained to her it doesn’t stand true to God’s word. After I told her that , she has no desire to see the film. You are right on point LA.

    • Haha!! Thanks Kirk! I believe God gave her to me to keep me grounded 🙂 What we teach our young one’s when they’re young is important.

    • Ohhh….ummm….Hmmmm? ….. Kristen, ….aren’t YOU supposed to keep “her”….GROUNDED ?? yuck yuck yuck …har har…he he he !!!

      my knee is so sore……I slapped that thing silly !! :]

    • Yes, indeed I do. But! I’m not perfect on many levels and she doesn’t hesitate to remind me what God’s word says if I slip from time to time. Also I had her when I was a teenager if that explains anything 🙂

    • ya…I’m trackin’ with ya ….and God’s GRACE covers you in so many ways! that’s pretty awesome to know.

      Great to have a kiddo who “reminds you what The Word says”….so many are NOT even in “that place” to even do that.

      i realize that there is definitely a balance and a respect/honor thing with being a parent. But it sounds like you both get along good. 🙂

      Remember too, you don’t have to be a “perfect mom”….in order to be a “GOOD” mom. there is a difference.

      It’s kinda like having a “real starchy, pressed shirt” that gets all itchy and uncomfortable and wrinkled really fast….verses….
      “a really soft, comfy shirt….with spots that are kinda wearin’ thin, but is …O’ So Soft for the daily stuff.” I kinda like that 2nd one best!

      That 2nd one is more like the “good” mom………follow my thought ??

  7. It hurts my heart to know that this film is all many people will ever know about the story of the flood. And that they will believe it. The deception run’s deep. But we serve a great God, and he can turn this lie from the pit of hell around and cause more people to get out their bibles and search out the truth. If for no other reason then curiosity. Keep the truth comming we so need to hear it above the roar of this worlds lies.

  8. It would be so wonderful if pastors around the country would use the Noah movie to springboard a strong discussion about Genesis 6. L.A. if Karen Hudes is right, and the Nephilim are in the vatican, why did she say the priests have to wear meters, just as they did long ago? ( spelling) What would the meters by used for protection? DO the nephilim emit some sort of frequency and these meters protect them from that frequency? ..

  9. Hi everyone!

    The movie Noah is not biblically based. If you per chance see it be prepared to watch fiction. The movie maker basically stole the story line from the bible and invoked his fantasy ideology into it.

    The Noah Movie Design Deception:

    Even the above point of view is pointing viewers to a benevolent God but misses the Nephilim concept.

    Bummer for me. I tried to view the Orlando Conference but they placed a restriction to accessing it only from the PC we used to originally registered. My PC is inoperable til sometime next week. I believe it got hacked with a virus. Thank God I do have my tablet to access internet. Request prayers my way that my pc is fixable without losing my data.

    Blessings to everyone!

  10. MovieGuide’s review
    – “the family guide to entertainment”
    – includes refs to Book of Enoch, nephilim, etc.
    – as included in the vid but mishandled !!
    – makes “uriel” (*) a case in point


    * beware uriel or any other angelic infatuation
    – possible angel of the sun, “kind angel of peace”
    – links to “ra,” apollo … cp. sun-god & The antichrist
    – “”

    • Yet another review


      In the backstory told by Noah to his family once they are inside the ark, the serpent in the garden of eden sheds its skin. This distracts Adam while Eve wanders off to the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. This shed snakeskin becomes some sort of magical talisman that Noah and his ancestors wrap around their forearm to use while blessing their children and for working wonders. So the shed skin of the serpent in the garden is good, yet God is bad.

      In reading some of the reviews on IMDB it’s interesting to see atheists warning Christians about the movie.

      A review from a Christian:

      I am a Christian and I loved it. (The rare voice)

  11. “Noah & The Nephilim – “As it was in the Days of Noah…” – Before the Flood
    Ellen Traylor interviewed by Dr Stan Monteith

    cp. Paddy Heron…

    (note: includes continental drift and similar stuff )

    “fountains of the deep”

    Genesis 8:1-3
    And God remembered Noah, and every living thing, and all the cattle that was with him in the ark:
    and God made a wind to pass over the earth,
    and the waters asswaged; The fountains also of the deep
    and the windows of heaven were stopped, and the rain from heaven was restrained;
    And the waters returned from off the earth continually:
    and after the end of the hundred and fifty days the waters were abated.

