17 thoughts on “Video – Implants!

  1. Video update! 😀

    Seriously folks: We took delivery of Watchers 7 and the companion book Further Evidence on Saturday and we are still pouring over all of it and talking about it here several days later. You NEED to get this material as soon as you can and share it with everyone you know.

    Thanks for everything, clan Marzulli! 🙂

  2. what I am curious about is the host DNA being changed, has there been any observable changes made to the host…and if so, what are they?

  3. Watchers 7 is the best documentary on UFO phenomena and has set the bar incredibly high ! I’ve watched it 4 or 5 times now. Favorite part was the Dr. Leir video. Part that blew me away…when the grey-like creature appeared out of no where and tried to grab the kid walking by. With all my experience with this phenomena and my experience in the flight arena, this is by far the best vid out today! Kudos L.A. and all involved!

  4. What will be the outcome of these discovered implants? If these implants are what they appear to be one would think there would be a firestorm of interest. So will there be a firestorm of interest or will this just all fade into the grey? I’m a bit confused I would think that the scientific community would be all over this, is this too early in the game or is this just a curiosity and we keep moving on. What’s the status? So many questions so little time.

    • With the Travel Channel doing “Uncovering Aliens” espisode 1 “Black Ops” and coming up with evidence, like gieger counter detected radiation, Black Hawk Helos, and such … there’s definitely a vibe about fact checks.

    • If humans watch the Travel Channel to learn about Aliens, I wonder if Aliens watch Animal Planet to learn about being human?

    • 😀

      Its a twisted world we live in especially in the Kalahari.
      Haven’t watched much Animal Planet since he death of Flower where Zaphod leaves the group to become a roving male.

    • Ah yes, helically twisted indeed…

      who’d ever guess meerkatz und beeblebrox paths would cross…

      … short of golden potz at the end of gravity’s arx
      … not to be confused with larger ELF’s ringin’ bells
      … nor santa attired penguins paradin’ down under
      … sidesteppin’ with cetaceans, the fate of roadkill….


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