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  1. Hey! Where’s everybody? It’s a tad bit lonely without the usual going back and forth on different opinions!

    In the meantime:

    1. LA and Richard Shaw were on Prophecy In the News:

    2. Receiving info “Termination Squads Targeting Veterans Before Martial Law?” @ “http://beforeitsnews.com/u-s-politics/2014/02/termination-squads-targeting-veterans-before-martial-law-2463380.html”

    3. Flashpoint! America Under Seige! Steve Quayle & Greg Evensen On The Hagmann & Hagmann Report @ “http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2014/02/flashpoint-america-under-seige-steve-quayle-greg-evensen-on-the-hagmann-hagmann-report-2907802.html”
    (video included in article):

    4. Chrislam now has a formal “face” (list of participating churches included in the article) @ “http://beforeitsnews.com/religion/2014/02/steadfast-demonic-rise-of-chrislam-list-of-churches-supporting-it-is-your-congregation-on-the-list-find-out-here-2465626.htm”

    Reporters and bloggers alike are verrrrry busy digging up news as it happens, particularly with NWO!

    Last but not least, Texas Dept. of Transportation reportedly gave instructions to deputies that tomorrow, Saturday, March 1, 2014, “they’re on their own for a while.” Speculation is that an EMP will hit tomorrow, knocking out communications “Inside Source: EMP March 1st Warning Goes Out” @ “http://beforeitsnews.com/blogging-citizen-journalism/2014/02/inside-source-texas-emp-march-1st-warning-goes-out-2450964.html”

    We’ll see…


    • “Speculation is that an EMP will hit tomorrow ……”

      God forbid! On top of that, just as I’m about to travel the next 3 days out of southeast U.S., trekking back to the land of the ice and snow.

      We’ll see …. keeping the faith.

      Blessings back to you, and to all.

    • Linda, WordPress done did you wrong girl!
      I wonder what you will be called in heaven?
      I am sure there will be lots -n- lots of LIndas up there, ya know.

    • Not sure about any EMP, but the water line was accidentally (or was it?) cut in my neighborhood and im without water. Now you tell me of a supposed EMP attack…this is NOT good news, as I was going to watch House of Cards this weekend.

    • Chess move alternatives…
      – Obama invades Syria
      – Iran blockades Gulf
      – Israel takes Temple Mount
      – Kurds declare independence
      – Gaza strikes Israel…
      – Israel strike nuke plants in Iran
      – markets crash
      – martial law in superpowers
      – massive refugee movement
      – N. Korea….

    • Other Chess move alternatives…
      – Obama goes on vacation to Hawaii
      – Iran open’s Gulf Gas Stations in US
      – Israel takes first gold medal in Sochi Winter Olympics
      – Kurds declare independence from mystical practices
      – Gaza strikes Israel as not a serious threat
      – Israel strike Opium plants in Iran
      – markets crash, then rise..then crash..then rise….
      – marital vows in superpowers now accepted for both sexes.
      – massive whale movement near Costa Rica
      – S. Korea Hyundai Motor Group…introduces a new lineup

    • 😀 Matt, Those would be the “speak lispingly and carry a limp dishrag” options….
      – like lax enforcement of border boundaries
      – decriminalization of addictive substance sales
      – wall street and bank bail-out ponzi schemes
      – promotion of perversion as a civil right
      – bow or bend over to all enemies foreign and domestic

      …basically status-quo pro-corporate globalism
      …paving the way for the hostile takeover of the 666’ers

    • POTUS warned Putin about “costs” for the invasion. So Mr. President are you going to make a red line again, and again? Or how about a paper rifle this time?

    • It’s obvious to Putin (and those that control him)…
      – that the US is a paper tiger and house of cards
      – just as it must be to “the backlash” jack booters
      – that will do a pendulum swing bloodless coup (US)
      – if obama doesn’t do an more obvious gorbachov
      – and dissolve the union outright admitting defeat
      – the second major casualty of the economic cold war

      which is probably Putin’s end game…
      …for any number of reasons (€RUB€)

  2. As expected: Putin is making his moves. We all know that in the end there’s now way he’s *really* going to let any ex-Soviet satellite country get away. So it begins.

