DNA Testing – Preliminary… L. A. Comments from 35,000 ft.!

Chongos skullWhatever the sample labeled 3A has came from – it had mtDNA with mutations unknown in any human, primate or animal known so far. The data is very sketchy though and a LOT of sequencing still needs to be done to recover the complete mtDNA sequence. But a few fragments I was able to sequence from this sample 3A indicate that if these mutations will hold we are dealing with a new human-like creature, very distant from Homo sapiens, Neanderthals and Denisovans.. I am not sure it will even fit into the known evolutionary tree. The question is if they were so different, they could not interbreed with humans. Breeding within their small population, they may have degenerated due to inbreeding. That would explain buried children – they were either low or not viable.

I awakened yesterday morning at 4:30 and prepared to go to Philadelphia to visit my mother who underwent emergency surgery last Thursday.  My flight was canceled yesterday, but I’m on the plane today, so my Tuesday is my Monday.  As I checked my email yesterday I noticed a post from Brien Foerster, or Sr. Sadistico, as we fondly refer to him.  Well, I couldn’t believe what I was reading and I posted the emails contents on the BLOG.  (Re-posted today!)  This is really ground breaking and it so far it is yet another indication that an outside agency may be manipulating the human genome and this is the heart of being on the trail of the Nephilim!

However, while the preliminary DNA testing is what we were hoping for, it is far from being conclusive. This results came from a sample Brien had sent to the lab over two years ago.  Our Geneticist has had his mind blown as the email indicates, but we must be cautious with our conclusions until all the evidence can be examined.

With that in mind, take a good look at the two skulls in the picture above.  I took this photo when I returned to the Chongos Necropolis a few weeks ago.  The skull on the left shows only one parietal plate and a complete absence of a parietal suture.   Is this a genetic trait that is only found in the Paracas skulls?  If so, what does it signify?

Chongos is one of the most enigmatic places I have ever found myself in.  On this visit to the area we were accompanied by the mayor and an armed escort!   Chongos is where the sample for the DNA testing and the subsequent results I posted above, has come from.

Are these really Nephilim skulls?  In my opinion, the evidence is beginning to stack up in that direction, but we must be cautious and patient for all the evidence to come in.

In the meantime, we’re on the trail!


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  1. Eric! About your reptilian beaver post:


    Here lizard lizard..

  2. It’s interesting that the mtDNA was the one that was unique, some analysis of Bigfoot DNA seemed to indicate a human mother but a non-human father, which would match biblical accounts of, The sons of G_d had children with the daughters of men.” At first when I read this I assumed it meant a non-human mother, but according to this, it’s a possibility that it came from the father, as it does in some species, and surprisingly, in some cases, even humans.


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  4. Thanks for thinking to keep us updated and firmly blogged while you are worried for your mama. Prayers being said!

  5. “but we must be cautious and patient for all the evidence to come in.” – L.A. I appreciate your humbleness, I’m JUMPING UP AND DOWN FOR YOU!!!!! oh my gosh so exciting..The timing of this is incredible..What an exciting year!!!!

  6. Reply to Nomoleste question from yesterday’s blog as to what I know about “dragon lines”. Nomo, what I know is that certain individuals and families have glorified themselves as belonging to an exclusive DNA club, which they and others call the “dragon line”. Nicholas de Vere claims that he is the head of this group. Tracy Twyman writes about it on the internet, claiming membership, but in subtle and mysterious words. These people claim that the dragon line is the true rulership of earth. I do not know how they preserve from generation to generation their purity; I expect they actually marry humans who are not of the dragon line, but perhaps they think that only one parent can confirm dragonhood on a child. The seat of the Vere’s is historically in Scotland, but I believe they have branches elsewhere. Another spelling of the the name is Weir. They seem to consider their family to be superior to the better-known royal lines in the world, which is confusing, since some commentators impute “dragon blood” to the better known royal families of Europe.

    • Thank you kindly Mariel. That helps considerably.


      TT: Who are the “Dragons” that you write about in your book?

