Missing Planes – Where Did They Go?

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Malaysia Politician Slammed For Suggesting Flight MH370 Disappeared Into A “New Bermuda Triangle”
Read more at http://www.ryot.org/malaysia-politician-slammed-suggesting-flight-mh370-disappeared-new-bermuda-triangle/597273


What happened to Flight 370? Was it hijacked and flown to an unknown location?  Did it disintegrate in mid-air due to an explosive?  Did it crash into the jungle?  Why haven’t authorities been able to find the black boxes on board?  Why isn’t there any wreckage in the ocean?  Why was there no May Day call from the pilots?  Why did the plane radar signature vanish?

CLose enocunters of the third kindI’ll go out on a limb here and discuss what will be considered “fringe.”  In the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind, there are several scenes in which ships—like the ones  you see from the movie to the left—suddenly appear in the desert.  There are also the five Navy Avenger planes, lost for years in what is known as the Bermuda Triangle which appear also! http://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/aircraft-squadron-lost-in-the-bermuda-triangle  By the way, in reality no trace of those planes have ever been found and their disappearance decades ago launched one of the greatest searches in naval history!

So where is flight 370?  Is there perhaps a supernatural explanation to its disappearance or am I reaching here?  I would posit that most likely we will see some wreckage of the plane and come to an understanding of what happened.  But what if we don’t?  What if it doesn’t turn up?  I cited the disappearance of the Navy Avengers, because their disappearance has never been solved, so we do have precedence for planes seemingly vanishing into thin air.  Then there’s Travis Walton, who went “missing” for almost a week—he was abducted by a UFO—and yet to him it seemed like only a few hours.  http://www.openminds.tv/travis-walton-reveals-new-theory-on-fire-in-the-sky-abduction-971/15886

So this brings me to the UFO phenomena.  There are hundreds of sightings per month world-wide.  These sightings are in plain sight and also appear in the in fared spectrum.  UFOs have been formally recognized by heads of state and countries all over the world, yet in the USA the subject is scoffed at and treated with ridicule.  The supernatural is treated in much the same way.  Even most churches don’t really embrace the supernatural aspects of the Bible, or the prophetic thread which runs from Genesis to Revelation.

I believe we live in a supernatural world.  Events can happen which make no sense to us at all and can defy our physical universe.  UFOs making right angle turns at incredible speed.  Crop circles mysteriously appearing over night in fields that are being watched.  People being abducted and telling of how they pass through the windows of their room while the window is shut!  People with hours of missing time and no way to account for it.  Shamans that turn into animals; I’ve actually seen video footage of such a being while I was at the the Navajo Reservation last year.

In closing todays post:  I hope the people on board flight 370 are somehow OK, even thought I suspect they’re not.  Is the vanishing of Flight 370 linked to an act of terrorism, mechanical failure, or something more supernatural?  We don’t know.  In the meantime loved ones have gone missing and peoples hearts are in despair.  We need to pray….


“Please continue to pray for my father – Pastor Dan Crestman –  he is currently in the emergency room. There was lots of blood in his stool this morning and they don’t know where he is bleeding from. He feels awful. He is out of pain at least and I think that’s due to all the prayers Saturday and Sunday. I can’t thank you enough for covering him in prayer.”





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116 thoughts on “Missing Planes – Where Did They Go?

  1. Probably terrorism. That’s what this reeked of since the first get-go in my opinion. Right now the two mystery passengers with the suspect passports are being identified as Iranian and they’ve got footage. It’s all over the news.

    A number of theories but very likely the plane was destroyed in the sky and the remnants crashed in the water. We’ll see.

    • Hello, LA, Eric and all.

      Eric, do you know if there is mention of any important figures (be they statesmen or politicians or whistleblowers) on board? I haven’t caught much news on it – except some news interviews, this morning, with aviation safety/crash investigator/experts who are baffled as to there being no debris (so far) and no mayday or radio transmissions reporting some sort of distress – either about passengers (hijackers) or mechanical difficulties, as these experts mention that the planes are so sophisticated that there would be a signal transmitted to indicate some mechanical problem, unless there was some major catastrophic failure (which is apparently a rare event, these days).

      I ask because of the incident with the Korean plane shot down by the Soviets back in Reagan’s day and the Cold War with the Evil Empire. According to some investigators, KAL007 was way off course resulting with it being shot down. Then other investigators mention of certain congressman and others who were passengers on board – they were about to or expose certain characters who had long histories and players in the New World Order. It was convenient to create global tensions, an increase in the arms race, and, of course, eliminate a few threats to their agenda. There was also discussion regarding technology on board KAL007 to gather info regarding Soviet military installations in the region suggesting the civillian passenger plane was on a spy mission. There seemed to be too many coincidences and suspect matters about this flight, from it’s crew to it’s strayed flightpath to some important passengers (Congressman Lawrence McDonald) as detailed in ‘Shootdown: The Verdict on KAL007″ by R.W. Johnson.

      Couple of suspect mystery passengers from Iran?…. this will probably stir things up a little more.

      God Bless!


    • All I’ve heard about so far in passing was one IBM executive that was American. Really haven’t heard much about who the passengers were so far as anything outstanding.

    • After reading all the stories, that was my first thought. The two suspicious people with stolen passports and the anonymous person who bought their tickets. I think possibly these people took over the plane and hid somewhere … if the plane didn’t crash in the ocean.

      I thought of the first scenario LA mentioned in jest (not to joke about things like this) but thought maybe the went through a dimensional portal and now they’re on a mysterious island somewhere like on Lost. But, you never know, if we really are that close to the end, things like that may happen.

