Welcome to the Super Soldier Bowl with Snipers in the Stadium!

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L. A. Marzulli

U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents will be eyes in the sky come Sunday. They will be in Black Hawk helicopters, enforcing the 10-mile no-fly zone around the stadium.


False Flag?  http://www.theepochtimes.com/n3/472355-treason-bowl-letter-claiming-false-flag-attack-at-super-bowl-goes-virall

Snipers!  http://www.wnd.com/2014/01/hidden-snipers-will-be-deployed-in-super-bowl-stadium/?cat_orig=us

There will be snipers at this years super bowl.  They will be positioned throughout the stadium with their rifles at the ready!  What if one of the snipers has money on the game?  Will he then open fire at a key plater, if his team is loosing?  Is anyone else outraged by this?  This is the real state of the union in 2014!  We live in a police state, where Black Hawk helicopters will be enforcing a 10 mile no-fly zone around the stadium.  Helicopters?  Really?

Obama told us Al Qaeda was on the run! http://cnsnews.com/news/article/obama-touts-al-qaeda-s-demise-32-times-benghazi-attack-0  So I guess the beleaguered members of Al Queada hoofed it over here because we’re no longer safe to play football in our own stadium, in our own country!  Added to this is the conspiracy web sites warning of a false flag attempt in the stadium. It goes something like this.  Poison gas will be stored in the soda canisters and at the appropriate time the exits of the stadium will be blown shut, trapping everyone inside and then the poison gas will be released.  Sounds like a Hollywood blockbuster to me!

This is our culture,  football, No fly zones, sex shows and hookers, and Bruno Mars doing the half time show.  I’m not going to watch the game as I have no interest in football, but love the little mini-hot-dogs that are served at Superbowl parties.  Maybe I’ll go pick up a pack of the weenies and watch some re-runs of Little House on the Prairie… just kidding!

In closing todays post.  Think our way of life is normal?  Think again!  We are living a Orwellian nightmare where illegal searches are carried out at our airports and people accept it.  The city of Boston folded under the threat of one 19-year-old terrorists whose citizens allowed house to house searches without warrants.  Where our government spies on us and monitors every email and phone call.  Where our president seems to want to negate our constitution and sign executive orders!   Where the government lies to us about Ben Ghazi and Fast and Furious and tells us we can keep our health care and doctor when it knows we can’t!  Where we are taxed to death by an out of control government who is now 17 TRILLION dollars in debt!  As I stated earlier this week, I am a stranger in a strange land.  

Here is a clip of former Representative Ron Paul discussing the Police State.  http://www.policestateusa.com/2014/ron-paul-says-we-live-in-a-police-state/


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I thought Obummer told us Al Qaeda was on the run? 






ET or the Fallen Hosts of Heaven?






Brave New World?



150 MPH Winds!



76 thoughts on “Welcome to the Super Soldier Bowl with Snipers in the Stadium!

  1. Sounds like the “defenses” (snipers & blackhawks)
    — are set for 2001 era terror attacks.

    Rather that fight the last war…
    – deal with current tech – drones at least
    ( what they sow they’ll reap — with increase )
    – coordinated multiple drone attack
    – or multi-rotors (mini-copters) in swarms
    – carrying plastic explosives (or tnt)
    – possibly laced with WMDs (or shrapnel)
    – like mini-dirty bombs (or chem. poisons)

    As for those attending that aren’t watching
    – lulled into the folly of attending (distracted)
    – possible larger mass casualty events
    – ignoring theater, school, & marathon attacks
    – “well … “fools rush in where angels fear…”

    Question though…
    – Why no attack threat on the Grammy’s
    – or hollywood, or bohemian grove,
    – or Indian Point reactor, or Wall Street
    – or congress, or the White House
    – or commutes in heavy metroplex traffic
    – any day of the week….

    (A: That which restrains…)

    • Hi, Nomemoleste!

      Possible answer is probably because they are useful tools in aiding the satanic agendas.

      God Bless!


    • Well I don’t know why I came here tonight.
      I’ve got the feeling that something ain’t right.
      I’m so scared in case I fall off my chair,
      and I’m wondering how I’ll get down the stairs.

      Snipers to the left of me!
      Black Hawks to the right!
      Here I am stuck in the middle with you.