    • Russia invades and not a shot fired. Sounds like Iran and Kuwait doesnt it? The Kuwait’s just sat around smoking their hooka’s in coffee houses and said “Oh well the US will take care of us, and pay for it. No reason for us to do a thing.” Of course the Ukraine is not oil rich like Kuwait and Russia has recently started making them pay for the natural gas and heating oil they use. Also the Ukraine has most of Russia’s oil flowing through the pipelines crisscrossing the country.

      It is in Russia’s best interest that a pro Russian government be installed or Russia will be cut off from their main oil supply. It’s all about oil and nothing would have happened if Russia and the former president hadn’t gotten greedy and shut down the free energy ride the Ukraine has had even before the collapse of the Soviet Union. Putin’s gamble was that the people would welcome having their gas turned back on and embrace good old communism again. That seems to have failed so now Russia is protecting it’s pipelines. Wasn’t the US supposed to put anti missile batteries in the Ukraine a few years back and Obama quickly reneged on the deal because Russia complained..?? Go figure, another Obama failure…

      Then there is the fact that there are no “ethnic Russians” in the Ukraine. There are however Ukrainian’s and only Ukrainian’s. My question is are they allies? If not forget about it. Otherwise Let the UN deal with it. Putin thinks so little of Obama anything Obama says or does will only spur Putin on to do whatever the heck he wants. Look at Iran who has nothing to slow their nuclear ambitions or N Korea reopening their reactors and continued ballistic missile testing. Even his line in the sand in Syria and the fact he is trying to cut the military to below levels we had before WW2. Obama is completely 180 degrees of from “Walking softly and carry a big stick” He’s more like ” Smile, boisterously talk nonesense, and carry the littlest stick possible.

  3. Did they get all the nuclear weapons out of the Ukraine?


    “When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, the newly independent Ukraine had on its territory what was the third largest strategic nuclear weapons arsenal in the world. It was larger than those of Britain, France, and China combined. On June 1, 1996 Ukraine became a non-nuclear nation when it sent the last of its 1,900 strategic nuclear warheads to Russia for dismantling.”

    • “http://www.jihadwatch.org/2004/05/likely-dirty-bomb-material-seized-in-ukraine”
      “http://www.isn.ethz.ch/Digital-Library/Articles/Detail/?lng=en&id=53998” (Assessing the Dirty Bomb Threat)

      quote: In an interview with the Arab daily al Hayat on 10 Jan. [2008], ElBaradei stated that “many” of some 100 nuclear material trafficking incidents (no time frame was mentioned) had involved Romania, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Those incidents, the IAEA chief said, concerned only the smuggling of materials limited in capacity and power.

  4. A great show on Coast to Coast, although not recommend listening for the easily frightened or faint of heart.

    Battle with a Demon
    Fri 02-28

    Tonight’s guest is Bob Cranmer, who in 1988 bought a house in the Pittsburgh suburb he grew up in. He had no idea that his dream home was about to become his worst nightmare. He’ll recount the harrowing details of the evil presence that tormented his family, as well as strange phenomena in the home —objects moving on their own, ghostly footsteps, unsettling moaning sounds—that gradually increased in violence, escalating to physical assaults and, most disturbingly, bleeding walls. Bob, Lesa, and their four children were under attack from a malicious demon that was conjuring up terrifying manifestations to destroy their tight-knit household. They had two choices: leave or draw on their unwavering faith to exorcise the malicious fiend who haunted their home and the epic spiritual war he fought to save everything he held dear.