  2. Hi LA, I found todays post quite interesting. Actually, from the beginning the thought of abduction came into my mind, when no trace was found. Because I don’t trust our media. I believe it is very possible that some do know what happened and are keeping it a secret. Possibly to keep a war from breaking out, who knows? I am interested the this statement, “Shamans that turn into animals,”. I love David Hogan and he said he had seen the same thing. So two people I trust and believe in (you and David) have said the same thing. I am curious, did you share this before and it slipped through without me seeing it. If so could you point me to the article so I may read it in greater depth. I am glad that you don’t get into “fear mongering” and you don’t just post whatever is out there. Thank you. Praying for your parents. My mother will be 94 in three months. They are fragile and much loved. Blessings! Brinda

    Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2014 14:01:20 +0000 To: brindapatterson@hotmail.com

    • That would be a huge, mass sized abduction if that’s what happened here. Do we have accounts or documentation of “large scale abductions” like that… or is that something else I have to wait to see in OTTOTN2? 😉


  3. LA I thought the same thing. Chuck Missler gave a speech last year on “ten dimensions” in which he basically proved that there are six other dimensions besides the 4 we know of. We know that angels good and demonic, are all around us, many right besides us. We know that there will be miracles and signs of wonders that we cant comprehend one day. If we know that UFO’s exist and we openly discuss portals as real. Why wouldn’t there be the ability for things to disappear and reappear through portals or worm holes?

    We have no idea where 75% of the boats and planes are that disappeared in the Bermuda triangle. What if the Devil’s Triangle or Bermudas Triangle, two places on earth that have magnetic compass’s that do not point towards true north. What if middle earth is some sort of worm hole or portal? Many have speculated that the Germans had bases during WWI and WWII in middle earth at the poles. Demonic locations where one day the demons will come out from on to earth to torture those left behind during the tribulation.

    The Supernatural has opened my eyes. I think anything is possible. When Satan arrives with the fallen ones either just before the rapture or after, he will perform miracles and signs of wonders.

    What would happen if this plane showed up with all its passengers in Paris. Can you imagine how people would question religion. Something so spectacular that we cant fathom is coming soon. The supernatural came to many civilizations in the past. It will come to us and it will shock us beyond comprehension. We have to be ready.

    • L.A.- continued prayer for your dad, you and all the righteous people left on this planet.
      I wanted to say sorry if I irritated you or anyone on this site about my views on catholicism..
      Your research has been a huge part of the last two years of my life, my intentions are never to irritate you or anyone else..SO Please forgive me.I understand it all now and I know the vatican is corrupt, what saddens me is my elderly friends that won’t understand all of this, they love the lord and have been dedicated catholics their whole lives…I attend calvary church but still attend with the elderly to the catholic church on occasion. Friday I’m am presenting all this info to catholic friends…So just wanted to say sorry..

    • Richard, this reminds of the story of Admiral Byrd. You can read about it…just look up Operation High Jump. There are undoubtably portals/worm holes all over the place. We can’t see them, but they are there, no doubt. We are living in exciting if not tumultuous times for sure!

    • Did anyone else see the Series “The Event”
      A few years back.
      The story centered around a group o of ET’S that crash landed just after WWII,some hid out in society for 60 years planning their return home while the others were captured and in custody of the US Gov. The Aliens aged very slowly and were kept in a prison in Alaska.(Very X Files.)

      In one of the Episodes the Aliens who had lived and thrived in society free to have families and build lives were brought back together by one of the Leaders who decided to prove to the President if he didn’t release his people(Aliens) there would be dire consequences which part of it was a plane being hijacked in Florida through a portal ending up in Arizona.

      Since I’ve been awake I can watch anything from the news to TV and Film and see the symbols and paralells within the stories how they relate to each other and also how the Elite has divulged their agenda over and over again.

      This show had everything from Portals to Aliens (Demons)mating with humans,The ETS passing as human and infiltrating all parts of society including Government and creating a Fortune 500 Company.
      I remember while watching the show I thought the scenario could have already happened.

      Like the X Files creator Chris Carter the producers of this show may have been fed information as well


      Praying for LA and his whole family!!!!

    • Godshelp, I too believe catholic Christians are saved, but I don’t understand praying to a picture of the pope. I will pray for the pope, but not to the pope . Catholics will be in heaven, they’ll just be the ones more casually dressed, and not wanting to sing..lol just kidding.

      The vatican is a whole different ball of wax. Even catholic prophets have said that the last pope is a bad guy. Banking is surely a way to control people, this seems to be the mission of the vatican bank.

    • I saw a Jack Van Impe show where he spoke of how true Pope Benedict’s book on the doctrine was. That was heartening.
      Then I read how a goat’s head, found in a NYpark, might be the work of Santeria, a religion that mixes catholicism with voodoo.
      There can’t be a hybrid faith, only one truth. This is what’s wrong with the world. Relativism and emotional manipulation by the power brokers, of governments and organized religions, for power. My rant for today.

    • thank you John T so much 🙂 i agree…I know the vatican is at the helm of all these ” evil institutions in america” well , england and all over the world….look up anything on the “black pope” it’s horrible..I’ve been really trying to talk to people at church, friends , neighbors nobody feels this is urgent right now…..My neighbor has heard Marzulli speak and he told me yesterday he doesn’t want to hear anymore about new events” He has never been this happy in his life , but he won’t accept Jesus, him and his wife are into universalism…..My pastor said sunday, ” for people who love this world and don’t accept christ this is the only heaven they will see…

      In other words god says he comes to bring a sword to divide..for a year I have tried to show the books , talk to my friends to let them know it’s coming and that the vatican will baptize these beings as brothers…but you and I know Marzulli , SKiba , tom horn , and all the others are correct and these things are inter dimensional “fallen ones”…coming soon…

    • Godshelp, agreed this blog is enlightening. Our conversation made me think about how little I know about the eastern orthodox branch of the church. Could the AC come from here? Is there a Jesuit influence?
      A perfectionIst can be paralysed with inaction, saying or doing nothing for fear of being wrong. This blog is an exchange of ideas. We all agree that the Bible trumps everything else.

