Sunday Go to Meeting Bun – From the East Coast!

Bun!!!Sunday Bun


L. A. Marzulli

I am still on the East Coast and my parents house still does not have power.   I’m writing this from the Marriott Courtyard Hotel in the next town over and so I’m able to catch up on the voluminous amounts of email as well as post the Sunday Bun!

My mother is still very weak and we have no idea of when she will be able to go back home.  My Dad was moved to the Veterans Hospital last Thursday morning, because there was no power, heat, or water at the house.  My brother and I  have been going from the hospital to the V. A. back to the hospital since Thursday.  We’re hoping power will be resort today.  Now onto the BUN!

I was in a small waiting room yesterday giving my aunt, my mothers only sister, an update on her condition.  There was a woman there who was distraught and dealing with her own family issues.  When I finished talking she was in tears and said how sorry she was.

I then began to tell her the promise we have in Yashua/Jesus, the promise of eternal life.  I explained to her that death is but a doorway and those of us who know the Son, have the promise of eternal life.  I then told her about King David, who after the loss of his son, stated that one day he would look upon his son again.  He knew death was not the end…

As Christians we have the promise that: We are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body, is to be present with the Lord,  (2 Corinthians 5:8)

For those of us who know Him, who have an ongoing relationship with the living God, our belief that we shall be in His presence is not fantasy, or some vain hope.  We know with certainty that we will be with Him, that death is but a doorway and as Richard Shaw states, death is highly overrated!

Paul admonishes us:  For if the dead rise not, then is not Christ raised: And if Christ be not raised, your faith is vain; ye are yet in your sins. Then they also which are fallen asleep in Christ are perished. If in this life only we have hope in Christ, we are of all men most miserable. (1 Corinthians 15:15)

However, we are not miserable!  We are not delusional!  We do not have some vain imagination of eternity with a loving God, as it is based on a real experience—being born from above—so that: we love Him whom we have never seen and have the hope that one day we will be like Him…

In closing todays Bun:  What makes Christianity different from any other religion on the planet is the promise of eternal life and this promise is free, and we can do nothing to earn it.  We simply believe in the Son, Jesus, and that He was sent here because of all the nasty stuff we humans do—sin.  He shed his blood for us once, and then rose again from the dead. By asking for forgiveness of our sins and believing on Him who was sent, we have eternal life!  Yashua/Jesus is the second Adam, the one who sits at the right hand of the Father, the one who will give a white stone to us with a name only He knows!  I believe He is coming soon and in time we will know Him as He knows us.  This is our blessed hope!

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  1. Its nice to hear of these “softer” issues – ministering to people in their (and our) weakness. I remember you talking about once or twice sharing a strong “feeling” you had whilst leading worship. I would encourage you to acknowledge this as being a gift of the Spirit… and to perhaps operate in this more #FanIntoFlame I also remember that the gifts included discernment and revelation, which can help immensely for someone who is on the cutting edge of understanding like yourself.

    If he sent the HS down to us, where is He (the HS)?

    I don’t believe that moving in the gifts doesn’t mean that you can’t stay grounded (which Is what I love about you).

    Now that bun! Its yet another amazing evidence that we live in this world full of signs. With the Babylonian cross on it. Then inside the bun: it is fascinating to be reading that perhaps the perceived greatest enemy of our health – saturated fat – is in fact one of our most essential building blocks in our diet. And in the drive to limit saturated fat and cholesterol, we have increased consumption of vegetable oils, grains and refined sugar. And wheat, which was hybridised so many times in the 1950s to an extent that the anti-nutrients in it increased multiple times. The guy who succeeded in vilifying saturated fats, by fudging the data, Ancel Keys, was funded by none other than the Rockefeller Foundation 🙂

    Far above all of this we wish love, faith and hope to you and family at this time.

  2. Yes, we are to be ready to share Jesus in season and out of season. Bless your heart!
    I heard a fellow Philadelphian being interviewed about the power situation. He compared the week-long repair job to a 3rd-world country.
    We’re addicted to having power at our fingertips. Maybe what’s “really” going on is God, in his everlasting love and grace, is giving some of us (like LA) a foretaste of what’s to come, say, when an EMP, natural or man-made, hits us in the near future?