  2. O.k. I’ll be the first to comment today. Unusual. Since the comment section was opened a little late today, I think most people now think it is closed down for the day.

    This year, the ninth of Av is August 4 and 5. Obama’s birthday… folks…. is August 4. The 9th of Av is when Jews commemorate (or is it comiserate) the destructionof the temple in ancient Israel. I won’t repeat the Ezekiel 20:29 and Luke 10:18 thing again as I’m sure most are probably tired of looking at me posting it all the time. But take it into consideration. How ominous is this? It fits right in with what Marzulli posted today. The Illuminati need to get things popping and quick. A false flag is in the works, I could almost guarantee it. Could Obama’s birthday being on the 9th of Av this year be a clue as to Obama’s real identity as the “Man of Sin” mentioned in scripture? I can hardly believe the clues that are surfacing with this character… but… there they are. The clues that the Holy Spirit is giving us is numerous. Not trying to be dogmatic here, but just pointing some peculiar things out.

    My thanks to Godshelp74 for bringing this to our attention in yesterday’s blog. Now more than ever, keep watching! And keep your eye on Obama. The Illuminati has some major plans for this guy and it appears the Holy Spirit may be revealing his true identity. Don’t be fooled by the nice guy smiles.

    • Corey, I missed acceleration radio last night. I was relaxing at computer, ready to listen, when my wife reminded me of some other obligations. I’ll have to listen when its put in the archives.
      Regarding the superbowl, for those who watch with a group of friends, be sure to point out the illuminati/occult symbolism during halftime show. It may help to wake people up.

    • John T…. I wouldn’t be surprised that if soon an armada of UFOs appeared over one of these showbusiness events like the Superbowl or Olympic games because of all the demonic, in your face conjuring of evil spirits being done by these Illuminati controlled music stars. Or perhaps a “mother ship” of sorts. With Obama’s birthday approaching this year on the 9th of Av, something is going to give. Something dramatic. Everyone knows that they control Hollywood. That being said, something interesting happened the other night. I watched the movie battleship. In the movie, President Obama was shown addressing the “alien attack” in the movie when the cities of the world were being attacked. Another hint? Possibly.

    • Corey- I have to say one more thing..couldn’t resist because of the white horse thing…Go to yahoo mail…Headline states….Chinese New Year: 2014 Marks The Year Of The Wood Horse And..Turmoil

    • Interesting! –


    • Corey-Look up Beltane..pagan holiday, celebrated may 1…creepy..I’m not posting it..very ritualistic satan type stuff..I’m curious about this year with the blood moon being in april…

    • “moon-astronaut-admits-on-deathbed-obama-could-be-an-alien”
      😆 Looks like someone got punked. As far as I can see he was not and astronaut nor was he the last to walk on the moon.

  3. In answer to your question posed to me last night Godshelp74…. I think I can tell you what is going on. We are looking at the incarnation of the “Man of Sin”. Our departure, Mrs. Watson, draws near.

  4. L.A. excellent rant last night. It is always good to get away from familiar digs to foreign ones to open up new perspectives. Keep on watchin, the days are evil.

    • Hi Corey-Truly Alarming!! At the risk of sounding sadistic I have to say I’m excited. We could be meeting our lord soon!!!! I’ve talked to everybody that will listen. I’m in prayer against the dark forces, My prayers are with every child of god and all who don’t know the lord, that god will send down his angels to aid them, send down his grace and lead all the lost people to salvation. Per Our conversation about President Obama, I watched the video you suggested and I was shocked… I submit……I’m open to what you and many are suggesting….I have had little to almost no sleep ..The ninth of OV thing is daunting!!….I would love more insight..It’s so crazy. I’m overwhelmed by this stuff and my inner circle offriends/family could care less.

    • Godshelp74… another tidbit of insight would be that when Obama was elected president in 2008, one day after the winning numbers turned out to be 666. http://www.youtube.com/playlist%3Flist%3DPL3A642AOE62BE8475

      Last night when I mentioned Obama’s acceptance speech, it was done with white bronco (horse) over his shoulder. What I failed to mention was that below that horse was his website – www (666 the numerical value in Hebrew of the letter w).BarackObama.com.