    (I suggest listening to tonight’s show in bed with lights off…)

    The other night Coast had on Adam Blai who has masters degree in psychology from Penn State, and is a Church decreed expert on religious demonology and exorcism in the Pittsburgh diocese. Over the last decade he’s assisted at dozens of exorcisms, and resolutions of hauntings. He discussed the state of exorcism, as well as his push to educate people on the current paranormal craze, and the dangers therein. In the last 5-7 years, more Catholic priests have been trained to perform exorcisms, as they’ve been seeing more real cases of demonic possession, and were moved to address the problem. Exorcists must have a strong emotional stability, he noted, as demons are adept at manipulating people, and finding their weak spots.

    A demon can be thought of as “a manipulative criminal who has a few thousand years of experience of messing with people,” though priests typically bind the demon to not harm those involved in the exorcism. Blai believes that demons are not ghosts of the deceased but fallen angels that have turned against God, though sometimes the spirits of dead humans such as Judas, can become attached to them. One reason why it can be so hard to expel demons (one case has taken more than 15 years) is that they suffer punishment and retribution by those higher up in their demonic hierarchy when they fail to maintain possession of a soul, he explained.

    One very strange thing that Blai has witnessed in a exorcism is when the possessed person’s mouth is open but not moving, “and out them comes this voice that’s booming like a gorilla with a huge chest…their mouth isn’t moving but there’s syllables and words coming out.” He also described a recent case in Indiana where a possessed boy was witnessed walking backwards up a wall. More common than full blown demonic possessions are “infestation” incidents, sometimes brought about by paranormal investigations or occult practices, which give tacit permission for spirits to manifest, he said, adding that house blessings by a priest can help to clear up such problems.

    Trying to cast out demons, you better have your big boy/girl pants on…..not sure what my reaction would be to seeing a supposedly possessed boy walking backwards up a wall, but im sure my reaction would not be good… seeing something like that could not be considered a good day at the office.

    • Matt if you’re interested in this subject I encourage you to visit …http://shatterthedarkness.net…Russ Dizdar is a wonderful man..His ministry offers free live webcasts on spiritual warfare…I used to work for the sheriff department here in California, I have referred a few guys to his website…Satan is getting louder everyday..I wish I was finished with my degree….With all my heart I believe these people suffering and labeled with a psych disorder have demons / antichrist at the core..Through family lineage or their own accord a portal was opened…another man I was lead to through his site is Preston Bailey…He wrote a wonderful book titled Spiritual Warfare, defeating the forces of darkness….what is interesting is he has had countless encounters with demons and it seems what demons are most afraid of petrified of is being sent to the lake of fire and being casted out…Jesus name is soooo powerful!…amen

    • just a comment…my daughters high school psych teacher is teaching on the different stages of sleep…Interestingly enough many of the kids have reported to the teacher what we all know to be moth men…My daughter is mortified that I want to chat with the teacher..Was it L.A. or Gary , somebody said these things are inter dimensional.

    • Thanks godshelp74; Dizdar is indeed very good , I go to his web site from time to time, I really enjoy most of his work. Like you, I do believe “some” suffering from psych disorder/mental illness can be from demonic influences, although some are quite clearly suffering from a chemical imbalance. It can be a fine line to determine which the person is suffering from.
      Another person you might want to look up is Billy Bean. Billy is a born again Christian. He and his family was once tormented and almost destroyed by a demonic force that occupied their house in Glen Burnie, Maryland. Bean told of a horrifying event involving a neighborhood kid who mocked the entities living in the house. According to Bean, the child was picked up by the throat by an unseen force and pushed against the wall, hanging some six inches above the floor.

    • Some experts say Bigfoot is also a inter dimensional being. One woman on a farm in Oregon said she was outside hanging cloths on a line to dry and as she looked up ,about 50 yards away walking along her fence line she saw what she describes as Sasquatch. I wont go into the details of what she said it looked liked as most of us are already fully aware of its description, but what makes this woman’s story interesting is she claims to have watched it walk along her fence line for about 25 to 30 yards, she then says she saw a bright flash of light and the creature was gone, nowhere to be found; it was a complete open field, and it just vanished after she saw the bright flash of light.

