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Chem Trails! Look UP! What are They Spraying?

Posted by lamarzulli on December 18, 2013

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L. A. Marzulli

These photos were taken yesterday about 3 miles from where I live, in the Santa Monica Mountains.  I was watching jets spraying these very pronounced chem-trails and so took several shots with my I-phone.  “They” were spraying all through the morning into the early afternoon, creating a web of Chem-trails in the skies above the Los Angeles area.  What was interesting is I could see other jets on their approach to LAX and they were leaving contrails, which evaporated in a few minutes, whereas these CHEM-TRAILS lingered in the air for hours.

What are they spraying up there and why?  Who is doing this and what right do they have to spray what many believe are toxic chemicals into the air we breathe?  Where is the public outrage?

Something is being sprayed in the skies all over the world.  Someone is giving the orders and paying the pilots to do this.  What haven’t the pilots spoken up?  Are they that spineless?  Don’t they realize it’s their future too we’re talking about?  Yet, these continue week after week.  Today it was over the top as there was a vast web of these chemicals directly overhead, with more being added as these photographs were being taken. (Look at the first photo on the left and you can see the Jet laying down the chem-trail.

About a year ago I was playing golf with my buddies and the sky looked the same then as it did today.  I mentioned it and both men scoffed at the notion.  I pointed at the sky and asked, do you really think this is normal?  By chance an airline jet was in the sky and they could see the difference as the jet was leaving a contrail which dissipated in the air rather quickly whereas the chem-trails not only lingered but grew larger with the passing of time.  (See the last picture above)

In closing todays post.  The nay-sayers assure us there is no such thing as chem-trails and this is more conspiracy related paranoia.  However, I would point out there are people who have investigated this and reported on it.  (See links below)  We can choose to live in ignorance or at least take the time to investigate and educate ourselves, as our future may depend on it.

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91 Responses to “Chem Trails! Look UP! What are They Spraying?”

  1. Rose from Kentucky said

    We saw the same thing yesterday out here! A loosely woven crosshatch of a dozen or more chemtrails going in all directions hung in the sky until cloud cover enveloped the area.

    I don’t think the pilots have anything to do with this. I believe it is actually in the jet fuel now.

    • Rose from Kentucky said

      And I awoke with a pounding headache this morning. Coincidence?

    • Azureceu said

      We? J. Daniels or J. Beam :wink:

    • Rose from Kentucky said

      My husband and I, Mr. Blue Sky.

    • Barbara in VA said

      Rose: Just have to reply to your comment. I discovered the evils of chemtrails at least five or six years ago and started doing some online searches. It has been too long ago to remember the sites, but I will tell you this: There were actual photos of planes outfitted inside (where passenger seats would be) with tanks of spray. The pilots absolutely know what they are doing, especially since they have to fly in a certain “pattern”. Like I said, it has been a while since I read all this stuff, but if I remember correctly, this is a military operation and very, very deliberate. Just the other day I saw four planes flying parallel to each other, releasing whatever it is they are spraying. I have watched planes many times over my area on beautiful, cloudless days filling the skies with the sprays. Makes me furious. All you have to do to “vet” the info is do an online search for “Chemtrails”. Here is one link that may help you understand what is going on: “http://www.chemtrails911.com/intro_to_chem.htm”

      Just a quick note concerning some effects of the spraying. I lived in a neighborhood where one of the residents was very sensitive to anything that might cause respiratory problems. At least twice I noted that after spraying had been done over our neighborhood, this young man wound up in the hospital with “unknown” causes for his problem. That was one thing that convinced me!

      God help us all! Maranatha!

    • Mrs M said

      Rose, don’t you mean Mr Blue Skyy?

    • Rose from Kentucky said

      That’s very interesting, Barbara. It’s worth looking into further. Thanks

      Ha! Mrs. M, I don’t know what you mean but I think it will be funny when I figure it out.

    • Azureceu said

      I pray you both good health sister Rose.

    • Azureceu said

      :lol: Blue Skyy


    • Rose from Kentucky said


    • wadka not vistanding…
      … makes poifect sense to us puppet-kin

    • Rose from Kentucky said

      Love it, Nome!

      Mrrs. MM, are you sugggesting that I’m seeing seeing double?? Neverer!!

    • Mrs M said

      No, it’s skyy vodka!

    • Rose from Kentucky said

      Oh, dear, I failed the vodka test.