    • Godshelp… I just posted a comment awaiting moderation with more info concerning Obama in it. It contains a website and youtube video. Pretty astounding info. Any suggestions on posting a comment with a website address contained therein without it getting put into moderation? So annoying.

    • Corey, also the stage at the inauguration was made to look like the satanic altar of Zeus which Hitler had moved to Germany. Didn’t someone say that Monster energy drink also has 666, in ancient hebrew, on the label. I’ve seen Christians wearing shirts with this logo. Such deception in the culture.

    • John T… yep. I almost forgot about that bit of satanic symbolism. What are the chances of the alter of Zeus being put up at inauguration? If I’m not mistaken, the church of pergamos is where Satan’s seat was mentioned in the book of Revelation to the seven churches of Asia. Go figure.

      I would be interested in what the background info is concerning the energy drink monster… aside from the obvious connotation that the word “monster” implicates.

    • O.K. the link I posted in my comment above doesn’t work for some reason. Then just google the results of the Illinois state lottery one day after Obama was elected president. You will find the winning numbers to be 666.

  5. Corey, I missed acceleration radio last night. I was relaxing at computer, ready to listen, when my wife reminded me of some other obligations. I’ll have to listen when its put in the archives.
    Regarding the superbowl, for those who watch with a group of friends, be sure to point out the illuminati/occult symbolism during halftime show. It may help to wake people up.

  6. While I would definitely agree with L.A.’s hostility toward the in-your-face Illuminati, Satanic symbolism going on at these music events and in the movies, I would also present another aspect to all of this. We as christians can use all this as tool for evidence to the lost, unsaved world at large and individuals we encounter on a daily basis. We can study the details of all this ritualism being presented to us on a regular basis and, perhaps, not only decipher what the enemy of our souls is up to, but present some powerful evidence of the authenticity of scripture and answers for people who have questions. Alot of times, those answers involve details to get people’s attention. So we should take a close look at details in the ritualism. Sorta like using the enemy strategy and mockery against his own agenda of keeping people from the truth of the gospel and snatching their souls from the fire as a certain book in the old testament puts it. All with the help and guidance of the Holy Spirit that is… of course. For without him… we can do nothing, said Jesus. Especially in the area of exposing the enemy and using his own weaponry against him. I would advise people to only engage in this activity with the express help of the Holy Spirit. I don’t think this is anything to try to undergo by yourself like some lone wolf McQuade.

    Hope that makes sense.

  7. Study ufologists say that UFOs ‘visited’ the city of São Paulo state in 2008

    *Note the footprints found at the scene of this report at a landing site

    You will need to translate this page in your browser..


    • I think finding a bear at this location would be like finding a polar bear in Kentucky.

      Another bizarre account from the incident:
      “There are also those who say they have seen similar creatures dogs that walked on two legs and then came out flying.”

      Flying dogs that walk on two legs? Anubis perhaps?

    • (This is the Google translation)

      Signs found in a cane field of Riolândia ( 555 km from Sao Paulo ) in 2008 were caused by UFOs ( unidentified flying objects ) .

      Completed this month , called ” Dossier Riolândia ” was produced by the ufologists INAPE ( Institute of Astronomy and Space Research ) , who study six years ago . The research is not reported in scientific publications.

      ” In a case like this , usually waited a few years to see if the event repeats itself , it is cyclical . Today we can say that it was a supernatural , extraterrestrial phenomenon ,” said electrical engineer Jorge Nery , the INAPE , NGO based in Araçatuba ( 527 km from the capital) .

      The Air Force did not comment specifically on the case but said the records of ” unidentified flying objects ” existing in Comdabra ( Brazilian Aerospace Defense Command ) are sent to the National Archives in Rio de Janeiro .

      Also according to the Air Force for over 700 documents available at the National Archives for public consultation , the years 1950 to 2012.
      Alleged UFO in Riolândia ( SP )
      View Larger »

      Edson Silva – 21.fev.2008/Folhapress
      Previous Next
      Mauricio Pereira da Silva ( left). Then tenant of the inn, watching the sky with the neighbor

      The alleged flying round objects that emit strong beams of light for residents and tourists Riolândia were first observed on January 20, 2008 .

      Then he repeated alternately until the following month , and never came back .

      According to ufologists , they left marks – circles with crushed plants , as if they had been ” folded ” – in a cane field about two feet tall .