    • I agree, It is a fine line to diagnosis these cases, problem is mainstream medicine sticks to the scientific method and rarely embraces the spiritual healing that only christ can offer…..same goes for anthropologic education..try getting any professor to open their minds to a biblical paradigm..they will only embrace what they have been taught to accept..But through prayer I’m not giving up…2 corinthians 12:10 ” for the sake of christ , then I am content with weakness, insults , hardships, persecution and calamity for when I am weak I am strong…:)

    • keeping an eye on the national ufo reporting center..it’s jumped like 150 sightings just in this week..I’m curious if activity will increase around the blood moons or the ninth of av? hmmm

    • Well, I do believe Jesus “can” heal today as he did over 2000 years ago, however, I also understand how some in the medical field as well as those in the scientific community can be skeptics as when you have “men of gawd” like Robert Tilton out there saying (and I quote) “make midgets grow” (his words not mine) its no wonder Christians are scoffed at and ridiculed in the media.. I mean how can you take folks like Robert Tilton serious? If anything is it offensive and at the very least giving false hope to those that are gullible enough to believe it. Again I have no doubt Jesus can heal and do things as he did when he walked the earth, why he chooses not to be beyond me. I do believe there are still healings, don’t get me wrong, but “midgets grow”?? Not entirely impossible for God of course but for whatever reason these kinds of miracles do not happen as they did in biblical times….anyway, not quite sure if God chose to do such a wonder today that Pastor Robert Tilton would be his vessel of choice to perform such a miracle…..

  5. L.A,- If you’re out there somewhere is the 3rd heaven of blogland 🙂 please say a prayer for me..I have saturday class with my anthropology professor..I was at prophecy conference and ditched class last week..I am giving my teacher the trail of the nephilim and watchers 7…:) if anyone will pray for me , I would appreciate it ..my professor is working on her doctorate and has gently told me NO! she does not have time, HOWEVER , she claims she may have colleagues that are willing to read through the literature..My prayer is that with the will of our lord the right person will look at the material and find courage to ask questions and dig and talk to other SMART, people in their circles……my daughter graduates high school in 2 years and she is off to college, if we are not raptured , it bothers me that she will be subjected to the same lies I have to listen to day in and day out….

    • yes absolutely true, but Matt- with all that you know, you don’t feel an urgency to tell people? Once you put on christian lens how can you look at the world in the same way, I feel an urgency I can’t explain…

    • It’s not a christian religious thing,that’s not what I mean……the truth is the truth is truth….I just feel like it’s irresponsible , idk intellectual fascism to only embrace the scientific method…not directing at you matt sorry…Just thinking about these kids in my classes who are so misled embracing LGBT speakers on campus and all the booths with the different cults..satan is everywhere disguised as white light…I am aware of his presence and it saddens me..I stay in prayer….

  6. I whole heatedly agree with you…the colleges are full of anti Christian professors and lectures. There has always been a war on Christianity in our college campuses. But there is not only a war on Christianity but also on marriages between a man and a woman, as well as anyone that takes pride in their country. Basically there is a war on morality, virtuous conduct or anyone with quality of character. Our children are now taught the “do what feels good” mentality, despite whom it may hurt. The predominant social philosophy, intellectual and literary currents taught in and on our college campuses today is secular humanism

    • matt – get some holy water and wipe the lenses off, …:) and I don’t know what year it came out but, Hasbro has now made a pink Ouija board to target young kids? wow …anyway I’m sorry for ranting..

    • You are truly blessed to have such great faith.
      As far as the pink Ouija board goes, I believe it; nothing surprises me anymore…strange how an instrument that can be so dangerous is made by Parker Brothers.

