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Hello! My name is Gonz Shimura, the face behind the Face Like The Sun website. Have you ever asked yourself:

  • “Why is the world so messed up, and whose actually behind it?” (Politically, Economically, Spiritually etc.)
  • “Where are the people that actually care about the major topics that affect our lives?” (Transhumanism, the Singularity, GMO’s, Geoengineering, New World Order, Global Economy, etc.)
  • “What’s something I can do to help wake people up to these issues?”
  • “How does learning about conspiracies help me and my fellow man?”

Then you are in the right place. My goal is to not only provide you with insight and information regarding these topics, but also to provide true hope, action, and a community where you can connect with others who share your values and principles.

If you’re a Christian like I am, you may have asked yourself:

  • “Where are the Christians that actually care or even know about the state of the world?
  • “What is going on in Genesis 6 and who are the Nephilim, and what does that have to do with anything happening today?”
  • “Why does my pastor ignore so many parts of the Bible?”
  • “Why does my church not talk about these issues?”
  • “How can knowing these things help me or my fellow man?


Just up NOW! Red Ice Radio interview with me and L.A. Marzulli about the Paracas Elongated Skulls and DNA results…




L. A. 2013 PHOTO 23L. A. Marzulli’s Speaking Engagements!

New Years Eve!December 31 – Calvary Chapel Oceanside – Southern Cal.

Watcher’s 7!  Screening in Southern California – Saturday – Feb. 1st. 7:30 pm – Just Cause Motion Capture Stage – 4130 Del Rey Ave. Marina Del Rey!–done

February 21-22 – Decoding the End Times Bible Conference!–done

March 28-30: Prophecy In the News! Orlando and upcoming

April 25 -27: Behold the Days are Coming Conference 

May 5-15: Peru tour with L. A. Marzulli & Brein Foerster – There are still openings left!

June 13-14: Nephilim Mounds II – Details pending.

June 28-29: Slaton Texas – Details coming soon!

October: Tri-state Propehcy Conference – details coming soon

October 24-25: Oklahoma City – Details coming soon

To book L. A. Marzulli please email him at

L. A. Marzulli shares the platform with a variety of speakers with many different world views.  Marzulli does not endorse anyones world view unless specifically noted.

48 thoughts on “Acceleration Radio! Gonz Shimura – Age Of Deciet II

  1. How War Affects the Cash in Your Pocket and the Food on your Plate

    Lizzie Bennett

    I was born in 1960…yes, I know, I sound much younger! Anyway moving swiftly on…

    Rationing finally ended in England in 1953, seven years before I was born, but my parents didn’t get over it quite that quickly. I grew up in a house where nothing was wasted, where there was always at least 10 pounds of sugar in the cupboard, nestling alongside tinned meats (plain nasty as I recall) a wide variety of canned fruit and enough canned soup to float a battle ship.

    It was even worse down at Gran’s place in the heart of the Devon countryside. Living four miles from the nearest street light let alone shop, and living in a cottage with no running water or mains gas or electricity frugality was the order of the day.

    Every bit of string was stored for future use, brown paper from packages folded and pressed in the back of the huge family Bible, and God help you if threw out a newspaper rather than cut it into the required sized sheets for future outhouse use.

    Just like at home there was a cupboard so stuffed with tinned foods and home bottled jams, chutneys and pickles we could have survived for months no problems at all, and as they explained to me as I got older, that was the whole point.

    My grandparents and my parents lived in fear of further food shortages…and it showed.

    Without even knowing it, they were the first preppers I came into contact with, so blame them for my obsession with food security.

    They remembered the times when money was short, but food was shorter still, when having money in your pocket made no difference to ordinary people. The rich could still get almost anything on the black market, but ordinary working people just couldn’t afford those prices.

    For them it was a ration card. They were allocated a certain amount of almost every foodstuff, they got the card stamped when they collected that weeks portion of meat or butter or whatever, and that was it until the following week.

    Even clothing was rationed the raw materials were in such short supply. I was raised on make do and mend.