    • Matt said

      Mister blue sky please tell us why,You had to hide away for so long
      Where did we go wrong?

  2. Rose from Kentucky said

    Eric, I have a request. I have been searching for John MacArthur’s retraction of his remarks concerning taking the mark of the beast and still being able to be saved. I have his original remarks, but I have not had any success in finding the retraction. Tom Horn mentioned that there have been rumors of this retraction.

    I know you have contacts on other sites and travel fairly widely in the Christian community online. Have you heard anything about this and could you ask?

    If anyone else knows anything of this, I would appreciate any information you could provide.

    • Eric W. said

      LOL, apparently this is still up for debate although the last I knew Jmac had that view way back in the 80s and doesn’t any longer…for the most part. It’s strange. I’m going to be out most of today but if I can find something I’ll let you know. :)

    • Rose from Kentucky said

      Thanks, Eric.

    • Stonedragon said

      Rose, is it possible to direct us to a source for those original remarks? I am still gob-smacked at the idea he’d ever have said that. Its a new one on me. I’d love to see some actual vetting of it. And any retraction later, as well. The whole thing boggles.

    • Rose from Kentucky said

      Sure. It really hit me also and that’s why I’m chasing it.

      Here’s the link to his remarks:

    • Rose from Kentucky said

      I think the reason he said this is because he subscribes to the Sethite Theory of Gen. 6:4 (or the MacArthur version of the theory – his explanation is a bit convoluted). Because he doesn’t believe in literal Nephilim, he of course would not believe that in taking the Mark, people would literally lose their humanity and would disqualify themselves for salvation. And, they would not seek it. The Nephilim never sought forgiveness, according to the Book of Enoch; it was their fathers, the fallen angels, who sought forgiveness on their behalf (and were denied).

      PLUS, MacArthur completely blows through Rev. 14:9-12. It’s as if the scriptures do not exist. How he rationalized this I have no idea.

    • Eric W. said

      I’ve never been a big Jmac fan or follower to begin with for reasons already touched on in this thread and some other things I could get into but won’t. ;)

      I haven’t really found anything new about this Mark thing.

      You’re right about his Genesis 6 explanation. VERY convoluted.

      I lasted about 5 minutes through a grimace inducing audio of that and moved on. It was obvious that he really wasn’t terribly interested in it and hadn’t given it its just due. I was embarassed for him when I listened to this audio.

    • Rose from Kentucky said

      Thank you, Eric, for taking the time to do this. When Tom talked about it last week (on H&H) he sounded like the rumors of the retraction were on boards or forums. A regular internet search just hasn’t worked in finding them.

      You would think that if he had changed his mind, he would have shouted it from the rooftops because of the importance of it. I really don’t buy that he has retracted his statements, but I want to give him every benefit of the doubt.

    • Azureceu said

      If memory serves me Tom forgot the other person who stated this too at the time, the person being Jimmy DeYoung, BTW has he retracted his statement?

    • Rose from Kentucky said

      No, neither Jimmy DeYoung nor Brendan Howse (?) have retracted their statements.

    • Peter said

      Hi Rose, and friends.

      As you mentioned, Rose, “it’s as if the scriptures do not exist!!” (re Rev. 14:9-12, and of the 144 000, Rev. 14: 4-5) it seems, according to MacArthur and DeYoung’s views.

      I was familiar with some ideas about 666 and SDR (Special Drawing Rights or barcode) having been introduced to books like Stan Deyo’s ‘The Cosmic Conspiracy’ and Don E. Stanton’s ‘Mystery 666′, and Gary Allen’s ‘None Dare Call It Conspiracy’ (to name a few), which I read at a very young age (around the beginning of my teen-age years.

      During my latter high school years, to my ‘pleasant surprise’ I discovered one of my maths teachers was a Christian and we shared a very brief conversation about the 666 mark. Occasionally, I still wonder about her words in that she considered the mark to not be a physical object like a microchip or tattoo but a spiritual one. Unfortunately, that’s all I can recall of our conversation as it was very brief discussion so I cannot elaborate any further on her statement of the mark being a spiritual one. This conversaton took place back in the mid-1980s, and at the time we were only getting introduced to personal computers (such as the Apple II-e in high school. I had a Texas Instruments TI-994a which you connected with a cassette player to run programs, err, games with it – Remember B.A.S.I.C? Basic All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code?). We’ve since caught up with more advanced technology down here in Australia! :-)

      Any thoughts, please, re my math’s teachers idea of the 666 being a spiritual mark?

