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    • Tom Laughlin, star of ‘Billy Jack,’ dead at 82 yesterday. Don’t about you but I use to really enjoy those Billy Jack movies…sorry he is gone.
      As far as Harold Camping goes…eh.

    • In total agreement with you Matt. Billy Jack was a favorite as a kid. I was so glad every time when Benard got his comeuppance. Had no idea Loughlin was 82. Hope he knew Jesus before he couldn’t help but know Him face to face.

  1. Hi LA,
    Just finished listening to you on The RunDown. I was also reviewing the remarks on their blog, you really rattled some tree’s tonight but I have to tell ya, some of the feedback I read from their listeners was disturbing. Comments you made regarding the holocaust was denied or referenced as 9th grade literature by some! Another stated a divine reward was not acceptable? I more than ever believe you have to keep speaking regarding what you have found and come to believe. I was listening to Prophecy in the News last night and was blown away by a gentleman describing the eclipse’s in 2014 and especially 2015 and the dates they will fall on. Also he spoke of the Sun being darkened and the moon turning to blood, a Blood Moon eclipse, just amazing! He will be speaking along with you in Orlando on March 28th, 2014. I am going to try and make that. Keep up Gods work my friend.

    • The cage rattling is good and so is the seed planting. 🙂

      God bless you and yours as well.

      I definitely echo your sentiments of encouragement to LA and his ministry and I’m sure everyone else here will also agree. 🙂

    • I pray everyday for the protection over LA and his family as I feel the few pastors such as LA that are actually telling the truth about what’s really happening out there are under greater attack by the enemy. Others pastors which I won’t mention (Joel) and others are really no threat to Satan and will continue to get rich and live the life of this worlds luxuries, as they continue to skirt the real issue as the world crumbles in around them.

  2. For those who may be interested Coast to Coast had a great show on the other night.

    From Coast to Coast;

    “Illuminati & Music Industry:

    On Saturday’s show, media analyst and political activist Mark Dice joined John B. Wells to discuss Illuminati influences in the music industry and how some of today’s hottest stars use esoteric symbols and song lyrics to push the secret society’s agenda. According to Dice, the Illuminati are an extension of the ancient mystery schools and form a modern elite ruling class bent on dominating every aspect of society. Adam Weishaupt founded the group in Bavaria in 1776 and established the idea of controlling the media as a way to influence society, he explained. Illuminati idols have infested pop music with messages promoting pure evil, materialism, sexual debauchery, drug use and other destructive behaviors, he continued, noting how it has poisoned the collective mind of the masses and damaged society’s moral compass.

    Dice called Miley Cyrus a demonic dirt bag who teaches kids to do stripper moves, pop ecstasy and snort cocaine. He pointed to a video by Christina Aguilera that shows the singer holding a bisexual orgy in a church and then firebombing the desecrated site with a Molotov cocktail. Jay-Z promotes a philosophy of Satanism in his music and is a fan of infamous Satanist Aleister Crowley, Dice said, adding that the famous rapper has a gold-covered human skull worth $34,000. Crowley’s philosophy of ‘do what thou wilt’ can be found in popular songs such as “The Motto” by Drake, which features the phrase YOLO (you only live once), and Kanye West’s “I Am A God,” he revealed. Ke$ha has posted Pentagrams on her Facebook page and even collected fans’ baby teeth from which she fashioned a bra and headdress, Dice reported, noting that the singer-songwriter claims to have had sex with a demon.

    Dice also commented on a story of a fifth grader who claimed to be a member of the Illuminati and threatened to sacrifice classmates to Satan before attempting to stab a fellow student, as well as one about a 27-year-old rapper who allegedly tried to sacrifice his friend in order to join the Illuminati.

  3. Earlier Matt stated the need to pray for LA and other Pastors who tell the “Real” Truth. I couldn’t agree more. As I have said previously, I have never witnessed such attacks in the 30 years I have walked with the Lord. Those willing to never compromise the hard Truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ or refuse to bend the knee at the alters of convenience, money or fame are finding that our visiting walk through this world (where we are just strangers and aliens) is constantly getting harder and harder. We are called to “Run the race” and to “Fight the Good Fight” with endurance and love. The attacks my family and I are going through along with most here, including LA and his family are not letting up but becoming more frequent and more brutal. As I have stated before, I can’t go into detail here, but I will say these attacks are both physical and spiritual and they are sinister, designed to cause the Child of God to flat out quit…give up and turn away…if possible. I daily give thanks that I am eternally in the hands of Jesus. I am grateful that He is my Rock, my Refuge and my Fortress. Without Christ, I would already be dead as well as at least 2 of my 3 children and maybe my wife. This is a hard, ugly war we fight, but we can’t give up the fight, even though we KNOW it is only going to get worse as long as we live on this pre-New Earth. I exhort each of you to surrender daily and to not be afraid to ask for prayer as I am doing now…again. This is a hard, hard war. Thank you for being here. May Jesus be Glorified.

    • Great post and I agree whole heartedly….it’s interesting when I have gone out to witnesses to folks and allowed God to use me to minister to others, I usually just wait for the shoe to drop because I know it is coming and it always does…when on occasion I have back slid a bit and not gotten into the word of God as I should, not a glove is landed on me… at those times I am not a threat to the enemy, I have already defeated myself.. Same goes for the so called motivational and self help/prosperity ministers and pastors…why do you think they are, living the life of luxury? Because they are that good at what they do?? Hardly. Not one book they have written is any different then say Tony Robbins books , its all regurgitated rubbish…”your best life now” “become a better you” not exactly what I would call hard hitting penmanship,. Satan knows these guys are harmless to him and pose absolutely no threat what so ever….and in my opinion, they are rewarded for their lack of leadership as well as the fluff they continue to write and preach from the pulpit…there is no other explanation or conclusion one can possibly come up with as to why these books sell millions of copies and publishers like Random House give they so called men and women of God unheard of amounts of cash and advancements ….like I said, the books they are writing are not that good and have been done by others many times before….and much better I might add.

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