    As unscrupulous store owners jacked up the prices to levels unaffordable to the man in the street working people turned to barter. Those with large gardens, which was far more common then than now had two vegetable patches, one for the basic needs of the family and a second, the contents of which had been agreed upon by other gardeners as well as the owner of the plot. The idea was to not end up with three tons of carrots and no cabbages. The produce would be swapped when it was harvested, or given to others should the harvesting times not match, in the sure knowledge that you would get your ‘exchange’ veg within a couple of hours of it being dug up.

    In rural areas vegetables and fruit, eggs and sometimes cheese is still ‘swapped’ for produce that you don’t have. Informal gardening ‘clubs’ where who grows what is agreed in the school playground or at the local pub are incredibly common outside of the cities and for the most part it works well. I didn’t get much choice this year, as the newcomer to the island and as I will be growing in raised beds I am tasked with producing extra carrots as they do not grow well in the ground here. My reward will be some very nice plums, apples and greengages from another gardeners fruit trees, trees that I don’t have at this point.

    The local greengrocer is always ready to take home grown produce that’s surplus to requirements. No money changes hands of course, but a dozen eggs a week for an agreed amount of time always comes in handy.

    War isn’t just about the death and destruction wrought by guns and bombs, though God knows there was enough of that to last many generations of lifetimes. War comes in many forms, and not all of it involves tanks and missiles. War disrupts the general scheme of things, it alters the parameters we live within in ways you wouldn’t consider.

    Our just in time food supply chain for example, is vulnerable to disruption in so many ways. A cyber attack taking out the computer systems that control distribution would cause widespread panic and the storming of supermarkets. A failure of the power grid, either due to cyber attack, a physical attack or a solar kill shot would cause mayhem in a matter of hours.

    There are many ways that war can be waged against an enemy.

    Even a conventional war thousands of miles away can exert an effect on the rest of us, more so if major players are involved. Markets usually fall when instability and uncertainty levels are high. Any economic uncertainty or crisis is magnified, and recoveries are stunted. The price of essential goods start to rise, the money in your wallet buys less each week. More and more people drop below the poverty line, unable to feed their families. Unemployment rises and the state is stretched as the benefits bill increases.

    The increasing costs of imported energy, as is the case with Europe getting a full 25% of it’s natural gas from Russia via Ukranian pipelines, results in fuel insecurity, which causes further price hikes. Eventually, the cycle breaks plunging people into fuel poverty.

    Fuel, like food starts to be rationed. This leads to a reduction in productivity from industries considered to be non-essential. Anything produced by those companies will only be freely available until the stock holding has gone, and what is available will be sold at higher prices than usual. Once the stock levels have dropped those items will become scarce as the manufacturer works reduced hours due to reduced fuel. Workers will be laid off or face reduced hours, and with that reduced pay.

    Petrol and diesel prices will rise quickly, just today oil rose 2% on the volatility in Ukraine.

    This is by no means a comprehensive list of what awaits a sizable proportion of the global population in wartime conditions.

    Don’t make the mistake of thinking a war half a world away won’t affect you because one way or another, it will.

    Take care

    – See more at:

    • Thanks for this real life story. My real life story is that in WWII my father wanted to join the navy. He was a college grad so he would have been an officer in the Pacific fleet, maybe died. But the medical entrance exam discovered that he had “hypoclycemia”, not enough glucose floating around in his blood. So they gave him lots of ration books to buy extra butter. He ate some of the butter but to him it was a joke, why butter would help (it didn’t help, as he had s genetic flaw which is not helped by fat), so he passed the butter around to the family, and we all thought it was a joke too, as we were used to eating low fat (which was the right thing to do with our flaw). In addition to the butter story, we had a
      “victory garden” in the swamp at the base of the street, and air raid drills in case the Japanese bombed us. I was just a tiny girl then, but my future husband was working at his first engineering job at Boeing, where they had the whole main plant covered with a fake “city with parks” on top of the buildings, to frustrate the Japanese. Today, would such elementary decoys fool anyone’s bombers? Our world was like “toy soldiers” compared to the technology of today. We were living in a dream, but it was a better dream than we have now, where we know more than we did, but, as Liz Bennet says, and Shimura says, our society is kept ignorant.

