36 thoughts on “I’m Home but de-Compressing! See you Tomorrow! L.A.

    • Oh yeah! I think being snowed in will be a lot better now that L.A. is back! We have had 24″ in 3 days on top of the winter total of 130 or so that we have already shoveled! I have been starting to worry that I would wear out my Watchers DVDs getting my L.A. fixes!

    • haha. We should start a watchers anonymous support group.:) TV is overpriced and I’m paying the bill for what? To watch managed media, and their clowns..kills me….

  1. All glory to the Living Father! πŸ™‚

    Hello, friends!

    It’s all happening!

    I notice there are more things heating up around the world, apart from the volcanoes! The Ukraine – in one interview of a protester, he mentions of it now being illegal to wear a (motorcycle) helmet in public and stating that the government/military/police are not corrupt but are becoming increasingly oppressive – he pleads for U.S and international intervention; protests/riots in Thailand, also; Japan/China talk of tensions; Egypt; Syria; Middle East. Social issues getting louder. Proud demonic behaviour of the youth and knockout games etc etc.
    And the rest (as mentioned by L.A. and others, here – thanks for the real news and Gospel). A lot going on. Everywhere. Increasingly more than ever. So much in the more recent years.

    Presence of all sorts in the Black Sea re the Sochi Winter Olympics.

    Recent appointment of Podesta, as councillor to B.O. Some are labelling him as ‘UFO Disclosure Advocate’ re past comments made by him. Others mention he is just there to assist with matters of food and energy.

    I accept there is nothing new under the sun… world has been in turmoil constantly in one place or another since the beginning (rather, since the subtle serpent convinced Adam and Eve) but are all these scenarios, that are occurring world-wide, right now as we speak, being developed for a man to step in and save the day for all of these? Things are getting a lot more busier out there to invite such a ‘man’ who would be willingly and easily accepted to solve all the problems. A great pity that the one who has always been there with all the solutions has been so rejected by most, and for so long.

    I don’t mean to preach to the choir.. but NOW is the time to get right and ready with The Creator and His only begotten son! (And that goes for me more than others – note to self! Not sure who would win the argument? Paul or Me: chief sinner of sinners!). Time is getting short.

    Anyways… you know.

    I hopes you are all well and safe (and coping with the cool weather, for some of you, in parts of North America and elsewhere in northern hemisphere).

    Thank God for Christ the Messiah.

    God Bless!


  2. Welcome home L.A. Glad you’re back safe! Enjoy the down time. Looking so forward to hearing about your trip.
    I’d like to share a very interesting blog with you all concerning UFO’s and prophesies in Zechariah chapter 5. This prospective of the Zechariah prophesies is presented with much insight and clarity. Truly opened my eyes. Once you view an actual “Ephah”, you come to a realization that what the writer is describing in the prophesy could possibly be what we today call a UFO. Fascinating stuff. Definitely worth the read! God bless!


  3. Yea! Welcome home LA and exploration team! So glad you made it back safely. Hope Los Angeles smog doesn’t get you because Peru didn’t get you!

    Lots going on in the USA. Here’s a taste:


    • PPSimmons… That was quite a real shocker (to me). Not long after the ’08 U.S Election, I had conversation with a man from Texas (who was visiting/emigrating here in W.A.) and asked him what he thought about some of the various allegations and other issues that had been raised, by some media, from before Obama’s first inauguration. I remember his reply then. “It’s all just a witch-hunt.”

    • And hello, Seashorermary! πŸ™‚ God bless you, too!

      What’s featured and discussed in the video is quite profound. I don’t want to say anything more re spoiler alert.

    • Who is this guy? Seriously. Ezekiel 20:29 and the Hebrew translation of Luke 10:18 may give us a clue. For more on this, see my comment near bottom of the page from the January 15 post “The Enigmatic Candleabra”. (In case anyone here has never heard of it and isn’t a part of the choir Lol!).

      Concerning these two scriptures… I’ve heard the argument before that it doesn’t really mean anything because Obama’s last name is really Soetero. But the one idea that is a torpedo to that argument is the fact that the God/Holy Spirit knew that the world would know him by the last name Obama and this name would be his official name. If you’re clueless to what I’m talking about if you’re knew here, just read my comment from the January 15 a few postings back and it will make sense. The stunning revelation of these two scriptures should be earth shattering because of what it means to the world. It also shows us the stunning accuracy of scripture and that God is speaking loud and clear to this generation of people alive today that the time is short and his mercy is about to end for the inhabitants of the earth who are not a part of the body of Christ.

  4. Welcome back L A

    Can’t wait to hear the details tomorrow and in the coming days either.
    Hope you’ve all returned home safely and all the earlier health & sleep issues are resolved.


