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(Thanks to Watcher Melissa!)  (Go to the 23 minute mark)

What we have found out, and this sounds implausible, but it is absolutely correct… the fact that is has been held in secret doesn’t mean that it’s not true… it is true… there’s a second species on this planet… they’re not extraterrestrials… remnants of their civilizations are all over the place… this group has large brains… they’re very distinct from homo sapiens… We know this because their DNA was just tested… they have skulls all over the place, because they have been on earth with us.

Many of us have long suspected there are cartels that include leading financiers, politicians, business conglomerates, and secret societies working together to achieve their goals of maintaining power, control and stability over the citizens of every country in the world. They will do so by whatever means necessary.  The investigations conducted by Karen Hudes and her colleagues have shed a lot more light on the conspiracy. It turns out that it’s not just theory. It’s fact.

Melissa sent me this post yesterday and I was blown away by what I was hearing!  I have to set the scene first.  Karen Hudes, who is a lawyer, is being interviewed about the global banking conspiracy.  Out of the blue—at the 23 minute mark— she makes the statement that is above in italics.  She makes the statement: We know this because their DNA was just tested.

Where did she get that information from?  I can’t help but wonder if she’s picking up on what Brien Foerster announced a few weeks back that preliminary testing from the Paracas skulls showed that the mtDNA did not match anything in the data bank.

She also alludes to a second species that are on the earth.  What is she referring to?

I realize the subject of the Nephilim is a highly controversial topic and there are many who won’t even consider it plausible.  The Nephilim are the byproduct or progeny of the fallen angels and the women of earth.  This unholy union produced the hybrid being known as the Nephilim.  In my opinion, when Genesis 6, states, the Nephilim were on the earth and those days and also afterward, when the sons of god—fallen angels—went into the daughters of men and had children by them, it means exactly what it says.  There were multiply incursions throughout history.  Think about this.  Josephus, a first century historian wrote almost 2000 years ago.

There were till then left the race of giants, who had bodies so large, and countenances so entirely different from other men, that they were surprising to the sight, and
terrible to the hearing. The bones of these men are still shown to this very day, unlike to any credible relations of other men.

So according to Josephus there was another incursion and in my opinion it was not the second incursion it was more than likely the 4th one.  I believe the Fallen One has been attempting to create man in his own image and likeness.  I believe this is still ongoing and in fact will reach a climax with the mark of the beast, which I believe will change the hosts DNA turning him or her into a Nephilim.  While I realize this might sound far-fetched, how else do we explain the judgment from a loving God, to send anyone with the mark into the lake of fire?  It is the same lack of grace and mercy we see in the days of Noah, in what befalls Sodom and Gomorah and then during the conquest of Canaan, where Joshua and Caleb are told to wipe out all the inhabitants in the land?  This is genocide and there’s no way to wiggle out of it, unless there is something else going on!  The Nephilim are once again in the land.

So, is there a remnant of these beings on the earth now as Karen Hudes believes?  I don’t know, but I will defer to an interview we conducted in Watchers 5 with Christopher Blake.  Blake stated that there is a group of men and women who call themselves, The Sons of the Nephilim.  He went on to sat that these people are waiting to install their man, the Antichrist in the rebuilt temple in Jerusalem.

In closing todays post.  There’s no way to vet Karen Hudes story at least not yet.  I have emailed her and will call her today as I want to find out where her source for the information about the DNA came from.  In the meantime,  I will be revealing some new information in Orlando which is the basis for On the Trail of the Nephilim II.  I have been in the field in different parts of the Americas and I have discovered some interesting artifacts which I believe will bolster our theory that the Nephilim were in the Americas.

“Please continue to pray for my father he is currently in the emergency room. There was lots of blood in his stool this morning and they don’t know where he is bleeding from. He feels awful. He is out of pain at least and I think that’s due to all the prayers Saturday and Sunday. I can’t thank you enough for covering him in prayer.”

His name is Pastor Dan….