    Revelation 8:10-11
    And the third angel sounded, and there fell a great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp, and it fell upon the third part of the rivers, and upon the fountains of waters; And the name of the star is called Wormwood: and the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter.

    Revelation 16:4-5
    And the third angel poured out his vial upon the rivers and fountains of waters; and they became blood. And I heard the angel of the waters say, Thou art righteous, O Lord, which art, and wast, and shalt be, because thou hast judged thus.

  12. Rabbis Issue United Call to Establish Synagogue on Temple Mount


    One of these days and it won’t be long we’ll all be singing a new song!

  13. Everyone is CORRECT about the Noah film……….and I don’t have to “see it” to know that bit of TRUTH.
    Just call it “DISCERNMENT”. Heck, it ain’t even “discernment”……’s like having BIBLE-sense ….which much of The Church don’t have.

    The VERY sad thing is this: the world….and the VAST majority of “The Church”….does NOT know the Bible, so they do NOT know His-story!!!

    When the TRUTH is “purposefully withheld from the people”……..then DECEPTION is the goal. We here obviously know that to be the case.
    It would be a GREAT idea if pastors all over the world used this ‘noah movie’ as a springboard to discussing THE TRUTH of Genesis 6.
    BUT…..will that really happen ????

    When the masses of people “see this garbage of a movie based on LIES/DECEPTION … holding back THE TRUTH”….
    then “their goal”……….is to educate the masses in such a way, so as to DUMB DOWN the ignorant all the more.
    This leaves the masses open to what IS REALLY GOING ON IN THE FALLEN ONES WICKED AGENDA…….
    …………which is to destroy mankind and MOCK God.

    I would like to see MULTI-MILLIONAIRE SPIRIT-FILLED CHRISTIANS do this type of TEACHING in a movie format to REVEAL TRUTH !!!!

    THAT is the only way to combat LIES and DECEPTION ………..and that is ….by TEACHING THE TRUTH and EXPOSING THE LIES !!

    The really sad thing is ….”When the Church”… is filled with people who don’t know their Bible (like many Pastors !!!)….the sheep go astray!

    THE GOOD SHEPHERD …..teaches the flock…..TRAINS THEM … KNOW “good” from “evil”.

    unfortunately……..too many Churches are NOT being taught the WHOLE COUNSEL of GOD. THAT is a major problem IN THESE LAST DAYS.

    • I think Tom Horn has a movie coming out soon that’s tied into transhumanism/eugenics…..but I don’t recall the name! bummer!!

    • Kirk… Regarding your first video – There shall be signs in the sun, moon and stars and upon earth distress of nations. Is it just me or does the distress of nations seem to be linked with these signs in the “sun” moon and stars. The solar flares effecting earth rumblings and quakes??? Hmmmmm.

    • Yes Corey…… bodies have a HUGE EFFECT on the earth and sun’s relationship due to more Flares and CME’s and magnitism….
      all caused by the electric and magnetic pulls that cause the earth’s core to HEAT UP and the QUAKES to increase.

      Comets….masses of asteroids and meteors, ……these have HUGE “impacts” (no pun intended, well….maybe kinda! ).

      We are about to go through 2 million miles of Comet Linear’s debris trail….will this be just in our atmosphere, or like in Russia last year ??
      ( Recall that meteor ??? >>>>>>>> That exploded in the air and destroyed buildings !!! )

      You wait and see, just before we are OFF THIS ROCK…..the earth’s gonna be rockin’ more and more as the Word says!
      we are already in the midst of a “wobble”………because Nibiru temporarily pulls on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge as it turns each day….
      which causes our Jet Stream to be so erratic and steep in it’s pattern. That is why the HUGE storms….and they’ll get BIGGER !!!
      300 Mile per Hour Winds………..100 times Larger Lightning Strikes……….Bigger Tornadoes!!!
      YES….they are coming!……………because NIBIRU is coming !!! ( also the reason our Gov’t is ready to go into their Bunkers !!!! )

      more volcanoes, sink holes, tsunamis, more intense and larger storms, really strange skies due to the sun’s bombardment on magnetosphere!

      i am tellin’ ya……..Revelation 6:12 ….is OUR DEPARTURE TIME !!!!! CHANGED….in the twinkling of the eye!!!