      NDV: In brief, the recorded Dragon lineage starts with the Annunaki and descends through the proto-Scythians, the Sumerians in one branch and the early Egyptians in another; the Phoenicians, the Mittani, back to the Scythians again through marital alliance, along to the “Tuatha de Danaan” and the Fir Bolg; down through their Arch-Druidic, Priest-Princely families, to the Royal Picts of Scotland and the high kings of the Horse Lords of Dal Riada; through to the Elven dynasty of Pendragon and Avallon del Acqs, and down to a few pure bred families today.

      TT: Were the Dragons originally a separate species from what we would call “human”?

      NDV: Dragon tradition related to all the current genetic and historical evidence says yes they were. Both relatively recent and ancient accounts of Dragons or Elves going back to the Annunaki speak of them as having clearly distinct physical attributes, and these attributes are inherited from a species that scientists now assert preceded the human genetic bottleneck by about thirty thousand years. These attributes are not human in the accepted sense. Whether this ancient race was hybridised with another before history is anybody’s guess, but their later hybridisation to produce the Elven God-Kings and Ring Lords (the King Tribe), is clearly recorded in the Cylinder Rolls.

      TT: Are these Dragons the same as the “Nephilim” of the Bible or the “Watchers” of The Book of Enoch?

      NDV: The Nephilim and the Watchers are of the Dragon race, yes.

      TT: Were the gods of ancient cultures (Greece, India, Sumeria, etc.) Dragons?

      NDV: These pantheons are derived from one another so again the answer in simplistic terms is yes.

      As for this, I’ll need to let it gel. It’s something I’ve run across from various angles; such as, the Tuatha de Danaan. Clearly there are ties to the current round of topics…..

      I make my overarching position clear farther down in the postings.

  7. Prayer request… lease pray for Richard K. I recently met Richard who has a deep interest in ufos/aliens and wishes to be a contactee. Let’s pray God will reveal the gospel to him and give him needed discernment. Also pray for Jody T. the leader of a Beatle Tribute Band who is getting drawn into Yoga. May Jody and his band members all discover gospel of grace. Thank-you your prayers are important.

    • Gordy- your request is Eerie..It feels like a foreboding of whats coming…I too see many around me, vulnerable…I’m happy that another brother in christ is praying intercessory prayer now!!! I will pray for anyone you send my way..

    • AI Paradigm Illuminati & the NWO

      The series Revolution.

      In this series a nano-tech is employed globally that absorbs electromagnetics thus shutting down all manor of electricity permanently-those in the know move to Cuba as the U.S. learns to live in a primitive state, militias form in various states vying for territorial dominion.

      Years later those in the know from Cuba take advantage of a window of opportunity in the U.S. to briefly restore electricity long enough to launch a countrywide nuclear strike on major militia centers and major population centers putting a end to all newly formed militia powers.

      Those in the know from Cuba return to the U.S. under the U.S. flag into Washington D.C. and send groups across various states promising restoration and order, this newly formed U.S. gov. secretly carries the symbol of the pyramid with the all seeing eye in its center (Illuminati), their goal unfolds into population reduction and dominion.

      Meanwhile the global nano-tech starts to evolve and begins to manifest their intelligence in the form of Fireflies (illuminated ones-Angels if you will) and also to manifest in the flesh (familiar spirits) to communicate with the few responsible for their creation. This new global collective AI now has its own agenda and is Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent.

      At this point the Fireflies are seen at a local church service healing the blind and all manner of ailments as the plot yet continues between the Illuminati & the AI and a small resistance…


    • @Azureceu … “Where were you when the lights went out?”


      I would have never watched “revolution” without your pointer. Like not eating “devil’s food” cakes or using a “red devil” vacuum cleaner.

      Bioluminescence (from luciferin + luciferase + ATP) is being used to tag biochemical processes using gene splicing methods. It’s a key method enabling beast tech.

    • The method is to attach the gene that makes luciferase to other proteins that perform other functions so that when the other function occurs then luciferase is produced and light (if oxygen, ATP, and luciferin are present).

      time 25:00+ … where it gets interesting

      cp. GFP (“green flourescent protein”)

    • “Where were you when the lights went out?”
      I have a dinoflagellant dinosaur that I flagellate til it glows, no problema.

      This might be something to consider when we see luciferin U.F.O.s ,orbs, orb arrays and the like, just maybe.