    • A foretaste… like pastors go through so they can minister with compassion to their flock.
      …of the choices that arise (in being fed from the mouth of the enemy, cp. Rev. 12)
      …of being given a place prepared (in the presence of our enemies, cp. The Lord’s Prayer)
      …of overcoming, by the Word of our Testimony, by the blood of The Lamb,
      ( and that we love not our own lives unto death )

      When some program, process, or device is made…
      …it’s stressed tested to prove it
      …”think it not strange, the fiery trial that comes”
      …kinda like debugging this prototype creation
      –and keeping that which should be saved for the eternal.

      Recall please that Messiah not only sits at the left hand of God…
      –but rose for Stephen when He was martyred
      –and sits in the midst of the throne as The Lamb

      Revelation 3:21
      To him that overcometh…
      –will I grant to sit with me in my throne,
      –even as I also overcame,
      –and am set down with my Father in his throne.

    • correction…
      –Christ is at the Right Hand of the Father
      ( Hebrews 1, Psalm 110, Mark 12, Matthew 22, Acts 2)

      Acts 7
      54 When the members of the Sanhedrin heard this,
      …they were furious and gnashed their teeth at him.
      55 But Stephen, full of the Holy Spirit, looked up to heaven
      …and saw the glory of God,
      –and Jesus standing at the right hand of God.
      56 “Look,” he said, “I see heaven open
      — and the Son of Man standing at the right hand of God.”

    • L.A. praying that you have a double portion of strength & peace in the Lord to take care of your father and mother and family.

      Re: Pithypaul
      “He compared the week-long repair job to a 3rd-world country.”
      Being that I live in a 3rd world country I can add that Philadelphia is someone near the bottom of the list in this incident, it is beyond comprehension.
      Here is the reality for those whose faith lies in the elite, experts, governments, religion, science, technology and all the works done by the HAND of man which is magnified to god like proportions. Those whose faith lies in all this should be the ones most miserable.

      For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God.
      For it is written, I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and will bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent.
      1 Corinthians 1:18-19

      Evolution vs. Creationism Debate

      Bill Nye the science guy vs. “Pithy” Paul

      Round 1

      Bill: The universe started with a big bang and we have evolved to what we are today..blah…blah……………………..

      “Pithy” Paul: The big bang and evolution is a theory, creation is not.


      Evolution vs. Creationism Debate

      Bill Nye Debates Ken Ham – HD 2:45:32



    • Pat Robertson begs Ken Ham to shut up


  3. Hi L.A.! Great to hear from you. Faithful prayers still out for you, your family, and ministry. Lots of events taking place daily.

    Came across info on possible EMP in America soon.

    Then saw article Re: incoming unmarked planes spotted coming to America. Spotters are veteran former military who recognized the unmarked planes:

    Now, a better understanding of demonic possession and the impact of our pineal gland, taking vaccinations, and altering the gene pool–right up your alley!

    Like you always say, “Folks, you can’t make this up!”


  4. A great testimony Mr. Marzulli. I pray that the God of all comfort, and mercy bring health, and peace to the situation you are in with your parents now.

    God Bless, David.

  5. We have been and will continue to keep you all in prayer. Sounds like a very important and critical family time in more ways than one.

    Sheesh…sorry about the weather and the conditions thereof. Stay warm and stay safe.


  6. LA –continuing to pray for you and your family during this time. Excellent bun. May the Love of Christ sustain you!

  7. The weeks are just flying by! life gets busy…L.A. …Peru, all your speaking events, now your parents..I will be praying for them, but especially for you. I pray that the lord will give you physical rest I’m sure you desperately need it, and that your body is working on pure adrenaline., along with your mind I pray that it may may calm as well.…god tells us in philliipians he will give us the peace that transcends all understanding. Everything is just a season, it all works out as god chooses…Also prayers for Peggy for her strength, patience and love ( all wives need it) ,, and your brother Tony…( Hopefully he’s not like most brothers and you’re not doing all the work..:) i ask all this is Jesus name..Amen ….. Meditate on the beautiful things around you, sounds like even in your sorrow god is using you as light. Be still and know that I am god ….Psalm 46:10

    • corey , Jeff, anyone? We left off on some interesting conversations…adding to that , I wanted to ask anyone if this is happening to them. Randomly when I will look at my watch, it will say 1:11 Or 3:33…..Its driving me nuts, I looked for it up and I get numerology psychic babble junk is this happening to anyone else? Is it just random like church that night with the 777. which I emailed my a pastor about . He agreed it was totally random, ironically many of us were in spiritual warfare prayer due to electrical issues and 777 he says, there are patterns of this in the bible that are representative of GOD…We know 666 is the number of man,,I’d like to think god was sending us a sign…..