      Kinda related…….from years ago!
      Below you will see a video on Mt. Saint Helens that blew big time…..back on May 18, 1980…..I was 11 yrs old and remember it well.
      this is a pretty good documentary about that event. i watched this last evening. WOW…WOW…WOW !!! SHOCKING !!! INTENSE !!!

      I only checked it out since I live in Bend, Oregon…..on the EAST side of the Cascade Mountain Range.

      i can see about 8+ Mountains from less than a 2 minute drive from my house! Clear days maybe 2 more! 20 Minutes to Mt. Bachelor’s base.

    • Wow… I almost forgot about Nibiru Kirk. Apparently this is probably effecting what is going on in the earth as well. I remember listening to a very, very interesting interview with George Noory on Coast to Coast with some dude who was somewhat of an expert on this. He gave an actual time frame as to when this thing would start to show up and people would start to see it. I remember him saying that some people could already see it at the right time of day in certain parts of the world.

    • YEP…… are correct. Nibiru….Nemesis….Planet X….The Winged Planet….The Red Dragon….The Destroyer….Gabriel’s Fist….

      ………..any name you like to call it…………..IT……… the FULFILLMENT of what we see in Revelation 6:12-17 !!!!!!!!

      and personally…………..I feel Ezekiel 38 / 39 ……….is the SAME EVENT………….as we see in Revelation 6:12-17. So many links together!

      We shall see in time……..well, i prefer……”on the way outta heeeerree !!”

    • “”


  14. Check out this twist on the flight 370: IBM employee sends pic from Diego Gargia, said plane was hijacked and being held hostage.

    • and his name is on the manifest

    • …..very interesting! sure seems “MORE” likely to be held hostage……than to be “floating trash”.

      Glad ISRAEL takes it serious.

    • The article states that he pulled his iphone 5 out of his butt to make the phone call.

      Deja Vu someone sent me this video a few days ago and I was trying to figure out why?

      Something smells here.

    • Azureceu……that video in your post above was a real HOOT !! What a comedy of irony.

      HA HA HA HA…snort…laugh…goofy look…belly laugh…….dry British humor!

    • Crikey mate! Let me off this planet!

      Kirk, yes dry British or is it from Oz humor? lol

      -Caution roaming charges may apply

    • We will find Amelia Earhart’s plane way before we ever find this one. Face it folks someone wanted this plane gone and it is gone. We will have to wait until we have the technology to make the deep ocean transparent to instruments-eyes and/ or highly sensitive to the metallic debris signature we are looking for. Could take 10 years or more. I know this is hard to take but it is what it is. Sad and tragic….but I must say the media coverage of this story is absurd. Given the number of times information has changed in this story, I wouldn’t be surprised if tomorrow the Malaysian government reports that the plane has actually been sitting on the runway with a flat tire the entire time.

    • Did Jim Stone or anyone else try giving Phil Wood a phone call? Phil Wood was probably seated next to Ben Dover.

      Azureceu, good on you, mate… funny video. So dryly British it’s Aussie. (4/5 Stars)

      * ‘Crikey’ is Aussie slang for ‘Christ’.

    • MRS M, that’s an interesting link, adds a real mystery to the conundrum …I liked it as much or even better than the “Jimmy Hoffa buried under Giants Stadium” story.

    • Our up-and-coming new international star on the world stage, Prime Minister Tony Abbott, just made a press conference declaring the discovery (by ORION P3 aircraft) of four orange objects in the sea and that they are the “most promising leads” of any objects. They are as yet unidentified and orange. He proudly proclaimed the various nations’ (USA, New Zealand, China, Japan, Australia, and Malaysia) coming together in effort to find MH370. It’s a wonderful thing when everyone gets along and holds hands together.

      Ps. Matt, Richard Kuklinski (the mafia hitman known as The Ice Man) claimed he bumped off Hoffa in a car which was then sent (along with Hoffa’s remains) to Japan for scrap metal.