      Mr Marzulli,

      As for the Chemtrails: Just a few months back, to my surprise, I found a small flyer on the noticeboard at the local deli/supermarket promoting a chemtrail protest meeting that was to be held in Perth. I didn’t attend the protest and I don’t believe it received any media attention (that is, nothing was shown on the local TV news etc).

      I’ve come across different ideas about the function of chemtrails ranging from weather control to creating a sort of silver screen up in the sky to project images and holograms.

      Youtube video titled, ‘Secretly Record CHEMTRAILS Pilot Speaks Video’ featuring interview between a curious investigator with an employee of a flight company, Weather Modification Inc, based in Fargo.


      The pilot discusses the use of silver iodine ( ? ).

      God Bless!


    • Kee said

      Hi Rose :) …i enjoy listening to John MacArthur. I have bought a study bible and according to his views about Gen 6 he draws a pretty clear distinction on the angel vs human emphasis. He clearly states that it’s the fallen angels who went into the daughters of men and only makes mention that there are others who argue the Sethite view but again reiterates that the emphasis is on the “fallen angels”. As far as the Mark of the Beast comment, I have only to direct you to Phil Johnson who blogged about the issue. He is the director of Grace to You ministries…You can go to this link. “http://www.gty.org/Blog/B131030″ Hope it helps.

      Thank you to L.A. Marzulli and God bless your ministry! You do tremendous work.

    • Rose from Kentucky said

      Thank you, Kee. I’ll check it out.

  3. LookingUp said

    Contrails have been around since jets took to the sky. They are basically made of the same materials as clouds. Clouds can last for hours or dissipate quickly. So can contrails. Clouds at different altitudes behave differently than those in other altitudes. So do contrails. I’ve been reading articles discussing chemtrails from both sides, and I just don’t buy it from a scientific standpoint.

    From a logic standpoint, those “pilots” who are up there “spraying chemicals” know people on the ground where the poison will settle, if not their spray, then someone else’s. Moms, dads, kids, spouses, friends, people they care about. So do the mechanics who have to load the stuff, take care of the planes, etc., etc., etc. The whole infastructure that would be necessary from development to dispersal of the chemicals would be massive. So, I don’t buy it logically either.

    • Looking Up, the scientists and biologists that have studied the ‘chem’trails and their effect on the soil would strongly disagree with you. These are NOT regular contrails – even I can recognize the difference. I recall that strontium and aluminum were two of the ingredients discovered in the soil under the heavily sprayed areas. I can’t at the moment recall the third chemical. One of the things I learned recently is that regular seeds have difficulty germinating well in the soil in heavily sprayed areas – hence the GMO beast giant Monsanto to the rescue with their genetically modified seeds. Could it be that with enough build up in the soil total control of the food supply will belong to the Beast? The spraying along the gulf coast of Alabama and northwest Florida have been so intense recently that the sky glows a funny color when the sun is trying to radiate through the chemical haze. As for the pilots, some will do what they have to do to keep their jobs and if they are military pilots they do not have a choice other than to get out when their hitch is up. Are they being lied to about what they’re spraying? Money will buy a lot of people to do a lot of things – unfortunately.

      Plus consider the facts of city water – a hazardous chemical that is literally a toxic waste product of industry is being poured into the water supply all across this country on a daily basis by workers that are fathers, friends, spouses, etc. – yet they do it without a second thought because they have been fed the lie that fluoride is good for the teeth so long that they believe it although they look at the drums with the hazardous emblem stamped on them and know that it is too toxic even for skin contact. All it takes is brief research of the ‘facts’ to learn that fluoride is linked to numerous serious health hazards and in fact has not benefited dental health one iota — yet the lie lives on… Don’t discount the ‘chem’ trails without a lot more facts. And definitely, keep Looking Up, brother.

    • Azureceu said

      Another thing to consider as I posted below: “You know now that I think about I don’t ever recall seeing chemtrails, contrails here In S. America, its blue skies here when its not cloudy. Now I wonder why that is?”

  4. Mariel said

    My son who has a Ph..D. in Science tells me there are no chem trails. One day I pointed out to him the perfect tic-tac-toe grid of chem trails in the sky above us. He insisted they were just contrails. Yes, sure, airplanes playing tic-tac-toe just for amusement in the approach of a major airport?

