We’re off to Bolivia

nazca LInesWe’re going to Bolivia today for the reminder of our trip.  We’re headed to Puma Punku, a sight I have longed to visit.  In the meantime here’s a shot of the Nazca line.  IF we have good Internet today I’ll post something more in-depth as we must acclimate to the 13,000 above sea level!

Here’s the question I have.  Why does a culture wake up on a Monday morning and decide to carve out a line which stretches for miles in one of the driest, and harsh regions on earth?

Keep us in your prayers.  L.A.

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  1. LA asked, “Why the lines?” A: They were part of a computer for a global exploration program in that age (cp. NASA, ESA…),

    A related question — Why did the enemy angels have such a program? An answer worth considering is that they’re trying to escape the judgment to another dimension using human hybrid technology. In some sense then they might be trying to use humanity as a shield and a trans-dimensional vehicle. So all the ancient and present global programs play into that end.

    And the greater portion of humanity wants what the enemy angels promise. Which might be why the enemy are gathered out of the heavens and cast down into this world — to give humanity what it seeks — rebellion in the guise of seeming self-determination. {Que up all the themes of the revolutions here. … liberty, equality, fraternity} But every enemy hybrid scheme has been corrupt and doomed from the start (…from the fall). …so called human science, entertainment, education, religion, economics, politics, etc. The world with every nation, tribe, tongue, and people are enemies of God.

    There is none right — for all have sinned… (followed their own way instead of God’s).

    Why “The Lines?” A: They’re part of a larger complex that includes the Palpa lines to the north of Nazca. See the geekglyph site and youtubes).

    Together they (Nazca + Palpa) make up a figure that looks like An Eagle from the air. (wherever the carcass is…) So here’s another guess – they started a global exploration program at the direction of their masters (the enemy angels). And wherever an enemy angel stronghold was found in the world — they gave it an ikon — like the Nazca hummingbird, or monkey, or fisherman. And each stronghold is like a temple/palace complex with an empire capital. All linked and distanced like David Flynn showed with the Temple of Time, re: the al aqsa mosque location, a key portal location for transdimensional travel (something like a bus stop for trans-dimensional physics). The extra lines may well be khipu / quipu … ceque system navigation markings for their global navigation map. Huge since it started as a local map.

    ref: “http://banditzlayer.wordpress.com/2014/01/16/from-s-douglas-woodward-announcing-lying-wonders-of-the-red-planet/#comment-223”

    And of course… it’s once again “O-dark-thirty” in the U.S. of A
    the United States of Abomination,
    (pagan-christian-cult amerika).

    Another year of Roe V. Wade is passing…
    …and we don’t know what the enemy is doing
    …with the bodies and blood of millions of unborn.
    –we were all fetuses (fearfully and wonderfully made)


    Are they harvested to create:
    – slave drones?
    – or body parts?
    – or vaccines? (…for mind control)
    – or cosmetics?
    – or rejuvenation treatments?
    …for their elites and gods

    What are the monsters that push abortion actually doing, beyond eugenics?
    …with such a massive global program
    …that aborts 50 million worldwide every year
    …would they dare create an underground slave army?
    (cp. with North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, or Iran)

    This world and every nation and generation is part of the enemy angel rebellion.
    — there is none righteous
    — apart from Jesus of Nazareth / Yeshua Messiah
    (the only truly begotten Son of God)

    • Christ exposed the enemy schemes…
      … as detailed in the Bible
      … if you want to be saved
      — believe Him and not some fake(*)

      (* fakes like the apostate jesus, or catholic jesus, or muslim jesus, or academic jesus, or santeria jesus, or liberal jesus, or space alien jesus, etc, etc…)

      note: I’ve added Eric’s site as my default (red in the name line of each post) … for related discussions.

  2. Greetings:
    Are you visiting the arid region of Bolivia known as the “altiplano”,and are you anywhere near the infamous CIA U-2 crash site that occurred sometime in the late 60’s or early 70’s somewhere in this region? Also regarding these linear “trails”, do they run uniformly North/South or East-West, and by uniformly I mean are they ideally lined with true North?
    Look forward to learning more about your insightful findings and contributions to Biblical history and archealogy especially as it applies to these end times. May the Lord keep you and your crew safe as you tread through some of these hostile regions and may the Gospel of our saviour and Lord Jesus Christ be preached even unto the ends of the earth unto all peoples, through Christ our Lord and Saviour-Amen.