    • @ Rose from Kentucky…The story you have listed is absolutely so down to earth; it speaks the truth. I wondered because I keep wondering WHEN will the US drop off the value of the dollar and leave all of us defenseless. It’s just so frustrating. Planning, preparation, and getting ready to face the situation emotionally can be draining, especially when one has limited finances just to get through today.

      What are we planning for? I don’t even garden flowers much less food. I’ve bought heirloom seeds, gave a separate container to my sister who admits she’s not a gardener either. She passed it onto a friend who is a gardener by hobby. I’m hoping he will share the “grown produce,” when it’s time to pick. I even wonder if he planted the seeds to begin with.

      Gardening is not cheap. There’s mulch, special soil preparation, special months for planting and picking but I did my best, I have a container of seeds. Now what? I like ordering from the local grocer or from Amazon. If I’m too preoccupied with my own responsibilities, I like cutting corners and making life easier. Is that so bad? I don’t think so but the NWO concept will cause a major disruption in our every day lives. Now let’s include the provisions for our beloved pets (and I have many). Will there be enough to cover for them? It’s definitely frustrating if trucks bringing in supplies is a wasted effort if I don’t have the finances to feed me much less my pets! It’s frustrating. I see anticipated dates of the “crash” and it doesn’t manifest, so I keep an eye out, breath a sigh of relief each time it doesn’t come to pass. I pray, I pray, I pray. Why is the Lord somewhat silent on the issue? Does it mean it won’t happen by some major miracle? Or is He speaking, almost screaming the date(s) of collapse and I’m not “getting it?”

      So I continue to keep an eye out for the collapse.

      Approximately midnight last night I received an email from whom I believe is a credible source; however, I listen to the Holy Spirit, and I felt uneasy about the “credibility” of the sender. The email listed July 1, 2014, as the date of collapse. I believe it to be bogus. I tried to “forward” the message to my source, and it wouldn’t transmit.

      My source continues to be legitimate but I believe the account has been infiltrated. So I will disregard the July 1, 2014 date as being legitimate.

      It doesn’t solve the date of imminent collapse. I alert people into the legitimacy of your incoming emails with dates of collapse. I don’t know otherwise how to describe legitimacy but I’m believing scammers are out there waiting to pick at our bones.

      Stay safe, be alert, and don’t be afraid to question the accuracy of the information that you receive. If it’s the truth, it will bear out.



    • Ok, checked a bit further on the email I received re: July 1, 2014 imminent date of collapse, and incidentally, it carried a pretty convincing video. Disregard the July 1, 2014 date. The email originated from Singapore! The best way to validate emails is by isolating the sender. The one I received was carrying after the id of my trusted source. I ran a computer check by typing “who is (for example in my case) Internet will id the site which is in this case a Godaddy domain name but it carries Singapore.

      Thank you Jesus for your Holy Spirit prompting me correctly to double check info like in this situation.

      Stay alert everybody.

    • Prime Minister Netanyahu Inks Agreement Connecting Silicon Valley with ‘Silicon Wadi’
      Cooperation agreement with California to link ‘most powerful hubs of innovation on planet’, promote investments in Israel:

      on the road to tranhumanism, geo-engineering, NWO themes…I smell trouble..

    • “Now US Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro has let slip at a meeting of the Jewish Agency Board of Governors in Jerusalem on 24 February that the US hopes to present the framework agreement before the end of April.”

      source first article, I think it’s fascinating this is all happening close to the first blood moon….

  2. “”

    I really think this is it. I think we’re really seeing the eventual build up full fledged Gog from Ezekiel 38 starting to assemble right now. The ex Soviet satellites going back to Russia is a given at least.

    • Ooops.

      Russia scuttles an old vessel to block sea outlet

      DEBKAfile reports that the Russian Navy Thursday scuttled the ageing Ochalov sub-hunter in the channel leading out of Lake Donuzlav to the Black Sea, thereby snapping shut the jaws of a trap for the Ukraine Fleet to escape from its base to the open sea.