    • John T. and Godshelp74,
      I, too, was once unaware of the falseness of the catholic religion. I thought it was just a form of worship that was different from my own. I believed that all catholics were born-again Christians. I could not have been more wrong!
      I highly recommend that you read “A Woman Rides the Beast” by Dave Hunt. If you ever had any questions or doubts as to the true nature and deception of the RCC and the Vatican, then this book will help you to see the Light!!! This book, contrary to what many catholics have been led to believe, is not an attack on the catholic people living under the bondage of that deception, but rather a labor of love. He did his homework! This accurate and informative book exposes the soul-stealing deception of a world religious system that is surely what the Bible calls the “Whore of Babylon,” – the harlot who rides the beast! If this book, along with an intense study of the Book of Revelation does not convince you of the falseness of the Roman Catholic religious system, nothing will!
      To all those who would attack my comment, I suggest you do a in-depth study of the Holy scriptures and compare that with the RCC catechism. They are diametrically opposed on every level!

    • John T-yes agreed 🙂 I wonder if this lady in the third video is truthful..She talks about Nephilim breeding..I’ve had so many interruptions today but it sounds that she had two nephilim children, gestation time only 4 months…so much chaos in the world, whats fact whats fiction.in these stories on the internet..

    • JAY….
      I would say that ….”most people in Catholicism” ….really don’t know what they believe, because catholicism “mixes” paganism with it.
      Being that “a person must EARN their salvation” …in the Catholic teachings….this is WRONG….and against SCRIPTURE.

      Now then, ….during the “Catholic Renewal”….there were many 1,000’s who got Born-Again…filled with the Holy Spirit with the evidence
      of Speaking in Tongues….MANY, MANY people healed, …..delivered from demons …..and changed lives!

      I do know some of these people………and they do NOT believe in the teachings of Catholicism, but in JESUS as Savior and
      that God’s Word is The TRUTH and the final authority in a Christian’s life, …NOT the pope or the RCC.

      THAT really is the bottom line: WHO is JESUS…and…WHAT JESUS did at The CROSS was EVERYTHING that needed to be done!

      The problem with many Catholics is that they “exalt” the pope, mary, other saints, and ultimately don’t ACCEPT JESUS as THE way.

      Salvation has NOTHING to do with the pope…..nothing at all……NEVER has …….and NEVER will.

      Ephesians 2:8-9…Romans 5:1-11….10:8-13…and many others …..make it very clear that RIGHTEOUSNESS comes by FAITH in JESUS.

    • Jay, I wrote down the title to that book, i’ll try to check it out. Godshelp, i’ll check out the video. I remember an Osmonds album called “The Plan”. I wonder if the Mormon faith deals with the Nephilim?

    • Kirk- ” catholics there were many 1,000′s who got Born-Again…filled with the Holy Spirit ” thank you for validating my argument from yesterday..their are cathoilcs that are filled with the holy spirit, saved and will go to heaven…today I simply apologized from bringing it up in the first place, Maruzlli was addressing the vatican issue on his post ….Not individuals of catholicism..…The vatican institution is truly corrupted..I agree with you on that point…

  4. LA blood in the stool can be scary. I just spent 7 years in and out of the hospital from a stomach infection I got in Thailand. Most blood comes from either polyps in the small and large intestines, ulcers or hemorrhoids. Polyps can be scary because they can be cancerous but Im sure he will be having several different scopes today. He will know soon what the issue is. My blood issues were easily fixable but stomach pain is miserable.

    • Richard…..
      LA Marzulli corrected me on my post ….that it is NOT LA’s “dad”, but rather Pastor Dan who is dealing with health stuff.
      I did not read that correctly. So I just mention it to you ( and others ) … who thought that it “was” LA’s own father, but is NOT.
      Different subject: RICHARD….how is your KNEE doing ??? It’s been a while now, …..has it healed up real good ??

      There is a really EXCELLENT company that has “ORGANIC OLIVE LEAF PRODUCTS”….at “Olivus.com”…..GREAT for EVERYTHING !!!!
      I have been using it everyday……and God has made this for all of us…..check it out and do some research on OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT.
      BENEFICIAL FOR SO MUCH…..fights EVERYTHING !!!! I don’t like seeing anyone feeling sick, and OLIVE LEAF really works!!

    • I took olive leaf extract and oil of oregano (supplemented w/ probiotics) to get rid of that nasty flu bug- it worked.

    • YES….Mrs M…..OIL of OREGANO …. is also POWERFUL …. sure does have a bite to it !!! Sure does the job !!!

      Those two: Olive Leaf Extract and Oil of Oregano should be used by EVERYONE……AWESOME !!!!

  5. I have a very, very interesting teaching in my possession concerning the Bermuda Triangle. It is suspected by some, if not many, that the Bermuda Triangle is a gateway to Hell itself. The story is told (suposedly true) that the famous underwater diver Jacques Cousteau went diving into the water deep down near the Bermuda Triangle back in the 60’s or so and heard strange noises down there that frightened him so badly that he came back up out of the water very frightened and pale from what he saw. When asked by his fellow divers what the problem was and what was wrong, he didn’t want to talk about it because it frightened him so badly. He later finally disclosed what he heard and he said that he heard the sound of moaning and chains dragging.

    Interestingly, there are a total of twelve places on earth in the oceans that have the same occurrences as the Bermuda Triangle does. These could be twelve openings to Hell that people go through at death if they are unsaved. The one that a person is closest to in the world at death is the one they go through on their way to Hell. These openings to Hell (if indeed that is what they are) could have some demonic, supernatural activity surrounding them which would explain all the odd disappearances of ships and planes.