      One of them was 60 feet in diameter and two others , about 30 meters each .

      The hypothesis of a tornado was discarded . ” All around , everything was in place . Even the flowers of coconut trees from the entrance of the farm. If it was windy , the plants around would be broken and the fruit on the ground ,” Nery said .

      A device that measures radiation was also used in the research. ” We did not observe any change in location , even increasing temperature. ”

      Considered strange footprints were also found , but researchers have not come to any conclusion about them .

      In all, 11 researchers , including a Japanese , who participated informally drawn to the impact of the alleged apparitions – worked on the case.

      The group included, among ufologists , agronomists , geographers , meteorologists , technicians work safety , experts in the culture of cane sugar and technicians in electronics, among others .

      According to ufologist Ademar José Gevaerd Aeronautics had knowledge of UFO activity in the northwestern region of São Paulo , where is Riolândia .

      He said an official of Aeronautics in St. Paul would have said Cindacta 1 ( Integrated Center for Defense and Air Traffic Control ) Tanabi ( 477 km from Sao Paulo ) , the region recorded instances of ” traffic H ” in the same period registration on Riolândia .

      “I believe they are even UFOs. This region , between the northwest of São Paulo and southern Minas Gerais , is the point of highest incidence in Brazil,” said Gevaerd .

      The INAPE second Nery has existed since 1996 and is part of the Brazilian Network for Astronomy , which undertakes studies in astronomy . The goal is to arouse the interest of a scientific nature in children , adults and college .


      Touted as the star witness of the phenomenon studied in Riolândia , Mauricio Pereira da Silva , 46 , said he is ” relieved” with the completion of the study INAPE .

      Lessee at the time of an inn that stood in the area where the alleged UFO appeared , he said no one believed him at the time .

      ” A lot of people called me crazy, a liar , said I just wanted to advertise the inn . ”

      He claimed to have seen UFOs from the kitchen window when he got up to drink water .

      Days after the first appearance , he called his brother to spend the night awake , waiting for the ” aliens ” .

      ” They came back that night . Was 3pm. We saw from afar , but when we got close , we are paralyzed , as if we had slept . Guess we suffer a kind of hypnosis , because only woke up at the inn , standing room, three hours later. my brother does not remember anything , “he said .

      The just over 11,000 residents today Riolândia comment on the case.

      Some say that they saw the filled with colorful lights , others who saw a column of water in the stream object , as if the water was being sucked up.

      There are also those who say they have seen similar creatures dogs that walked on two legs and then came out flying .

      Maurice left the inn and now lives with his family in São José do Rio Preto , but spends the week working as a fisherman on a houseboat on the river Grande.

      “It’s something you will not forget , ever. Moro here in the river. Fico alone all week , but I’m not afraid of aliens . “

    • No polar bears, but dogmen, yes. Not the kind that fly or come out of UFOs, but the kind that appear and disappear out of portals (much like Bigfoot). They have been here for generations and some very respectable people have had run-ins with them.

    • “It’s something you will not forget , ever. Moro here in the river. Fico alone all week , but I’m not afraid of aliens . “

      To translate this a tad better: It’s something you will not forget, ever. I live here on the river. I’m alone all week, but I’m not afraid of aliens.

      Ha! He is not afraid of Aliens…I wonder if a dog-man would phase him?

  8. Corey- I watched the video (did Jesus tell us who the antichrist will be) about 3-4 years ago and I have always thought it is ohbummer,no body has ever believed me:( no one cares, they all have there heads in the sand where it’s comfortable. I am just waiting for him to actually be indwelt by the beast……. Interesting days ahead!

    I’m thankful for everyone here and to you LA:) I don’t comment a lot but always love reading the blog and comments, I learn so much:) I’m confident that we will all be used in mighty ways to educate people when things start really heating up:)
    Maranatha:) shannon

    • Shannon… Sadly, even then when he is indwelt by this evil spirit, most people still won’t believe it. They will take his mark and damn their souls to Hell… as per Revelation scripture. He’ll still be smiling and showing his pearly whites but with an added bonus: He’ll perform all those amazing signs and wonders that will probably captivate people to accept his mark.

      This guy isn’t gonna show up with spit and foam pouring out of his mouth with a mean growl. He will be very appealing I’m sure… just like Obama is to the masses all over the world.