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47 thoughts on “Nephilim?

  1. Please be very careful and cautious with this. It needs to be hardcore vetted. ( I know you know this. 😉 )

    I’ve seen an attempt lately to deliberately put a TON of disinfo out there on purpose to try and discredit the work. Put out deliberate outrageous hype and then try to pin it on you all.

    Watch out for the rabbit hole and the pothole is all I’m saying. Make sure you know who’s who, what’s what, and what they’ve got. 😉

    I do not recommend BIN as a source at all because they vet NOTHING. Anyone can post just about anything they want.


    ^^ This is an interview with Adam Lanza’s father. No surprises here.

    • Like rabbit trails? 😉


      That’s from 2009. Implant in a guy’s tooth.

      Two questions:

      1.) Was this legit?

      If so:

      2.) Whatever happened?

  2. Funny… I came to your site and read the headline above about the huge global conspircy interview with Karen Hudes and I am listening to it right now on the Infowars website. Stunning. A nuclear weapon was supposed to go off October 8 in Charleston but two heroes stopped it from happening. Disturbing. It definitely was the Lord who had these two heroes in the right place at the right time to stop it from happening.

    • Yes. I heard about that “nuke situation” from the lips of one “lindsay graham”……….gee, was that gonna be “on purpose”…..
      …..and “lindsay” just “happened” to let that cat out of the bag………….something smells ….like really bad!!

      False Flag anyone, anyone ??

      That Karen lady ….seems like one tough cookie too! i don’t know much about her, but she knows some serious stuff !!!

  3. Wow… confirmation right here. 60% of U.S. tax money is going to the Vatican! Mystery Babylon anyone? (still listening to the interview). People need to understand that she is an insider that was working on the inside. She knows what she is talking about.

    • I also learned that same thing some time back.

      And The Vatican …..”operates on a shoe-string budget.” Sure, yeah…like I’m buyin’ that ?!?! (Hmmm….Where is that bridge?)
      Ever watch the videos where they video tape all the pope’s treasuries ??? that alone will tell you …. THEY ARE LYING.

      Check out ….JAMES 5:1-6…..PROVERBS 11:4, 18:11….10:15 …. Ezekiel 7:19 …. Zephaniah 1:18 …. Isaiah 2:10-22…notice v. 20-21
      1 Timothy 6:17-19 …. proverbs 23:4-5 ….. Psalm 62:10
      >>>>>> ( BONUS: notice Revelation 6:15 ….. is described fully in Isaiah 2:10-22 )

      These are just a few passages about “The Wealth of the Wicked”….BUT, The BALANCE is certainly found in 1Timothy 6:17-19 !!

      I think ….”the Vatican”….and ….”the Big Bankers”…..are in for a little surprise !!!

  4. Verrrrrry eenteresting! And also makes me think back to the reports of road blocks where they wanted DNA samples from every driver…..even were offering to pay for cooperation. When I heard about that my first thought was “What/who are they looking for?” Could it be that many of these things do not know that they are?

  5. L.A, I’m keeping you in prayer! this is soooo diabolical..I’m concerned about your safety and all involved…They don’t care that we know that is what concerns me deeply…

    • When it comes down to the bottom line, the thing that should be remembered is that the Lord is in control over what happens to the church and the world. He will not allow something to happen that he doesn’t want to happen… or allow to happen. I’m not too concerned because God is the one who has the eye on every single event and nothing remains hidden to him … even all the machinations of what the wicked rulers of the earth are doing. It’s very clear from scripture that we are protected and their plans will not progress to a global population kill off until we’re OUTTA HERE!! 🙂

    • I agree with you ..but enough people have died..We need to keep him high in exciting corey!! it’s all soooo perfectly intertwined!!!! when in doubt follow the money…This is crazy!!! Is it on info wars? I’m looking

    • I’m forwarding it to every person I know including my tax guy:) let the dominoes fall..get the word out guys..the more people that know the better..wonder if full disclosure is around the bend??? pray people….pray