      The photo allegedly taken by alleged passenger Phillip Wood (as shown in the link) is disturbing, yet impressive. [sarcasm doesn’t translate so well in text, does it?]

  15. Good Sunday all! Great post L.A. WIsh I could have attended the Prophesy Summit. Controversy always arises when trying to share this subject of Noah, Genesis 6 & the fallen ones -the nephilim! I was trying to share this with some of my “church” friends recently…and I have to say, I find I am a few friends short now. Some people just refuse to listen or even consider this subject of the nephilim’s return to be in the realm of possibility. What can ya’ do? Pray for discernment! Have a blessed day in our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ everyone! 🙂

    • Jay….we ….”got ya covered”….on the friend thing anyway!

      Hope they know how to plead the blood and rebuke in Jesus’ Name. ehhh….they probably don’t. (most don’t)

    • 2 notable points on the interview…
      a. angels ruled and were worshiped as gods before the flood
      – and the beast ruled by The antichrist will likewise force worship
      b. this is the first I’ve seen that the phrase “saw his father’s nakedness”
      – is used elsewhere in the Bible to refer “relations” with one of the wives

      regarding boycotts in general, gotta say,
      – there’s a seeming unlimited number of videos & books on the web
      – that I wouldn’t watch or read even free

    • Amen Kirk! Thank you bro! Love all my friends here! Don’t know what I’d do if I did not have this site with all you awesome people! This is my sanity! lol ;p
      I sometimes feel like I live two lives. It is surreal – like the matrix. There is my life where I go to work and talk about sports, stock markets and gas prices to the clueless (pray for these clueless people!) who roll their eyes if you even hint at such taboo subjects as alien agendas and nephilim.
      Then I come here…where I can be REAL!! Thank God for L.A. and all you wonderful souls who come here each day to encourage and teach and be a blessing to so many! Thank you all so much! l love you guys!

      God bless you all!

    • Jay….I know EXACTLY….what you mean and what you feel like. Sometimes I wonder if ….I HAVE 14 EYEBALLS or MY ZIPPER DOWN.

    • Hey Nome,
      Yeah, this interview did have some notable points, for sure. I am not in total agreement with all Mr. Godawa says, I just thought it was an interesting interview from my buddy Josh Peck.
      I’m still grappling with the Book of Enoch. I do not know enough about it to form a decisive opinion. I need to research it further. I’m a newcomer to all this!

      I agree, there are so many books and videos out there. You just have to use discernment and wade through the muck! lol

  16. As per my above statement concerning the huge news about Obama to have been revealed to some heavy hitters at the Orlando Prophecy Conference… “http://beforeit’”

    WHAT THE?… Is this true?


    Just in case your fingernails weren’t yet knawed down to the quick, this should do it.

    • Corey….as you well know…’s all about making America weaker for an easy take over….hence why “anti-gun pushers” are BIG mouthed
      and why false flags are constantly “in play” by the globalists……..trying to push their agenda on the masses for a N.W.O.
      but in order to make that happen, the “old way of doing things” must be brought to CHAOS….so that people “cry out” for the “new one”.

    • Indeed Kirk… In total agreement here. I’m quite the patriot and lover of America and it’s just really difficult to see this happen to our beloved country especially by traitors from within controlled by these globalists. I am fully aware of what they are doing. As you said, create chaos and bring America to it’s knees so people cry out for it.

  18. “The blood moons and Joel 2:31 by William Welty “”

    What Mr. Welty is overlooking in this article is that Matthew 24 and Joel 2:31 are describing two seperate events. The Matthew 24 passage has nothing to do with the events of Joel 2:31. His argument against the blood moons doesn’t hold water. I like Chuck Missler’s ministry, but I do have to disagree with his writer here. It was the same faulty argument presented in the blood moon dubunking video posted by Kirt a couple weeks ago (no offense Kirt brother man! :smile:)

    • Corey,

      There really is not a consistent correlation for the tetrads.

      They have occurred 7 times since 1 A.D.

      The claim is that 3 of the tetrads meant something. So in other words, 4 tetrads did not mean something.