    • That is interesting Corey! But not only in the oceans. I once read an article of miners (I think it was in the Nordic region of Europe) who delved so deeply into the earth that they all reported hearing horrific screams. Scary indeed! I do believe there are some supernatural phenomena surrounding the Bermuda triangle. That many occurrences of missing craft cannot be dismissed as mere coincidence.

    • Corey- go to Hudes at 29:00 she claims Obamas mom worked for the CIA?? I’m just cross referencing all her stuff..I’m presenting a lot of this to friends..She sounds so legitimate ..I want to make sure there isn’t incongruence..Yesterdays Nephilim post has me spun..

    • Corey….
      I remember that story about Jacques Cousteau….”moaning sounds and chains dragging”. Saw a video on it many years ago! FREAKY !!!

      If I recall, I think the Bermuda Triangle goes directly to the OPPOSITE side of the earth where the “other triangle” is located in that ocean.
      Makes sense that they would be “connected” somehow.

    • Praying for Pastor Dan!
      Lord heal the Pastor let him be fully recovered in the Name Of Jesus Christ

    • Jay and LookingUp… Scroll down to the bottom of the page and read comments below. It does appear from scripture that there are entrances to Hell located in the seas! 😯

  6. You are out on a limb, indeed.  Go to Abel Danger if you want to find out what happened.  Boeing has admitted that passenger plans now have an auto-pilot feature installed which allows an external (translation evil) source to co-opt the planes.  The pilots cannot retrieve control.  Such planes were used in 9-11.  This is not supernatural, but it is the spirit of the antichrist.

  7. WOW! L.A., you and I are thinking along the same lines. My first thought was that this plane may have got sucked into a vortex to another dimension. People just cannot grasp the “supernatural” aspect of our world. The veil is thinning more and more. I think it is just a matter of time. Even so, come Lord Jesus!
    God bless your dad. I pray for his complete healing in Jesus Christ name.
    My brother experienced something similar. Has your dad been tested for Crohns or colitis?
    Keeping you all in my prayers! 🙂

  8. There is an interesting story over at Infowars concerning this. Apparently, the family of the missing passengers are able to call their cell phones and they do get rings but no one answers of course. The family of the missing passengers said that they are getting ring tones and could see them active online through a Chinese social networking service called QQ.

    Very strange indeed.

    • “The phantom calls triggered a new level of desperation and anger for some. They tried repeatedly Sunday and Monday to ask airline and police officials about the ringing calls and QQ accounts. However unlikely it was, many thought the phones might still be on, and that if authorities just tracked them down, their relatives might be found. But they were largely ignored.”…..

      My question is who is telling authorities ignore this… and Now on CNN , coincidently CIA is saying “we can’t dismiss terrorism…is this a red herring .

    • I wish I could post the link for an explanation of the ringing thing, but the guy said it was the same thing that happens when a cell tower can’t find you here. Happens to me all the time when I’m traveling. People try to call me, and it rings and rings on their end and won’t go to voice mail, and I never know that they tried to call. I’m not a techie, but that makes sense to me.

    • Corey- I’m new to this site, where the heck is the delete post button? I’ve already gone to the wordpress home page I don’t see anything? I’m exhausted and don’t feel like playing with this thing…since I’ve been on this thing you have been kind…

    • Hey there Godshelp74… For as long as I’ve been coming to this blog site, I too have no idea. I really don’t know that there is one. I think once you’ve hit “Post Comment”, it’s there for all to see and there is no calling it back. The only thing I could tell you is that you can hit the “Cancel reply” written in red above the box we type in located to the upper right corner before you hit “Post Comment”.

    • Indeed godshelp74… I usually respond and read more comments later at night when most are in bed because I work nights and I sleep during the day. I usually leave some comments when I get home in the morning. Thanks for posting the video above concerning Obama’s mummsy. I’m getting ready to watch it in a few minutes. Looks very interesting. I discovered something about gates to Hell being located in the seas (speaking of the missing Malaysia flight). Scroll down to the bottom to read it. It’s actually in the bible! 😯

  9. Austin-based high-tech eco-friendly company Freescale Semiconductor (NYSE:FSL) has confirmed that 20 of its employees were confirmed passengers on Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. Twelve are from Malaysia and eight are from China. The company’s key product solutions include those for electric vehicles.

    “The entire Freescale Semiconductor community is deeply saddened by this news,” the company said in a written statement Saturday afternoon, adding it will provide more information as it becomes available.

  10. L.A., this story is starting to feel like the pebble that caused an avalanche. I made the comment to my friend that I wonder if this event could be the catalyst for a global unveiling that we are not alone! (Of, course, the powers that be would never disclose the true nature of these entities.) Regardless, this is a very strange and troubling incident. God bless all families those affected by this.

    • Jay, your comment is exactly how I felt when I heard about the disappearance, but it just sounded so strange and crazy in my head that I couldn’t even say it outloud. But it is exactly how I felt.
      God bless!

  11. Whatever the cause it is a sad sad situation, I pray for those who are in anguish over the uncertainty.

    • Amen Azureceu. I don’t think any of us here meant to trivialize this situation in any way. We are somewhat captivated by the strange circumstances surrounding the plane’s disappearance, but we also are mindful of the families who are most certainly grieving. It is very sad for all involved. God bless them all.

    • Jay, I agree no one is trivializing the situation.

      Now to speculation:
      Deja Vu: See Oceanic flight 815

  12. Morning! Missing Malaysian plane…lots of questions and no answers. According to CNN article flight was in “in safest point in flight” and clear weather. The one theory that if terrorism was involved, would be the 20 employees from the American semiconductor company. ”

    I seem to remember a teaching that there is a Bermuda Triangle type portal in the South China sea. Will check on it and come back later to update.