    • Are the hooks in Jaws?Looks like it to me…wow!

      Ezekiel 38

      38 And the word of the Lord came unto me, saying,

      2 Son of man, set thy face against Gog, the land of Magog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal, and prophesy against him,

      3 And say, Thus saith the Lord God; Behold, I am against thee, O Gog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal:

      4 And I will turn thee back,and put hooks into thy jaws , and I will bring thee forth, and all thine army, horses and horsemen, all of them clothed with all sorts of armour, even a great company with bucklers and shields, all of them handling swords:

  3. On Coast tonight for those who may be interested

    Noah’s Ark/ Angels

    Guest Larry Stone has extensively researched Noah’s Ark. He’ll discuss some of the more provocative questions surrounding the story, including whether the Nephilim helped build it, were dinosaurs passengers, and is it actually lodged on Mt. Ararat?

    2nd Half: Professional Angelologist, Chantel Lysette, explains the nature of the Archangels, and how they manifest here on Earth.

  4. Nome, Mr. Blue Sky, and other linguistic brainiacs out there, I need your assistance.

    What is the word for “grave robber” in Peruvian Spanish. I have found: juarccaro, juacarro, and several other variations.

    This may be a specialized term for this area. Any help would be much appreciated.

    • Rose!

      Try this first for a start and see if it fits the bill:

      Huaqueo (de huaca) es el saqueo de un yacimiento arqueológico, especialmente en el Perú y otros países andinos.
      Huaqueo (of Huaca ) is the looting of an archaeological site , especially in Peru and other countries Andean .


    • More……………

      Common usages:

      ladrón de tumbas
      saqueadores de tumbas


      Here is an example of El Huaqueo from a Peruvian site


      A threat to the cultural heritage of Peru.
      Objective: Illegal trade in cultural property.
      consequence: destruction of our heritage.

      It is illegal excavation of archaeological sites whose purpose is to extract the cultural and historical assets of the country. This is an illegal and destructive activity which is punishable by law. This states that all cultural goods and they were discovered in a private area comprise the Cultural Heritage of the Nation State owned. This measure seeks to protect the last of all Peruvians Paracas mantles written in the Inca Keros, among others. huaqueo The assault and abuse is a historical memory country.
      Una amenaza a el patrimonio cultural del Perú.
      Objetivo: Comercialización ilegal de bienes culturales.
      consecuencia: Destrucción de nuestro legado.

      Es la excavación clandestina en sitios arqueológicos cuya finalidad es extraer los bienes culturales e históricos del país.

      Se trata de una actividad ilegal y destructiva que está sancionada por la ley.

      Esta señala que todos los bienes culturales y los que fueran descubiertos en una zona privada integran el Patrimonio Cultural de la Nación, siendo propiedad del Estado.

      Con esta medida se busca proteger el pasado de todos los peruanos escrito en los mantos paracas, en los keros incaicos, entre otros.

      El huaqueo es un asalto y maltrato a la memoria histórica del país.

    • Site in English

      The term ‘huaquero’ is most closely associated with Peru……

      Tchau Tchau Rosa de Kentucky

    • “huaca” puts a whole new light on pac-man
      … “waca, waca, waca”
      … so yes “huaqueros”


      ancient Inca and modern Quechua and Aymara religious concept that is variously used to refer to sacred ritual, the state of being after death, or any sacred object. The Spanish conquistador Pedro de Cieza de Leon believed that the word meant “burial place.” Huaca also means spirits that either inhabit or actually are physical phenomena such as waterfalls, mountains, or man-made shrines. The aforementioned shrines, which are found throughout the Inca territory from Ecuador to Chile, may be as simple as stones piled in a field (apachitas) or as complex as stepped pyramids that were once topped with canopies and carved images


      guaquero, a SM/F (Andes, CAm) grave robber, tomb robber


  5. Hi LA and everyone on this blog site,

    I just received an email from Timothy Good, a respected ufo researcher from England. Please pray for him as he mentioned in interviews that he has been contacted and on at least one occasion has been abducted. He is worth doing an interview with as he is regarded as one of the top ufo researchers in the world.