    It’s hard to say a person with a Ph.D. in Science from a prestigious university is wrong. But I do it. I can see the difference between the different kinds of trails.

    Poor little moron me with only an Master of Arts degree, challenging this big guy with the credentials.

  5. Eric W. said

    I see these trails all the time overhead here. Not every day. Honestly not sure what to make of it up or down. I know there’s a lot of conspiracy theories about it but honestly? They are quicker and more efficient ways to kill us all if we really get down to it.

    Not sure what we can do about it in any event.

    Wishing you all a blessed day in the Lord. :)

    I say “Keep Looking Up” but not for chemtrails. ;)

  6. motives?
    – tag large areas with synthetic DNA markers to monitor movements of targets
    – why? same reason as monitoring mail, radio, telephone, internet, and satellite imagery
    – yes virginia, there are political, military, and corporate spying applications

    • Tagging a region with a detectable grid that then pinpoints start and travel doesn’t have to include biological detection. LIDAR methods of detections keyed to reflectance properties of the tags for remote sensing is another example. It gets more exotic from there…


      quote: … she now commands a fleet of 161 unmanned aerial vehicles. Cahill will fly 160 AeroVironment Ravens (which have a wingspan, at 55-inches, more like a sandhill crane’s) and one Boeing Insitu ScanEagle (which weighs 10 times more and has the 10-foot spread of a California condor). She will use them to sniff the air around volcanoes and inside wildfire plumes.

      Cahill will also enlist the drones to expand her ground-based studies of air from Afghanistan, Djibouti, Kuwait and other regions in which Americans are stationed. For years, she has helped officials with the U.S. Army Research Lab see the tiny particulates wafting in the air above urban battlefields.

    • Peter said

      What’ll they think of next?

  7. Elaine said

    I think they are working to mask something or things in the sky that they do not want us to see or deflect some wave or ray…..again, that they don’t think we should know about because it would cause mass panic.
    Oh, I am not saying they are not poisonous but I think that is just a bonus for TPTB.
    My grandson and I were in the car one day a couple of years ago and the sky was actually plaid! We counted well over 20 trails. He had his new “toy” that he could play games on or takes pictures and I told him to get a shot to show his doubting daddy (my son)……we showed his dad who just kinda said, “ummm hmmm, interesting” but no real interest so I told Jakey, who was 10 then to save that picture in case his dad ever woke up and wondered what in the world they are spraying.
    Jake (we lost the y when he turned 13 :-) ) tells me every once in a while, “Grandma. I still have that picture on my dsl” and I saved it to my laptop……He knows it was very strange and very concerning and he should preserve his proof…..why won’t the grownups pay attention?

  8. Here is a pic that I took a few weeks ago at my home in Iowa.


  9. “https://www.facebook.com/notes/fred-earl-anthony-wyatt/human-blood-found-in-chemtrails-and-a-restricter-enzyme-used-in-research-labs-to/10150315178779621″

    • The Chemtrail issue is totally serious. At least the lady and her husband Nome posted attempted to go to their local government for answers. I note that they got nowhere.

      I was going to do an article on Chemtrails but I lack scientific data at this time on the chemicals being used, by whom, and ultimately, the why? I know the by whom (our government) and I know the why (depopulation), but I need the scientific data and the whistleblowers to come forward and confirm my suspicions.

      This next video has me in a very high state of concern. The lady lives in upper state New York, she takes videos almost daily at what is happening in her area. I’ve been following her story because once you start following her you become part of her personal life; you can hear weakness in her voice.

      Take a few moments to view several of her videos because you’ll get a total sense of where we’re all headed–doom. She used to post almost daily but her illnesses born of the Chemtrails is taking it’s toll on her.

      NOV 30 Ithaca NY Massive Geoengineering/chemtrail operation/Weather

      Just pray folks!

  10. James said

    Things are getting bad for sure. Some people will stick their head in the sand and refuse to look at this stuff. Some will proclaim that steals their peace so it must be from Satan.

    Something in particular I am disturbed about right now is that The New American the magazine of The John Birch Society has an article in their latest print copy proclaiming the inquisition was a wonderful and Godly tool too subvert secular justice. They go as far as all out denying the atrocities that occurred during the various inquisitions. I won’t be surprised if they start denying the holocaust next.