    • The portal is the Devil’s Sea aka the Pacific – Bermuda Triangle.

      The missing Malaysian flight was not known to be in the triangle unless they were “automatically” taken over electronically, or just lost due to navigational error…?

  13. uh oh, trouble in paradise? In the front page of my local newspaper today…

    from Hpress

    $600K stolen from Lakewood Church

    A grand total of $600,000 in cash and checks – along with written credit card information – was stolen from Houston’s Lakewood Church on Sunday, according to a statement that church leaders emailed to the church’s members on Monday.

    Someone allegedly broke into the church’s safe Sunday evening, which was discovered by an employee Monday morning, taking cash, checks and envelopes containing written credit card information with them.

    Joel Osteen’s mega church sent the note to members of the church to alert them that funds contributed on March 8 and 9 were taken. Lakewood encouraged those who made contributions to the church on those days to monitor their accounts closely for fraud and to notify their financial institutions if they see anything out of sorts.

    The statement reiterated that this was not an electronic data breach, and was only limited to donations made during those services. Further, if a church member put their offering in a drop box, gave online or through other electronic means, they are not affected.

    “The funds were fully insured, and we are working with our insurance company to restore the stolen funds to the church,” said Lakewood in the statement.

    A spokesman with the church, Donald Iloff, Jr., said Tuesday that he couldn’t further comment on the theft.

    “Lakewood Church is working in conjunction with the Houston Police Department to investigate this matter. We do not want to compromise the investigation by commenting at this time,” he said.

    Ok, first off two things come to mind… I’m not sure what disturbs me more the fact someone has the audacity to steal from a church or the fact Lakewood took in 600,000 for a single Sunday service. 600K for one Sunday service!?!?!?!?!? I’m definitely in the wrong business. I’m amazed they had that much in the church safe. However, there is a good reason they don’t deposit the money, keeps the IRS out of their business. I am amazed they can keep up the charade knowing they are ripping off the folks that are so easily controlled that they just give their money to these phony false preachers. (Not saying they are all like this but I know a good percentage that are) I am convinced the eight level of Dante’s hell is reserved for false prophets, liars, thieves and panderers; I predicted a Lakewood scandal in the near future. I think this may be it because the media is reporting this is an inside job with at least three maybe more persons from within the inner circle. By the way, it’s not a safe by any means. It’s a vault with a huge door and is impossible to break into… someone had to have the combo to get in and know the time lock data. Somehow I doubt this is the first time money has been pilfered there….

    • Which should outrage us more…someone stealing 600K from a church or a church stealing 600K from the people? Hmmmmmmm

    • Well, Joel, try telling that to all the Jews/Christians/innocents who died in the Holocaust. My God’s justice is bigger than righting wrongs – and it’s eternal.

    • UPDATE; from HPress “Victor Senties, spokesman for the Houston Police Department, said $200,000 in cash and $400,000 in checks were stolen from the church’s safe sometime between early afternoon Sunday and Monday morning, when a church employee first discovered the money missing”The funds were fully insured, and we are working with our insurance company to restore the stolen funds to the church,” according to the Lakewood statement.

      I usually stay away from commenting on issues regarding organized religion, even though it has, for thousands of years, been a direct contributor to the senseless deaths of millions. But today I had heard various opinions about the $600,000.00 stolen from Joel Osteen and his Lakewood Church, and I am now compelled to say this; Joel Osteen’s statement was that the money taken was from a services held on the prior Sunday (2hrs.), and he has asked for the publics prayers and help in recovering the money that was stolen from God. First of all, the only thing I can see that was ever stolen from God by man was the life of his son Jesus Christ. Second, in a time when organized religious organizations are being scrutinized for their lavish lifestyles, I find it a little audacious that he possibly unwittingly admitted he made $600,000.00 in 2hrs…. that’s $300,000.00 per hr.!!, and he created NO product and created NO job. His only creation/service to the public was “an inspirational message.” I’m sorry but that is an unwarranted amount of money for a service with no intrinsic value, because NO man can prosper and excel in life on inspiration alone. There are people with college educations and skilled trades in this country that CAN create jobs and CAN create products and they can’t get a decent job making $10.00 per hr. and live a basic lifestyle, this is where the peoples prays should be going. Faith in God is admirable and earns my respect, but placing your faith in organized religion is well misplaced

    • For what its worth.

      $600,000 is not a lot of money really in this case.
      A 40,000 member church giving $15 each is $600,000.

      From a Mormon perspective Texans would be tightfisted.

  14. “http://www.naturalnews.com/044260_Malaysia_Airlines_Flight_370_supernatural_explanations.html”

    Interesting read that goes right along with today’s blog entry.

    • I am not a conspiracy nut, but this is just not sounding like a mechanical malfunction or emergency. If in fact the Malaysian military reports are true and plane made it to the Malacca Strait, then I think we are dealing with something other than a “catastrophic event”…… First, the Malacca Straits are not that big and not that deep…Second, I believe it is one of the worlds busiest shipping channels with over 150+ cargo ships passing through it each day…. It is also one of the richest fishing grounds in the Pacific. Lastly, it does have more than its fair share of pirates. So there are in excess of 300 ships of various sizes in the Malacca Strait at any given time… Yet no one reports seeing an explosion and not a single piece of debris has been found. When you consider how congested, how narrow and how shallow the straight is, someone should have found something by now. In fact, there should be debris everywhere. And based on the currents, it should have already started to wash ashore….No doubt. this is mysterious. But, I’m starting to lean towards the possibility that this plane did not crash or blow up mid air, but that it was hijacked and landed somewhere inland. Everything about this smells of someone changing the transponder code to avoid commercial radar detection, flying low to avoid military doppler radar, and getting away with a plane for some nefarious purpose.

    • I agree, Matt. Things are starting to point to a hijacking. Sure would like to be able to fast-forward a week or two.

