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“Today, we can destroy every spot which is under the Zionist regime’s control with any volume of fire power (that we want) right from here,” Salami said, addressing a conference in Tehran on Tuesday dubbed ‘the Islamic World’s Role in the Geometry of the World Power’.

“Islam has given us this wish, capacity and power to destroy the Zionist regime so that our hands will remain on the trigger from 1,400km away for the day when such an incident (confrontation with Israel) takes place,” he added.

How does one react to the statement above?  How about a nice beer summit?  Oops!  That won’t work because good Muslims and good Baptists too, don’t drink.  We could invite the Iranians over here for little chat, perhaps with hot tea served?  Oh wait!  We’ve done that already with Im-in-a-Jihad, and got nowhere!

Surely there is something we can do to assuage Salami’s unmitigated hatred of 6 million people living in a teeny-weeny piece of land that nobody cared about 150 years ago?   However, in my opinion there’s nothing anyone can do and here why:  The present political landscape is in direct correlation to supernatural events that happened, in some cases millennia ago!  (L. A. Marzulli – Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural)

What we are seeing is a group of people—the Iranians—who are operating from a system which was founded on supernatural events which happened 1300 years ago.  This is colliding with another group—the Jews—who it was prophesied of, would return to their ancient homeland in the latter days.  The hatred is real and no amount of tap dancing and arm twisting by John Kerry, Hilary Clinton or Obummer will ameliorate this, as this vitriol has it roots in two different sets of supernatural events which manifested ages ago.

Recently the Iranians were caught red-handed recently trying to ship missiles into Gaza.  The Iranians have made it very clear what their intentions are and when they deem the time is right they will act accordingly.

We know from the passages of Ezekiel 38 & 39, that at some point, in the latter days there is a coalition, a confederacy of nations, which attack Israel.  The second nation listed in that group is Persia, which is the ancient name of Iran.  The first nation listed is Magog, which I believe is Russia.  With everything that is going on now, are we seeing the stage being set?  I think we are, however we don’t know what the flash point will be for this prophecy to be fulfilled.  If we go back in time 150 years or so, the land of Israel was desolate, the latter rain did not fall, and the place was for the most part barren.  When a trickle of Jews began to come back into the land at the turn of the 19th century the latter rain began to fall.  Decades later, after the horrors of the holocaust Israel became a nation.  Even Russia voted for the creation of the Jewish state at the United Nations in 1949.


In closing todays post.  At some point the Iranian saber rattling will reach a point where they will attack Israel.  It’s going to happen because The Guide Book to the Supernatural says it will.  We are living in the last days and statements like the one above from Salami, are proof to me at least that at some point the King will return.

When you see these things begin to happen look up because your redemption is coming!  Yashua/Jesus




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73 thoughts on “Iran – Prophecy in the Making!

  1. Speak of the devil. . .


    2 Dead, 20 Hurt, Others Missing as 2 Buildings Collapse After Explosion in Manhattan: Sources


      Employees of Freescale Semiconductor who were on a Malaysia Airlines flight presumed to have crashed were doing sophisticated work at the U.S. chipmaker, a company spokesman said on Sunday.

      The 20 Freescale employees, among 239 people on flight MH370, were mostly engineers and other experts working to make the company’s chip facilities in Tianjin, China, and Kuala Lumpur more efficient, said Mitch Haws, vice president, global communications and investor relations.

  2. Re: Missing Malaysian airplane:



    Now we start getting to it.

    • It’s a little bit funny… The Ukrainians and the ultra-nationalists (aka neo-Nazis) and the spread of Islam… Does anybody remember who assisted the Bolshevik revolution or the rise of a failed Austrian artist? I remember playing a video game -Call of Duty and the games story was about the Russian’s fighting the Ultra nationalists and Al-Assad…is there any coincidence or is that good writing?

      Oh and that plane -I think CNBC ran an article about some of those passengers being part an American computer chip company that had a big project that they were working on…. I could be wrong…

  3. Happening Now! This was in my twitter feed. IDF ‏@IDFSpokesperson 4m

    UPDATE: 30 #Gaza rockets hit #Israel. 8 rockets hit urban civilian areas. #Hamas is responsible for all attacks coming from Gaza Strip

  4. So much going on, and with just now doing a skim through of L.A.’s busy blog comment section yesterday, it’s hard to keep up!

    Iran and Russia continue to bulldoze on … Iran and Russia sign on to build more nuclear plants at Bushehr.


  5. Satan is on the loose and having a blast!…Everyday New Chaos…

    How can the major of New York be so quick to dismiss the building fires as gas leaks and not terrorism I find that suspicious? We have so much going on overseas? Obama sending fighter planes to poland, We still have a 777 that just disappeared out of the air!! and Iran is blatantly claiming the United states hijacked the plane..I wouldn’t doubt that OUR shadow govt didn’t bomb the buildings purposefully in an attempt to distract us…and oh my lord , BREAKING NEWS ROCKETS have just been sent to israel!!!!!