    • 0:50 mark, glowing plants video:

      There is already one synthetic creature, Craig Venter created it. He synthesized a million pair genome for an entire bacteria and he “booted it up” and he even wrote his name and a little quotation and his e-mail address inside the genome, because he could..ha ha ha

      Google Craig Venter and on youtube for more info..

    • @Az … lyrics for Walk the Dinosaur are intense …

      ps. your post was country blocked in US … no worries, easy to find a playlist with same via youtube search

      @Lilac … love that “LOVE” may be a dimension to dwell in / open up / have revealed / go beyond time … share with Abba / Y’shua / Jesus …awesome!!!

  8. When all is said and done there are only 2 choices:
    — accept rescue by Jesus Christ (salvation, becoming children of God)
    — reject His rescue (damnation, along with the rest of the seed of satan)

    It doesn’t matter if those eventually cast in the Lake of Fire are hybrid or human
    — they’re both still the offspring of satan and/or the enemy angels
    — and that means the greater bulk of human generations
    — including most of those we see around us. (even the “nice” folks)

    I believe it’s demonic to present humans as mere physical creatures.
    — We’re not. We have body, soul, and spirit.
    — Each is likely coded — created.
    — Without Christ they’re corrupted — sin code changed.

    The enemy does not see the end from the beginning.
    — Those cast out into the Lake of Fire — are not of God — never were.

    Like it or not — the more we learn of human genetics (hominid / humanoid)
    — the more we’ll likely find human genetics is corrupt (beastly).

    So is “humanity” pure in genetics? NO.

    Since the overwhelming bulk of “humanity” is headed to hell and damned already
    — I believe we have to conclude that humanity is not pure physically nor spiritually.

    No surprise that we find genetic contamination (variation),
    …whether from enemy angel hybridization,
    …enemy genetic manipulation,
    …or genetic corruption by disease.

    Can the damned (most of humanity) escape their fate through Christ. Yes, definitely!
    — Sad to say, most don’t want to be saved by Him.
    …they want to follow their own version of what should happen.
    — There’s a good and loving reason they’ll be cast out into the Lake of Fire.
    …Shake off the dust and move on.

    I’ll be the first to agree that Christ does not want anyone human to perish
    — but they do have a choice to accept His rescue — or not.
    He guaranteed that at the cross.

    The pithy point is that humanity is infected and corrupted by sin.
    — If not nephilim — they may be even worse.

    Narrow is the gate — Christ only — that leads to eternal life
    — eternal life with Him, Yeshua Messiah,
    — Jesus of Nazareth, our Savior,
    — the only begotten Son of God.

  9. May be old news but I learned that John B. Wells, C2C host for Sat. eve. and a born-again believer, has been canned.

    I wasn’t a big fan of his (he never sounded prepared) but I’m not surprised that C2C has christian-phobia on display.

    • I think Coast to Coast is now doomed to failure without Wells. His weekend ratings were the only thing keeping it afloat as you heard the interviewer point out from the ratings. They slit their own throat it would seem…. but I guess that remains to be seen.

  10. Just left Calvary chapel Oceanside with my family , finished watching the debate between Ken Ham and Bill Nye the science guy. Science vs Creationism. Gods ways defy natural physics here on earth… The bible gives us all the answers we need….. Bill Nye is a good man, I pray gods grace be given to him and that his eyes will be opened to the truth… Naturalism and Evolution theories shoved down our kids throats at school..Yes Bill Nye the universe is moving at an excelerated rate, but not for reasons you think…I pray for his soul and many good men like him. Couldn’t help but think about the DNA findings throughout the debate…I want to forward his posts to Ken Ham at the creation museum. and the anthropology department at colleges in my area..We have to get the word out people in any way we can in our small community and start discussions..continue to pray for the souls of the lost…

    • Interesting…lamech was noahs father who the bible says lived 777 years…It may seem strange to link the father of Noah, “Lamech,” with the flood, but thematically and numerically, there is a connection. The demonstration of this is very wonderful, so bear with a little background information first.

      When Noah (whose name means “rest”) was born to Lamech, he uttered this prophecy, “This one shall comfort us concerning our work and concerning the toil of our hands, because of the ground which Jehovah has cursed” (Genesis 5:29). However, how did Noah bring “comfort” against that ‘vanity of life’ brought about by the curse put on sinful man by God?