  15. It’s distressing to know things like this have happened before, but due to normalcy bias people don’t go beyond their 6 o’clock news.
    Dave Hodges site:
    The primary weapon of mass manipulation is the planet’s central banking system which is headquartered in Basel. If a nation and its leaders do not follow the script, they tend to have a very short life span. Let’s take the assassination of the Polish government and military as a case in point.

    It is difficult to discuss centralized banking and at the same time forget the very suspicious deaths of the entire Polish government, high ranking military establishment and members of its own national banking cartel after they refused to let their nation become the latest victim of this banking cartel’s loan sharking operation in which the IMF attempted to make Poland a debt slave. Poland was the only nation in 2009 to experience economic growth in the EU which totaled 2.75% in that year and 3.25% in 2011 at a time when the other 26 nations of the EU economy contracted by as much as 4.1%. The Polish government refused to capitulate to the IMF and enter the world of austerity, pension theft and the looting of bank accounts.

    The plane crash which led to the death of the entire Polish government and banking leaders was staged and then a Russian/Polish hit team descended on the scene to kill the survivors before the first responders could arrive. Do you want to see what a bankster regime change looks and sounds like. Take a look at this video which keeps being taken down and then reappearing. I would suggest saving this video on your desktop.

    Is there a motive to this newest downed plane? Cui bono?

  16. Dear L.A.,, I just read about suitcase nukes about Iran,,About 10 yeas ago I purchased a book written by Soviet GRU. ( military intelligence) Col. Stanislav Lunev, the highest ranking defector to the west. in His book he claimes that the  Russian Spetznaz have already placed over 100 suitcase nukes prepositioned in the USA . His book is ” Through the Eyes of the Enemy”.

  17. Carolyn Hamlett was raised in the illuminati , she has many videos on her blog that are fascinating.she talks here about artificial intelligence ( AI) and the Nephilim. Disembodied spirit of the Nephilim..

  18. Carolyn Hamlett she has her blog with many other videos..She was raised with the illuminati and talks here specifically about artificial Intelligence
    ( Ai) and the Nephilim.!!!

    • you guys have been studying this stuff longer than me..this lady was under mind control under the family of the illuminati, seems to have alters, but also seems to possibly have been in a breeding nephilim program..I have listened to some of this stuff it seems like it could be valid..hope one of you will give me insight..fraud or possible? she seems authentic…



    Malaysia Airlines live: military says last tracked plane hundreds of miles off course

    Malaysia’s military believes it tracked a missing jetliner by radar over the Strait of Malacca, far from where it last made contact with civilian air traffic control.

    • Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: A pilot suicide mission?

  20. An airplane gets “Lost” in this day and age of satellite nets watching everything on the earth. Sorry but I’m highly skeptical. I’m wondering if this situation is not more out the minds of media news producers than in real life. You know, the illuminati controlled new media (see Protocals of the Aged Zion Masters) to see how carrying out an impossible lie to the masses will pan out. I’ll be a doubting Thomas with man, but not with my LORD. Let every man be a liar,…as my Pastor Michael Hoggart says.

  21. Hey guys,
    I just heard on CNN that one possibilty for flight 307 going missing could be the result of being hit by a meteor, as there was a meteor “in the area” at the time of take off. This is getting stranger and stranger. Does anyone know anything about this report? Thank you.

    • WOW! Amazing! Must view for everyone here who follow LA’s expeditions.

      Back in 1990’s read brief written article (in one of those alternative media magazines) about some mountainside or cliff located in Russia which featured a natural hologram telling a story, images of animals and people running etc – sort of like the old novelty postcards that featured a person blinking or changing their expression when you changed the angle of the postcard. I have not been able to find anything on internet about it – and can’t remember the location except for it being somewhere in the Russias.

      Good find, Eric!

    • Not as impressive as Machu Pichu, but still impressive.

      Ps… Some rock formations can be explained by the mechanical weathering process or chemical weathering (weathering and erosion, usually igneous becoming sedimentary through weathering, transportation, deposition, and diagenesis).

      Mechanical breakdown of rocks to smaller pieces and the mineral components through freezing and thawing, (water in cracks and joints expands when turned to ice widens crack and eventually breaks rock.
      Exfoliation is the heating during the day (expansion) and cooling at night (contraction) causes rock to fracture.

      Transportation and deposition are where exposed rocks (on land) are broken down (weathered and eroded) and transported by wind, gravity, flowing water or ice and usually the above processes eventually form sedimentary rocks (mainly found in oceans).

      Excuse my old geology notes!

  22. Just another distraction from the white house scandals,the Ukraine, the arms headed to Garza,osamacare,police state, When this one blows over there will be another…perhaps Justin and Brittney abducted by Miley’s tongue.

  23. @ catholicism, whatever -ism, or similar
    – catholic jesus, mormon jesus, muslim jesus, tv jesus … can’t save anyone
    – catholic god, mormon god, muslim god, pop god … are clearly not The Almighty
    – some few will be saved out from such delusions … despite their doctrines
    – note: apostate jesus / apostate god = false messiah / false god

    @ just plane gone
    – dimensional hole swallows plane … ship … is like
    – sink hole swallows house … cars …

    @ “The Event” checklist
    – was CERN was on?
    – do recordings show “missing time” (globally)?

    @ bermuda triangle
    – geekglyph has an anti-pode function
    – if the plane was brought in for a dicey water landing
    – it could easily sink with little or no debris

    @ sea stories
    – we did a plane wreckage recovery with divers off the coast of honduras once
    – it certainly wasn’t obvious the wreckage was there

    @ aliens hidden among us
    – Matthew 13:25
    – “while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat”

    @megalith russia
    – the more exposed across the globe
    – the less options the enemy has

    @ dark blood in the stool
    – been a couple of decades back
    – I watched my dad get out of his hospital bed a day after heart surgery
    – he had to urgently void his bowels, and wouldn’t do so in the bed
    – his chronic ulcers had bled profusely, which was missed during the work up
    – they treated, he survived….