  9. LA, you can always tune in to Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl. They have a half time show as well and it will be better than Bruno Mars (whoever that is)
    I haven’t watched a Super Bowl since the Everly Brothers and The Archies performed as the half time entertainment. I wasnt big on The Archie’s ,but I admit that Jughead can play a mean drum.

  10. i feel Obama’s “red-line” that was crossed, a few times, was the route in which Russia with Putin at helm stepped into “the nation that takes action” and more, “the position on the chess board to head up the confederate muslim nations”, Ezekiel 38,39 Numbers 24.15-24. literal in front of the face of the world (kosmos) and other than a very few like us not any in our Nation and abroad see it. to the point we send Sec. Kerry over to plan a party. i do not see much more as the precursor to the count down of days when we will see Jesus. praise God. a great song, “We Shall See Jesus”, by The Cathedrals Quartet, Glen Payne singing lead.

  11. Corey- The more I fall down the rabbit hole, the more I realize, they don’t care that we know the truth. We know as much as they want us to know…a small percentage of christians are paying attention to the stuff that nobody else cares to pay attention too…Theories have been circulating around the internet for a long time. They know time is short and disclosure HAS to be around the corner.

    You know how they say when you die your life flashes before your eyes? I have had pictures and visions flooding in all night and day..The statue of satan being erected in Oklahoma, SRA abuse victims, bonfires, the mass shootings, anything diabolical raises the vibration. Worship and ritual sacrifice opens the portal to the second heaven. They want access to their KING. For years secret societies did this is private the rothchilds, rockefellers, so many diabolical criminals.. Salvador Dali led the helm of surrealism art and penetrated the heart of pop culture!! His famous phrase ” the difference between me and a madman is I am not mad”. In other words they are perfectly possessed individuals..Worshipping and preparing the world for the arrival of their KING. Now they don’t have to worship in private, they openly chant and do ritualistic worship on live TV that is seen around the world.

    The blood moons, the Ninth of AV (cursed day of god) , The Shmita…lord have mercy…God Bless Marzulli and the men like him ..

  12. why is Matt drudge tweeting ” HAVE AN EXIT PLAN” was it an acute alert? is he talking about the Super Bowl?

    • Corey- I’m not sure about the moderation thing…Like you I’m just trying to figure out what makes sense..? I feel like the female version of Richard Dreyfus in close encounters..haha… remember the scene where his family leaves him because he is making mountains out of his mash potatoes?

  13. I’ve always believed that the Illuminati like to fore worn the sheeple before they do something. I’ve always wondered if in the movie Oblivion if there isnt something to when Tom
    Cruise says the last super bowl was played here in New York and then nuclear war hit.

    • Richard-There is sooo much out there on the internet….It’s hard to discern whats fact and whats fiction. I had posted two other videos last night. I think Marzulli deleted them. My husband got home from work I went to show him and they were gone.. I don’t know if that means they were really off and fakes or what? It’s all confusing..I’m just staying close to god..I hope nobody gets hurt at Super Bowl.

    • LA doesnt delete posts Godshelp74 but that is weird that went missing. I’ve had that happen to me on other sites. You never know who is deleting them anymore.

    • I had forgotten about that movie until you just posted the preview. I’ve never seen it before. Guess I’ll have to check it out.

    • Peter… With these blood moons starting this year, I can’t help but think that we may see Damascus being the first domino to fall. Things can’t hold out too much longer.

    • G’Day, Corey!

      Well, unless the news reports are completely false, Damascus and elsewhere around Syria are gradually becoming a complete ruin. Such a history for so many generations and now, in our time, it’s all happening before our eyes.

    • G’Day Peter

      My thinking in this is that Damascus will suddenly be reduced to ruins in one night because of the part of this prophetic scripture that says ” before the morning, it is not”, indicating a sudden and complete destruction in the overnight hours with devastating modern weaponry. So it would be much more dramatic. I don’t have my bible with me right now but if you read that scripture, it talks of an overnight destruction. That is the way I’ve always heard that piece of prophetic scripture taught anyway. What’s your take on that?

    • Isaiah 17 The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.