      The prophecy was fulfilled in that Noah authored a new creation, by condemning the old one by his faith. (He proved his faith by building the ark, Heb. 11:7,8). However, since Noah failed to remove the curse from the “new creation” (for the curse continued into the New World even after the flood), we are made to look for a more complete fulfillment.

      Jesus Christ is the fulfillment. He it is that leads us into a “new creation” wherein there is no more curse (to be fulfilled in stages).

    • Hey there Godshelp74…. An interesting thought with the 777 years and the flood. If you have ever read the book “Plucking the Eagle’s Wings” by Perry Stone you will realize that America is a nation that was raised up by God in order to spread the gospel around the world before the return of the Lord. A stunning pattern emerges when you overlay a map of the tabernacle of Moses over a map of America. Too lengthy to get into here but it’s quite stunning. I suggest you read the book. All that being said and established, a unique pattern exists with our presidents and the 42 Kings of ancient Israel. In the year 2000 when the Florida vote was disputed between George W. Bush and Al Gore that would decide the next president, the final winning vote tally of Florida went to Bush. According to the amazing patterns revealed in “Plucking The Eagle’s Wings” book, the final tally number was 930. Adam lived to be 930 years old when he died. It also ties in with Noah and the flood. George W. Bush was a sign that the true end of the end days began as far as America fulfilling it’s destiny to spread the gospel worldwide. And then what came? Hope and change. It gets more detailed but you shoud check that book out. It will really open your eyes as to America’s true purpose and the guaging of where we are at in end time eschatology. This is not another “America is Mystery Babylon type of a book, but a whole different beast. It’s really eye opening.

    • Scientists, if you think about it, are only masters of the 4 dimensions. They know the laws of Earth and physics inside and out. However, people who’ve had supernatural experiences (and even some scientists who know a little about physics into the 5th+ dimensions) know that there exists many dimensions in which other entities exist. Scientists can sometimes like a 2-dimentional stick figure who thinks they know everything about the 4D world.

      The only way we can achieve our G_d-given destiny/will is by reaching out to him through time and space, and this is only achieved through love and faith. As I was taking a long walk the other day, and pondering physics class (my weakest area of science BTW), and I started to wonder about how G_d puts such an emphasis on love … as the Bible says, and the greatest of these is love,” and if who have all the supernatural gifts and have not love, you “have nothing” I pondered if love and faith could be dimensions (like height or time on Earth) that separate the heavenly dimensions from our own. Maybe that’s why He puts such as emphasis of love, because just like if we couldn’t make use of length, height, width, and time, we couldn’t find our home or make it to work on time, we can’t get to G_d or his will without love.

    • While God was fulfilling his purposes for America, the enemy also had his plans, I found this article this week:

      Peruvian prophecy states that all the Americas were once united by a common spiritual tradition and leader, and that they will be again. They were anciently united as Amaru-ca or Ameru-ca, Ameri-ca, meaning the “Land of the Serpent” (Ananta Sesha forms the Ring of Fire around North & South American continents), during a time when the serpent was the universal symbol of mystical wisdom and spiritual power.
      One legend states that North and South America were named after a culture bearer known historically as Aramu Muru or A maru (serpent/wisdom) the “Serpent (wisdom master) Meru,” with connections to the mythical Mount Meru, abode of the Demi-Gods.

      Note the flag of Mexico: the eagle with the serpent in its mouth. Occulted for Quetzalcoatl the flying serpent.

  11. Nomoleste and others interested in DNA mutations: I have a genetic mutation which is in the same family of mutations as that of “royal Stewarts”. This summer I located one of my foremothers on that line, not through DNA but through endless perusing of written material. It became a “hobby”, and as you say I need to move on from that hobby, as we all can depend on Jesus to rescue us if we accept Him, and there is no need to think of what our DNA portends, except to know through it how we got where we are from where we once were. But I wish Jesus would hurry up or send rescue.

    I do not know if this glitch is of the “dragon line”. Some writers say so, while others, like de Vere, think they are superior and are the true dragon line. I reject dragonism of any kind.

  12. “http://corrieredelmattino.altervista.org/rinvenuto-scheletro-di-un-gigante-la-bibbia-aveva-ragione-notizia-shock/”

    Hoping this can be vetted and translated.

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