      Out of those 3 tetrads 2 of them came AFTER the events claimed associated with tetrad.

      So in other words, the tetrads did not signal the claimed coming event, the tetrads came AFTER the event. What kind of sign or signal is that, when it comes after the event?

      Here are the years of the tetrads and the “claimed” correlating events.

      1) 1493 & 1494
      Nothing happened during or after these years of the tetrad, but before the tetrad in 1492 was when the “great dispersion RESUMED”.
      Is that really considered and event? Wouldn’t when the great dispersion started be of more importance? Where is the sign for that?

      and Columbus discovered a “New World”.
      Is that really considered an event to Yahweh? But, again these events happened BEFORE the tetrad SO THE TETRAD DID NOT SIGNAL THEIR COMING.

      2) 1949 & 1950
      Again, nothing happened during or after these years of the tetrad, but BEFORE the tetrad in 1948 Israel became a nation. So, again the event happened before the tetrad and again the tetrad did not signal the coming event of Israel becoming a nation.

      3) 1967 & 1968
      This is the only tetrad out of 7 where the event happened during or after the tetrad. Israel fought the 6 day war in 1967 & regained control of Jerusalem and the temple mount. So the event occurred during the tetrad.

      So there is not any consistency to the correlations and I don’t think some of the events are significant events that would be earmarked by Yahweh.

      Next, as a 30 year biblical astronomer Bob Wadsworth states and I agree with:

      “I do not know of any special significance in Biblical Astronomy of a tetrad over a string of four lunar eclipses with a mixture of total and partial eclipses”. Of all the total lunar eclipses occurring in 2014 and 2015, only one is visible from Jerusalem, and that one is only partially visible from Jerusalem since it sets below the horizon shortly after it reaches totality.” “I do not know for sure if the eclipse needs to be visible from Jerusalem, but that is where Y’shua spoke the prophecy that “immediately after the tribulation of those days the sun will be darkened and the moon will not give its light.”

      Here are a few more quotes from Wadsworth that help shed light on the tetrads.

      “All the eclipses will not be visible from Jerusalem.”

      “The four total eclipses in 2014 and 2015 would be the last time this century to occur on Passover and Sukkoth. This may be true if you just use the Jewish Talmudic calendar which has its share of problems. There will also be a tetrad of four total lunar eclipses in the years 2032 and 2033. The first will occur on April 25, which may be Passover on the Biblical calendar if the barley is late in ripening that year. We will not know for sure until that time comes. If that is the Passover, then the next total eclipse on October 18, 2032 will fall on Sukkot. The two total eclipses in 2033 will fall on Passover and Sukkot and there will also be two lunar eclipses on Passover (penumbral) and Sukkot (partial) in 2034. All six of these eclipses except for one, the total eclipse on October 8, 2033 (Sukkot), will be visible from Jerusalem and Israel.”

    • Corey….you are 100% correct. Joel 2:31 has ….ZERO…. to do with Matthew 24. ………..NONE. ZIPPO. NADA.

      Huge Key: >>>> (Joel 2:31=Acts 2:20=Rev. 6:12-17)<<<< WHEN you read "Earthquake Resurrection"….a "eureka" moment you'll have!!!

      Matthew 24:29-31 is the 2nd Coming of JESUS…as is Revelation 19:11-21 and Zechariah 14. [JESUS FEET ARE ON THE GROUND !!! ]

      These above passages are NOT equal to John 14:1-3, 1 Thess 4:13-18, 1 Corinth 15:50-57, Philippians 3:20-21, 1 John 2:28 and 3:2-3
      + so many others my fingers would be sore! JESUS CATCHES US UP TO MEET IN THE AIR WITH HIM !!! ( NO FEET ON THE GROUND !!!)

      Gosh……..if people would just do ….2 peter 1:20-21….and 2 Timothy 2:15, 24-26 and 4:1-4….and 1 timothy 4:16….and more, more, more!………….PHENOMENAL SITE FOR PEOPLE TO SEE and UNDERSTAND !!!! The GRAPHS are AWESOME !!!!

      Also: go to: Eternal Rhythm Flow…..on youtube……….all the videos are right there… see and listen to for EXCELLENT teaching.