    • David Flynn…
      …on the coded schemes of space-time
      …which the enemy angels twist to their own ends
      …regardless of underlying and overarching intents


      patterns like…
      222 0333
      333 0666 0999
      444 1110 2109 03108
      555 1665 3774 06882 09990
      666 2331 6105 12987 22977 32967
      777 3108 9213 22200 45177 78144 111111

    • Note David’s quandry re: the olympiad
      …cp. the olympics … sochi

      quote David Flynn:
      I’ve often wondered why the distance between the Acropolis in Athens and the temple mount was 779 miles. This would represent a year (BC) in which nothing major occured between Israel and Greece. The calculation for years of the ancients is fixed on major events, especially the founding of cities. In the case of Greece, their major era ‘the Olympiad’ was set at the first Olympic games in 776 BC. However, because the Olympic games were held to celebrate both the beginning and ending of a 4 year span of time, historians calculate our calendar years with respect to the Olympiad beginning with the year 779 -780 BC, or 4 years before the first Olympic games were first held in Greece…

      and the Acropolis in Athens is exactly 779 miles from the temple mount. This marks the Hellenistic calendar starting point and is major confirmation to the time / distance theory.

    • And though I stand neutral on the 4 Blood Moons theories…
      …others may see what I can’t


    • more importantly evidence that bald eagles are dying as a result of radiation from fukishima. and discussion this week from tel aviv about rebuilding the temple it’s winding up..I’m in prayer

    • Godshelp74, there is no random. There is no coincidence. However, not everything happens with exceptional meaning we assign to it.

      I have had many encounters with bizarre coincidences in my life. Here is what I have learned. Every clock in every house says 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, etc. twice a day. Sometimes you are thinking of an old friend and then they call. THere is end to what kinds of things could be coincidence and the fact that they happen is nothing exceptional.

      But when you focus on the Holy Spirit and follow where He leads, then what you are giving over is your attention. And when you give Him your attention HE can speak to you in numerous ways, coincidence being one of them. Maybe He speaks to you through nature, through relationships, coincidences of all sorts. He uses whatever you are currently involved in. Whatever has your focus.

      In my experience, if you are experiencing coincidences, do not try and assign your own meaning to it. This is deception in the making as our own sinful nature of pride filling in the blanks. Instead, turn to the Holy Spirit and pray for discernment. If there is no holy spirit then ignore it. More than ignore it. If what you receive conflicts with the gospel…Flee from it!

    • Godshelp74, All the time, when I look at a clock, it is 1:11 or 2:22. The timer on my boys basketball game will be 1:11 or score 11 to 11 when I look. This is happening all the time. I think coincidence, but I’ve also lost a lot of family members these last few years, and my mind maybe trying to assign some importance to these numbers. I just don’t know.

    • “And though I stand neutral on the 4 Blood Moons theories…
      …others may see what I can’t”

      Nome, I agree with you but in my reckoning it carries more weight in the realm of possibilities just as much as say all the 2012 hoopla in that it is more biblical since it falls in the category of signs & seasons and as with all good prophecy one must wait till after the fact to see how it lines up with scripture. Btw, here in Brazil I read a news story about the Olympics ring fiasco (my precious) and they pointed out that the ring that did not appear should have been a red one which is supposed to represent the U.S. if this true or not I know not but that’s what they pointed out.

    • G’Day, Godshelp74, Nomemoloste, and all!

      Speaking of Greece and the Olympics… I watched a little of the Sochi opening ceremony and noticed the symbol of the pyramid/triangle with eye featured in angled lazer lights forming triangle and eye shape at base… also, news story (from 2009) about some abandoning the Orthodox Church in Greece and returning to the Helenic (?) religion (Zeus, nature, etc).

      video/report is just over 2 minutes length.