      As you and many others who visit here at L.A’s blog would know… Damascus has been around a very long time! Now, we see it in conflict – although, it’s had a few, being conquered by Alexander The Great, The Romans and right up to the Ottomans (to name a few) but still remained an inhabited city. It’s gradually being destructively chipped away at by the various forces, which seem to be made up of people from many different places, against the Assad government, not to mention the government doing it’s own bit of damage, and perhaps, some other governments. I think there was a very recent news report here that even some Australian Arabs – if there is such a thing or if that is correct description – going there to lend a hand in the warfare.

      I suppose it is still functioning more-or-less as city after all this time since the commencement of these uprisings. How long has it been now? Two or three years? Some of the locals seem to be able to still charge up there mobile phone video cameras to record action shots and with their infamous catchphrase (“our god is greater than yours”).

      Yes, it would seem that it will be the case, as you say, that it will be reduced to total ruins in one night, in reading (KJV) 17:11 ‘In the day shalt thou make thy plant to grow, and in the morning shalt thou make thy seed to flourish: but the harvest shall be a heap in the day of grief and of desperate sorrow.’
      And then to 17.14 ‘And behold at eventide to trouble; and before the morning he is not. This is the portion of them that spoil us, and the lot of them that rob us.’

      I hope LA can put up a map of the area as defined from Isaiah’s time and comparative modern day maps, as Egypt is the next place of burden prophesied in Isaiah 18 and Ezekiel 38 re Gog and Magog with Persia, Ethiopia and Libya against them.

      Ethiopia makes me wonder… I recall a TV documentary (I think about the Ark of the Covenant or The Church of St George – said to have been built by angels out of the volcanic rock) and it mentioning that one in ten males were bishops. It also has its muslim population. And of course, Ethiopia bordered by Eritrea, Djibouti, Somalia, Sudan and Kenya – all countries with recent long internal conflicts, some still ongoing – and situated in the Horn of Africa. The Brits helped the Ethiopians prevent Italy from conquering it during the 1940s, too.

      Long and colourful histories.

  14. My letter to the NFL suggesting Mungo Jerry as the halftime entertainment was turned down. I have seen Bruno Mars perform on tv before and she does have a decent voice but in no way is she any better than Mungo Jerry.

    • Hi Matt!

      Yeah, good suggestion… they don’t have enough bottle lip blowing in rock n roll these days!

      Possible they feared Mungo Jerry upstaging the other performers as they had once grabbed all the headlines and stole the limelight away from headliners Black Sabbath, Traffic, Grateful Dead and Jose Feliciano when they all performed at a festival back in 1970. [wikipedia]

      Could do with more cowbell, too.

  15. Who would have thought that Zager and Evans would be the greatest visionaries of all time? Nostradamus eat your heart you.

    My apologies to Zager and Evans but I took the liberty of changing a few lyrics to fit our current year.
    In the year 2014, not knowing what to do, the NSA is monitoring all you do, think and say, downloaded by their google glasses each and every day.
    In the same year you will look so smart, on your little rascal mobility cart, everything you need for yourself, you will pull off the shelf at Walmart…oooo whoa.
    By the year 2015 if man is still alive , the population will be swarming, just to be wiped out by global warming…or is it just a scare, to get you to sign up for Obamacare? oooo whoa

  16. I truly hope we are not all getting our hopes up too high with the coming signs seeming so significant … It is so difficult waiting – not knowing – hoping – wishing. I think L. A.’s statement, “I’m a stranger in a strange land” is so fitting — at least that’s exactly how I feel also — as though I’m just going through the motions with no sense of belonging here anymore. This blog is so beneficial for me – at least I know there are some out there that feel as I do. It helps me to keep a perspective that I am not alone. My husband is patient most of the time – listening to me but he’s so laid back — “whatever will be will be’ kinda guy and maybe that is the most ideal way to be. It just isn’t me.

    I go to church – yet feel so little connection because there’s absolutely no excitement or anticipation in the air – it seems to be ‘just business as usual’ – blah, blah, blah. Maybe I expect too much — would they just burn out if they felt as I do? But where is the excitement — the anticipation — the watching —

    What happens if He doesn’t come during the next two years?? How will I feel like continuing on as the world continues to degrade further? Forgive me my musings — I’m just feeling a little out of sorts….
    Let’s all breathe a collective prayer for patience, wisdom and discernment for each/all of us. And a prayer to continue in love — and understanding that God made each of us different so collectively we will be one well rounded body.