    Thank you Gordon.

    There are indeed certain “paranormal/inter-dimensional” aspects to the UFO phenomenon. But insofar as my own experiences are concerned, the few aliens I have encountered (two in America and one in Poland), were “down to Earth”, and their only “paranormal” aspect was their advanced telepathic ability. Otherwise, they seemed quite “down to Earth” to me. (See my latest book, “EARTH: An Alien Enterprise”, published by Pegasus Books (New York), November 2013, pp. 102-106. I also describe a quasi-abduction experience on pp. 346-7.)

    Best wishes,

    Timothy Good

    Dear Mr. Good,

    I met you at MUFON conference in 1989 in Las Vegas. Do you believe there is an inter dimensional and paranormal spiritual aspect to the ufo phenomena? I’ve been researching this possibility for many years and wonder if you have noticed this as well. On our website there are testimonials of people that have been able to stop abduction experiences with prayer etc. Any comments would be appreciated.



    Vancouver, B.C. Canada


    Below you will find quotes from various sources by well known people in the UFO field. Not everyone believes that the entities that are associated with UFO’s are from other worlds:

    There is reports of poltergeist activity associated with portal areas and ufo phenomena. Please watch the video documentary on the Skinwalker Ranch in NE Utah:

  6. The REAL Skinwalker Ranch with Jesse Ventura HD – the Skinwalker Ranch – a portal area for ufos, killer orbs, poltergeist activity, fallen spiritual entities, etc.

  7. I find this article very suspicious I really wish someone out there would tell me it’s not….

    Netanyahu, who described himself as a “free-market champion,” told Claman that even though Israel is close to passing a limit to cash transactions, he is pro-deregulation. When Claman asked if that meant Israel would green-light Bitcoin, the prime minister fielded the question.
    “There’s an area I would always be careful with and that is with banks and currency,” he responded.


  8. On the subject of FUKUSHIMA radiation (from yesterday), just wanted to mention something about WEST COAST produce …….

    Canada gets some of its produce from California during non-summer months, though mostly also from South America and Mexico. Sometime after the Fukushima disaster, my husband bought a geiger counter. So far, thankfully, no significant radiation (says husband) on any of the California produce. (….Whenever I get back from grocery shopping, he scans BOTH me, and the groceries.)

    Just did some shopping earlier, with some produce being from the west coast. The scan showed the radiation levels were still safe this week.

    …… Just putting this out there if it’s of some small assurance to the west coasters among you!

  9. the warm up for the AOD2 interview…

    == the following link is R-rated for art nudity ==

    “#PostModem” by Mayer \ Leyva on vimeo

    singularity and virtual life as empty dreams, broken promises, and self delusion
    – something like trying to jutes from flatland to time-space

    • Had two choices, get a colonoscopy or watch this video, I decided wrong. 😥
      This is the first video I have ever seen on Youtube where there were no F words in the comments, F’n amazing!

    • That’s funny. In a mild sedative sort of way. :mrgreen:

      I’d love to have had that link about a week ago. Co-worker got his exam at the VA. Kept moanin’ that morning about how the med to flush him out burned. Later, he told me that they removed 4 polyps. Probably not the type thing to look up on google images… unless you have a strong constitution. And if blood and guts don’t bug ya, then I can attest as to the efficacy of a PPH procedure vice hemorrhoid removal. My best description, “a facelift for the opposite end!

    • “strong constitution”
      Ha! My Mother-in-law got free color photos with her “pólipos” (best pronounced with a Ante-Nicene twang) removal and I saw’em 😯
      On the other hand any “face-lift” pictures my resolve is too weak to peak. (aka.bruce jenner phobia)

  10. News from the frontlines…
    …the “choose abortion for contraception delusion” has been fully exposed to the light of day


    Local reports point to mexico and corpus christi (near by)…
    …for those parents that still choose surgical infanticide instead of preventive forms of contraception

    We all have bodies that arose from the union of our parents DNA….
    …fearfully and wonderfully made by the love of Almighty God.

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