    • This is all incredibly scary..I’ve been looking more into this all day…..Psalm 91:11 No evil will befall you, Nor will any plague come near your tent. 11For He will give His angels charge concerning you, To guard you in all your ways. 12They will bear you up in their hands, That you do not strike your foot against a stone.…

  6. It was well over two years ago info wars had a article on B ank of America’s corporate HQ’s artwork. It asked us our input on what we think it means. I said it looked like an abduction of the woman to produce a new hybrid species. (woman in glass box being lifted off the ground, boy half in glass box, half out.) They never published my comment because I think it was spot on. You may easily find an article on vigilant citizens site about the art work.

  7. Morning! Events are rapidly moving along and I’m an observant passenger!

    I’ve been waiting for blog to reopen and share the following:

    1. Article Re Dulce, NM, underground alien lab base dated April 2013. Details genetic human testing with government approval and assistance. Is it true or not? I don’t know but I’ve seen other videos where people were already questioning mysterious activities but couldn’t access the site including some of the local Indian Natives. Article is not for the faint of heart. Also mentions Black Eyed Children and abductees @ “”.

    2. Uploaded 2-8-2014 Non-Human DNA Found in Elongated Paracus Skull. Yes, the news is spreading out there and interest is building up.


  8. google image search re: ica stones -diinosaur
    – I think there’s over 10,000
    – caution: some are pornographic even if you have your browser set


  9. I like Rand Paul for the most part and wish him the best but, look at the field. It’s not that Paul is particularly impressive. But the others are all clowns. It’s depressing that any of them got a single vote at all. The moment Rand Paul dips his toe in the presidential contest he will be torn apart for his liberation views. As much as Dems and GOP like to tout small government policies they still use big government to try to legislate their version of morality.

    A hint to the GOP: if you want to win and win big, TELL THE TRUTH. Admit that we spend too much on foreign aid and slash it. Admit that the Fed is a runaway horse and end it. Admit that the NSA has outgrown it’s britches and hack it. Admit that Wall Street and corporate America have undue influence on politics and curtail it. Admit that we need some major, major changes and that things have gotten out of control big brother wise. Unleash Main Street for pete sake and let us get back to what we want to do, working at decent jobs, having families and living life without constant fear of the wolf at the door.

    Voluntarily purge the GOP ranks of old line troopers like Boehner and McConnell and McCain. We all KNOW that they are useless sell outs, get rid of them and admit why. Don’t make the voters do it, do it yourselves. Defending them and keeping them in your ranks merely tarnishes the whole party. Be a fresh, new party and let the Dems look old and stale and corrupt in comparison,which by the way they are doing a good job of now..

    The ordinary people of this country tend to be middle of the road and not either radically liberal or radically conservative. But they ARE getting radically sick of being lied to all the time and of seeing their freedom diminish by the day. If Rand Paul addreses that (and MEAN IT) and he would win a lot of votes……

  10. Enoch 105: 17 – In them I saw it written, that generation after generation shall transgress, until a righteous race shall arise; until transgression and crime perish from off the earth; until all goodness come upon it.

    I recently watched the Watchers episode with the rabbi who said evil would increase in the last days, like it was having its last heyday before time runs out and it’s cleansed from the earth. As these things come to light, we know our hope draws near.

  11. L.A.,
    I do believe humans have been abducted by these evil beings, “The Fallen Ones,” and that these abductees were taken [by force], against their will. Now given that, IF the implants embedded into them are in fact changing their DNA, will God ultimately reject these abductees because of their genetic “reconstruction?” I was always under the assumption that taking the “mark of the beast” meant to WILLING choose to do so—not have it forcibly imposed upon one. My question is…if, say a child, is abducted and implanted with a chip that changes them into a Nephilim hybrid and walks the Earth for another 60-70 years with their DNA being changed, can that person still be saved and go to Heaven when they die? I would really appreciate your thoughts on this!!!
    Thank you.