    • By the way, the function of teachers and professors of our learning institutions should be to upgrade, improve or be in the best interests of the students. It shouldn’t be used as a sounding board or soap box to please or massage the egos of a few

    • Give me an old board game any day….I use to like to play Clue.
      “Colonel Mustard did it with the candlestick in the library”

  7. IndyRose pointed out the Ukraine-Chernobyl connection…
    – is what we’re seeing part of the wormwood event?
    – where did the Ukrainian nuclear materials go?
    – not only the meltdown radioactive materials
    – but also the high grade nuclear weapons material
    – destroying nukes doesn’t mean the materials vanished

    Perhaps the Ukraine is Wormwood ??
    – and we’re seeing a slow train wreck of reaping what was sown

    I suspect the near term result is the consolidation of the UK+EU+USSR empires…
    …as the lion, lepard, and bear of the “kingdom of the north”
    …that opposes the “kingdom of the south”
    …that has to be in place before “the antichrist” can take over
    …re: the prophecies of Daniel

  8. Meanwhile:

    In Iran

    Iranian Official: ‘We are Preparing to Liberate Jerusalem


    In Syria

    Syrian Christians sign treaty of submission to Islamists


  9. for those that can read the writing on the wall…
    – not just evidence of living in a virtual reality
    – or having google glass augmented vision
    – or microsoft’s future vision of every surface live

    It’s obvious to putin et al (the hawks)…
    …that the US became a paper tiger
    …with pink lines and pink knickers
    …the moment a harvard academic
    …was made their CINC (snickers!)

    • An 11+ hour video = sticky knickers.
      The first one too watch the whole video has to write and post a report on the video then seek counseling.

    • Btw, “too watch” the whole video.
      Speaking of Grammars:
      to watch = Verb in the infinitive
      Too watch = Verb in the Hyper-infinitive.

    • look itza bird, eetz da plane…
      — nyet is hyper man

      coffee with a kick
      – conjugate & convolve
      – conjugation-n-convolution
      – conjugated + convoluted
      ~ conjoo-gatin’ * convo-lootin’

      just a bit-lisp of a lip-slip
      …like verbal portals
      …or vorpal puddles
      …endz up “tu witch” vice t’witch
      ( ask a vet aboot uh twitch )

      ~ datz da way we role
      ~ rollin’ on da riburrr…
      ~ crossin’ oer da boat slip
      ~ cursin’ if we dip (sh*t!)

      jutes dis rudy rucker
      _ solly cholly (tain’t ubermensch)
      _ no ticky no laundry boitch
      _ so much por dem x-mens
      _ hooze afraid uh da ghost

      dares gotta be some way outta here

  10. Upper house to demand recall of Moscow ambassador to U.S.


    MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russia’s upper house of parliament will ask President Vladimir Putin to recall Moscow’s ambassador from the United States, the chamber’s speaker said on Saturday.

    Valentina Matviyenko, the head of the Federation Council, asked the Council’s Committee on Foreign Affairs to draw up a proposal setting out the demands to Putin.

    o crap, here we go.

  11. speaking of miracles (as some have on this thread), I had a wee one yesterday. I was watching the boys, 9 and 11. The younger one fell into incessant whining because he had lost his watch and his older brother still had three watches, and he wanted to have a watch right away. I told him I would buy him one soon, but that was not good enough. The older brother went next door to play with a neighbor, and the younger one would not go out, just whined. I told him to pray for peace of mind, and it came into my mind to say he should pray for a miracle and a watch right away. I prayed, maybe he did. Soon his older brother came back and immediately said he would give his younger brother one of his watches. This is unusually beneficent behavior among the very competitive boys. So the younger boy got his watch within a few minutes of me praying for an immediate appearance of the watch.
    I reminded them about the prayer. They live in an atheist household. Good to keep reminding them.

  12. Sad to say…
    – mar-1 is “future day”
    – holidaze for trannies


    quote: Ben Goetzel explained Future Day’s connection to the singularity in a quote on Singularity Weblog where he suggested the creation of more transhumanist holidays, saying “you could have many of them, you could have a ‘Singularity Day’, an ‘Artilect War Day’ for the future war.”

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