  8. This bun reminds me of a movie I watched last night called “The Fourth Kind”. It’s a fact based thriller involving an ongoing unsolved mystery in Alaska where one town has seen an extraordinary number of unexplained disappearances during the last 40 years and there are accusations of a coverup. This movie was a fairly recent movie about a true story of a UFO abduction of a father/husband who was “into” UFOs. He was killed by this abduction experience while his wife was next to him in bed. The movie is very disturbing and at the same time engaging. One of the many aspects of this movie that makes it of interest is the fact that actual real life audio and video home footage is shown of an alien abduction of the mother and father’s little girl taken from a police cruiser parked at their house. Footage shows the craft moving in over the house. Footage is also shown of actual counseling sessions of the real wife while at the same time showing split screens of the movie actor portraying her. During one of the counseling sessions, the real life video footage of the wife shows her being possessed by a demonic entity (very disturbing scene) while under hypnosis by her psycologist. The wife is having these counseling sessions with a psychologist in order to deal with and get some closure over the disturbing death of her husband that occurred in the beginning of the movie. She herself is a psycologist. She is also traumatized by the Alien Abduction of her little girl… who has never been seen again and is still missing to this day. If you’ve seen this movie, you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t seen it, I would give you a word of caution that it is disturbing because of the real footage shown in it of not only the possession that takes place of the mother, but the levitation of a man under hypnosis off of a bed. All people in this movie undergoing hypnosis sessions are doing so to get to the bottom of what is happening to them and get to the bottom of what is going on in this town.

    One thing I noticed about this movie is that it should have become obvious to people that when the demonic possession took place of the wife (now a widow) on the couch,

    • I’d like to know the ratio of christians to non christians who become abductees..They will let you go if you cry out for Jesus right? So would a christian be abducted in the first place? I’d like to know those stats….

    • (continuing on… computer glitch) nowhere was it acknowledged that it was a demonic possession and that demons were behind all these strange owl sightings the patience were having and all the UFO activity. Not once was it ever at least mentioned as a possibility.

      The connection to today’s bun? Simple. Jesus made it clear that the unsaved person automatically falls into the category of being a child of “the wicked one”… “Your father the devil” he said in one of the four gospels. L.A. made the point that we can have eternal life if we know the son… or in other words have trusted in him to forgive us of our sins by believing that he is who he said he is and acted on that belief by asking him for forgiveness. If one has not done that, then he is subject to these horrors. The horrors portrayed in this movie give a very disturbing picture of the horror that awaits one after death if he rejects Christ. That statement is rather straight forward and seemingly harsh, but the truth is the truth. People are subject and helpless to these demonic entities to a certain extent in this life. But after death, it’s game over for the lost. This movie is a dire warning of not only these UFOs and all it’s phenomenon, but also what awaits the lost after death. Its more important than ever to warn people.

      The bible says to “save some with fear”. This movie certainly does make one think.

    • God’shelp74… before I go off to bed (worked the night shift) I would say that probably christians cannot be abducted because of the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit. Demonic entities would not possess someone like that with the presence of pure light within a believer. At least that is my take on it. But certainly if it did happen, the name of Jesus would cause these entities to have to let that perso go. I have a book in my possession that describes a certain UFO attempted abduction taking place and the person used the name of Jesus to rebuke the experience and the experience stopped immediately.

    • As for the watch 777 and 333 thing you described above, not really sure. It does seem rather suspiciously otherworldly.

      Well… off to bed for me and I’ll be back later!

    • Corey, it appears you stopped your post mid-sentence. Are you still there or were you t-a-k-e-n? … joke —- I love reading your ideas and descriptions. The movie sounds very troubling — downright frightening. Not certain I could sleep afterwards.

      To: L.A. Keeping you and your parents in prayer. I know how difficult it is being in your position with so much going on in your life and still having others to care for, but I am assured God will bless you and strengthen you. I so proud that even in the middle of your own problems you take time to present the gospel to a stranger. The fields are ripe but the laborers are few. Though some may seem to reject His word outright or ignore it, that planted seed may still take root. Time is growing very short. We all need to be about our Abba/Father’s business. God bless you, keep you and return you home safely to Peggy.

    • yes godshelp74,

      1. when i heard that born-again believers were the ONLY population group that hadn’t been abducted, it was the key for me realising what this whole alien thing was about. i believe it was in a gary bates interview and he was referring to work by secular researchers.