  3. ‘Mornning! Glad to see update on Peruvian exploration. I pray everyone everyone is doing well as the trip progresses. Yes still in daily prayer for team members.

    Re: lines in the land…I also believe them to be a navigation system covered with their symbols. Maybe we don’ have a manual describing them but they were done possibly prior to developing their more sophisticated technological hardware.

    Since the fallen angels are interdimensional they are flipping in and out all over the universe.

    Even though former Canadian Minister Paul Hellyer believes or “knows” aliens exist but is under the misguided belief the aliens are here to help mankind, nonetheless he believes they are real:

    Remember the fallen angels were in Heaven before being ousted. They stole God’s technicalogical plans for man but I believe they didn’t come away with all the details. Don’t underestimate their capabilities to further develop technology if not but to destroy man.


    • I’m wondering if he’s disinfo quite frankly.

      What’s that symbol on his jacket?


      A lot of nonsense to swim through here.

      The most I can glean from him…and it’s a reach…is yes we know we have demons masquerading as aliens running the show behind the scenes. That’s me putting a very charitable gloss on some of the things he’s saying.

      I really wouldn’t take Hellyer as some kind of lofty source all told.

    • G’Day, Eric W.!

      I was wondering that same question whilst viewing that video of Hellyer’s speech – the cross/coat of arms. He makes no mention of anything religious through his discussion.

  4. “Here’s the question I have. Why does a culture wake up on a Monday morning and decide to carve out a line which stretches for miles in one of the driest, and harsh regions on earth?”

    What, how, and why? 😉 Been praying for you all. Thanks for keeping in touch.

    God bless and “go get some!” 🙂

    • Q: How’d they move the megaliths?
      A: With gravel / chipped rock roadways and dinosaurs / dragons.
      …if not “argentinosauri” / reptilians

      Look for dino-glyphs.

    • G’day, Nomemoleste!

      My Aboriginal friend, Godfrey, visited last few days. We discussed some local history and sacred sites but he was unable to tell me of any local ancient man-made sites (re Stonehenge/Machu Pichu ilk). He just doesn’t know. He did mention of his father (now in his late 80s and originally from Northern Territory) and other elders discussing witnessing many UFO sightings over many years.

      I haven’t been able to dig up any information or literature in the local (WA/Perth) state library regarding ancient sites in Australia. I’ll have to convince Godfrey, when he returns to Sydney, to visit the NSW State Library and do some research for us. He’s a good bloke, Godfrey, but I don’t abbreviate his name!

      God Bless!


    • A Very Blessed Day, Peter !!

      ‘seems we’ve come full circle… Thanks for remembering!! …re: Carl Munck’s “The Code” and other mega-landmark portals.

      I reckon you could call Godfrey, “Jeff” (re: Jeffrey & Geoffrey). My amigos mexicanos(*) would say Jeffito (like Jeffi), … which sounds like “my dear little boss.” They’d also say “ranchito” and “viejita” (**) too. If he’s a good mate (compadre)….

      Please see following Castle Hill, Ayer’s Rock, etc….
      …What do you make of it?

      btw I’m about half-way through Season 3 of Rush (Aussie Special Coppers). Quite interesting to see the dispatchers (“Intel Officers”) use ubiquitous cameras; remote alarm, security, & scada systems access; a hacker ‘ploit or two; and other big brother smartphone tech — as if that were the run’o’the-mill thing to do. A bit of social conditioning on their part, perhaps?

      * – that’s “mehicano,” as in Bexar and Tejas or Tejano
      ** – “http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=vieja”

    • LOL “Jeff” – that’s brilliant! I’ll use that. 🙂

      I saw the adverts for RUSH when it was on local TV a few years back.. but couldn’t sit through an episode – unable to cope with it for too long – don’t know if it was script or actors or combination. And I used to be a communications officer with NSW Police (back in early 2000s), too (answering emergency calls to police 000 (911) and radio dispatch to patrol units).

      Of course, nowadays the police vehicles have cameras which automatically read number plates which issue history of car registration to computer in police vehicle [so many cars listed per second], as they cruise along the highway, so less reliance on the Coms Officer to have to punch in requests for vehicle/license details etc.

      Just had a gander at your Castle Hill link: I notice the map showing ley line continues through Ayers Rock (Uluru) and up through North-West WA… North-West Cape (WA) being location of U.S. military installation which has been there since 70s or earlier. Take a look at google map and look for Exmouth (just north of) – closeup reminds me of Nazca lines. As mentioned in past, re Stan Deyo and Bruce Cathie – power supplies for electro-magnetic propulsion.