    • James said

      It is also important to note that John F McManus who publishes “The New American” and is also the President of The John Birch Society is a devout catholic and went to a Jesuit run college. I have never been more mad at the society and new american than I am now. It is to be expected when someone was educated by Jesuits!

    • James said


      In one of the articles McManus wrote on catholicism dot org he proclaims his Uncle was a wonderful Jesuit missionary! There is little doubt McManus really is a jesuit! Jesuits love denying the inquisitions!

  11. Rose from Kentucky said

    My bones ache just watching this. . . a little midweek fun ;)


  12. Mrs M said

    I am kicking myself for not remembering where I listened to this: but it was really good. Spoke of Nemesis/Planet X and how it changes weather on our planet. (it’s not global warming due to carbon dioxide) The chemtrails are supposedly to alleviate some of this. 59 yr old Astrophysicist was just murdered just last week- it was an odd murder too. Apparently she knew too much.

    We had great weather last week, sunny blue skies up here in the Pacific NW. Then the chemtrails came out. I pointed this out to my son. Then the following day came the cloud cover, then rain.

    • Mrs. M, I was trying to find info on the 59 yr old astrophysicist who was murdered recently and came up with this pdf report:

      “This report has been a collection of articles placed together to show the systematic cover up of dead astronomers all over the world. Their deaths vary from plane crashes to brain aneurysms. Most if not all these people where researching deep space with either earth based telescopes or space based telescopes. Parts two to five are articles placed together about universities, observatories and corporations connections to these deaths.…


      I don’t really believe in coincidences and when I see a “pattern” then it bears thorough research which I think is the case here. Someone took great effort to compile the articles noted in the pdf .

      I have read all of it, but something is going on…

    • How do Chemtrails tie in with missing or killed astrophysicists?

      Nibiru and Dozens of Dead Astronomers/ A Coincidence?

      I could take a different perspective and say that these astrophysicists “saw” too much into the universe, perhaps Nephilims?


  13. mnm said

    I think chemtrails are for the purpose of causing cancer and sickness,I hear they have aluminum particals that the government says is for blocking sun radiation or something,but disintegrate before reaching us,

  14. “conspiracy related paranoia” or paranoid because of what that ‘Book’ tells of n’ know that time is running out… the ‘evil ego’ that is n’ Absolutely without a doubt!!! LOVE n’ Amen

  15. Bonnie Hendricks said

    Hi LA I’ve read that respiratory illness such as asthma have increased a lot since they started spraying. I’d like to know who is behind it. They could use it for biological warfare and its scary. Regards, Bonnie P.S. Anxious to see Watchers 7

  16. Laura Adams said

    Chemtrails are probably only the tip of the iceberg. The goal is most likely the complete corruption of life on Earth, but they will call it the next step in evolution.

  17. Azureceu, with that witty sense of humour of yours, are you perhaps the long-absent blogger, “Pudding” in disguise? Just curious….Many have missed that wit!

    • Azureceu said

      Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhs! Don’t let Rose find out..
      I tell you what just can’t hide nothin’ from the ladies :þ

      Wassup Linda!

    • :lol:

    • Rose from Kentucky said

      Hmmm, I’m not sure if you’re Pudding or Patrick – both notorious (but usually friendly) Brazilian expat jokesters.

      Question: What’s the name of the rabbit?

    • Azureceu said

      Ack! Holy hand grenades, me memory is on the fritz, I forgot the names of your wee ones, give me three names and I`ll see if I can pick the right one, plus the use of your psychic combat boots..

    • Rose from Kentucky said

      Welcome back :)

    • Azureceu said

      Thank you sister Rose, you all here are fond upon my heart, blessings in the name of our Lord.

      P.S. Has your daughter fixed the milk running out her nose problem?

    • Rose from Kentucky said

      No, it’s permanent. We now call her the milk fish, which usually causes her to snort even more milk at us.

    • Rose from Kentucky said

      You have been greatly missed, I’m sure that I’m not the only one who is happy to see you back.

    • Azureceu said

      Great Gatsby! That’s an oldie.