      But, ya know what Corey……..most people do NOT take the time to STUDY. they simply "regurgitate" someone else's "false teaching".
      THAT should NOT be the case…….because we are each responsible before God …to ACCURATELY HANDLE GOD's WORD.

      When it comes to our own gov't destroying our country……….I say it's time for a "Jericho 941".

    • Domitrovic,

      The graphs at may be awesome, but how can you trust a source that doesn’t even know that basics of eclipses??

      Grevas has no clue of what he is talking about. Anyone who knows anything about eclipses knows you can NOT have a solar and lunar eclipse within the same week let alone the same 24 hours as Grevas claims on GRAPH A.

      In order for there to be a solar and lunar eclipse to take place within 24 hours there would have to be 2 moons…

      And a solar eclipse never took place over Jerusalem on 4/3/33

  19. Never mind your fingernails, now lets make the tips of your fingers bleed… “

    It seems that the United States is encircling both Russia and China and Russia has decided to do the same to us. This can’t end well. How are those fingertips coming along?

  20. Wish I could have made the conference. I probably could have pushed it but stupidly stayed here for an event I considered important. Like at this point, anything except for looking up and getting the word out is really kind of, well, not that important. I did pray for the entire group in Orlando. Cuz prayer is really our weapon.
    Yes, we are entering another birth pang. Thats for sure!
    It will be great meeting you all in our glorified bodies soon. 🙂

    • Corey………did you “say” ….what i thought you “said” …………… 🙂 Oh Happy Day !!!!! That R * * * * * E DAY !!!!!

      But ….until THAT DAY comes…………folks, we gots work to be done…..souls to be won !!!!

      All we gotta do is get The Fullness of The Gentiles in………then we’z goin’ home ya’ll…………den we’z goin’ home !!!

    • Yep indeed Kirk… so many souls to win, so little time. It’s interesting that you mentioned the depa***** cough! cough! at Revelation 6:12. I have always considered the R****** cough! cough! at Revelation 5 (or is it 4) at the come up hither… but I read a very interesting article on a site (wish I could remember what site it was) explaining that the R****** cough! cough! is at Revelation chapter 6:12 at the earthquake. It made total sense. I’ve since had a more open mind of it occurring here like you said rather than at the “Come up Hither” chapter (4 or 5).

      Either way…. we’re outta heeeeere!!

    • wow wow wow…………I just got MAJORLY hosed on that last post of mine. Typed an exquisite beauty in response to yours’ Corey…….
      ……..and my computer just up and re-booted all by itself and caused my system to crash (Firefox)…..COW-A-BUNGA DUDE! NOT cool !!

      ahhhhh !!!!!

      (Pulling hair [what’s left anyway!]…..frustrated ….would kick the cat or the dog, but don’t have either…so kicked the chair, hard on foot! ouch!

      Biting my lip……..AWWWWHHHH.

    • I hate it when that happens Kirk… I’ve done that 2 or 3 times before. You write this good piece of information out and your computer gets gas and cuts it loose and you lose it. I could have punched my computer a few times over that.

    • That website I mentioned where I read that article concerning… you know… that thing in Revelation 6:12 is called “Prophecies of the End” Some interesting stuff there. There is an interesting piece on the blood moons of Joel 2:31 and the United States and the book of Amos and Israel as the blood moons begin. It’s an audio teaching. I have yet to listen to it, but sounds interesting.

    • Well Corey….yes, i do remember that happening….to most of us….at one point or another. Tis life. Tis computers!

      For now….I think i am gonna find the pillow and close my eyes after reading The Word for a bit.

      Always appreciate your insights!

      Be blessed …..TO ALL….The World Over….Blessings, peace, favor, protection, prosperity and health. Glory to God Almighty !!!

    • thanks for the info on that site. i will pull it up now, and check it out tomorrow.

      Keep you posted after i listen! 🙂 I am out for the night.

  21. PA Official Says Israel Is Seeking to Demolish the al-Aqsa Mosque!

    …… the nostalgic words of Rocky as he says, ….”Go for it !!!”