      It’s a small world, after all – that’s what I make of it… especially when the writer makes comparisons of the early NZ Maori art being identical to ancient Celtic (and the Ukraine related to Celts, too, according to a Ukraine chap I spoke with years ago).

      Ps… Hadn’t forgotten, recently had more time to go investigate. Will continue.

      *Social conditioning… to create paranoia. No doubt there are some things (re technology) they can do.. I think others are just talk to create fear, enough, in some cases so that people had nervous breakdowns because of what they though they learnt from all the conspiracy yarns.

      God Bless!


    • P. note: “http://goo.gl/kQG8x5” (google search re: kura tawhiti ley line)

      … with proper precautions since it’s an enemy dispatch
      … “legacy o.t.g.” builds on “chariots o.t.g”
      … has a description of “downloading” information
      … suggesting the lines are also a data network
      … when in a “receptive” frame of mind
      … while in one of the high places / enemy strongholds
      … also direct enemy agent encounters

      partial quote re: ley line…
      “In northern Italy … Alba … Celt … roots … Kura Tawhiti … apollo and athena … in France … Vayats … etc.”

  5. Good question LA. One that could be asked about lots of the things that the fallen either built or made man build for them. The world lies in the control of satan and his fallen angels, the sad part most people will say that but don’t believe it. We live behind enemy lines and would do ourselves a service is we lived accordingly. Be safe LA.
    God wants to speak to all of us today, open His word and listen.

  6. In the unified theory of evil…
    …cartoons are mockings
    …used for mass mind control
    …to occlude the obvious
    –domesticated dinosaurs
    –used as work animals (demonic)
    –directed by aliens / enemy angels

  7. silly…probably for the same reason they hauled the largest megalithic stones in the world from 60 miles away…Jeez these people sure were lazy..I have to grab more coffee thinking about it exhausts me…SO glad you kids are back posting and ok..been praying for ya….I’m hoping you get a picture of the Fuente Magna Bowl…

  8. Fear and the Herd Instinct




  9. Putin Vows To Nuke Mecca. . .


    . . . and blame it on Israel.

    • Then iaw “eye for eye” m.o. …
      ( as in modus operandi )
      ( or “e-i-e-i-o” for short )
      …the “meccanese” escalate
      …and obliterate a russian IKON


      Those that throw drones…
      …should expect multirotors with C4
      …in swarm coordinated reprisal attacks
      …against the obelisks of dead presidentz


  10. Everyone pray for the team that they would not get “altitude sickness”. It is a very real condition that can be very serious”

  11. Is this an alien structure or a secret human moon base?


    • frankfan42 • 3 hours ago −
      Maybe they are just doing some prep work for the Obama Presidential library.
      *via the comment section of the same article.

  12. Hmmm. I just had a thought. To make hybridization easier to accomplish, you get those who are most likely to resist to voluntarily stop having children. Perhaps there is another aspect to why abortion is such a stronghold and persistent focus of the satanic kingdom. (sacrifice seems to be a big thing too)

  13. Please continue to pray for Paul Hellyer, the former minister of Defence for Canada. I received a reply to a email I sent him. Please pray that God will open his eyes of perception to the darker spiritual realities behind the ufo phenomena and he wake up others that are being deceived. Thank-you everyone for your prayers.

    From: Paul Hellyer
    Subject: Re: The Dark Side of UFOs – by Graham Conway former researcher and president of UFOBC / ALIEN REALITY QUOTES ETC.
    Date: 20 January, 2014 11:32:14 AM PST
    To: Noah’s Dove

    Hello Gordon:

    Thank you for your e-mail of January 8th addressed to Mr. Hellyer. I will bring it to his attention at the earliest possible opportunity.

    Nina Moskaliuk
    Executive Assistant

    On 8-Jan-14, at 12:35 AM, Noah’s Dove wrote:

    Dear Hon. Paul Hellyer,

    Thank-you for your serious interest in the ufo subject. There are many ufo researcher that are noticing a extra-dimensional and darker spiritual aspect to many ET encounters. There is an international organization of researchers and former abductees called PAAPS which is conducting ongoing investigations into the ufo/ET phenomena. You can read some of the articles and
    testimonials on the following website: http://www.paapsi.org. I am one of the researchers and contacts on that website. I live in Vancouver, BC and have been involved with ufo research close to 30 years.