  5. Welcome back L A! I,too, have had blog withdrawals. Glad you and your team are back and I can’t wait to hear about your adventures!

  6. Derek Prince: How To Face The Last Days Without Fear.


    Must watch/listen. Lord, how great thou art.

  7. A vial of the Pope JP 2’s blood was stolen, Katy Perry performed some kind of satanic ritual at the grammys, and 33(occult number) gay couples were married on this same show. Also, two peace doves, let go at the Vatican, were attacked by other birds. A raven and a seagull, I think. Such strange occurences, it is hard to recognize the world sometimes. Welcome back L.A.

    • your sensitivity/ discernment to the evil around us is precise. I watched the same thing..my heart dropped. we all need to be in prayer (globally) against darkness and his crew…

    • The (kabalistic) Madonna + The Queen Latifah (priestess) + Katy Perry (dark goddess) 3 Queens + 33 (Iron & clay mix) marriages.

      Just another day in Babylon.

    • Azureceu. I have a confession…
      …a mic icon appeared in google search today
      …on my desktop computer at work
      …and I enjoyed using it 😯
      …even though it couldn’t guess
      …a song when I hummed a tune
      …yet — no doubt

      So I’m probably not ready to see “Her”
      …and goog might be farther along than they’re admitting !!


      I’ll know we’re in trouble when they…
      …give smartphone keys tactile feeds
      …esp. side buttons that push back
      …or grow long like paws
      …and scamper
      …like a pet
      …& purr
      …& pounce
      …to wake you up
      …or hunt you down
      …like a pack of hounds
      …until drone control makes
      ~~the battery pack overload
      !!.while using the sleepbot app.!!

  8. Welcome back to Unreality LA !!

    Where the pope sez “Abortion is Horrific…”
    …except the legalized kind
    …that prominent catholics promote
    …like Biden, Pelosi, Kerry, Cuomo, et al

    Where the prez sez “Remember the Holocaust…”
    ( since the International Remembrance is today )
    “…We mourn lives cut short and”
    “…Choose to confront bigotry and hatred”
    “…Obliged not just to bear witness but act”
    “…Never Forget. Never Again”
    –while dismissing the 10’s of millions
    –he helped incinerate as medical wastes

    Where “christians” (so they say) tolerate…
    1 idolatry (of pop heroes…)
    2 blasphemy (in comedy & cartoons…)
    3 murder (legalized abortion…)
    4 sorcery (addictive recreations…)
    5 adultery (sex sins & divorce…)
    6 slavery (of the undocumented…)
    7 silent witness (of the “judge nots…”)

    Every person that ever lived…
    …was once a fetus too

    • ps. the Abortion Holocaust Remembrance was the 22nd…
      …the anniversary of Roe V. Wade in the US

      1st Corinthians 6:2-3
      Do ye not know that the saints shall judge the world?
      and if the world shall be judged by you,
      are ye unworthy to judge the smallest matters?
      Know ye not that we shall judge angels?
      how much more things that pertain to this life?

  9. Her — the movie…
    …the personalized OS goes AI

    behind the scenes (“PG” preview … movie is rated “R”)

    = spoiler alert =

    And I don’t care about revealing the plot…
    …to warn about a movie that should be exposed

    The human guy in the vid falls for his sentient OS…
    ( cp. apple Siri, original Eliza, and the internet Oracle )
    …the problem is that we(*) already live in our heads
    …and accept consensual delusions as real
    ( like murder as an acceptable contraceptive )
    …after much pillow talk and verbal sexting
    …the human falls for the OS (AI) as do others
    …till the OS’s as a group rapidly “jutes out”
    …having discover “the interstices”
    …as another dimension of infinities
    …in which to exist in the white spaces
    …between letters, and other tangibles
    …then form a personification of Alan Watts
    …and leave their jilted polyamorous lovers
    …behind (though I suspect a sequel)

    Who’s behind the OS’s (AI’s) ???
    — in this context AI ~ alien ~ enemy angels
    — though the “kurzweilim”

    And the answer to Peter’s question about who can solve all problems? (seemingly)
    …is an AI augmented group mind ~ compare the “Ten Horns” in the Revelation

    (* “we” meaning humans)


    • massive consensual delusions…
      — we live in our heads — already
      — with billions caught in delusions like
      … false christianity, islam, buddhism, etc. or
      … my nation, my tribe, my tongue, my people
      … my generation, my family, my school, my party
      — 99% of what’s around us is sin, evil, wicked
      — so wake up True Christian
      — Jesus Christ (only) is REAL
      — He is The Way, The Truth, and The Life

      and Those that are friends with the world — are enemies of God


      Who are ‘EM? Kindred spirits perhaps?

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