    Working theory…
    – megalithic architectures, pyramid cultures, idol worship … global occurences
    – neanderthal, denisovan, other non-humans, or quasi-human “humanoids / hominids”
    – historical records, contemporary history, news, and prophecy show similar
    – insanity and just plain evil — by most everyone “human” — in light of God’s standards
    – all point to this world being the mechanism by which the angelic enemy forces & their proxies
    – are detected, isolated, and contained (such as also needed for the apostate corruptions)
    – so we’re going through the process The Almighty is using to separate His own from the enemy
    – and the end cycles are becoming more and more and much more intense…

  24. Doug Batchelor Analyzes Pope’s Recent Threat of ‘Unity or Else” ……Remember the popes call to UNITY to Kenneth Copeland ???
    THIS VIDEO ADDRESSES many of the points that need to be REVEALED as DECEPTIVE !!!

  25. I’m working on a couple theories here. And as far out as it sounds could be quite plausible… Since Malaysia flight-mh370 has not been found despite authorities best efforts…perhaps all 227 passengers on board were raptured. He brought together Chinese, Malaysian, India, Indonesia, Australia, the United States, France, New Zealand, Ukraine, Canada, Russia and the Netherlands, think of it as something of a modern day Noah’s Ark….or, perhaps the 777 aircraft is now proudly displayed in another planets museum of antiquities and the passengers are now a part of a zoological display, maybe even being probed and tested as we would do with different life form from a another planet. Only difference would be we would not put any recovered craft on display and any medical test done on bodies/survivors would be at Area51 deep underground.
    There has been speculation the governments of the world have been secretly negotiating with alien life for many years with exchanges of human life for technology, perhaps this was a large withdraw.

    • Sorry, I don’t have any scriptures to back any of these theories up. But if one is absolutely necessary Proverbs 25:2 should suffice; “It is the glory of God to conceal things, but the glory of kings is to search things out”


    “Dead things are formed from under the waters, and the inhabitants thereof. Hell is naked before him and Destruction (Abbadon in Hebrew) has no covering” (Job 26: 5-6). It appears from this scripture and others that there are openings under the waters. “Let not the waterflood oveflow me, neither let the deep swallow me up, and let not the pit shut her mouth upon me. (psalm 69:15) Or who shut up the sea with doors? … Hast thou entered into the springs of the sea? or hast thou walked in the search of the depth? Have the gates of death been opened to thee? Or hast thou seen the doors of the shadow of death?” (Job 38:8, 16-17)

    Folks… it appears, as I’ve stated above in the top of comment section, that there are twelve places total in the seas with these strange occurrences taking place like the Bermuda triangle. I know that it was discovered awhile back that all these places have a mysterious triangle shape to them. Notice that there are twelve total. The entrances to the new Jerusalem in Heaven are twelve in number as well. I guess it makes sense that there would be twelve entrances to Hell on earth! Notice in Job 38:8 above that doors are under the sea! Doors to Death! Entrances to Hell are indeed under the waters. As such, it makes sense that there would be strange phenomena going on near these entrances, such as the disappearances of ships and planes. Not that this is what happened to Maylasia flight MH370 but it sure is possible.

    • I have to say that after watching SeashoreMary’s video above concerning UFOs spotted in the Devil’s Triangle, you almost have to come to the conclusion that these twelve areas of the world in the oceans are indeed entrances to Hell. We all know what UFOs are. They are manifestations of demons in deceptive form. There is an aura of evil going on here with the Bermuda Triangle and entrances to Hell.

    • Lol! … I want to clarify that I don’t think that this flight literally took a diversion off the flight path directly into Hell … Lol! … 😆 What I am saying is that strange occurrences may be happening around these areas like the Bermuda Triangle because they are entrances to Hell… thus accounting for the disappearances of planes. Whatever it is that happens to these aircraft, I’m quite certain that they didn’t literally take a nose dive into Hell… 😆

    • I know, I was just interjecting; I got what you were saying and ya never know might be something to it. But what if they are not entrances to Hell, but to other dimensions? The doorways could lead anywhere,perhaps not as sinister as hell.

      “There is a fifth dimension, beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man’s fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call the Twilight Zone” —Rod Serling

    • 😆 … Based on above quoted scripture, I do indeed think that it may have something to do with Hell.


    • Kaku on aliens:
      – in sci-fi
      – in monkey suits
      – as territorial like humans
      – as better predictors of the future


  27. Hi L.A. I don’t care if you post this as I know you don’t like what I say, but I did want to comment on your Nephilm post but comments were turned off, so I’ll state what I wanted to offer here. Like Bpearthwatch and others the “antichrist” is expected to return BEFORE Jesus returns. I don’t disagree with that, though I believe your missing that Jesus return was in two phases, incarnate as a “son of man” (offspring human) for the first fruit, his small group of disciples his Father gave him and the second not incarnate but to be witnessed in the sky/atmosphere/near space and potentially on the surface for the second fruit, those “saved” for future lesson time after recycling. So then where is the antichrist depicted. Ti and Do said that the ALL the space aliens were the fallen angels. Now that doesn’t mean they still have the physical bodies they had that Enoch and Moses in Genesis 6 talked about, but that would explain how the Nephilum the offspring of the hybridization of the fallen angels (once sons of god as watchers working for the kingdom of God in an elementary fashion because they hadn’t yet proved themselves incorruptible so they were never provided with incorruptible physical bodies).are among us now as the space aliens the fallen angel descendants. Now yes, we know that there are many humans in places in power that are also of their seed. Like the space aliens they are all spiritual atheists regardless of religious affiliations that are meaningless anymore as it’s really coming down to recognition of the One true many membered kingdom of God(s) whose abodes are wherever they are working and are not limited to any one place in the universe who are above human in every way biologically and technically and mentally, etc. and the “human kingdom” which includes the space aliens as they are all mammals and are limited to trying to survive by increasing their numbers by mammalian methods of reproduction and having to eat and have technologies to try to get off the planet before it’s recycled again and some of them are forced to flee underground to try to survive as they did during the flood so that they were able to start over after the flood. Their spacecrafts can work underwater as well as out of water, though their time is coming when all “souls” who live in the sea will be spaded (killed) by the Next Level. Now for the antichrist reappearing in a physical body again. I believe this is depicted in some detail in:

    Rev 6:8 And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.