      2. have also heard that calling out the name of jesus drives them away.

      3. also, from their earliest encounters, “aliens” have always been deceptive, essentially not good.

      4. their activity is limited to around our planet!

      these points all put it together for me.

    • blessed hope… Lol! yea… kinda funny how my computer glitch happened like I suddenly disappeared talking about this UFO thing. I finished the idea as you can see above. For some reason my computer doesn’t scroll down far enough in the comment section in order for me to see what I am typing when my comments run long like that. I have to post what I have and continue on in another comment box or thread. Not sure why that is.

    • Hi Corey,
      I have had a number of experiences when calling out in the name and blood of Yeshua has stopped night time visitations; I would not call them physical but not like a dream either.

      So real and terrifying, used to happen to me a lot years ago when I was into a New Age false religion, ( but also before )
      I remember one time when this “presence” appeared and I used to be able make it stop – ” eventually ” after reciting this prayer which was supposed to be extremely powerful- the entities laughed….a very disturbing laugh, I now now why they laughing because I was thinking it was stopping it but “the entity ” knew that the prayer I was reciting ( the divine world prayer ) had no authority over it.

      Then many years ( 10 -15 ) passed with no events except for the swirling lights that would appear, but about the time that I came to know Yeshua, it started again… but this time I was prepared and pleaded the blood of Jesus and it stopped it during the attack.

      Then within a relatively short period it returned again, each time more intense.. but The power of our Lord was with me, the last time it has happened, and not again since with any way near the same intensity;was the most intense ever..I recall seeing multiple entities – grey looking beings and this one extremely large demon…which I sensed was brought in especially for the task – but after pleading the blood of Jesus, repeatedly many times it was a struggle they left me.-
      ( if you can imagine feeling a quickening of your spirit a vibration of sorts then being filled with an unbearable feeling of dread and fear and the feeling of being taken over then coupled with the inability to move or speak and having to cry out within yourself – but they backed off, because I claimed it in Our Lords Name and I meant it Too! no backing down .

      So yes, in short there is no doubt in my mind that all entities / demons / physical / night time visitations are subject to the authority of our Lord and Savior Yeshua, Jesus Christ

      Blessings to you all.

      Ps. I have also done it in dreams , with the same positive result,
      Praise be our King and Lord Yeshua HaMashiach !!

    • corey- sounds inter the moth man thing..either way it’s possessed land..Yrs ago I would have watched the movie, now the trailer is enough for me..Notice the clock says 3:33 no coincidence..anyway we all have free will, but I would not cloud my head with satan filled movies like this..It’s all a conditioning to entice you down the rabbit hole to hell….rebuke these types of movies…yes it’s based on real events…satan is real we have to fill our spirit with redemptive type beauty…you know the truth of Jesus, don’t get caught up in the ugly of this world…

    • Leon… Glad you got out of the New Age thing. I know that L.A. used to be into it as well before he got saved. I heard him talk about it one night on a You tube audio show. Forget the name of the show he was on.

      Sounds like some pretty scary stuff you went through.

    • Godshelp74… Yep. I saw that movie too a while back. Very strange stuff. I do agree with you though. Don’t think I’ll be watching any more of those type of movies. It was kinda disturbing watching “The Fourth Kind” last night. I do think that people need to be warned about what all this UFO stuff really is though. I remember a comment that someone posted here a week or so ago stating that they knew someone who was really into UFOs and that they were really interested in being taken by one. It’s those people who need to be warned.

      I felt rather uneasy about continuing to watch it after they started showing the demonic possession stuff, but I continued anyway. I realize now that this was probably a check from the Holy Spirit not to continue to watch it.

  9. Beast Tech with Tom Horn

    Apparently GEB didn’t care for this program and so they refused to air it last night.

    This seems to be a growing trend of theirs.

    GEB is the TV station run by Oral Roberts University. Just let that sink in and think about them censoring programs like these or LA’s Watchers 7 programs.

    • Eric, I don’t know diddly about GEB. Is GEB required or expected to run certain programming? More detail if you will sir if you please.

    • PITN and other ministries have contracts with TV stations to air their programs. (Like any show, really)

      GEB is one such station.