    May His blessings surround you — I love you brothers and sisters — Heaven is going to be one wonderful place with eternity to get acquainted in person and so much to do and see and accomplish. It keeps me smiling inside knowing I am so blessed by His wonderful, boundless love and grace!

    • Blessed Hope… If he doesn’t come in the next two years, I wouldn’t feel discouraged because you can bet your devaluing dollar that these blood moons are indeed signaling something huge prophetically. And when something huge breaks prophetically, it means we’re just that much closer. These eclipses are beyond guess work. The chances of these tetrads happening on feast days are beyond guess work. The chances are astronomical (pardon the pun). This has gone beyond just blind faith or even a slightly peculiar curiosity. This is literally a message from God. What is getting ready to happen this year and next has only happened 3 times in history (4 if you count the crucifixion of Christ). Each time they happened, a major prophecy was fulfilled. As I stated, beyond hoping and wishing. This is an absolute certainty that something majorly prophetic will happen. If the rapture does not happen, then something will that will lead into the rapture eventually and shortly down the road… but not far down the road.

      These eclipses are saying to us that it is impossible for the Lord to hold off coming for us another 10 years. If these eclipses were not going to happen, then I really wouldn’t feel confident in saying that.

      You’re definitely not alone in feeling out of sorts. The closer we get, the more battles I seemingly have to fight… mentally, emotionally and in the natural. It wears you down but you just have to grab it by the throat and thrash it. I honestly don’t feel like a christian alot of the time. As I’ve already stated before, my laughter is in short supply these days but all we can do is hang in there and pray for one another… which I’ll be doing. I contribute what I can and leave the rest to the Lord. So… hang in there! 😀

    • I have the same paradox of emotions and thoughts, thank you for saying it out loud..My husband and I were just having this conversation. I’m trying to keep this in a healthy perspective, but there is nothing healthy about it..I have kids I have rights they have rights..I don’t even know how I feel about being an American anymore……I don’t want to talk bad about anyone at church or anyone in general but Im not getting the feedback from people who I think should be having these dialogues…This website and others are becoming my go to as well….we need a revolution!….

    • corey-daniel 7:25…And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.

    • Godshelp74… I see what your getting at. Although I believe this will be something that the Antichrist will do once he takes his position as this evil ruler in the Tribulation period, it would seem as though we are seeing a foretaste of what the unsaved will go through during the Tribulation period. IF Obama is the Antichrist, it would seem he is getting warmed up for his eventual role. Like what was in that video you posted above. It showed the footage of him mocking christians and christianity. He has gone to colleges and other speaking engagements and has had christian symbols removed before arriving. This guy sure is fitting the bill. Don’t mean to keep harping on the Obama is the Antichrist bit, but wow… this guy sure does seem to be fitting the bill in his action and all the other peculiar things going on with this guy.

    • Blessed Hope and everyone, you hit the nail on the head for me, too. I have been constantly in prayer and feel worn out as well. Waiting, hoping, longing to see His coming that is just beyond our reach. Watching for any sign of His return, yet remembering the verse that says “He is not willing that any should perish.” But, every day is one day closer to Him and His appearing!
      It is difficult to plan ahead these days, but I keep remembering that Jesus is a light to our path. He will make it clear when the time comes.
      I wonder what He thinks as His children keep asking from the back seat
      “Are we there yet, are we there yet?”

  17. Matt-Mungo Jerry really?? I have no idea how I know that song, I’m too young..but it makes me happy…

  18. My dear sweet Mother (Sue) passed away this morning at 1:15 from lung cancer. Right now she is having a great family reunion in heaven but oh how I will miss her. What a great lady and the very best mother anyone could have hoped for. Thank you all for your prayers. Please pray God will direct me and give me wisdom in the coming days and months as there are many difficult matters to deal with.

    • Bruce, my sympathies that she departed & my joy for your treasure in heaven.

      Thou hast turned for me my mourning into dancing: thou hast put off my sackcloth, and girded me with gladness;
      To the end that my glory may sing praise to thee, and not be silent. O LORD my God, I will give thanks unto thee for ever.

    • Keep strong, Bruce!

      Isaiah 41:10

      Fear thou not; for I am with thee; be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.

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