    You mentioned in your interview with Sophia that you are looking into what maybe the darker aspects of the ufo phenomena. There are some noted researchers such as the late Graham Conway who noticed this dark side. Dr. Jacques Vallee also wrote about this in several of his books with titles such as “Messengers of Deception” and “Dimensions”. The late John Keel also gave a similar warning related to spiritual deception behind ufo entity encounters in his book, “Operation Trojan Horse”. Please read Graham Conways article and some the articles and quotes on the PAAPSI website which I have provided. I’d love to meet you in person someday to discuss further your research into the ufo/ET phenomena. Do you accept invitations for interviews and do you plan to speak in Vancouver, BC in the near future? I hope we are able to keep in touch by email if possible. There is research I will pass on to you concerning your reference in your interview about what has been refer to as the Galactic Federation. There is evidence that the GF is not as benign or spiritual as they make out.
    In the meantime I appreciate your concern for humanity and preserving freedom and democracy.


    Gordon – a member of the PAAPSI team.

    The Dark Side of UFOs

    by Graham Conway –


    UFO Reality Quotes: http://paapsi.org/Articles/quotes.html

  14. So glad the comments section is open again! I have been wanting to update those of those of you who stood in the gap and prayed for our son, the missionary in Thailand. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS!!! Just over 24 hours after my post, his temperature dropped, the pain went away, he started eating again…and was released from the hospital!!! Granted, he was given three rounds of antibiotics thru IV, plus IV fluids…but he credits God alone (working in concert with modern medicine) for his healing! They did all kinds of blood work, and couldn’t find even one thing that gave them a diagnosis…so gave him the antibiotics as a last resort. Little did they know that the Lord knew all along what was going on, and healed him! We are so very grateful for the family of God…what a strength and comfort you all have been to us while going thru this ordeal with our faraway son. God bless you all!!!! And yes, we continue to pray for LA and his team as they enter more “strange territory” at high altitudes………. Deb

    • was curious sister if he was able to say the renounce prayer..so many wicked things going on in thailand I felt that prayer would be vital..my husband traveled there as a navy enlisted man years ago..great place for young men, wonderful place for satan….

    • Glory to the Father! Good news, Deb Justine! Amen!

      Godshelp74… Have some friends from mining industry who have recently relocated there – finance and lifestyle (cheaper than living here in Australia). Others have mentioned of certain areas being nicknamed Sodom and Gomorrah. It’s a shame because of hearing so many good things about locals and places then to hear of the evil that goes on in other areas. I feel sorry for the people there who live in poverty that will do anything for the wicked tourists – for next to nothing.

      God Bless!


  15. For Pete, Nome and LA
    Your interest in Australian Megolithic sites might be peaked if you take a look at “http://www.mysteriousaustralia.com/strangephenomenond.html”
    This area is a well kept secret by the ‘discoveree’. I came across his website a couple of years ago and have made enquiries with a local museum curator, who, by the way, was very evasive when asked about the relics that were found by this particular gentleman many years ago. I’m guessing that they are being kept well hidden…….
    Anyhow, hope you find it as intriguing as I did.
    Prayers for you L.A. Safe journey!
    God bless.

    • G’day, Psalm33!

      Interesting find there re website/Bathurst (NSW). I can understand the author’s secrecy… a few more larger images would be helpful (on the ‘Psychic Australia 1976’ website. Not sure what to make of Rex Gilroy’s claims… some can be refuted (there is youtube video of the Gosford hieroglyphs which were later found to have been created by a cheeky local with an old school history book – the ‘stick man’ was a bit of a give away). Interesting nonetheless. Thanks. Will take a look at his other websites/mentions.

      God Bless!


  16. G’day Pete, Nome, L.A. and all,
    My comment is still awaiting moderation….. is it because I inserted a web address?
    Anyway, you guys might be interested in looking at the Mysterious Australia website. There’s a ton of info on megalithic structures discovered in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney. Pete, your friend Godfrey may want to go for a trip to Katoomba if so inclined? Many mysteries indeed!!!
    Have a blessed and safe trip LA.

    • I wrote to John sadar…god bless you man….such a simple prayer..it touched my heart.. i agree with my brother, that ” you find what you search for” brother Marzulli everyday ..lord have mercy christ have mercy….thank you father for John sadar I lift him up tonight, i felt his heart.. and ask you return this beautiful man and fill him with your grace heavenly father….for all his needs..praise u father..

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