    • Godshelp74… I watched that video you posted last night. The last 15 or 20 minutes of that was quite shocking (speaking of the interview with Noland). The Vatican is a bigger monster than anyone dared believe… economically and any way you want to put it. The Obama revelation was quite stunning (Michelles… uuuumm … situation).

    • the third video I posted on yesterday, take a listen to that…The woman claims to have been raised in the illuminati, and during her time, claims to have given birth to two nephilim beings..She said gestation period is only 4 months, and they have to be delivered in the water. ( coincidently you talked about ” hell portals ” in the ocean ) She has different alters (personalities ) ,we know with mind control they split the personalities ..debunk it for me? I want to know if this has any validity… her testimony sounds credible..

    • around 50:00 minutes it’s interesting how she says the baby could dematerialize? similar to how the implant on Marzulli’s ufo abductee the implant dematerialized…

    • I don’t know about this woman, but Tom Horn talks about portals under the water, and if memory serves me right, I think Ancient Aliens had an episode about UFOs coming out of lake Titicaca (sp?) in Mexico.

    • Lilac- the main pearl of this video, …is to have on the armor of god….satan can deceive as light and beauty and without daily armor, we are doomed…I don’t doubt that she crossed over into a spiritual realm..Satan knows what it’s like to be in the third heaven and he can emulate that beauty to us mortals…Thats why we need to put armor on everyday and be in the word….

    • I was just responding to a post I thought I saw (now I can’t find it) regarding someone asking if there really were portals under the ocean. I was just giving other examples of this phenomenon with letting you know I didn’t have time to go through the video. Apologies for the confusion.

    • no worries, We are all sifting through the rubble around here, trying to figure out what is what…:)keep your armor on lilac, that’s all I wanted to tell ya…and pray! …:)

  6. @ false democracy … globalist empires
    – BHO changing laws … along with raising taxes
    – cp The antichrist prophecies
    – keyword “CHANGE” re: BHO campaigns

    Daniel 7
    25 And he shall speak great words against the most High,
    – and shall wear out the saints of the most High,
    – and think to change times and laws


    lesser instance — if not actual

  7. Morning!

    I’m believing that the 20 passengers who worked for a U.S. company, were highly skilled technicians employees with knowledge of sensitive information. These employees has done work for the DOD.

    Article: “Malaysia Plane Hidden With Electronic Weapon? 20 Hi-Tech EW Defense Passengers”: “Four people in particular who boarded the missing Malaysian plane are being investigated, two for stolen passports and two other passport-related suspects. Those four suspects plus twenty people on board involved in cutting edge electric technology. some used for defense purposes, raise a question with this reporter about electronic weaponry hiding the plane.” (source: “”)

    Article: “New stealth technology makes airplanes invisible not only to radar, it renders them hidden to the human eye as well — just like an invisibility cloak in a Hollywood sci-fi thriller.” (source: “”)

    Is it too far fetched? No. How did Steven Spielberg get his ideas on the movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind?” Is this a form of desensitizing? Yes.


  8. Salami has only 2 options:

    1) REPENT….and give his heart to JESUS.
    2) Be on the “receiving end” of The Wrath of God Almighty !!!

    • wrath is part 1 … actually to separate the wheat from the tares
      separation is part 2 … the second death, they want nothing to do with God’s Way (Christ)
      — and He gives them that by casting the damned out into the Lake of Fire

  9. The REALLY interesting thing is this:

    >>>>>>>>>> My MOM ….just left…… for ISRAEL … plane from New York …..THIS MORNING.

    Should be an ….”exciting” ….tour of ISRAEL !! At least her Tour Group will see what ISRAEL… REALLY like.

    • she may get a front row seat to ezekiel 38:) we have friends from church there now who just arrived…..personally I don’t want to be here for it..I’ll take the popcorn without the show…

  10. nome’s conjecture…
    – those that put themselves in apocalyptic patterns
    – reap apocalyptic results

    Iran is definitely injecting themselves into apocalypse…
    – whether as the primary instance or just
    – a foreshadowing (i.e. harmonic, reflection, fractal)

    So, what to do with those that seek martyrdom
    – while murdering others in the name of delusion?
    … (destroying them just plays into their delusion)
    … Might try a missile interceptor with an EMP payload
    over their territory
    – which makes for a living hell, instead.

    I reckon that could include trial runs over Gaza…
    – in response to rocket launches from Gaza.

  11. Satellite looking into missing Malaysia flight detects ‘suspected crash area’

    • This is a really good summary and interview on this topic, Azureceu.

      Everyone, it’s worth listening to and passing around if you have some time. Corey, if you’re reading this, you may find an interesting reference at the 6:40 mark (approx).

    • Linda from Toronto (or Azereceu) The address took me to the lamb/lion site, but didn’t know where to go from there to listen to the interview you may be referring to. Where do I go on the site?

    • Corey, The link works for me, on this page there is a video smack dab in the middle. Try this link instead:

      Interview 41-Tommy Ice on the Rapture-Mar 16, 2014 (second from the top on the list)

    • It’s hard to describe the truth of these few lines:

      Then sings my soul, My Saviour God, to Thee,
      How great Thou art, How great Thou art.