    Pale is only a remote translation for the Greek chloros which is green. Pale it seems came from the idea of a plant that is a yellowish new shoot which can also be the case as a descriptor of the physical body(s) these two take, I suspect there will be many ways “green” describes these two. Remember green was the original way in which we thought of space aliens – green martians, the moon was made of green cheese. Then there is “green” in terms of the “greens” politically, even the tea party, where tea is a plant and plants are “green” or yellow at first and then green once matured. Then there is green as from the emerald isle so there may be some Irish linkage. And green also has a military connotation as the camouflage of marines, thus some military aspect can be engaged, even martial law as some fear is down the road. And finally green in perhaps the biggest way that is a result of what many of the space aliens have said through contactees and channelers that is becoming the battle cry all over the world and congress is meeting about as we speak, the environmental green movement that is claiming humans are bringing about the global warming trend. It’s no mystery that when they had the Nobel peace prize given to Obama in Oslo a number of years ago it was at the same time as a big environmental conference. Those conferences never get anywhere because that’s not what they are really for but it is a way for countries to come together to talk about the NWO and at some of the deepest levels interchange data on the space aliens involvements. Yes, the space aliens are who are “riding” the Red, Black and Pale/Green horses (humans) via both their discarnate presence as all the original fallen angels I believe are dead so are in the discarnate world manipulating whatever humans can bring them the biggest bang for their agenda, while are also running the show of the space aliens, their immediate descendants by whatever reproductive methods..When I was researching Romney with his LDS leadership and space alien affiliations in their more secretive beliefs, he really seemed to fit for a number of reasons but I know there are many who can fit that role.

    So of course we won’t have more of a handle on this thinking being true until about 2017 which I suspect will being the 4th stage in the birthing of Souls into Next Level membership because those that by then begin to wake up to the fact that Ti and Do were the incarnate return will be targeted and those who are public about their faith and spreading Ti and Do’s information will be apprehended and probably killed because of how such threatens so many in places of comfort and power in their beliefs.

    There is a lot more on this and I have been given the keys to opening up all the scriptures eventually though I can only do so a little at a time. I actually don’t want you to post this as I’m realizing that for most of your followers it’s too much too fast to consider what I have to share. You know well how hard it was for you to grasp the reality to the way scriptures and space aliens intermingle. Most people can’t fathom much about space alien realities let alone thinking that the Kingdom of God/Heaven physical bodies they wear also look like what some space aliens have been programmed by the lower forces to look like. For instance the greys of whitley stieber are horrendous looking as with other contactee and abuctee depictions. I’m not saying there are not space aliens that look like that but I believe they are suits to disguise what they really look like as they are probably reptilian looking and are influenced in their suit design to resemble Next Level vehicles as the Luciferians know what those vehicles look like. Ti had one drawn and I put it on my broadcasts that I put on my youtube channel 3spm if you want to see it. They look kind and loving and gentle and have slightly larger than human heads and slightly larger eyes but other than that are very pleasant looking and are humanoid like the Lord said they created humans in their likeness which was a visual likeness in the Hebrew.

    I noticed your request for prayers for your dad. My mother went though an operation on her bowel a few years ago. She had blood in the stool as well and they found a hole in her bowl and had eaten through the bladder so she had to have a bypass put in that was later reversed and she’s doing good now at 84 years old. I know this is a stretch but it’s possible Ti and Do might offer you some proof of their reality by helping your dad but you will have to ask them yourself. I know they can help and even if they do you will still have the option to think it was coincidence or from the prayers of your followers, friends and families, though I know that their prayers do little. If it’s too hard to bring yourself to ask Ti and Do then I would suggest you project your asking as far away from the planet as you can imagine so it can’t be intercepted by the space alien discarnates and first ask help to know the truth about Ti and Do. No matter what you do, I do hope your dad recovers.

    I do apologize for hitting so hard in many of my comments on your blogs. To some degree that’s my job but I could do it with a lot more diplomacy.

  28. Looks like the mystery on planes location might be finally coming to an end…… now a new mystery as to why it went down begins. NZer spots burning object off Vietnam | Radio New Zealand /(Reuters) – Vietnam has scrambled rescue helicopters to check a “yellow object” floating in its waters that rescue teams suspect could be a life raft from a Malaysian plane.

    Vietnam air traffic management deputy general director Doan Huu Gia said it had deployed aircraft to investigate a possible sighting of the plane.

    “We received an email from a New Zealander who works on one of the oil rigs off Vung Tau,” he said.

    “He said he spotted a burning [object] at that location, some 300km southeast of Vung Tau.”

  29. “Putin as carnivore” (UPI)
    – “Putin is now perceived as a ruthless carnivore in a Europe of soft vegetarians.”
    – cp. carnivore = beast


  30. Hi LA News reported this a.m. that a New Zealand man working On a oil rig in Vietnam witnessed a large object burning at high altitude and believes it was the missing plane.

    I live in Australia and it was an Australian news service report.

    Regards, Kate


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