  12. Corey….and EVERYONE….

    REMEMBER: TOMORROW….March 11….is Tom Horn’s “special giveaway deal” when you purchase the Book “Cauldron” by Terry James.
    looks like a another great book to get to “The UN-informed crowd”… mark biltz’s DVD on Blood Moons is FREE + David Flynn’s Book too.

    Check out the offer at “RaidersNewsNetwork . com” ……..Wanted to make sure people knew about it…..VERY TIMELY !!! Give extras out !!!

  13. LA Marzulli….regarding your dad’s visit in the emergency room and blood in his stool.

    >>> Aloe Vera Juice is VERY healing to the entire body, especially to the intestines. drink some every few hours.
    >>>>> Slippery Elm (powder- also in a TEA) is VERY healing to the Bowels, as it clings to the lining of the Bowels and is VERY SOOTHING.
    >>> Turmeric ( the famous Indian YELLOW Spice ) ….is Phenomenal for the Bowels and Inflammation of any kind. KILLS CANCER TUMORS too !!

    *** These three are also GREAT for the lining of The Stomach !!!

    All these can be studied on Youtube…..just type in: “Benefits of __________” …which ever you are studying and tons of stuff will come up.

    Praying for Wisdom and Clarity on The Cause and Timely knowledge too, along with peace, comfort, and rest for your dad !!!

  14. Much more on the Ica Stones

    Las Piedras Negras…
    Abraham Veciana Gutiérrez





  15. Hello! I’m out in Southern CA and I was looking up into the night sky, looking at the moon and I noticed what looked like a very bright star. As I watched it, it seem to move. I called my husband out to look at it too. He was astonished cause it moved. I don’t know how to describe it, it looks as though it hovers. This was Friday and every night so far. You can’t miss it if you look up at the moon its a very bright star, I think to the North. I know that some of the stars out there are not stars!

    • Satellites look like small moving stars and they do not twinkle or blink. Many are on a “Polar” route so you can see them moving in a North to South or South to North direction. On a clear night, away from lights, just lay on a blanket and stare up at the sky. Sooner or later you’ll see one moving. Also, it usually takes about 90 minutes or so for a satellite to orbit the Earth so if you see a satellite every hour and a half, it might very well be the same one. Plus, the International Space Station will look like a very bright satellite and is so large that it almost looks like it has a shape.
      Go to heavens-above web site and register your location and you will get a list of satellites and also when the ISS (International Space Station) goes over. Also, you can go to nasa’s web site and sign up to get e-mails sent to you for satellite passes over your location.

    • Thanks Matt…..GREAT INFO. I didn’t realize the satellites moved so quickly. I have seen plenty of them here in Bend, Oregon. (Clear sky)
      I see the Space Station a lot, and yes, it does seem to have a shape you can barely make out….I use binoculars.
      I sleep outside many nights in the warmer weather on my hammock on the back deck. Can see many shooting stars too!
      Some of the most dramatic sightings have been in the last three years!!! WOW….WOW….WOW !!! Luke 21:25-26 coming to pass!
      Saw the moon flip over too….just like on Marzulli’s Watchers Video…..saw it “live”…..then on many videos since.

      YEP…..we are in that season of JESUS APPEARING SOON !!!!
      YEE HAAA !!!! GOING HOME SOON !!!!


    • Not too long ago I visited a friends ranch in Arizona, we were driving down a dark road in the middle of nowhere on the way to his ranch house. We were already on his ranch property but several miles from the house. As we were driving down the dirt road my friend said to me “you want to see something amazing??” He pulled the truck over, turned off the headlights and told me to step outside and look up….I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, it was a clear night and it was better and clearer than any planetarium I had ever been to…it truly was amazing. Didn’t see a single UFO’s but did see a few satellites…or did I?? :0 Good thing I’m a skeptic and able to keep my cool despite the fact I was thinking of Travis Walton’s experience while I was out there star gazing ….fact is I was more concerned about varmints running about and the coyotes howling around me than a UFO. [and about the coyotes that were howling] all I could think of is the old movie line, “Listen to them: the children of the night. What sweet music they make” Standing out in the middle of nowhere listening to that and not being quite sure how close/far they were was unnerving, heck with UFO’s…. They start with a few falsetto yips, then blossoms into something resembling maniacal laughter, then stringing together into chattering howls. It definitely got my attention …more than any blinking or non blinking lights in the sky.