  12. “,7340,L-4498290,00.html”


    Watch the Gaza.

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  14. 2 Corinthians 13:1
    This is the third time I am coming to you.
    In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established.

    Joel Rosenberg wrote,


    Benjamin Netanyahu says:
    The missiles that we uncovered today were intended to strike at the citizens of Israel. The intercontinental ballistic missiles that Iran is developing are intended to strike at the citizens of the West. Come to think of it, Iran might not need ICBMs. Just as they concealed these weapons in containers on this ship, they could tomorrow conceal in other containers the ultimate weapon, nuclear weapons, which they could ship to any port in the world.

    So my message today is simple: those engaged in self-deception must awaken from their slumber.”

    nomemoleste says,


    It doesn’t take a missile to deliver a nuke. A plane will work. A drug sub also. An oil tanker can be used to mask the radiation since oil will absorb radiation.</b.

    It doesn’t take a nuclear program to get a nuke. They’re out there on the black market for a price. I was surprised that Q’daffy didn’t get one to use against NATO.

    A HEMP will take out electronics all over the mid-east. Would you be surprised if the super-powers aren’t blackmailing the mid-eastern nations (pro-muslim and pro-jewish) that if any nuke is used that the entire mid-east goes black? No need to drop one on any city. Might be more merciful to nuke a city than let them cannibalize each other due to lack of resources destroyed by a HEMP.

    And then there are choke points, such as oil shipping channels. Or the Suez canal. Or the Straights of Gibraltar. Arms merchants and drug cartels definitely don’t want supply lines shut down. Consider how long the US borders will be closed if nukes are set off in the mid-east. And what that would do in China, Indonesia, and India. You might get a 200 million man army to go try to open the oil routes to get their broken economy back so they don’t starve and cannibalize each other.

    In sum, don’t bother trying to fight yesterday's war.


    Hillsong – Beneath the Waters (I will Rise) – with subtitles/lyrics

  16. I wanted to leave you guys with this interview..I love the passion of the christ movie.I have watched it over and over.
    This interview is incredibly filled with the holy spirit, just as I believe the movie was..Hopefully you guys will watch it till the
    end and not be distracted because it says catholic on the bottom..listen to what he has to say…

    • I have to take great issue with his closing comments. “You are all going to Heaven. And you say, ‘How do you know this’; very simple, God has been in your heart a long time, even dormant, some of you.”

      “God never sends a person to Hell.” (2nd time he said this)

      I am not cherry picking either. I had been really enjoying his testimony. I remember watching him on “Hannity and Colmes” when the movie was just released and was very happy to see such humility and fearlessness to speak up about Jesus.

      However, in the ending comments here, it is appears evident that he believes the Catholic dogma of “Works” over Grace. He didn’t speak of repentance but that God will forgive all.

      We know this is not of Christ. And this is the one of the greatest forms of danger and the reason we Christians are indeed “Narrow minded”. He is close to the Truth…so close that the enemy has him blinded by “Religion”.

      My prayers are with him.

    • Godshelp74,
      “The Passion of the Christ” movie by the Catholic director Mel Gibson was based on the book by the Stigmata Nun Anne Catherine Emmerich “The Dolorous Passion” than the truth of the word of God. As a result of the movie and it bringing attention to her she was beatified in 2004.
      After you’ve seen it over and over it may be difficult for you accept that this film is preaching from the Roman Catholic Church. Then maybe you know this as you seem to lean towards Catholic Apologetics. I came out of the cult of the RCC myself over thirty years ago and hope that you will at least look into it further by searching out objective reviews of the film, there are many.
      Here is one that is pretty accurate:””
      JOHN 14:6 Jesus *said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me.

  17. Good Morning LA and friends!

    Just found this on The Blaze…

    Re: Iranian mystery passengers on MH370..


    Gold Bless!


  18. apostasy…


    2 Thessalonians 2:3-4

    Let no man deceive you by any means:
    – for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first [apostasy]
    – and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition [The antichrist]
    – Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God
    – or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God [cp. pope & vatican *]
    – shewing himself that he is God.

    [* – whether a primary or lesser instance ]

    1 Corinthians 3:16-17

    Know ye not that ye are the temple of God [spiritually]
    – and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you? [for the asking re: Luke and Acts]
    – If any man defile the temple of God him shall God destroy [see “consume with brightness”]
    – for the temple of God is holy which temple ye are.

    2 Thessalonians 2:7-12

    For the mystery of iniquity doth already work:
    – only he who now letteth will let until he be taken out of the way
    – And then shall that Wicked be revealed [exposed … after apostasy]
    – whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth [for defiling His spiritual temple]
    – and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming:

    Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan
    – with all power and signs and lying wonders
    – And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish
    – because they received not the love of the truth that they might be saved. [apostates]

    And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion [God gives them over]
    – that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned [to damnation]
    – who believed not the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

  19. See report on Prophecy and Beyond this AM that plane suspected to have gone to Cocos Island, a place which has been under “communist control”. Do not have further information but this article is worth reading.

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