      Since you mentioned Brazil earlier and I was just thinking about nose plugs for milk snorters: I was reminded of a ackward conversation I had a while back with a Brazilian guy who had sleeping problems due to his wife snoring. I met him one morning and I said to him how did you sleep last night? He replied, (in English) I slept like a baby! So I asked him, how did you manage that did you sleep on the couch? He replied no I slept in bed but I put Tampons in my ears ,so I got a good nights sleep. Well you can imagine what I was thinking at the moment! Many things ran through my mind of what I should say next like” really! what brand did you use”? Instead I said, wow you must have looked cute in the morning! With a surprised look he replied, what do you mean? I said well you must have looked cute with tampons hanging out your ears, still with a confused expression on his face he said they were not hanging out my ears, they were in my ears. Well at this point we were both looking at each other like the other was crazy, so to escape this part of the discussion I said why don’t you just buy ear plugs, that’s what I use. He replied what are ear plugs? I said thingamadogiggies that you plug your ears with. He said that’s what I used! I said but you told me you put Tampons in your ears. He replied yes they were Tampons. I then said wait a minute..then I explained the usage of a Tampon to him, he replied no its not that silly! I said wait a minute what do call the things you stuffed in your ears in Portuguese?
      He replied “Tampons de Ouvido” I then told him that must be translation for ear plugs, we agreed and things returned to normal, phew! So in this case Tampon (plug) de (of) Ouvido (Ear) = Ear plugs

      Time for coffee….

    • Rose from Kentucky said

      I just read this to my husband and I can’t tell you what he said but we were laughing for 30 minutes. . .

    • no worse than…
      … azure-us ( vice -su, blue frog, amazon )
      … azure-cu ( PG audience :mrgreen: )

    • Azureceu said

      Naughtymoleste! Azure-cu lol Sort of sounds French I like it. Mr. You are Deep Purple now!

      Rose, I tell you what, I`ll never forget that conversation!

    • Azureceu…your story made me chuckle. I looked up “earplug” in Portuguese, and yes, it’s called a “tampao para ouvido.” I used to know a lot of Portuguese back in the day (due to multiple visits to Brazil), but that is one word I don’t remember. Pretty funny.

      I also just figured out your username, now that I recognize the Portuguese in it. Very pretty. Makes me want to be back in Brazil. Tenho saudades do Brasil.

    • Azureceu said

      Olá little princess, I hope you get the chance to revisit here again and “matar as saudades”. Tip: don`t buy ear plugs here! Just kidding..

      You know now that I think about I don’t ever recall seeing chemtrails, contrails here In S. America, its blue skies here when its not cloudy. Now I wonder why that is?

  18. brent said

    Lets be careful folks. There may or may not be some evil plot but the source of the information on this site is from a man who douses and supports this

    “people are now reporting the ability to clear the skies of chemtrails by use of the mind alone to obtain assistance from unseen helpers (Sylphs and others) and do the job for you based on your focused intention.

    focused intention and dousing are not gifts of the Holy Spirit.

    L.A., be careful that the “cure” for these chemtrails isn’t worse than the chemtrails themselves.

    Deceiving spirits are all around us.

  19. Gordy said

    Agenda 21 The Depopulation Agenda For a New World Order — chemtrails, GMO’s, Vaccines, etc.

  20. Reblogged this on JESUSAVESISRAEL.

  21. Russ said

    I’ve been reading your blog for several years and this is the first time I’ve ever posted a comment. Thanks for bringing this subject of “Chemtrails”up. I’ve been watching the sky’s my whole life growing up not too far from O’Hare Airport. I am 50 years old, and when I was a boy my cousins and I used to watch “contrails” and would count how many seconds it would take for them to dissipate. If one lasted 15 or 20 seconds that would be a long time. We made a game out of watching them and counting the seconds until they disappeared.

    Then fast forward to 1998 when my family and I moved to beautiful northern Wisconsin where the air was clean and pure, but after a couple years of being here I began to notice how the “contrails” would spread out and last half the day up in the sky, it annoyed me greatly because I saw it as something that was marring the pristine beauty of the place my wife and I chose to relocate our family to. We had come from the Chicago land area where we were born and we were just plain sick and tired of living around all that pollution and smog that living in the city brought. So seeing all that junk up in the sky made me discouraged, I thought “how far do we have to go to get away from all that junk”.
    So I was very aware of these trails in the sky and every time the sky got filled up like in the pictures you’ve posted I’d be quite concerned. Then in time after we got Internet I began to see discussions about “chemtrails” and the first time I saw a picture of one it caught my attention immediately, this was exactly what I’ve been seeing in the sky’s over northern Wisconsin. Before reading articles about them I just assumed that something must be different about the jet fuel because when I was a boy living not far from O’Hare I was used to seeing jets in the sky with their short lived contrails, what I was seeing was VERY different from what I grew up seeing, so I just knew something had been changed because never before had the sky looked like that from jet airplanes.