    • I can name that tune in 3 notes…

      Matt says:
      “They start with a few falsetto yips, then blossoms into something resembling maniacal laughter, then stringing together into chattering howls.

      Charles Fergus says:
      It starts with a few falsetto yips, then blossoms into something resembling maniacal laughter, the yips stringing together into chattering howls. It’s an attention-grabbing sound, and an eerie one: coyotes howling, usually in the evening or at night, a chorus that is being heard with increasing frequency throughout the Northeast—and not just in remote wilderness areas, but in towns, suburbs, and city fringes.”


      “Probing Questions” is the kind of byline…
      … one expects from the UFO inclined
      … Truth is Out There

  16. And now for something…completely different..and completely appalling:

    ‘What’s the Use of Keeping this Baby Alive?’ Belgian Lawmakers Legalize Euthanasia for Children

    BELGIUM – Lawmakers in Belgium recently approved a measure that will allow doctors to euthanize children of all ages.

    As previously reported, the Belgian Senate overwhelmingly approved a child euthanization bill in December, sending it to the lower legislative house. This month, the lower house voted 86-44 in favor of the measure, despite some international criticism. Belgium’s King Philippe is expected to sign the bill into law.

    Once the new measure is enacted, terminally ill children will have the option to end their lives via lethal injection. As long as children understand what euthanasia is and have approval from parents and doctors, they will be free to choose assisted suicide.

    Belgium, a predominantly secular country, first sanctioned euthanasia for adults in 2002. Now, the small European nation will become only the second country in the world—along with the Netherlands—to allow child euthanization.

    Supporters of the child euthanization measure argue that terminally ill individuals should be allowed to die, regardless of age.

    “This [bill] is an act of humanity that allows the doctor to make the most humane course of action for his patient,” Philippe Mahoux, a senator who sponsored the legislation, told The New York Times. “What is scandalous is the suffering of sick children when they are going to die.”


  17. Another good show on Coast tonite,,once again it’s “Baffling Disappearances” with investigative journalist David Paulides

    “David Paulides, has discovered patterns of missing persons in America’s National parks and other rugged wilderness areas. He will discuss recent stories of disappearances in North America which fit a peculiar set of circumstances that defy logic”

    I have heard David Paulides on Coast many times before and can tell you I rank him up there with LA as far as being a very interesting, informative, on the edge of your seat guest…never a disappointment.

  18. BBC Malaysia Airlines MH370: Stolen passports ‘no terror link’

    Two men travelling on stolen passports on board a missing Malaysian airliner were Iranians with no apparent links to terror groups, officials say.

    Malaysian police named one as Pouria Nour Mohammad Mehrdad, 18, and said he was probably migrating to Germany.

    Interpol identified the other as Delavar Seyed Mohammadreza, 29
    Malaysia’s police chief Inspector Gen Khalid Abu Bakar said the young Iranian was “not likely to be a member of a terrorist group”, adding that the authorities were in contact with his mother in Germany, who had been expecting her son to arrive in Frankfurt.

    Well, there goes that theory.

  19. Reblogged this on ABUNDANT LIFE LIVING and commented:
    Fascinating stuff, friends….
    Genesis 6:1-4
    Now it came about, when men began to multiply on the face of the land, and daughters were born to them, 2 that the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were [a]beautiful; and they took wives for themselves, whomever they chose. 3 Then the Lord said, “My Spirit shall not [b]strive with man forever, [c]because he also is flesh; [d]nevertheless his days shall be one hundred and twenty years.” 4 The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men, and they bore children to them. Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown.

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