  22. I went to see the movie Noah this weekend and it is one of the few movies I have walked out on. I can understand adding some creative writing to spice things up for movie goers, however; this was way too much for me to take. From the giant spider like rock trolls – formerly fallen angels who have risen from the Earth – helping to construct the Ark, to Noah himself… who becomes more of a tormented villain than a Biblical icon. Noah came across to me as an unsympathetic murderous character wielding his power over all those who were at his mercy including his own family.
    I asked to speak to the theater manager as I wanted a refund, he asked me what the problem was, I responded by telling him I don’t think its right to lure in people of faith, take their money, then spend a couple of hours remaking a righteous man into a deranged thug and a beautiful story about faith and second chances into a secular PC propaganda film. Further more I’m offended that Noah, a chosen prophet, was depicted as a deranged drunk ready to kill babies, blindly following a hateful “Creator”. The theater manager just stared at me for a moment, became silent and gave me my money back and invited me to another movie on the house, which I went to see a real faith based movie called God’s Not Dead, which was very good.
    The previews for Noah were absolutely misleading. One minute we have a good Noah. Then he becomes Kung-Fu killer Noah. Then He Becomes Kill Off your family line Noah. Then becomes Drunk Naked Noah. Then he becomes good Noah again? This had more J.J.R. Tolkien feel to it than a biblical story.Don’t get me wrong I enjoy J.R.R. Tolkien films but this movie was completely ridiculous on so many levels. I’m glad I got my $20 bucks back.

    • But I must add, the real obscene perplexity in going to see Noah was not just the film’s, contempt of the bible story, but also paying 18 bucks for small popcorn and two small cokes.

    • Ya…Almost have to take out a 3rd mortgage….just to see a movie! Well, at least you’re not part of the $44 million made on “Noah trash”.

      PRICELESS would have been the theater managers’ face when you gave your response. YEP…that be PRICELESS !!!

    • Hi, Matt!

      When it was first mentioned that they were making this Noah/Russell Crowe movie it seemed an exciting prospect to look forward to go and see. Disappointing now, but no surprise, to read the reviews of movie. Still, it’s helpful to know that one should avoid this movie like the plague.

      I was pleasantly surprised, yesterday, to catch a re-run on TV of the 1950’s film, Quo Vadis (featuring Peter Ustinov as Nero). My only criticism of that film is the suggestion of the Apostle, Peter, being crucified upside down in Rome (personally, I don’t believe that was the case and since an ossuary, or stone coffin, inscribed in Aramaic text of the name Simon Bar Jonah, along with the ossuaries of other early Christians were discovered in a 1st Century catacomb located under a Franciscan monastery in Jerusalem in area of Mount of Olives – these were written about in a 1950s book by Roman Catholic priests.*)

      I’ve noticed, over a long time now (probably the last 15 years), that films based on Bible accounts (and ones a bit closer to the mark than Aranovsky’s Noah movie) have been withdrawn from TV programming (over here, anyway), particularly around the Passover (Easter) and Christmas times of year – no doubt so as not to offend the politically correct and the sensitivities of non-Christians. Used to be the case, when I was a child, that ‘religious’ based movies would be shown for weeks around those times of year.

      * Tom Horn provided numerous lost books and libraries, and other information in CD format with his Petrus Romanus/Exo Vaticana books. Fascinating stuff! 🙂

      Ps. What a rip-off, Matt, re big bucks for movie munchies. Same case over here.

      Pss… I left a note for you yesterday, too, Matt – you can decipher it. I’m sure you will figure it out in the end and put it all together. 😉

      God Bless!


  23. I hope to wake up one morning very soon, turn on CNN with Headlines focused on the temple mount…

    • many of us have seen this clip, some here may be new..I don’t get bored with it..some day soon God will give us all our answers to all that is going on…..

  24. Note to myself… “

    A thought has occurred to me in spades reading the above article from the “Prophecies of the end” website and the Obama connection to the Baal high places which have to do with sacrificing babies to the god of Molech in a heated statue burning with fire. Baal would be Satan.

    I’ll comment tomorrow. This is getting interesting considering Sherriff Arpaio’s revelation to be revealed about Obama and his occult connection and the babies being burned enmass in the Uk hospitals. Whoa! O.K. I’ll dissect this one tomorrow.

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