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  1. I’ll be praying healing and divine health for your mother. She has to be a blessed lady to be 91 years old. What wisdom she must have. Blessings to you and yours.

  2. I will be praying also for your mother for strength and peace and recovery. I can relate…my dad is 90 with health issues.

  3. FYI: Recently I have been reviewing a prophecy Re: Eastern USA coast being inundated with a major tsunami. This tsunami has been revealed to a number of Christians who have reported it in video form. (Do a Youtube.com search for Canary Islands tsunami.) Reportedly Florida will be severely devastated.

    One of the most difficult things about prophecies is placing a time frame of when an “event” is to take place.

    Having said that you can move into action and prepare accordingly or wait, do nothing, and it’s too late to save yourself or loved ones.

    I had wondered about the situation, took it to the Lord, and I received this video a few minutes ago:

    Prepare, pray, & ponder…


    • If you do a little search you will find this same video from 2011 & blogs on the same video, the video eventually disappeared from you-tube and has now reappeared.

      Also this blog on the same topic

      13 DECEMBER 2013
      Killing off the Canary Islands landslide megatsunami scare


      Prophecy? I seam to not be able to make any connection thus far that says aha!.
      How can one move into action on this type of info?

    • From my point a view

      For me, I don’t fear calamities because I trust in the Lord, knowing that if such things come, he will remove us before that time and if we suffer the calamity it His will that we endure, if we die then shall we be with the Lord.
      We could argue a multitude of possibilities, but I am just simply stating my faith knowing that some have a greater faith and some a lesser faith than I but we live by faith nonetheless.

  4. 91 years old….Lord help us, I hope none of make it to 91…God come pick us up soon!!! I’ll be praying for your mother LA..and as always for you in your travels..May god send his angels down to be with you and put a special hedge of protection around you and your whole family..

  5. L.A., may your Mom heal quickly. Father, God, please allow her to do so, and bless the time L.A. and she have together during this visit, in Jesus’ name we pray. Please use it for Your glory and for good for both of them. Thank you.
    L.A., I was just visiting with my Mom, who lives just outside of Philadelphia, yesterday. She recently had some very serious surgery, and the Lord has brought her through that and has, just yesterday morning, allowed her to return home to start to recover there after a couple weeks in a rehab facility, so I can relate to what you and your family are going through. Blessings!
    Catherine B.

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