      The stations reserve the right to air what they want (I’m paraphrasing sloppily) but IF they decide to not air a program they are supposed to notify ahead of time as a courtesy at least with an explanation as to why they are declining to air a particular program.

      This will make the second time in about two months where an episode of PITN was censored off the air by GEB without following proper protocol. No explanations. No heads up. No nuthin’. It just doesn’t get aired like it really should.

    • Eric, I see. I am assuming it is not known why they declined to air this program? Do you have a possible idea why they did not?

    • Eric and Azureceu, I am wondering whether there may be some sort of trend starting re. not showing non-traditional Christan programs that take people out of their comfort zones i.e., such as the Beast Tech topic and end time prophecy.

      Recently I watched one of Jack Van Impe’s programs and he mentioned that TBN has started to not air programs dealing with bible prophecy/end times. This apparently started soon after their founder Paul Crouch senior passed away. Evidently his wife and co-founder (according to van Impe) has always found the topic of eschatology an uncomfortable one. Maybe GEB is following suit? What a shame if that’s the case … yet not too surprising.

    • Linda, I’ve read in passing about TBN ditching Prophecy and anything anti-islam, it appears it does not fit their ecumenical cash flow paradigm.
      There is not much reason to educate a goat if all you want is its milk.

    • “Eric, I see. I am assuming it is not known why they declined to air this program? Do you have a possible idea why they did not?”

      Best guesses so far: If they even hear words like “aliens”, “Nephilim”, especially “hybrids” or anything like that….

      It’s nonsense censorship in any event.

  10. God bless you, LA, for your faithful care of your parents. We see so little of that today. You are a great testimony to the world. And thank you for the clear presentation of the Gospel. It’s so simple to trust the payment Jesus made for us. We are all praying for you and your brother.

  11. God bless you L.A. Your faith is strong! You such an encouragement to all of us! Praying for healing and restoration of health for your parents. Also praying for the power to be restored at their home. The winter weather here in the east has been pretty extreme! God bless you all. Be safe! 🙂

  12. Azureceu,

    Any thoughts on the PCC & Red Command
    – trigger events
    – Santa Cantarina bus burnings (*)
    – 2014 world cup
    – Rio 2016 summer olympics



    David Flynn … 2016 / 5776-5777…

    5776-77 nautical miles
    – from Temple Mount
    – to…
    – south of Sao Paulo
    – south of Itanhaem
    – north of Peruibe

    • Nome, Do I have any thoughts about the PCC, none off the top of my head at present. When one discusses the PCC or culture in Brazil in general not even Brazilians seem to have a full grasp on the subject being that the culture here is hard to explain easily to another culture, Brazil has over 500 years of history and a mindset of its own somewhat understood in part by other Latin countries, such as Portugal, Spain, France, Italy etc.

      Here you find a term called **”Jeitinho” perhaps translated to find a way (or way around something). When you invoke this word in front of a Brazilian you will get a grin from ear to ear back from them, nothing more needs to be said. Just for fun ask them what Jeitinho means.
      The PCC (young to mid age lower class) combined with computing, electronics, “organization” and a bit of Jeitinho etc. are a class in their own right, and I am not sure if there is anyone else you can compare them to in any other country? In contrast you have the government which is filled with corruption and The PPC on the other end of the spectrum all working for a better future for themselves and stuck in between these two are a growing middle class.

      To add insult to injury Brazil has an ever growing evangelical base here in Brazil, so add Jeitinho + seed faith and a luke warm gospel and you have an enormous cash flow and prosperity off the sweat of the backs of the 3rd world poor and uneducated.

      Lastly, now you have the police vs. PCC, perhaps you could sum it up this way, you kill one of ours we kill two or yours. Eruptions break out from time to time in retribution, many PCC get killed and in turn the PCC with their network (ran from prison) attack the police and infrastructure, so bus burnings in Brazil has come to be a norm at the very least. With the world cup coming and being Brazilians in this category love soccer more than life things should chill just long enough for the games to conclude, the Olympics could be an entirely different matter thou.

      If you were asking me about the connection Brazil has with the end times, I am certain Brazil will play its part, how in what way I do not know, but they have already started playing their part politically.

      ** “”

    • Azureceu,

      Thank kindly! For consideration & insight.