    Since stumbling upon the discussions on what is dubbed “chemtrails” I have to say I agree with the “conspiracy theories” because never in my childhood had the sky looked like it does now. Something is very different, what it is exactly I can’t say for certainty. I listen to the theories and many of them make sense, but who is right I do not know. But, I know that the Lord Almighty knows what’s going on and if these things are being done for nefarious purposes then the people who are responsible will be judged in due time. JESUS IS COMING BACK!

    I have become an avid watcher of the sky’s not only do I watch these new jet trails but I am also watching for the soon return of Jesus so I look up quite often. I am amazed at how many people DO NOT look up. I’ve been in town on countless occasions while the sky is criss-crossed with these obnoxious trails and no one even notices. I’ve even gone as far as pointing at them in public places and no one even sees me doing it. I make a point of looking up and pointing and people go along like they live in a two dimensional world looking straight ahead in a zombie like state like they have tunnel vision. Just makes me shake my head in disbelief. Why don’t people look up?

    Thanks again for discussing this!

  22. savery@q.com said

    Dear L.A.,

    Do you realize how weird this guy is re: Sylphs?  Are you kidding me?  He says some good stuff and has some good guests, but, seriously?  This is PURE new age.  Susan Avery

  23. dozens of chemtrail photos for comparison…
    …. via a structured google search


  24. Gina Nestor said

    There is a grid work of chemtrails everyday here in western Pennsylvania. By time afternoon comes, the sky is white with them.

  25. Matt said

    I see chem trails of green…….. red colors too
    I see em bloom….. for me and for you
    And I think to myself…. what a bizarre world.

    I see skies of blue….. chem trails of white
    Bright streaks of light ,even on…dark sacred nights
    And I think to myself …..what a bizzare world.

    The chem colors of a rainbow…..so strange..in the sky
    also weird looks on the faces…..of people ..going by
    I see friends shaking their heads …sayin.. Why do they do this?
    They’re really sayin……is it a health risk?

    I see planes fly by…… I watch them go ….
    With so many patterns all in a row,
    And I think to myself …..what a bizzare world

  26. Krazy Kat Lady said

    I see them all of the time spraying grids over Cheyenne. I live beside the F.E. Warren Air Force base. No one seems to care. Everyone thinks I’m a conspiracy theorist! Is everyone else too interested in the latest Hollywood scandal? To add interest to the mix, there looks like they are putting up a FEMA camp on the side of the base! I pray for our Lord’s return! Maranatha!

  27. Jeff D said

    Living in East and North Texas (Dallas/Fort Worth area) all of my life, it was obvious back in the late 1990’s that the skies had changed. The old Cumulus and Cumulonimbus clouds that I loved to watch growing up rarely ever filled the sky anymore. The Chem Trails started in the DFW area in the 90’s and are now in the sky every single day, many days covered in the heavy grid that several have referenced here already.

    For the past 10 years, my middle son who is now 17 as of today has noticed the dramatic change in the sound on thunder claps. Even from the time he was a young boy, like me he had a fascination with thunderstorms. Now he studies them even more and recognizes the lightning is totally different (Constant, non-stop flashing such as a strobe light) followed by what sounds like “Hollow” thunder and sometimes a cannon shot. He often asks if it is the work of HAARP and I can’t disagree that much of it is but more than not I believe it is tied into these chem trails that just hours before had been canvassing the North TX skies.

    A few months ago, Bruce Collins interviewed one of my early heroes by the name of Ralph Epperson, author of the first conspiracy book that opened my eyes in my early 20’s called “The Unseen Hand”. I have to say I was greatly disappointed to hear him pooh-pooh the “Chem Trail argument”. He claimed they are nothing but contrails in colder than normal skies. I was stunned by his assessment. I don’t know why someone of his pedigree would wave his hand at this issue but he clearly did. Well, I can make assumptions. When I saw he was going to be Bruce’s guest, I couldn’t wait for him to expose the Truth. But that never happened. Very, very sad.

    Here are two of the best sites that I know of to help educate yourself and others on this issue: http://weatherwars.info and http://aircrap.org

    Peace and Grace

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