      “Jeitinho” goes into my collection of cultural “warps…”
      From where I’ve been: Guantanamo Bay in the early 80’s was surreal and no doubt became worse. The Azores were warped by former communist control. The mexicans suffered from the patron system which enabled cartels to take root as a counter-reaction. The border / migrant culture has all the twists of partial assimilation, which you’ve likely experienced as an ex-pat. Work visits in Trinidad and Venezuela have left an impression. As has working with international crews, esp. the Filipinos. Not to mention the military.

      I’ll need to weigh this all out more fully. And see if there’s a spectrum or space to help organize.
      …cp. Gerson’s Law
      …cp. City of God vid

      re: grid overload, EMPs, extended power outages, Revolution (the serial)…
      …loved the ironies, like the illuminati colony and texican president
      …hated the video gamer monotonies, (slash, shoot, repeat … body count)
      …typical anti-hero gets a pass crap, on whatever atrocity, (like LOST)
      …nanite AI controlling fireflies … become conscious, evolve “superfamily”
      …to serve googlims (“man”), or so it seems ……… (more next episode 2-26)
      …no doubt more global change, keep-the-power-off mind control is coming
      …with a whitewash on massive depopulation, “it’s for your own good” brain washing

      (R)evolution is tropes and motes by the quadrillions…
      …How much smartdust does it take to make a log in one’s AI?

    • Nome, here is another to add to the (R)evolution list. “The After” from The X-Files creator Chris Carter. Just finished watching the pilot, there is a surprise at the end of this episode that you will recognize.
      If you are tired of apocalypse series try Black Sails.. arrrrr brings tears to me one good AI.

  13. Just a thought, but here in California the ” big earthquake” being discussed for years…thinking about the east coast and …nationally the extreme weather scenarios…Los Angeles at the helm of evil, with the illuminati and celebrity malevolence…What is to come? before or after the rapture..Long beach California biggest shipping port of the west coast for the united states… about next year and economic collapse…..what if the earthquake hits much exported from this little state….a major earthquake? just installed the earthquake app on my phone…My family told me to turn it off, it’s constantly going off ….all around the world…

  14. God bless you, LA!

    Great words that you have expressed there and a good reminder to all, .

    Blessed are those whom have not seen yet believe.

    God bless!


    • Hi, everyone1

      I awoke this morning compelled to listen to what is my dear mother’s favourite hymn, ‘How Great Thou Art’.

      As some of you may know, I haven’t worked full-time in a couple of years as I have been taking care of her re her suffering a few strokes over the last couple of years. Thank God, I haven’t had to do the very personal caring (the bathroom stuff) for a little while of late, which is a big relief for both of us. Still, I have to be there for her just in case – her mind and recall is still good. Physically, some days are good and she has energy and other days not so.

      I feel a bit ashamed because friends tell me that I have to start looking after myself and get on with my own life and lately, those thoughts have been troubling me because I do love and care about her and she is my best friend – wise, intelligent, knowledgeable, and person strong in faith. To me, she is the epitome of what a true believing Christian is, especially since I haven’t always been the good son. Loving and forgiving, always. she is.

      For the first time in a very long time she has gone to stay with my brother, just for a couple of days. So I am not use to being alone at home, which makes me anxious as I have not experienced it in a long time. And Friday I got offered two jobs (one in a local pizza restaurant, and another with a neigbhour who owns a demolition company). My personal fitness is very poor having not done heavy physical work for a while. I have been lacking confidence in myself for some time, and had difficulty in coping with disappointments and I feel anxious about letting these people down if I take on the work because of my fitness.

      Sorry to go on about poor me! 🙂

      Anyway, I found ‘How Great Thou Art’ which led me to this tune and some others. Listening to this first thing this morning was a great start to the day. I hope you enjoy.

      PS… I’m glad I didn’t get rid of my musical instruments.

    • I don’t have the address ( scripture ) right now but I do believe if you’re heart is right, you will receive double for your trouble…god knows your heart

  15. NASA footage of UFO docked at International Space Station


  16. good Sunday Bun L.A., only uplifting thing other than about 30min in The Word this morning. i will keep you and family in my prayers. you probably changed that woman’s life. what was that but life from death. Praise our Heavenly Father!

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